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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 21, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now at 11:00 o'clock, tens of thousands cheer on the taney dragons at the little league world series and while it was not their night, their request championship is still alive. i'm chris may. tens of thousands did fill those
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fans in william port. thousands more cheered them here on home. there are watch parties in chestnut hill and at philadelphia city hall hanging on every pitch. we've got live team coverage of tonight's game. todd quinones watched with friends of some of the players but we'll begin in williamsport. matt rivers has late reaction from the taney coach. matt? >> reporter: chris, all in all a tough day out here for the taney dragons an tough game for may know davis taken out of the game in the top of the third after giving up three runs and the dragons eventually lost tonight's game to nevada by a final score of eight to one. we have some footage to show you from this game this great game here in william port tonight. as you can see, things did not go well right off the bat more or less. mo'ne gave up two run homerun in the second inning and nevada went up three to nothing. the dragons did not go quietly. they had their chances scoring a run on pass ball in the bottom of forth up to go narrow the score to three to one they even load the bases with no outs in
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that same inning but defensive may by the nevada second baseman doubled up the runner at first. the dragons did not score again. this nevada team certainly a force to be reckoned with and they are a very good hitting team as well as a strong pitching team. they pitched very well for six innings so night as for mo'ne she through 55 pitches before being taken out. manager alex wright spoke after the game and both he and the parents we spoke to have a message for these kids. that message, it's not over till it's over. >> look where we are. we're in the winners bracket championship at williamsport. they can handle a loss and they also know we've talked about it, we know that we're playing for saturday and whether we're going to get there tonight or tomorrow, um, you know, they feel very good about, you know, playing on saturday. >> you gave your best effort you have nothing to be upset about. if you didn't then you need to figure out what you need to do to adjust it and go out there and do it on the next time you get up at the plate or next time you fielding the ball or neck
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time you're pitching. that's what this game is about. when you fail, you really have to do reassess many. >> reporter: and these kids certainly were not without support here in williamsport. with over 34,000 people on hand to watch this game and i can tell you being here in person it felt like at least 80 or 90% of the people here were pulling for the dragons. keep in mind this is not the end for this team. this is a double elimination tournament so because of that they will play again tomorrow night. they will face the team from chicago and get this if they beat chicago then on saturday, they will once again face off against the same team that they lost to tonight that team from nevada. also of note because mo'ne davis only through about 50 or so pitches today, she would would be eligible to pitch in at least some of that game on saturday. so here's hoping we see them once again both tomorrow night and then again on saturday. for now we're live in williamsport, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> tremendous atmosphere out there tonight. matt, thank you very much. >> our live team coverage continues now with todd quinones
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at a school in chestnut hill that has a special connection to the taney dragons. todd i can imagine lot of disappointed fans out there night. >> reporter: chris, certainly there is some disappointment among some of the fellow classmates and parents here, but still there is an awful lot of pride here in this community. specifically for those three athletes who attend the school here. >> it says cray cray for mo'ne. >> i really thought that they were going to win because mo is -- she's a strong athlete. i always played with her in ever sport, soccer, basketball and softball. >> what was it like to see your classmates on national television going through this run. >> it was crazy. like i've been taking pictures and sending it to them. >> hopefully they'll enjoy this experience and remember it for the rest of their life. >> reporter: taney pride was on display. three of the players go including mo'ne davis as well as players scott and jolie. friends classmates and mayor michael nutter were on hand to
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watch the game. >> this team is demonstrating what our young people can do. what they're capable of. what the sky is the limit for them when adults stay in their lives, stay engage, stay involved, support them, loved one and look after them. >> it has been an up credible run for the kids from philadelphia. and the crowd of several hundred people came out wednesday night to show their support for a little league team that has capture the attention of a big city. >> they are honor students, they're funny, they're fun. mo'ne has said many times, this isn't about me. this is about my team, and that's the message that we teach at school. it's always about the team. >> reporter: so even with tonight's loss there's still of course a lot of excitement and a lot of support surrounding that is team. roaring live tonight in chestnut hill, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> as there continue to be, todd thank. another big show of support for the hometown team here in center city philadelphia tonight. hundreds packed the courtyard at city hall to watch their taney
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dragons. the folks we talk to said they are proud of this team's success no matter what happens. also, today, mayor nutter did say there will be a celebration for the dragons whenever they return home. >> okay. again, the quest for a world series title is not over for taney. they'll play again tomorrow night against the team from chicago. if they can win that, then they'll square off against las vegas once again that's the us finals that game on saturday. >> well the little leaguers did have to dodge raindrops in williamsport tonight and we may see our share of showers and storms tomorrow. meteorologist kate bilo is here with the details now. kate. >> thanks chris. we did see a couple of sprinkles get here later this evening or earlier this evening. after they moved through williamsport a line of showers and storms really impacted central pennsylvania today. they kind of lost their strength by the time they got here. you can see now we're just dealing with clouds a couple of showers started breaking out actually over a portions of the pocono region and into the
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lehigh valley. so still a couple of showers tonight and you can see another round developing west of williamsport that could eventu eventually drift through overnight. they're scattered but we can't rule out a shower are storm at any time through this evening and into tonight again a few developing over portions of lehigh and northampton counties at the mommy. so little bit damp out there tonight you can see future weather bringing that area of showers to the north and east through the over into the hours. we'll start tomorrow with some sunshine but then in the afternoon another round of showers and storms pops up. notice this is noon and notice how scattered she's storms are. very isolated one down near dover perhaps through the pocono region as we do into the afternoon they will increase in coverage a little bit. definitely not a wash out but the kind of day you want to keep an eye on the sky at any time if you're going to be outside because you can get caught in a brief downpour. as far as temperatures are concerned, we're starting that see a cooling trend down the shore we're looking at 69 in atlantic city right now 69 degrees in millville. 73 at the airport and 75 still in reading noose and warm as we start off tomorrow morning your
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first forecast for the morning looks not too bad. partly sunny at 7:00 a.m. humid at 9:00 a.m. up to 75 by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. watch for a shower and a couple of spots and that will continue through the afternoon. more rain is possible on friday. and cool start to the weekend i'll break down that coming up in just bit. chris, back over to you. >> kate, see in you bit. thanks. "eyewitness news" in the air and on the ground after a car plows into a northeast philadelphia deli. about 20 people were inside steve stein's famous deli at bustleton and grant when that car came crashing through the front window. there was an 86 year old man behind the wheel. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. no one in the restaurant was injured but there were some frayed nerves. >> one, 20 year old if he male was behind the cash register when -- that is where the vehicle did most of the damage. she felt the vehicle strike the counter which struck her. host she refused to go to the hospital. >> now l and i says that the shopping center is structurally sound despite the damage there
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and one person on the scene told us it's not the first time a car has crashed into that deli. well new at 11:00 o'clock, a popular burlington county community is the target of thieves. another attempted burglary in moorestown. despite stepped up efforts by police there. residents are on alert. here's "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur. >> it's horrible report roar another week, another home hit by a burglar. >> it's an awakening report roar that is top it happened in the 100 block of pan coast avenue in moorestown. >> the alarm we flatwared the burglary. >> reporter: according to police, the latest homeowner fell victim last friday night. that marks the eighth home hit since june on friday and saturday evenings and high-end jewelry police say the thieves target. >> usually they're not actually targeting a specific house. they're looking for house that's dark and they'll go stop, knock on the door, nobody answe answed
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they'll burglarize the residen residents. >> hour master bedroom was hit and the bathroom. >> rj mark calls the lesson learned and he's in the alone. >> bolstered mylar system. >> you don't leave packages g for us, you know, we it in a new motion light. >> sign up for the department's nixle and twitter alerts and not only keep your house looking occupied, remain vigilant at all times. >> quite off it's doesn't somebody calling and seeing something out of the ordinary that looks suspicious that ends up solving the case. >> simply put, police say alert neighbors are the best defense against burglars so if you see anything out of place, do not hesitate to call the police. reporting from moorestown, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> tonight we learned that american special forces entered syria this summer trying to rescue american hostages including the journalist james foley the mission was unsuccessful. news comes out a day after the terror group known as isis
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executed foley. isis says that act was in retaliation for american air strikes against the militants in iraq. today the president on martha's vineyard angered over his killing said the air strikes will continue. >> they may claim out of expend yen see they are at war with the united states or the west. but the fact is they terrorized their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision. >> isis threatened to kill a second hostage stephen stop love if u.s. air strikes in iraq continue. the pentagon confirmed more than dozen new strikes on isis targets near the mosul dam in iraq today. the administration has not ruled out the prospect of a military operation in syria targeting those responsible for foley's death. so far this has been a relatively quiet night in ferguson, missouri. rain there may have helped cool down the tensions in that heated community. also today the us attorney
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general eric holder visited ferguson where he plans to oversee the federal investigation into the death of michael brown. that unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a police officer triggering nearly two weeks of violent in the community. a grand jury began hearing evidence they'll decide whether officer darrin wilson should be charged in brown's death. >> another show of solidarity here at home tonight. dozens peacefully march from love park to philadelphia police headquarters. they are demanding justice for michael brown. some also are expressing concerns about growing tension between police and civilians. >> well lunch outdo outside nearly turns deadly. see this uncredible scene that was caught on camera next. >> also, a big named department store shelling out cash to settle some disturbing allegations. kate? >> and we've had great stretch of weather this week. things have even warmed up a bit. we're tracking showers through the end of the week and turning
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cooler as we start the weekend. i'll have all the details coming up. chris? >> and win or lose the taney dragons are the talk of the town. tonight, we will hear from a man with a unique connection to this team. we'll tell you what the last surviving player from philadelphia's old negro league team has to say about these impressive littl
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>> back on "eyewitness news" now with anything but your average lunch break in california. a car nearly plowed into these bay area diners after a chain reaction crash. four people in two cars were hospitalized but no one was seriously hurt. one restaurant customer was pinned against the building briefly but was able to walk away. >> mace is he's will pay $650,000 fine to settle racial profiling legs from shoppers. the retailer will hire a full-time security monitor and also designate an independent expert to make sure its stores comply with thistle. the attorney general in new york started investigating macy's
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last year after receiving dozens of complaints. all from minority shoppers who claim they were accused of shoplifting and detained even though they had not stolen any merchandise. well, new at 11:00 o'clock tonight, prayers down the shore in atlantic city for casino workers who will soon be out of a job. dozens of cass zen know workers attended this prayer vigil tonight at shiloh baptist church. revel and the showboat cass zone know were due to close over the labor day weekend. while trump plaza is set to shut down on september 16th. it's believed that about 8,000 jobs will be lost. >> well, win or lose there's one philadelphia man glued to the taney dragons every move. duck duckett is the last surviving member of the philadelphia stars. the city's baseball team in the old negro league. well today he sat down with our pat chiarocchi to talk taney, money, and the unique connection he has to this team.
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>> reporter: 92 year old duckett knows good baseball when he sees it. >> the first time i saw them, i couldn't believe my eyes because they didn't look like kids as ball players. they looked more like they were professionals. >> reporter: taney dragons have captivated duckett first by their play. >> they know the game and they play the game like experienced people. so much discipline on the team. >> reporter: then the bond of their team work and friendship got his attention. >> it's like one big family. they all love each other, and like you said, they from all over the city. >> reporter: but it's mo'ne davis the pitcher with the long braids, the girl, that stunned him. >> she's a girl. i guess i never thought she could pitch like this. she throws a good fast ball, curve ball. i don't know who taught her the game, but she just out staning. when i first saw her i said wow
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she's like an old pro out there. >> reporter: baseball field where mo'ne and the taney dragons learned to play ball is the same south philadelphia playground where duckett learn the game almost a century ago. then for duckett the big league was the negro baseball league where he played for the philadelphia stars from 1940 to 1950. >> in our league, we played for the love of the game. we was out there, we want to do win. >> taney dragons could say the same thing. >> this is something that is very out standing for the city. they all are kids that listen and willing to learn, and just keep on winning much that's what i say. >> reporter: that's what philadelphia is saying, too. pat chiarocchi cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> taney may have lost tonight but again they are not out of it for them the series does continue tomorrow and is he does our coverage. when we're not on the air, you can stay up to date what's happening in williamsport by going to
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we normally don't ask you to forecast all the way out in williamsport. everybody will be interested in that for tomorrow night. >> absolutely it looks again like today. as though they can pick up a shower or thunderstorm much like we will tomorrow afternoon. so it's not a complete wash out. i think they'll get the game in like they did today. but a chance it there. definitely watch out for that. let's take quick look how today turned out. we had a few showers and storms drift by in our northern suburbs this is time lapse from the nazareth middle school in. it started out with sun. the clouds rolled in but the showers stayed away. nightfall is upon us we're at 73 degrees there in nazareth. in the lehigh valley a couple of showers that have broken out here just in the past our or so. this area developed another round of showers and storms going to move through the williamsport here in the next couple of hours luckily the ga games over but the ground may be wake as the kids wake up tomorrow morning. the showers up through portions of lehigh and northampton counties just light showers, not a big deal.
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out there tonight but if you're heading out and about or even early tomorrow morning the roads may be damp. temperature wise we're at 71 in trenton. 73 in philadelphia. 75 in reading and 73 degrees in wilmington. little cooler for millville and atlantic city with temperatures that have already dropped into the 60s. so what can we expect moving forward? we're tracking showers and storms. but again it's not washout and we are not really look ago the severe weather. what we're looking are scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly tomorrow afternoon. you can see in our western suburbs and even up toward williamsport the chance for shower or storm as we head no friday morning another round of showers especially off to the north will drift that was during the day. friday is not a wash out either. we'll see sunshine and then showers and thunderstorms redevelop late friday afternoon at about 3:00 o'clock. before fizzling out and moving a little further to the west. can't rule out a shower saturday morning either but clearing skies by saturday afternoon i think the day will get progressively brighter or the least will try to get that sun out on saturday and then looking even better on sunday. want to draw attention to the
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disturbance in the tropics this is an area the national hurricane center is monitoring but not named or anything like that. currently has a 50% chance of further development and this is one to watch because it's already getting a lot of traction unsocial media little early for that but a few of the models want to make it right through the caribbean in the gulf of mexico. a few others take it into south florida and still others take it out like a fish storm out into the atlantic ocean. a little bit too early to tell. looks like the caribbean should be on notice if you have a vacation planned there definitely stay tuned with that. we'll keep you posted on the latest with that system through the weekend into next week. overnight mostly cloudy, stray shore possible and again tomorrow more clouds than sun with a couple of scattered showers and thunderstorm. 83 degrees will be the who. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast watch for showers friday. clouds saturday. some brightening through the daw but it does stay cool at 78. sunday looks good and next week we warm up with more sunshine op
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>> the taney dragons facing their toughest test tonight taking on the bet hitting team in the little league world series so far out of las vegas. mo'ne davis got the start and struggled first inning. she gave up a single and triple to the first two batters. she settle the down and struck out the side in the first. mo'ne gave up three runs on sick hits and struck out six. but every time the dragons would start rally las vegas had a great defensive play. here in the first check alec barker diving catch to end the inning in the fourth the dragons threaten again. eli simons line drive caught nevada turns the double play to end the rally. in the sixth las vegas scores five more runs to beat taney eight to one. the taney will play chicago tomorrow night. after the game the dragons coach talk about mo'ne' performance. >> she's entitled to an off night. i don't want to take away from the vegas kids.
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that's a real good team. it may be the best team we faced this year. but i mean she certainly wasn't, you know, locating and had her pitches as she typically does. >> even the phillies showing their support for the taken 93 dragons this afternoon against the mariners hanging a t-shirt in the dug out. the game tied in the fourth. chase utley throws his bat at the ball and the blooper falls in for a hit. rollins scores from second on the play and phillies take the lead. and the phillies bullpen lights out. jonathan papelbon got his 30th save the season. phils 12 out of three from the mariners. four-three the final today. >> the eagles host the steelers at the linc tomorrow. third preseason game at the big one for the starters. the first time we see cooper and maclin in the starting lineup. cooper has been out with an injured foot. eagles are ranked seventh
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$1.75 billion jeffrey lurie paid 195 million for the team back in 1994. the cowboys are the top team valued at 3.2 billion. we'll be right back.
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>> giant rubber duck makes a surprise appearance here in the us. this guy turned up today in the port of los angeles harbor at a tall ships festival. he is actually part of a project run by a dutch artist and you may have seen this duck before. he's popped up in australia, taiwan and japan. no word on how long the big guy will be sticking around or where he'll go next. we would certainly welcome his presence in philadelphia. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with erika haven't teal and natasha brown. for lesley, kate and everyone here at "eyewitness news" i'm chris may. we're signing off for now but we're always on at cbsphilly.c stay tuned dav. dave is next with kathy griffin. we'll see you again tomorrow.
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