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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 26, 2014 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> now at 11 o'clock, brand new developments surrounding ebola in the u.s. tonight the fiancée of the doctor hospitalized in new york returns home while a nurse quarantined new jersey blasts the way her case is being handled. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. the woman is the first traveler quarantined under ebola watches in new jersey and new york. this while pennsylvania is now gearing up to start monitoring possible ebola cases locally. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live in the cbs3 sat center tonight with
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the latest developments. matt. >> reporter: natasha, let me say right off the top that there are zero known cases of ebola in pennsylvania and no one traveling from west africa to pennsylvania has presented symptoms of the virus. that said, starting on monday, new cdc monitoring guidelines will kick in out of an abundance of caution. pennsylvania one of six states around the country set to begin monitoring people traveling from one of these three west african countries, liberia, guinea and sierra leone have seen the most cases of ebola virus. passengers from those countries must travel through one of five designated airport with newark airport and j.f.k. airport being the two closest to our region. when they arrive in pennsylvania they'll have to check if daily with county or state health officials to see if any ebola symptoms develop. a small group of pennsylvanians will be among the first people to start this process on monday. anyone who does present symptoms faces an immediate quarantine in new york and new jersey. that's what happened to casey
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hick cock aurse with doctors with injured borders. she was quarantined on friday. she tested negative so far and has criticized the process brighting in the dallas morning news she said an official "barked questions at me like i was a criminal. this is not a situation i would wish on anyone and i'm scared for those who will follow moquette quote n new york city the fiancée of the doctor diagnosed with the virus was allowed to return home. she had been quarantined after having extensive contact with dr. craig spencer. spencer is in the hospital after being diagnosed with ebola this week. officials have stressed new yorkers aren't in danger with the mayor eating at the same restaurant spencer had before he presented with symptoms. they'll be given a check in report ebola kit that includes self monitoring instructions, a symptoms blog and even a thermometer. we're live in the sat center, matt rivers cbs3 "eyewitness
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news." >> matt thank you very much. we have set up an ebola resource guide for you on our web site there you'll find the answers to commonly asked questions and also links to the cdc so that you can read the material for yourself. also new tonight three people are injured in a serious crash in limerick, montgomery county. an suv and a car collided on route 422 near louis road. the crash caused all four lanes to be shut down about 7:30. a helicopter transported one of the victims to the hospital. the highway has since reopened but the cause of the crash is still under investigation. also tonight philadelphia police are searching for a pair of suspects now want in there a violent crime in queen village. investigators say a man was walking on carpenter street when two people approached him. a woman struck the victim with a baseball bat in the chest and as he was fleeing, a man fired two shots, one striking him in the leg. a neighbor says police told him the victim was a suspect in a string of car burglaries
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in that area and that the shooting could have been a form of retaliation. >> seeing somebody looking in the cars, you know, trying to break in the cars and then he gets -- he gets attacked. >> police would not confirm that this crime was indeed retaliation. they did say when the two suspects approached the victim one of them shouted "you know what you did" before the attack happened. an apartment fire displaces 17 people in philadelphia's tioga nicetown neighborhood. flames ripped through the building on the 3800 block of north 15th street about 3:30 this afternoon. "eyewitness news" was there as fire officials worked to try to determine the cause of this blaze. there were no injuries reported. the red cross is now assisting displaced residents. turning to our weather now, it really has been a great start to the weekend. a mild fall day has turned into a beautiful night. "eyewitness news" here in love park tonight where crowds were out and about enjoying the
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evening. but how long will this nice weather last? we can only hope several more days but let's check in with meteorologist justin drabick. he's in the weather center tonight. he's got the latest. justin. >> hey, natasha. looks like we're looking at good dry weather again for sunday. if you have outdoor plans certainly enjoy it. temperatures cooler but pretty much where they should be this time of year. i show you this map and you're saying hey this isn't late october. exactly. these were our highs today. we did make to it 70 in philadelphia and wilmington, 6 degrees above average. we'll be getting a cold front coming through tonight. they'll knock the temperatures back to where they should be for late october for the next couple days. front still well to the north and west. a couple sprinkles trying to show up on radar right now in the poconos. alsowhere patchy clouds passing by the delaware valley overnight. temperatures still mild ahead of the front, mid and upper 50's, still hanging onto 60 degrees in reading this hour. we still have a southwest breeze bringing in the milder air. can check out northeast philadelphia at 61 degrees. it's 58 in mount holly and in
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doylestown. it will cool down later on tonight as that front moves through. we'll wake up tomorrow morning with temperatures in the low to mid-50's, maybe some upper 40's in the coldest suburbs but expect a lot of sunshine. now the winds are going to kick up during the day sunday, temperatures in the mid 60's both at philadelphia and the jersey shore. cooler up in the poconos, talking about mid-50's. a lot of sunshine remains in our seven day, even warmer temperatures show up as well. i'll get to that coming up in a few more minutes. natasha. >> justin thanks. see you soon. four students shot by a classmate at their high school near seattle are clinging to life tonight. police are trying to figure out why the young gunman opened fire on his friends and family. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham has the latest from marysville washington. >> reporter: shocked students returned to marysville pilchuck high school saturday to retrieve the items they dropped when they ran away after shots rang out friday. sophomore trinity rowan was in the cafeteria they says jaylen fryberg opened fire.
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>> everybody was like what's going on. everybody just ran. knob knew what to do. >> reporter: one girl died, four other students were seriously wounded. family members say two of the injured are the shooter's cousins. >> the next three days are going to be crucial. these young people are being monitored moment by moment. >> reporter: fryberg was a popular football player recently named homecoming prince. he fatally shot himself. sports and activities are canceled at the high school this weekend and there will be no classes here next week. will it be tough to go back to school? >> yes, definitely. especially like eating in the cafeteria. >> yeah. >> like that's going to be terrible. >> reporter: police finished their crime scene investigation. they recovered a .40 caliber handgun they believe fryberg used. they're still unclear about his motive but one student told investigators friday berg had recently gotten into a fight with another boy over a girl. danielle nottingham for cbs3 "eyewitness news".
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>> well, we also have an update now to the manhunt for a suspected trooper killer eric frein. police in new york say they determined that a car stolen from the poconos and found in new york is not linked to frein. pennsylvania state police have been searching for frein since an ambush outside of their barracks in blooming grove back on september 12. the shooting left one state trooper dead and another wounded. philadelphia police meantime they arrest a man in a wheelchair who they say stole money from a donation jar at a wawa store. this incident happened near delaware and tasker in south philadelphia early this morning. no word on how much money was in the jar or if it has been recovered. and it's just a drill but a very important one. philadelphia international airport held an emergency preparedness exercise today. the airport tested how their emergency crews responded to a simulated mass casualty incident involving an airplane. first responders, triage victims evaluated their
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conditions, also transported them to area hospitals by ambulance and helicopter. >> we take these drills very serious. we learn a whole lot from these drills. we take everything from these drills and then we analyze them and try to improve on things for the following future. >> this emergency drill is mandated by federal law once every three years. now, volunteers they're helping to clean philadelphia schools hit very hard by the budget crisis. young people washed tables and a lot more at martin luther king promise academy high school in germantown today. they picked up trash outside the school as well. the budget cuts have led to a reduction of custodial staff in the district and more school cleanups are planned in the weeks to come. dozens raced through philadelphia in the sixth annual honor the fallen 5k run today. "eyewitness news" at the police academy on state road. this run benefits the families of police officers who were killed or died in the line of duty. proceeds from the event will go to the fraternal order of
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police lodge number five survivors fund. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a brutal attack cam heard on camera. an elderly man, followed and beaten for his wallet and tonight that victim speaks out. plus, heading somewhere for the holidays possiblely? new information about when to buy those plane tickets. what experts say you should be looking out for. and a world record is set in sky diving. we're going to tell you how far of a jump one daredevil just made. that looks scary, justin. >> sure does. sunshine and milder temperatures to start the weekend. will this trend continue? i'll show you coming up in the eyewitness weather forecast. >> and straight ahead in sports, a showdown in the desert between the eagles and the cardinals. rob
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>> welcome back. the pentagon says a marine who died in baghdad is the second u.s. military death in the campaign against isis. lance corporal sean kneel died in a noncombat incident. the pentagon says it is investigating. mean tight time fighting continues between kurdish militia and islamic ill taints in kobani near the turkish border. earlier this week the u.s. central command says its forces conducted more than 135 airstrikes all around the region. now police in southern california they hope that this disturbing surveillance video will help them track down an attacker. the victim, an 88 year old man says the suspect followed him to his apartment complex and
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demanded money. even after the victim gave the suspect a few dollars, the man demanded more. >> he also push, he stronger than me. he hit me. and i fall down. >> the suspect took the victim's bag and ran away. the 88 year old says his injuries have healed. he hopes that someone recognizes this attacker and calls police right away. and now more cars, they could be joining an already lengthy list of recalls over exploding air bags. the nearly 8 million vehicles currently under recall have been concentrate in there warmer states. but there is now increasing pressure to expand that recall nationwide. at least four deaths and numerous injuries have now linked to air bag parts that did not expand properly in an accident or exploded. japanese parts maker takata manufactured the defective air bags. we've post add complete list of the vehicles affected on
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our web site. just head there, and click on consumer. for anyone planning to fly over the holidays, now is the time to book your ticket. a new survey shows the lowest prices for domestic air fares are found eight weeks before the departure date. in that time frame, fares should be about 19 percent below the average price of $496. now, that is according to the travel industry research group owned by the airlines. the report also found sunday is the cheapest day to buy plane tickets. we'll want to make note of that. now, talk about a leap of faith here. google vice president allen eustace breaks a world record for the highest sky day. it happened yesterday over new mexico. the 57-year-old was lifted 25 miles off the ground by a special balloon, then dropped. eustace was wearing a specially designed space suit at the time and did a freefall of more than 800 miles an
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hour. he made a small sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier. wow. >> he had great weather to do. >> he did. >> we've had beautiful weather here. going get better hopefully. >> looks good tomorrow. a little windy. over all not a bad way to finish off the weekend across the delaware valley and we're setting up to see a dry stretch of weather over the next several days. and if you like warm temperatures, wait a few more days 'cause we're going to warm it up even more. live look at center city. we have partly cloudy skies right now. there is an approaching cold front from the north and west. it should come through the city dry tonight but there are a couple of sprinkles showing up on radar. look at storm scan3, you get up to the poconos, a little batch of light rain showers trying to come through. some of this may not be reaching the ground as the front comes through central pennsylvania. elsewhere just partly cloudy skies overnight but look at upstate new york. a line of thunderstorms breaking out along that front. looks like most of the wet weather stays well to our north and we're going to set
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up to see a lot more sunshine around during the day sunday as well. 59 the current temperature in philadelphia, 58 wilmington, mid-50's still in mount pocono, so we're mild right now. you get to the other side of the front there's really not a big change in the temperatures. 53 in buffalo, 58 cleveland, so nothing terribly cold with this cold front. and the front is not through our area just yet. notice the wind direction out of the southwest so that's a mild wind flow but that wind will shift more westerly during the day tomorrow. now, these are sustained winds anywhere from about 15 to 20 miles per hour they could be gusting to 30 at times during the afternoon on sunday so a bit of a windy day. the temperatures back where they should be in the mid 60's. a lot of sunshine as this front moves on through. we'll keep it dry heading into the work week. high pressure blocks any storms from developing so once again mostly sunny conditions for monday, temperatures in the 60's. we're going to track a warm front coming through for tuesday. now we'll start to talk about temperatures well above average, almost 10 degrees above average on tuesday, mid
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70's for highs. the reason, jet stream, it's all over the place. tomorrow takes a little bit of a dive southward. there comes some cooler air brief from canada. the jet moves back north getting another ridge over us. mild air moves in from the south for tuesday and wednesday. signs of another drop in the jet stream for wednesday and thursday and that brings in cold air as we kick off the month of november. fall foliage we're in the peek lehigh valley. high color reported across the northwest suburbs of philadelphia into south jersey and delaware, moderate change in color and that should be changing pretty quickly over the next week or so. overnight there's a couple of showers possible, northern lehigh valley, poconos with the front. lots of sunshine for sunday afternoon. that trend continues into monday. we'll do it all over again on tuesday, more sunshine, difference on tuesday will be the temperatures. tomorrow again waking up lower 50's in most spots, early sunday morning into the
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afternoon, well into the 60's. so, nice comfortable day, a little bit on the windy side. pretty much a repeat on monday except for all the wind. so, it will be chilly overnight a-few clouds around, 52 for center city, some 40's in the suburbs. 64 breezy and cooler sunday, mostly sunny skies. winds could gust to around 30 miles per hour. here's the extended forecast. we go from the mid 60's monday into the mid 70's tuesday with lots of sunshine. wednesday still warm, low 70's. could be a shower late in the day. then we bring in the cold air in here. we're talking about temperatures back into the low 60's on thursday and friday and of course you can join the eyewitness weather team by joining our eyewitness weather watcher program. check it out on our web site for the details, >> thank you very much, just tinge rob ellis is in for sports. can't wait for tomorrow's game. >> bye week has been fun. eagles travel to arizona. we'll tell you the last time they won in the desert and after they knocked off the penguins flyers add a new face and look to do the same versus
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the red wings. we'll see how they faired and plenty of college foo
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>> ♪ >> flyers return the home ice tonight against the red wings. game marked the debut of shayne gostisbehere. orange and black looking for their first home win. gostisbehere wore number 53. played well. sake voracek the great pass. michael raffle finishes. flyers take a two-one lead: game tied at two. 8:55 left. flyers on the power play braid schenn redirection. flyers take a three-two win.
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they won. ray emery played well tonight. eagles take on the cardinals tomorrow at 4:00. the teams met last season in philadelphia. eagles won 24-21. the green birds haven't won in the desert since 2001. both clubs enter with five and one records. arizona leads the nfc east while the eagles sit in second place in the nfc east behind dallas. veteran wideout larry fitzgerald has played in his share in the battle of the birds. >> really good matchup for us. they're good team coming off their bye again this year, second year they get two weeks to prepare for us. we know we have to play a four good quarters of ball to come out with a win. it's a big one. >> we'll get you ready for the dual in the desert tomorrow morning at 11:30 on sunday kickoff join beasley reece along with lesley van arsdale and the voice of the birds, merrill reese. red hot ohio state team was a tough way for penn state to try to snap a two game losing streak.
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the buckeyes had won four in a row, they were beating their opponents by more than 41 points per game during the streak. game currently in progress and penn state trails 17-14 late in the fourth quarter. temple visiting central florida, owls trailing 24-seven in the second. blocked punt. benjamin takes it to the house. all central florida from the half. third quarter william sand back bowls in for 2 yards. temple has dropped its last two games. six and one villanova hosting morgan state. quite a homecoming game for john robertson. one of his five touchdowns on the game, 242 total yards. this is a weekly occurrence for him, folks. cats win 48-28. long afternoon for pennsylvania take on yale. bulldogs quarterback morgan roberts four touchdowns yale rolls 43 might have 21. quakers now one and five on the season. delaware taking on william and mary.
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this one belonged to michael abdue sabor. check this out. uh ab arkansas why are we showing you this? that's a 350-pound offensive guard throwing a touchdown for the razorbacks. that's sebastian tratola doing his best nick foles impersonation. arkansas rolls 45-17. wow. and we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. new tonight a big celebration of first responders in montgomery county. the volunteer medical service core of lower merion and narberth held its 70th anniversary banquets tonight. "eyewitness news" at the philadelphia country club. they respond to 911 emergency calls from lower merion township, narberth, conshohocken and west conshohocken. the organization recognized several members tonight including three members with 30 years of dedicated service. very nice. and philadelphia's kimmel center it's all aglow in pink tonight. landmarks across the area are displaying pink lights as a remind for women to schedule a mammogram. it's our lights for the cure campaign and we're honored to be a part of it. another building all glowing pink the saint james in washington square. looks beautiful. this is the 13th year that
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cbs3 and the cw philly have teamed up with susan g. komen philadelphia for the lights for the cure complain. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> got a story you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> well, that is "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown. for rob, justin, all of us here, thank you so much for joining us. if you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00 a.m., also we're online all the time. blue bloods is up next everybody. have a great night. >> ♪
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