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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> axelrod: tonight, a call to arms. iraqi shiites rally against sunni militants moving toward baghdad, while the u.s. sends a carrier to the persian gulf just in case. clarissa ward, holly williams, and juan zarate have the latest on the crisis in iraq. pro-russian separatists take down a ukrainian government plane, killing all 49 aboard. charlie d'agata has the latest. who without want to put the "maid of the mist" out of business? vanita nair on the tour boat rivalry shaping up at niagra falls. >> we think it's a great company, and we like their brand. we like our brand a lot more. >> axelrod: and the ghost of the world cup. elaine quijano tells us how even after 64 years, brazil can't forget the win that got away.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagels that ordered an arcraft carrier and two other warships to the persian gulf as militant in iraq have taken control of large sections of the northwestern part of the country. hagel says the ships, including the carrier uss "george h.w. bush," will give president obama added flexibility in protecting american interests there. meanwhile, iraqis-- iraq's prime minister nouri al-maliki is rallying shiite supporters to fight the sunni insurgents and iraqi troops and shiite militia fighters apparently slowed down the militants' progress today. we begin our coverage tonight of the crisis in iraq with clarissa ward in baghdad. >> reporter: in baghdad's shiite enclave of sadr city, men answered the call to fight jihad. taking up arms against the sunni
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enemy isis, who now control two of iraq's main cities. they've threatened to take the capital as well, and today security forces in baghdad were on high alert. thousands have poured into recruitment centers and shiite strongholds across the country and they're not alone. cbs news can confirm the head of the paramilitary force qassem suleimani is here in baghdad, along with iranian fighters who are helping the shiite government coordinate its response. the complete collapse of the iraqi army in the north of the country has become a scandal here. tens of thousands have abandoned their weapons and run away. today, iraq's prime minister nouri al-maliki warned there would be consequences for desertion. "those who fail to carry out their duties or who abandon thiz positions," he said "will stand trial and face severe legal measures." but for iraqi soldiers who are captured by isis, the punishment
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is far worse. this video appears to show iraqi special forces being interrogated by sunni militants. the soldiers are denounced as unbelievers and shot one by one in the back of the head. yet the stunning success of isis in the past few days has been celebrated by many sunnis in iraq. this country's sectarian fault lines have never been deeper. >> axelrod: clarissa ward joins us now from baeghtd. clarissa this week we've seen the militants take both mosul and tikrit. what's next? jim jim, isis appear to be moving south towards baghdad, but their current focus is the city of samaara, which they have reportedly almost completely surrounded, and this is one home to one of the holiest shiite shrines. when this country was consumed by sectarian bloodletting in 2006, it was actually triggered by an attack on that very same samaara shrine. >> axelrod: clarissa ward covering for us tonight in
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baghdad, thank you. the battle for iraq pits two branches of islam against each other, sunni versus shi'a. the attacking militant force, the islamic state of iraq and syria-- or isis for short-- is made up of sunnis. they're the majority branch of islam overall, but the minority in iraq. the democratically elected government of iraq, which the u.s. supports, is dominated by shia, which is also the dominant religion in the bordering country of iran. the intensity of that religious divide is on full display among refugees from mosul, iraq's second largest city, which fell to isis tuesday. holly williams is in the northern city of erbil, where most of those refugees have fled. >> reporter: the refugees have flooded out of moadzul but hardly any of them say they're frightened of the armed extremists even after they announced they would enforce strict islamist law. most of these people are sunni muslims.
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they resent their country's government and fear the leaders will bomb mosul to flush the militant out. umm muhammed and shohaib musahem left today, but told us the militants, known as isis, are doing a good job of running the city. would you like isis to be the government of iraq? "yes," he said. "we need them because they're doing great things." local support and this country's deep religious divisions have helped isis sweep through northern iraq. >> atheel al-nujaif is the governor of nineveh province, of which mosul is the capital. but now he's a refugee, too after the iraqi government soldiers who were supposed to protect him laid down their weapons and ran away. is it true that when the militants overran mosul, they stole hundreds of millions of
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dollars from the bank? >> they had we will use it in controlling the city. >> reporter: how much money? >> about 400 million. dollars. >> reporter: 400 million u.s. dollars. >> u.s. dollars. >> reporter: will they use it to carry out terrorism? >> , of course. >> reporter: the speed at which the islamic militants have seized towns and cities seems to have taken everyone here by surprise. but, jim, iraq's religious tensions are nothing new. and this country is once again standing on the brink of civil war. >> axelrod: holly williams in northern iraq for us tonight, thank you. let's bring in our senior national security analyst juan zarate. secretary hagel says deploying those warships to the gulf gives the president added flexibility to protect american interests. what does he mean by that? >> well, this gives the president of the united states the ability to project force in the region, to add to the military assets we already have with our bases in the gulf. and so if the president elects
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to use military force, he has those assets there. if we need to evacuate diplomats or citizens though assets reside in the region. the problem, though, jim, without a physical footprint in iraq, these assets are going to be less than effective if they're ultimately deployed. >> axelrod: so it's a projection of force? >> i think so. it's a demonstration that we're starting to posture for potential action, although it doesn't do much to change the situation on the ground presently. >> axelrod: now, we've been reporting iran is offering to help the government of iraq fight militants. it's not every day u.s. and iranian interests are aligned. how does this complicate the u.s. response to the crise? >> well, you're right. both the u.s. and iranian governments support the maliki government, the shia-dominated government. we are also enemies of the sunni violent extremist groups, like isis, that are now morawding iraq. you also have, though, the complication that the u.s. is not going to lock arms with the iranian revolutionary guard and begin to fight alongside them in
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iraq. and certainly the united states does not want to stoke a sunni-shia battle that could extend well beyond the borders of iraq. >> axelrod: juan zarate in washington. thank you. >> thank you, jim. >> axelrod: the crisis in iraq was the backdrop for the election in afghanistan today where they held the runoff for president. election officials say 60% of eligible voters turned out, despite attacks that killed some 50 people. both candidates support a security agreement with the u.s. similar to one iraq did not sign. whatever hopes that the fighting in ukraine could be ending were dashed today when pro-russian rebels shot down a ukrainian government transport plane in the eastern part of the country, killing all 49 troops and crew members aboard. u.s. secretary of state john kerry expressed his strong concern about the shoot-down in a phone call to russia's foreign minister. here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: this traffic camera appears to have captured the moment rebels shot the military transport plane out of the sky.
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a fireball lights up the horizon as the jet crashes down, killing everyone on board-- 40 paratroopers and nine crew. it's the worse loss of life in a single attack since the fighting began. ukrainian defense officials said pro-russian separatists opened fire with an anti-aircraft missile and heavy machine guns as the plane came in to land. this pro-russian fighter said, "there were paratroopers of the 25th airborne brigade. this symbol is evidence." rebels scoured the charred wreckage, scavenging for usable weapons and ammunition. the downing of the aircraft sparked protests outside the russian embassy in the capital kiev, where demonstrators overturned diplomats' cars and hurled eggs towards the building. in response to the attack, ukrainian president petro poroshenko called emergency meeting with security chiefs
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vowing those behind it would be punished and declaring a day of mourning for those who died. and there's another worry-- the sudden appearance of russian-made tanks rumbling through ukraine's eastern cities. russia has repeatedly denied supplying separatists with military equipment. but the u.s. state department insists they've come from across the russian border. deputy spokesperson marie harf. >> they were somehow pulled out of the russian warehouses. someone taught them how to use them and they were sent from russia ukraine. >> reporter: the influx of heavy weapons and the downing of the military plane both signal sharp escalation in the crisis and only underlines washington's suspicions of russian involvement in the conflict. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> axelrod: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said today there is no doubt that three teenagers who disappeared while hitch hiking home on the west bank thursday were kidnapped by a terrorist group.
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netanyahu says a "swensive operation" is under way to find the teens one of whom, a 16-year-old, is a u.s. citizen. they held a funeral in las vegas today for one of the two police officers killed last weekend in an ambush. officer alyn beck was eating lunch at a pizza restaurant on sunday when he was shot by a white supremacist. the other officer killed in the attack was buried yesterday. and the nfl coach who won more super bowlthan any other has died. when chuck noll took over as the head coach of the pittsburgh steelers in 1969, they had never made the postseason. he turned them into a dynasty, winning four super bowls in six years. chuck noll was 82 years old. later, the head-to-head battle under way at niagra falls. and a star spangled birthday on the national mall when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> axelrod: there is an intense fight unfolding at one of the most momantic places in the country. it's a water fight, actually, and there is a boatload of money hanging in the balance. vanita nair reports on the battle for tourists at niagra falls. >> reporter: if you've ever taken a tour of the majestic niagra falls, chances are you were riding on a "maid of the mist" steamship. the company, knowns for the signature blue ponchos, has had a monopoly on these waters for more than a century, but now they're seeing red, a whole lot of it, thanks to hornblower, their new rival. >> we think it's a great company, and we like their brand. we like our brand a lot more. >> reporter: terry macray is the company's c.e.o.
6:46 pm
hornblower already runs tours to alcatraz and the statue of liberty. two years ago they won a bid to run tours on the canadian side of the falls. >> you know, the fallses are iconic and the views of the falls and the things that people talk about the with the falls, they're all from the canadian side. >> reporter: now the "maid of the mist" can only operate on the u.s. side but they are confident it won't impact their ps. company spokesperson kevin keenan. >> a great deal of it is the experience of our captains. seven of our captains have 111 years of experience at the helm of the "maid of the mist." >> it's the greatest view in the world, i think. >> reporter: mark keith was their eighth captain. he jumped ship to join hornblower. >> i think it's really good. it's going to create more of a better product for the general consumers. >> reporter: this week, hornblower kristened a modern fleet of catamarans that can carry 100 more passengers per trip. they are also offering more services, including cocktail
6:47 pm
cruises and extended hours. >> we would love to be operating on both sides of the gorge because the product we see here we would also be able to operate there. >> we have been around here since 1846. we're not going anywhere, except to the base of niagra falls. >> reporter: only time will tell if both companies ask kstay afloat. vanita nair, cbs news, new york. sphwhrim some lucky new yorkers are already finding $50 bills today now that the hidden cash game has made its way here. hints have a twitter suggested the little bundles would be hidden in central park and in brooklyn's prospect park, sending crowds scambling through the underbrush. since the hidden cash game ban, between $10,000 and $15,000 has been found. up next, it's called "trooping the color." pomp and pageantry for the queen's official birthday. n.
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to say hi. also in washington today, they marked the 200th anniversary of the star spangled banner. ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> axelrod: thousands participated in a sing-along along the national mall. the song, written by francis scott key, as he watched the british bombardment of fort mchenry of the baltimore harbor during the war of 1812, became our national anthem in 1931. the owner of a texas gravel company found much more than dwrafl in his company's backyard. he discovered a wooly mammoth skeleton, almost pristine, and almost completely intact. pailien tolses say it had been undisturbed for between 30,000 and 40,000 years until the man accidentally banged into it with his backhoe. and they celebrated a rather big birthday in great britain today.
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>> axelrod: we have a major upset to report at the world cup tonight. costa rica defeated heavily favored uruguay 3-1. now, this is hardly the first upset at a world cup match in brazil. hardly the first one involving uruguay, for that matter, although, last time they were the underdogs. as elaine quijano reports, more than six decades later, the country uruguay beat is still trying to shake the loss. >> reporter: this is the most famous stadium in brazil, rio's maracana. it's where this year's world cup final will be played. but 64 years ago, it was the scene of perhaps the greatest upset in soccer history when david beat goliath and when a ghost was born. 87-year-old alcides ghiggia says only three people have silenced maracana-- the pope, frank
6:56 pm
sinatra, and me. in 1950, he was a right winger for uruguay's national team, facing powerhouse brazil in the decisive match of the world cup. john cotterill, soccer analyst for brazil's tv globalo, says the host nation was tearing through the tournament on cruise control to the cup. >> it was brazil's. various politicians came out. brazil said thank you, you've won this for us before the game. >> reporter: they were already bragging. brazil only needed a tie to claim title, but with just 11 minutes left in a one-all game, alcides ghiggia faked out his defender and scored the winning goal. the maracana fell deadly silent. many of the stadium's 200,000 fans wept openly. the nation went into mourning. the super suspicious say a ghost still haunts the stadium. this video from a uruguay sports clothing company seems to taunt
6:57 pm
brazilians as they head into the 2014 cup. even though brazil has won five world cup trophies, many here believe there is only one way to finally bury the ghost. the country's vice mi minister r sports says this team has a chance to do what the 1915 team could not, win it all at home weapon "it's a curse that's been with us for 64 years" says luis fernandez. if the we'll exorcise this ghost and we'll be able to breathe more freely here in brazil." alcides ghiggia says the journalists created the ghost of maracana, not me. there was a real haunting associated with the game. bar boas athe goalie who gave up the winning goal, was ostracized the rest of his life, and reportedly died penniless at the age of 79. elaine quijano, cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> axelrod: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight.
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later on cbs, "48 hours." for now, i'm jim axelrod in new york. and for all of us here at cbs news, thanks for joining us and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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