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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a young, mother, murdered, her husband, spe killer, flees before killing himself. two children are now left without parents and a community is asking, why did this all happen. >> good evening i'm yes, sir contact dean. i'm chris may. police believe that those two young boys witnessed their mother's murder, inside family's drexel hill apartment. that sparked an amber alert that came to an end, on staten island. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live in drexel hill with how the investigation stand right now joseph galloway and saw that, drive off his block. >> i did see the kids. he was already in the truck. he took off or whatever. and then, before you know it,
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the police were all around here. >> reporter: he didn't know it at the time but he watch as his neighbor keith belajonas sped off with his four and five-year old sons moments after police say he shot and stabbed his wife cristina belajonas killing her inside their home. >> he didn't seem like that kind of a guy. i didn't talk to him much. >> reporter: police said he sped towards the staten island robbing cvs store once he got there. >> he then leaves the kids there and goes not too far away and they find his car, on the street up in staten island. >> reporter: kids were safe but bell a general as had taken his own life. he and his wife cristina had been arguing and neighbor tells us that the pair separated. police described a chilling message keith posted on his facebook page. >> we had an argument. she was cheating on me. i won. >> reporter: all signs indicate that the two children watched as their mom was murdered. >> as they were walking out, one of our witnesses tells thaws one of the little boys said his mommy is dead. >> reporter: cristina grew up
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in delaware county and work at this nursing home as a nurse's cysttent until a week ago. her neighbors remain heart broken over her death. >> it is just horrifying, they are two little children that are involved. >> reporter: police also tell us that the apartment, family was, living near was uninhabitable it was so dirty. no word where children will be living moving forward but we know they have family in the area live from drexel hill, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new at 6:00 tonight a nationwide scam targeting the elderly, organized by thieves, right here at home. charlotte huffman tells us a nine month investigation, now has three suspects behind bars. these four are who investigators believe are at the center of the scam. spencer compass and wins exton laviolette from philadelphia, joanne west from abington and her brother ken west from brooklyn whom authorities are still looking for. today attorney general cain
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issued this warning. >> today's rest should be loud and clear that if you try to victimized our senior citizens you are going to pay a steep price. >> reporter: all four faced multiple charges including conspiracy and theft, by deception. the victims, seniors from across the country. scam out of more than $160,000. grandparents scam is a common one were losses totaling 42 million since 2012, according to federal trade commission estimates. last year two seniors said they were targets of a similar grandparent scam. laura may wired 2700 to a scammer claiming to be her grandson stuck in a mexican prison. while marilyn naply didn't fall for it she said many others in her senior living facility did. >> almost everybody in the building had a granny call. >> reporter: it starts with the phone call, from scammer claiming to be a family member in need of emergency money and all too often, seniors take
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the bait in this case sending mob a cross the country to these homes in north and south philadelphia. >> attorney general's office believes there could be many more victims and is asking anyone who thinks they were scammed by these individuals, to contact her offices, organized crime section and that number is on our web site at cbs team. live from the the sat center, charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> outrageous, thanks very much. now to a scare involving the attorney general kathleen cain this man from lancaster robert born is behind bars accused of threatening to kill the attorney general. police say that borne called cain's office last night and told person who answered that he would go to harrisburg and kill the attorney general. the authorities trace that had call to borne and he was arrested a short time later. nine cremation containers found inside a closed dover
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funeral home turned out to contain ashes of the victims of the 1978 jones town massacre. search is underway for more possible remains and on the the property of the former minus funeral home. the remains that were found were among 38 containers of remains, discovered last week and all but five have been clearly marked and identified. officials are working to contact the relatives. we have just learned more reward money is being offered in the murder of the mother near penny pack creek. philadelphia fraternal order of police have added $10,000 reward, federal credit union also offered $5,000. all of that in addition todor information, leading to the arrest and convictions of the person who killed connie murray. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live near the park where investigators were out there looking for more clues, jane. >> reporter: that is right, jessica. activity just wrapped up here on the scene but late today crew where is right there along the edge of the the woods really cutting back
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thick brush there that will help them identify any evidence left behind. and also tomorrow, i'm told landscape will change dramatically police will cut back the woods here as search for a killer intensifies this poor woman and her family our prayers where him and i hope they catch whoever dit. >> reporter: police spent a third day on the scene at pen i pack park near holmes and convent avenue attempting to do just. that detectives removed bags of potential clues that could lead to 46 year-old connie maclean murray's killer, meanwhile k-9 units searched the woods and marine unit and other investigators walk a nearby creek and railroad track. >> younger than me and such a shame, very scary. >> reporter: maclean murray was extractled and discovered here in shallow brush tuesday morning. thursday investigators, parked and recreation crews cut that back in an effort to find her missing cell phone. still no sign of that device. investigators believe i was turned off.
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they are reviewing suce video. detectives say one clip shows murray speaking with someone in the car, finally late today investigators took this man in for questioning. they say he was found in the woods, and is cooperating with the police but is homeless. neighbors hope all this will bring police closer to breaking thea only for this mother's family but for their own peace of mind. >> it is scary because we're used to being able to leave the door opened and now you think twice. >> reporter: police will be back on the scene here early tomorrow morning, again, with heavy machinery to cut back a lot of the woods here. it is so thick they are having a hard time collecting the evidence that could be left behind, in the meantime you can see police are on the scene. they have taped off the area. they have secured this scene so it is not disturbed overnight. reporting live from northeast philadelphia, jane carabao for jane, thanks very much. body of major general harold green arrived at dover air force base in delaware today. solder received, soldiers received his body in, is what
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known as a dignified transfer. general green killed on tuesday, in an attack at a military training camp in afghanistan. the his father, also harold green, learned of his son's death when another of his sons called. >> my son heard a reference to a military major general being killed and knowing there were only three in afghanistan and one was our son, he checked. >> general green was shot by afghan military police officer who opened fire on more than a dozen people at the camp just west of kabul. eight other u.s. troops were wounded, four have of them seriously, security forces did return fire and killed the gun man. happening right now the city of philadelphia getting ready to show brotherly love to the democratic national committee. philadelphia is one of five cities vying to host the democratic national convention in 2016 and dnc delegates will be here next week to tour the area. >> they are going to see one of the most incredible cities in the united states of
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america. one of the most incredible facilities in the united states of america. they will see sites you cannot see anywhere else, in the united states but in philadelphia. >> former governor ed rendell says decision on the host city is expected is later this year. it is the oldest residential street in the nation and one of the philadelphia's most popular tourist spots. >> now you can call it home if you'd like. up next a sneak peak at is what on the the market in philadelphia's he will fret's alley. kate. >> it has been a beautiful day and we have more nice weather where that came from we will have the seven day forecast from the city down to kathy orr who is live in wildwood tonight, kathy? he will fret. thanks very much, kate. >> turf grab the tram car we will have have forecast as kate mentioned and plus show if you it thinks beautiful down the shore for the rest of the weekend and remember watch the tram car. we will be back with more news as "eyewitness news" at 6:00 continues. go ahead we are
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we will talk to a woman who says she was way over billed for a common household repair. she called three on your side and jim donovan will show us all what we need to do to make
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sure we don't get taken advantage of as well, all new on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. well, if you like you can live like founding fathers, that is if the the price is right. >> several homes alongc elfreth's alley are on the market and our carol erickson takes us on the tour. >> historic elfreth's alley the street that time forgot but visitors haven't. put 300 year-old american row houses together with tourist from around the world likerenchg lunch or netherlands bikers and you have a street where strangers regularly sit on front steps of houses that they don't own, get their photos snapped doing it, staring in the front windows and finger point up and down the narrow block. this summer something else has become as common as lookers on elfreth's alley for sale signs. several of them with even a last years sheriff sale house being rehabbed for resale. realtor adam, put his sign out a month ago and believes the others simply. >> it is a good time to list as well, band wagon effect.
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>> reporter: he represents house at 123 elfreth, almost $800,000 with 1752 phones and 2014 gusts. totally updated. spiral colonial stairs and bakers oven remind of old american charm, for sale that comes with the paparazzi like crowd outside at no additional cost. adam landon owns a elfreth's alley house had gets treated like a celebrity. >> occasionally we will have people peak nothing our kitchen window or, a flash bulbs going off when i'm trying to do dishes. >> reporter: josh knows the the street and the issues for any perspective new resident. >> with the tourist population here you can never get peace and quiet. >> reporter: but the realtor isn't worried that buses and bikes and buggies will keep owners from buying on the original residential street. after all the american dream is owning a home everyone admires. on elfreth's alley, carol erickson, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". it is thursday, it is the summer, and that means we're at the shore with meteorologist kathy orr. >> yes, you cannot ask for a better day than this one or better location. kathy is on the boards in wildwood and the kathy, you have quite literally been having a ball today, a ball. >> i have had a ball, yes, with the harlem globetrotters, no pun intended, right chris. a beautiful day to be here on the boardwalk outside convention center and it wasn't that long ago that we saw feet of snow, even down the shore and now we have this beautiful day this weekend probably one of the best of the entire summer season. so first lets talk about the weather and then we will tell you what is going on this weekend if you have plans to come on down. first lets look at storm scan three we have a few pop up sprinkles here and there otherwise a really nice day with sunshine. temperatures are still warm, in the lower 80's in philadelphia, millville is at 82. eighty-two wilmington.
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80 degrees in trenton. down the shore it has been warm on the boardwalk, someone said to me it feels hot if you are away from the surf. in ocean city 8o stone harbor 8o ocean water temperature 75. rip current risk still is in the moderate category and will go low tomorrow. lets look the at shore forecast. during the next couple days it looks great. plenty of sunshine. temperatures around 79 for friday, saturday, 76 and then by sunday 75 degrees and nothing but sunshine. back here live we have a lot of activity on the boardwalk and there is something grating on here right at the box office people are lining up for three more shows of the harlem globetrotters. they have been doing this since 1926. latest team is performing running clinics for the kids. it will be outstanding. go on line and check it out here down the shore. here's a few or things going on and andy our photographer, watch out here comes the tram car. here's is what going on down the shore.
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we have craft beer festival at cape may. this is from 11 to 8:00 p.m. also stone harbor's festival of life, boat parade that starts at 7:30 at the yacht club. beautiful decorated boats will cruise back bays. for more news on these events go to cbs that is what is going on down the shore, over the the course of the weekend. the here's a laid that i looks like a future star. can you look at the camera and say back to you, kate. >> back to you, kate. >> all right. >> well done. >> thanks. >> great job. >> just off the cuff like that nice job, thanks very much, beautiful day down the shore and great couple of days down the shore. kathy mentioned a few pop up sprinkles and you can see what happened in the the city. clouds have rolled in all thanks to the low pressure over portions of new england and couple instability showers, and stray sprinkle, not any actual rain but just a few drops here and there throughout this evening. skies will clear overnight. lets go to the central pacific now and talk about an interesting situation for
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hawaii. two storms, two hurricanes iselle and julio back to back, julio looking potent at this hour, and as island waits for iselle they have an earthquake there today. when it rains it pores. we have this storm headed for big island here. let's trap these two hurricanes and see what hawaii will be in for over next couple of days. first we will start with i selle a category one hurricane, julio a category two hurricane and isell forecast ted to make land fall tonight as cat one or strong tropical storm. very strong wind 75, 80 miles an hour especially in the big island of hawaii. taking a look the at julio the the track will go north. that is good news. not looking like a direct hit for hawaii but will remain a hurricane or strong tropical storm as it's a approaches island chain as we get in the weekend. so right now closer to home, lot closer to home cape may courthouse at 77 degrees there few clouds down the shore looking hazy but that is bit. otherwise we have a sun stretch tomorrow loosen nicer then today if that is
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possible, sunny and beautiful with low humidity. the saturday great as well this system will sneak by to the south but that protect area of high pressure will keep it contained and we should escape rain free. as far as moisture is concern tomorrow's dew .50 degrees. that puts us in the awesome range. feeling fantastic. here in the city it will feel great. poconos as well we will look at your poconos forecast in a minute. otherwise tonight mainly clear and pleasant at 64. tomorrow beautiful, doesn't get better than this. it is warm but not humid. in the mountains things look nicer, if that is possible, if you like it in the 07's, look at this stretch right through weekend temperatures in the mid to upper 70's in the poconos mountains. quick look at you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast looking good, we are looking at temperatures in the mid 80's right through saturday just a few more clouds sunday, monday but sunshine both of those days as well and next chance for pop up thunderstorm comes tuesday and next chance for any significant wet weather is going to come next wednesday. the just a great stretch to
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look forward to heading toward weekend. >> we love that. >> kate, thanks. >> good evening, everyone, traffic could be worse today. looking at vine street expressway and really, but if you are traveling on the vine we have delays westbound from approaching the parkway through to the schuylkill, eastbound basically the entire length. looking at our wide we are seeing a lot more yellow then we will see red at this time which is a good indication but we are at 19 miles an hour southbound i-95, making your way down to the ball pennsylvania park for phils game tonight and through construction zones. northbound side is getting better around girard. you will slow down around cottman. thirteen is your average on the schuylkill high delays eastbound toward center city and approaching blue route if you are traveling southbound on 476 expect delays between mid county and down to nine 56789 as we look quickly at i-95 bucks county we have a closer here closing county line road at park avenue
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the all-new chrysler 200. america's import tonight's starting pitcher was supposed to be roberto hernandez but phillies traded him for two players to be named later or cash. hernandez signed in december, but did not figure in the teams future. there is a pool have of players, from which the phillies will continue to complete the the deal. interesting note, team needed a starter so with short notice sean sva in om toledo and all set to go good good news for cliff lee no surgery necessary, injuries to his left elbow tendon to the disabled list twice this season. this time it is a grade two
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strain of the f or tendon. they told cliff he needs, get this, an extended period of rest and then begin light throwing in the fall. sound awesome. should be ready to go for spring training. eagles fans can't wait for tomorrow birds start exhibition season against the the bears. starters will get ten to 15 snaps and then, will get to see 2014 rookie class. wide receiver jordan matthews has turned heads catching everything. >> that rookie we got, matthews, he has been real good. i think, you know, there has been talk about this draft class being deep in wide receivers but i'm confident in this one being the best one out of that class. >> first round of the pga championship, and another rough day for tiger woods, bad t shot there hits people in the gallery. he shot three over par, five shots behind the leaders. >> lee westwood makes birdie here on number eight, six under par, tied with kevin and ryan pal inner for the lead, several players still on the
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course. we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" comes your way next. tonight latest on the humanitarian crisis in iraq, will president obama take military action, or has u.s. already done so. they will take a look. wild weather targets paradise, hawaii prepares for two rare storms. here now from new york is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight, getting in deeper. the president considers military action in iraq to stop isis militants as a humanitarian crisis deepens. reports from david martin and hollywaiis two hurricanes take aim in what would be the first direct hit in more than 20 years. a major change college athletics. ben tracy reports the n.c.a.a. clears the way for colleges to pay their athletes. and chip reid on the night the president resigned. >> only the cbs crew now is to be in this room. >> i often wondered what he thought when he looked out and saw me standing in the middle of the room. i'm standing there with an afro


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