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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2016 7:00am-10:01am CST

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good morning. breaking overnight. donald trump asked retired army lieutenant general michael flynn to be his national security advisor. as the trump campaign may be prepared to bury a major hatchet. >> donald trump is a phony. >> is former massachusetts govern mitt romney, one of trump's harshest critics during the campaign, on a short list for secretary of state? the two are set to meet this weekend. clobbered. the season's first heavy round of snow blanketing the midwest. accidents piling up. another foot expected. that storm on the move with parts of the northeast bracing for more than 15 inches. ? i can't stop the feeling ?? and that's a wrap.
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chefs, al pulled off a week of "turkey trot" ambushes. >> it's thanksgiving! >> and this morning, star powered surprise may be one of his best yet. "today," friday, november 18th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. let's recap. okay? al started the week in maryland. then he went to florida. >> yes. >> and then he went to virginia. >> where has he trotted off to now? >> i'm going to let these nice folks give you a clue. >> j-e-t-s -- jets, jets, jets! >> that could be a couple of places, but it's close to home. we know that. >> yes, it is.
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he says it is friday, i need to get home. i'm staying close. >> i had to get home yesterday because it was lela's 18th birthday. >> happy birthday, lela. i hope you brought those leftovers we've been talking about all week. let's start on a friday morning with some unexpected new twists and turns. as president-elect donald trump works to fill key positions in his upcoming administration, could there be a place for one of his fiercest rivals, mitt romney? nbna alexander has the latest on all of this. peter, good morning. >> hey, matt and savannah, good morning. retired lieutenant general michael flynn has his critics but he also has donald trump's ear. offered the national security advisor position, it would carry extraordinary influence. there is no senate confirmation needed. it would be a team of rivals, the same way president obama picked hillary clinton for that,
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donald trump making his first major national security decision offering retired army lieutenant general michael flynn the position of national security advisor, a critical post inside the white house. flynn, a trump campaign loyalist, would be responsible for helping the president, with no national security experience, navigate global crises. and after trading harsh insults for months -- >> mr. trump is a con man. a fake. >> mitt cannot run. he choked like a dog. >> reporter: trump and mitt romney are set to meet face to face this weekend. a source close to the president-elect telling nbc news romney's being considered for secretary of state. this following the governor's scathing and repeated take-downs of trump during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: even waging an all-out assault on today. >> he doesn't have the temperament or personal qualities fob a great president. >> reporter: four years after endorsing romney for
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>> you can do it. >> reporter: others being considered for appointments, florida governor rick scott and south carolina's nikki haley, texas congressman jeb hensarling, a possible pick for treasury. trump may be the master of misdirection leaving america guessing whether these names are serious or spectacle. on thursday, trump, his daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner met privately with the japanese prime minister, shinzo abe. no press allowed. abe sa t can have confidence in, even after trump suggested during the campaign that japan should pay more for its own defense and possibly obtain nuclear weapons to defend itself. >> i would rather see japan having some form of defense and maybe even offense against north korea. >> reporter: on capitol hill, a triumphant return for trump's vice president. mike pence taking a selfie with fellow republicans. late thursday trump claimed his first victory even before taking office tweeting that the
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keep the company's lincoln plant in kentucky and not move it to mexico. ford tells nbc news they planned to move production of one model out of kentucky likely to mexico but has no plan to close the entire plant. overnight a top industry analyst tells me even if production of that ford model left kentucky, it's unlikely any jobs would have been lost there. one final note, some big news about the divisions among democrats. ohio congressman tim ryan is now officially launching a bid to nancy pelosi who is now overseeing the smallest congressional minority in nearly a century. matt and savannah? >> peter, thank you very much. as peter just mentioned, president-elect trump has now asked retired army lieutenant general michael flynn to be his national security advisor. it is a key pick and it is not without controversy. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker with more on that. hi, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah, good morning to you.
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michael flynn has been a loyal supporter and top advisor to president-elect donald trump throughout his campaign. flynn is a combat veteran who, like his soon to be boss, is known for controversy and bucking tradition. retired lieutenant general michael flynn is a self-described maverick who, like president-elect donald trump, favors straight talk over political correctness. flynn ran the defense intelligence agency from 2012 to 2014, served as a top te general stanley mcchrystal. but it is his loyalty, transition sources say, that was a critical part of trump's decision to pick him as national security advisor. >> what we have in this country is we have a deficit of leadership. donald trump brings a strategic leadership, a sense of who we are as america. >> reporter: but lieutenant general flynn is not without controversy. he recently raised eyebrows among those in the military community who usually stay out of politics, sounding at times
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clinton to drop out of the race because she put our nation's security at extremely high risk. >> reporter: but flynn has been accused of mishandling classified material, allegations he denies. and there are questions about his management style. in 2014, flynn was fired as the dia director. some u.s. officials say he was ousted because he's contentious. flynn has publicly denied that and says the real reason -- he's too tough on islamic terrorism. this islamic body. it's like cancer. and it has metastasized. >> reporter: earlier this year inflaming tensions with tweets like "fear of muslims is rational." some critics also argue he is too cozy with russia, pointing to a february trip in moscow in which he spent time with russian president vladimir putin. >> this is a guy who has had cozy dinners with putin. this is a guy who the intelligence community regards not only as temperamentally
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possibly compromised. >> on policies, flynn has been a critic of the iraq war policy and the u.s. action in libya. reaction from capitol hill has been mixed. while some lawmakers have praised flynn's service, others have expressed concerns about his controversial comments. nbc news tried to contact flynn but we have not heard back. matt? savannah? >> kristen welker, thank you. let's bring in steve kornacki over at the monitor. steve, good morning to you. the good news for general flynn is he doesn't need to be confirmed. he gets the job. but we heard some of the pros and cons. >> that is the big pro. if you are donald trump, there is no senate confirmation needed. if you want this pick, you can make this pick. obviously from what kristen welker just said, calling this divisive might be understating the case. if you even talk to republicans on capitol hill, this is a selection they're very uncomfortable with. >> let's talk about mitt romney. the name is out there. there is obviously a question of whether this is a head fake. but if it is real, what would be the pros and cons? >> the pro is -- again, this is probably not understating it
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a public relations home run. this is a pick no one would see coming. this would be the ultimate gesture to establishment republicans, to skeptical democrats, to people who think trump has too many enemies. that would be the pro. but the con is, it is an odd couple. is it too much of an odd couple? you know the personal history between them. policy differences on russia. a lot of a gap there. >> the sound bites alone. that meeting this weekend has to be awkward. >> to be a fly on the wall. absolutely. >> let's talk about south carolina's governor nikki haley also was a critic of donald trump throughout the campaign until the very end when she said she'd vote for him. what are the pros and cons? >> this is sort of along the same lines of mitt romney. this would be a big gesture. this is somebody from that wing of the republican party who resisted trump. this is also somebody who many people think is the future demographically of the republican party, somebody who could help them reach out. it would be a big gesture but again the question is for secretary of state in
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what's her background? very unclear why she would be qualified for that job in particular. >> let's talk about rudy giuliani. he is out there making no secret he would like to join the administration. i think he expressed a preference for secretary of state. >> when that "access hollywood" tape hit, who was willing to go out to bat for you that weekend? rudy giuliani and almost nobody else. loyalty. that's the thing he's got going for him. but you t, has he been too transparent. does donald trump feel like rudy giuliani has been trying to publicly pressure him. we know trump does not like that. >> jeff sessions from alabama has been on team trump from the beginning. is he a good fit for any of these jobs? had. >> again, it is the loyalty question. the first senator to endorse donald trump was jeff sessions. he appeared with him at a rally way back in august 15. here's the con. jeff sessions for any major job would have to get confirmed by the senate. is he a lightning rod because of past statements, racial
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he actually went before the senate 30 years ago for confirmation and they rejected him. so that controversy would come right back if he got nominated. >> steve kornacki, well done. thank you very much. big section of the country is dealing with the first major snow of the season. it is already causing big problems on the roads, including -- look at this -- a 20-car pile-up near denver as it moves east. al is tracking the storm from his last stop of "today's turkey trot." hi, al, good morning. >> reporter: that's right. from somewhere in new york. this storm. it is a big one and it is going to be causing problems as it makes its way all the way into the northeast. as you look, this is denver. take a look. millions bracing for this winter weather causing big problems and that snow stretched all the way into the dakotas, into utah, and it is just going to continue as it makes its way to the east. look at this, winter weather advisories, almost 6 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory. as the system pushes further to
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blizzard-like conditions as this low winds up. the system then moves into canada. it is going to bring in lake-effect snow. another low will develop. an upper-level low which will bring snow also to the northeast. look at the amounts through saturday, upwards of a foot and a half in the great lakes and upper midwest. but look at the northeast. by sunday night, you could see that we could be talking about a foot and a half of snow in northern new york state and new england. that's a real mess early on in the season, guys. >> nice save there, al. okay. thank you very much. something else that could have a big impact on holiday travel this thanksgiving. hundreds of workers at chicago's o'hare international airport have voted to go on strike. according to union officials, about 500 workers, including baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and wheelchair attendants plan
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wage. union officials say the strike is expected to slow, but not shut down, airport operations. the president is weighing in this week. fake news that popped up on social media during the election season and may have influenced some voters. nbc's national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on that. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. with the president speaking out, one man behind the fake headlines is gloating to "the washington post" saying he's duped americans for years. his hoax stories he claims having a significant impact on the election. >> reporter: for millions of americans, facebook is much more than a powerful social media platform. it's where they get their news. the problem is, fake news is shared more than ever. a buzzfeed analysis found that fake election news generated more buzz on facebook than stories from 19 mainstream news outlets combined. fake news is such big news, president obama weighed in thursday.
7:14 am
misinformation and it's packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a facebook page or you turn on your television. >> reporter: one of the most prolific writers of fake news is 38-year-old paul horner who thinks his stories may have helped donald trump get elected. telling "the washington post" -- nobody fact-checks anything anymore. i mean, that's how trump got elected." >> he started with this story that donald trump announced he was gointo wear badges and he thought surely no one will think this story is true. it's absurd. but in fact people shared it. so then he said, you know, well, i'm going to go one step further. >> reporter: and while horner says he hates trump and thought he was messing with the campaign, he also says, with every click his fabricated stories made him money. horner claims about $10,000 a month. but his lucrative career may be slowing down after facebook and
7:15 am
pushing out fake news. >> the real problem is with this fake news and what paul has been so successful in exploiting is this idea of confirmation bias that people want to read and share news that conforms with beliefs that they already have. >> reporter: so the next time you're browsing online, the best advice may be the oldest -- don't believe everything you read. >> there are a few ways to tell if you're reading a fake news story. you should read beyond headline. experts say you should also check the url for spelling errors or too much extra letters. you should always google a story to see if there are more news outlets reporting the same facts. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. an arizona police officers has been placed on administrative leave after video surfaced that shows him punching
7:16 am
arrest. a cell phone camera recorded the confrontation in flagstaff on wednesday when the officer threw the punch. police were responding to an eviction notice. but it's not clear what led things to escalate. the officer claims he was kicked and kneed in the groin. an internal affairs investigation now under way. now to some dramatic video from tampa, florida. a street fight that ended with a car crashing through a bar window. police released this surveillance video on thursday. they're hoping somebody will recognize the driver. here you go. you can see several young men fighting. jumps the curb and hits one of the men sending him crashing through the glass. incredibly, he suffered just minor injuries. the driver eventually gets out of the car and walks away and police are still looking for him. let us go back to mr. roker for the rest of the forecast. al. >> hey, guys, we're looking at some warm weather here in the east but, boy, it is also going to be cooler back west. ahead of that front, record
7:17 am
river valley. cooler weather in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild in the southwest. on into southern california with temperatures in the upper 70s. beautiful weather today. down through the peninsula of florida. that's what's going on around the country. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ? get up for black friday. starts thursday, 6pm. walmart. temps today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph at times. windy tonight with gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for the weekend
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back into the mid 40s for monday. few showers today and tonight with a better chance of rain tuesday and wednesday next week but drying out for thanksgiving day. >> t >> that's your latest weather. guys, you will not believe the celebrity chef we've got to surprise "today's turkey trot" recipient. it is going to blow your mind. >> al, thank you s just ahead, murder in manhattan. two men arraigned in the brutal killing of another man after a night of partying. this morning, we've got an interview with the victim's father as he remembers his son. and, the new center of the political world. trump tower right here in new york. why that is not welcome news for the president-elect's neighbors. but first, this is "today"
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the man accused of killing two
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heroes just days before it all happened. scott greene apologized for the run-ins he had with the urbandale police department -- and said he loved them for keeping the community safe. he wrote online that his "dark days" were over because he was getting treatment for p-t- s-d. all of that -- just four days before he allegedly shot and killed two officers as they sat in their patrol cars. urbandale officer justin martin and des moines sergeant tony beminio were killed. storm track seven meteorologis 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph at times. windy tonight with back into the mid 40s for monday. few showers today and week but drying out for
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we're back at 7:30. it is friday morning november 18, 2016. thanksgiving is less than a week away. can't even believe it. our christmas tree is here, getting ready for its big ling it is tall, it is ready to rock. just like us. >> november 30th. >> yes. november 30th. let's take a look at some headlines on a friday morning. nbc news has now confirmed that lieutenant general michael flynn will be donald trump's national security advisor. he was offered the role last night. he has accepted. in the meantime, trump holds key meetings with his white house transition team today. over this coming weekend, he plans to sit down with mitt romney.
7:31 am
a real big critic of trump's during the campaign but sources now tell nbc news he is being considered for a possible role as secretary of state. a federal judge is hearing arguments today on a request to delay the civil fraud trial involving the now-defunct trump university. the trial is scheduled to start on november 28th but trump's attorneys are saying his preparations for the white house are critical and all consuming. nearly six million people are under winter storm warnings ad parts of the dakotas and minnesota. up to a foot of snow is expected across the region today. more from al in a couple of minutes. we begin with two arrests that have been made in a mysterious and gruesome murder that happened right here in manhattan. nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest on it. steph, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this apartment building is home to a jeweler who has decked out so many famous people in diamonds, he's become famous
7:32 am
murder. one of the suspects is a troubled young man rackover took under his wing and who also lives here. as for the victim, his father tells us his son came into the city that night with a group of friends just looking for some fun. a grieving father suffering an unimaginable loss. >> who does this to a human being? who would do this to an animal? >> reporter: his 26-year-old son, joey, was murdere >> we have blood on clothing substantial. we also have what appeared to be bleach on that clothing as well in order to cover up blood. >> it is just going to take one bad -- one mistake. and that's what this was. >> reporter: authorities say the gruesome evidence spans two states. police believe comunale was killed in a luxury apartment building after a party early sunday morning. his body was found in new
7:33 am
scene. we have a shallow grave one foot deep. he was stabbed 15 times. >> reporter: the body virtually burned. gasoline found in his grave. an attempt, police believe, to cover up the crime. >> what happened that night? did you do it? >> reporter: now 25-year-old james rackover and 28-year-old lawrence guilione face charges rackover was born in florida and has a criminal record, including burglary. nbc news obtained several mugshots of him from as early as 2007. court records show in 2015, bodine changed his last name to rackover, the same as jeffrey rackover, a jeweler to the stars who apparently took him under his wing and helped him get a job and an apartment in his building. according to a friend who tells
7:34 am
he fell in love with this kid. he just wanted to help him. that kid is now facing a murder charge. and a broken-hearted father is left to share memories. >> he was a gentle kid. when he came over, i always got my kiss. and when he left, i got my kiss. >> reporter: comunale is finding some solace in the legacy his son left behind. >> he judged people by not their possessions but by their friends. he had great friends. >> reporter: so far there is no known motive in the case. the attorney for rackover says he looks forward to investigating the facts. the attorney for the other suspect could not be reached. they will all be back in court on monday. savannah? >> stephanie gosk, thank you. al is standing by. we're taking a turn here at "today's turkey trot" destination. he's got a check of the weather. mr. roker? >> that's right. we've got family and friends of
7:35 am
wildfires down in the southeast because it's been so dry. there are over 50 fires that stretch across seven states covering 119,000 acres. 6,300 firefighters and 70 aircraft trying to knock these things down and still no relief in sight. the big problem has been the heat. temperatures just continue to bring in those record-setting behind the front, temperatures from sioux falls down to lubbock will be below normal. as we head on into the weekend, we'll see those tewindy with stg temps today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph at times. windy tonight with gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for the weekend
7:36 am
back into the mid 40s for monday. few showers today and tonight with a better and that's your latest weather. glad the "turkey trot's" jt us about to come to an end. we've had a great time but i've got to get in front of that tv for sunday because sunday night is "football night in america." this is a good one. the packers coming in to fedex taking on washington. it is going to be clear, windy, it is going to be 42 and it is going to be good because it's sunday night, "football night in america." starting at 7:00. >> how do you that with your voice is amazing, al? >> i don't know. i'll try it again. where's my echo? there it is. >> al, thank you so much. >> it's impressive. >> it really is.
7:37 am
really. coming up -- a gentle one. meet the polar bear who's just made a very unlikely friend. and white house north? the chaos and commotion around manhattan's trump tower. and the big effort to keep that building and the president-elect safe right after this. yaaaaaay!! it's winter. which means the mccaf? peppermint mocha buy any 5 mccaf? beverages and you get 1 for free when you use the mcdonald's app. yaaaaaay! yaaaaaay! enjoy a mccaf? moment. ?? at zales, we believe the world needs more love that lasts. love that grows. love that's worth waiting for.
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we're back at 7:41. we've got some breaking news right now on donald trump's transition to the white house. >> nbc's hallie jackson down the road at trump tower. hallie, what have you learned? >> reporter: all right, here's what we know. multiple sources familiar with the decision say that alabama senator jeff sessions has been offered the position of attorney general in donald trump's next administration. this is really one of the big administration picks that folks have been waiting for. we know that senator sessions this week spent some ten hours inside trump tower here. he is just one of the many people coming and going in this building. a place that here in new york and around the country has truly become the center of attention. >> reporter: in midtown manhattan, this skyscraper now the center of the political universe. welcome to trump
7:42 am
>> reporter: this place, once best known as the set for "the apprentice," became last summer the backdrop for the president-elect's campaign. >> i am officially running for president of the united states. >> reporter: hundreds of tenants in more than 200 apartments live above 26 floors of offices and a five-story public atrium. the lobby of trump tower here has always been a kind of tourist attraction but you never had to go through security like this before. you nesa there's now a live cam streaming on c-span so anyone can see who's coming and going from the gilded elevators after visits with the president-elect, from his famous family to top advisors. among them, maybe future cabinet picks. >> donald trump, i've been in a number of meetings with him. >> reporter: it is a who's who of potential administration v.i.p.s. which is why security's so tight
7:43 am
above trump tower, a no-fly zone until at least the inauguration. on the ground, sand-filled trucks and s.w.a.t. teams to protect against attacks. unlike the homes of other presidents, like george w. bush's western white house in texas, there's no wide-open space for police perimeters. instead, barricades funnel pedestrians past police. this is just across the street from trump tower where a special press pen is set up for reporters covering the president-elect, lining up to do live shots. commander in chief. on the sidewalks nearby, plenty of protesters. plus, regular new yorkers. and tourists, too. >> it feels like the 1920s, 1930s king kong film where we're just waiting for him to fall from the empire state building. it's a spectacle. >> reporter: but not everyone is listening to the police. people from all over the world stopping for a tru tmpower selfie. getting around manhattan by car
7:44 am
tucked away at trump tower, it is now nearly impossible. seems like every taxi driver in the city knows to try and avoid 5th avenue next to trump tower because traffic can be a nightmare. not just at rush hour, but any time. the chaos and commotion should calm down when the action moves to the white house in washington in january. but, like president bush and his ranch in crawford, and president obama with his house in chicago, president-elect trump will alwaav and later today, we do expect the new york police department and the u.s. secret service to make a public announcement about what they will do to basically beef up security here, put in place some more permanent security measures and talk about some enhancements that will go into effect in order to keep the president-elect safe. matt? savannah? >> hallie, thank you very much. coming up, remember we had mayor lon monroe's iconic happy birthday, mr. president, gown on our show? guess what? it's been sold at auction. we're going to tell you the
7:45 am
>> and who bought it, too. first to carson in the orange room to help us get some motivation as we head into the weekend. right after this. s we head into weekend. weekend. (chuckle) ( ?? ) come on, dad. ( ?? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ? ? to want to stand alongside my, my love ? ? whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ? you ready, dad? ? whoa-ooh ?
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7:49 am
alexa, turn on the sprinklers. electronic voice: okay. man: (chuckling) got him. (sprinklers whirring) 7:49. carson is over in the orange room and i think we are just going to have such a great orange room today. >> you're right. you're right. what you're describing poorly, articulate that. this is going to be good. earlier this week we showed you guys the video of a philadelphia teacher leading her third grade students in an awesome motivational mantra. let's take a look at the clip that's inspired so many online. >> what if it's too hard? >> i'm going to push through! >> what if it's too rough? >> i'm going to push through. >> what if you just can't do it? >> that ain't true.
7:50 am
put my mind to. >> we thought you could lose a little boost today. ladies and gentlemen, come with me for our surprise guest from philadelphia, elementary schoolteacher, jasmine wright. here she is, everybody. way to go, miss wright. how are you? that clip is amazing. >> thank you! >> were you surprised it's got 3 1/2 million views on facebook alone? >> i was past the point of surprised. i didn't expect anybody but my friends and my family to see the video. once i found out the w found out about it, it was so overwhelming. >> we were so inspired by what you were doing every day with the kids, we were hoping to tap into it on the "today" show. let me introduce you to matt and savannah and our crew here, makes this show possible every day. >> nice to meet you as well. >> so nice to have you! >> nice to be here. >> i'm going to push through on my intro to the orange room. >> meanwhile, you say push through right now -- >> don't push too hard. >> jasmine, i'll let you do your thing. maybe you can help us get it
7:51 am
everybody's energetic. ready? >> what's our -- >> okay. so i'm going to say something, and then you're going to respond with -- i'm going to push through. >> i'm going to push through. >> i'm going to push through. >> right. >> i'm going to push you -- no. through. >> when your alarm goes off at 3:00 in the morning -- >> i'm going to push through! >> when your coffee in your cup is just too cold -- >> i'm going to push through. >> when your teleprompter makes a mistake -- >> i'm going to push through. >> and if you ever feel like you >> give yourself a hug. >> yes! >> can we give you a hug? >> yes. >> nice job. i can asking something real quick? >> yes, sir. >> you must have had somebody that did that for you as a young lady? >> yes, sir. >> who was that? >> my mother. my mother is my biggest inspiration. when i was a kid, about 5, 6 years old, she would always tell me make sure you make something of yourself before you make
7:52 am
and we're really big on words. i do spoken word and i am very spiritual. zbi to church and so i have affirmation from the members of my church family as well. >> that's incredible what you are doing. unbelievable. >> thank you. >> thank you for sharing it with us. and thank you for being a great teacher to the kids. >> jasmine bright, everybody, ahem. ok! it's beats solo headphones in red carpet red from sunday's 10% off electronics. kitchenaid mixer from monday's 20% off kitchen is here too! and it looks like the rumors are true. pizza brought another pizza for wednesday's buy one get one free pizza deal! so hot! and what are these surprise deals? well, stick around because they are sweet.
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a stabbing investigation is underway in waterloo. police responded to randolph street around one this morning for a
7:58 am
name is wendi smith. police say she's not being cooperative. they tell us she was not stabbed at the home they responded to -- our crew saw the ambulance driving away from the home on its way to the hospital. smith is expected to survive. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: windy with steady or falling temps today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph with highs back into the mid 40s for monday. few showers today and tonight with a better out for thanksgiving day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, in like flynn. president-elect trump choose is fiery former lieutenant general michael flynn to head his national security team. just days ahead of his meeting with mitt throughout the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> mitt romney choked. he choked like a dog. >> can the two bury the hatchet? plus, the grand finale. >> it's thanksgiving! >> you are our "turkey trot" winner! >> al heads back to new york to give one final super fan the surprise of a lifetime. and, wildest dream?
8:01 am
new direction, "today," friday, november 18th, 2016. >> we're getting excited for thanksgiving on the plaza! woo! >> good morning, montgomery, alabama! >> hi to my friends back in baton rouge. >> good morning, south carolina! woo! ?? >> happy birthday to my grandma in south carolina. i love you! >> i'm turning 70 today! >> celebrating mckayla's 18th birthday here in new york city! woo! we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it is the 18th day of november. 2016. we've got a great crowd out on rockefeller plaza.
8:02 am
temperatures. but they seem to be none the worse for wear and tear. >> it is a great day. >> it is really nice. big crowd. >> lot of people celebrating. we got birthdays. anniversaries. awesome. al is celebrating. it is the last day of the "turkey trot." two important things, al. where are you and who is with you? >> i'm going to narrow it down. we are in staten isla think about cooking. ladies and gentlemen, tony danza. tony danza. tony danza. you are known -- >> "turkey trot." >> you are known for your meatballs. >> i've been known for my meatballs. yes. >> he's going to help an unsuspecting recipient make some great meatballs. >> evidently this guy likes my meatballs. >> he loves your meatballs.
8:03 am
meatballs? >> no. >> tony, you're close. staten island, send some of those over here. >> guys, we'll check in with you in a little bit. . first, time for "the news at 8." i'm andrea mitchell in washington. president-elect trump beginning to make some big moves choosing senator jeff sessions for attorney general. general michael flynn for national security advisor. and reaching out to a political adversary for another top cabinet slot. >> reporter: mitt romney, a sharp during the campaign. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> reporter: the feeling was mutual. >> mitt romney choked. pure and simple. he choked. he choked like a dog. >> reporter: now the men are planning to meet sunday. romney reportedly in the running for secretary of state. trump's first big decision nbc news has confirmed asking retired army general mike flynn, a sometimes-controversial trump
8:04 am
a job not requiring senate confirmation. >> it is a great transition and the president-elect is in full control. >> reporter: also thursday the president-elect's first meeting with a foreign leader. prime minister shinzo abe of japan. >> translator: today i met mr. donald trump, president-elect of the united states. >> reporter: trump not first seeking policy guidance from the state department or permitting press thursday with south carolina governor nikki haley and senator jeff sessions. vice president-elect mike pence meanwhile making the rounds on capitol hill, taking a selfie with his own colleagues, the house republicans. >> we're going to move an agenda, rebuild our military, revive our economy. and in a word, make america great again. >> reporter: and reaching out to democratic leader nancy pelosi, who's now facing a challenge
8:05 am
trump carried. democrats now trying to reclaim white working class voters. >> i think if mr. trump is serious about developing policies for working families, if he's serious about raising the minimum wage, i will work with him on that. >> and nbc correspondent -- white house correspondent kristen welker now reporting that kansas -- pompeo. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. president obama heads to lima, peru today for a meeting of asia pacific leaders. it will be his last international summit before he leaves office on january 20th. earlier this morning the president was in berlin for what's expected to be his final meeting with german chancellor
8:06 am
european leaders. the gathering focused on security and economic challenges facing the transatlantic partners. coming up next, the unexpected results of this encounter between a polar bear and man's best friend. and, then "today's turkey trot." al and tony danza have a big surprise for a dad who uses food to bring his family together. and some really cute shirts for a great cause. we're going to meet some of the remarkable kids who are
8:07 am
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and show some love for the people we love. and the places we love. the stuff we can't get anywhere else and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let's shop small for our neighborhood, our town, our home. on november 26th, get up, (all) get together and shop small. we're back. 8:09. time for the grand finale of "today's turkey trot." all this week al's been on the road, thanks to our friends at featherlite, surprising people who love cooking. >> he's gone from middletown, maryland. he's gone to orlando, florida, and fairfax, virginia. this morning he is a lot closer to home. al, this has been a lot of fun.
8:10 am
labor of love. i think you're going to love our last "turkey trot" recipient. this is a guy -- i think, it is kind of tough to decide which he loves more -- cooking or his beloved j-e-t-s -- jets. ?? >> my name is kim and my family and i are from staten island, new york. by the way, you don't just have to take a ferry to get there. i know rap from movies and tv shows but it is really a wonderful, close-knit community that supports one another. familys i so important. my husband is chris and we've been together over ten years. we have three beautiful kids and he's just the best husband and the best dad. chris works in finance in manhattan so he has a long day and a long commute. so when we are together, we make the time count.
8:11 am
together. chris loves to cook. and he wants our kids to continue the tradition of eating together as a family on sundays. chris' specialty is tony danza's meatballs. and what better italian to learn from? i don't think he's ever met him but every sunday we make tony danza's meatballs and those meatballs bring us together as a family. >> all right. we gathered everybody outside of chris' house. chris and kim's house. let's go and see if surprise him. allrightee, here we go. >> chris! how are you! come on out here, chris! and kim! your lovely wife! how are you? i'm al roker. >> chris. >> nice to meet you.
8:12 am
parent-teacher conference? >> you're not doing a parent-teacher conference. have you seen our "turkey trot" series? >> i have not, no. normally i work at this hour. >> and you think you are going to a parent-teacher conference? >> that's exactly where i think i'm going. >> i know you love making meatballs. >> love it. >> whose meatballs do you love makeing? >> i learned from tony danza. >> why would danza? >> it was on the internet. >> have you ever met tony danza? >> no. >> would you like to meet tony danza? >> of course. >> tony danza! >> your wife, kim, and your whole family -- as you can see -- have kept this from you. >> this is crazy. honestly. i'm a a little -- >> why are you home today?
8:13 am
>> sucker. >> obviously i'm not good and sniffing out the stories. >> or they're very good at lying to you. >> i'm a little bit shocked right now. i don't know what to do right now. >> let's go make meatballs. >> did you see us outside? >> no, i was kind of sequestered to certain parts of the house. now it is starting to make sense. >> kim, how hard was this keeping it from him? >> it was hard. it was very hard. i was busting all morning. and three kids? you know, getting us ready, it was -- it was a lot of work. i got you! >> i don't know what the heck is going on. >> well, are you guys ready to cook in just a little bit? >> let's make meatballs. >> i got to get with my helper there. danielle is my big helper. >> look, we got a little turkey already. a little turkey. take a look at this. we got a little turkey over here just ready for stuffing. love that. that's fantastic. all right. guys, so there you have it.
8:14 am
recipient ready to go. i think we surprised him. >> it was awesome. so, so cute. guys, thank you so much. >> we'll get to the cooking part in a a second. let's get to some "trending" items right now. we're going to start with a nice story about a 6-year-old boy who touched hearts across the web. his name is alex. he wrote to president obama after seeing this photo of a young war victim in syria. alex the boy could come to this country and come to his home so that he could have a family. he promised that they would play together and that he would actually share his toys with him. well, president obama was so moved, he read the letter from alex to the united nations. the president recently invited alex to meet him at the white house telling alex he was proud of him. alex got all dressed up in a
8:15 am
white house and met the president. we will take a turn. no real segue here. for this next story, i -- we are not saying that women are better at multi-tasking than men -- >> you say that in most stories. >> but researchers from hse neuro linguistics laboratory looked at mri scans of men and mri scans of women. they found that when multi-tasking with being it took men a lot more mental energy. required less brain power. yes, guys, you can multi-task, but it just really wears you out. >> do we have images? >> sorry. i was busy writing this story -- no, i'm just kidding. multi-tasking. didn't do it. >> all right. be careful with this next one if you're squeamish. we're going to show you some video of a wild polar bear approaching a little sled dog. worse, the dog is actually tied to a leash.
8:16 am
happens at the end here. right? actually, you can't. the bear does not attack. as a matter of fact, that wild polar bear actually pets the dog. >> a little kiss, too! >> the man who shot this video said he wasn't sure what was going to happen when that bear approached. he wasn't going to go out there and get in the way. but happily, he was surprised by what he saw. >> wow! >> a gentle giant. >> dogs and cats lie down together. >> you think. >> that's cool. >> so nice! carson. we're in such a good mood for "popstart!." >> i'll just going to multi-task my way through this one. marilyn monroe and one of the most iconic dresses in history, the one she wore when she sang "happy birthday" to president kennedy. last night that dress went up for auction and sold -- $4.81
8:17 am
it or not. interesting. next to taylor swift. we got an exclusive this morning. today a new museum exhibit opens up about her life right here in new york. we've got your first look. called "the taylor swift experience." it gives you an in-depth look at taylor's rise from small town hopeful to international superstar. inside you'll find personal photographs and home videos, taylor's guitars, handwritten lyrics and some of her most famous outfits. the exhibit from the grammy museum runs through february 19th. time she appeared on tonight show, she told a story of how she and jimmy fallon almost dated back in the day. last night nicole was back on the show but jimmy said he's moved on. >> i've been doing some reading and just some -- ? oh dream weaver ? ? i believe you can get me through the night ?? >> jimmy, of course, was
8:18 am
real story of jimmy passing up on her a second time when the opportunity came up when they were at the same dinner party. have a listen. >> it was when brad and jen were still together. so it was a long time ago. and you could have asked for my number then. because it was round two -- well, second chance. and you still didn't ask for it. we were lurking in the kitchen. everyone went out and i'm like waiting and waiting and waiting. and you're at the buffet and this io and you still didn't ask for my number. >> i can't believe it. >> so you are so not interested. >> no, it wasn't i wasn't interested -- >> it's okay. it's okay. >> you're out of my -- >> there you go. they brought out her husband, keith urban. we'll welcome nicole kidman next week to studio 1a. >> all right, carson. thank you. let's go back to al for a
8:19 am
danza, chris, kim and their kids and their families and friends. you are still trying to figure out how they pulled this off? >> i have no idea what's going on. honestly. >> you said you started making tony's meatballs off the internet. >> yeah. i was looking for a recipe. >> i got to get that cookbook for him. >> what's it called? >> it's called "don't fill up on the antipasto." >> we're going t the next half-hour making tony's famous meatballs -- i'm starting to talk like you. this is what happens when you come over bridge. >> happens every time. >> that's what's going on around the windy with steady or falling temps today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph at times. windy tonight with gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for the weekend with highs
8:20 am
tonight with a better chance of rain tuesday and wednesday next week but drying out for thanksgiving day. >> woo! >> and that is your latest weather. guys, come on back. making tony's famous meatballs. >> bringing people together! >> it's what we do! >> all r we'll have any up date on our ongoing series "today's original" where al, savannah and i helped design some original products for great causes. >> i got to work with the clothing brand spiritual gangster, one of my favorites. we created these cute t-shirts, like you. putting something positive into the world. we've already sold several thousand of them, thanks to you. in fact, they sold out the first day, honestly in like the first hour.
8:21 am
like the ones you are about . there is nothing more bright and innocent than the faces of our children. today these kids fareses of hunger. >> there's times when my mom doesn't have enough money to go to the store and get stuff. >> sometimes when i look in the fridge there's nothing in the fridge. >> it feels like you don't have no in the united states one in six school-aged children lives on the brink of hunger. children like 7-year-old kara, her mom often forced to choose to keeping the lights on and buying food. >> sometimes i have peanut and butter sandwich and sometimes we run out of bread. >> it hurts. because my children, i see that they are more hungry and there
8:22 am
them so it hurts. it makes me sad not to be able to feed them. >> to help families like this i teamed up with ian and vanessa co-founders of the fashion brand spiritual gangster. we developed a special t-shirt. >> i thought someone could look at this shirt this person is telling me i'm just like you. >> yeah. support each other. >> 100% of the proceeds go t organization that fights hunger. it funds programs like food backpacks in west haven, connecticut. every friday eligible kids take home backpacks filled with meals and healthy snacks to help feed them over the weekend when they are not in school. >> nationwide kids backpack program feeds 400,000 kids on a weekly basis. the desperation of not having
8:23 am
families it's a lifeline. >> it makes me feel happy because when i have it packed my mom doesn't have to waste money a lot. >> it feels like i go home with a pack of gold. >> and every shirt you buy pays for hundreds of meals. >> thank you. for buying these shirts because without it my children wouldn't get through the weekend. >> thank you for buying the shirt. >> thank you for buying the shirt. >> thank you for buying shirt. >> thank you. awesome kids. >> if you sold out in an hour the first time now that we've had a chance to meet more of these children it will go crazy. it should. >> it's amazing. something you don't always think about in this country, this is the land ever plenty there could be kids who are hungry. >> one in six is a staggering number. >> they get school breakfast or school lunch. >> did you manufacture more?
8:24 am
not a huge company. they have really stepped up to the challenge. they've said we'll print more. we want all the proceeds, we made a commitment all the proceeds go to feed america. it's awesome. so check it out. if you want to find out how can you buy one of these shirts like you go to sizes are limited. get on the website. 100% of the proceeds go to feeding america. so thank great actors, matthew broderick and casey affleck. we'll tell you about their movies and much more right after
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
should go unanswered. senator grassley praising the u-s senate for passing a bill he co- sponsored. we've seen iowa veterans take their own lives after struggling to get help. grassley calling it unacceptable -- when an entire agency is dedicated to veterans care. the goal of the bill is to make sure the phone is answered and help is provided when veterans call the crisis line. the bill now heads to the president for his consideration. with that in mind -- storm track
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a friday morning, it is november 18th, 2016. nice to have you all with us. as we say good morning to our awesome crowd. it is a nice morning, rockefeller christmas tree is in place and will be lit in a couple of weeks. >> it's official. it is the holiday season. coming up, we'll talk to actor matthew broderick. he has a great new movie out called "rules don't apply." turns out i think actually was a house guest of warren beatty's during the making of that movie. >> oh, really. we'll find out if he was a good house guest. >> i'm sure he was. >> hung up the towel.
8:31 am
star, casey affleck. get used to that name. his work in "manchester by the sea" is getting raves and we are looking forward to catching up with casey. that movie is great. this morning we've rounded up some brilliant ideas to help you help us out this year for those people who are hard to buy for. we have advice on how to ke season after a heated campaign season. >> don't discuss it. plus, a preview of macy's big thanksgiving day parade that we'll be hosted. and nicole kidman will be here. >> thanksgiving next week. now let's get a check of the weather with al before he has his big cook-off with chris and tony danza. >> before cooking we got to do weather. let's take a look at your "weekend outlook." tomorrow we have remnants of a
8:32 am
plains. heavy rain out west. into the pacific northwest, lake effect snows around the great lakes. sunday -- sunday -- we are looking for more wet weather out west. in fact, it expands into the rockies. lake effect snow through the eastern great lakes, rain up into the new england. plenty of sunshine from the upper mississippi river valley all the way down to the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's temps today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph at times. windy tonight with gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for the weekend with highs back into the mid 40s for monday. few showers today and
8:33 am
get your weather any time you need it, 24/7, check out our friends at the weather channel where we have a special at 5:00 this saturday, the launching of the new goes r satellite puts us on top of the heap when it comes to satellite forecasting. >> i'm so excited. matthew broderick is an award winning actor on both stage and the big screen. he is one of the stars in the new warren beatty movie called "rules don't apply." he plays a driver and assistant to howard >> you said you wanted to go with the two ends. >> that's not her. she's a baptist nun, for christ sake. did it occur to you that maybe the one that i wanted with the two ms was not on the payroll. >> you meant marilyn monroe? >> who? >> marilyn monroe? >> yes! marilyn monroe. >> hey, matthew, good morning. can i tell people what you just said?
8:34 am
clip. >> what would you have done? >> little different timing. >> does that happen a lot? i could have done that better? >> yeah. >> how many takes did you do on that? >> probably -- i don't remember. that one i don't think a whole lot but sometimes we did a lot with warren. but i don't remember. >> i've had some of the other stars of this movie -- warren's been here also but also lillian and aldon. they talked about a rather long, torturous process in getting their jobs. what was your like? >> mine was long. it wasn't torturous. i was walking on 5th avenue. my agent called and said warren beatty would like to talk to you. it is about a movie about howard hughes but he'll never make it so don't worry. but call him. i called him. he didn't bring up movie. we talked a long time. we talked again -- >> did you know him? >> i didn't know him. but i did answer the call.
8:35 am
smart. he called several times. he said you ever come to l.a.? i went to l.a. he never brought up the movie. went to his house. annette benning made us pasta. he still didn't bring up movie. he finally said, by the way, i'm working on a movie i would like to be in. i read the script at his house and here i am. >> you've been in this business for a long time and maybe this is a weird question, but do you have the same feeling about him that i do after doing this job for 20 years? this is a ge >> what's it like to be around him? >> well, i'm used to it now pretty much. so i just like him. you know. but when i first met him or when i was a kid growing up, warren beatty, i mean he was it. my idol. so it was amazing to meet him. >> now you said something a second ago. if warren beatty were here, he would have corrected you. >> what was that? >> he would have said it is not a movie about howard hughes.
8:36 am
hollywood in change. >> that's true, i think. and it's about a young couple. it focuses around them. but he plays howard hughes and everybody knows who howard hughes is so it seems easy. >> a good way to describe it. you play lavar, kind of assistant and driver who is a go-between. >> yeah. >> must have been a bizarre world to be around howard hughes at that time. >> it absolutely must have been. you can't even imagine it. wanted no matter how strange. and that was my job. and i also remember was living in warren's guest house so i was sort of playing a butler when i got to the set and i would get home and still sort of feel the same way. >> people say that warren directed in character -- >> yes. >> -- as howard hughes. when he came home at night, you were his house guest, did he stay in character then? >> no, by then he was back to
8:37 am
and i'd say, i don't know if tim's being directed or the guy is talking to me. >> i'm looking over to casey affleck in the orange room. he's coming up next. you're actually in the movie he is talking about. >> i know i am. i'm in most every movie. you know? >> anything you want to say about casey before he comes on? >> casey is wonderful and his movie is wonderful. te kenny. i've known casey for years, too. i love casey. right? >> thank you. >> say, yes. >> yes, you like me. >> it's kind of the show blurring the lines here which is fine. >> this is how our lives are. >> i don't want to take anything else away because then i'll be taking savannah's interview with you. >> i've got a lot to say about matthew though. >> give me one thing real quick. >> one of the best things about
8:38 am
four takes to memorize his lines. >> okay. all right. so it is going to be like that. right? >> matthew broderick, great to see you. casey, we'll talk to you more in a second. "rules don't apply" hits theaters next wednesday. and casey will be back with savannah. but first, this is "today"
8:39 am
[ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? t deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
8:40 am
we'reac a movie you are going to hear a lot about during awardz season. "manchester by the sea" stars casey affleck who stars as a reclusive boston janitor. he becomes sole guardian of his teenage nephew. >> i was just a back-up. i came up here to look after him. after my father couldn't do it. but it was supposed to be done.
8:41 am
>> well, i can just repeat that i'm -- i'm astonished that joe didn't run this by you. thorough as he was. >> yeah. because he knew what i would say if he would have asked. >> casey affleck, good morning. if there were a tear-jerker meter, i would rate this a full ten tissues. >> love it. >> i mean it is very heart-wrenching. >> yeah. it is. it's a really moving and also very funny i think it is ultimately just about kind of family and how you would do anything for family no matter how hard it is. >> it is a really kind of raw look at how someone deals with enormous grief. we won't give away the secret that's at the heart of the movie. but you play lee. we meet him in the present. he's a janitor. he's kind of reclusive. but we learn in flashbacks he was kind of different. take the story from there. what is the basic premise?
8:42 am
getscall saying his brother's passed away and he has to go take care of his nephew. he really does not want to go back to his hometown. we don't know why but he has this past that's mysterious and over the course of the movie we learn more about it. i'm not going to give it away. >> this project came about in a really interesting way. matt damon was sitting around with chris moore and they were kind of talking about different ideas. and this came up. which is an interesting it way >> yeah. i guess so. i wasn't around for that part of it but they asked kenny to write something so that matt could direct it. then he decided no the to direct it and kenny wanted to direct it. then he cast me. he also cast matthew broderick. i don't really know why. that's the part that -- everything else about it makes sense. it seems it is a really great cast -- >> matthew broderick is just
8:43 am
this? i'm not arguing with you. >> do have you anything else to promote today? >> yeah. i got some -- i'm going to promote a promotion that i'm doing next week. >> okay, matthew. we love having you. we should talk about casey. how great is he in this movie? >> i asked him to stay. i wanted him to stick around. >> i'm over here. he's great in the movie. it is one of the best performances in a long, long time. >> that's what everybody's saying. okay? actually thaea you for your help. >> sorry to interrupt. >> people are talking about you for a potential oscar. i know you've been there before. you've been nominated before but they're saying astounding, describinging, career best. "rolling stone" says engrave the name casey affleck on oscar for best actor. >> he just jinxed it. >> that's got to feel great. but does it feel like something you don't even want to let in
8:44 am
how do you deal with something like that is it. >> it's great. it's nice to have people say that -- that's a way of saying we think you did good work which is good. because there are a lot of people out there i admire who do good work themselves and when they recognize the movie and the acting in it, it feels good. it is nice to be employee of the month. because next month there will be another employee. >> matt damon, who you grew up with, was asked which affleck was easier to work with. you or your brother, ben. do you know what he >> well, matt wasn't around on set. his -- he must have said me. >> he said ben. >> he said ben was easier to work with. >> what does he know. >> but he loves you and he says there is no one who could have played this role better than you. casey affleck, good luck to you. the movie's called "manchester by the sea." it ops in select theaters today, then nationwide next month. coming up, we'll help you get your holiday shopping started with some ideas for
8:45 am
like casey. what do you want for christmas? >> just a little sleep. >> but first, this is "today" on
8:46 am
8:47 am
welcome back. we are launching our new series "today stress-free holiday." over the next five weeks we're going to give you the best tips and tricks to navigate the most wonderful and, yes, the most stressful time of the year. jessica york" magazine is here to get us started. she has advice from the magazine's new strategist website on how to handle those hard-to-shop-for family and friends. we've selected a few of -- the profile of the hard to shop for. first one is grandma. sometimes you don't know what she really wants. >> she always says don't get me anything, i don't need anything. >> or i love it. maybe she doesn't. >> yeah. so we speak to this very savvy italian grandmother who clued us in.
8:48 am
talking about a grandmother who likes to cook, which is a lot of grandmothers, a premade gift basket is almost always a terrible idea. however -- because they probably are particular about what they like. but this grandmother pointed out to us that you don't forgo the gift basket all together. you can make your own which probably makes it more affordable. she gave us five basic ingredients that you can't go wrong. good bottle of red wine, good bottle of white wine, bottle of olive tomatoes, and then she can sit down and have a glass of wine and think about you. >> if grandma doesn't cook? >> in the age of instagram, people tend to think that everyone is seeing your pictures all the time. not so in the case of grandma. don't overlook just a simple, beautiful picture frame with an up-to-date photo of the kids. >> put the picture in it. make it easy. okay.
8:49 am
oh, yes. >> they're too old for toys, too young for a bottle of wine. >> yes. >> in terms of the look, they're kind of modeling themselves after the younger celebrities like the kendall jenners of the world. this is like the jeans and t-shirt age. that's kind of what you want to keep in mind. these are the stan smith sneakers. every single person we spoke to said they wanted the stan smith outfitters. it is slouchy, it is great to layer. but sizing is not a problem because it is kind of supposed to be big. then the jeans, these are top shop, they're under $100. they're trend, high-waisted. they have a little bit of rip in them. >> 13-year-old boy. never easy. >> actually the headphones for a 16-year-old. you don't want to buy clothes
8:50 am
top of a 13-year-old boy's list was an acoustic guitar. this is about the age they start to develop their taste in music. you can use it plugged in or not plugged in. not too big. lightweight but also sturdy. >> what's up with these socks? >> you think you don't want to give anyone socks? 13-year-old kids can't get enough neon anything. these are a great stocking stuffer. >> '80s all the person who buys technology. >> the early adopter. they already have a couple of drones. the next frontier for them is virtual reality. but that can be really confusing. this vr headset for the playstation is great if they already have a playstation 4 which a lot of people do. you plug it right in. sort of a good entryway into the virtual reality experience. >> the list of these gifts is on our website, coming up next, al and our
8:51 am
8:52 am
i just know tony must have sent some people over to our studio. >> we're waiting for him. >> back to staten island, "the turkey trot." >> chris, you're going to learn from the master now. >> let's do it.
8:53 am
sirloin. we have two eggs per pound. we're going to put some breadcrumbs. we're going to put garlic and this is probably not enough. a little salt and pepper. and a little parmesan cheese. a little parmesan cheese. then we beat it all up. we put it together and it comes out like that. then we would roll them. we got a little water, too. . i like to roll them with a little water because it puts a littleer >> you know? yeah. by the way, do you know what the secret of a great lasagna is, al? >> what's the secret of a great lasagna? >> you got to make the meatballs, first. people put chopped meat in the lasagna. you got a hamburger in your lasagna. you make the meatballs first, crush them up and put them in the lasagna. we brown these over here. we have the garlic and the oil. they many could out like that. by the way, your food people,
8:54 am
i'm telling you. smells like my house in that place over there. then what i have leer is i have some beef -- excuse me, some pork rib. >> you brown these off. >> you brown these up. then we're going to throw them as well -- everything -- into the sauce. the meatballs and -- meatballs and the ribs. i like to cook them a little bit. i like to get them nice and brown so that they're a little crispy on the edges. >> then you're going to put this on the stove. n cook and let it cook. >> you got a show coming up? >> yeah. monday. excuse me. sunday. sunday. >> sunday -- sunday! >> at 3:00 at brooklyn college at the walt whitman performing arts center. then i have another -- i have a show here in staten island at the college of staten island. i think it is march 20th. go that's fantastic.
8:55 am
meatballs. chris, i know you are a big jets fan. you got season tickets. >> i do, yes. >> we got some jets stuff for you. >> thank you, al. >> we've also got seven field passes for you -- >> wow! >> for not just any game but november 27th, jets versus patriots. >> i can boom tom brady up and close. >> tony danza, god s. >> happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> chris, kim, everybody, thank you so much. that's it. that's the grand finale of the first annual ""today's turkey trot". thank you, guys. >> come on home. >> with meatballs. willie's here with a look at what's coming up on sunday "today." >> we're going to be talking about this trump transition. big announcements today. maybe another big one coming
8:56 am
landmark album "out of time." they are re-releasing it. i spent some time with them. >> i'm old enough to remember when that was rem's new album.
8:57 am
a mystery surrounds the statue inside a waterloo cemetery. the statue of an angel -- and a woman praying over two women -- is in bad shape. loved ones of those buried near the statue havm it -- but the volunteer board at the cemetery is in a tough spot. they haven't been able to track down any family members connected the board says it could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix it -- much more than they can afford. they hope a family member -- or someone else -- will step
8:58 am
[ tower pinging ] [ whistling ] we've got a problem, friend. half off any smartphone for anyone who switches? blem? the naughty list shouldn't get deals! yeah, but anyone who switches gets half off of any smartphone. even these? yeah, any smartphone. call the big guy! [ bell dings ] santa? no, jingles. [ knuckles crack ] [ spits ] ooo. ouch. [ neck cracks ] [ darien ] switch and get half off any smartphone.
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9:00 am
take," academy award winner matt damon on his new movie getting oscar buzz, "manchester by the sea." plus, music man harry connick jr. is our celebrity co-host. and a "freebie friday" give-away that will rock your world. tune in to win from home. coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this feel-good friday. november 18th. 2016. the blue man group is here. i thought there was something wrong with my tv. i like how they're standing there and the woman's like, go let me get in here.
9:01 am
dylan. al's on "the turkey trot." so look who's back, the myth, the legend, the music man. >> can you come up with a theme song? >> i got it. i'm fast. it's done. >> do we have to pay you? >> of course we have to pay. you won't be hearing that song. we have a big show today. lots of free stuff to give away. it is "freebie friday." >> it is so fun. feels >> you at home, we never forget about you. we are including you in "freebie friday." don't think just because you didn't get a chance to come down to the plaza that tough's been left behind because you've not been left behind. so you got this new segment on the show? >> it's called "hot headlines." because sometimes you watch the news and as great as y'all are at delivering the news -- and you are great --
9:02 am
compliment. >> sometimes the material you deliver is not exactly exciting. so i take those headlines and make them sexy. yeah. >> angela merkel to run for fourth term as chancellor. she might be the chancellor, but i'm be more mansalor. cops find koala inside a woman's bag. looks like that k wanted, too. not only was the woman wanted but she had a wanted koala. they was both on the run, running running hiding from the cops it was a koala on the lam. that's two animal references. >> okay. there are so many layers. first, your eye contact. >> that's my sexy zone. >> i don't know what that was. >> that's actually the first time i've seen it. it is super creepy. yeah.
9:03 am
watch that? was that off the top of your led? >> they give me the headline and i just start making stuff up. >> the candle? >> you know, we try to make it sexy. making "hot headlines." >> i want you to do a hot weather forecast. ? oh ya it's hot today about 90 degrees ? ? it's 42 around new york city ?? yeah, i like it. >> the forecasts were all wrong. >> the forecast was terrible. >> you have to ge information. i'm not smart enough to just know what the weather is. >> look for "hot headlines" on harry's show and warn your friends and family. feel-good friday. >> yes. last night my husband and i went to our first baby class. it was a baby cpr class. it is kind of the only one we're doing because i figure all of the breathing stuff and labor stuff we'll sort of figure out. but cpr is one of those things. you are home alone, you got to figure it out.
9:04 am
whole "today" show. i'm the first one there just sitting there by myself for 15 minutes hoping i'm in the right place. then the lady comes in and she just piles up babies. on the table. >> you think my segment's creepy? >> babyproofing your home, cpr and everything. my husband came in a little bit late because he had to work. he was so excited that we were "in class" together that he brought me a dear dylan, i think you're super cute and totally cool. will you be my girlfriend? >> little late for that, brian. >> circle, yes, no, or maybe. >> what did you circle? >> i circled yes, of course. we're already married so i figured girlfriend -- >> you should frame this for the baby. >> it is written on an envelope. he was just excited to be in class together. >> did anyone else show up for the class? >> yes. it was a full class. >> jill and i went to a baby
9:05 am
anything. my feel-good friday, i just discovered i was perusing the internet. such a sucker for love. this couple, they're in england. because of legal reasons, i cannot have them --vy to hold my phone up because the lawyers around here are real tight on me. so here you go. >> this is still okay? >> what's the difference? >> so this is adorable -- think camilla does he look like? don rickles? anyway, they met in art school 65 years ago. her parents did not approve because he was an artist, which you know, you're an artist. she was widowed three times. he went on to marry once. he was widowed. her daughter reunited them 65 years later. and now they're engaged! >> wow. that's amazing.
9:06 am
and now they're engaged. >> that's so sweet. >> and they still have that spark? it's still there? >> oh. legal says we can show the photo. see? that's them. they're engaged! >> the most amazing thing about that story is that you said he looks like don rickles. what are you thinking? >> that guy couldn't look more unlike don rickles. >> i'm not a casting agent. okay. the guy who played mr. roper on "three's company." 65 years. it can happen. >> that's sweet. we've got something else that's really nice. this new toy that's sweeping the nation. you have one? >> we are getting one. right here. it is called the hatch-a-mole. >> this is for ages 3 and up. it is the new "it" -- >> 5-plus. >> that's perfect for my nieces. i am very happy to see this work. >> what this thing is, it is
9:07 am
hold for next several minutes to possibly -- i'm going to give birth to a hatchimal. >> you raise them from baby to toddlers, on to kids. dylan can -- can you help her? >> the key unlocks it. >> i have a 7-year-old niece and a 10-year-old niece. they were supposed to come today. we could not find a single seat on the plane for them so if you're flying on thanksgiving -- >> listen. did you hear that? >> wow. >> it's alive now? >> this reminds me of a gremlin. so apparently -- >> my nieces are watching because all of this depends on you. >> so this is how this works. i'm going to hold it and at some point within this hour hopefully it will hatch into an animal. >> not if i don't scramble it first. >> i don't know if you want to eat what's inside this.
9:08 am
that? >> i don't really know how -- >> it's really cute how you are holding it. >> i don't really flow. so after it hatches -- which we'll bring that to you live. >> that's going to freak your baby out. the baby's going to come out -- >> can we have the instructions, please? >> i think it just has to be held. >> how long does it take for this to hatch, guys? >> between 20 and 60 minutes. >> so the show will be over. >> well, we've got live -- >> sit on it. >> then after it born it goes through phases of life. from baby to toddler to kid. its eyes change color based on how old it is. >> do you have to like enroll it in school? >> i think it is getting to that point. >> part of our "freebie friday," we're actually going to give three of these away. not the hatched one. head to our facebook page. couple things that concern me. does a little kid have a 60-minute attention span to hold -- >> well, it's cooing the whole
9:09 am
>> so for 6 "60 minutes" you think a 7-year-old is going to -- >> yeah. >> i would hold that for 60 minutes to see what would come out. i'm fascinating with it. >> i think a 5-year-old would. >> well, if nothing else, it is the perfect plan for a parent. here, go sit on your egg. keep you busy for 60 minutes. we are giving away this incredible new toy that's out there coming up. the question though is, will you want it? >> i think it is going to be so cute. >> people college. oscar winner matt damon and the star-studded cast of "manchester by the sea" after this. maybe let harry hold the egg. share parental responsibility. >> it's heavier than i thought it would be. colleen loves helping the environment. ...and dale, well he loves colleen. they have their differences. but they make it work, most of the time. and at least they agree one thing. new tide purclean
9:10 am
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as the one who's always trapped beneath the duvet, i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness , it's gas. gas-x relieves pressure,bloating and discomfort in minutes !! so we can all sleep easier tonight. ?? ? i never over think it do what i want ? ? and i do it my way (okay) ? ? we live the life we want to live ? ? that's right let's celebrate ? ? yeah we're all about a good time ? ? yeah we're all about a good life ? ? is gonna be a fun ride ? ? yeah we're all about a good time ? ? yeah we're all about a good life ? ? good energy come follow me oh ? save on butterball turkey for on 9ly9? a pound at target. we have found truly the best toy ever, i think. we're back, "today's take." harry now has the hatchimal.
9:13 am
>> you need to show a little more love. >> what am i doing? >> you're just rubbing it and shaking it. >> you cannot be that mom when the baby comes. so you rub the bottom. dylan read the instructions. >> you hear that? he's cooing for me. >> sometimes if it turns orange it needs to burp. then you should pat the bottom of the egg. >> you have to burp an egg? >> i can talk to it. see? you couldn't get him to do that. i have to say, in my years in the entertainment business, this is the single weirdest moment i've ever had. this just shot to the top of the list. i'm patting a cooing egg. >> it loves you. >> darn right. what's not to love? [ cooing ] >> it sounds like it's hitting
9:14 am
>> the light's lighting up. i think orange means i need to burp. >> yeah, it needs to burp. >> or is that red? >> eventually will something come out of this? >> if it doesn't, we're going to be profoundly disappointed. i mean after all of this? >> that's what all the suspense is leading up to. >> while harry cares for the hatchimal, along with dylan, supermarket chains, stop and shop survey. they did a survey of celebrities that you would most want -- >> can a gun open? we don't have time! this is tv magic. >> dylan has waited nine months for her egg to crack. be patient! celebrities you want to have thanksgiving dinner outside of harry connick jr. >> for her egg to crack. >> number six -- >> when is your egg cracking? >> few weeks. five, four, three -- boston bros, tom brady, ben affleck and matt damon.
9:15 am
>> these are people you want to have thanksgiving dinner with. celebrities! number two, taylor swift. guys. >> that would be fun. >> number one, meryl streep. i love meryl streep but i'd just want to hang out with her. not just thanksgiving. who would you like at your table? >> i'd take y'all. get to know you a little bit. i'm with you an hour every day. that's not an invitation, but theoretically that would be nice. >> that means we're not obligated to say you? >> no, that's fine. >> dylan? >> well, shoot. my go-to is always tom hanks. good conversation. >> how about you? >> actually, patti labelle just invited me to thanksgiving dinner. >> patti labelle just invited moo he to thanksgiving dinner. are you going to make her some
9:16 am
lady mamalade. >> i have a normal thanksgiving. >> here's my life -- i've got to work. surprise, surprise. but my mama is a four-hour plane ride away. yours are a short drive. i wish -- >> you making all of this up. >> i don't have a mama. >> all of this is made up. you making up patti labelle. you don't know patti labelle. see? she's freaking out. >> no. my mom watches this show, >> so does your mom invite you for thanksgiving, you said, no, i'm going over to patti labelle's house? >> i know what time i talk to my mom every morning? about 6:00 a.m. how many times do i talk to my mom throughout the day? about 600. including she's going to say she doesn't like my lipstick today. >> that's cute. is she going to like your pants suit? it looks so amazing. it does. >> this is awkward but here is some awkward thanksgiving video to transition. first family, viral video.
9:17 am
many of us will probably face except for me because i won't be with my family -- awkward political conversations. here's the moment. ? everything's okay until the first half ends ? ? cousin bill is mad about insurance ? ? he needs a new hip and he's irritant bowel ? ? blames the white house for his abducted bull ? ? and there's even more drama he says ? and he's going to cause trauma ? ? and i got to say say ? ? welcome to my couch listen to troy aikman ? ? talk about formation not about our nation ? ? how do you avoid this check it ? ? i got a checklist of thanksgiving topics that aren't about toll picks. brang lee ha, why you think they broke up ? ? they're bringing that awesome show 24 back ?
9:18 am
find a way to avoid politics for just one day. >> that's amazing. hilarious. >> check out the video. and prepare for family discussions. you got the forecast? what's it going to look like? >> it is going to be another warm one. up and down the east coast. it will cool off in time for thanksgiving if you like it a little bit cooler. but look at the snowstorm going on across parts of the upper midwest. heavy snow falling across western minnesota, through eastern south dakota. we are looking at these winter weather advisories and even some million people. blizzard warnings of course because of the gusty winds with this storm as well. we'll watch that movie through the great lakes. then eventually bring some lake-effect snow to partswindy g temps today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph at times. windy tonight with gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for the weekend
9:19 am
monday. few showers today and tonight with a better chance of rain tuesday and wednesday next week but drying out for thanksgiving day. >> harry just slammed the egg on the table. >> that is so not what happened! >> he said, "i'm out." >> i did not. >> you need to love it more. >> that's true. >> you were doing so good. >> i didn't slam it on the table. up next -- he it. he just gave up. dillen is still the parent in the house. the two children are here. up next, more freebie fun. we've got a couple of big-ticket items to give away. fans on the plaza. you at home. and, you know what? this hatchimal, i've seen it now.
9:20 am
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9:22 am
loss. gum crisis averted. guess what? i'm running so that time for our big "freebie friday" give-away. this prize comes from one of harry's good friends, mr. keith urban who was a judge with harry on the last season of "american idol." also from country star brett eldridge. >> we're giving away two pairs of ticket to see keith and brett in concert tomorrow right here in new york city. shall we? let's do it. >> you always say ladies have to go first. there is our camera there. is keith urban as nice as he seems? >> he's probably nicer than he seems. >> really. >> yeah.
9:23 am
thank you. i'm proud to call him a friend. >> you know what's interesting? when he was on the show and he performed on the plaza, he gave this girl a guitar. have you given anyone a piano? >> yeah. do i it at every concert. >> all right. let's go outside! hey, guys! >> let's make a little more noise! >> tre let's see who we have here. >> hey, congratulations. wow. >> hi, y'all. hey, y'all. >> okay.
9:24 am
>> three-time cancer survivor? >> yes. cancer and thyroid cancer this past may. i am great. >> you better put some tight jeans on and rock this concert. amazing! >> can you get us in there? >> dylan, are you hearing all the chaos? what you got, lady? >> something's happening with the egg right now. don't foregirth, you can also go on to facebook and get one of
9:25 am
have a chance to win your own keith urban and brett eldridge experience. we're giving away four pairs of autographed cds. visit our facebook page and don't forget to like us. and also, again, at our facebook page, you can win one of these hatchimals which i think is hatching maybe right now. hatching maybe right now. this is a grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
9:26 am
the man accused of killing two iowa heroes just days before it all happened. scott greene apologized for the run-ins he had with the urbandale police department -- and said he loved them for keeping the community safe. he wrote online that his "dark days" were over because he was getting treatment for p-t- s-d. all of that -- just four days before he allegedly shot and killed two officers as they sat in their patrol cars. urbandale officer justin martin and des moines sergeant tony
9:27 am
eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: windy with steady or falling temps gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for better chance of rain tuesday and wednesday next week but
9:28 am
9:29 am
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guys, we have a lot of action here in the orange room. our hatchimal is hatching. see the feet right there? the hatchimal is in the process of hatching right now. he is just like -- he is just taking a break. but it's coming inside, guys! ? baby love my baby love ?? >> he's just taking a breather right now. see, harry, i don't flow if you could have had this happen. you weren't showing it enough love. >> i started the process. why don't you just put him in the microwave? that would speed everything up. >> is it making a noise? >> yeah. do you hear it? hold on. >> burping again?
9:31 am
her daughter has one already. >> yes. mila has one of the hot-tickets. it hatched but it takes about 20 minutes to hatch unless you wants to just pull it out. >> our executive producer said it is crowning. >> you might be taking this a little too far. >> while our baby -- the new film "manchester by the sea" hits select theaters today. it's been a favorite at film festivals from sundance to tont and jenna recently caught up with the cast. >> this premier turned out to be a big event and the film is already getting oscar buzz. >> i can't be his guardian. >> well, your brother provided for his upkeep. >> i think the thought was you would relocate. >> reporter: "manchester by the sea" stars casey affleck as a
9:32 am
played by lucas hedges. >> do you want to be his guardian? >> well -- >> he doesn't want to be my guardian, for christ's sakes. >> reporter: the film was originally supposed to star matt damon who stayed on as a producer and pushed to get it made with affleck, his long-time friend. what about him made you know he would be perfect for the part? >> speaking in front of someone who's sitting within five feet of me who i've known for 30 years. it is easy to say he's one of the best actors i know. that's true. but because he is so dynamic and inventive and real at the same time. and i think all three of these actors are people who kind of embroaddy that. >> reporter: it is a break-out role for young lucas hedges who got the part when he was still in high school. >> all my friends are here. i'm on the hockey team. i got two girlfriends and i'm in a band. you're a janitor in quincy.
9:33 am
out of this film? >> i think this movie in many respects is about -- i mean a man living -- who's so like encased in shame that he can't see straight. but i think if we can learn to talk about -- i mean as a culture, our shame and our grief and actually be present with how we feel, i just think we'd be living in a totally different world. >> i don't have anything big to say. plays affleck's ex-wife, a relationship that writer/director kenneth lonergan shows in brief moments from range from the humorous to the heartbreaking. >> i always say you got it laugh to keep from crying. that's really an extension of kenny's personality, that ability to really understand both worlds and that one doesn't exist without the other. that's just something that springs from him. >> casey, i read that you typically are reluctant to take parts but you read the script and you didn't hesitate.
9:34 am
the film? >> well, when i -- first time i read it, it was clear that it was one of the best pieces of writing that i had ever come across. i don't know where you heard that i'm reluctant to take parts. i'm available. >> so you aren't reluctant to take parts? >> not good parts. i'm no the sitting there like great script -- not gonna do that! >> i'm just going to sit there until you calm down. >> i'm calmer now. would you please j >> no. >> "manchester by the sea" opens in l.a. and new york today and expands to other cities next week. y'all, this is a powerful, powerful movie. really heavy, but beautiful. >> great job hanging out with superstars. >> it was pretty fun. you know what? dylan. how's our baby? >> i never thought i would be standing next to the beautiful rebecca romaine while waiting for an egg to hatch. the race is on.
9:35 am
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? oh, yeah ? kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. welcome back. actress and modeleb romaine has been in the spotlight for years. some of the most memorable roles include the mysterious and powerful shift shifting mystique in the orange nat "x-man" series and for the past two seasons she's been on the super natural show "the librarians." check it out. >> listen carefully. i need you to throttle the
9:40 am
a torpedo to arm itself. closer it gets to the museum, harder it is to detonate. >> that makes sense. almost. >> five, four, three, two -- >> torpedos away! >> hold on. >> rebecca, like a boss! >> like a boss! >> before you give us tips on how to detonate like a tips for dylan? >> i don't know how long it is going to take for that egg to hatch. >> are you a mom. >> i'm sorry, i'm very distracted. >> let's have a pool. >> harry thought you were going to pop out of the egg because it is purple inside. have you this beautiful purple dress on. >> it's true. i was checking out that color. by the way, my kids are going to love that. >> i didn't know what it was when i first walked in here.
9:41 am
i'm not going anywhere until that thing comes out. >> i started it. i was the one that got it going. >> then you just tossed it aside, harry. let's not forget that. >> that's what you do with little baby eggs? >> i guess so. >> how would you detonate in this problem? >> i think she would just crack that egg wide open. get straight to the chase. >> that was very gripping. >> spoiler alert -- the librarians make it in that episode. >> that's >> but doesn't a major character die? >> this season, season three of "the librarians," you never know if a season is going to work out. here's taking it a little darker this season. we're still a family show. it's still a fun, silly action adventure show. but we decided to take it a little darker this season and a few characters die. >> who? tell us. >> one major character -- i'm not going to tell you! i'm playing. i'm sorry.
9:42 am
>> i'm not -- sorry/not sorry. >> what kind of stuff do you have at the library? what kind of secrets are there? >> magical artifacts. the librarians are a group of geniuses specially selected by the new york metropolitan library invited to seek out magical dangerous artifacts hidden around the world to be stored deep underneath the metropolitan library. i play their guardian because being a librarian, very dangerous. librarians need a guardian. >> people think it is boring. not the stereotype. >> i play nato counterterrorism expert, colonel eve baird. you know, my hands are full. >> can we congratulate you? you just got nominated for a critic's choice award for "skin wars." >> which is a different show that i host and produce. a body painting competition show. it's fantastic. we have the most amazingly talented painters.
9:43 am
>> that's you? >> is there anything like clothes? i've heard you say it actually -- >> having played mystique and having been painted a number of times, it is crazy how covered up you feel once you are painted. you can see with the models on our show with their body language. you feel very covered up. we've also got standards and practices to answer to. >> i'm painted right now. >> are you painted? >> 100%. >> don't listen to him. if your career did you ever think you would have an interview about an egg inside? >> a picture in picture of a hatching egg. >> rebecca, thank you. congratulations on everything. give the twins a hug for us. >> thanks for having me. >> "the librarians" airs sunday night, tnt. dylan's egg is still going on. how are you doing, mama? >> i think we are getting close here, guys. it's been an hour. don't hold your breath, everyone. there's one little piece left to
9:44 am
weather going on across the country. we are going to see a cold front that's going to cool things down quite a bit as we go into this weekend, especially back into the great lakes on saturday. then that cold weather will be enough to produce lake effect -- shh! lake-effect snow throughout parts of upstate new york and across parts of michigan, windyg temps today and gusts to 40 or 50 mph at times. windy tonight with gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for the weekend with highs back into the mid 40s for monday. few showers today and to >> don't forget, you can win one of these hatchimals by going to
9:45 am
comments -- this is impossible to find. my son-in-law went to new jersey to be at the store before it opened to get a ticket to get one. she has two grandkids. erica hartman wrote -- fingers crossed, the only thing my daughter wants for christmas is a hatchimal. i've been searching for weeks and can't find one anywhere. leave your comments. maybe you can win one right here. this one's taking a break. there we go. it's back. coming up next, a very cool one of a kind performance no one in the world has seen yet fro their 25th anniversary. you do not want to miss this.
9:46 am
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9:50 am
performance for us right now. here is the blue man group. ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
9:51 am
?? ?? ??
9:52 am
?? ?? ??
9:53 am
>> woo! >> the incredible blue man group. we will be back in a hatch.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we want to thank the great harry connick jr. for being and hatching a -- well, you labored. >> we shared it. >> you've been great. thank you so much. go to our facebook page and try to win a few of those, if
9:56 am
9:57 am
a stabbing investigation is underway in waterloo. police responded to randolph street around one this morning for a report of a woman who'd been stabbed. we've confirmed her name is wendi smith. police say she's not being cooperative. they tell us she was not stabbed
9:58 am
but have few details about what happened. our crew saw the ambulance driving away from the home on its way to the hospital. smith is expected to survive. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: windy with steady or falling with gusts to 30 mph and tomorrow (gusts to 25 mph). colder for the weekend with highs back into the mid 40s for monday. few showers today and tonight with a better thanksgiving d.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. whew-hoo! try day, friday. november 18th. that is -- bemean by -- dnce. i want to call it -- >> dnce. what's it stand for? >> i can't remember. >> you don't know. a great day to kick off the weekend with a sexy guy, dennis quade. a hit tv series plus a new movie. we're going to talk about all


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