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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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6:00 o'clock tonight. severe then are storm will be near camden, ben franklin bridge at 5:00 o'clock and here it is, right here, carol, this was hail indicator that just popped up on storm scan three in south philadelphia with all of this lightening. that is severe thunderstorm, severe thunderstorm near palmyra at 5:30, willingboro around 5:50 and beverly around 5:55. once again national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for northwestern camden and eastern philadelphia county and also northwestern, burlington county until 6:00 o'clock. these storms have a history of producing, wind in excess of 60 miles an hour, they are moving north east, at 20 miles an hour. at that seed they will move towards mount laurel, lumberton, gloucester and washington township as evening progresses as well. once again this is a severe cell. make sure if you hear rumbles of thunder you go inside and wait until this dangerous storm passes.
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once again moving towards the east, a lot of heavy rain, flooding rain associated with this. we're talking about burlington county, we're talk about philadelphia county and this is moving very quickly toward the north and the the east. we have more then are storms to talk about a flash flood watch will continue through late tonight, main threats, of course, very we have i downpours, rain rates between 1:00 and 3 inches an hour with these storms. lightening. win in chest of 60 miles an hour and our current severe storm. some hail has been reported as well, penny or pea sized in many locations. through 8:00 o'clock tonight heavy rain and some storms, everything progressing eastward toward south jersey between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. we're talking about scattered showers and storms and after midnight gradually clearing from west to east, a busy day in the weather center turns into a busy evening. the jessica we will track that severe storm and more in the broadcast. >> see new a bit, thank you. if it is safe to take a picture during the storm we want to see it.
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send us your picks on facebook and twitter use hash tag cbs-3 storm. major new developments in the contract talks between septa and two unions representing electrical workers and engineers. governor corbett's office is offering to get involved in hopes of the averting a rail strike. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in center city with the very latest developments tonight, walt. >> reporter: it has all been happening all day beginning at 10:00 a.m. behind closed doors of the law office at two liberty place in center city. all of the parties arriving at 10:00 this morning with the federal mediator and then after the the lunch break more surprises, governor tom corbett's office cbs-3 has learn, that they are trying to get involved trying to push negotiations forward to head off a rail strike and separate from that a proposal for a two week extension now on the table. we don't know how unions will be respond speak to go that. meanwhile, when the the union officials arrived first thing this morning, we were here, to
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speak with them about some of the issues involved. the negotiating team for two unions arrived just before 10:00 a.m. going behind closed doors at a center city law office for a session with septa officials and federal mediator. at stake, come 12:01 saturday morning a strike idling a all 13 septa regional rails that carry 120,000 riders each weekday. >> we're preparing right now, to withdraw our services 12:01 saturday morning, midnight tonight we will be on strike. >> reporter: union officials made it clear after more than four years without a contract, that this session most likely would determine if they stayed on the job. >> we will make our very best effort to resolve this matter before the necessities of a strike. >> reporter: so, right now, everything very much, still in play, no firm answer or whether or not, the trains will be rolling, come
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2:01 a.m., everybody back together here at 8:00 this evening. governor's press secretary, confirming that governor corbett through the the secretary of transportation, is getting involved, trying to bring a solution to this. no word just yet from the unions on whether or not they would accept that two week extension that has also been part of the today's proceedings. a lot of development. we will have more live when we join you at 6:00. live from two liberty i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks for the update. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the looming strike, we have posted septa's contingency plan on our web site at cbs a preliminary report is released on that plane crash that killed philadelphia inquirer co-owner lewis katz, his three friend and crew members. flight data recorder shows the pilots did not check to see if their controls work. the gusts walk system which prevents the plane from getting airborne appears to have been engaged and not
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turned off. that plane ran off end of the runway may 31st never gaining altitude. ntsb calls it a rejected take off. investigators say the plane was going 189 miles an hour past a speed where take off could be avoided safely. pressure is building on the white house to respond to a violent inn earning eventcy in iraq aster wrist sees large parts of the territory. crisis is biggest threat to the stability of the country since withdraw of u.s. troops in 2011. cbs news reporter craig boswell has latest from white house. president obama is not sending combat troops back to iraq but says u.s. will help country deeven if itself begins terrorist who seized several cities. >> this poses a danger to iraq and its people and given the nature of these terrorist it could pose a threat eventually to the american interest as well. >> reporter: president met with his national security team at the white house friday to weigh military options but say iraq's leaders need to
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step up to the plate. >> the the united states is not going to involve itself in the military action in the absence of a political plan, by the iraqis, that gives us some assurance, that they are prepared to work together. >> reporter: president says that u.s. has poured a lot into training and equipping iraqi forces in the fact, and, defend, and, and,. >> we will be able to do it. >> sunni fighters known as islamic states, and iraq and syria captured two more towns outside syria. iraqis and sunni areas disillusioned with the shiite government are not stopping the military's advance n baghdad where there is a large shiite population volunteers are flooding in to recruiting centers respond go to a call from the top cleric to deeven if their home land. the at the white house, craig boswell cbs-3 "eyewitness news". situation has a lot of people talking many of them
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u.s. the veterans. >> we lost a lot of good people and a lot of fighters, a lot of limbs lost there. there is guys dealing witt the rest of their lives and just to say okay, now you guys got it and walk away made no sense. >> tonight new at 6:00 "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson will speak to local veterans who are asking what did they fight for. federal officials are getting a closer look at the closed, and tilting i495 bridge in wilmington. transportation secretary anthony fox is holding a press conference at that site. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao tells us state inspectors are now examining hundreds of bridges across the state. >> no doubt tilting i495 bridge in wilmington has become a headache, migraine for tri-state commuters. engineers see what is happening here in delaware a bit differently. >> it will be a lessen learn for sure. >> reporter: michael, professor of civil and environmental engineering at the university of delaware says placement of this bridge is nothing new, bridges are
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built in soft soil conditions like this one along the cristina river all the time. the soil is compact or foundation goes down to bedroom. what he hasn't seen is a 50,000 pile of dirt near side and engineers agree this was the problem. >> i'm sure in the future we will inspect bridges in these types of situations of of soft soils to make sure things are not placed under bridge that is a problem like this. >> reporter: dell dot has already started, it has prioritized 500 bridges throughout the state with the same design and similar location. the agency is making sure there is nothing underneath or within the state's right of way, inspectors are starting with bridges 500 feet long. >> delaware is first state and we will be first to learn this lesson and will help out the rest of the country. >> reporter: last check dell dot has inspect roughly 30 bridges, inspectors are checking to make sure that the state right way fences are in place and agency is compiling another list, a secondary list
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of bridges, less than 500 feet long to inspect next. reporting from wilmington jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a deadly house fire in pleasantville atlantic county has sparked a homicide investigation. fire fighters discovered a man inside a home around 3:00 this morning. an autopsy is pending to determine the victim's cause of death and his identity. one fire fighter was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. take a look at these surveillance photos, new jersey state police are asking for the locating this, he allegedly tried to burn down a supermarket. and and, lit it on fire. hillary clinton brings her national book tour to philadelphia, former secretary of state and first lady signs copies of her new book hard choices at the free library on logan circle. she took no questions from the
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press but did chat with the hundreds of people who showed up to meet her. line for that book signing wrapped around the block and we spoke with the first person who arrived at 5:30 this morning. >> i have the utmost respect for secretary clint clinton and thought this was a once in a life time opportunity to meet her and to see what she has to say and very exited to read her book. >> clinton says she's not decided if she will run for president in 2016. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 53:00 on your side with where you can start finding flights starting at $29. a luxury home dangling off the edge of the lake side cliff in texas is now gone. we will tell you why the the owner, set it on fire. new jersey governor chris christie shakes it on stage, trend to go day his fathers day dance off with jimmy fallon.
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and how much would you spend before telling your spouse about it, a new you survey says men and women don't agree on the number, we will have the details coming up next.
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corporate hacking airfare deals and who do you check with before you make a big purchase. jim donovan tells us all bit in today's consumer news, jim. >> reporter: that is right, we will start off with pf change's popular restaurant chain confirms that hackers stole customers credit and debit card information. pf change customers are being advised to check their credit and bank statements to make sure there are no bogus charges. for now they will temporarily switched to an old fashioned manual credit card imprinting
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system. frontier airlines is adding new destinations out of trenton mercer airport to kick things off they're having a airfare sale. they are offering fares at $29 each way to st. louis and milwaukee and $49 to minneapolis. fares are good from flights from august 12th through november 19th but you need to act fast. book on line through tomorrow. finally, a study by conn summer services find men are more likely than woman to make a big purchase without telling their spouse. when asked how much is appropriate to spend without a mention, men said on average they will spend $1,231 before talking about it first with their wife's but you women said they wouldn't spend more than 396 bucks. those men are now getting divorced. how is that for good dinner conversation. i posted more information on the pf change's hacking incident in the fare sale on cbs and facebook and twitter feeds. i find that hard to believe,
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$1,200. >> you will drop $1,200 not say anything. >> they answered when their wife's weren't nearby. >> their wife's 396. >> exactly. >> very much so. >> have a good weekend. >> good evening, everyone, i know it is a very hazy shot behind me but this is a perfect description of what the roads were looking like because of the weather. this is that coney palmyra bridge, i'll step out of the way for just a second because this bridge was put down down from the traveling ship. you will fine delays on 73 itself and just reopening the roadway. just note that, this is ben franklin bridge, it doesn't matter if you are traveling into new jersey or into pennsylvania, we are experiencing high volume on the ben. we have construction zones on both sides which are compromising a lane. you will fine delays on the walt whitman bridge if anybody is heading down the shore. we will look at our speed sensors. watch for delays around 95 through construction zones expect that every day. 14 is your average on the
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schuylkill, 16 on 476, look at all this red from mid county tolls down towards 95, we have volume around mid county and expect over an hour and a half delays at philadelphia international because of the weather, and briefly, 47, we are experiencing those delays heading down the shore but we have i gas leak affecting 47 in both directions at little mill road so give yourself some more time, jessica. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a towering new controversy for donald trump why he is changing the the face of the sky line in one of the america's biggest cities. >> are you superstitious? it is not just friday the the 13th. find out what else is happening today that won't happen until 2014, we have
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take a look at this video of the moon, full moon son siding with friday the the 13th. moon reached its peak at 12:12. combination of the full moon and much feared date won't happen until august 13th, 2049. social media, a little bit of buzz about this one. kathleen wrote, nope, not scared or superstitious but it is all a state of mind. don is on the other side. she says i'm not leaving my house i'm way too superstitious. well, whether you agree with either of those sentiments or somewhere the in the middle let us know what you think, connect with us on facebook, twit error cbs and share your thoughts. kathy, you have been tracking rain all afternoon.
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now we have heavy rain moving through right now. >> we have a severe thunderstorm moving through philadelphia, camden county, burlington county, and this has a history of wind of 60 miles an hour and rain rates incredible, one to 2 inches, up to 3 inches. good thing they are not stalling out. in center city we have a lot of rain on our camera screen here. lets get wipers out, thanks, bob. we needed that. bob in master control. looking live at sky cam three, you can see is there still ominous clouds out there a few more lines of showers to go, through this evening, before we finally clear it all out. pay back or i should say the pay off will be this weekend. storm scan three is looking bus which a lot of orange and yellow, that is very heavy rain. where we see readies 2 inches an hour if that were to be stationary but it is a broken line now, behind it, scattered showers moving right through chester county and another
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line west of lancaster county. we are hopeful by the time that moves through, this rain will have cooled us off, somewhat, we have stabilized the atmosphere and that won't be as heavy as this as we zoom in you can see hail associated with the severe storms, very heavy downpours, frequent lightening and i also mentioned those very gusty wind. as we take a look towards north and east, this is moving very quickly and at the this rate it will be moving across the region at about 20 miles an hour to the east, so by 5:24 it will be in green tree just a few minutes away, evesham by 5:30 and medford and medford lakes by 5:43 and pemberton and parts of the southern burlington county by 6:06. moving east north east at the 25 miles an hour and you'll see heavy rain over a good part of the area moving through south jersey. these may even make it toward the the the shore. some heavier rain moving out of philadelphia, county but still through the north east
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as this continues to progress east ward. another storm to the south we have ton watchful of not severe but extreme heavy rain crossing the bay and south jersey as we speak. we have carol's with more information. >> right now severe thunderstorm warning was just canceled for burlington county and eastern philadelphia. that is great news and northwestern camden county. confirmation they have dropped warnings no longer severe but still very strong storms leaving east ward, we will see that as they move toward the shore and they will be weakening. downpours between one and 2 inches, gusty wind between 40 and 50. they have a history of small hail, pea sized, to penny size and we are leaning more tore the pea size as we get later on in the afternoon and we will lose that day time heating. flash flood watch continues through tonight, for good part of the area, rain amounts, pretty significant between one and 2 inches where we saw showers and storms earlier. temperatures in the 70's, still warm and humid but that
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will even as coal front moves through. a few more showers through 8:00 and midnight drying out, cool front moves through and skies clear by the morning hours. so overnight tonight, clearing skies, the low 64 degrees. during the day saturday 81. as we look ahead it looks like a great weekend for dad, saturday 81, sunday 84. monday warm and humid high of 86. that is your three day forecast we will be back with more
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a treat for students when a philly stopped by for a visit. ben reveer visited seventh grade class at northern burlington regional will school. it was all thanks to hunter born whose uncle won the opportunity to take reveer to school. the phillies fantastic auction charity. he says he learned an interesting new you fact about his friend. >> his favorite color is pink,
5:26 pm
apparently. >> we are friend for life. this is a cool guy. he will be a philadelphia philly so watch out for him, people. >> bff's right there all students and teachers also received some phillies swag. u.s. woman's national field hockey team will play for bronze medal in the 2014 hockey world cup. despite tough world in the shoot-out team u.s.a. says they are staying focused. team ranked tenth but katie o'donnell who is from our area says team is working hard to have prove under dogs can win with the right mind set. >> we for the really hard to get here and, i think we shocked the world and those memories alone people coming up to us, telling us things, you know, us staying present, each and every day, those are moments that no one can take away from you. >> team u.s.a. will play argentina tomorrow morning at 6:30 for that bronze medal.
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coming up sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in the u.s. continuing his recovery after five years as a taliban hostage, we will have latest on his reintegration. a massive flood of biblal proportions according to some. 12 million gallons of water per second overflowing at one of the natural wonders of the the world. some local churches are slated for closure even though parishioners say they are financially self-sufficient, we are taking a closer look at why, that is coming up.
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i'm jessica dean with the day's top stories, pennsylvania's governor tom corbett is getting involved in the looming strike that would affect septa's regional rails leaders say workers will walk off the job at the 12:01 tomorrow morning if a deal is not reach. >> a report is released on the plane crash that killed lewis katz and six others. flight data recorder shows pilot did not check to see if their controls worked. pressure is building to respond to a violent inn urgency in iraq, terrorist are, taking large swaps of territory. it is biggest threat to the stability of that country since with the draw of u.s. troops in 2011, kathy.
5:31 pm
>> , we have two round. this is round one moving through right now, crossing over the delaware river, and into south jersey. areas of gloucester county, camden county and northern parts of the burlington county and now extending toward mercer county seeing heavy rain where we see orange and yellows. we are talking about one to 2 inches, isolated 3-inch an hour rain rates. frequent lightening through moorestown, new jersey and head ago cross the river in bensalem. this was a severe cell through philadelphia and camden and burlington county moving northeast now at 20 miles an hour, no longer severe but still frequent lightening and strong winds in lumberton, new jersey by 5:36. southampton by 6:13. jackson, new jersey by 6:21. if you hear thunder come inside and wait, jessica. >> thank you. new at 5:30 army sergeant bow bergdahl's first day back on u.s. soil after five years
5:32 pm
as a taliban prisoner. he has not spoken to his parents but sergeant bergdahl looks good and soluted his officers at a military hospital today. omar villa franca has very latest from san antonio texas. >> reporter: hours after bowe bergdahl's early morning arrival in san antonio military doctors talk about the next step. >> during his stay here sergeant bergdahl will participate in reintegration process aim to equip sergeant bergdahl with the necessary tools to regain, appropriate levels of physical and emotional stability. >> bergdahl was freed in a controversial exchange for five taliban prisoner at guantanamo bay, it is not sure how long he will get treatment and answering questions about his captivity in afghanistan. >> our goal, it is to find out how he survived this event, what he knows during the event. >> bergdahl's family released a statement saying they are overjoyed he is back in the u.s., they are asking for
5:33 pm
privacy and in the the revealing when they plan to come down here to see him. officials are not saying much about bergdahl's mental state media reports about journal entries and facebook posts, show bergdahl may have been frustrated with military leadership and somewhat trouble. >> i think it is premature to talk about diagnosis. >> reporter: bergdahl will be given a lawyer while army inn rest gates allegations that he desserted his post and determine if he is should be prosecuted. omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> search is on tonight for pair of violent criminals who shot and robbed a man outside a northeast philadelphia gun store this happen at delaware valley sports center in bustleton last night. a man and woman robbed a 67 year-old man and 68 year-old friend as they were leaving that shooting range the men complied but that was not enough for this pair. >> for some reason, after the robbery, our male perpetrator, fired one the shot, striking our 67 year-old victim, in his
5:34 pm
groin and he is presently in critical condition. >> police say those robbers got away with seven guns, and they fled in the dark colored vehicle will with tinted windows and considered extremely armed and dangerous. detectives also believe that pair may be connect with this recent robbery of a man outside yuri's gun range on percent i street in spring garden. armed suspect robbed a 68 year-old man getting in the car on the 500 block of percy street wednesday night. they took his backpack which contained two hand guns and items from the victim's pockets. >> no one was injured after this three car crash in north philadelphia this happened at sixth and erie avenue. we're told a philadelphia police officer was driving that black car. accident investigators say one vehicle ran a red light and caused the crash. no arrests have have been made. philadelphia archdiocese is getting an ear full from its people, appeals are being filed to reverse or revive latest decision toss close 16
5:35 pm
parishes and merge them with 13 others nearby n bensalem bucks county one parish community just doesn't understand why a financially sound church on a big property would be forced to close. pat ciarrocchi has their story. >> i don't know who is talking to god and who is talking to the holy spirit the but they are getting the wrong information. >> reporter: steve pawlowski believes it is wrong information about saint elizabeth ann seton par niche bensalem. >> we are financially sound, building is beautiful with the possibility of spanning parking so even if another parish merged with us. >> reporter: on june 1, stephanie washta and tony and stephanie joost, learned their church would close, july 1st. >> it has meant everything to me. it is just to stay positive through everything and it is my family. >> reporter: parish family that prayed stephanie through leukemia through her remission last year. we came to this church to learn more about its appeal to
5:36 pm
the archdiocese to reconsider its closings. >> it is worth fighting for, it is worth fighting for. >> reporter: we were met by 30 parishioners, some in tears all with questions. >> the keyword to this is no transparency. >> reporter: suburban saint elizabeth toys merge with saint thomas aquinas where people need to cross route 13. >> i have an 89 year-old mother so i will not park her in the septa lot and walk across the the street. >> reporter: despite extensive reviews of marriages, baptist manies which they feel are competitive parishioners suspect their property has more value. >> we feel this is a direct attempt to sell off the property because it is a valuable piece of property and it is show me money more than show me your faith. >> reporter: archdiocese tells us so far four parishes of the 16 are appealing the decision to close. there is a deadline of june 17th, ironically, in this same pastoral planning area of
5:37 pm
seven churches, saint ann's, our lady of fatima, and saint elizabeth all named for women have been ordered closed. in the the sat center, i'm pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". some dramatic images from texas as a huge house is teetering on the edge is intentionally set on fire. take a look for yourself. authorities say destroying 4,000 square foot house by fire is cheaper than waiting for it to top until lake whether it any 60 miles south of fort worth. home owner signed off on that plan, house was condemned and owners evacuated a few weeks ago when chunks of the cliff and $700,000 home started tumbling in the lake. >> that is my life there. >> it wasn't until you see it, sitting there with what was your yard gone, what deck you used to sit on a chair and the the like, you know, it is all
5:38 pm
gone. >> that home was built in 2007. the couple bought it and says experts told them that land was stable. >> more incredible video intense flooding turns the falls in the water intern owe, mercury brown water charged over the tourist attraction in brazil. the the falls registered a water flow increase to 12 million gallons of water per second the highest in the history. authorities evacuated a hundred thousand people from our area. good evening, everyone, we definitely had rush hour delays and be mindful of the slick spots on the roadways, bridges in particular from those scattered showers we have been seeing around. lets look at i-95 around kurland street in delaware county. you will be flooded with delays. this is your northbound side, southbound over toward your lefty think, either way we are seeing heavy delays in that area. give yourself more time. southbound i-95 is delayed from approaching the the area of the philadelphia international airport around to this point here in to
5:39 pm
delaware county. again, give yourself more time traveling the schuylkill expressway roads are slick so take it easy but both again you will find volume around the city, your western suburbs, it is basically all over and anyone trying to get to the walt whitman bridge using eastbound side of the schuylkill your average speeds are in the teens there. also in the teens, traveling on 476, traveling 24 i would say around gladwynn but that is not going to last forever. approaching 202 it slows down once again. look at that mid county area not doing great, traveling on 476, going to and from that point. we also have over an hour delays in philadelphia international airport, and as we move along now to take a look here at paper mill million road we have an accident involving an overturned dump truck at montgomery avenue so again lots to look out for, jessica. >> slow do you, thanks very much. a day long celebration is underway in the city of philadelphia more than 300 children received a free book and had fun at literacy
5:40 pm
carnival. "eyewitness news" at james logan elementary school. city officials are encouraging children to read over the summer. students that don't do that lose more than two months of reading achievement. in anticipation of flag day military personnel distributed many american flags to children at sesame place in langhorne today. it is all part of the park's waves of honor program, military personnel receive one free admission every year. still to come on "eyewitness news" a new sign is stirring up controversy in the windy city. donald trump calls it magnificent but chicago's mayor calls it tasteless we will let you be the judge coming up next. pippa middleton could be coming to the town near you, prince william's sister in law is crossing the the u.s. in a grueling challenge, kathy? we are still tracking storms with gusty wind hall and downpours. flooding concerns will continue right through tonight, not just one round of rain but another, coming later this evening. i'll show with you storm scan three as we come back after
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trending now, new jersey governor chris christie showing off his funny side, on late night tv. >> the governor joining jimmy fallon showing off his bruce springsteen concert dance moves, monk other moves. it is part of the fallon's skit the evolution of dance this one focused on jazz moves in honor of fathers day. two poked fun at george washington bridge scandal for bridge is closed move fallon wagged his finger and christie walk off. did you hear about the baby muse who wondered in the hotel. this hotel is named antlers, in veil, colorado. the the muse ran in the lob toy getaway from children who were chasing it outside he spent 20 minutes in the hotel before it was taken to the rehab facility. we will see him confused there. we will be right b
5:45 pm
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pippa middleton is gearing up to psycheddal cross the u.s. the sister of the duchess of cambridge is part of the team that will bike from california to maryland beginning tomorrow. according to the map they have, they are expect to ride along the southern border of
5:48 pm
pennsylvania middleton and her brother james are cycling on behalf of of charity. in wet they are evening we are talking about heavy downpours, gusty wind, small hail, and, down the shore we're talking about foggy conditions, some storms are moving toward cape may county and they could make it into ocean city. if you have friend down the the shore give them a call and say keep your eye to the sky, from this south. take a look at storm scan three and i'll show you. you can see this line of of broken storms moving north east and mainly, on the east side of the river still some showers on the pennsylvania side, but on new jersey side, we are looking at heavy rain, this is near 206 south, columbus, new jersey, you may be familiar the with the farmers market seeing heavy rain there mount holly, wood lane road home of the national weather service. heavy rain as well. this is all moving north east this was part of the cell over philadelphia a half an hour
5:49 pm
ago, right now heavy rain. if you ever gone to cape may, and taken the ferry line and route covered with rain and these storms moving northeast across the bay, and could make tonight to cape may and cape may county. please ab wear of that if you are down the shore. numerous showers and thunderstorms moving across, new jersey right now, and then another line about to move through the lehigh valley and yet, another line behind that, to the west of harrisburg, finally with our cold front moving through late tonight. so as we look ahead, we are looking at the storms that will produce one to 2 inches an hour where we have heavier downpours and during the evening, they will get more few and far between as they weaken. wind will gust to 40 and some cases 50 miles an hour and there have been reports of small hail with some of these stronger storms. the flash flood watch will continue tonight because we have two more round of rain to go but because we have had rain over most of the area we will have more stability by
5:50 pm
the time next storms move through ape they should move through. seventy-two in philadelphia 70 in allentown. seventy-three in millville to the south we will have serious heat where we are not seeing rain and that serious heat will make a run, towards us, during next week here's future weather, heavier rain moving east through south jersey and then we have another line moving through by about eight or 9:00 o'clock. spotty thunderstorms. behind this after midnight is when we will see things calm down and skies begin to clear and then finally we are out of this week long weather ruth. it has been truly amazing, to see how, bad the weather has been, this week. during evening scattered showers and storms, clearing, low of 64. humidity drops just like that and during the day on saturday we're more northwesterly wind. influence from can inadequacies, great lakes, dryer, keep blue sky,
5:51 pm
temperatures 81. looking great for dad as well. going down the shore nice day saturday, high of 78. high 8o uv index will sit at eight with the northwesterly wind, we will have a land breeze until the afternoon when sea breeze kicks in. on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, beautiful at home for dad. monday more humid. tuesday and wednesday, stormy but temperatures close to 90. next week, some the scattered showers and storms feeling much more like summer as summer begins next weekend. shore temperatures warming up as well. >> kathy, thanks. >> what is in the name. >> letters t trump has gone up on a sky scraper and some are calling it an eye sore. the the marries looking at ways to take it down. adrian a diaz tells us the fight about donald trump's big sign. >> these letters are sparking a war of words in chicago. >> it is just bad taste. >> reporter: many residents of
5:52 pm
chicago don't like donald trump's name on his 98 story building but real estate mogul sees it differently. >> it will be a iconic sign. it is a very high quality, very beautiful sign that i think enhances building greatly. >> while a handfull of building display name trumps is biggest nearly half football field wide and two stories tall. rahm emmanuel calls it tasteless and exploring ways to have it strip from the sky line. >> i think the sign is architecturally not tasteful, or distasteful i would say and scars a very beautiful building. >> reporter: 20-foot letters had to be installed in pieces. these are part of the t in trump. trump got full approval to put his name on the skies scraper. >> i think that chicago has other problems that they should be worried about, not a sign. >> the trump towers. >> in the city known for architecture point out the the
5:53 pm
tower second tallest building in chicago and now its the new sign. adriana diaz for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" a pair of sequel arrive in theater this week. i'm angie owe dell, channing tatem and seth rogan are back in
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
summer season is in full swing, nancy odell takes us behind the scenes of two new move is in theaters. >> this weekend sequel verse sequel taking fly how to train your dragon and 22 jump street taking on college. >> what made you improvise. >> we don't know what we are doing. >> that is not the problem for these two. >> tatem and ill are back undercover back making each other laugh in this hilarious sequel. >> stop right there. >> we did 60 pages of all
5:57 pm
lines, that is how good it was of improve and just stuff that wasn't in the material, new material, so that was a good indication we were having fun. >> reporter: no kidding, it is not all laughs. there are intense stunts, speeding trucks, car chases and even football. >> he is an amazing athlete. it is cool for me to see his face doing all that stuff. >> you may not the see their face business whole cast is back for how to drain your dragon two. >> i loved not having to wear make up or clothes other people tell me to wear. >> that doesn't wash out. >> it is one less face to worry about when you go to work. it is a pretty fun gig. >> reporter: fun for family to check out too. it find, hiccups, learning her about dragons and about his past, including meeting his mom, voiced by kate blanch it. >> i think you know a lot about dragons. let me show you something that you don't know. >> it is such a beautiful sequel that it could stand i
5:58 pm
think alone as a film on its on. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm nancy owe doled and weeknights at # on cbs 36789. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00, we have an eye on the storm and another day of rainy weather, kathy. >> not two but possibly even three more bands of rain moving through. and, gusty winds, even the possibility of, hail in the evening, we will track storms coming up. our walt hunter has latest on the the negotiations. >> his mother said thinks a dam shame, my son died for nothing. >> as president obama comments on the situation in iraq local veterans speak out about the the sacrifices made and lives lost during the the war in iraq and what it all means right now.
5:59 pm
plus a priest limb nature i report reveals new details about the crash that killed philadelphia inquirer owner lewis katz. different day, same story, we have our eye on the storm, once again, and "eyewitness news" in center city as runners were caught in downpours. lets look live at storm scan three where you can see those storms still lingering in the area, and you can see the once behind them we are not in the clear just yet. it seems like every day this week we have been dealing with wet weather. good evening to you i'm jessica dean, chris may is off tonight. lets go to meteorologist kathy orr tracking things in the cbs-3 weather center, kathy. >> first round have of rain and severe weather moved through lehigh valley and berks county at one or 2:00 this afternoon. now that ban has moved into south jersey, another one has formed and that is about to move across the same area with flooding earlier today. then a third ban over by state
6:00 pm
college, the good news is that as these showers, and storms, have moved through, we are having a stabilized at in months fear take over. the that means by the time these storms move through they may be in a weakened state. that is what we are looking at right now they are moving north east, and northern new jersey still seeing showers in philadelphia and, heavy rain. >> any one heading down the shore, expressway, 322, heavy rain in mays landing and hail indication, some small hail with these storms. nothing severe, but still, you can see gusty wind and hail in these small storms lewis delaware seeing rain, moving into cape may county and we will continue to track a few more band of rain that will be moving through the region over the next couple of hours. we have a flash flood watch in effect because of the rain that is already fallen, additional rain through the evening, flooding is still a possibility especially on area roads, streams and creeks are running high.


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