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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  June 29, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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bizarre accident at a rita's water ice stan leaves a three-year old child dead. coming up we are live with more on the eyewitnesses who tried to help. also this morning a teenager on a bike is struck by a car and critically injured on the boulevard overnight. more details on that crash are coming up. and a federal investigation is underway after a plane goes down in a marshy area of the delaware river. two people had to be rescued. good morning it is sunday june 29th thanks so much for joining us i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00 o'clock. the lets check on that forecast, nice today but we're in for a warm up, right. >> yes, we are, and humidity increase too. already we're seeing this morning the temperatures are
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warming up in the lower 70's but as we keep saying humidity is not as high as it can get around here. it makes it feel a little bit more comfortable. why don't we look outside, why look at what is outside our window in center city and it looks beautiful this morning. in clouds. buildings, many of them are empty as everyone enjoys their sunday. we will move down the shore and we will fine a crowded boardwalk. there are more people on that stretch then all of center city outside right now. you can see people love getting out near the shore this time of the year. storm scan three we are looking at in weather problems whatsoever so expect to find a lovely day to day and then again for probably 800th time this morning i will say humidity will remain much letter today, then we will be finding it so things feel better. seventy-one in philadelphia. sixty-nine in both trenton and wilmington. seventy-one in allentown. atlantic city at the airport there you started two hours ago with temperatures in the
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50's. you are already at 70 degrees. poconos 66. so these temperatures are very easy to take. dew point at this point is 61 but it should be dropping a little bit moving through the afternoon hours only to start increasing on monday, tuesday and wednesday. temperatures wye noon 81. pretty comfortable. by the time we get to 3:00 p.m. 87 degrees. we are looking for some shade. if you find some shade, it will be comfortable, make sure you have some pets under that shade as well today. we are looking at future weather, in weather problems anticipated for us, so lets enjoy, some nice weather, as we go through the day and get ready for warm up that we will be fining this week. i'll talk more about that with the temperatures as well coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. new this morning a teenager is in critical condition after being struck by a car while riding his bike in northeast philadelphia. accident happened before midnight in the north bound are in lanes of the roosevelt
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boulevard at least vick street. the driver did remain at that scene and the accident investigation. fire fighters battled a row home fire in the point breeze section of the philadelphia fire broke out in the 1500 block of 20th street around 5:30 this morning. it didn't take long for fire fighters to get that blaze under control, no one was injury, that is good news. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. an investigation is underway to figure out how a rolling security door fell down, killing a three-year old girl in brewerytown. the tragic accident happened yesterday afternoon at rita's water ice. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at the scene with that tragic story, syma? >> reporter: well, nicole taking a look behind me you can see where that security gate awning was, now if you look next door, to the retail space next to it, that is similar to what was on the the rita's water ice storefront. you cane two lights an an
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awning. that is what felon a little girl killing her. >> i heard a boom and i came back out immediately and all you could hear was yelling and screaming. >> reporter: eyewitnesses saw this steel security door on the ground. but what they didn't realize was a three-year old girl was trapped underneath it. >> i didn't realize there was a baby under the awning until the the mother started screaming saying there is a baby under there. >> reporter: girl was standing outside rita's the water wise her mother in brewerytown around 4:30 saturday afternoon on the 2800 block of girard avenue. police say that the steel security door suddenly detached, landed directly on the the young girl, killing her. the accident happened during an annual fundraiser for two fraternities. eyewitnesses say the fraternity brothers immediately tried get the child out from under the the door. >> they could not awning off of the baby. it took 20 or 30 men to get that awning off of the baby. when they got it up off of
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her, she was just laying there lifeless. >> she was laying there motionlessly and that is when tears came out of my eyes. just sad. i don't want anybody to experience that. >> reporter: the three-year old girl was taken to hahnemann hospital where she was pronounced dead. eyewitnesses say the images something they will never forget. >> losing a child that way is just, how can i say? >> reporter: the parent could have of that rita's story leased a statement saying quote our hearts and prayers go out to the child's family. due to the current investigation, we really cannot comment on that unfortunate incident. officials are continuing to investigate they are checking surveillance video and eyewitnesses and trying to figure out how that awning fell down. it is so heavy. it takes several bolts to keep up. they are investigating. we are live, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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same, thank you. police identified two people killed in the north philadelphia house fire. the fire broke out inside of the home on the 1500 block of north sixth street shortly after midnight. authorities have identified victims as 69 year-old gwennlynn cofield and five-year old lemar james. neighbors tell us that the little boy was cofeel's grandson. >> i just heard people crying, family crying, just sad, people just waiting for the worst and that is really sad moment, you know, i hate to be in that moment. authorities say five residents made it out alive and they credit smoke detectors with alert ago this family. also this morning we now know name of the victim in the deadly road rage shooting in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood. three two-year old antonio, was shot in the head and chest 8:30 friday night. according to police victim was fighting with his wife in the middle of north fifth street blocking traffic. someone got angry, they got out of their vehicle and they shot him.
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the search continues, for that gunman. federal investigators are looking in the plane crash in salem county, police rescued two men and officials say it is amazing they survived. the small, single engine plane went down near fort mott state park in pennsville along the delaware river. chopper three over the scene there where investigators say plane apparently lost power at 10:45 this morning. it crashed in the marshy area after taking off from new castle airport. the pilot and passenger were heading to millville airport. >> witnesses saw a trail of smoke and that was it. >> they walk through mud i area to the roadway, where delaware state police pick them up. >> it is muddy, marshy, hot, it is amazing they survived. >> pilot and passenger suffered only minor injuries. a multi vehicle crash in montgomery county send two people to the hospital, this was the scene on route one hundred at county line road in douglass township.
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police say that seven people were involved in that crash, two were rushed to lehigh valley hospital. it is in the clear what cause that had pile up. it is 8:08, significant break through in the battle against breast cancer. coming up next it is being called most exciting improvement to mammogram, technology and it has connection to our area. also on the way, a world famous architect talks about his vision to make a major change to our famous art museum and iconic steps. >> we will be right back. is inspected by the usda... but perdue asked them to go further. they verify that all our chickens are cared for in a clean, safe environment... and fed an all-veggie diet. no other chicken company does this. but at perdue, we believe in a better chicken.
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well, at perdue, we say you are what you eat...eats. so we feed our chickens an all-veggie diet, including corn and marigolds with no added animal by-products... hormones...or steroids. because at perdue, we believe in a better chicken. back on "eyewitness news" with new information about the father charged with murder after leaving his 22 month-old son in the hot car. justin ross harris told police he used the internet to search
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about child deaths inside vehicles. cooper harris died after he was left inside an suv for seven hours. that little bye's funeral was held yesterday in alabama. just continue harris remains behind bars. wal-mart stores in indianapolis are doing more than just rolling back prices, they are trying to save lives. customers are greeted with a new sign in the front window that reads, look before you leave. it is a warning for parents not to leave their parents in the car. now doctors say children can succumb to heat stroke in temperatures as low as 65 to 70 degrees. back here at home, philadelphia's museum of art business to undergo a transformation, this past week museum leaders and world renowned architect unveiled a plan for the public. plants call to create extensive new gallery space and controversial change to those famous steps. pat ciarrocchi, expects exclusively with the architect tapped to make it all happen report report name frank geary stretch's cross the face of
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the philadelphia museum of art, just as runners are making their climb, like rocky. inside the architect walks among the models, that have reimagined the museum for the future. >> i think we just got to take it over and put it where it belongs, in the great museums in the world. >> reporter: multi year, multi phase project that opens up the the interior primarily through an excavation under the east plaza that is in center city to create the a new 55 you this square foot gallery at street level. >> the problem building under that plaza was how do you make gallery spaces down there so it doesn't look like you aringing in basement. >> reporter: gary says by adding light, broad sky light and a window carved out of the center of the steps that thousands of tourist come to climb. >> thinks the art museum and people from around the world come here, to climb these steps and if they are in the here they will say ahh. >> reporter: since rocky told
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story of overcoming adversity with that running climb to the top of the art museum steps, thousands have come and run to the top. >> to take that away would be super sad. >> reporter: to run the steps is why native philadelphian kelly, came to the museum with her denver born husband, paul. >> the the story of rocky is an under dog coming up, rising up, and, you know, winning, becoming a champion. >> reporter: now run here has become the symbol of rise ago above adversity and winning. a statue of rock any full victory stance draws tourist the two street side grass area, since 2006. that was even after a debate over is this skull ask seven tour arthur a movie prop. >> the hollywood interventions are cute but they don't resonate really with the art new seem. >> i think this place has a mission and it is a world mission. >> reporter: first plans had in exterior changes but a
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desire to create a visual opening to the city, led to the window in the middle of the steps. the idea wasn't gary's but came from a board member. >> that is an intervention where we're crossing the line there that maybe we should or shouldn't, i don't know. >> master plan embraces both expansion and growth and that is as it should be. >> reporter: what museum leaders do know is that the ambitious plan is expensive. initial phase face, which doesn't include the steps is budgeted conservatively at 150 million-dollar. to help visualize the transformational changes the the exhibit opened to the public through september 1st, will tell the story. one, that the eight five-year old gary feels he is co writing with the original architect hohis race trum bauer. it is an interesting, experience because everything is here, he left the dna to do
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what we're doing. >> reporter: vaulted underground walkway that has been closed to visitors for years was open for camera to see the l gant brick and arches. this space will give access verticalcally to allow renovations of the main west entrance and lenfest hall. still, outside, the rodriguez family from costa rica came for the art, by way of the museum steps which could some day change dramatically. >> it is part of the sit i. it is beautiful, the scene and all this history they have not just from the movie but i think it belongs to everybody else. >> reporter: master plan making a classic modern, with philadelphia, envisioning its future too. pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, they may transform those steps, carol but they should not touch that rocky statue if they know what is good for them.
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>> absolutely not. when we talk art we're talking rocky statue. beautiful building and changes look interesting and neat. jack frost big boulder no snow but just grass and boardwalk, covered with people and this is at the shore, any shore destination, mountain destination you might have to have day, perfect. are you staying at home? that is fine too. get outside if you can because it will be more enjoyable today, temperature wise and feeling wise then it will for many more days to come. this is day to get outside. seventy-six outside in reading. beautiful start to the day there. so no matter where you are, you cannot miss, we have 71 at the airport and in philadelphia, and in allentown, 71 degrees. sixty-six in the poconos. seventy-two in wildwood. ocean temperatures are right around that 70-degree mark as well. things are looking nice
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temperature wise in all locations. as we go to the shore temperatures remaining in the 60's but not for long. we will get in the 70's later on this afternoon and a sea breeze will be starting up as our land heat up and ocean is relatively cooler. you'll find that. so storm scan three showing no problems, high pressure is here, we've got temperatures in the 80's, today, upper 80's by the time we get to tomorrow and monday, we are -- tomorrow is monday. by the the time we get to tomorrow, which is monday, we will be into the upper 80's again, by the time we get to the day after tomorrow, which is tuesday we will be right around 90 or 91 degrees and humidity will be coming up so get ready for the heat, ready or not, that heat is coming. future weather no problems for us today, we will have a dry day virtually every place, some clouds start to come in tomorrow, we might welcome a few of them. humidity picks up. notice these showers they will stay away because high
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pressure is still here but a front ace approaching and it will be kicking up some of that humidity before it gets here. we have to contend with that. for time being, we have just a dip in the jet stream which is enough to allow cool enough air but tomorrow that starts to break down and then by tuesday, wednesday, thursday it is hot, and humid around here and we will find dew point getting way up in the 60's close to 70-degree which means heat index mid week is going to be close to it will be in the 90's for sure because temperatures will be in the 90's and heat index could approach that 1 degree mark. today is day if you want to get out, get a fan, get window air conditioning unit, set up that cool spot in your own house where people and pet, spend their time. so at least one room in the house needs to be cool and if you are running a fan always remember windows have to be opened or just gets hotter and hotter. this is summer. all of the fans, air conditioning you'll fine reasons to use for many more
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times this summer. so get out there and get anything that you can to stay cool this week. seventy-eight at the the beach today, so, looks nice, low risk of rip current, nice day shaping up at the beach. eighty-seven in philadelphia 78 at the shore. poconos 82 degrees. can't misinformation cast, light winds, once again today, tonight we are down to 65 degrees, that is the last of the cool nights because we will start to get in the 70's, even overnight, as we go monday night and then quotes in the middle 70's for low temperatures on that tuesday, wednesday, thursday time period. into the 90's feeling much hotter then that, showers and thunderstorms especially through that wednesday, thursday time period and we might hang on to a shower early on friday, otherwise, 86 degrees, fourth of july and saturday at this point looks to be dry, sunny and 85, nicole. >> carol thanks. 8:19. lets check on the roads with ann, good morning, ann. >> woodhaven at academy road westbound lanes to the right of your screen, right lane had
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been block, debris on the highway, they finish washing highway down inn good to go right now. no delays or problems. we will move traffic cam to the ben franklin parkway and art museum circle. no delays or problems here no events going on that we know of and ben franklin parkway and art museum circle is open. july 4th there will be a big party on the parkway plus we will have that jam concert and fire works for july 4th and it will be of course all crowded but right now, opened for business and it is pretty peaceful there. we will move traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge in delays or problems but we have construction in the eastbound lanes, that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans back to you nicole. well, gas prices are going up, highest they have been in six years according to triple a. they blame the crisis in iraq. nationwide gas prices rose to $3.68 a gallon, their highest since july 2008 when it went above $4. the prices in pennsylvania are
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above the nationwide average of $3.78 a gallon. drivers in new jersey can expect to pay $3.55 delaware a gallon of gas will set you back $3.65. triple a predicts 35 million americans will hit road for fourth of july holiday weekend that is most, since 2007. so, not bothered by the prices. on the healthwatch this morning a significant break through in the battle against breast cancer. doctors say, 3-d digital mammography is better way to fine early stage tumors. new study is released and part of the research was done right here in philadelphia three on your side health reporter stephanie stahl has that story. >> this myself daughter. she's 15. >> reporter: fifty-four year-old laurie safer is raising two teen agers in south jersey where for years she was worried about a series of inconclusive breast screenings. then laurie turn to penn medicine where 3-d mammography known as tomosynthesis found out what she had been fearing.
8:22 am
>> it was a stage one cancer. they got it in time and i feel very happy, you know, that i know, i had it, and it is cured. >> reporter: here's a traditional image of the laurie's breast and this is more detailed 3-d view. >> when you look at this image this area clearly stand out. >> reporter: doctor mitchell, chair of radiology at penn medicine says tomo synthesis say it provides three dimensional images. >> you get a clear look at the the breast tissue by looking at individual slices as opposed to the entire breast as a single projection. >> penn is part of the study that included over half million women with 3-d digital mammography there was a 41 percent increase in the detection of invasive cancer compared to traditional mom graph i alone. there was also a 15 percent tea crease in unnecessary follow-up test, because of false alarms. >> what really help on both end of the screening process. >> reporter: laurie says uncertainty of not knowing was worse than diagnosis that
8:23 am
finally came with the 3-d technology. >> i believe it saved my life. >> reporter: many doctors feel that 3-d mammograms should be used more routinely but they are not currently covered by most insurance plans. we have more information for you at cbs, click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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there are plenty of people mastered the art of making money but how many people mastered making art out of money. cbs's anthony mason has found a man who has done just that. here's a preview of cbs's sunday morning. >> i had no idea where i would go when i started cutting up first bills. >> reporter: artist mark wagner first cut up a dollar bill, 15 years ago.
8:26 am
>> i had no sort of personal interest in economics. >> reporter: but he could in the stop making things out of money. his artist assembled almost entirely from 1 dollar bills. he calls this one the money lisa. >> by doing what you do you show up all sorts of the parts of the dollar we never notice. >> that is irony of the work that people are owe familiar with the object they have it in their hand with the daily basis and in within really ace wear of what it looks like. >> reporter: his work asks to us reconsider this piece of paper, we value so much. >> it is against the law to destroy it. it is tab buy that is being broken nerd to make the work. >> reporter: his epic piece liberty is 17 feet tall made from nearly 82,000 bill fragments. >> it took basically an entire year. >> reporter: not all of his ideas are so ambitious.
8:27 am
>> thinks standard. >> i had those made, my brother david is a woodworker. >> reporter: tiedled a very expensive push broom, its bristles are $88 bills. >> you really do give a new meaning to how far you can make a dollar bill go. >> thank you, i intended that. >> wow, i can appreciate the art but the broom, that is a bit expensive. 8:27. priceless art of mark wagner plus low fair airline flying high and shekira is all this morning on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. still ahead we are live at the scene of the bizarre accident at a rita's water ice this weekend, such a tragic story, child is killed when a piece of the front storefront came crashing down on top of her, plus we will have the latest coming up next. also, probably happened to you or somebody you know a cracked smart phone screen, replacing the entire phone can
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be costly so jim done ran explores options for fixing them instead. nice out there right now carol tell us what we can expect the the rest of our sunday and week ahead we will be
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today, it is sunday june 29th good morning thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. 8:30. lets check that forecast and weather was pretty nice yesterday and more of the same today, carol. >> almost exactly the same, temperatures nicole will be very close to where they were yesterday, and we are going to be looking at really nice weather conditions coming up, today and then heat and humidity really start to pour in the area.
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let's look outside and we will fine nice sunshine, nice bridge, and blue skies, so nice looking start to the day, we will move to the poconos and we have got great conditions there, too. lots of sunshine. it looks so comfortable. down at the shore we have got temperatures very comfortable this morning in the 60's at this point, very few people outside. there is somebody right now, walking their dogs on the sand and heading back in margate. beautiful start to the day and just about every single location. storm scan three showing it is really every inning will location. even eye this beautiful weather because it will be more comfortable today then it will be over the next four or five days probably. so temperatures at this point in the 70's in some spots, let start down in wildwood at 72. atlantic city at the airport there 07 degrees. sixty-six millville. seventy-one follow a and allentown. up in the poconos we have 66 degrees this morning. we have a noon time
8:32 am
temperature of eight #. 3:00p m our high, it is warm but not all that humid to day. 87 degrees. as we go through time on future weather we will find we have not much going on but just some sunshine today, let's enjoy it and lets enjoy this comfortable day and make good use of it because you need to make plans forgetting are hot wet they are week. we will talk with that just ahead, nicole. >> carol, thank you. a three-year old girl is killed while getting a rita's water ice, a security gate came crashing down on her yesterday afternoon in brewerytown. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live there at this hour with that story, syma. that is right, nicole, taking a look behind me you can see where that security door was in front of the rita's, just to give you a better idea what you are talking about if you look next door you can see that store's security gate was very similar the 21 in front of rita's and as you can imagine because it is made out of steel it is so heavy. that is what came crashing down killing a little girl.
8:33 am
>> i heard a boom, i came back out, immediately and all you could hear was yelling and screaming. >> reporter: eyewitnesses saw this steel security door on the ground, what they didn't realize was a three-year old girl was trapped underneath it. >> didn't realize there was a baby under the awning until the mother started screaming saying there is a baby under there. >> reporter: girl was standing outside rita's water ice with her mother in brewerytown around 4:30 saturday afternoon in the 2800 block of girard avenue. police say steel security door suddenly detached landing directly on the young girl killing her. the accident happened during an annual fundraiser for two fraternities. eyewitnesses say fraternity brothers immediately tried to get the the child out from under the door. >> they could not get the awning off of the baby. it took about 20 to 30 men to get that awning off of the baby. when they got it up off of her she was laying there lifeless.
8:34 am
>> she was laying there motionlessly and tears came out. i don't want anyone to sleep that. >> losing a child, that way, is just. what can i say. >> rita's italian ice, and released a statement, and, our hearts and prayers get out to the family. due to the current investigation we cannot comment on that unfortunate, incident. nicole crust to give you an idea how we have that i steel door was, an eyewitness sent thus photo of the fraternity brothers holding up that awning security door that she tell me it took them about five minutes just to hold and they took shifts trying to hold it because it was that heavy. now officials are continuing, to investigate, they will talk
8:35 am
with more eyewitnesses, and looking into surveillance videos to try to figure out how exactly that security door, fell and detached from that wall, considering something so heavy, should be bolt todd that wall securely. we are live, in brewerytown, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> syma, thank you. libyan militant charged in the the 2012 been gas a taxis under arrest and now on u.s. soil. he made his first appearance in federal court on saturday. we will get more from cbs news correspondent wendy gilette. >> reporter: ahmed abu khattala pleaded not guilty in federal court in washington saturday. he answered yes, no in arab when a judge asked him two questions during a ten minute court hearing. he was not handcuffs, and wore a black track suit as he heard conspiracy to provide support to terrorist. the khattala is suspect of helping lead the attack on the u.s. consul in benghazi. at salts on september 11th, 2012, killed u.s. ambassador
8:36 am
to libya, christopher stevens, and three other americans. the attack unleash a fire storm on criticism against a obama administration. republicans accused the white house of misrepresenting, what happened at the consul and providing inadequate protection for diplomates working there. security was tight for khattala's first court appearance just blocks from the u.s. capitol. hes was flown to washington saturday morning where he had within held ape questioned since his capture near benghazi by u.s. special forces two weeks ago. officials tell cbs news that khattala was talkative and cooperated with u.s. interrogators, before and after he was read his miranda rights on the ship. he is being held at a federal detention center in the washington area. wendy gilette, on for cbs-3 eyewitness naus. cbs's face the nation will be coming up later this morning at 10:30 on cb. 36789 joining with us a preview live from washington is maryland rate or, cbs news
8:37 am
chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. good morning to you. a lot of developments including that in iraq as well >> yes, there are it appears that the counter offensive, government forces in iraq mounted yesterday has stalled in the tikrit. we will go there for on the scene, coverage of that, and we are also going to talk to the chairman of the house home land security committee mike mccall, about the the arrest of this suspect in the benghazi situation. we understand that the suspect has been talking to u.s. investigators for almost two weeks now, since his arrest, the chairman of the home land security committee has been briefed and he can bring us up to date what if anything of value that u.s. investigators have learned from this suspect. back to this situation in iraq, so many questions there, we will talk to democrat joe
8:38 am
mansion, senator from west virginia, and wyoming republican senator john baraso the big question here is what can and should the united states do now? this situation is terrible, it is all tangled up but what can we actually do the second question is, is this in the u.s. national security? do these people, thesisis people, are they a threat to the home land of america and what if anything can we do about that. so that is where we will focus our discussion today, on face the nation. >> all right bob, thanks for the preview. we do appreciate it. >> um-hmm. >> 8:38. back here in our area police are asking for your help to find two gunman who stole money and cigarettes from the food landmark. the robbery was captured by surveillance camera on the 5500 block of rising sun avenue in olney. one suspect was wearing a dark colored nike baseball cap, the other was wearing white low converse chuck taylor styled
8:39 am
speaker. police say this man tried to kick down a door to burglarize an apartment in north philadelphia it happened on the 3,000 block of master street. the resident was home at the time and confront that had suspect who ran away. the the suspect was wearing a yellow reflective vest. if you can identify him, please call the police. area catholics are gathering week toned commemorate clothing of 12 philadelphia local parishes. they embarked on a journey to stop and pray at each of the parishes, all of them are slated to be closed by the way. the spanish chapel on spring garden street is one of them. parishioners are devastated by the the clothings. >> it is very difficult but is there always hope. we have another line of work that we are carrying on here but it is extremely difficult but we don't lead, by the word of man, we lead by the faith of our god. >> for many of the affect parishes their last services will be held today.
8:40 am
overseas now pope francis resumed duties after he canceled a planned outing over health concerns. the 77 year-old pontiff attended a ten minute private audience with the president of the madgascar. on friday francis skip a visit to the rome hospital. third time this month he canceled or scaled back an event, due to fatigue or illness. kyle queen elizabeth the second is honoring those who served in world war one on the hundred anniversary of the event that led to the out break of the war. monarch attended a solemn drum service of remembrance at royal hospital chelsea in london. well, nasa launches a flying saucer, of all things to the edge of space, this giant helium balloon took off from hawaii to test technology that could be used on mars. now officials say it safely splashed down in the pacific. a vehicle was inn identify that balloon that was designed to offer and deliver heavy
8:41 am
spacecraft and astronauts to space. in as plans more tests, next year. so, not aliens just nasa. 8:41 right now. it has happened to many of us and maybe somebody you know watching your smart phone slip and fall to the floor. you don't have to be stuck with the shattered screen. our where i am donovan shows us how to fix it without spending money, next.
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replacing the entire phone can be expensive but that is not the only solution. three on your side jim donovan looks at options for fixing the broken screen. >> they slip from our fingers. they get knock off tables. in an instant you can end up with a crack screen. alyssa black's phone broke in the office party. >> my boss knocked it out of my hand.
8:44 am
so he should fix it. >> reporter: kerry thomas crack hers after dropping it and it is still under contract. >> i'm kind of in prison with it. >> reporter: you don't to have get stuck in the cracked screen there are companies that can fix them. first up cpr cell phone repair in horsham, one of the 175 franchise locations throughout the country, >> and replacing the screen, $80 it is ready for an hour. at the apple store in cherry hill they told us they could not fix a broken iphone four screen. >> yes. >> apple tells us that in store screen repairs are only available for the five, 5c and if parts are available three and 3g models. when it comes to the four they told us they could replace the entire phone for 149.
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finally, i, they bring the repairing to you. just go on line to find a tech near you. the once you connect you schedule a meeting in the place of your choice, three on your side producer arranged to meet tyler at star bucks. >> how are you. >> he fix the phone on location, it was, good as new in 30 minutes. >> it looks fabulous. >> reporter: the price, $85. tyler says customers love the convenience. >> it takes out a lot of the hassle with finding someone that will do it. >> reporter: while we'd love to have your business, one of the most simple things to do to avoid the screen repair, keep your phone in the case. for more information on the companies i just mentioned and others, log on to cbs or follow me on facebook and twitter. i will post links there as well. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> that was a good picture of jim, did you see. that 8:45. still to come a beautiful start to the week but get
8:46 am
ready to find a cool place this week. carol has details on hot and humid weather heading our way. our four legged friend hang ten, check this guy out stay tune to see how they spent the dog day afternoon we will be right back. choosing is half the fun.. because there's a little something delicious... for everyone. hershey's miniatures, choose your own delicious.
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well, amateur radio operators were having a field day showing off their kills in roxborough. pennsylvania is home to more than 25,000 license amateur radio operators often called hams. many of them provide backup communication for emergency responders. >> well, philadelphia kicks off its week long holiday celebration. cbs-3 is largest block party in the summer. it is liberty block party held outside liberty place in center city. this is just the the first event leading up to the july 4th festivities, plenty
8:49 am
more where that came from. r and b group new addition took to the stage with other performers, a big crowd on hand to even eye all of the food and festivities. it was a great day for it. another great day ahead, right. >> they can hold to it day too and be in fine shape as well. but instead, we have just this view of buildings, hard to find any people in them and there may in the be too many people in many of these build to day and aim sure they are out and enjoy this blue sky, blue sky at the shore too and boardwalk, people out, and red, white and blue, so perfect looking weekend, this is last june weekend, we are, i cannot believe july 4th is on friday. another look at the beach. here we go. what are they cleaning the beaches here. make sure you take stuff out. and how nice is that. the beaches, will be packed today. a sea breeze will be keeping
8:50 am
it cooler there 71 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty-nine in trenton. sixty-nine in wilmington. at 07 degrees. that is 10 miles inland. that is at the airport in atlantic city. wildwood nice and warm with the long beaches, 73 degrees down there storm scan three, not much going on. we are happy to say we are hard pressed to find a cloud around here and that will be the the case all day long as well. temperatures like yesterday we will hit 87 degrees. today we will be right at 87 degrees. humidity levels remaining low so it is confidentable out there, air feels nice and dry and it is but that does change. by monday we will start to see temperatures still in the 80's, it es one difference will be a couple more clouds and also a little bit more humid and then by tuesday it is noticeably more humid around here and noticeably hotter. temperatures will be about 90 degrees on tuesday, that could start a heat wave so we will see if we will keep this 90-degree plus going on the
8:51 am
tuesday, wednesday, thursday timetable which is entirely possible. that would be a heat wave. we have a front coming through but you slow to get here and it the is pumping up in advance of it, all that warm, sticky air, unfortunately for several days and chances for showers and thunderstorms will result as a result on that wednesday, thursday time period but we cannot rule them out, later on tuesday. future weather, this computer model says not going on around here. not too much in the way of clouds. tomorrow we will find a few more clouds but notice it generally stays dry. might get hit with a couple showers by tuesday and then wednesday, and thursday i think they will more generally likely, as that temperature comes up and humidity comes up. and the jet stream comes up and that will allow this humidity from the south, come in up here and very hot and humid. this is the time, plan today while we have all day long where it is comfortable to fine the fan, bureau them ask your friend and neighbors,
8:52 am
pool your money together and get a window air conditioning if you don't have more than that, keep one room, at least, cool in your house where you and your pets can gather and stay cool and in what is coming this week. heat index approaching that 100-degree mark through middle of the week so serious heat. eighty-seven today in philadelphia shore 78. poconos 82 degrees, in the bad in any location. owe we will like this. this is summertime. 65 degrees, last of the cool nights for a couple days because overnight we will be at least 70 degrees on monday and then by tuesday and wednesday overnight we are in the 70's, middle 70's plus with afternoons in the 90's and feeling hotter than. that shower and thunderstorm chance that he is wednesday, thursday, time period hopefully gone by friday morning. you know what, now you can have your weather on the go, anytime with the new cb. philly weather app which is your live radar, severe weather alerts, everything.
8:53 am
cbs philly weather app ace railable for apple products free, andrew version is coming soon, nicole. one last check on the road, good morning, ann. >> good morning, nicole. we are looking at schuylkill at vine street expressway. schuylkill at the top, vine street expressway more on the bottom. both highways are in good shape through philadelphia schuylkill in good shape through philadelphia and suburbs. we will move traffic cam to i-95, this is right near commodore barry bridge around 3 miles from the delaware state line. commodore barry bridge in good shape, so is i-95, 495, which isn't far is closed in both directionness wilmington between terminal avenue and 12th street and because of that i-95 this stretch of i-95 is alternate and we do see heavy traffic on that but having is moving. on to the ben franklin bridge mid span in delays on the ben franklin bridge itself again construction in the eastbound lanes toward new jersey within lane taking up by construction but so far in delays. if you are taking garden state
8:54 am
parkway right southbound at route nine, exit 48 big sink hole on the exit ramp. use caution in that area ac expressway, looks okay at that point. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic enter, i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. well, talented artists create towering works of art for the first ever, sand sculpture contest in china more than 30 sculptors used san, water and their own imagination to capture essence of china's history. check that out. tourist viewed 50 different sand sculptures. wow. check this out these guys wanted to spend all their time on the water when they were at the beach on saturday or at least they didn't really have a choice in the matter. these dogs in san diego were taking lessons how to surf in the ocean. organizers say owners should give surfing with their dogs a try, all proceed from the event went to support and animal center so for a good cause. he got right off there. first chance he god.
8:55 am
we will be right back.
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8:57 am
let's get one last check of the weather. >> weather is not bad at all, i think it will be good. let's look at the the positive thing on this. and humidity will be down and that makes all of the difference really hot, tuesday, wednesday and thursday and milk plans to stay cool. >> thanks so much, that is "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on tell rigs but we are always on line cbs sun take morning with charles osgood is up next make it a great day. >> bye-bye.
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