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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 11, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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providing grief counselors, to students, tomorrow in the classroom, as well as to their faculty, and staff. we will of course bring you more information on this incident as soon as we get it but for now we are life from south philadelphia noel mcclaren for cbs-3 eyewitness muse. breaking news now out of delaware, 12 children have been hospitalized with a respiratory illness. it is unclear right now if that virus is the the evento virus 68, the respiratory illness that i can is end a thousand people mostly children and mostly in the midwest. the delaware division of public health is sending samples to the centers for disease control to determine if it is, indeed entero virus 68. it is hot and humid today but changes are on the their way. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the skies deck with more on a break in this heat, kathy. >> it is not just heat but humidity. good news is we have had more clouds than sun and i say that is good news because that has
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stabilized the atmosphere so we have not seen thunderstorm development this afternoon. so we will be spared from that but a few showers will pass bias a cold front brings relief from that heat and humidity, that we're getting tired of around here. take a look, we are looking at conditions, changing as you mentioned on storm scan three you can see some clouds, and a few showers popping up, and that will pretty much be the rule a little bit later on this evening. now right the now in philadelphia 83. eighty-two in allentown. eighty-three wilmington. seventy-five in the poconos. 88 degrees with high humidity in dover. average high for this time of the year is 8o as you can see many locations, above average, but that will change. future weather shows with the front moving through later this evening by seven or 8:00 p.m. we have a few scattered showers especially through extreme south jersey and delaware. other than that we are clearing it out and by friday morning we will see i much different scenario. plenty of blue skies and low
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humidity. coming up we have changes coming our way, it will be a great start to the day, tomorrow and for the weekend but there will be some showers, that could spoil your plans and then forecasting the 40's, yes, some of us will be waking up to the the 40's, in our seven take forecast, are you ready for that? i don't know. we will talk more about that with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> all right kathy, thank you very much. a with man who lost her husband 13 years ago today is calling on americans to remember not just those who died that day but also those who continue to suffer from the aftermath. 9/11 observancees were held in new york, washington and in shanksville today. correspondent allison harmlen is in new york. >> reporter: bell rang out ahead of the first moment of silence at the world trade center to mark 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack. >> michael patrick tucker. >> lance richard. >> reporter: as is tradition
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family members read names of the nearly 3,000 victims. >> we love you and we miss you and we will never forget you. >> reporter: president obama paid tribute to those kill in the ceremony at the pentagon memorial. >> we carry on because as americans we do not give into fear. >> reporter: there is also a service in shanksville, pennsylvania for victims of flight 93. engine 54 lost 15 fire fighters on 9/11, more than any other firehouse. every year on the anniversary the families come back to take comfort in each other. >> they are all hurting like we are and it never is getting over it. >> reporter: maureen lost her son, lenny, her younger son steven, who was only ten in 2001 grew up to become a fire fighter. >> engine 54 like his brother and same badge number that lenny had. we're very proud of him. >> reporter: maureen, who lost her son christopher, also attended engine 54 ceremony. >> he is with me all the time.
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>> reporter: she says the hardest time for her is not the anniversary itself but in the quiet days that follow. allison harmlen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, 18 people who tied that day were from bucks county. hundreds gathered earlier in this day to remember them at garden of reflection in lower makefield township. we will have more on the ceremony there, a little bit later in this newscast. a judge ruled blade runner oscar pistorius not guilty of murder, the judge however, did say that pistorius was negligent in the shooting death of girlfriend reeva steenkamp. move by this judge raises possibility that the olympian and double amputee will be convicted of the lesser charge call are called culpable homicide. he could be sent to jail for a max in mum of 15 years. we will have more coming up at 5:30. scrutiny intensifies, the nfl hires former fbi director robert muhler to investigate the league's handling of the evident in the ray rice
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domestic violence case. he will ultimately decide what the nfl knew about the second video of rice beating his then fiance janay and when they got it. fifteen women senators sent the commissioner to adopt a zero policy policy for domestic policy. the atlantic county prosecutor, facing mounting criticism over his decision to allow rice to enter a, and pretrial program. ray rice's story will be discussed when the ravens and steelers meet on the grid iron, this season cbs is your home for thursday night football each and every week, prime time nfl games will air right here on channel three and it begins tonight with that afc north match up. sports director beasley easies live at m and t bank stadium in baltimore, beasley. >> reporter: thanks, chris. the behind me is ravens team entrance and for the first time since 2008, since this is first home game on thursday night football, for the ravens, ray rice will not be
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one of the autograph sought here today. we went around the stadium seeking the opinion of fans. >> we still love you, baby. >> reporter: some fans only care about football but most of the fans we talk to have a more serious opinion about what happened, in the elevator. >> as far as ray being gone, it had to happen. it had to happen because we cannot move on as an organization. i'm really sad for him but we have to move on. >> i feel bad that he did it because it is wrong to hit not only a female but wrong to hit anyone. >> nfl is too lenient on his original punishment, he should have been suspended eight games to a year. i don't think he should have been cut from the team they should have suspendedded like they should have and moved on from there. >> he made a mistake and now everybody is making him relive it over and over and over again. i was than the there. it is not my life. everybody should move on from it. >> absolutely still support him. i don't conn down what he did
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but he is done so much for the community of baltimore. >> reporter: so ray rice story will be integral part of the converge tonight as we celebrate the start of the thursday night football, on cbs and cbs-3. now coming up later in sports we will take you behind the scenes and show you thousand this major, major circus of a broadcast, will be put on. i'm beasley reese at ravens stadium in baltimore now back to you in the studio. can't wait to watch, beasley, thanks very much. thursday night football right here on cbs-3, it all starts at 7:30, pittsburgh steelers and baltimore ravens. we want to hear from you during tonight's match up, tweet us using hash tag cbs-3 tnf and they will let you know what you are rooting for with the hash tag pit verse bal. the atlantic county prosecutor is face ago this mounting criticism over his decision to allow rice to
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enter a pretrial intervention program. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live, with the details on this piece of the story, cleve >> reporter: prosecutor's office has been stonewalling attempts to address what some are criticizing decision to put ray rice from previolent convention. we did speak to a local expert who say that is not an unusual outcome. knocking out his fiance in an elevator many who see video are shock authorities didn't pursue jail time for ray rice. the decision to put rise wrist in pretrial intervention was made by atlantic county prosecutor jim maclean who defendedded himself to the atlantic city press saying decision was made aftercare full consideration of the law, careful consideration of the facts, hearing voice of the victim and considering all of the parameters. also receiving criticism is nfl commissioner roger goodell, he initially suspended rice just two games based on claims he had not seen the violent elevator
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video but that is now being questioned by some after an associated press report that league offices got the video in april from law enforcement. >> my source wanted this information to get in the league office because he wanted the nfl to see it, before they made a decision on a punishment for ray rice. >> reporter: claudia oversees atlantic county women's center which receives 4,000 domestic violence calls per year. they weren't involved in the rice case but she says she isn't surprised an abuser like rice received pretrial intervention. >> more typically they go through family court or they will go through municipal court and they will go through a process. there will be a restraining order. it is not usually jail time report report she says nfl's initial punishment the sent a terrible message and now they need to step up to condemn domestic violence. >> very similar to the pink campaign, our color is purple, come out with the purple campaign because men are going to change this.
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>> reporter: state lawmakers say they are not criticizing the prosecutor's office but maybe they need to look at laws in new jersey to see if cases like rice need tougher punishment. live from mace landing, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, still to come on "eyewitness news" 59:00 eagles running back lesean mccoy is defending the 20 sent tip, that he left for a waiter at a philadelphia restaurant. he is speaking out about that tonight and we will have that for you up next. then a long awaited weight loss drug approved by f.d.a. today, what makes thistive rent from the rest. he has got some moves, trend to go day, a bear pole tansing on a golf course, story behind this video, still
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it does not get easier for families who lost loved ones in the attacks. some were from bucks county and the community is coming together to remember, the fallen, "eyewitness news" anchor erika von tiehl has the story. today is one of those days for many of us, we got to honor the thousands of lives lost in the terror attacks, but aren't sure how to do so. this park, the garden of reflection in lower makefield township, helped. >> and, i want to remember my husband, in a peaceful way, not in the tragic way that he lost his life. >> reporter: tara baines spoke at the memorial today to remember how her michael, lived, and not focus on his
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death. one hundred floors up in the north tower of the world trade center when it came crashing down. hundreds gathered to remember michael and the 17 other bucks county residents who died on 9/11. >> joseph. >> reporter: kara tells me her husband would have been humled by the crowd. >> wow just see, and be shocked at the turnout, and i think he would be honor. >> reporter: kara will often sit here at the bench bearing her husband's name set apart under a cherry tree. >> two reasons to honor michael as an unassuming person to be off to the side and then to reflect on a life that we had. >> reporter: hundred yards from the tree, tara and many others place red and white flowers on the plaques, one last way to show, they will never forget the loved ones lost, and, how they lived. there will be one more ceremony later on today here at garden of reflection at
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7:00 p.m. it will be a remembrance in light. everyone is welcomed to a ten. in lower makefield township erika von tiehl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock they are college students now but when 9/11 attacks happened they were just little kids. our pat ciarrocchi was on the campus of lasalle university where students paused to reflect on the lessons learned, from that faithful day. stay with "eyewitness news" as the nation remembers the fallen. you can also head to our web site at cbs for a list of local remembrance ceremonies. day after president obama outlined his strategy to take on isis militants, some lawmakers are voicing concerns. >> if our goal, it is to eliminate isil, there is a lot of doubt whether the plan was outlined by the president last night is enough to accomplish that mission. >> lawmakers attended closed door briefings on the details of the president's plan which includes expanded air strikes,
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on isis targets in both iraq and syria. congressional hearings, on that strategy are scheduled for the coming days. still ahead on "eyewitness news" millennials and money, three on your side helps boost your financial plan. also annex stream solar flare is blasting toward the earth find out how soon it could be here and what its impact might be, beasley. here in baltimore cbs is pulling out all of the stops, there is new tricks, there is new bells and whistles for thursday night football, find out what it takes to put it on the air, in my behind the scenes look, they let me go the air, in my behind the scenes look, they let me go every where,
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advertising agencies gathered for philadelphia ad club tv she case run inch today. "eyewitness news" in center city, and chris and write there we got to preview great shows, including thursday night football, of course, beginning tonight. we are excited bit. cbs is america's most watched network. >> we had a great time there, this afternoon and, the wind was blowing us, all over the place kathy and it was a mess out there. >> and humid. >> yes. >> one of those days, not a good hair day but it will be tomorrow. we are looking at heat and humidity, trading off for
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sunshine, breezy and more comfortable conditions. that is just the beginning take a look where we have more clouds then sun and that has been a good thing? why? are clouds a good thing. it helped stabilize the at months fear and keep thunderstorms from developing like we saw yesterday in the midwest. so we're looking still at a few showers though. take a look at storm scan three, we have a few sprinkles, developing out there but otherwise we are looking at the partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures still quite warm, down the shore seeing the clouds but still seeing some humidity as well and that will continue to be the case. as we look further we are looking at cloudy skies, shower just two minutes ago in east marlboro, and so that will pretty much be the trend over the the next couple of hours, and in the evening period. we have a line of showers developing to the south and storms but nothing severe and this is going south through virginia and also north carolina we're pretty much
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catching a break here. live neighborhood network though takes us out west where something much different is happening. it is first snow in the northern plains. the temperature 35 degrees, in south dakota and here it is, light know falling across that state and it was quite a sight today. you can see snow flakes. we will in the see anything that cold in our future but there will be major changes moving our way. eighty-three right now in philadelphia. eighty-two in allentown. poconos 76. cold front is coming. we are going to be seeing temperatures, cooling downstate college 73. pittsburgh 63. cleveland 59. and that is the afternoon, temperatures you can see a huge differential, eastern part of the state in the 80's, 20 degrees cooler on the west side of the keystone state. dew points in the steamy category near 70. nearly oppressive in most locations but that will change tomorrow. behind this front trier air
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high pressure moving in from the great lakes and can inadequacies, really bringing in a northerly flow with dry conditions and temperatures in the 70's. quickly this low pressure moves northward with afternoon showers possible, and that moves out. high pressure builds back in we are in between highs and lows over next couple of days, bringing sun and then showers, better half of the weekend, will be sunday when the sun returns. thursday night football obviously a big deal here at cbs and cbs-3 tonight at 8:25. the steelers verse ravens in baltimore, 77 degrees, with just a chance of a passing shower. so, for the evening scattered showers and partly cloudy low of six 36789 during date friday cooler and less humid. looking ahead on the the three day forecast looking good for the co man three day walk, saturday afternoon showers, sunday mostly sunny and 74. that is you're witness weather forecast, we will be back with
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thursday night football begins tonight right here on cbs-3. >> we are pumped up, ready to go prime time match up between ravens and steelers. our sports director beasley easies live in baltimore ahead of tonight's launch and beasley, i bet they are ready to go too. >> well, the teams are ready to go, behind me is where ravens walk in. the steelers buses just went by but this is debut of thursday night football. i didn't know that they have as many cameras and buses and whistles that you would have in a super bowl event. cbs let me go every where behind the scenes to show you the new, technology, that will enhance, your viewing experience. >> basically, we're taking the
5:26 pm
super we will and moving it every week. >> wow. >> that puts tonight perspective. inside the broadcast truck it is as tight as sardines in a can. veterans, with one goal in mind. >> i want everything to work. i want the show to be perfect. >> reporter: so what is new, what will you see that will enhance the viewing experience. >> we will be over the line of scrimmage all the time with a high resolution camera that we can zoom in and maybe catch something that would be interesting. >> reporter: high stress but cool responses to pressure, as they look for shots that will tell the story. it requires an army of technicians and muscle. >> this traveling circus will probably have anywhere from 300 to 350 people moving every week. we have robotic cameras every where. our production team is usual icing almost 30 cameras on a regular basis. all of those cameras have to be recorded and turned around
5:27 pm
and routed and so it is a big under taking for us. >> and that is not to mention, 11 talent and two different sets, starting on cbs at 7:30 it is thursday night football. the day buy. well, guys, get ready, it will be one awesome game. >> we're getting ready for weeks. the let's play some football, enjoy it, beasley, coverage begins at 7:30 tonight. still to come in the next half an hour oscar pistorius is cleared of murder charges but it is not over for the south african olympian find out charges he is still facing tonight. eagles running back lesean mccoy speaks out about that 20 cents tip he left at a philadelphia restaurant and guess what he is not apologizing. new at 6:00 dozens of temple students complained about a mysterious rash on their legs, what is it from? our health reporter stephanie stahl takes a look in the our health reporter stephanie stahl takes a look in the healthwatch exclusive at
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a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. i'm chris may with the day's top stories for you. breaking news in delaware at this hour, 12 children have been hospitalized with a respiratory illness. it is unclear if their problem is evento virus 68, the respiratory illness that has sickened a thousand people,
5:31 pm
mostly children and most in the midwest but testing is underway tonight. nfl has hired former director of the fbi robert muhler to investigate leagues handling of the ray rice domestic violence case. muhler will ultimately decide what the nfl knew about that second video that captured rice beating his then fiance and when they knew it. also today marks the 13th anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. there are observance around the the country, in new york, in washington and in shanksville, pennsylvania as well. kathy? >> chris, we have a few showers and sprinkles heading our way tonight with the cold front. it will break the heat. we are looking ahead to weekend rain and forecasting 40's, for some of us. wait until you see what we will be waking up to coming up with the seven day later in the broadcast, jessica. >> a judge in south africa has cleared oscar pistorius of all murder charges but para olympic star could still be convicted of manslaughter for killing his girlfriend on
5:32 pm
valentines day last year. cbs news reporter deborah pata the has more from south africa. the the the time he fired shots... >> reporter: oscar pistorius sobbed uncontrollably. she said prosecutors had not provided enough evidence to prove that the double amputee olympian intended to kill his girl friend reeva steenkamp. >> they clearly had not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder. >> reporter: this entire case hinged on whether the judge believed pistorius's story that he mistakenly shot steenkamp in his home thinking she was a burglar. judge called pistorius a poor witness who was evasive but that did not mean he is guilty of murder. the decision, left many in the court stunned including some criminal lawyers who believe that she made an error in judgment. pistorius still faces a charge of manslaughter known as
5:33 pm
culpable homicide in this country. the judge will deliver that verdict friday. the judge said she felt he actedded negligently when he shot four times through the the bathroom door killing steenkamp. >> i am saying that the accused acted too hastily and used excessive force. >> reporter: if quick of manslaughter it will be up to the judge toe deciding whether pistorius goes to jail. deborah pata, cbs news, south africa. negligent killing normally carries a five-year jail sentence in south africa. philadelphia police are looking for three suspects in connection with the robbery on washington square. the suspects broke in the home in the 400 block of south jesep street, they made off with a safe containing $20,000 worth of jewelry plus passports, birth certificates and a thousand dollars in cash. robbery happened monday, september 1st, around 3:00 in the morning. if you have any information you're asked to cat police. investigators are also looking for suspects in this
5:34 pm
armed robbery of a game stop store in strawberry mansion. two suspects robbed that store last night. we are told they pulled guns on employees and took money from the register. a customer in the store at the time was rob of cash and his cell phone. new jersey has become first state in the nation to require police departments to install cameras in cars used for traffic stops. "eyewitness news" was first in bringing thaw story last night. our syma chowdhry has more the landmark bill. >> reporter: you're watching video that helped change law in new jersey, assemblyman paul moriarty faced drunken driving charges in 2012 but he was not guilty and was cleared with the help of evidence, from a dash cam on the patrol car in washington township. >> it is going to stop false accusations, provide good evidence. >> reporter: not all police department have dash cams but this new law changes that. it requires every municipality to have either cameras in every police car, or body cameras for every officer. cherry hill already has
5:35 pm
cameras in its police cars and now officials are testing body cameras. >> we are planning to implement the body cameras. we are just trying to narrow down a vendor. >> reporter: new law increases dui fine by $25 which will help fund the cameras. paul moriarty believes governor chris christie signed the bill, given summaries event events across the the country if we only had video in that police cruz inner ferguson, we need to know this stuff. >> reporter: senator donald norcross wants to expand the legislation and instead of opting for only dash cams, norcross wants all police departments to have body cameras. >> we have seen a tremendous changes where this could be much more valuable if we expanded it to any patrol officer. >> reporter: evesham township police air head of the curve, they have had dash cameras in their police cars since 2001 and they are the first department in new jersey to have body cameras on all of their officers. >> why shouldn't we capture 100 percent have that level of transparency on both sides. >> reporter: police have been using body cameras since july. >> this is wave of the future.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: new law goes into effect in six months n evesham township, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jurors will resume deliberations tomorrow in the trial of cristina regusters, regusters is charged with abducting a five-year old girl from bryant elementary school in philadelphia's cobbs creek in june of last year. prosecutors say she then sexually assaulted that little girl. the child was later found in the playground in upper darby. we have more now on 9/11 remembrancees happening across the region tonight. city of philadelphia held a patriotic ceremony in old city to day. procession led by the philadelphia police and fire pipes and drum core started at fireman's hall museum and made its way to the the nearby betsy ross house there was a sounding of a memorial bill to remember victims of 9/11. >> loved ones and friends and others we did not know who lost their lives will remain forever in our hearts and in
5:37 pm
our souls. >> council rock south high school ban also performed at this ceremony. they continue to mourn three classmates who were killed in the car crash, over the labor day weekend. well, many are marking 9/11 by doing good deeds. volunteers with new jersey cares taught camden, new jersey students how to build and race solar cars today. "eyewitness news" was there at veterans memorial family school. this is just one of 15 volunteer projects happening across the garden state. stay with "eyewitness news" as nation remembers the fallen, you can head to our web site at cbs where we will have a list of the local remembrance ceremonies. good afternoon everyone. it is 5:37. pretty heavy rush hour so far this afternoon. more specifically right new we will check out our cameras on i-95 at route 420. headed southbound toward the blue route you can see completely jammed solid, slowly moving by, heading north bound towards city or
5:38 pm
airport moving along pretty well. schuylkill expressway jammed, all this afternoon, right at the king of prussia area. eastbound toward city you can see barely moving. westbound lanes moving great. out in delaware vehicle fire all lanes completely block on 495 northbound, just at route 13. your alternate to get around that car fire just take i-95. out in northeast philadelphia an accident on the roosevelt boulevard heading north bound at cottman avenue taking out outer drive so use caution and give yourself a few extra minutes there. 422 from 202 into oaks heading westbound slow there about a 14 minute trip and really heavy on 202 heading southbound a 31 minute trip there. heading from the schuylkill into route 30. otherwise mass transit a great alternate septa new jersey transit and dart all running on time with no reported delays. jessica, back over to you. eagles running back lesean mccoy is defending a 20 cents tip he left for a waiter. take a look at the receipt, this is what shady and friend left after they were at a
5:39 pm
burger joint in northern liberty. you can see mccoy's name and signature and you can see the 20 cents tip. with 60 plus dollar tab but mccoy says, he tips based on services. >> it is 20 cents tip was more just kind of a statement. you cannot be disrespectful and expect somebody to tip you i don't care hot person is. that is why i left the card so they can see my name. any restaurant i go around in philadelphia, i tip very well and i'm very respectful. >> all right. >> so far, no comments from pyt burger on mccoy's statement. so there you go, hear from it him today. still to come on "eyewitness news" a weight loss drug approved by f.d.a. >> if you use g mail you might want to change your pass war, we will tell but a security breach that is affect 5 million accounts. mad many toso's men for life like statues but some fans got a shock when an nba
5:40 pm
star came to life there and we will show it to you, kathy. in weather, we will go from steamy, sticky and warm, to comfortable and sunny in a matter of hours. we will track that plus a big cool down forecasting some 40's and 50's, in that seven day forecast as "eyewitness news"
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if you have a g mail account you might want to change your pass word, 5 million g mail addresses and pass words appeared on a russian bit coin forum today, however, google insist servicer were not breach. list does appear to be a collection of pass words exposed in previous hacks, likely on users computers. they say google is advising users to change their pass word. now we will look at your philadelphia job market report. >> here's cbs news correspondent steven greenburg. >> reporter: perhaps only thing more frustrating then sitting on 76 in rush hour is applying for a job thaw feel is a great match and then never hearing anything from the company generic resume that is list all experience make it easy to reply for hundreds of jobs but hard for one employer to see a candidate's full value. try customizing your resume for every job awe reply for. have the job description in hand, and address every
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annex stream solar flare is blaze continuing its way toward earth tonight. they say there has been a giant magnetic explosion on the sun, and it could arrive here as soon as tomorrow. the flare is likely to just skim the planet without cause any major damage however it could cause fluctuations in the power grid and slight disturbances in satellite and radio transmissions. in weather we are looking at some clouds around, more clouds, then sun and that is helping to stabilize the
5:48 pm
atmosphere and prevent storms from forming. that is the good news, a cold front is moving our way. as we look from our campbell's feel cam across, the bridge, toward center city philadelphia, it is looking a little glummy out there but warm, humid giving way to plenty of sunshine tomorrow. on storm scan three we will be in and out of the clouds for the rest of this evening and a few scattered showers out there as well for the the evening but no major, rainfall, and, right now, philadelphia, 83, and 28 in reading and lancaster. look at dover, 88 degrees, on the september afternoon, a lot of heat, to the south, and, and, and, and, rapid city, 39 degrees, snow in south day coat, north dakota and wyoming with this cold pool of air that will be moving eastward and we will have a monday morning, surprise as far as temperatures are concerned. future weather shows us a few
5:49 pm
spotty showers, especially during evening, through south jersey and delaware, perhaps, for the game tonight, on cbs our thursday night football in baltimore could have an early shower, otherwise, we will have a mostly cloudy to partly cloudy sky. friday morning we have plenty of sunshine and dry conditions. right now dew points in the steamy to oppressive category, closing in on 07 through most of the evening. tomorrow it will be much different. it will be feeling very pleasant as far as humidity is concerned and then, rises up saturday with some showers, and then down gannon sunday so better, better day of the weekend, and, low humidity, and, and, in the wind, next system, and, saturday morning, get outside, soccer, perhaps flag football, perhaps by the the afternoon showers will be moving in. sunday looks great, anything outside, and temperature back in the 70's and it looks like they will get stuck there for a while. scattered shower, partly
5:50 pm
cloudy low 63. during day on friday mostly sunny less humid, deep blue sky with northerly wind at 10 miles an hour. morning lows are going to be chilly, monday morning in the poconos, in the lower 40's, around 45 degrees to 50 in the lehigh valley and philadelphia area wake up in the lower 50's and then down the shore 55 to 60. this will be the most widespread, cool down we have seen as we head toward fall. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast and shore cast we are in the 70's and we are stuck there. good place to be, average high this time of the year is 80. down the shore those temperatures cooling down as well. it will be a fairly pleasant weekend for komen three day walk. that is a look at the seven day information cast. on the healthwatch tonight regulators give green light to the new weight looks drug, which is a combination of two drugs already approved, one of them is used to treat alcohol and narcotic dependens, other is to use to quit smoking.
5:51 pm
it is the third drug to recently be approved to help people lose weight. well, it is national childhood cancer awareness month and doctor the at children's hospital of philadelphia is getting a big boost in her he research. the auto maker hyundai has awarded $250,000 to doctor cristina cole, the grant from hyundai, hope on wheels, will help her research in identifying new treatments with children with aggressive forms of cancer. >> with this funding we'd like to build on our previous observation that is children who have pediatric cancers neuroblastoma and other cancers. >> after that check presentation, hope on wheels commemorated children with cancer by capturing their hand prints on a car. trend to go day, an nba star start also some fans, and falls asleep on the job and bear dances with the flagpole. we will see that. take a look at this first, that is the the lakers new point guard jeremy lin
5:52 pm
scarring fans at the wax museum in san francisco. that museum is well men for very life-like statues so when lin was honored with his own replica he decided to stand in. talk about a dumb criminal, this florida man is under arrest after authorities say he broke into a home, scooped up the opener's jewelry and then passed out on their bed. cleaning later called deputy after finding him asleep and he was out cold, so much so he didn't notice deputies taking photos of him. okay, bear cub caught dancing on video. they say this is real. it happened at an golf course in british columbia after playing with the pole for a while the bear steals the golf ball, takes it for the road and calls it a day. >> having a good time. i might move on to the next hole that bear had some moves, swinging around that pole well. >> true pole dancing. >> welshing still ahead on "eyewitness news" millennials and money. >> we will tell what you they are doing right and wrong when
5:53 pm
it comes to building a financial future next.
5:54 pm
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well, it looks like millennials believe cash is king they are leaving credit cards out of the mix and many say they don't have one single credit card. >> well, that sound like a good thing since they are not building up debt, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan tells us is there a down side to this. >> reporter: it seems some of the financial habits of the millennials could hurt their bottom line, down the line, back survey finds six out of ten millennials don't have a credit card. >> this is a generation that grew up in a place where the economy wasn't doing so hot, they were looking for a job in
5:57 pm
not the best job market and they have tons of student loan debt and they are reluctant to take on any further debts that could contribute to their financial woes later on. >> reporter: even though avoiding debt now is a responsible financial move avoiding credit could hurt later. >> on a individual level millennials could make it harder to get financing later on to get credit, you need to build credit. credit card is a great way to do that, fast way to do that. >> reporter: solid credit history can help when it is time to apply for a car loan, mortgage, even insurance policies. meanwhile on the retirement front a fidelity survey find almost one in four millennials have left money on the table by leaving a job before they were vested, 37 percent of millennials forfeited employer contributions to their 401k on their way out of the door because those younger workers tend to job hop . >> you lose money but what if you are not happy in the job, you guess you have to balance it out. >> i'm not leaving any money on any table.
5:58 pm
>> fair enough. >> exactly. >> thanks, jim. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 there are more calls for change in the nfl in the wake of this video, showing ray rice, knocking out his fiance, women in congress are now putting pressure on the nfl's commissioner. also a day of remembrance nation pauses on this 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, we will hear from young adults who were just children on that faithful day and lessons they have learn, kathy. this may be our last warm, steamy day of the summer as we head to dramatically cooler conditions, a few showers will usual inner that change, we will take a look at that coming up. dozens of temple students with the mysterious rash on their backs and legs, what is it? where is it coming from? our health reporter stephanie stahl with the exclusive new on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00 o'clock there is mounting criticism over handling of the ray rise case, this is as the the baltimore ravens prepare for their first game, since this video of their former teammates surfacedded. tonight some say atlantic county prosecutor dropped the ball, by not pursuing a harsher case begins rice. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. calls are growing louder for commissioner roger goodell to step down as nfl hires former fbi director robert muhler to investigate the league's handling this case. muhler will investigate who knew about that second video of rice beating his then fiance and when they knew. also today 16 women senators have sent a letter asking commissioner goodell to adopt a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. the atlantic county prosecutor who is facing mounting criticism is defending his decision to allow rice to enter a pretrial intervention program.
6:00 pm
"eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in mays landing tonight with the details, cleve. >> reporter: we have tried over and over today to speak with the atlantic county prosecutor but he is staying quiet after speaking to a local paper last night. there is some people who question if ray rice's punishment fit the offense. it is not just the the knock out punch that has some people outraged over ray rice's domestic violence case but funnish. , in chance of jail and just a two game suspension. speaking out only to the atlantic city press, prosecutor jim maclean defended his decision to place rice in pretrial intervention. just like it is not just or fair to go easier on somebody to go where they are, neither sit to go heavier on somebody because of who they are. i felt and still feel, disposition was appropriate. in the nfl commissioner goodell said he didn't see elevator video prior to issuing a two game suspension but now that is being questioned by some after an associated press report that the league offices received the vid