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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 14, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ >> breaking news right now. union workers with septa announced they will walk off the job in just one hour bringing regional rail service to halt. good evening, i'm jessica dean. chris may has the night off. >> the announcement was made just minutes ago. let's get right to "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers who is live in center city with breaking details. matt? >> reporter: jessica, as
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expected, union officials of both. bew and the brotherhood of locomotives and train men officials with both of those unions came out and spoke to reporter as few minutes ago and announced their 400 members between the two unions would not be reporting to work tomorrow morning. they are currently in the process of informing their rank and file members not to report to work tomorrow morning. what that means regional rail lines in our area will be shut down tomorrow morning. that will affect according to septa numbers about 60,000 or so riders let's show you or let's let you hear listen to a few union officials when they came out here and spoke to us not long ago. >> we have reiterat reiterateedt that septa agree to binding arbitration. they have not answered that yet but we don't expect the answers to be any different than the previous requests that we've made to settle this dispute to a binding dig. >> it's basically a strike? essentially we're expecting
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to be on strike at 12:01 tonig tonight. >> we have friends that live in this community. we're from this community and we did not this to result in a stoppage of work. >> and this dispute has been years in the making. so tonight's discord between both parties is certainly nothing new. they have have been arguing over this for four to five years now. both unions have been working without contracts for several years. the key sticking points for both of these unions are the employee contributions to their health care, also, the unions want retroactive pay raises dating back to when their contracts expired. septa agreed to raises in the future but would not agree to retroactive pay raises. now, at that is point in terms of trying to avoid this strike, the ball goes into the governor's core. the governor has the ability to ask the white house to convene a presidential emergency board. what that board would do, if convened by the white house, would force both parties back to the negotiating table for 204
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days much not clear yet whether governor corbett will ask the white house to do that. what is clear, however, is that tomorrow morning the 400 or so union members between these two unions at the bargaining table will not be reporting to work. that means 13 regional rail lines in our area will be shut down in about one hour from now. for now live in center city matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. matt, thanks so much. let's take look at what will be affected by this strike happening at 12:01. all regional rail service will be suspended. also, but route 78 from corn wells heights will be out of service. here's what will still be running during this strike. the norristown high speed line as well as all city mass transit. that includes buses, the broad street subway, market frankford line and trollies. all of which will have increased service while regional rail is suspended. our coverage continues online. for more information on the strike and septa's service
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interruption plan you can go to our website we have it all for you there. >> turning now to weather. the work weekending much like it started that would be with storms. drenching rains fell all around the he john and it was hard to stay completely dry even with umbrellas today. the storms quickly passed. things cleared out for many of us by the evening. that was welcomed news. "eyewitness news" at the art museum where people were walking up up down the famous steps there. meteorologist kathy orr is now tracking some changes. i think we can all be happy about these, kathy. >> that's right. we are seeing clearing skies to the west a few more showers and ice layed thunderstorms popping up on storm scan3. heavy rain through avalon and stone harbor right now. along our shore points moving right up route nine and also the parkway but that will be ending win the next half hour are so. another line of storms broken up as it moves toward the east and here's our cold front going through central pennsylvania. and that will be the line that clears us out overnight tonight. we have had some high amounts of rain across the region between
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one and 2-inches of rain through a good part of the area. and that flash flood watch will continue into the early morning hours but we'll be allowed to expire as we only have a few more showers out there tonight. overnight a few scattered showers, isolated storm. some moderate to heavy rain with pockets of that. and some wind gusts where we see heavier downpours but that threat will wayne into the early morning hours. coming up we'll talk about the winning weekend and how soon till we chase 90 degrees. answer in the seven day. jess. >> kathy, thank you. a preliminary report is out on the plane crash that killed a philadelphia inquirer co owner lewis katz, his three friends and three crew members. the flight data recorder appears to show the pilots did not check to is he if the flight controls worked prior to take off. the lock which prevents wind damage to flight controls when the plane was parked appears to have been engaged. that plane was going 180 -- 89 miles an hour, passed the speed where talk off koberted safely. "eyewitness news" reporter todd
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quinones talked tonight with an aviation expert about this report. he's live tonight in gladwyne. todd? >> reporter: jessica, aviation attorney arthur walks seems to indicate that the preliminary. >> reporter: who are by the ntsb indicates that pilot error may be to blame but he is arguing that may not be so accurate. arthur walk contends essentially that if you try and take off with a plane with a gust lock being engaged, it essentially would be like to trying to dave a race car with the steering wheel locked. he fiss plane is designed so if the gust lock is engaged, it would lock the controls such as the rudder and the engines could not get enough power to even attempt a take off. >> you would have to override the gust lock. you would have to ignore the fact that the very first thing you do before you even start the engines is disengage the gust lock. you would have to assume that the crew didn't move the flight
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controls at all during either pre taxi, taxi or before take off. and you'd have to assume that the gust lock didn't work as advertised because they got take off power. that's the one thing we know for sure the airplane was going 165 knots. >> reporter: walk adds that leaving the gust locks engaged while attempting a take off would be a huge oversight. especially for two very experienced pilots. he believes when all is said and done and all the final reports are out, they may also indicate that there may be a mechanical issue with the plane. reporting live tonight, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness new news". >> all right, todd, thank you. house fire in pleasantville has led to a homicide investigation. after getting the under control firefighters discovered a body of a man inside a house -- home on doubt tee road around 3:00 this morning. investigators say the cause of that fire was arson. an autopsy is pending to
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determine the victim's identity and cause of death. >> the search continues for a pair of suspects involved in a robbery and shooting outside a northeast philadelphia gun range and store. police say a man and woman robbed a 67 year old man and his 68 year old friend as they left the delaware valley sports center. the suspects also shot the 67 year old who remains in critical condition tonight. police say the robbers got away with seven guns. detectives also believe this pair may be connected with this recent rob bro of a man outside uri's gun range on percy street in spring garden. the armed suspects robbed 68 year old man getting no his car wednesday night. they took the vick tip's backpack which contained two hand guns and items from his pocks. >> shiite leadership in iraq is calling on all iraqis to defend their country. sunni militants seized large sections of territory there. president obama says he is weighing options for countering that insurgency. but the president warned iraqi
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leaders that he would not take military action unless they move to address the country's political division. >> any action that we may take to provide assistance to iraqi security forces has to be joined by a serious and sign sorry effort by iraq's leaders to set aside sectarian difference torque promote stability, and account for the legitimate tests of all of iraq' communities and to continue to build the capacity of an effect tough security force. we can't do it for them. >> neighbors iran is signaling its willingness to confront the growing threat. official news agency says that country's powerful revolutionary guard is ready to fight iraq against the militants. the deteriorating situation in iraq is tough for many americans to swallow. some veterans who saw their fellow soldiers either killed or injured are now questioning why they were ever sent there in the first place. iraq war vet joe diamond is one those men.
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owe recently smoke with the mother of a friend who was killed. >> his mother just -- she reached out to me and said it's such a dam shame much this is a mother' worst into the mary. moo son died for nothing. you'd be lying if you weren't sittinsitting home say, were thl was that all for. >> it's a deployable defense system and about five to 10 countries including iraq and afghanistan. military officials are preparing to question army sergeant bowe bergdahl about his captivity. the soldier who spent five years held by the taliban arrived at brook army medical center in san anton yo this morning. doctors say he looks good and is speaking english. but his speech has been impacted from being in captivity for so long. >> during his stay here sergeant bergdahl will participate in reintegration, a process that will aim to equip sergeant bergdahl with thes in tools to regain appropriate levels of physical and emotional stability. >> last month, bergdahl was
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exchangeexchanged for five talin prisoners. >> u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox visits the tilting interstate 495 bridge in delaware. the secretary was joined by delaware's governor jack markell and the state' congressional delegation. it's been nearly two weeks since the tilting bridge in wilmington closed to traffic. the tools are now in mace for crews to start working on temporary fix. along with some special equipment. >> that's the machine that's actually going to drive these 4-foot diameter shafts deep into the ground anywhere from 140 feet to 170 feet done into bed rock. >> deldot says it is still looking into where a $50,000-ton of pile dirt came from that is next to the bridge supports. it's unclear what role, if any, that dirt played in the movement of the supports. >> it is a cliff hanger no more. a luxury home that was dangling off the edge of a cliff is now gone. well tell you why the owners purposely set the on fire.
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plus, getting stung by bees and liking it. it sounds crazy it it's helping some who suffer from common medical conditions. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl explains the healing power of bees. >> kathy. in the wake of the showers and a few thunderstorms that are left over, we will see a summer sizzle return to the seven day for the first time since last year. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and why did the bear walk into the store? i'll physical you what happened after this unusual customer started browsing the aisles when "eyewitness news" co
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>> breaking news at this hour. union officials say a septa regional rail strike will go into effect at 12:0 1:00 a.m. more than 400 engineers and electrical workers will walk off the job. those electrical workers have been working without a contract since 2009. the engineers since 2010. main sticking points are health
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care contributions and retroactive pay raises. regional rails will not be in service during the strike. but most other septa services will continue to operate. you can find more at >> dramatic images from texas as huge house teetering on the edge is intentionally set and fire. authorities say destroying the four thus sand scar foot house by fire is cheaper than waiting for it to topple into lake whitney which is about 60 miles south of fort worth. homeowner signed off on the plan that house was condemned and the owners evacuated few week ago. when chunks of that cliff and the $700,000 home started tumbling into the lake. >> that's my life there. we're watching fall off. >> it wasn't until you see it sitting there with what was your yard gone, that you used to sit on chair and look at the lake, you know, it's gone. >> that home was built in 2007 when the couple bought it they
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say experts told them that land was stable. a beg turn out for hillary clinton as she brings her national book tore to philadelphia. the former secretary of state and first lady signed copies of her new book "hard choices quote coat at the free library on logan circle. she took no questions from the press but she did chat with hundreds of people who came out to meet her. the line for that book signing wrapped around the block and we talk to the first person who arrived at 5:30 this morning. >> i have the most utmost respect for secretary clinton and thought once in live time opportunity to meet her and to see what she has to say and i'm very anxious to read her book. >> she's not decided in she'll run for president in 2016. >> donald trump leaving hess mark on chic shock much residents are upset the trump sign is going up on his skyscraper in the win did city. mayor rahm emmanuel says the sign is tasteless. handful of building display companies name trump's is one of
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the biggest nearly half a football field wide and two stories tall. the real stat mogil says his sign is popular and will become iconic. >> chicago has other problems that they should be worried about. not a sign. it's a very high-quality, very beautiful sign that i think enhances the building greatly. >> the sign is architecturally not tasteful. distasteful i would say, and it scars very very beautiful building. >> the march is looking for options to get trump to take that sign down or simply change it. on the cbs-3 health watch night, pain relief not with medication but with bee stings. three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on an up usual treatment and how it could be expanding. >> we know about bees making honey and pollinating plants and there's something else. >> come on. sting me. go for it. >> this is bee sting therapy to
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help relieve pain. >> the big thing in my life was stay it way from those bees. >> pet henry used toy avoid bees. not any more. >> miracle creatures. >> pat has muddle p.m. sclerosis. for the past 16 year this has been her only treatment. every other day two big stinks at the back of her neck and some more around her knees. >> in couple of hours joint and sore nose goes away. >> chet stings himself, too. >> my hands were so bad with arthritis and i don't have that any more. >> bend your knee. >> now researchers are testing purified honey bee venom to treat arthritis. it's injected directly into the knees of patients who are in the study. >> nobody is really sure on exactly the mechanism of the hadn't knee bee venom but it seems to be affinity to the inflammation that it gobbles up the inflammation. >> pat says it's worked wonders. >> i'm independent. e clean my own house. i wack up every morning. i say, okay, made it one more day.
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>> the bee stings haven't stopped pat's ms from progressing and weakening her leg but she says they have helped relieve some symptoms including pain. i can carry on with my life and there are no sidings and hopefully eek live to be 100 years old. >> doctors warn that in people who are allergic bee sting can be deadly so it's important to be tested before trying the therapy. and the research trials for treating arthritis with bee venom are not in our area. but we have a lot more information for you. click on health. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 it witness news. >> all right. kathy here with us now. things looking up for father's day weekend. absolutely looking much better as each hour progresses. a few more scattered showers out there. otherwise we're going to be seeing improv improving conditid clearing skies and even see the full moon tonight. outside right now, we have some showers to the south but in center city philadelphia it is looking good with a partly cloudy sky. could see a passing shower within the next hour or so.
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otherwise, just improving conditions. storm scan3 we're looking at a few scattered showers. one down the shore that has been persistent along our boardwalks, along our barrier islands. this is moving toward the north and east through ocean city and atlantic city, possibly brigantine and out of here. another area of rain some moderate to heavy moving through middletown, delaware. possibly hitting smyrna and also making its way toward wilmington and into salem county, new jersey and that will be moving eastward as well. otherwise, we are seeing the dry line right through central pennsylvania much it is associated with a cold front behind this front drier less humid air and more comfortable conditions. so we are expecting a very pleasant weekend yet again. right now in philadelphia 71. 70 in millville. 68 in wildwood. and 62 degrees in the poconos. if you have any plans this weekend, saturday a great day to be outside. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest. sunday even warmer. we'll watch as the wind shifts and that will change our temperatures.
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now, during the morning hours, winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. at about 8:00 a.m. so breezy conditions starting off a little cool in the morning. warm in the afternoon. but still the persistent wind about 15 miles an hour. then on sunday, we start with that northerly wind. it shifts to the southwest indicating that much warmer air will be moving in for monday and we could make it to 90 for the first time this year. now monday we are not expecting anything in the way of rain. with heat and humidity building for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we do run the risk of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. really the threshold for a chance would be at about 30%. as we look ahead overnight just clearing skies expected the low testimony cher 64. during the day on saturday, mostly sunny. that northwesterly breeze. and if you'red whenning down the shore pleasant day for shore on saturday. a warmer day on sunday. we do have a land breeze but expect a sea breeze to kick in during the afternoon and cool things down. on the exclusive "eyewitness
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weather" seven today forecast and shore cast. sunday 85. monday we make it to 90 for the first time this year. and then you can see the heat and humidity continuing through most of next week. shore temperatures look like they're warming up. that's a lock at the seven day forecast. we'll be back with rob and
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>> phillies and cubs this evening. first phillies coming off sweep of the padres and looking to
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make it four in a row for the first time in more than year. second jimmy rolen entered the night one shy of tying mike schmidt hits, club record went go to citizens bank park. retro night. look at the phillies 1964 throw backs looking good there. scoreless game. top of the fourth. one on, castro change that is with one swing. two run shot right there. two to nothing chicago at that point. here's where it gets weird. top of the seventh hernandez hits castro with pitch. home plate umpire minor league call up by the way ejects hernandez without a warning. sandberg gets toed himself. this thing got really strange. bottom of the ninth. jimmy rollins zero-three at that point. fair ball off the wall and he ties mike schmidt for the most hits in team history with 2,234. rollins would score on dom brown single now two outs down two-one runners first and third. carlos rue wiz -- >> brown goes. >> he's rung up looking right there. phillies lose two to one for the clubs who had the second worst
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record in baseball. here's sandberg on hernandez ejection. >> hernandez did not have control throughout the game and, um, i think that has to go noticed by an umpire and typically there's a warning if he thinks anything was on purpose. but there's no way. there's no way anything was on purpose. >> nba draft less than two weeks away and audition process is in full swing. monday the sixers will be looking at a biggy according to kansas freshman andrew wiggins will work out for the club. sixers hold the number three and number 10 picks overall. they also own 52nd round selections in the 2014nba draft. thirty nine years old 14nhl seasons under his best timonen wasn't sure he wanted that return for a, they agree to a one year deal. here's kimmo on his decision to return. >> inside of me i feel like i can play and put up some points
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and i can still shut down the lines and that kind of stuff. >> that might be just me. but i want to thing that way and mind set i'll take the for the summer. >> to the nba finals san antonio spurs are one win away from knocking off the nba champion heat. the spurs won the last two games in my many me by average much 20 points. game five sunday in san antonio. >> move to the links us open pine hurst and with the spurs are doing to the heat keimer is doing to the field. keimer shot an open record five under 65 respectively in the first two rounds much he's six shots up on brendon todd heading into saturday's third round. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> a bear walks into a store. no, this is not the start of a joke. surveillance cameras actually captured a young black bear walking into a convenience store in phillips, wisconsin. animal went for a stroll around the place checking everything out. employees and customers were in the other aisles at the time and some of them didn't even know what was happening. the bear left on his own without causing any problems. just wanted to say hello. we'll be right back.
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>> thanks for watching cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. "eyewitness news" tomorrow morning at 5:00 o'clock with nicole brewer and carol ericks erickson. they will have the latest on that septa strike. for rob, kathy everyone here i'm jessica dean. you can always find us at up next the late show with david letterman. to night's guest, hugh jackman. letterman. to night's guest, hugh jackman. have a good night >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nutribullet brought to you by nutribullet llc.
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