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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 17, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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does not begin until saturday. temperatures around the region soaring into the 90's for the the first time this year. it has been a while. look at storm scan three. we don't have anything going on just hazy sunshine. no concerns as far as showers and storms. high of 93. first 90-degree temperature since september of 2013. so, as we look ahead, it will stay balmy this evening, right now, most locations in the 90's, 90 in trenton and wilmington and even in reading. atlantic city 91 degrees at the airport. now coming up this evening it will drop slightly by 7:00 p.m. 9:00 o'clock look for a few clouds, 84. by 11:00 p.m. still near 80 degrees on this very muggy afternoon. coming up we will talk about the heat getting dangerous for some of us, and rising to near record warmth, in the seven day, are you ready for it. we will talk about that plus how long it will last coming up later in the broadcast, chris. >> do we have a choice, kathy?
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>> all right, thanks very much. we will see new a bit. we have new dramatic video just in from a deadly house fire under investigation in wilmington. fire fighters arrived to find the home fully engulfed in flames. jane carabao is live at the scene for the t.v. latest, jane? >> reporter: chris, fire investigators have have wrapped up their work here on the scene as investigation into the cause continues but this entire community is rattled tonight about how big this fire was. how fast it went up. it destroyed a two story home behind me on bird street and sent two women to the hospital with severe burns and it killed a man. >> i kept trying to get him to crawl closer to me and flame got so hot i got the out of the house. >> reporter: chilling final moments captured on cell phone by neighbors, as a man becomes trapped inside of this inferno and died. >> my god, my god. >> reporter: this was the scene, in wilmington on monday night as close to 70 fire and e ms personnel rushed to help.
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>> he is hurt like that, that is uncalled for. >> reporter: especially because of how her family believes this fire started. >> her ex-boyfriend, knock it down, that is all i know. >> the the the whole house with gasoline. >> reporter: neighbors heard an explosion, fire investigators are not commenting on an exact cause only saying that the fire spread quickly and that the home collapsed unusually fast. >> early on, before the the fire department arrived there was significant collapse which is highly unusual. >> reporter: as they continue to investigate wilmington l and i engineers are all while me works to identify the man killed and as family of those injured, pray for their recovery. >> prayer will make us pull through she will be all right. >> she will be fine. >> reporter: again, family tells me that the woman living here was taken to the hospital suffering severe burns, across 80 percent of her body. her friend was also taken to the hospital, suffering burns,
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and smoke inhalation, and a fire fighter was also injured throughout this all, only minor injuries though that fire fighter was treated and released. reporting live, jane carabao for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. a home in cape may county is completely destroyed by fire today this happened on vick street in whitesboro. chopper three was over the scene as crews put down hot spots. there is very little left of the home by the time they got control of the flames but fortunately no one was injury. an apartment on byberry road in hatboro was getting a pretty good cleaning today this was home of 19 year-old nicholas helmond, helmond is accused of mailing a letter containing ricin to another man. decontamination crews have been at the apartment all morning long pulling items out and wrapping them in plastic. it is update on south jersey bears, only "eyewitness news" has this exclusive video of one of the animals today. our photographer alan wheeler, was out taking his kids to
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school when he captured these a nation shots of the the bear walking between the homes and also taking a dip in the pond which i got to say looks pretty refreshing at this point. this is the lateness a string of sightings that have happened in the past few weeks covering a large part of the burlington and camden counties. the most recent here in mount laurel but there have been sight goes in evesham, waterford and winslow townships. our syma chowdhry is on the bear beat today and she joins us live from mount laurel where she spoke to people living in the neighborhood, syma. >> reporter: that is right, chris. our photographer alan wheeler happened to see a bear walking around peoples homes and in their yards eventually ending up in this pond and taking a dip doing what we all have been trying to do all day and that is stay cool. this is not wild life documentary this bear was scene roaming around in mount laurel, it is exclusive video that our cbs-3 photographer
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alan wheeler shot with his cell phone tuesday morning. bear was walking from yard to yard and neighbors who saw it call 911. >> they have said we're aware of it. she answered the phone is this about the bear? i said yes. we're aware of the situation. >> reporter: we showed exclusive video to those who missed a bear visit. >> have you seen a bear before. >> no. >> reporter: police are following the bear as it roams through other neighborhoods. >> as people gather and try to get pictures and chase it then the bear might become agitated or wants to move on. >> reporter: officials say the animal is not posing a threat but rather looking for a place to cool off. >> we have never seen a bear around here so it is interesting. >> how long before the bear has its own twitter handle. >> i'm surprised it toesn't yet. >> reporter: the the bear even tweeted us. >> just follow him on twitter. >> follow him on twitter. >> reporter: that is probably the most safe way to follow, this bear, now officials say that they believe that the bear is still in the area of elbow lane and hainesport,
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mount laurel road. they believe he spotted in an area, and staying there right new to just cool off. if you do see the bear in your yard make sure you go inside, bring kids and pets indoors and make sure there is no food outside, garbage and just stay vigilant and be sure thaw watch out for that bear, and do not take a picture or do not take a selfie as officials have told us. we're live, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very sound advice, same, thanks very much. have we reached a tipping point in the the war on drugs? philadelphia's city leaders are set to vote on a how bill that would change the way our mar juan laws are enforced. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has a closer look now. >> reporter: useless activity for a city. forty-eight hours from a vote that could change the way philadelphia punishes pot, councilman jim kenny isn't lack nothing confidence. >> i think i have everybody. i think i have sleet other proof majority. >> reporter: kenny's bill will allow for possession of small
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amounts of marijuana to go from punishable crime to $25 ticket violation. >> we could save seven million-dollar and send it over to schools and do more witt. >> reporter: councilman quotes police statistics stating more than 80 percent of arrests made for 30 grams of marijuana are a minority arrest, data he calls disgraceful. >> when you have an 84 percent minority arrest record, on deminute must situation like possession of small amount of marijuana something is wrong. it is laudable what he is trying to do i just don't think this ace pope eighth way to get there. >> reporter: public safety director michael rest nick says nutter administration finds a number of problems with the bill, pot could be laced, disputes over possession amounts, interpretation from other agencies like septa, and campus police, and complication from his officer discretion. >> in the case of the possession, this new bill would essentially give an officer a choice, make an arrest under the current state law or write a simple code violation under this new ordinance. it is exactly that choice
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though that the city has a problem with where we put them in the position where they are being called out on well, this demographic gets arrested while this demographic only gets a code violation. >> reporter: restnick would say he would rather see harrisburg pass this not philly. bill is up for final passage on thursday. from city council, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will be watching that vote. philadelphia school officials are again, pleading with the city and the state to quickly provide them with millions of new funding. district has to adopt its budget for next year by end of this month. today superintendent doctor william hite says right now the district needs an additional 96 million-dollar, he warns, without that money, there will be hundreds of teacher layoffs. tolls on the pennsylvania turnpike are going up for a seventh consecutive year. the turnpike commission has approved a 5 percent increase taking effect in january. toll hike will be applied to cash and e-z pass users. this is first time in three years that cash tolls are not
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subject to the steeper hike. welshing still to come here on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 moving to the front of the line, we will tell you how a local hospital will soon give veterans vip treatment. all this comes in the wake of the va scandal. our stephanie stahl has details. salvaging a piece of history how a generous donation will keep part of the ss united states from being scrapped, and why it is so important that the piece of the ship be preserved, kate (. chris, the pool is the place you want to be on our first 90 plus degree day of the year, we are here in belmont hills where people are cooling off and may want to make pool plans for tomorrow, heat advisory in effect we will have details coming up in weather, leslie. braves tonight and it is day two of the courtship of kansas star andrew wiggins by the sixers. the eagles back at work in the heat. how is nick foles progressing in year two under chip kelly.
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tonight at 11:00 chances are you or someone you know could ab affect by one of the millions have of vehicle recalls this year. getting those cars fix is not as easy as you think. three on your side's jim donovan will explain why
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tonight at 11:00. well, on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight veterans moving to the front of the line in south jersey. this is following revelations that vets can wait months for medical appointments. three on your side medical reporter stephanie stahl is here on what is a very big announcement to day. >> cooper hospital says that starting, next month veterans in south jersey will be able to get primary care services, within 24 hours. >> hey, veterans we will take darn good care of you. >> reporter: cooper university health care announcing it will make veterans vip who get priority same day services. >> what coupe are is doggies absolutely outstanding. >> reporter: bernie, who served in korea was on the new jersey veterans task force, and he thinks va generally does a good job but could use all of the help it can get. >> our mission here at cooper is clear to serve, to heel, and to educate. >> reporter: all of this follows a va ought that it found veterans waiting
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months to get appointments, in new jersey, average wait time is 25 days. >> there shouldn't be this type of wait for an individual. >> reporter: there are 130,000 veterans in south jersey, most get medical services at philadelphia va, it is unclear how many may take advantage of cooper's new program. >> they protected us, they served us, and they are the reason that people like you and i enjoy the american dream. we owe them a debt of gratitude. >> reporter: george norcross, cooper board chairman says existing staff should accommodate new veterans and costs will be absorbed by va or programs like medicare. federal legislation is pend ago this will give them extra money and cover cost like outside care like the coupe are program. >> how can you not give them everything that you have have how can you say, of course, you can come see a physician. >> reporter: now cooper will start this new veterans program, the first week in july, their contact information will be on its web
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site. also, cbs-3 reached out to the philadelphia va for comment, a spokesperson there said that they weren't aware of cooper's plan but they are quote, always looking for opportunities for partnership. cooper also told to us day that they will provide health care navigators for veterans, a very important services to try to figure out where to go to get one. >> make a big difference in the lives of these veterans and they deserve it. thanks very much. big donation is saving a big piece of the ss united states, from the scrap yard. crews, industry executive jim pollen, donated $120,000 to save the ship's propellers. the the u.s. has been on the delaware waterfront for the last 18 years. pollen has offered to match hundred thousand dollars in other contributions for the ship's upkeep. well, we are feeling the heat today, no doubt about it, this is our first day of 90-degree weather and it is just a preview of what is to
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come, it is getting hotter out there. we will check with cat any just a moment, lets go outside, kate bilo in the cbs mobile weather lab or belmont hills school in bala cynwyd, kate. >> thanks, chris, here's the place to be to beat the the heat, we are with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, pool is pack on this tuesday, it is only this week they started opening up on weekdays and a lot of kids out here coming out here to try to cool off on this hottest day of the year so far. lets look at the temperature here on the mobile weather lab. it is 93 degrees. it feels closer to 94. temperatures across the receipts of the region looking quite hot. airport is back to 92 after a high of 93, so far today and you can sees across the region we have lower 90's and 80's across the region. it feels even hotter then that when we factor in the humidity. tomorrow heat advisory will go into effect, it will be 95 and feel closer to hundred degrees across the area tomorrow. don't want to be outside in
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this for too long and avoid strenuous activity and drink plenty of water. looking to beat the heat with the kids tomorrow, come up, join me i will be at crayola experience for cbs-3 kidcasters tomorrow from 11:00 to 1:00. it will be a beautiful time. they can audition to be the next on camera weather caster for cbs-3. back here live the pool is still jumping getting towards dinner time but you nobody leaving just yet because it feels so nice. i'm watching these kid jump in the water and looks so refreshing and may have to dot same myself. we will send it back into kathy for more on the full forecast. >> we will try to cool you off, thanks very much. >> we are looking down the shore where we are catching another bit of the break, a sea breeze, that is best break down the shore, temperatures warm, right through 80's in ocean city, today but right now it is a bit more comfortable the on the boards. our live neighborhood network takes us to cape may and le mere beach front inn where the temperature is 74.
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flirting with 73 degrees, southeasterly win, folks enjoyed the beach in the afternoon and right now dinner time. everyone will be back for more heat during the the day tomorrow. on storm scan three moth much of anything. just that milky white sky with high humidity and that will continue during the day tomorrow. kate mentioned heat and humidity making it feel hotter then today and we are not used to this it creates a stress, especially since it has been a cool spring. right now 92. ninety in trenton. eighty-eight in allentown. millville 87. dover checks in at 91. whole eastern half of the nation quite warm today with highs in the 90's, right the now birmingham, and rain cooled 79 degrees. we will watch as high pressure builds, get that heat pump going a bermuda summertime high. temperatures will be in the mid 90's, this cool front approaches to the north and west and we will see some scattered showers and thunderstorms, some strong to
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severe, and for your thursday still sticky, still stormy highs in the 80's, drying out friday as this high drops down from canada. you will get northerly wind, low humidity and comfortable conditions, high temperatures friday will be around 83 degrees. i did mention that risk of severe weather, to the north and west of the city through lehigh valley, main risk tomorrow late in the afternoon towards evening, downpours, a possibility of hail and damaging wind in excess of 58 miles an hour, so please, be aware of of that, partly cloudy, warm and muggy, low of 74. tomorrow, warmer, more humid, high temperature, 95 near record heat, the record heat in philadelphia, is setback in 1957. we will will be close. could even tie it tomorrow. trenton 96. wilmington record 95 and same in allentown. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast take a look thursday, stormy and steamy. eighty-five down the shore. friday 83.
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summer begins saturday, it will be nice with the chance of the shower, better sunday, monday 83, tuesday 85 degrees, with a mix of sun and clouds. high clouds we don't have much sun glare or do we, vittoria. >> i think we do, we have a little bit of both i believe. however, atlantic city, thursday live five to 6:00 p.m. we have orr at the shore. lots to look forward to tomorrow and we will be touching upon shore traffic, a little bit tomorrow, and friday going towards this weekend, but lets talk about what you are dealing with right now heading out of new jersey into philadelphia traveling ben franklin bridge westbound we had an earlier accident, at one point blocking all lanes. that has been cleared. if you are traveling ben franklin bridge westbound you are still jam the entire length and this is affecting 676 and admiral wilson boulevard. heading eastbound we have construction, which is also, taking out the right-hand lane and causing delays there. now this delay is i-95 traveling northbound from the walt whitman bridge all the waste through to cottman
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avenue an earlier disable truck blocking the right lane for close to over an hour and a half right on top of rush hour right in the construction zones and we are still trying to recover from that. southbound i-95 we have usual delays in delaware count may touring around 476 and i-95 usual delays through construction zones on both sides of the cottman avenue and girard. fifteen is your average on the schuykill expressway, earlier westbound subsequent montgomery drive has been cleared but those delays are still stemming back to vare and 19 is your average on 476. because of the activity on the ben franklin bridge, we are still experiencing 15 minute delays, on top of the 30 minute delays for patco so a very busy daze but stay with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 have. we will be right back.
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kyle kendrick gets the start against the the braves in atlanta team hoping he can pitch deep in the game after a very long game last night, chase utley with the night off. it took 13 innings for the phillies to get the win, ryan howard's grounder ate up freddie freeman. been reveer scored. they scored four more times in the 13th to win six-one. phillies have won five out of seven and five and a half games behind the division leading braves. eagles started a three day mandatory mini camp at novacare complex, 100 percent attendance because chip kelly says he has a better understanding of the system and nick foles is a much more confident and better common have of the offense. >> now it is just a matter of refining, foot work, and not the minor details, but major details but he is not worried about where he is going with the ball but how can he manipulate the safety and still throw the ball to the left. >> i have been able to play and he has developing a timing with the guys. you just understand the
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window. you know when it is a good time to throw the ball and, you can let it rip. andrew wiggins spent another day at sixers practice facility at once again media could not interview him. sixers had third and tenth pick in the draft, wiggins is expected to work out for cavilers tomorrow, we will be right back with more news. male announcer: coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and then at cbs-3 at 11:00. stay tuned for "cbs evening news". tonight they will have more on the suspect leader of the been gas a tack in the u.s. custody, in for scott pelley tonight is jeff glure reporting from new york.
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>> glor: tonight, a break in the benghazi case. bob orr on the arrest of an alleged libyan terrorist in the deaths of four americans. elizabeth palmer tells us about her meeting with him just days after the attack. attack. two tornadoes team up and wipe out a midwest farm town. a five-year-old is among the dead. we'll take you inside mosul, iraq's second largest city, now controlled by sunni militants. clarissa ward and holly williams from in iraq. and manual bojorquez with an extraordinary athlete and the kid he's inspired. >> reporter: what would you say is the biggest thing you've learned from him? >> never give up. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening. scott is on asame. i'm jeff glor. was the other attack on september


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