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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  June 8, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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of road rage, coming up, details on a shooting that happen on the roosevelt boulevard overnight. also this morning, a north philadelphia street is ripped up by a water main break, we're live on the scene with the very latest on the repairs. charges are file in the crash on the new jersey turnpike that left comedian tracie month are again critically hurt and another comedian dead. good morning to you, it is sunday june 8th, i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00 o'clock. lets check on that forecast. yesterday was beautiful. we're hoping today looks a little bit like that. >> it will look like that. it will be just as warm if not a little bit warmer. we have already got 71 degrees through center city philadelphia, so expect a warm day to day, possibly not as bright as it was yesterday but it will be fairly cloud. we have a few high clouds and they are courtesy of a system moving in our direction, but still, it looks great through center city philadelphia right now. it looks lovely at the shore as well, lot of people are out there and we want to turn the the lights on in pottstown.
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so we will move out there, and the pottsgrove senior high school and there you go over the last couple of hours you can see a few clouds moving in. large transition that is the trend for the day. they may in the move that fast. that was three hours, and three seconds. notice clouds here as well and then off to the west and not even in pennsylvania at this point. but you can see some showers. you may be finding those throughout the overnight time period. until then it stays dry around here. 69 degrees out at the the airport. sixty-seven in trenton. 68 degrees in wilmington. it is 71 in atlantic city there a and 62 in the poconos. mild start continues. by noon time it is 823 degrees. our high temperature this afternoon in the mid to upper 80's. nice looking day coming up. future weather shows us those clouds, a couple of them moving through the the afternoon and a few more as we hit 6:00 o'clock tonight. notice those showers off to the west. at 9:00 they are still off to the west but by 1:00 a.m. do you see them through lehigh
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valley, west of philadelphia, it is possible, we will finish out that time line when i come back and talk about the unsettled seven day forecast but still will be very summer-like out there we will check with all of that in a second, nicole. >> carol, thank you. well, new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a deadly road rage shooting in the feltonville neighborhood. it happened near 500 block of west roosevelt boulevard. investigators tell us a driver and motorcyclist got in the heated argument when one opened fire. a four three-year old man was shot multiple times in the chest and leg and he died at the hospital. thirty-one year-old woman was also shot twice and she's in stable condition. there is in word on who fired the shots. police arrested a person of interest at the scene. also new this morning winslow township police are investigating a shooting at a wawa. a person was shot in the leg overnight at the the wawa located at 400 block of sicklerville road. there is no word on the victim's condition or if the shooting happened inside or outside of that wawa. well, a bicyclist suffered
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a broken leg overnight when he was hit the by a car in center city. accident happened at 15th and vine streets. the the driver did remain at the scene. up investigators said alcohol does not appear to have played a role in the incident no one was charged. a water main break in north philadelphia damages two properties. the brake left a gaping hole on master between 26th and 27th. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live where that road is closed this morning. syma, what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, nicole, gaping held probably is only way to explain it the but you really have to see it for yourself on the the magnitude of the hole we're talking about here at the intersection of master streets and 27th street. new a water main broke out about a little before midnight and it is a 36-inch the water main break. about two properties had some damage in the the basement, one was a home and one was a store. now no homes are dealing with
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the disruption of water service. so that is good news. right now crews have secured the the area to make sure that no one comes near the gaping hole and they are just waiting to clean it up before they can fix it. now the scene last night they was obviously a huge issue, some called it a raging river down the street. we talk with one neighbor out here watching it all unfold. >> last night it was a lot of water, like running rapid down here, it took water department a little while to get down here but eventually they did quarantine off areas around the block and it started to go down. other than that there was a lot of people out here taking video, pictures, fire department came, it was, crazy. >> reporter: good news is that everything has settled down and so folks are looking, waking up and looking at this hole here in the street. again, crews do not have an
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exact time frame on when this will be fixed. we are live from north philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good hard to wake up to, thanks syma. comedian tracie morgan remains in critical condition after being injured in the deadly chain reaction crash. "eyewitness news" was first to report that morgan was involved in this accident. it happened around 1:00a m the yesterday morning on the new jersey turnpike near cranberry township in middlesex county. morgan was returning from the comedy show in delaware. now authorities have charged the driver of the wal-mart tractor trailer whom they say cause that had pile up. this cell phone video was taken after the crash happen. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers has more on the crash investigation. >> reporter: this exclusive video shows how deaf tating this crash was. that is limo bus that tracie morgan and six others were riding in early saturday morning on the the way back from the stand up comedy show at dover downs, delaware. they were driving on the new jersey turnpike near cranberry
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township around 1:00 a.m. when a tractor trailer slammed in the back of their limo bus. middlesex county prosecutors say the truck driver failed to notice traffic slowing down in front of him. ensuing crash overturning the limo morgan and six others were inn side. six three-year old james mcnair a comedian himself was pronounced dead at the scene. another comedian artie fox what had junior was injured and jeffery mallea. both men remain in critical condition along with 45 year-old tracie morgan. a fifth man was treated and released while two others were not injured. six vehicles in total were involve in the chain reaction crash. only those inside morgan's limo were injured. we are told by a representative of the family that tracie morgan is surrounded by family members as he struggles to recover present this terrible accident. we're in new brunswick, new jersey, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" before wal-mart's president released a statement saying in part we are working quickly to
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understand what happened and are cooperating full which law enforcement to aid in their investigation. fit is determine that our truck took the accident, wal-mart will take full responsibility. now our coverage of the turnpike crash continues on line, you can get latest anytime at cbs pedestrian is dead after being struck by a car in bucks county. the accident happened around 95:00 last night on the 1900 block of lincoln highway their woodbourne road in middletown township. victim of the fatal crash has not yet been identified. the driver did stop at the scene. welshing philadelphia police need your help locating a missing man, le roy hurling went missing from the 8500 block of lindberg boulevard yesterday afternoon. hurling is mentally challenge and suffers from several medical conditions. he was last seen wearing a polo shirt, blue jeans, black hat and sneakers. he may be in the frankford area see if you see him. is his picture the screen.
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please dial 911. a pennsylvania state trooper meanwhile has been clear in the shooting that killed his pregnant wife. three month investigation found joseph miller an "s" gun went off cleaning it inside his east norriton home. that bullet struck 34 year-old joanna miller in the head. she died with her 22 we are old unborn child. montgomery county d.a.'s office cop includedded that the match the seventh shooting was negligent but accidental. so tragic. fbi is investigating threats against a family of former taliban prisoner sergeant bowe bergdahl. there is no word on the nature of the threats but authorities say they are taking them very seriously. bergdahl's parents live in haley, idaho. that town of 8,000 people has canceled plans for a welcome home slightly warmer celebration. still ahead, the trouble with the home line reviews while planning her wednesdaying this with man had problems with the photographer she hired. she posted her experience on
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line. the result, a threat of legal action. coming up three is on your side looking at opinion posts and why web reviews may not be very reliable. we will explain. also these happy people have one thing in common they are all lottery winners. why weren't they be happy, right? why are they together and dancing all around new jersey, that is the the question, and we will find out next.
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kind of service provider? you may not be getting the full picture. as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find some companies are now including clauses in their contracts that will limit their ability to give them an on line review. >> karena is almost ready for perfect big kay. her crest is ready. invites are out. but she canceled her photographer. >> i was just kind of photographer about their lack of responses and their run around. >> reporter: she wanted to warn other brides so she posted an on line review. soon after she got an e-mail from the photographer saying we kindly ask that you remove your posting noting that she could face legal action for breach of contract. karena says he didn't realize her agreement said neither party will disparage the other. >> i was livid. i was so upset that, and could not review a vendor be that you would e-mail me, almost threatening me because i felt like bullied. >> reporter: ana of the the
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knot said these non-review clauses are popping up for all sorts of wedding vendors limiting what couples can say. >> prohibiting them from giving them a review that is less than a five star review. >> reporter: these clauses are hard to spot, experts say look for words like confidentiality, non-review and. >> if you see non-disparagement in your contract that is a cause for alarm. >> reporter: attorney noah david says he ace alarmed these clauses are used by others, contractors, plumbers and dentists and on line merchants are putting them in their terms and conditions. >> i am really floored by the prospect that this is happening. >> reporter: experts say don't sign a contract unless you understand everything in it. if you spot a non-disparagement clause ask the business why it is there and see if they will remove it. >> don't sign those agreements if they don't allow to you take them out of the contract. >> reporter: karena took down her review to avoid legal headaches but worries other brides won't get the full
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picture when trying to decide to hire. >> if you really cannot speak freely about your experiences with some of these businesses. >> reporter: experts also a you should be cautious when reading on line reviews or those over the top that could be a red flag. look for balanced reviews and take note of how a company respond to any negative complaints. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> all right. 84:00. let's listen in. that is sound have hail, unbelievable shots from ross well new mexico. storm system dumped 4-inch hail on the ground. they look like something out of the movie independent day, which is, never a good thing. and we are happy we are in the seeing that here but we did not too long ago. >> ross well, new mexico there could have been some space alien or something. here on the boardwalk we are not finding that problem.
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as you mentioned, nicole, we have seen a lot of hail and that was last month but they are still dealing with the damage from it. but right now we're just doing maybe some sun damage if you don't have your sun screen on. it is a is in day at the shore and really every place else. a few more clouds then what we saw yesterday, and speaking of which there they are, and you can see that they are, out there, they are far more to the west but they are moving in this direction. so expect to find later this afternoon more clouds, then we saw yesterday but still we will get sun breaks. this is what we are finding overnight especially to the west of philadelphia watch for that. it could becoming through philadelphia as we go through the morning hours on monday. so for today, things look great, if you have outdoor plans, terrific because we're not expecting any precipitation at all today. we're very happy about that. 69 degrees at the airport in philadelphia 67 in trenton. we have 68 down in wilmington. we're really right in the
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line. temperature wise, up and down that i-95 corridor. our temperatures today, should be right around 87 degrees. the the normal is 81. the record is 97. that was set a couple years ago in 2011. so we won't that be warm but we still will be plenty warm today. high pressure keeping it quiet around here. wind will be fairly light all day long and then that low pressure system that i showed thaw was out in ohio will start to move in, that brings the chance of some showers, starting overnight and then maybe as we start the day on monday, otherwise, things should be, kind of unsettled even all week long but let's take a look and see if the computer models have updated themselves at all. in the really. still a couple clouds later this afternoon and then by 7:00 at night a few clouds but precipitation staying away. this is a lot the at 9:00 o'clock and 1:00 a.m. notice a few showers off to the west and then by the time we hit tomorrow morning do we see some through allentown, reading and starting to cruise through the philadelphia area and south jersey, it is possible, this is at
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8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning and then as we finish this time line out do we keep a couple showers around, otherwise, partly sunny tomorrow afternoon, by tuesday, we will start with a few clouds, do we end up with a few showers, just that unsettled look all week long, hard to pinpoint the exact timing of it but just know showers are out there. source of pet events, we have them all day long. evesham library adoptable animals. i will there been reading my children's book and selling it, a as well for benefit of animals. not a huge doing at all. love to see you out there if you can make it. kitten shower between eagle plaza and voorhees. all sponsored by animal orphanage of voorhees. lots of events out there lots of great wet tore enjoy it. 87 degrees our temperature this afternoon. light wind. and then as we move through tonight a few more clouds coming in and then that overnight passing shower or thunderstorm and we could start the day with that as well on monday. temperatures on monday will be
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cooler right around 80 degrees. then tuesday still unsettled. chance of the shower or thunderstorm, wednesday we should be dry, sun clouds, thursday and friday, more chances of showers and thunderstorms. at this point next saturday 85 and partly sunny, nicole. oh, no, not nicole, me again. you know, is there a new ad campaign being put on by the new jersey lottery and it brings to mind the age old question can money really buy happiness? while the verdict is still out on that, some of the winners are doing the happy dance. on the happy bus some happier people, look at them, they are just like us but they are winners at the new jersey lottery. some won big. >> i won a million-dollar. >> reporter: some won very little. >> that is all you won. >> a dollar. >> reporter: these ten lottery winners also won a chance to dance in three new jersey lottery commercials being shot
8:19 am
in icon i can locations around the state like absecon light house. >> to be able to share these winners great stories with all of our players. >> reporter: good luck store ace code by random dance moves performed with the every where hit, happy, first up, ferrell's version on tape. and now jacqueline floyd, live. >> ♪ if you feel happiness is for you. >> reporter: although jacqueline only won a dollar she won a spot in the commercial, same for this happy guy, million-dollar winner timothy. now people can recognize you an we cap ask for loans. >> no loans available here. >> reporter: winners go to the bureau hollywood, filming for commercial spots. viewers will never see makeshift stage. lottery talent paid within thousand dollars in lottery scratch ticket will start appearing in mid-june and you can bet they will be happy. >> so happy to be able to dance. >> reporter: happy to be filming to happy and sending a new jersey lottery sponsored cool message of how happy anyone can be if they.
8:20 am
>> scratch and get a symbol. >> reporter: having never won a cen in the lottery but hanging with the winners. >> there i was. >> where is your happy dance, carol. >> yes good but no, so you can start watching for for those spots there will be three of them and over the the state they had 30 of these winners. auditions by the video. ten of them came down to the shore. >> funky dance moves from that group. >> i know. >> that song makes you do it. >> thanks, carol. it is 8:20. lets check on the roads with ann good morning, ann. >> good morning. serious accident to tell but. we are looking at i-95 north bound between vine expressway and girard avenue. three lanes block by serious accident. left lane squeezing by. there is an ambulance on the scene with police, the police department. we will move traffic cam just to show you the delay and here's the delay from that accident again, i-95 north bound from the vine expressway to girard avenue, three lanes block and that serious
8:21 am
accident we just saw left lane getting by, quite a delay now. we will move traffic cam again and this is to i-95 at platt bridge much more peaceful scene. platt bridge was supposed to be closed for construction but it has open up in both directions. they finish that construction early and everything good to go on i-95 at the platt bridge and on to another bridge the ben franklin bridge. no delays or problems on the ben franklin, however, we do have construction and construction eastbound lanes heading towards, and everything is moving along but as volume increase that he is will be slow. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm ann evans new nicole back to you. thank you for that update. a texas couple adopts a bomb sniffing dog that was with their son while in afghanistan. for several years dina serviced christopher diaz. their job was sniff out ied and they were good saving countless lives n2011 die as was killed by very sim weapon
8:22 am
he was looking for the now his parents are getting a small piece of him back. >> we're emotional, happy and sad. >> are we ready for this i don't think so. is dino ready. i think so. >> what a story. law permit such an adoption if it will help a family with the grieving process which i'm sure that it will. dino had to pass a test to ensure he didn't suffer k-9 equivalent of post traumatic stress disorder after his combat experience. it looks like he likes that belly rub. we will be right back.
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well, mini driver is a woman managed to enjoy her success not only as a actress but also as a singer/song writer. anna warner tells us how she does it in this preview of what you will see later on cbs
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this sunday morning. >> you're an idiot. >> what? >> idiot. >> she's would the man who always seems to be in control. >> american dream they just don't give it to you in a bowl. if we want it, we have to take it whose characters speak their mind. >> look at the thing is quite different from seeing the thing. >> very much like actress mini driver herself. >> do i look like i need that. >> no. >> her portrayal of the out spoken skylar opposite matt damon in the movie goodwill hunting brought her fame and an oscar nomination for best supporting oscar. >> i want to hear you say that you don't love me because if you say that, then i won't call you. i won't be in your life good did you have to audition for that part. >> i did, it was an amazing
8:26 am
audition. i don't think so. they didn't think i was sexy. they were probably right. i was quite, you know, i had other qualities. >> wow. always loved mini driver. of course, many talents of mini driver and backstage at the tone a ward. that sounds cool. it is all happening this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. 8:26. coming up in the neck hour of "eyewitness news" some neighbors in north philadelphia are waking up to a huge gaping hole in their street, that is after a water main break overnight. we are live on the scene. we are following investigation in the crash that critically injured tracie minister again and left another comedian dead. charges have been filed in that case. outdoor plans are a go today but carol will have more on an male announcer: hit the road with our new
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today is sunday june 8th good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:30. lets check that forecast with carol. it will be a pretty nice day. >> it is, it is already warming up. it is 73 degrees. >> not even 9:00 o'clock. >> nice start to the day, it is a mild one as well. we will fine these temperatures climbing well in the 80's. they were there yesterday as you know, 84 the high yesterday and we might be a couple degrees above that today. we have a few more clouds then we saw yesterday but still bright and beautiful day. it will stay dry today. we will take a look at storm
8:30 am
scan three after we look at the shore and you can see we have people on the boardwalk enjoying themselves and they are about to get clouds and you can see that on storm scan three as these clouds move through. then we will get clearing and a few more high cirr us clouds all associated with the system coming in here and triggering a sure or then are storm during that overnight time per. the our temperature at the the airport 71. that is same temperature in the atlantic city airport as well 10 miles inland off the shore. sixty-seven in trenton. sixty-eight in wilmington. dover is 66 degrees. the poconos, mild at 62 degrees as well. and then by noon we are already at 82 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. our high temperature this afternoon in the mid to upper 80's, more clouds moving through the air noon but still bright nice day. our future weather showing us through time as we go through at 3:00 o'clock a couple clouds out there, sun clouds, sun, same thing at 7:00 and then by 9:00 it is dark.
8:31 am
but a few clouds. after that do we see a shower. we will finish out that time line and check an unsettled week of weather coming up on that eyewitness weather seven day forecast, nicole. >> carol, thank you. new this morning the intersection of 27th inn master is closed due to a water main break. residents are dealing with low water pressure while crews make those repairs. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has details on how long this will last, syma? >> reporter: well, nicole, resident are waking up to a mess here at masterstreet and 27th street. after a water main broke causing a lot of issues. now this happened a little bit before midnight. it was a 36-inch water main break. about two properties had water damage in the the basement, one was a home shall one was a cellar but no homes are dealing with the disruption to water service and in homes are dealing with any low pressure either. right now, crews just secured the area they are waiting to
8:32 am
clean up and fix this issue but right now the most important thing toys make sure that the area around the intersection around master street and 27th street is safe. now we have talk with one neighbor out here when the the water main broke and he says it was like a raging river going down the the street. >> there was a lot of water. it was like running rapids down here. it took the water department a little while to get down here but eventually they did, quarantined off areas around the blocks and it started going down. other than that it was a lot of people out here taking video, pictures, fire department came. it was crazy. >> again, crews have security the the area here on 27th and master street. when i asked them what their time line was in terms of getting this fix they are not quite sure just yet. we are live from notth philadelphia, syma chowdhry
8:33 am
for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". same, thank you. police charge truck driver whom they say triggered yesterday's deadly chain reaction crash that left tracie minister again in critical condition. "eyewitness news" was first to report that morgan was involved in the accident. this is video of have that mangled limo bus being hauled away. police say that the driver of the wal-mart tractor trailer rear ended the bus causing a six car pile up on the new jersey turnpike. one person died, minister again and two others are now fighting for their lives. cbs correspondent omar villafranca has the the latest on the investigation. passerby captured tracie minister again's chauffeur limo bus lying on the side of the number turnpike. police say a tractor trailer it the bus early saturday morning causing a chain reaction that involved six vehicles. minister again was taken to a new jersey hospital and is now in critical condition. one of his writers was killed in the accident. comic was returning from a live performance in delaware as part of the multi city
8:34 am
stand up tour. his publicist released this statement to cbs news. the his family is now with him and he is receiving excellent care. we don't anticipate a chang in his condition today. >> reporter: morgan started in stan up but best known for his time on saturday night live and role in the comedy 30 rock. >> this every week like it is shark week. >> reporter: he appeared on cbs this morning in april to talk about his new comedy tour. >> how do you feel up there on the stage by yourself. >> i love it, exilerating. is there nothing in the world like live entertainment. >> reporter: forty-five year-old has three sons from a previous relationship and within year-old daughter he had with fiance megan wallover. omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a memorial service in camden for one of the victims of the lewis katz plane crash. family and friend gathered at katz academy charter school to honor marci dalsey a co found are of the school and president of the board of trustees. dalsey was remember as a
8:35 am
compassionate leader with a can do spirit by lewis katz son drew. she was also executive director of drew katz the foundation. >> if you don't what is impossible, you can do almost anything and that was marci dalsey. she didn't know what she could not do so she made it happen good dalsey was killed along with philanthropist lewis katz and five others near boston. the cause of the plane crash is still being investigated. loved ones admirers and help of celebrities honored doctor maya angelou. they gathered in winston salem north carolina at a memorial service to celebrate beloved poet and civil rights act wrist who passed away late last month. natasha brown has that story. >> reporter: from former student to notable names. >> he was my anchor. >> reporter: maya angelou's
8:36 am
loved ones joined together at wake forest university to celebrate her remarkable life. former president bill clinton deliver a moving trin boot. >> her great gift in her action packed life is always paying attention she did it with a clarity and power that will wash over people as long as there is a written and spoken word. >> clinton and angelou shared a special bond. he asked her to write a poem in 193. oprah winfrey also remember the woman she called her queen mother. angelou was a frequent guest and two were very close friend. >> the loss i feel i cannot describe. it is like something i have never felt before. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama spoke about the
8:37 am
impact angelou's word haddon her own life. >> words so powerful that they carried a little black girl from the south side of chicago all the way to the white house. >> maya angelou may no longer be present in her bod but her soul lives on in every word she left behind . that was message mourners took away from her memorial service. natasha brown, cbs-3 eyewitness naus. such an inspiring woman. may a angelou died in her sleep in may 28th. she was 86 years old. it is 8:36 right now. ukraine's new president, promised peace as he took the oath of office. vice-president joe biden and senator beyond mccain attended the inauguration in kiev. petro, also called for dialogue with the country's east where a violent separatist insurgency has left 200 people dead. rebel readers are dismissing the the speech saying this statement, quote does president concern us. pope francis has invited
8:38 am
israel president simon perez and palestinian president mahmoud abbass to join him at the vatican this weekend. it is first time such a meeting has ever took place in the vatican. invitation came during the pope's trip to the holy land. perez and abbass will spend about two hours at intricately plan service of plans and, medications. there is still much more to come, on "eyewitness news", coming up we will check with face the nation's bob schieffer for a look ahead at today's broadcast. we will be right back.
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8:41 am
face the nation is coming up at 10:30 right here on cbs 36789 joining us live with the preview in washington is maryland rate or and cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer, bob, good morning to you. obviously controversy surrounding the the relee of sergeant bowe bergdahl. will you preview this at all for us this morning. >> that is, nicole, where we will begin and spend a good part of the program on. dianne finestein hoist chair of the senate collegiates committee and the ranking republican on that committee will be with us as well as david road who is a writer and prisoner of himself a prisoner of the taliban for about six months. we will talk to him about this. there are overnight developments on this. the new york times is reporting that the sergeant is telling the people at the american hospital in germany where he now is that he was tortured, kept in the cage for
8:42 am
a long period of time, and when he was in taliban captivity, he is saying this is because he tried to escape. now all of this is new information, and whether the authorities take him at his word on this, we do not know but i'm anxious to see if the intelligence committees have been briefed on this part of the story. thises a story that will go on for a while. we will try to get as much new information as we can this morning. >> so many angles to explore, we also reported this morning that there are death threats being made against his family. so i mean this is just a mess and has people upset this morning. >> you are absolutely right about that, nicole and we're far from the end of it good bob, thanks for the preview we appreciate it. >> um-hmm, thank you. 8:42. still to come, summer like, temperatures, but, unsettled as well, our stretch of dry weather will eventually come to an end and carol has latest on that, next. the plus this.
8:43 am
>> reporter: california chrome fails in his bid to win the triple crown. i'm wendy gilette in new york, with those stories coming up. broadway's best are honored at the tone a ward. coming up next can hollywood's heavy hitters bring home the gold. we will preview tonight's big
8:44 am
8:45 am
up to 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the los angeles clippers could go to a charitable foundation run by shelley sterling, current wife of donald sterling. this is according to a source peak to go cnn. that percentage could equal nearly 200 million-dollar. shelley sterling would run the charity with microsoft ceo and next owner of the clippers steve ballmer. charity would target underprivileged families, battered woman, minorities and inner city youth. 8:45. heart break for fans hoping for a triple crown win they are year. california chrome came up short at saturday's belmont
8:46 am
steaks. wendy gilette has more. >> reporter: the the wait for triple crown win are extend another year after california chrome, failed at his attempts to sweep horse racerring's hat trick. >> it will be very close tonelist got there. >> reporter: tonelist surged ahead. california chrome finished tied for fourth, disappointing the the crowd of about 120,000 people. >> do you think he was going to win. >> yes, we did think he was going to win. i thought he had a good shot at it. >> reporter: what were people saying around you. >> we had a lot have of people from california and they were saying too much. >> reporter: only 11 horses have won the triple crown since 1919, finishing first in the kentucky derby, preakness and here in the belmont steaks. tonelist did in the run in the kentucky derby or preakness and appeared to be a more fresh horse. california chrome's owner thought it was an advantage that hurt his horses chances. >> as they race for the turn. >> reporter: belmont is most
8:47 am
challenging of the three races because it is one and a half miles, longest they have ever won. it has been 36 years since we have seen a triple crown winner and the wait just continues. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". yep, lot of disappointment there 8:46. alex scott stand for hope is living on as annual lemonade days weekend continues. hundreds visited the original alex lemonade stand at pen win elementary school in wynnewood. that is where alex is a student. it is a 14th anniversary of her first fun raise tore fight childhood cancer. our pat ciarrocchi was there and our chris may, also was there, he took a cbs-3 selfie with alex's mother liz the scott. and you can see how it all began, there are beautiful story, our documentary alex scott stand for hope airs this morning at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. then again at 7:00 on our sister station the cw philly. 8:47. lets check on that forecast and it will be a nice day to
8:48 am
be out and about, carol. >> it is, we've got warm temperatures and we waited all winter for warmth and we've got it now. we've got also a few clouds in the sky and thinks kind of the cloud debris from a system that will be coming here so we will get high thin clouds to begin with. you can see they are out there. coming down a little bit on the sunshine and does that eventually cut down a little bit on the temperature? it is possible depending upon how much we will see. otherwise we will seesly get mid to upper 80's today. owe if we cut out a couple degrees because of a few high clouds i don't think there will be any complaints. ocean city a lot of people outside on the boardwalk right now, nice beach day with temperatures getting to 80 degrees. i want to show you on storm scan three these are the clouds that we're seeing going by and we will get breaks in it i. every so often we will see more in the way of sunshine and some clouds and then just generally the the trend later in the day especially as more and more clouds come in. but boy is it mild already. 71 degrees in philadelphia.
8:49 am
warmer in center city. sixty-seven in trenton. sixty-three in allentown. we have got 07 in wildwood. 64 degrees in millville. so a comfortable start to the day and our temperatures today if we get all the way 87 degrees, 6 degrees above where we supposed to be at 81 but very far from the record 97 in 2011. so, high pressure starts to move away a little bit. we will get wind from the southwest such as they are, in the very much in the way of wind. that will be bringing these temperatures to the mid to upper 80's. low pressure comes in. we are seeing a few clouds from that but that overnight and first thing tomorrow especially we will be finding, some of these hours, probably or maybe even a thunderstorm associated with that. as we get to tuesday still a chance of the shower or a thunderstorm but temperatures remaining mild. computer model says a few clouds. we tend to agree to that. 7:00 tonight. a few clouds, showers well out
8:50 am
of our area. 9:00 o'clock showers still well out of the area but by 1:00 a.m. are they in reading and by the time we hit 6h a.m. are they through philadelphia area and reading. by the time we hit 7:00 a.m. are they through allentown and areas to the the south. so this is just kind of the trend as this system goes on through and we will clear them out for a little while and then we will have a chance of a few more showers and that is a trend going through tuesday as well. unsettled i think is probably a really good word for what we are experiencing as we go through this upcoming week. 80 degrees at the beach. high risk of sunburn and low risk of rip current but peers, jetty that sort of of thing can be a problem. you see a life guard, put yourself down in front of them. 87 degrees, mostly sunny, nice warm day, few clouds come in this afternoon. 65 degrees, mostly cloudy, shower thunderstorm chance overnight especially to the
8:51 am
west of philadelphia, to the north and west of philadelphia, and otherwise tomorrow we're maybe not even 80 degrees but we are close. then on tuesday a chance of the shower or thunderstorm. wednesday 82. sun and clouds, thursday and friday another chance of shower or thunderstorm, mild in the 80's and then sat take 85 and partly sunny, nicole. >> very summer-like. lets check on the roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, ann. >> we are looking at i-95 northbound which is vine expressway and girard avenue. we had a serious accident in those northbound lanes to the right the of the screen that has been cleared and i-95 is good to go between vine street expressway and girard. we are going to move the traffic cam to the schuylkill at spring garden. to the right is martin luther king drive. we see runners, walkers. couple events there. one is odyssey half marathon, martin lieutenant are king drive shut down between ben franklin parkway and, kelly drive between sedgley drive
8:52 am
and lincoln drive. landsdowne drive between girard avenue and forty-first street. south concourse drive between forty-first street, and belmont avenue. also, in the area of south street, eastbound is shut down between schuylkill at south street, between the third street, and for odunde festival from now to 8:00 tonight. we will move the traffic cam here to the mid county tolls of the pennsylvania turnpike. the pennsylvania turnpike is in good shape but expect extra volume on the northeast extension and 80 due to the pocono 400 at the pocono race way. race starts at 1:00 this afternoon. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now back to you. >> good heads up, thanks ann. it is broadway's biggest night of the year and right now final preparations are being made for the tony awards. this years show getting a big dose of hollywood star power from television and movie stars who have made the leap to the broadway stage. the susan marquez has the story from the the radio city music hall in new york. >> reporter: daniel radcliff
8:53 am
to james franco, michelle williams and neil patrick harris, 2014 has been a busy year for hollywood stars on broadway. >> and the choices could not be clearer. >> reporter: brian cranston went straight for emmy winning show breaking bad to the tony nominated play all the way. his performance as president lyndon johnson makes him a front run are for best actor. >> brian cranston more than earns his paycheck and i think that will be acknowledge. >> reporter: new york times theater critic ben brantly says more and more screen stars like daniel craig and his oscar winning wife rachel vice are jumping to the stage to improve themselves and sharper their skills. >> go on living. >> reporter: even proven veterans like patrick stewart and i an mckelamb performed on broadway. >> it has broad so many actors from the stage and film including your x men co stars. >> that is true. my career started on stage. truth of the matter is most
8:54 am
start on stage, and for me that was always my own. >> reporter: broadway shows are risky propositions for investors and adding a brand new staple increases their chances of success. the theater community has embraced stars like neil patrick harris and hugh jackman because they work hard, blend in, and they don't act like celebrities. the susan marquette, cbs news, new york. >> all right. it will be an interesting one to watch this year. of course, tube into the tony awards live tonight at 8:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. just love hugh jackman. what could be bad about tha male announcer: hit the road with our new maryguide and mapyways to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder.
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8:57 am
we will start to pick up to the west, and the north, a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and unsettled week coming up but summer-like one. >> we will take it. >> we will. today will be great. thanks very much. that is "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on television but we are always on line cbs sunday morning with charles osgood is next. make it the a great day. >> bye-bye.
8:58 am
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