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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  September 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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test test. >> the revel casino about to close. live in atlantic city as the clock is ticking toward the 6:00 a.m. shutdown. it is tuesday, september 2nd, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also this morning, part of building crumb unless southwest philadelphia. the damage is not only to the building. baseball history for the phils. they get an in no against the braves, but the way they got the no hit is her truely special. it was a great game yesterday afternoon, great game, we'll talk more about it coming up. right now it will be so hot. >> so how many hid you walked outside. i saw oppressive is the word of the day, oh, that's not a good sign, kate. >> i sorry. yes, this is dew points as high as they've been for the last 24-36 hours, just like
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you can't do anything but just finds climate controlled environ tonight relieve, finds some relief. very sticky start to the day. it will ends up being very hot afternoon. that's our biggest story. will also be some wet wet their we eventually have to trackment mainly talking temperatures and humidity, but yes, we going to be watching for some more wet weather later on today. i'll have all of the details for you here in the next couple of minutes, guys, back to you. >> thank you, the final countdown for atlantic city big's bet. >> less than two hours, the revel casino will close its doors for guy. jan carabeo on the boardwalk where gamblers are getting in the final bets. good morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika. when revel opened it did so to great fanfare, seen as the savior of atlantic city. here we two years later and revel is about to close. a multi-billion dollar venture, but this hotel and casino never turned a profit. this morning, the final countdown to closure, the casino is now scheduled to shut its doors at 6:00 a.m.,
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the lights there on the gaming floor, to go out for good. but the winds down started yesterday, crews were out on the board walk, chopping off the front sign, and around 11:00 a.m. the final guests checked out of the hotel before closed, only the casino remains open now, but its luck about to run out, as well. revel took two and a half billion dollars to create. supposed to rejuvenate the failing gaming industry. in its two years, it filed for bankruptcy twice, this time around it couldn't finds a buyer. so when revel closes its doors for good today it will leave more than 3,000 people without a job. >> i'm so upset. that's the best place i ever worked. i don't want to work in another casino. i don't think, i don't know. >> but it is sad to see this happen. but still, still have hope and fate in the city, and hope it turns around. >> but it has been a tough three days for atlantic city on sunday the showboat closed, leaving 2,000 people without a job, and today, this is day two of the wind-down process
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here at revel, revel's closure will leave 3,000 people without a job, and by summers ends, some 8,000 people, one third of atlantic city entire work force, will be looking for a new job. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> trump plaza will be the next atlantic city casino to close laying off more than 1100 workers, will sees operations september 16th, the fourth casino to go out of business this year. that will leave atlantic city with eight casinos. now, a resource center for laid off work letters open tomorrow at the atlantic city convention center. it will stay open until september 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., work stations will be set up to help people file unemployment claims and get other assistance. right now, 4:33, want to head back to katie for the latest on the forecast. >> overall it is very summer like. wouldn't you know it, this is the day that a lot of the teach remembers going back, kids have orientation, maybe incoming freshman, and we've got great pool weather. just as you're going back to
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school. live "skycam 3", start things off with a look at the ben franklin bridge it, does start off as pretty nice forecast, little steamy outside, i give that you, regardless it is summer, still technically after all, at least according to the calendar, and we've got a generally clear sky for you out there right now. so pretty mild. we start things off with quick check of storm scan3, we did have rumble of under this their came through the new castle county area, bay area, all fizzled out. i do think we'll start off with sunlight, end up with couple of clouds as the day goes on. i could see rumble every or shower to come by, but the p bulk comes by night fair. seventy-seven the current temperature, mild outside. 74 degrees in trenton, as well as wilmington, atlantic city, answer again into the mild territory, even mount pocono currently in the 70s, quakertown the one oddball out here, at least this little slew of observations, standing
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at 678 degrees at the moment. northeast philly, 78. talking dew points, remember the dew points, drier the air. talking dew points in the 70s, currently at 72, spec to go climb throughout the day, it will be very, very steamy. now, not un suffer recall simply because the dew points should start to drop at least little bit throughout the day. it will provide ton of relief, but won't be as bad as the day progresses, we'll also have some rain to move through, help cool you off briefly some spots, too, so, expect those showers or storms to ignite, they will be isolated in nature, through the day, but i would say mainly later tonight more of us do have shot to see that. we have some time to heat upment check it out. 92 degrees in ill if i later this afternoon, torrey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, if you are coming off this beautiful holiday weekends, and back to school as katie was saying, let's see how the morning rush turns out to be. right now not dealing with any major problems, however, from the made in america festival still going to find a the love closures around the ben
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franklin parkway, these closures are still affecting martin luther kin drive, kelly drive. as you plan your commute, be minds full of. >> this we'll let you know when it does wrap up. we take you now toward the ben franklin bridge, construction projects making your way down toward the area of philadelphia, down toward eighth and vine. they are blocking two right lanes, so do you have two left lanes to get on by. >> this definitely cause as squeeze in the morning rush, but as of right now at 4:36, not doing too bad. wide speed censors, looking pretty great in the 50's, 95, the schuylkill, 476 moving well, new jersey majors moving well. how much, we do have construction on the 42 freeway southbound between 130 and 295. so watch out foreclosure there. then also the commodore barry bridge, overnight construction affecting both directions cents, again, we'll let you know when this does open up. >> torrey, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital overnight. "eyewitness news" on the scene in mantua at 41st and
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lancaster. that's where investigators say a 36 year old man was shot once in the back, just before midnight. he's in stable condition. police are now reviewing surveillance video hoping to identify a suspect. and, caution tape surrounds a southwest philadelphia building that partially collapsed. "eyewitness news" on the 4800 block of woodland avenue in kingsessing. we're told the second floor of the dominion christian fellowship center collapsed, sending bricks and debris range down on the sidewalk. no one was hurt, but two cars suffered minor damage. today is the first day back to school for some students at council rock south just days after losing three sophomores in a tragic accident. it was late saturday morning when the suv they were in overturned, in pawpack township wayne county. tonight family, friends, will gather at a vigil to remember liar refresher, digney, and keffer, as the entire community copes with the loss. >> one thing, i do want to
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express, is there is heartfelt condolances for families of the other two victims who were ryan's friends. they were buddies, and going to breakfast with some friends. >> vigil will be held at council rock south tonight at 7:30, state police are still investigating the crash. a day avis lamb i can extremist group launched attack in somalia, forces have struck back. the target apparently fighters for the network tied to al quaida. somalia officials say the group launched sunday attack on interrogation center. pentagon says the us is a session the result of the military operations. president obama departs today for an european trip that includes a critical nato summit in whales on thursday and friday. iraq will be one of the prime topics. meantime, british prime minister david cameron calling for major new crackdown on isis and other jihad i can groups. he wants police to have temporary power to seize the
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passports of british citizens trying to travel to support isis. >> that is part of people who declare the allegiance elsewhere are able to return to the united kingdom and pose threat to the national security. >> cameron said the british government now believes at least 500 people have traveled from britain to join revel groups including isis. kyle kendrick has tough act to follow when he gets the start against the braves in atlanta tonight. phils pitcher combine to no hit the braves on labor day. cole hamels started the game. he struck out seven, but through more than 100 pitches in six innings of work. jake didn't allow a hit in the seventh, and kenny giles struck out in the eighth. jonathan papelbon got local product phil gosselin to tends on liner to daryl rough. phils win seven-nothing, special moment for the phils, first combined no hit nerve franchise history. >> fun to really see the pitching staff, especially the
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bullpen has been lights out, you know, i was able to get away with six innings, and, you know, i didn't have as much control as i would have liked, now have these types of guys come in and shut the door in the fashion that we did, i would say it is pretty impressive, you know, sort of day. >> thank god coal set the tone, they had a chance to get earl ahead early and they didn't, handed the ball off to us, we try to do every night, go out, preserve wins for starters. >> oh, the highlight of the season, cole hamels sales the game ball by the way will go to phillies president david montgomery who is fighting cancer. lags act indeed. >> great team effort. still ahead this morning, the voice of the phillies labor unions loud and proud on labor day. >> and why are neighbors protesting outside a south philadelphia store? find out when we come back in two minutes. good morning.
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>> a prisoner who escaped from a correctional facility is back behind bars. we have facility of the recapture, not far from the prison. police say hangerson convicted drug fell on on the run for about two and a half hours. he was supposed to go to a program to prepare him for his release. community members and local leaders rally outside after south philadelphia store. some residents are concerned about claims they're selling realistic looking bb guns. demonstrators outside the point save supermarket in point breeze demanded they stop selling those guns. when a "eyewitness news" crew entered that store, there weren't any on the shelves. but, protesters say, this cell phone video here shows kids with the bb guns, purchased there this past weekend. they also say children can remove the orange tip and color them black to make them look like real guns. >> what's going to happen when they sell one every these guns young men, robbing, or act
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like someone is going to kill them? >> philadelphia police officer ers on the scene. neighbors say the store had the guns for sale on sunday. the stores owner declined to talk to us during the protest and has not returned calls seeking comment. 4:43, just kind of humid morning out there. >> it really is. but it foles like summer for a change. >> it does,. >> nice summer. >> if anybody saw your story yesterday about fearing fall, fear not. it is not here yet. >> summer's back. >> we have another month of this, right? at least this whole week it will actually be above average with our temperatures, haven't had a stretch like this since mid july, we had couple of hot days, but the evan flow, for now, this will be a long stretch. now, we do have cool front that comes through, cold front that wouldn't be living up to its name at all t knocks the temperatures back like 4 degrees, big deal it, means we will still say upper 80s the next couple every days, very likely hit 09 again.
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i think we'll get there today, too. let's watch for this pattern. obviously a lot of activity over indianna right now, the beginning, my friends, of our next cold front. now, that said, i don't think that we will have to worry about any kind of major severe weather threat here. but we will talk about that in a second. meanwhile, big old zoom to take you down to the bay of cam peach i, where hello, dolly, tropical storm. tropical storm dolly formed yesterday. maybe while you were sleeping here. actually expected to move into mexico, we will be talking more about the tropics here, as we move forward in the broadcast. but back to our area. there is a severe weather threat zone issued for central and western pennsylvania as well as up-state new york, if you are traveling that way, strong wind, heavy downpours, as well as hail is a concern, not as much of tornado threat thankfully out of this, but notice we're pretty close to. >> this a lot of times we see renegade pock that's roll out of this. while we don't expect a severe weather threat, things can change, we will let you know if they do. certainly with this casino of a sort of just atmospheric set
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up, it is hot, it is sticky, we get that sunlight to help trigger the instability necessary, we could see our fair share of maybe couple of little pockets of showers or thunderstorms that turn locally stronger perhaps. we have to keep that in mind. meanwhile later tonight we drop down to 72 degrees, any showers, storms, we do see, generally be of the p.m. variety. so don't worry about them in the next cup old of hours. eighty-eight die tomorrow. that cold front, upper eight's, that's not colds front. eighty-nine on thursday, expect that sunshine, thankfully, what we do get with the cold front is a little bit of relief from the humidity the next few days. ukee, back to you. >> a show of strength on labor day by union members in philadelphia. >> many groups joined together at the sheet metal workers local 19 union hall wacking up columbus boulevard to penn's landing. and still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, shoemaker offers the military a re-boot.
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>> first though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> breaking news, clock is ticking for atlantic city revel casino. the showboat closed over the weekends. the trump plaza will close in two weeks. one person is in the hospital after a shooting in mantua. a 36 year old man was shot in the back at 41st and lancaster just before midnight. police hope surveillance video can help them track down a suspect. >> school opens today at council rock south in bucks county just days after three student were killed in a car accident in the poconos. grief counselors will be in place for students and veg little remember the three victims later on tonight. your time now 4:49. let's get a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, jill, the markets back open after the long
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holiday weekends watcher are inch advisors watching? >> good morning, ukee, erika. september is traditionally one of the worse for the markets. but, the s&p 500 will open at new record high, after it climbed about 15 points on friday. investors will be also watching as the government releases its all-important monthly jobs report at the end of the week. analysts are expecting that the unemployment rate will drop slightly, to 6.1%. so we'll see what that has in store for us. ukee, err dismay. >> jill, i understanded new balance wants to make over the military boot camp sneaker. >> reporter: yes, that's right. the massachusetts-based shoemaker unveiled the new sneaker prototype. so the charcoal grade design based on the company's trawl marathon shoe. but they say it is do your tonight with stand any terrain, made encouraging tirely in the united states. now there is comes as the defense department is changing its policy, by providing new recruits with american-made athletic shoes, as long as
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they meet all of the requirements. previously the military just gave recruits a crash allowance to buy whatever shoes they needed for training, and many would choose shoes that were made overseas. i think it is a good idea, ukee, carriy? >> hey, win-win. >> very nice. thanks, jill. talk to you in a little bit. coming of after a short break, traffic and weather toget
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. >> good morning, if you are traveling out and about, shouldn't have too many problems. construction project, definately the clean up from the made in america festival. taking a look now at the ben franklin parkway, i know little difficult to see, but do you have few lights on flash here, again, still cleaning up, so martin luther king drive, kelly drive, generally around this area still will have closures, we'll continue to keep you updated. and you can get on by. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, no major delays really at all. headed to and from center
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city. smooth ride, speed censors high up into the 50's with no delays, 55, as well, 95, 476, mid-county toll plaza, doing any travelings on the northeast extension or the pa turnpike. if you are traveling in reading, pennsylvania, accident around old swede roadment be mindful of that. causing bit of lane re having sean as you can imagine. the roosevelt boulevard we do have overnight construction affecting both directions cents at holme avenue. this would be ongoing until 6:00 a.m. so again, something that may tamper your commute. >> we've had these scattered showers and storms that have been rumbling through the last two days, i do see another variety that far rolling through later today. so kind of like almost carbon copy. reasons are different, trying remembers different why we will see any wet weather come in here today, because of cold front, storm scan3, despite little ground clutter, little speckles of green you see, we currently are dry across the board. but that is a relative term
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because it may not really feel so dry to you. up in the poconos, should hit the low 80s, so really looking at the hottest air to sort of set until upon the urban corridor as is very typical obviously, will be light day shower or thunderstorm later today, tomorrow, thursday, up in the mountains, actually looking real nice. if you are lucky enough to maybe still have some time off to enjoy, now, in philadelphia, and down the shore for that matter, it is little warmer, today in philly should hit the low 90s, dow expect we will see late day showers, storms fire up. should be scattered like i mentioned, come courtesy of colds front, temperatures get knot back a little by wednesday. but the bigger story for us is the fact we're actually going to end up with lowering humidity. so despite it still being real warm at face value on wednesday and thursday, certainly it is, it is at least little more comfortable for you, back to you. >> 1060, we will be following for up, thousands of
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pennsylvanians who got health insurance through the affordable care act could lose it this week. new study discovers the benefits of breast feeding, and would you believe prenup use that include your pets. check in two, three, four times a day 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> i can see, that they're family. >> very much soap. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness "eyewitness w video inside revel as atlantic city newest casino gets ready to shutdown in the next hour. >> also, some rather stunning video, tornado tears through the midwest. we're seeing the damage left behind. katie has got our eye on this system, as well. >> and dueling diets. low carb or low-fat? which doucet help you lose weight and improve your heart health? we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> the final hour at revel. atlantic city newest and shows expensive hotel folds at 6:00 this morning. we're there last with the last good guy. >> this comes collapsing down, sends be bricks crashing below. it has led to close call for some people too. >> it is tuesday, september 2nd, will this morning, community grieving, they are coming together to remember three young lives cut short in a crash just days before the start of school. tribute planned tonight for those team. katy? >> and erika, it is absolutely sticky outside right now. little hint after breeze to make it feel more comfortablement today will likely be the hottest day of
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the next seven, talking temperatures, coming up. victoria? >> thank up, katie. i have a feeling coming offer the holiday weekends and headed back to school our rush hour will heat up. as of right now the vine st. expressway looks pretty good. overnight projects, made in america festival clean up. so lots to talk b we'll have all of that in a little bit. let's head back to the desk. >> thanks, torrey. in the news the gaming floor at revel casino. >> atlantic city attraction shutting down a mere two years after its grand opening. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins you now with more on the closing, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, ukee, good morning yes the final countdown, revel will clothes its doors for good in one hour, people here all night soaking in the sites, playing their last hands, and you see those lights on the casino gaming floor, this morning, well, at 6:00 they go dark.