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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 12, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is thursday, june 12th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." iraq descends through chaos. militants seize city after city. holly williams is in iraq as the insurgents march toward baghdad. a republican frenzy on chile. lawmakers jockey to be the new majority leader. o.j. simpson, 20 years later, how the trial of the century changed everything. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. militants are now promising to march on to baghdad and promise to enrage the city. >> iraq on the brink of civil
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war. >> the iraqi government wants the u.s. to consider offering air support. >> a militant group is toppling cities. their goal is to top i iraq and syria. >> effective july 31st, i'll be stek down as majority leader. >> republican leaders scramble as one of the top three leaders prepares to step aside. >> the upset has them, and i quote, freaking out right now. >> a catholic church, one priest is killed, another priest is in critical condition. >> dark heavy thoughts. some brand-new journal entries giving you inside bowe bergdahl. >> the couple on a rampage. >> the video shows you exactly how ruthless and cold-blooded these murderers were. >> paula deen making a comeback, launching her own channel online. >> guess who's gone digital,
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y'all. >> an amazing rescue. an off-duty police officer managed to pull the driver from his car. >> all that -- >> the rangers hold on. domination in the third period. >> a swamp boat guide entertains the tourists by putting marshmallows in his mouth and letting the alligators snatch them away. >> oh, my god. >> -- and all that matters -- >> winning the world cup is not realistic. >> i don't believe it. as someone in the locker room, i think we believe it. all of america believes it. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> he converted his bedroom into an '80s-style arcade. when asked how he felt about it, he said -- >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this
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morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie. >> we begin in iraq where they're asking for help from the united states this morning to avoid a possible civil war. army militants inspired by al qaeda are marching toward baghdad. the latest city to fall is tikrit, the hometown of saddam hussein. >> iraq's army has collapsed in front of them. holly williams is in northern iraq in the kurdish controlled city of erbil. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they announced their plans to march on toward baghdad after a string of victories over northern iraq. this government is looking increasingly weak despite millions of dollars in american military aid. islamic militants swept into kirkuk, an oil-producing city, and seized control of government buildings.
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and then they overranta krs th the hometown of saddam hussein. hundreds of thousands have fled the fighting, streaming across the desert to nearby iraqi's kird stan. amongest them we met a soldier in iraq's army who said he fought against them on tuesday. they're terrorists, he told us, and they have better weapons than us. but the truth is many iraqi officers have laid down their guns and run away from the battle zone, including these soldiers, deserting the fighting in kirkuk. the militants belong to the isis. the group began as an al qaeda afillality and is trying to establish a state based on
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islamic law. just over the border fighting a regime, they carried out public beatings and summary executions but even all kai da has condemned isis for excessive violence. they now control an area and is moving between two countries. they come from across the middle east and also include hundreds of european muslims thought have been radicalized in syria. iraq's government says it is carrying out military air strikes against militant strongholds and they released video of that today. but there are also report this morning that isis is attacking the city of samarra, which is just 80 miles north of baghdad. norah? >> all right, holly. thank you. and now iraq's government is also asking the united states for air strikes against the militants. so far the obama administration is saying no. major garrett is at the white house where officials are
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considering other aid for iraq. major, good morning. >> good morning. there is deep concern in the white house about the swift moving and brutal advance of these al qaeda-inspired insurgents across iraq, but there's no new policy to encounter that insurgency and the white house is conflicted over its military options. for now they'll focus on providing more help. nuri al maliki asked frp further protection. then officials said the emphasis would remain on providing military weaponry and equipment to the maliki government to fight the insurgents. here's the latest from last night. we'll continue to provide and as required increased assistance to the government of iraq to help build iraq's capacity to effectively and sustainably stop
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isil's standard. it stands for one of the many umbrella terms for this insurgen insurgency, an insurgency the white house maintains is dangerous but has no idea how to confront. this morning historical political upset in virginia is forcing big changes on capitol hill. house majority leader eric cantor says he will resign his leadership post next month. on tuesday he lost to a political unknown in the republican congressional primary. nancy cordes is on capitol hill where the house gop is preparing for a shakeup. nancy, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. house republicans will vote whon should replace cantor as majority leader just one week from today. leaders are moving quickly because they want to avoid a prolonged power struggle, and we already know of two members who want the job. >> effective july 31st i will be stepping down as majority leader. >> cantor announced he will give
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up his plum role setting the part's legislative agenda five months before he ee officially leaves office. >> we will continue to work and hopefully reciprocate so we can get to work. >> cantor's loss tuesday stunned house republicans who thought he would be the next house speaker. the race to replace him is well under way. the top contender is already on the leadership team, house majority whip kevin mccarthy from california who has cantor's vote. >> i will be backing him with my full support. >> veteran congressman pete sessions of texas has also thrown his hat into the ring. he says border security should be at the top of the agenda. >> i think administration needs to be prodded and reminded that our entire sovereignty of the united states is at risk if we do not secure our border. north, south, east, and west. >> reporter: other republicans considered a run but saw what
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cantor went through and decided against it. >> democrats said you were too extreme. conservatives said you were too compromising. what advice you do have for your successor? >> maybe we had it right somewhere in the middle. i think this town should be about trying to strike common ground. >> leaving leadership as cantor well knows can sting. you have to give up your enormous suite of offices in the cap toll looking out on the national mall not to mention a number of staffers, security, and the driver who takes you everywhere you go. norah? >> fascinating. thank you. and pakistani officials say a suspected u.s. drone strike killed at least ten people this morning. the attack in northwest pakistan is the second straight near the border within 24 hours. at least three militants were killed last night. these are the first apparent u.s. drone strikes since christmas as they follow the strict rules on using the unm
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unmanned craft. a house committee asked defense secretary chuck hagel wednesday why bergdahl was exchanged for guantanamo prisoners without telling congress first. he says this was the right deal at the right tight. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. defense secretary chuck hagel defended the swap saying the risk to sergeant bergdahl grew as the administration negotiated over an intense three days. in fact, he said the file decision was made just 96 hours before bergdahl's release, and the location of the swap was unknown until an hour beforehand. >> we had to stay focused on what the objective was, and that was getting an american p.o.w. back with the reassurances we needed to be able to say it would substantially mitigate the risk, and it was in the interest of our country. >> reporter: as for bergdahl's
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current status, he didn't give details, but we did speak with a woman who shared with the "washington post" what she said are messages from bergdahl, this one sent three days before he disappeared. this life, he wrote, is too short to serve those who compromise value and its ethics. i'm done compromising. well, cbs hasn't seen these messages but we did speak to bergdahl's friend who said she's sharing them now, in her words, to protect him. norah? >> all right, margaret. thank you. and now to the pentagon scandal you haven't heard about. cbs news is following an investigation into a massive amount of your tax money wasted on the war in afghanistan. chip reid is in washington to show us what the defense department bought and why it's still sitting idle. good morning. >> good morning. the price tag for the american taxpayers on the war in afghanistan has been staggering and as the troops continue to withdraw, we're getting a clearer picture of what was never used and what is being left behind.
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eight of these inflatable boating were bought by the pentagon in 2010 for $3 million. i were to be used by the afghan police to patrol a key river separating after gaffe stan from uzbekistan. but today they sit unused in a navy warehouse in virginia. >> it's like you gave your credit card to your teenaged daughter or son and never looked at the bills. >> what's going to happen to them? are they ever going to be used? >> they're probably going to be sold, sold for scrap or pennies on the dollar. >> reporter: more than $100 billion have been allocated for relief and reconstruction, but tracking all that money has been next to impossible. >> we don't even have a list from dod of where they spent the money. we have no centralized list of where the taxpayer money went in afghanistan. >> reporter: he points to other examples such as an estimated $600 million of these aircraft
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sitting on runways in kabul and germany, and this massive $34 million command center in helmand. >> it is the best constructed building i've seen in afghanistan and will probably be leveled. >> leveled. never used. >> never used. the afghans can't use it. they can't maintain it. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs news, the department said they strive to ensure every reconstruction project is executed in a manner that makes use of the dollar. it brings with it many challen e challenges. >> congress has also asked pentagon for an itemized list for the spending of the war effort. charlie? >> thanks. the church is on for the killer of a catholic priest in arizona. he was found shot to death in the living quarters of a phoenix church last night.
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another priest was hurt. it appears to be the result of a botched robbery. and in a rare interview pope francis proves he's willing to stray from it. they talk about his modern take on the papacy including his rejection of the closed popemobile which was created after the attempted assassination of john paul ii in 1981. he explained the decision in his native spanish saying i am not going to greet people and tell them i love them from the inside of a sardine can even if it's made of glass. it's a wall, and i can't live that way. the 77-year-old joked saying, besides, at my age, i don't have much to loose. francis never expected to be elected pope. in fact, he said he went to the conclave with a very small suitcase expecting to return to argentina as soon as possible.
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while one might be thinking he might be rooting for his home country in the world cup which kicks off today, francis said he is staying neutral. he said he's keeping his word. >> and the pope did record a video message to be played before today's opening match. he says football can teach important lessons that can help overcome greed and racism. investigators are studying surveillance video of a couple who went on a dead will i shooting rampage in las vegas. they're on the floor of walmart pointing their guns at each other and the police closed in. police now say amanda miller did not kill her husband. >> in regard to the male suspect, the cause and manner of death ruled by the coroner is a homicide as a result of police gunfire. >> the millers killed two officers and a walmart customer on sunday. police say detectives talked to the millers at least three times
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earlier this year. and we're learning new detail this morning about the 15-year-old boy who shot and killed a fellow student. oregon police say jared padgett was heavily armed. padgett took the weapons from home. a teacher was wounded in the attack. padgett then killed himself, but there is no apparent link between padgett and the victim 148-year-old emilio hoffman. kevin roper pleaded not guilty yesterday to vehicular homicide app assault by auto. investigators are looking into whether his long commute from his home in georgia to his job in delaware played a role in saturday's crash. the accident killed one man. federal investigators this morning are looking into possible air bag problems in more than a million vehicles. three people suffered minor injuries after being hit by parts when air bags ruptured.
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the air bags are made by takata corporation. they yiersed in vehicles made by honda, nissan, mad darks chrysler, and toyota, model years 2002 through 2006. this is day one of world cup soccer. some protesters wechblt on strike this morning before the start of brazil's world cup. the stadium may not be ready for today's opening game. elaine quijano is covering the world cup in sao paulo. >> reporter: security is tight. protefrts are expected to march later today. the players are keeping their focus on the field, but ahead of the game on monday, team usa's coach is already making headlines. at a press conference wednesday, the u.s. team's coach gave an
7:18 am
honest assessment of their chances in brazil. >> the chances of us winning a world cup is just not realistic. >> reporter: he was hired 2011. a former star player he was part of germany's winning team. >> they kim in in 2011 with the propss of completely changing the program. >> reporter: senior writer grant wall has covered the last four world cups. he said klinsmann is speaking. a veteran of three cups the record for goals scored. the team klinsmann helped create is now facing the so-called group of death. the americans will face powerhouses but first they must face ghana who knocked the u.s.
7:19 am
out of the last two world cups. what defines success for team usa now? >> i think no matter who your opponents are in the world cup, the u.s. is now expected to advance from the group. >> reporter: as for coach klinsmann, u.s. soccer is giving him plenty of wiggle room. he's been signed through 2018, the year of the next world cup. >> thank you. i still want the u.s. team do well. >> i do too. even if it's not realistic. >> mayaybe he's managing expectations. >> that's what they're suggesting. that's a coaching strategy. >> we'll be watching. >> ahead on "cbs this morning," we're going to look at headlines from around the
7:20 am
20 years ago john blackstone covered the trial that captivated the country. >> reporter: but already this drama has a chase scene few will
7:21 am
ever forget. >> this morning john looks at the lasting impact of the o.j. simpson case and two people who were in the courtroom join us right here in studio 57. >> the news is back here in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by big lots. go big and go home.
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good morning, everyone i'm natasha brown. lets get to the forecast with meteorologist kate bilo tracking things in the weather center, kate good morning, everyone. the excuse me. lets look at storm scan three and see is what happening outside triple sweep not showing anything right now but that will not last for long. late this afternoon showers and storms will pop up and some will be locally heavy. flash flood watch has been issued that goes into effect at noon and will continue through late tonight. storms scattered but any thunderstorm that does form could have very heavy rainfall, risk for ponding and roadways and flash flooding. play it safe. 78 degrees today. tomorrow another round of afternoon storms. good news we will clear it the out and get sunshine for
7:27 am
upcoming fathers day weekend. >> 7:26. good morning. live look at i-95 southbound here an accident this delaware county right here near commodore barry bridge. it is taking out left lane all southbound northbound you have your typical delay heading up and can see just the thick fog, as we have seen this week. the southbound from the north east, inbound 23 minutes and buck 15 at the the airport for philly international, natasha, back over to you. our next update 7:55. up next, 20 years later a look back at the trial of the century the o.j. simpson case, for more local news, weather and traffic continue to watch us on the cw philly on these channels. i'm
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survey lan video shows a fiery crash at gas station north of new york city last week. look at this. a driver suffered a diabetic problem behind a wheel and crashed into cars and gas pump causing an explosion and fire. an off-duty police officer rescued the driver. >> risked his own life to do so. >> very scary. welcome back to "cbs this morning," daring crime ring targeting wealthy men. we'll look at how the suspects found their victims. >> plus a landmark trial on television. the state of california versus orenthal simpson, also known as o.j. simpson. jack ford and rikki klieman
7:31 am
covered the trial of the nation. that's ahead. the senate overwhelmingly pass add bill so that vet cans can see private doctors. the measure now heads to the house which passed its own bills. meanwhile the fbi's opened a criminal investigation into the scandal. politico says the white house is planning new safeguards after the accidental release of the chief's name of the cia. cbs san francisco says texas governor rick perry is comparing being gay to alcoholism. he spoke wednesday at a public forum. he said people can decide not to follow a particular lifestyle. >> i may have the genetic coding that i'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but i have the desire
7:32 am
not to do that, and i look at the homosexual issue as the same way. >> last week the texas republican party endorsed the right of people to seek counseling if they want to stop being gay. "the new york times" says golfer phil mickelson's role with regard to an insider trading scheme was overstated. the times said it got information from people who now say they made a mistake. >> that's a pretty big mistake. >> he was on the front page everywhere saying he was linked to insider trading. >> to drag his name like that. >> that's terrible. "the arizona republic" says there was an explosion at a power plant. the plant continued running. no one was injured and there are no suspect this morning. the fbi is investigating. >> this morning marks 20 years since the killing of o.j.
7:33 am
simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. >> the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman were brutal and shocking but when o.j. simpson became the prime suspect it launched america's fascination with reality tv. >> for the audience, this was entertainment. as sad as that sounds, it's the truth. >> reporter: he was the main anchor for cnn's coverage of the trial. >> this was the first high-profile case that was televised wall to wall, gavel to gavel, and you had a man who was a legend, a sports icon, beloved. people loved o.j. simpson. >> reporter: t.v. cameras were live when police searched his home. cameras were waiting for simpson to turn himself in to police when his attorney robert shapiro made a surprising plea.
7:34 am
>> for the sake of your family, for the sake of your children, please surrender immediately. >> reporter: then the white bronchowas spotted. >> the suspect in the back of the vehicle has a handgun. >> reporter: viewers became gripped with what was known as the slow speed chase. there was an introduction of cast of characters. star witnesses who became stars themselves. house guests caddo caylin, prosecutor marsha clark and o.j.'s dream team of attorneys including the accomplished showman johnnie cochran. he came up with the trial's most famous line after the prosecution invited o.j. to try on the bloody glove found in his home. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: after only a few hours of deliberation, the jury did just that. >> orenthalj. simpson not guilty
7:35 am
of the crime of murder. >> they called it the trial of the century 206789 years later, that judgment still stands. for "cbs this morning," i'm john blackstone. >> cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman and jack ford both covered the o.j. simpson trial. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what changed in terms of the coverage of trial? >> i think what happened is this made public trials part of the cover. this kind of became the first reality show. everyone was plugged in. it had all the elements of great drama. you had o.j. simpson, a superstar allegedly fallen from grace. you had violence, sex, and celebrity. it launched the notion of reality shoes and it launched the notion of crimes and what happens inside a courtroom as a
7:36 am
form of entertainment. >> were most people surprised by the verdict? >> i can say we were shocked. we can, of course, remember back to the newspaper coverage where we would see those photographs and it looked like it was split by racial lines, that you had african-american people cheering and caucasian people look like they were crying. but the truth is for us, those of us who had covered that trial day in and day out, that when that jury had come back in four hours, then they impounded the verdict until the following morning, there was no doubt that that verdict was going to come in -- >> -- not guilty. >> that was what was so shocking. >> isn't that what upset people that after nine months of listening to evidence, you come back after four hours. how can people take it seriously if you come back in four hours. >> i remember saying a n a lot of cases it takes a jury three
7:37 am
hours to know what to order for lunch. nine months of trial and dozens of witnesses. i think that's what was most shocking. people watching said you could understand a not guilty verdict, but to give it so quickly. >> go ahead. >> i was go ing to say, 20 years later ochl j. simpson is in jail for something else. >> yes. >> many people believe he was guilty. whoo did he get off? >> i think the case was mismanaged from the police and prosecution from the very beginning. you have to remember the history in los angeles about how the police felt about the minority community and how the minority community felt about the police. so it was not inconceivable at all that there may have been a planted glove. it was not inconceivable that they were framing o.j. simpson. to the rest of the world, it may have seemed impossible. the other thing was with this dream team of defense lawyer, the key evidence, the blood evidence, the dna, it was
7:38 am
absolutely massacred by the brilliance of peter who understood. and, of course, you can never negate the charisma of both. johnnie cochran who said if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> how much does the role of celebrity and race figure into it? >> race came into it late. it was accidental. the fact that mark feurman, suc a sig kaptd one. >> conversations were used. >> it allowed him to attack a critical witness but celebrity was the overarching concern. >> before we leave, what has o.j. simpson said since then in intervening yearsing what happened whabd he did and did not do.
7:39 am
everybody's waiting for him to confess, if, in fact, i can get the interview, i can get him to confess. >> he'll never confess. he wrote in the book, if i did it that you knew o.j. >> i knew him. we were working together. i was at nbc news. he was at nbc sports. he truly got the benefit of the doubt. it was the power of celebrity, of who he was. >> 20 years later people are still talk about i. thank you, rikki klieman and judge ford. ahead, we'll look at the women luring innocent victims from upscale businesses. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning."
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in new york five people are free on bail. they pleaded not guilty in a case that sounds like drama. four women allegedly prey on wealthy men. vinita nier is here with a trial of victims and credit card thefts. good morning to you. >> officials say they all work in the adult entertainment industry. it include sending an understood cover agent the women tried to drug. all five suspects have been charged with kuhn spircy, grand larceny, assault, and forgery. the accused ring leader according to court documents is 40-year-old samantha barbash. she was identified on monday.
7:45 am
a manager at the roadhouse strip club in queens. >> traditionally be careful who you talk to in bars and be careful if someone putting sms in your drink. in this case it's the opposite. >> prosecutors say barbash and her conspirators targeted upscale bars and restaurants and then they arranged drugs, sometimes unknowingly. while intoxicated they were taken to roadhouse or scores, another strip house. they were given private rooms where almost $200,000 in credit card charges were put on their card in a four-month period. some of the victims reported waking up the next day with no memory of what had happen and when they tried to reverse the charges the defendants allegedly threatened to release
7:46 am
embarrassing photos of the men. pascucci's defense attorney told "cbs this morning" she is not a stripper. this is her first arrest. she's not guilty. she's certainly on the lesser end of culpability. and barbash's attorney says obviously facts were not. >> refused to pay more than $100,000 he claims were charged to his credit card while he was charged. >> what's the adult entertainment industry? >> charlie, gayle? >> it says all these women were in the adult entertainment industry. >> yeah, they look like church girls. i feel for the guys. they're going to a bar, making plans, ending up at a strip
7:47 am
club. >> these women had a term for it. they called it fishing. looking for a particular type of man i called stripped at the strip club. >> you call it what? >> stripped at a strip club. they started out at a regular place and end up there. note to self. >> thank you, vinita. >> a note to self. >> do not pick up c a professor at a small liberal arts college took on a powerful congressman and won.
7:48 am
in november david brat faces another professor from the very same school. we'll find out what's going on at randolph macon college ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by international delight. leave a little room for delight. to you... they're more than just a pet so protect them, with k9 advantix ll it's broad spectrum protection kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes too.
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good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. i want to get right over to kate bilo, she has more on yet another rainy day, good morning. >> good morning to you, we're tracking more storms out there, a lot of fog this morning and late this have afternoon, another round of those drenching showers and thunderstorms that we saw earlier in the week. we can see one formed south of washington tc, drifting up to the north and could impact portions of our area within the next few hearst but it is late this afternoon we will see these storms getting. locally in the seeing much out there right now but flash flood watch has been issued that will start at noon that will go through tonight for those scattered afternoon thunderstorms with rain rates exceeding an inch an hour. watch for ponding and roads and watching small streams as well.
7:57 am
eyewitness weather seven day forecast another round of heavy storms tomorrow have afternoon, clearing it out for weekend highs in the the 80's, sunny and beautiful saturday through monday, hi bob. >> live look at i-95 southbound jammo working your way down towards the off ramp for 322, in highland because of an accident, south, heading down towards, the the delaware state line. we are backup for 5 miles here from ridley on down. one hour 15 minute delays on average here at philly international. mass transit looking good though. back to you. >> next update 8:25. next up on cbs this morning a new study looks at the fat's real impact on diet and health. local news weather ape traffic continues with us on the cw
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
its thursday, june 12, 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a small college at the heart of a political upset for the ages. but first here's look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the islamic militants have announced their plans to march on baghdad after a string of stunning victories. >> there's no new policy to counter that insurgency and the white house is conflicted over its military options. >> leaders are moving quickly because they want to avoid a prolonged power struggle. >> team usa is already making headlines. >> winning a world cup is just
8:01 am
not realistic. >> as u.s. troops continue to withdraw, we're getting a clear picture of what was never used and what was left behind. >> look at this. a car crashed into cars and a pump causing an explosion. an off-duty police officer rescued the driver. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> o.j. simpson got the benefit of that because of the power of celebrities. >> the suspects all work in the adult entertainment industry. >> four strippers were arrested for drugging wealthy men and running their credit cards for thousands of dollars. >> the sad part is that wealthy men may never be able to trust strippers again. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. 2 1/2 years after the last american troops left iraq, the country is asking the united
8:02 am
states to help battle militant this morning. an islamist group called isil is marching toward baghdad. now they're within 100 miles of the capital city of baghdad. >> iraqi soldiers say their people are running away. this morning iraq's parliament could not find enough members to vote. iraqi christians are especially terrified. the militants want to establish a separate country based on old islamic law. so far the obama administration is refusion iraq's request for air strikes. eric cantor says he will resign his house leadership post on july 31st. he'll keep his congressional seat until january. their colleagues will vote next week.
8:03 am
the candidate whoion set cantor in this week's primary still needs to win the november election. david brat and his democratic opponent have a few things in common. jan crawford is in washington looking at battle of economics versus sociology. good morning. >> good morning. the drama playing out isn't just going on in washington. there's a small challenge randolph macon that's in the spotlight after one of their professors got the whip. he's going to have to beat a democrat who's also a proffers at the school. >> i have dedicated my entire life teaching free market economics to college students. >> he took the political establishment to school. >> the power belongs to the people than's what we're going to do. >> with his shocking vimtry over see yore house republican eric cantor. he may have caught washington
8:04 am
off guard but to students who know him, there ee no mistaking what he stands for. >> he's the biggest stander of them. >> he's face all a fellow colleague at randolph macon. jack trammell, the democratic candidate teaches sociology. >> he's very good about working with the college to work and fight for the needs of the people on campus. >> odds are that's as far as trammell will fight because this is a dress strict that wins republican. even at randolph may con, a campus with only 1,300 students, most had no idea trammell was running, including the school's president. >> all of a sudden in a two- or three-day span, here we are. >> and for these ideal lis tick
8:05 am
college students it's also a lesson, you can fight against a ma dheen and pling home. >> regardless, i'm excited to be part of it and witness being a candidate, whoever may come. >> check out this website called trammell has a slight ed over brat but both of them seem to be well liked. one student said, quote, brat is so charming you forget to be mad at him and another quotes trammell as the best professor ever i heard brat was also rated as hot. i guess that helps when you're a professor. hillary clinton backs up the claim that they were in debt when they left the white house. their old friend rahm emanuel.
8:06 am
>> i read the kickoff to the book, dead broke. really? >> that i may not have been the right thing. we went through a lot of phases in our life. that was then, this is now. and on slis we are very fortunate. we've been given great opportunity. we've been blessed. we've gone through ups and downs but we're very grateful for the opportunities we had. >> the event was a homecoming for her as she grew up in chicago. cab drives are joining their american colleagues who are fuming about uber. that's the service passengers use to order rides online. clarissa ward is there where the company is standing up to global scrutiny. good morning. >> good morning, these black kabts are back in business. yesterday it was a very
8:07 am
different scene and some is tell mates. it adds up. >> reporter: these taxes, around 12 of them weren't for hire. they were here to be heard. they are uber, a san francisco-based company whose new app allows you do hail a cab with a few clicks on your phone. the illegal bit is it also calculates drivers to calculate the cost of the jury ity journey. ubersays it is a change that is long overdue. >> essentially we're disrupting an center that has. been disrupped in many years, decades even. often that can be a bit uncomfortable for the incumbent,
8:08 am
however, we believe competition is good. >> it's as iconic as big ben or the houses of parliament. they have been around for centuries, and to qualify to drive one takes three year. these young men learned every twist and tern on london's roads on pedal cycles. for today's driver, the uber app may be a modern touch too far. >> some don't advertise. they don't want to go online. i don't want to go online. >> reporter: a lot of londoners disagree. these black cabbies' protest may have just back fiefrmtd
8:09 am
>> clarissa, what did the last man say. >> i don't want to be online, gayle. >> i under stood when you said it. >> i don't want to be online. >> norah called it. ahead on "cbs this morning" he went from righting music for the teenage ninja
8:10 am
can you believe your doctor may soon be telling you to eat butter? well "time" magazine's tim walsh in studio 57 with some new reporting that may have you thinking differently about healthy foods and diets. that's next on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at today, fat and a healthy die yechlt eat butter is the cover story in the new issue of "time" magazine. >> decades of low fat diet dye yets have companied soaring
8:15 am
rates of diabetes. it could be fat is going through a meltdown. bryan walsh is the senior editor of "time" magazine. let's break it down, bryan. starting in the 1970s, doctors tell us to cut out a lot of fat rated fat but after delving into science, what have we found? we should eat butter? >> it's more than that. when it became mainstream in the '70s to '80s, the hopes it would switch to healthier vegsables. we saw our calories go up. it turns out that those carbs are a lot worse when it comes to obesity and guy tees than saturated fats ever was. >> we substituted them with high carbs and is that is associated
8:16 am
with diabetes. >> we might have been much better off if we hadn't worried so much about fats. >> i'm not criticizing you but i'm so tire of the research. eat fat, don't eat fat. >> this is good news for you. this is not about new research telling you to do a certain diet. it's telling you to worry less. worry less about how much fat is in your diet and where the foods are coming from. focus more on getting real food. >> how much can we eat? how much should with beeatsing. >> right now the u.s. guidelines are 10% which is low unless you're willing to go to an extreme diet. the mediterranean diets include
8:17 am
fish, butter, fats, vegetables. thing it depends on what feels best for you and making sure the food is real and not fast food or processed food. >> you said what happened is it all shifted to thinks like pasta. is pasta always bad for you? >> no. and it's not just pasta that's bad for you. people were turning to snack well. you had a lot of sugars, preservatives. that's definitely worse off for you. >> it's true that a nice steak, eggs, butter can be good for you in given mod raegss. >> id can have better protein for you. and it's the shopping guide being compared to an enkilo pead ya.
8:18 am
there's a book that's over 3,000 pages. did you get one of these? it's like a door stp. back on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: advil, gives you the healing sleep you need, so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. boring! yeah! ♪ if you want to see old faithful ♪ ♪ don't be such a couch potato ♪ ♪ yeah just go check out the thing for yourself ♪ highlander! ♪ we ain't got no room for boring ♪ ♪ ferdy gerdy ferdy ger boom! [ cluck, cluck ] ♪ no, we ain't got no room ♪ for boring ♪ for boring, we ain't got no room ♪ ahh! [ male announcer ] the 2014 highlander. toyota. let's go places.
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8:21 am
. a really popular home service chain is the talk of the
8:22 am
town this morning. it's getting a heavy response to its supersized catalog collection. why so many people are weighing in. >> they are. people are used to companies sending multiple catalog throughout the year but restoration hardware decided to send all of their catalogs in one mailing in an effort to be more environmentalvieshl enviro. it's sparked a backlash throughout social media. one twitter user posted this photo calling the catalogs a waste. another person shared the same sentiment with a simple message. fail. and 42 residents at one parent complex built three mini towers all which were headed for the recycling bin. this weighs about six pounds. they compare it to the novel
8:23 am
"war & peace." but "war & peace" is smaller than that. some are poking fun of the an surtty of its size. using it as an exercise tool, even a doorstop. >> gary friedman defending the catalog. he says they represent the only current visible manifestation of our brand and cannot yet be replaced by the internet. >> it's always been big, it's been kind of a monster catalog. >> "chicago tribune" reporter says research shows even in an age of online shopping dominance paper catalogs still play a big role in business. >> people like to hold it, leaf through it, spend time with it,
8:24 am
get ideas from the photographs. it's more than just a thing. it's a lifestyle. they do get inspired by the catalog and then they go online and purchase. >> she says although restoration hardware's bulk of books seems excessive and outdated they're following a popular markets strategy that suggests maximizing exposure brings in customers. >> it's part of the whole theory that they have to hit consumers from all angles. they have to be online, in prynne, everywhere. >> take a look at it. just massive. a deck of books but do you remember sears row buc? >> i do. it's overwhelming. >> we used to get that big thick book from sears. >> before online. it's a good dumbbell. >> a good marketing strategy?
8:25 am
>> good morning, everyone, i'm natasha brown a west fill man charged with a major scare at lincoln tunnel will be in court today. police say 39 year-old donald wallace called 911 claiming he would shoot people heading in to new york city. detectives tracked wallace down in manhattan, "eyewitness news" has also learned, wallace was arrested in philadelphia, in april, for making terroristic threats here. wallace is charged with making terroristic threats and also creating false public alarm. now to the eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist kate bilo in the weather center in front of the glummy day, kate. >> another glummy day with the chance for locally heavy downpours this afternoon. lets take a look at storm scan three, you cane one of those
8:26 am
downpours just south of d.c. moving in portions of maryland. keep an eye on that as it gifts our way, we have spotty showers that developed in the far western suburbs and you can see one over lancaster county. not a big deal right now but even these small showers can produce heavy rain. flash flood watch has been issued in effect at noon and continue through later tonight. you're witness weather seven day forecast another round of these storms late tomorrow but then things clear out, for the weekend, it will be a beautiful saturday, nice fathers day sunday and we will warm up a little early next week. good morning, bob. >> good morning, everybody. 8:26. we have been dealing with thick fog here as we look live at the benjamin franklin bridge and we can barely make out headlights, this is the the gang with headlights on coming into philadelphia, all four lanes, stacked and pack, coming into downtown philly, an accident on 295, northbound, right near route 130, a crash along the ramps from south 202 to route three in the heart of the west chester and one hour and 15 minute delays continue at
8:27 am
philly international. natasha back over to you. thanks bob our next update 8:55. up next on cb is. this morning inside program giving low income students the opportunity of a life time. for more local news and weather and traffic if you need to watch us on
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." come thupg half hourks dean reynolds show us where students are beating the odds in some of america's most challenges neighborhoods. plus he's the creative genius behind some of cbs's comedies. we'll see how chuck lorre rebuilt a television empire with a knock on the door. that's ahead. the las vegas review journal looks at the surprise winner in the democratic primary for governor. up in of these candidates captured nearly 30% of the vote. that's 5% more than the real leading competitor.
8:31 am
and the san jose mercury news says san francisco 49ers coach jim harbaugh finally finally changed his pants last year. his wife sarah gave him a hard time for his shapeless pleated khakis. now in a dockers commercial she unveils her husband's new look. >> thankfully dockers has discovered the anecdote for dad papts. since he started wearing dockers he's a whole new man. >> mommy, who's that? >> that's your dad. >> i love that. dockers is owned by levi strauss. remember we met the whole family a couple of years ago. >> i love that. the end of the dad pants. that's a great just in time for father's day. >> yay. >> send this to the president. >> ouch. >> elin hill der
8:32 am
>> she has her own story. she writes in this novel, spoiler alert. one of my main characters battles cancer. it was oscar wild who said life imitates art much more often than art imitates life. a month before the publication date of the "matchmaker" i discovered i'm also entering this battle. i've been diagnosed with breast cancer. we welcome her to the table. >> let me say thank you for sharing such a painful story. i was up late reading your book. one of your character us was diagnosed with cancer and this was clearly written before your diagnosis. what did you think? >> i've written 13 novels. in every novel i try to put myself in their shoes. it's easier with some than others. with dabny i interviewed a lot of people, talked to a lot of
8:33 am
people, did an interview and talked with cancer survivors and you try to put yourself in their shoes. when i wrote dabny, thought, she's fabulous, how would i deal with finding out i had cancer so i wrote dabny in some ways in the way i thought i'd handle it. >> did you handle it that way? >> the answer is no. my diagnosis came three weeks ago. i'm having a double maectomy tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> it's been very, very fast. all i can say is nobody prepares you for it, and i have so many friends and such wonderful family, but the interesting thing that you find out is that you're alone in your body. your body is yours and nobody else can really take it from you. >> elin, so many of my friends have read your books and i have. mutual friends retail said you were coming on the show.
8:34 am
what has this changed for you? this is just three weeks ago you got this diagnosis. >> it's really put a lot of things in perspective. it turns you into an thinker. nobody thinks so. today, yes, i love my life, i love everything about it, and so to think about it coming to an end is very scarey. >> he had pancreatic cancer and you have breast cancer. >> exactly right. >> if you were writing it today, how would she be different? >> that's impossible to understand. high first novel i wrote has a character that loses a child and
8:35 am
i wrote that novel before i had children and when i go back and read it, i thought, how did i even right that novel without understanding. so it would be similar. >> you have written that everything becomes precious. like you want to make sure you want to appreciate a cry at your son throwing a strike. why is the threat of losing life is what makes us come to appreciating life. >> exactly right. >> good question. >> that is the question that dabny answers and i'm asking myself. i have three children. >> #mamastrong. >> my 8-year-old daughter invented it. #mamastrong. >> you said you're having a double mastectomy and i instantly choke up a little bit. what do you think? will you look at your body? will you reminisce? what will you do to prepare.
8:36 am
>> it's so funny. i'm not a large breasted woman, sorry, charlie. i nursed my three kids and wish i was bigger. today i appreciate what i have because i have to give it up tomorrow and i'm going to have a little bit of an enhancement. that's exciting for me, the silver lining. but it is hard to give up that part of your body. it's hard to thing about -- i'm certainly not the first woman to have breast cancer but to think about something invading your body that you didn't know was there. i'm terrified of surgery. >> but you wanted your readers know you're going through this. >> upper-level low. >> we're pulling for you. >> can we see mama strong? >> she goes like this. mama strong. >> we say that too. >> we say that too. >> thank you so much. >> love your book and thank you. we'll be thinking of you tomorrow. >> thank you. and the matchmaker is on sale now. now we turn to this story.
8:37 am
the school system where every senior grets into college. dean reynolds introduces us to a jesuit priest whose movement is spreading across the nations. >> reporter: crystal ray high school is a private catholic institution located on chicago's southwest side on a street not known for stepping stones to college. yet the classrooms here pulse with scholastic diligence that put as smile on the face of father john foley. >> very humbling. >> reporter: he was so successself "60 minutes' prof e profiled him. that was ten years ago when the christo rey school was college
8:38 am
prep. when we say it, we mean it. virtually everyone who attends a kristo rey. there's a catch though. >> we have a saying. if you can afford to come here, then you can't come. >> reporter: each student spends four extended days in the classroom but then a fifth working in the offices of a corporate partner. the partner picks up most of the tuition and gets a dedicated young worker in the deal. >> does work make you feel good about yourself? >> it does. it makes me feel more self-confident. >> reporter: this fall he's enrolled in the university of illinois. in chicago's financial district we ran into america ochoa, a
8:39 am
graduate we first men on "60 minutes." >> i thought i was going to get through high school and work construction. now it's college. >> reporter: he's since graduated and works full time. do you think you would be where you are today without the experience of cristo rey? >> probably not. >> it gives them a chance they never thought they'd get. jasper says she's on the roll. she says it opened her eyes. >> i never did that with people in the corporate world because i was really shy. >> jasmine and her senior classmates will graduate with
8:40 am
diplomas in hand and hopes held high. for "cbs this morning" dean reynolds, chicago. >> you know, education, everybody says, unlocks the future, unlocks your future. finding creative ways to give people to education is access to their future. >> i love this. they say if you can afford to pay, you can't come here. 100% go to college. the good news is they were afra afraid. you go, jasmine, you go. ahead, a sitdown with sit down king. >> i'm ben tracy behind the scenes of "the big bang thee." we'll sit down with the man behind this show and "two and a
8:41 am
8:42 am
okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
8:43 am
8:44 am
most prolific creators in television. he has four hits. he takes ben tracy through his unlikely road through his success in hollywood. >> you're facing a fire-breathing dragon. >> i don't know if i want to play anymore. >> because you don't have a girlfriend? good lord. when that becomes the reason not to play dungeons and dragons, this game's in serious trouble.
8:45 am
>> you could call it revenge of the nerds. >> kid me where i've never been kissed before. >> like salt lake city? "big bang theory" has millions. >> gazinga, punk. now we're even. >> i can't step away from "the big bang thee." it's so much fun i wouldn't want to miss it. >> the show is produced by chuck lorre. his sitcom empire occupies what some call lori land on the warner brother's loss in burbank, california. >> 25 is the bigbank thee. down there is 26, two and a half min and that's "mike and molly." >> all of the airshows air on c
8:46 am
>> we're going to build a monorail. >> i see no sips of an intelligent life. >> reporter: "two and a half men" is finally coming to an end after 12 seasons. it's been more than three years since its star charlie sheen had a very public meltdown. >> charlie, no. >> it's been an interesting journey. >> to say the least. >> let's use that as our on rating adjective. >> actually i'm making a list of the people you shouldn't date. number one, anyone with a heart. >> with a show like "two and a half men," you can't say let's end with dignity. we never had any. so that's no point. let's dig this deeper. the people who enjoy the show
8:47 am
will hopefully enjoy the last season and the people who love hating us will keep at it. it's almost over. >> chuck lorre's big break in tv was as a writer on the set of "rosanne. he went on to create requests grace under fire," "greg and darma." >> i went, this is your lucky day. time here to help. snooki save you. >> i had no idea. i was cluesless. i had never seen an an mission script and never dreamed of doing it. i knew i wasn't going to put protein on the table playing bar mitsz va's on the table. he did create songs for the hit
8:48 am
show ninja turtles. >> is it true you worked on "my little pony?" >> i got fired from that. i was going deep on the ponies. >> reporter: his shows suns then have within been decidedly adult. his newest, anna faris who stars as a single man. >> you need to get in bed and let things >> 16-year-old lor lorre is a workaholic. i get asked why do you keep doing it? i say this is what i do. the circus hasn't left town yet.
8:49 am
>> for "cbs this morning," ben tracy. >> this is a good thing. >> "two and a half men," i never thought it could continue without charlie sheen. >> go, chuck. what the three of us weree
8:50 am
8:51 am
but very demanding. so i've decided to go pro. with crest pro-health. [ male announcer ] 4 out of 5 dentists confirmed these pro-health products helped maintain a professional clean. [ tisola ] i've raised my game. i guess that's what happens when you go pro. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health. ♪ from the crest factory in greensboro, north carolina to a walmart near you.
8:52 am
join walmart and crest in supporting american jobs. . what were we doings last night? honoring charlie. last night for being one of the top leaders in the media. with were proud to present the award, norah and i and one who worked with him on the charlie rose show. i was thinking that's our adult version of adult entertainment. that's how we roll. >> that's exactly how we roll. congratulations.
8:53 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. i'm a very lucky man to come good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey!
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[ sparkle ] sweet.
8:55 am
good morning i'm erika von tiehl. fire destroys a landmark and "eyewitness news" viewer tweeted these pictures with the fire at toll house tavern on chester pike, in norwood. a sprinkler system put flames out and then jumped through ventilation system. fire fighter suffered a minor injury, that tavern opened in 1961 and then opened for more than 50 years now. shame. >> lets get our forecast with by low. >> it just keeps on coming every day this week. we have had some rain and more doom and gloom, tracking fog this morning we can see cloud cover. notice one particular storm cell just south of washington d.c. with heavy rain over
8:56 am
portions of maryland and that can drift up to the western suburbs here as we go through the remainder and later today we will talk about flash flood threat. flash flood watch in effect at noon, that will continue through late tonight. any storm that pops up this afternoon and evening could produce a inch of rain an her leading to the risk for ponding on the roadways and watching those smaller creeks and streams. today's high 78. tomorrow repeat performance 83 with afternoon thunderstorm but we will clear it the out for weekend and back in the 80's, sunny less humid saturday and sunday and warmer next week, hi bob. >> 8:56. live look at the schuylkill rough go all morning long for our major roadways, sock with the fog still really thick here and have of course delays westbound heavy from montgomery all the waste out to conshohocken inbound about an her delay right now on the schuylkill expressway. a crash at route 130, freeway jammed from the ac x to the walt whitman. hour and 15 minute delays here remain at philly international. that will have a come minute necessity effect on the rest
8:57 am
of the days air travel. watch for extra volume around lunchtime as we will head to the ballpark for afternoon of baseball, erika, back to you. >> bob, thank you. that is "eyewitness news" for now joining us at noon. i'm erika von tiehl have a great day. blank
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
today, marks the 20th anniversary of the brutal slaying nicole brown sympt simpson and ronald goldman. o.j. simpson went on trial but shockingof s not convicted. a civil trial found him liable for the wrongful deaths of brown and goldman. the husband of chris ly waand father to kim, chloe, courtney and rob would become simpson spokesperson prior to the slow-speed chase. and the dream team, cost him 3-6 million dollars.'s in 1996, in an interview, kardashian admitted he had doubts about his friends innocence. simpson is se


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