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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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afternoon. the exact circumstances of why she was trying to cross here are still unknown but here's what we do know that septa services on this line has been shut down and that the amtrak service has been reduced to just one lane but once again around 4:45 this afternoon a woman struck and killed here, she was trying to cross tracks here at sharon hill, shop. septa service, in both directions and right now amtrak service has been reduced to one lane. that is story reporting live from sharon hill, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you todd for the update there. shot in the line of duty, a delaware state trooper is recovering from two bullet wound after a dangerous run in with the suspect. trooper stopped the suspect on birdie lane in magnolia kent county. and then shots were fired. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has details now on the investigation. >> reporter: corporate rally with lloyd mccann is here at christiana hospital have after least covering and being shot
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twice. events that brought him here began 50 miles away. shots rang out in magnolia kent county, corporal lloyd mccann exchanged fire with the suspect around 7:00 wednesday morning. chopper three, was over the scene. police say it started with a domestic violence incident shortly after midnight. troopers were on the look out for 29 year-old dennis hicks when corporal mccann spotted him in the car. officials say a short car chase between trooper and suspects ended when hicks got out of his car and shot mccann twice. according to police mccann fired back hitting the suspect. both the trooper and suspect were taken to kent general hospital. stolen handgun was found at the scene. police say hicks was pronounced dead shortly before 9:00 a.m. trooper was transferred to christiana hospital by state police helicopter. >> he is alert, conscious, oriented, and again, he is doing really well. our thoughts and prayers are with him, and his family a the this time.
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>> reporter: police say mccann is listed in serious but stable condition and per policy he will be placed on administrative leave pending investigation. at christiana hospital syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it has been a down right uncomfortable day, all that humidity is giving way to storms? heavy downpours, drenched the farmers market in newtown square this afternoon, as eyewitness cam video sent to us by bob burns. we will turn to meteorologist as we head into the night, kathy. >> right now we are tracking one shower or storm, that is, moving into north jersey. that is got news. that was the shower in newtown bucks county and moved through ewing, pennington, new jersey and mercer county and now that is moving away. we're seeing sun popping out and that will move instability in the atmosphere. right now east of williamsport we will see that later tonight. when we look at all of the area, and, over a thousand lightening strikes associated with this line of storms.
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that will be moving through with a cold front later this evening. so between now and 10:00 p.m. this very spotty downpour between 10:00 and midnight, that is key time that we will see the scattered storms with heavier downpours move across the delaware valley from east to west. and after midnight, a few showers and then it will be humid. and coming up, and, dryer days ahead in the seven day but when the sun returns, without the humidity. good hair days for everybody then. i'll send it back to you chris, i will be back with the seven day. >> everybody loves that news, kathy, thanks very much. when you sees severe weather and it is safe to take a pictures, we'd love to see it. up load the pictures to the cbs-3 facebook page or put them on twitter, use the hash tag cbs-3 storm. keep track of all of the storms with our brand new weather app, you can down load it right now, it is freon the app store, and we have an android version coming your waste real soon.
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new at 6:00 a pool rescue at a montgomery county summer camp, a five-year old pulled from the water. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at flourtown daze camp with the story tonight, walt? >> reporter: jessica, it was 2:00 this afternoon when police and ambulance units were called to the flourtown summer daze camp because of a swim inner trouble, a five-year old little boy but by the time they arrived, life guards had acted quickly, little boy was out of the water, and he will be just fine. hear at flourtown summer daze camp, managers, say life guards reacted instantly at mid afternoon when they spotted a five-year old boy in the 4-foot deep water, who needed help. >> there is a stressed swimmer, the child is fine, staff. they followed all procedures and protocols. >> jumped in, got him out made sure he was okay and he was. >> reporter: eyewitness susan kitely says the the little boy, although frightened, was
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not submerged and was alert as the guards got him out of the water. >> he is walking, talking and ace leather. >> reporter: an ambulance took 59 year-old from the pool to the local hospital to be checked out as a precaution. the guards, complicate by pool managers for their quick action. >> i'm very happy with the way it was handled and hopefully this is the only thing that we have to deal with over the course of the summer. >> reporter: and officials say that the quick action by guards here this afternoon is a very clear example of how close you have to watch everyone in the the water when weather gets hot and everybody starts heading for the pools or the local watering holes. live from flourtown montgomery county, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. man and woman described as police as horders are in critical condition tonight after both, were stabbed in olney. the it happened in the 5900 block of north fourth street, and as "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao tells us police are facing some unusual challenges in their
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investigation. >> pair of roommates in the philadelphia's olney section. the the 71 year-old victim stabbed 15 times from neck to foot. the the second victim stabbed twi both in critical condition. >> it is so scary. >> reporter: police spent the day interviewing neighbors and trying to figure out exactly what happened, a task that is proving difficult because of what is inside this house. police calling it annex stream case of hording. >> it is filled with stuff and debris and trash and furniture, and anything you can name from the third floor to the basement. >> reporter: so much clutter inside and out that police say it is hard to tell if it was domestic or home invasion. back window they say seemed to show signs of the forced entry but police cannot be sure. now odd liz enough when police arrived on the scene here they say an 18 year-old neighbor had already cleaned up some of the crime scene hosing down some of the blood. >> it was not only hosing town the blood, but it was hosing down the 71 year-old bloody
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female. >> reporter: teenager mother said he wanted to help. >> he was just trying to help, thought that would help her, with the cleaning the the blood off of her. >> reporter: the the 18 year-old is questioned as a witness. meanwhile neighbors are wondering who would do this but say the the 71 year-old victim has had a rocky relationship with folks in the past. >> she has had mental problems and as years went by they got worse and she would pick fights with the neighbors. >> reporter: pspca is part of the investigation too, authorities say nearly 20 cats were discovered inside. >> upper respiratory infections, and some flees, things like that. >> reporter: right now focus on, finding a cause. jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". tonight police are searching for suspect who attacked a woman returning to her apartment. that suspect followed the woman in the entrance of her apartment on roosevelt boulevard in oxford circle earlier this month. he grabbed her, threatened to take her jewelry and forced her to call a friend to bring them money. suspect then forced would the man in her car. they drove around looking for
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that friend to arrive and gave the suspect cash. the suspect fled in the victim's car. suspect who is now charged with raping a woman in rittenhouse square is, again, facing deportation. milton mateo garcia is accused of attacking the 26 year-old victim near 19th and spruce early saturday morning. immigration agents and philadelphia police have previously relosed the citizen from the u.s., back in june have of 2013. the immigration office has now lodged a detainer against garcia to allow them to assume custody of go see a and deport him if ever released from jail. protesters meet new jersey governor chris christie at his latest town hall meeting in camden county. at today's meeting governor christie spoke about high taxes, pension and health benefit reform. christie's recently cut contributions into the state's pension fund saying that there are no other options for balances new jersey budget. >> i simply don't believe that for the most over taxed people
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in america already that what we need to do is to raise more taxes. >> christie says he will veto the bill to raise taxes, the the cuts made to bridge the budge he budget gap has been very controversial. new at 6:00 a new jersey judge rules that governor christie can follow through with his plan to reduce the state's contributions to publish workers pension funds. and, they make the full payments, it is unclear if they will appeal now, governor christie argued that cutting the the payments in this month and next year was the only clear option for balancing the the state budget, after a surprise revenue short fall. well, national football league is revising its concussion lawsuit settlement, today the nfl agreed to remove a 675 million-dollar cap, on concussion-related damages. philadelphia federal judge, denied preliminary travel of that deal, with nearly 5,000 retired players back in january. she worried that settlement would not provide enough money to cover those who suffer with dementia and other diseases,
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linked to repeated blows to the head. obesity is a worldwide problem and not limited to adults. children with weight issues is all too common, now with the state of pace getting involved, and stephanie stahl takes a lot a brand new report aimed at combating childhood obesity. >> we are tracking line of showers and then are storms moving eastward towards philadelphia, and we will take sometime to get there we will show what you to expect, and when the humidity takes a break. and dozens of ducks rescued from city streets, we will tell you where, exactly officials found these birds, beasley. scottie hartnell said good bye to his flyers teammates today as he clears out for columbus. tomorrow night's nba draft may be the most eagerly anticipated since the team selected allen iverson, those stories when i join you for
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ms. winnie earle: kids inse paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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pennsylvania spca is saying for 25 ducks found yesterday in a hot van in philadelphia duck where is in the van in creates with the window up. no food or water. someone walking by that van heard the ducks panting
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inside, and called for help the the van belongs to q and q live poultry, in spring garden, and the worker there has been cited. the spca says ducks will likely wind up on a farm. on the cbs-3 healthwatch, childhood obesity is an epidemic throughout the united states and here in our area, about one in three children is either obese or overweight. >> shocking numbers, three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a new report calling for a more aggressive effort to fight the problem. >> these children in wynfield heights are out having fun and being active but new report shows many children in pennsylvania, don't get enough exercise and make poor food choices. that is contributing to the obesity epidemic. mark reason who runs this summer program agrees. >> a lot of young people, eat a lot of carbohydrates and sugary drinks and it is just like hallow calories and they don't burn them off.
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>> reporter: at a press conference in harrisburg as you can see in this video from the house republican caucus, the pennsylvania joint government commission and other representatives announced findings of the statewide study on childhood obesity showing its costly and causes a variety of health-related illness. >> it is a very big problem. that is why i'm active. >> reporter: commission is recommending 40 ways to reduce childhood obesity including creating a statewide prevention advisory board giving nutrition information and counseling to pregnant woman and people who take care of children. reevaluating food programs in school districts, changing physical education standards, and providing more funds to certain programs, cross the state. the the group making these recommendations was made up so people that have have extensive experience in working with children, including doctors, and organizations, like the the ymca. to see a completed copy of the new report go to cbs, click on health. >> make sure those kids are
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healthy, no doubt. >> philadelphia recollect centers are getting new sports equipment to help kids get fit. it is all part of the city council's philly play initiative. the goal, it is to teach summer campers how to catch, hit and throw all while getting a good work out. 5,000 pieces of equipment the cost about $40,000. well, the weather is certainly very summer-like g to play outside, definitely work up a sweat. >> drink a lot of water. >> lots of water. >> we're not used to this and creates a stress on the body exercise nothing this type of climate. heat and humidity taking its toll across the region this afternoon and temperatures will get even hotter in that seven day forecast. outside right now, the sun has come out. we have had a sun shower late in the afternoon 59:00 o'clock hour and made it much more humid. lets go down the shore. catching a break with the deep blue skies to the beautiful
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view here from the music pier looking at the beach. a gorgeous afternoon down the shore. storm scan three we are looking at some scattered showers and thunderstorms, this evening, i think we're okay. we had one heavy downpour that moved right through our suburbs now moving toward north jersey. this is the line that i'm keeping an eye on marching east, and we will be seeing this rolling through the ridge on as early as 10:00 o'clock as it breaks up moving eastward and this all associated with the cold front and we will be seeing that making its presence known, drying out the air, come tomorrow morning. right now in philadelphia 85. forty-eight in dover. eighty-three wilmington. temperatures in the 70's heading down the shore and barrier island ranging from 75 in beach haven to 79 in stone harbor. rehoboth beach delaware checking in at 79 degrees. not so comfortable this afternoon, this evening, dew points will stay in the the oppressive range right around 70, heading towards insufferable which is 75.
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dew point is that true amount of moisture in the atmosphere and we are in the oppressive range in the 70's and that means is there so much moisture in the air that it makes it hard to do anything when we're outdoors. it helps a few showers and thunderstorms. future weather times it out this evening, sun comes out, again. and then by late tonight we will see a line of showers moving through. some with heavy downpours. in the wake of this we will try it out and then by thursday morning we will be seeing some sunshine and some warming temperatures. here's what to expect between 10:00 p.m. and midnight the scattered downpours, half inch of rain, localized flooding possible and heavier downpours and then occasional lightening. after that we will dry it out nicely, improving conditions, that high pressure is to the north. that brings back deep blue skies for friday and sat date. next chance of showers or storms will roll in on sunday. humid throughout the evening with showers and storms late. low of 72. touring date tomorrow high of
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88. it will be warm. humid but not as humid. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast drying out for your friday and saturday. sunday 86. monday 86. look at what happens next tuesday and wednesday, sticky and stormy, with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. quite amazing indeed. i want to remind everyone that orr will be down the shore highlighting everything that is great about sea isle city, tomorrow live at 5:00 and 6:00 come and see us. >> a lot of highlights. kathy, thank you. >> you bet. >> good evening, everyone. we have a lot to highlight in regards to your commute. lets look at the the skew you kill expressway, if you are traveling west wound direction, this shot right around city avenue, notice we have high volume, and it is not just within western suburbs but it is coming to and from the area of the vine street expressway a lot of phils fans are heading down toward the ballpark there.
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if you are however usual commuters wilmington newark regional rail suspended due on police activity at sharon hill. cbs-3 has been covering this and we will update you on. that stay tuned to cbs for more details. as we look at our rush hour commute, speed sensors low. sixteen is your average on the schuylkill. twenty on 476. watch out for delays on i-95 right around northeast philadelphia and stay with us for cbs-3 "eyewitness news"
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all right. tomorrow is the nba draft. this is the most anticipated sixers draft, since they select allen iverson almost two decades ago.
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general manager sam hinkie is not saying a word. nobody knows what he will do tomorrow with the third and tenth pick. if they want andrew wiggins on jabberi parker they will to have trade up or they will settle at three and take a chance on the injured joel embed or ultra athletic daunte xiom. >> would i like to play for any team. i fit any team perfectly. >> you just don't know. everything is up in the air. but i work out for three through eight pretty much and, you know, i felt comfortable with all of the work outs and it is in their hand right new. >> all right. scottie hartnell said his final farewell to philadelphia today, he clean out his locker at flyers skate zone, scott was traded to columbus monday for rj um burger and draft pick. he spent seven years here in philadelphia as a fan favorite. >> i talked to hextall, i was fighting them back a little bit, the tears, but it will be
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more emotional coming in here in november or whenever we come in here. i said last night, i feel, you know, i let the city down a little bit, let myself down, that we didn't win and that is you why play the game. >> phillies host marlins in game three at the bank, phillies stopped their three game losing streak last night, with a broke the game open in sixth inning. codey ash hit a two run double. he batted .368, since returning from a in layoff, with the hamstring injury. >> he really worked on his stroke, and when he was able to get some at bats in games, he is able to be quality, and came here ready winning a good bat. that was key. that was good. he has helped us win some games already. >> tony gwynn, junior.
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>> and, phillies game, tone gay win junior, came to bat. fans gave him a standing ovation, which is his first game back after the death of his father, tony gwynn. very classy. the that is a nice touch a lot of love in the ballpark. >> absolutey beasley, thank you. >> we wi
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wwps good the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. tonight the supreme court gets tech nick dal with landmark rulings that do concern you. plus madness turns to beauty on the streets of brazil. here new from new york with the "cbs evening news" is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight, can the police search your cell phone? the u.s. supreme court decided that today. and ruled in a case that threatened broadcast television. jan crawford and chip reid report. the economy suffered the worst slowdown since the great recession. anthony mason on what it means. jamie yuccas covers the worst flooding one region has seen in 20 years. why did democrats rescue a republican fighting for his political life? nancy cordes explains. and the rails lead to america. manual bojorquez on what's leading desperate thousand to cling to hope. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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