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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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investigators jeff molt on. >> even the highly successful final result does not mean that the investigation itself was a complete success, particularly, when a serial child molester was left uncharged for so long. >> reporter: report does say that the prosecutors had good reason to take time building a strong case, wanting to first find multiple victims but the report says that process, was too slow there was not a concerted evidence to find more victims. >> reporter: report raised other issues with the investigation, for example, such warrant was not executed at sandusky's home until june 2011, just over two years after the attorney general's office took the case. when it was executed, photos of the sandusky's victims were found. >> had the search been conducted in 2009 and 2010, investigators could have used those photographs and could have used the name to find victim much earlier. >> reporter: prosecutors have since argued they do not have enough probable cause to move forward with that search warrant. also, state investigators who started on the case in 2009,
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and did not, university police to search for sandusky related records, and until january, 2011. and, a steps, that, and, and, and attorney general, and, victims could have been spared. >> it is different tactics that were taken and different route was chosen and sandusky was in jail, of course, there wouldn't be more victims. >> reporter: finally the report says there was no direct evidence of politics, playing a role in the investigation, specifically, referring to then attorney general, tom corbett, who was running for governor at the time. now kane stopped short of calling governor corbett responsible for what she called unexplainable delays but she certainly inferred that he held some of the blame. the governor immediately responded with a statement saying the investigation moved swift thely, was never about politics and ultimately resulted in putting a serial sexual predator behind bars, for life. now coming up at 6:00 o'clock hear from corbett's prosecutors on the case and hear why they called the report nothing more than a political stunt.
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live from the news center, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thanks very much. jerry sandusky's child in bellefonte, pennsylvania in 2012 lasted a couple weeks. that jury convicted sandusky of sexually boosting ten boys. the former penn state the assistant football coach was sentenced to 30 to 60 years behind bars and he is currently at green state prison in western pennsylvania. this past april, sandusky's request for an appeal was denied, by the state the supreme court. well, we have been following this case from its very beginnings, you can find a deeper understanding of the investigation if you read the entire grand jury report, we have a link for you, set up on our web site at cbs developing right now, police released new video of the moments just before they say a man raped and robbed a doctor in rittenhouse square. also new tonight a sketch of that suspect, "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live outside special victims unit to show us,
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steve. >> reporter: jessica, day three bringing new information, including as you can mention, this, a brand new composite sketch, of this suspect, thanks to the victim that i'm told has been very cooperative, providing testimony, through interviews, that have been conducted, all day long, all in the hopes that we will show you this in somebody at home has some information that leads to the arrest, of this man. he threatened her and said keep your mouth shut, keep yourself quiet and open your door. >> reporter: only three things a brazen suspect told his 26 year-old victim, before forcing her into her center city apartment, beating, robbing, and sexually assaulting her multiple times. >> he says something about the boldness, and certainly the dangerous aspects of this male's actions. >> reporter: police with the special victims unit holding a press conference monday
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afternoon, revealing, a composite sketch of the suspect. take a good look. >> it shows the offender, both with and without the baseball cap. >> reporter: police also releasing new surveillance video moments before the crime, watch, shortly before 1:30 as the suspect, locks up his bike, sees the victim walk by and then immediately approaches. >> he does physically assault her as she does, try to defend herself, but unfortunately one, she was overwhelmed by him. >> reporter: from there she's threatened and pulled upstairs. >> once upstairs it got a little more physical to the point where she has received some type of injuries. >> reporter: police say within a span of an hour the suspect commits the the assault, leaves, comes back, assault a second time, before taking off on his bike. now, they hope new you material, will bring new leads. police have told to us do one
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thing and that is show you this sketch, as much as humanly possible. so we will do that along with the new description of the suspect, hispanic male, mid 20's, about 150, slight build, black hair, police are looking for any information, that you may have that will lead to an arrest of this suspect. meanwhile i'm told that the victim remains with police and with family and has been very cooperative in this investigation. it is latees from outside special victims unit i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, in weather today, it is really a perfect summer day, but steamy conditions are going to make a come back. meteorologist kathy orr is live out on the cbs-3 sky deck with her first forecast, kathy. >> chris, it is a beautiful day. there were a few clouds but now plenty of sunshine low humidity and a bit of the breeze warming us up in the 80's today but we are going to feel the heat and humidity coming back in a big way beginning tomorrow. on storm scan three we're just
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looking at a partly cloudy sky with some showers, well to the north and the west near erie and also, through places like buffalo, new york. we don't have to be worried about them but we're talking about a quiet evening. philadelphia 82. eighty-one in allentown. eighty-two in reading. 79 degrees in wilmington. this evening, temperatures will fall through the 70's by 9:00 p.m., partly cloudy, 73 degrees. 11:00 p.m. partly cloudy sky and 69. coming up, suddenly it is going to be steamy ape we do have have some thunderstorms to talk about in the three day forecast. i'll be back with that and of course we will talk about the forecast for the shore, vacationing anytime soon. for now we will send it back to you you in the studio. >> kathy, thank you. new details related to the case of sarah murnaghan, young girl from our area who stirred a national debate last year after under going two double lung transplants. today a national transplant
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board weighed in on an award. health reporter stephanie stahl is live outside czar's home in newtown square where sarah and her family just spoke, stephanie. >> reporter: that is right, they were just out front of their house. they are all very happy and pleased, about this change, this temporary exception will be permanent. it is a change that allows sarah's life for saved. >> it is great. i thought anything was possible. >> i think this is just really amazing, outcome, yes. >> i think the vote speaks for itself. everything that we were trying to, let people know about last year, they took into advise. and it is very rewarding that the the medical community agrees with us. >> reporter: so sarah has come a long way on her road to recovery much documented by her family with home videos. czar, born with cystic fibrosis needed a double lung transplant which she was ten
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but no lungs were available and transplant rules said adult lungs had to first be offered to local patients over the age of 12. the the murnaghan's challenged that and a federal judge ruled in her favor. then united network for organs, allowed for exceptions so children could be ranked along with adults in order of their medical urgency. sarah received her first double lung transplant from an adult downer june 12th of last year but organs failed and days later remarkably she received a second transplant. since the the rule went into effect, she said 12 children have been given exceptions, sarah and one other child received lungs that came from a downer over the age of 12. and, we are also learned today that sarah is now breathing completely on her own. she had a tracheotomy removed last week. she especially likes swimming but will also be keeping up with her schoolwork, this summer, and she's also looking forward to having a new sibling, janet murnaghan says
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she's expecting a babe think fall. reporting live from newtown square i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right stephanie, thanks very much. an investigation is underway tonight after a philadelphia police officer is involved in the shooting in the west oak lane section. police confirmed that a person was hit by gunfire this afternoon at 19th and plymouth street. the man was shot in the head, in a car, at 18th and cheltenham but it is unclear how it ended up there the condition of the suspect is not yet men right now, police have set up a large crime scene, in both areas. well, police say that a gas leak that forced evacuations in the south jersey neighborhood is now under control. chopper three over maureen court in winslow township camden county this morning. officials say that about 30 resident there had to be evacuated but everyone was allowed to return home by 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. workers are still there and those repairs are ongoing but there were no injuries.
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police are looking for a man who held up a clerk at this sunoco station in bala cynwyd, it happened after 1:00 at city avenue and conshohocken state road. the suspect took cash and cigarettes before getting a way in a gray sedan no one was hurt. knife was used to threaten a worker at that 7-eleven in pen win, the suspect went behind the counter and took money from the register himself, the clerk in this case was able to hit the panic button without being hurt. the suspect then ran away, just before 3:00 this morning. still to come, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", big changes could be on the way to atlantic city and it has nothing to to with casinos. why the city could become a port of call. a man is lucky to be alive but he'll have to buy a new pair of shoes, this man was hit by lightening and his shoes were literally blown off his feet, hear his store a 59:30. multi million-dollar yachtings up in flames we will show you more incredible video
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from this unique
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amtrak canceled services to and from boston after a train hit a vehicle and killed two people. that happened south of boston in the town of mansfield just after midnight. none of the 180 passengers or crew aboard the train was injured but three people in the suv were killed, crews are clearing debris from the tracks tonight, the the crash is under investigation. well, check out this video here, a 24 million-dollar yachtings up in flames, in
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california, it is all caught on drone cam, and a local boat captain, curt rowe was shooting video with the helicopter when he noticed heavy smoke. quite the view there. in injuries were reported and in word on a cause. good evening, everyone, it is quite the rush hour, today. take a look at the the schuylkill expressway. i would say watch out for sun glare in areas and generally speaking where ever you would find a rush and it will be here. lets look at the schuylkill, this is westbound side approaching the the area have of 476, westbound side of the schuylkill is jammed from approaching city avenue all the way through to 476, a lot of this volume has to do with what we're dealing with on the northeast extension. as we look at this shot here this is traffic trying to jump on the northbound side of the extension. so you are jammed on the northbound side of 476, between approaching the the schuylkill expressway ape mid county toll plaza this volleys also affecting the the pennsylvania turnpike, and, all of this is as a result of the disabled vehicle that
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we're dealing with north bound just beyond the mid county tolls, and it is compromising a lane and also we still had a disable tractor trailer approaching lansdale, that has been moved to the shoulder a half an hour ago. we are dealing with remnant of that and rush hour and there we go pennsylvania turnpike delays in either direction, coming to and from the mid county area. so definitely a busy day in that stretch. take a look 14 is your average on the schuylkill. nineteen on 95, heavy delays through construction zones at cottman and girard and 18 is your average on 476, right around 95. keep in mind, route one is closed between 202 and harvey road because of an accident. your best alternate toys take ridge no delays for airport or mass transit. chris and jessica. still to come here on "eyewitness news", vitamin d, helps keep our bones healthy, but not everyone gets enough of it, so should americans be screened for vitamin d deficiencies. new in the next half an hour, we will tell what you experts to have say about that. bee season is in full
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swing, temperatures on the rise, so just how warm is the the ocean, meteorologist justin drabick is live in margate when
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we have hot sun and sand, but what about the ocean, neigh in the so hot but eventually we know the ways, we will start to warm up. we will sent meteorologist
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justin drabick down to margate what better place to start your workweek duty until 6:00. few people in the water and yes, water temperatures are warm. we have been lucky, typically this time of the year, water stays chilly. we had upwelling going on. different this year. even though it is summertime and air temperature is warm water takes another month to really start warming up but we're running above average. so if you have plans to head down and jump in the water, temperatures are nice in the 70's. lets talk with how far they are from the average. lets go to the computer graphic and check out these buoy temperatures. these are taken off you shore so some numbers may than
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different then right along the coastline. atlantic city not too far from here, 74 degrees with the current temperature. we have averaged 60's this time of the year. looking nice in cape may, this water temperature taken closer to the delaware bay, but that is still above average. then we go out in delaware, same story, lower 07's near lewis, we should average 69 degrees as we head towards rehoboth beach, ocean city maryland, also looking at the low 70's, above average, for this time of the year, and again, it is all about the wave action. we will bring you back here live. it has been calm for past week or so. there is not a lot of turning in the water going on and allows water at the township to warm up. check out this wave forecast for next few days from atlantic city. nothing too rough. these water temperatures should hold upper 60's to lower 70's. wind will kick up. we will get up to waist high, a 3-foot wave, but we will get breezy as those wind turn up out of the south.
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that is latest from margate, new jersey but temperatures are beautiful. for the rest of the the forecast and how warm inland we will send it back inside to the studio with kathy. >> looking great, thank you very much we're not as sunny as it is down the at the shore. some clouds mix nothing down at the shore, this is view from campbell's field cam, of course, home of the river sharks looking across the river. storm scan three showing those clouds, bubbling autopsy cross the the region and really not much after that. a few showers well to the west and they will stay there, really not in our forecast for tonight, and not for tomorrow either. right now in philadelphia we're at the peak. eighty-one in allentown. seventy-three in the poconos v comfortable with low humidity. down the shore air temperatures in the 70's. ocean the water temperatures are mild. it is keeping the shore mild as well. so uv index will be quite high on these sunny warm days. future weather shows a few clouds here and there this evening, dry overnight tonight and dry during the the day
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tomorrow, with a few clouds approaching in the he evening and scatter sprinkles. we have a better chance of seeing a shower or thunder storm on wednesday. the next couple days on the dry side until the afternoon, moving in. it will be milder with a low of 65 degrees wind out of the south. on tuesday it changes, that southerly wind kicks in and it will be more humid. warmer temperatures. more humidity means more uncomfortable conditions. down the shore tuesday looks great. the mostly sunny high of 80 degrees. the southerly wind. water temperatures in the 70's. a lot of reflectionivity off the sand and the water. the rip current risk will be low but wednesday that is going to change. it will be breezy, chance of afternoon thunderstorms, a few more clouds but rip current risk will be moderate, so please, keep that in mind and never swim at a beach, that
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has no life guards, on duty. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast 86 for tuesday. wednesday look for a high of 86 ape then by thursday, temperature is 88 degrees. it will be sticky, it will be steamy, it will be feeling like summer. that is a look at the eyewitness weather forecast, we will be back with more news after this.
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philly fanatic isn't much more talking with that high five says it all. he a profit of the sand sculpture bearing its likeness outside citizens bank park. john grouper is master mind shining a spotlight on atlantic city's do ac sand
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sculpting world cup which runs through july 6th. the sand fanatic will be on display through sunday. well, the phillies are back home tonight taking on the marlins, now before the game there will be a special tribute to the team's new all time hits leader jimmy rollins. yesterday they ended the seven game road trip by losing to the cardinals five-three. fightins had a three to nothing lead in the fourth inning but kyle kendrick gave up four runs and took the loss. phillies went five-two on the road. roberto hernandez will be on the mound tonight. ron hextall making his first big move trading very popular winger scott hartnell to columbus for a former flyer, rj umberger and fourth round draft pick n7 years with the team hartnell scored 157 goals, 326 assists, he was very active in the community with the hartnell down foundation but waved his no trade clause after the flyers asked. >> it is hard a as a player.
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you get married to a franchise and you have played, so when it first got thrown at him, at first, he was shocked, and then at some point he realized that probably be best for him to move on and for us, as well. >> something about june 23rd, it is the same day that the flyers traded jeff carter, mike richards and jvr. if your phone rings. >> and you are a flyer. >> don't answer. >> yes, exactly. >> go on vacation. >> a lot of people surprised by this. >> absolutely. >> leslie, thanks very much. millions are bracing for flood waters, coming up where neighborhoods have already been evacuated over fear of mud slides. plus a man has quite a story to tell after a lightening strike literally bless him out of his shoes. we have got video to prove it. and despite the a plea from governor christie supreme court deals a blow to new jersey's gambling industry. we will be right
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pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have a bleeding condition or stomach ulcer, take aspirin, nsaids, or blood thinners... ...or if you have kidney problems, especially if you take certain medicines. tell your doctors about all medicines you take. pradaxa side effects include indigestion, stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa. i'm chris may. pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen cain released the results of the investigation in the handling of the jerry sandusky case. while she may have handled it differently cain says there is no direct evidence that her predecessor, now governor tom corbett, slowed the pace of the investigation for any political gain. also, just released video shows the man wanted for
5:31 pm
allegedly raping and robbing a rittenhouse square doctor just before that attack, that is suspect locking up a bike and walking right behind as she passed by. victim also helped police with two sketches. suspect is described as a thin hispanic or possibly mexican man weighing roughly, 150-pound. and the case of the sarah murnaghan of new town square has resulted in a permanent policy change for pied the yacht trick patients, exceptions for children younger than 12, were made permanent today by the organization that manages the waiting list. sarah murnaghan received two double lung transplants. kathy ? we are looking at a pleasant night across the the delaware val which low humidity and temperatures really comfortable. we are at 81 right now. 7:00 p.m., 77. partly cloudy skies expect at 9:00. by 11:00, 69 degrees with a partly cloudy sky. get ready for heat and humidity sticking around right
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in the weekend. i will be back with that in the seven day coming up, jessica. secretary of state john kerry met with leaders in baghdad and said fate of the iraq may be decided over next week. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh has more on the visit. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry met with iraq's prime minister for about an hour and a half in baghdad. he warned nori al-maliki to share power with his political rivals before a militant uprising escalates in civil war. >> this is critical moment for iraq's future. it is a moment of decision for iraq's leaders and it the is a moment of great urgency. >> reporter: officialness washington have have suggested that al-maliki should step down, but the prime minister is showing no signs of leaving. sunni extremist vowing to topple iraq's shiite led government are capturing more areas of northern iraq, president obama says insurgents must be stopped. >> i think it is fair to say
5:33 pm
that their extreme etiology imposees a medium and long term threat. >> reporter: sunni militants want to set up a islamic state in the region. in the northern city of mosul they handed out qurans on the street. iraq says its troops need america's help with air strikes to crush the extremist. washington is sending military advisor but they won't engage in combat, president obama says that no amount of u.s. military intervention can help if iraq cannot form a more inclusive government. alfonso van maur for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". u.s. supreme court ruling means gamblers in the garden state will not place wagers on sports. lower court, ruled that new jersey's plans for better on both professional, and college sports, conflicted with federal law. governor chris christie appealed and voters okayed the idea on election day but today high court says federal law banning gambling trumps state law.
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federal law allows sports gambling in nevada and three other states. well, mayor of atlantic city has his way you will soon take a cruise out of that city. chopper three over the historic gardener's basin which is the the proposed site of the new port. don guardian says an engineering report shows waters there are deep enough, to handle ships up to 200 feet long. he is asking the federal government for help to make that happen. the the area that he is hoping to develop is about the size of baltimore's inner harbor. a group of fisherman from new jersey witnessed a power of a great white shark firsthand. while fishing for make owe sharks 30 miles east of brigantine a white white lifted itself out of the what the tore snack on a chum bucket. the problem was it was attached to the side of the boat but luckily there was an experienced crew on board. >> it swam down the length of the boat and i happened to see it first and obviously i was stunned. i didn't say anything to anybody. i was looking trying to process the information because it was quite a big
5:35 pm
fish. it was awesome. >> it wasn't scary because we're used to sharks. it was awesome. >> wow. >> those on board estimated that shark to be about 16 feet long weighing roughly 1 ton. call that awesome and scary at the same time. minnesota we know is called land of 10,000 lakes and many of them are rise to go record levels after days of torrential rain. cbs news correspondent jamie youkiss has latest from minneapolis where they are bracing from floods from lakes, creeks, rivers. >> reporter: mississippi river is rising fast and in southwestern, minnesota. >> it gets pretty high but i don't think it gets this high. >> reporter: rivers, shakes, st. paul minneapolis area spilling over their banks after days of heavy rain. river currents are three times faster then normal. widespread flooding is expect. >> the rain was the first part and now flooding from the river is the second part. >> reporter: pryor lake ace approaching flood stage, ryan
5:36 pm
and nicole, filled 1700 sandbags to protect their home. >> san bags were leaking a little bit. >> we have not had any since thursday and it keeps going up. i don't get why it continues to go up. >> reporter: high water has force sod river bridges to close. jamie youkiss for cbs news, minneapolis. an atlanta man is thankful to be alive after a lightening strike blew him out of his shoes. shawn o'connor took video of the moments just after that strike to prove he was not joking when he said that. he was doing yard work at the time and said son was out, he saw no lightening, did he not hear any thunder, and in fact o'connor says he didn't know what hit him. >> i could smell the burned hair. i looked across the drive way and seen my boots over there no longer on my feet and one of them was smoking. i realized then i was hit by lightening. >> because lightening interrupts the heart's electrical system it to cause
5:37 pm
his heart to beat irregularly. the doctors kept him overnight in the hospital. he is okay now. odds of being hit by lightening is one in 700,000. well, look at these smiles, these kids, are a special needs kids and their happy because they got to go on vacation at the jersey shore. thanks to volunteers from the nj wave program, these ventilator dependent children will enjoy the beach boardwalk and fishing in ocean city. nj wave began with two, in 2,000 with five campers and it has ten campers between the ages of three and 20. president obama talks about family and policy at the first ever white house summit on working families. >> i hear from parents all across the country, they are doing everything right. they are living respondably. they are taking care of their children. they are participating in their community. these letters can be heart breaking because at the end of
5:38 pm
the day, it doesn't feel like they are get go ahead and all too often it feels like they are slipping around. >> the president urged employers to adopt policies that he says can help working families, including flexible work hours, paid family leave and child care services. good evening, everyone. lets talk about how you are doing coming to or going to work. or to and from, going to, either way. lets talk about how you are doing on 202. 202 southbound jammed approaching area have of 29 through to 401. sun glare bouncing off windshield is here. just watch out for some difficulty visibility there, but lets look at 476 as well. northbound right around ridge. the reason why we're experiencing such high volume on 476 is an earlier disabled tractor trailer and disable vehicle on the northbound side of the extension, it backup that northbound side, back toward saint david. be mindful of the north bound
5:39 pm
delay of the blue route and before that .95 through media we will drop down to 35 miles an hour. southbound on 476 slow down between saint david and media swarthmore. twenty-one your average on the schuylkill. high volume east and westbound, 476, because of the all of the delays there. twenty-nine is your average on i-95. because of the volume of the northbound side of i-95 eastbound side of the vine is affect. 676 and 295 is jammed there traveling around the the schuylkill around vine street expressway will be a slow go. popping over into new jersey we are dealing with an accident on the northbound side of 295 at the 42 freeway. it is compromising the lane here and we have a hefty delay. on the southbound side of 295, also high rush hour delays from approaching 38 down through the 42 freeway. overall that intersection is not going to be fun at all. we have police activity on 17th street and because of that cheltenham avenue is closed at broad. definitely be mindful of that but in major delays for mass
5:40 pm
transit or traveling to philadelphia international airport. >> vittoria, thanks. vitamin d is important nutrient but not everybody gets enough of it. so should americans be screened for vitamin d deficiency, we will tell what you experts are now recommending. an owl inn up inside a new yorkers home. how he got create turf get that animal back outside. why not be outside, beautiful day with low humidity, mild temperatures and a breeze that will not stay that way turning sticky suddenly coming up in the seven day when "eyewitness
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three on your side now, sam's club debuts a safer, credit card, it promises to protect shoppers from hackers. the warehouse club chain is first major u.s. retailer to embed microchips in credit cards to combat thieves. traditional cards have magnetic strips that contain your financial information, but these new cards generate a
5:44 pm
unique authorization code with every swipe. >> the chip will store necessary information instead of the magnetic strip and this will make the card much more hard to counterfeit. >> sam's club started offering those cards today, other major retailers, including target are working to roll out chip cards in the coming month. europe adopted cards a decade ago. owls are supposed to be wise, but this particular owl was out smart by a man, when he found an owl inside his home colin wright lifted his mop up to the animals there. the owl hopped on to it and pushed him out of the window. then owl decided not budge. he had to shake it until he let go, i guess that is one way to solve the problem. so long, owl, we will be righ
5:45 pm
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spruce street prom men made is taking shape along the delaware water front. it opens up june 27th. workers there are busy dealing with final touches, the park has barges, ma'ammocks, and even a poured walk, a great place to spend a warm summer day absolutely beautiful and weather town the shore is beautiful as well, chris. a deep blue sky, low humidity, now wait, those aren't people in the water. look at all those people. not just pylons and jetty and fishing pier but people in those, warm ocean water. they have warmed up in the 70's which business time around here. our live neighborhood network takes us to the north to kutztown area middle school,
5:48 pm
school is out but it is still a beautiful day to be outside, plenty of deep blue sky, temperatures in the 70's and it is all changing. we will get in more southerly wind, it will bring in the heat and humidity. right now storm scan three you can see showers and thunderstorms as well to the west. they don't hold off until wednesday, between now and then though, we will see increasing temperatures and increasing humidity. right now in philadelphia 82. the trenton 80. eighty-one in allentown. seventy-three in the poconos. eighty-two in reading. we have had heat and here comes humidity. whole eastern half of the nation is basically in the 80's, columbus up to 90. we have had rain cooled number to the south. future weather shows partly cloudy to mainly clear sky throughout the the evening and overnight period. during the daze on tuesday some clouds will be creeping in from the west but no big deal, there already a few spotty showers through central pennsylvania and then as i day wears on no showers, go to the north and we will see partly cloudy sky. no issues for tuesday, there will be a better chance of some showers, maybe even some
5:49 pm
thunderstorms by the mid week period in that heat and humidity. overnight it will be partly cloudy and mild. low of 65. going for temperatures in the mid 80's for your tuesday, partly sunny, noticeably more humid. as we head down the shore temperatures will be comfortable near 80 degrees on tuesday with mostly sunny skies. ocean water temperature is 75. uv index sitting at nine. the these numbers are righting, above average even down the shore. those ocean water temperatures rising quickly. once we get in the southeasterly wind that is when warm water is pushed away from shore and cold water comes n enjoy this while we have it. eighty-one down the shore for wednesday, risk of rip currents will be moderate. so please ab wear and be careful. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, weld we will go 86. thursday 88. friday, 86. and look at those shore temperatures well in the 80's, down the shore over the course of the weekend near 80 at home 84 degrees saturday, chance of
5:50 pm
some storms sunday. saturday looks like the the better pick of the weekend. by monday, steamy temperatures getting really close to 90 degrees, again. we want to tell but something that will change the way, you keep connected with our changing weather. our meteorologist kate bilo walks us through the brand new cbs-3 philly weather app. >> reporter: hi i'm meteorologist kate bilo. new exciting app to tell but from cbs philly and that is our brand new cbs philly weather app. i have my own phone here mirrored on the screen and i will walk you through here. just click on the weather app that will load up and as you can see it loads up with your hourly forecast to get up to the minute data here and really plan your day when you head outside. this will help you do that. any alerts will pop up on screen as well, look at headlines, weather news of the day. also want to show you video, pull up any video from our forecast anytime so you can have us on your phone whenever
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you want. get all of the data and watch the video forecast. move back and you are done. lets look at one more thing i'm excited about, we ask you to send you are in photos and video during a storm and now it is easy. go here, go to submit, okay this says take new photo or video or select from the gallery. take a photo just like this one, bang, and then just hit used photo and submit it to cbs anytime. so very easy, if you take a picture of the lightening strikes, along these lines just enter your e-mail address, submit us a photo and you may see it on "eyewitness news" at well. lots of fun stuff to play w easy down load from the app store cbs-3 weather that is all you have to search for or find links on our web site so make sure you down load the brand new cbs film i weather app. >> great news. right now app is available for iphones and ipads. it will be available in the google play store very soon. we will have details on how to
5:52 pm
down load this on our web site at cbs breaking news right now chopper three live over the scene of the robbery in mayfair, a suspect walked in the health food store at 7100 frankford avenue and pulled out a knife. that is when a woman working there pulled out a gun and shot the suspect hoist now hospitalized. police continue to investigate. there are new developments in the deadly natural gas explosion that rocked a ewing township neighborhood. "eyewitness news" at incarnation saint james school on pennington road in ewing today. that is where students and families raised more than 5,000 you dollars worth of gift cards for victims of the explosion. one woman was killed in the blast in the south fork neighborhood on march 4th, crews working in that area hit a gas line. on the healthwatch tonight screening for vitamins d may be routine but government panel says it may not be necessary. >> vitamin d is a nutrient
5:53 pm
that helps body absorb calcium. sun exposure is most effective way to get it but found in fatty fish like salmon. panel agrees it is important but there is no one size fits all number that qualifies a patient as deficient. >> you really just don't have enough evidence to say one way or the other whether screening for vitamin d deficiency, has a health benefit. >> what we don't know is exactly what levels really, what classify someone as being deficient in vitamin d that task force adds old's adults at risk for fault are one specific group that should continue to get supplements because vitamin d along with exercise has been shown to help prevent falls. a summer blockbuster returns to cbs-3. >> under the dome returns, a very special episode, this evening and we will talk with one of the shows stars when "eyewitness news" continues.
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it is back, the cbs hit series under the the dome returns for a second season. >> if you loved last year, just wait, they are promising more businesses and turns and mysteries and some new characters too. our ukee washington talk with actor dean norris who plays big jim, self appointed leader of chester mill. he talked about tonight's special one hour look back episode. >> second season starts off, right seconds after the first season ended, so it makes sense to kind of tune in tonight and get caught up on the secrets and mysteries that occurred last year so you are
5:58 pm
prime ready to go next monday. >> again, tonight, a special, look back episode, just in case you missed anything from last year, under the dome, inside chester's mill tonight at 10:00 o'clock, right here on cb. 36789 be there. set those dvr's don't miss it. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 new video of the suspect in the home invasion and sexual assault in rittenhouse square as he followed the victim home. we are live with the very latest. the the report is out tonight we are learning what the attorney general kathleen cain, found as she investigated handling of the jerry sandusky case under former attorney general governor tom corbett. hear what the men who prosecuted sandusky had to say about her findings. >> i didn't even know it was possible. >> sarah's victory her need for a lung transplant spark national action and today it resulted in a ruling that will permanently help other children all across the
5:59 pm
country, kathy. it is a beautiful sunny day across the delaware val which low humidity but it will not stay that way. humidity returns in the huge way with that seven day forecast, it is all next with eyewitness weather. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. thinks new surveillance video police hope will help them as they search for a rapist this new video showed the alleged attacker, following his victim, just before, that weekend assault. tonight we're also seeing sketches of the man whom police say is responsible for this crime. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is tracking latest from special victims unit tonight, steve. >> reporter: this weekend was about searching for those initial details, hunting for information, today was about surfacing that information, in hopes that the public can help. i'm told that the victim provided testimony, and
6:00 pm
interviews throughout the the day, to police, that led to this, this afternoon, police releasing the the first composite sketch of their suspect, with the hope that somebody at home, can provide any details, that will lead to an arrest. police, pleading to residents. >> we're pulling out all the stops. we are aggressively pursuing this but obviously we need public's help. >> reporter: day three of the investigation aimed at going public, including chilling details. >> keep your mouth shut, keep quiet, open your door. >> reporter: police say that is exactly what that he wanted suspect says to the victim a 26 year-old doctor, before forcing her into her center city apartment, beating, robbing and sexually assaulting her multiple times. monday the special victims unit released a composite sketch. >> it shows the offender, both with and without the


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