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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 11, 2014 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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brown. coming up on sunday, a double header here on cbs: see you there starting at 12 noon eastern with j.b. and boomer. roethlisberger 3 out of 10 in this half. throws. bell. >> [very loud crowd noise]. >> jim: they have a 1st down. what happened to the steelers offense? you go back to halftime last sunday against cleveland. they have not scored a touchdown in almost 6 quarters. they have been outscored 50-9 in this stretch. >> phil: well, they just can't make the big plays. when you look reverse and screen, once you get inside the 20, you are not as effective.
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>> jim: double pass. for justin brown. imcomplete. >> phil: if you are called in to play, ben roethlisberger. here's the play. get rid of it. throw it short or whatever. roethlisberger keeps those plays extended. you don't want him to take unnecessary hits down 26-6 this late in the game. >> jim: i will be interested in hearing about that hit in the beginning of the game that lifted roethlisberger up off his feet. he is one of the biggest
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quarterbacks and he was airborne. they have not found the end zone tonight. 3rd and 3. that's the first catch of the second half for antonio brown. >> phil: yes, this is established at the get-go. that was a great shot. the crown of the helmet into his chest. i know it's tough, but it's about the safety of the players in the game also. >> jim: brown. >> [whistle blowing]. >> jim: that's out of bounds. smith. >> phil: the other thing, i watched this game. antonio brown is having to do so much, running reverses and coming out of the backfield and catching the screens and returning punts.
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it's a lot. you have to be careful with the guy you count on so much. giving him so many opportunities in an open field like that to catch the ball and take big hits. >> jim: on the last 2 plays, he's had connections with brown after being shutout at the half. down the middle. double coverage. wide of the target. what did you learn tonight about this division? cincinnati won the division last year. won on this field. cleveland. then a coaching change there. >> phil: i think the division is strong. i think the ravens -- >> jim: roethlisberger. >> phil: nice pump fake. i look at this division, i like the baltimore ravens. the way they look. i know they lost their opener,
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but they put a new offense in. a lot of new pieces. the offensive line. of course the cincinnati bengals so many weapons. they can line up with 4 guys and get to the quarterback a lot quicker. >> [very loud crowd noise]. >> jim: ball tipped. was it caught? the old rugby player in high school in salt lake city. dove for it. look at this athletic play. 3rd turnover of the night by the steelers.
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wide open a touchdown. >> jim: for the second time ngata picked off ben roethlisberger. ngata one of 3 holdovers from when the ravens won the super bowl in new orleans. how fast things change. >> phil: i remember when they drafted ngata from the university of oregon. they drafted him to come in here and protect ray lewis. he did that well for quite a few years. >> jim: he comes up with the first steelers givens in their last 47 red zone drives. >> phil: he looks trimmer to me this year. you can see his effort in the play being able to stay. when you lose just a little bit and get in better shape, you
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will put out more energy longer in these games. they have a lot of men on the defensive front that look just like that. >> jim: coming out of the 2 minute warning. pierce trying to add to his total. >> [whistle blowing]. >> jim: the opening drive of this game, 8 minutes. brown coughed it up. in the second half, the same thing happened. >> phil: you need turnovers. if you are a physical football team and you keep hitting it like tonight, you will get your share of turnovers. they got two tonight from big hits. >> jim: the steelers will go through the first 2 weeks of the
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season without coming up with a win of their own. pierce ridden down. a couple of kneel downs away from putting this in the book. the first time in a long time this rivalry hasn't been close. ngata and harbaugh. coach, that was awesome. harbaugh brought his team together and said be yourself. the mazda up. 5 straight games in this series decided by 3 or less. but tonight 26-6. ravens with a resounding victory. they will meet again on november
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2nd in pittsburgh on the night when joe greene will have his number 75 retired. 2 touchdowns both to owen daniels. first time the steelers have not scored a touchdown in a game since 2011. coming up next the mazda pogorest-game show. each team walks off the field. >> [crowd noise]. >> jim: what you would see out of baltimore. >> phil: yes, you could see it even coming together with the football team last week playing against the cincinnati bengals. the steelers. they are one and one but have issues with the run defense.
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>> tracy: i am here with steve smith sr. what can you say about this team you are a part of? able to overcome everything that took place and put up this important win? >> at the end of the day, we are football players. we are also men. people go through things. you have to compartmentalize things. you have to come to work and feed your family. we will address those things when the time comes. it's not all on us. >> tracy: you came in and just fit in so easily with this team. what is it about the chemistry with flacco and just how you have been be a to get adjusted so quickly? >> at the end of the day i am here to do a job. i will enjoy this journey and have fun. we are just a great team. love to have fun. you get to be yourself. >> tracy: congratulations. >> thank you. >> jim: he led them with 6 catches and 71 yards.
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ravens tonight rushing for 157 yards. final score 26-6. coming up next the mazda post-game show. you were watching thursday football. ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time
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or to a prior dose of any flu vaccine. tell your doctor if you've had guillain-barré syndrome. side effects include pain, swelling and redness at the injection site; muscle aches, fatigue, headache and fever. other side effects may occur. if you have other symptoms or problems following vaccination, call your doctor immediately. vaccination may not protect everyone. so if you hopped around the clock, ask your health care provider about fluzone high-dose vaccine. fluzone high-dose vaccine. >> welcome to the mazda post-game show. >> james: the baltimore ravens in the first game of week number 2 dominate. pittsburgh steelers at home. owen daniels catching both of the touchdowns in this game.
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the ravens avoid the dreaded 0-2 start beating the steelers 26-6. the mazda post-game show. >> john harbaugh and his staff did a great job of getting this team ready to play football tonight. i like the execution. the energy. their focus. this is a prime example of a team of athletes being able to compartmentalize and put things behind them and focus on the job at hand. my hat is off to the baltimore ravens. >> it is, coach. these guys came out. that first drive. they served notice they were going to be more focused. this team would not give up this game. i felt when you watched that game, that team felt like this city needed this victory. they came out and took it.
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kudos for that team for showing up. >> these 2 rivals, when you win the line of scrimmage you win this game. the baltimore ravens offensive line and defensive line took over this game. >> whatever transpired at halftime, they regrouped. they refocussed. when they came out in the second half. it was almost like it was a tale of 2 halves. their running game was working. the situation of the passing game. steve smith came up big. these guys came out here and let the pittsburgh steelers upon. -- know: this is our division. >> you saw justin forsett took the ball to the 1 ivan line. if you have justin forsett in fantasy football, not talking about anyone in particular on this set.
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in the passing game steve smith was the number 1 guy for the baltimore ravens. >> when you watch from this football field. i was communicating with steve, back and forth. you can tell flacco is looking at steve smith like he is like bolden. where have you gone? i will find you. he is the primary receiver on this football team. this guy plis a -- plays a physical brand of football. >> they needed to replace eddixon from last year. who comes? owen daniels from houston. >> i love that. >> scored 2 touchdowns. now they have 2 capable tight ends again. >> until they identify which back to carry the load, steve smith is the number 1 option for this offense. he is the attitude.
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like lynch is the attitude for seattle. this guy is the attitude for this offense. >> it's a rare one-sided victory in this series. the first time in 6 games it was not a 3-point game or closer as the ravens take this by 20 points. tonight after your local new s: tomorrow wake up to all of the latest news on cbs this morning. thanks for watching thursday night debut on cbs. for more of the mazda post-game show. stick with the nfl network. that's it. for this portion of the mazda post-game show.
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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> right now two sides of the 20-cent tip. a popular philadelphia eagle versus a popular philadelphia eatery. tonight, lesean mccoy breaks his
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silence and the restaurant owner is firing back. >> good evening to you. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. this is the tale of the tip that went viral. lesean mccoy said he was making a statement when he stiffed that server in northern liberties. >> but the they are of the restaurant says shady's story is just that, shady. natasha brown is live in northern liberties and natasha, you spoke with the owner. >> reporter: yes, we have and it really is a tale of two very different stories here and both sides are unapologetic about where they stand on this issue. businesses swift at pyt burger in northern liberties days after the restaurant went viral. now, not just known for its burgers, but for being the recipient of a 20-cent tip from eagles running back lesean mcc mccoy. >> we never had anyone meticulously sell out 00.20 centss and then add it up correctly and then walk out. >> today mccoy broke his silence
11:39 pm
about why he felt the tiny tip was warranted. >> i tip on my service, you know, and i think the difference between, you know, good service and bad service or just having a bad day. there's big difference from just being rude and disrespectful. >> reporter: tommy owns. he was there the night of mccoy an group of friends were served. he tells a different story altogether. >> his reason was ambivalent request about bad services. sat next to me and my general manager and my partner. his service was -- >> hours after the meal up posted the bill an message about the tip on facebook. that cast his restaurant into the social media spotlight. the comments are mixed. but the most intriguing tweet came from charlie sheen. he offered to give the waiter $1,000. but mccoy is sticking with 20-cents. >> any restaurant that i go around in philadelphia, i tip very well. i'm very respectful. >> my gosh, you should definitely tip.
11:40 pm
people make living off of tips. >> tips are based on service. so if it was poor service then i agree with him. >> reporter: as you can see there are lot of mixed reaction to this story. meantime the restaurant owner tells us that he has been in touch with charlie sheen, and he says, that the package containing the thousand dollars that he promised to that waiter is in the mail. we're live in northern liberties tonight, natasha brown cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, natasha, thank you very much. well tonight thursday night football debuts as the nfl tries to fend off a fire storm of controversy. the league is under scrutiny over a tape showing former baltimore raven ray rice punching his soon to be wife in an atlantic city elevator. tonight's game the first in baltimore since that tape emerged. "eyewitness sports" director beasley reece is live in baltimore and beasley, we heard from the ravens owner and their fans tonight. >> reporter: chris, that is correct. as you know, this would be ray
11:41 pm
rice's the media was here and heard a -- looking for comments. i tweeted out yesterday a banner that said, ray rice charitable fund win 30 minutes that banner was gone as the team moves on. i walked around the stadium and talked to fans to get their thoughts on their guy. he was one of the most popular players, ray rice. >> had to happen because we can't move on as an organizati organization. so unfortunately, i'm really sad for him but we have to move on. >> nfl was a little too lenient for their original punishment for him. i think he should have been suspensuspended eight game to ai don't think he should have been cut from the team. they should have suspend him like they should have and moved on from there. >> reporter: everyone is trying to explain themselves. the commissioner is trying to explain himself and the owner of the ravens asked to explain his fans as well. >> we knew there was other video
11:42 pm
and, um, our security did their -- the steps they normally would. they called the casino and they would not release it. they called the jets and the giants and said hey, do you have any influence? is there any way that you can help us? and they called back and said no. that they would not release it. the prosecutor said yesterday that would have have been illegal. >> coming up in sports, we get to celebrate football and thursday night football on cbs cbs-3. lesley van arsdall and i will join you in a few minutes. now back to the studio. >> all right, beasley, thank y you. new tonight, a big loss in a legal challenge of a multi million dollars concussion lawsuit settlement with the nfl. that proposed settlement called for the nfl to pay at least $765 million to players diagnosed with problems linked to concussions. but the players who made their challenge in court here in philadelphia say that money just isn't enough. the federal appeals judge shot down that argument, but those players can still raise
11:43 pm
objections at a hearing in november. >> one new jersey school is leading the way in trying to cut back on concussions. and tonight we'll show i was very interesting new game plan that's keeping players safe both on and off the field. that story is coming up on "eyewitness news" in just about 12 minutes. >> we are watching rain as we head into the weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is here now with a look at the forecast. kathy? >> right now we're looking at some drying conditions a cold front moving through the region the only place we're seeing the showers in extreme southern delaware and you can see a few in maryland extending through virginia. drying out overnight tonight. it will feel much more comfortable when you wake up tomorrow. philadelphia 78. 70 in allentown. 59 in the poconos. and falling. to the west, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. as cold front sneaks through the delaware valley. bringing in a drier, clearer change. that means during the day tomorrow, mostly sunny skies will be back. it will be noticeably less humid with high of 78 degrees. but it's not going to stay that
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way unfortunately for the weekend. we are looking at some rain moving our way. coming up i'll time it out and show you the best time to plan to be outside. for now we'll send it back to you. >> kathy, thanks. we are following breaking news tonight. a convicted killer is on the run after escaping from an ohio prison. 19 year old tj lane broke out of a prison in lima with two other inmates. police are now searching woods around that jail. lane pleaded guilty last year to the february 2012 shooting deaths of three students at a high school just outside of cleveland. he received three life sentenc sentences. >> well dat nation pauses to remember this. the 13th anniversary of the september 11th terror tax. at grandsire row today now familiar tribute to those lost. twin beams of light reaching into the heavens. a powerful display of remembrance and perseverance. family and friends of the victim gathered earlier in the day at ground zero. they marked the exact moments the plane struck the twin towers with moments of silence.
11:45 pm
then the names of the nearly 3,000 killed in the 9/11 attacked were read allowed. this is the first septembe september 11th since the opening of the 9/11 museum where the twin towers once stood. >> hundreds gather the in bucks county to mark the occasion and celebrate the heroics of first responders. "eyewitness news" at the garden of reflection in lower makefield. retired nypd arnie roma of penndel was the keynote speaker at the remembrance in live ceremony. arnie's son was killed at the world trade center and he narrowly escaped the collapse. tonight, he relived that fateful day. >> within seconds reality set in and i was -- i was on the ground, and the rumbling stopped. smoke, debris and dust were everywhere and when i realized i was still alive, we all started to panic. >> 18 people from bucks county died in the 9/11 attacks. in shanksville, pennsylvania, today a ceremony was held at the flight 93
11:46 pm
national memorial. the former speaker of the house dennis haskert donated the flag flew a top the capitol on 9/11 to that memorial. and president obama paid tribute to those who lost their lives at a ceremony at the pentagon memorial. he was joined there by the first lady and by the defense secretary chuck hagle. families of those who died when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon were also a in attendance. >> there's developing new tonight. 12 children are hospitalized in delaware with a respiratory illness and there are concerns this could be the enterovirus 68. outbreak of that has sickened more than a thousand kids in nearly a dozen states most of the midwest. health officials now sent samples to the cdc to see if the kids in delaware do in fact have enterovirus 68. now this is an uncommon strain of a common family of viruses that typically hits from summer through autumn. experts say the start of the school year is likely helping to
11:47 pm
spread the disease more quickly. >> exclusively on "eyewitness news" tonight, trying to find the source of a mystery rash that's hit dozens of students on the temple university campus. students have been dealing with red, itchy blotches on their backs of their legs. the health service says it's seen about 100 to 120 students with this rash in just the past year. doctors say it's some type of contact derma tights. >> huge welts all the way down my leg. >> i think it's gross. had a rash so it looked like bug bites. some kind of bites. mosquito bites. i didn't know what it was about two week ago. >> some suspect these rashes could be from benches at the cecil b. moore subway station. septa didn't inspect the bench doctors not find any problems much the benches were barricaded off for while. they've burlington-bristol power wash, treated and resealed as a precaution. >> new tonight, fema is asking 800 victims of hurricane sandy to return nearly $6 million in government aid. an audit found they received
11:48 pm
those payments improperly. those who have been asked to return the money were found to be ineligible for the funds because their damaged properties were either vacation houses or rental properties. and not their primary residence. more than 3,000 additional cases are still under review. >> now to a neighborhood conflict that one man says has gone too far. he says what's happening with his neighbor is making his life miserable. and when he wasn't able to get much help, he turned to the cbs-3 i-team. "eyewitness news" investigative reporter charlotte huffman shows us what happened when she talk to the woman next door. >> you need to let go of the microphone. >> rich! >> what about the signs? don't you think that's form of harassment. does your neighbor deserve to be treated like this? >> you're going to be in troub trouble. >> actually it was one christine mccormick was doing that got her in trouble. landing her in haverford township court accused of harassing her neighbor doug croft. >> almost like torture. it's torture to pull into my driveway not knowing what i'm
11:49 pm
going to be facing. >> reporter: mccormick's window were derogatory signs which seemed to cross sexual orientation. >> these are electronic devices that emit a non-stop high pitched sound to keep unwanted animals away. croft's neighbor placed for of them on her property line aimed at his less than 15 feet away. despite the manufacturers warning sign that's the sound can cause damage to the ear and do not aim the product into neighbors yards. >> want to go? >> no. >> the yard guard made his dog afraid to go outside. >> we spend no time in the backyard any more. >> it's not just the dog that can hear it. even though our cameras couldn't pick up the high pitched sound some people can hear it too. >> it's excruciatin excruciatind something piercing to their he head. >> they bother my ears much it's a vibration sensation.
11:50 pm
>> it's a problem that left croft up able to enjoy his own backyard. >> i get headaches when i'm working out that my yard. >> he tried resolving the issue for more than year. >> i contacted the haverford township code enforcement office and the police to try to get this resolved. >> officials told mccormick to point the yard guards away from doug's home. >> little by little she points them back into my yard again. >> as for those signs, they stayed put. >> i've been dealing with this for 13 months. the township has been aware of it for 11 months. >> that's when he turned to the i-team for help. it's unclear what prompted mc corm mick's actions and as you saw -- >> we just want to hear your side of the story, christine. >> sean interested in talking about it. >> the crofts friends think they know her mow tough. >> this seems to be of more aveeno delta for who doug is. >> the judge found christine mccormick guilty of harassment. he fined her $50 and ordered her to remove the harassing signs. he also ordered her to remove two of the yard guard devices and cement the remaining


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