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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 3, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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we're essentially going to be going on baby rollers coaster ride in the days ahead. talking temperatures for sure, your next shot for rain, and election day forecast. election details ahead. >> thanks so much. now, new this morning, row home fire is under investigation, in north philly. it broke out in a 3-story house on the 2200 block of camac street after 11:00 last night, crews very quickly placed the fire under control, one resident was rushed to the hospital store minor injuries. >> it is the final push for campaign 2014. pennsylvania's candidate for governor are going from one ends of the state to the other to get their message through, before the voters decide tomorrow. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins you at the cbs-3 sat center with the latest information on that, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, candidates all over the state today, governor tom corbett making a stop in west chester, democratic challenger tom wolf
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making stops in lancaster, as well, as pittsburgh. last minute push for both of the candidate, and they say their message is clear, get out and vote. >> spending his day stomping in the philadelphia suburbs, incumbent governor tom corbett knows he's got tough fight on election day. he and his republican supporters are rallying for every vote that they can get. >> my oponent want to be ed rendell. tax and spend, tax and spent. he want to be barack obama. >> corbett's new jersey counterpart, governor chris christie, lent his voice to the call sunday night in bucks county. >> democrats are not coming out. they're not excited. in fact, they're not excited about their own candidates. and they shouldn't be. they're not excited about tom wolf here in pennsylvania. >> and let me tell you what will happen tuesday night. four more years. >> democratic challenger tom wolf was out in full force sunday as well with stop at temple university. he is hoping for big voter turn out in democrat rich
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philadelphia. he brought in president obama. >> only because we've had a governor who don't always work with us, pennsylvania ranks second to last in the country in job growth. second to last. >> they attack corbett not only on jobs, but education, too. wolf promising to fully and fairly fund pennsylvania schools. >> we're in philadelphia right now. that's not just true in philadelphia. that is true in york county. it is true in elk county. it is true in erie. it is true everywhere in pennsylvania. >> now, governor corbett has trailed in the polls all year, but he says his his internal polling shows this race much closer. he says this is always been a voter turn out race. and he says, he's usually very good on election day. now, both of these candidates get back out there on the trails today, last minute push, on the day before election day. reporting live in the sat center, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". almost here, jan, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" as we follow the candidates
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through election day 2014. tomorrow, natasha brown, heads to pit burying to be with the corbett campaign. todd quinones will be with the wolf campaign in york. and, when you're not near a tv , you can always hop on line to get the latest from >> now traffic and weather together? >> thankfully i can report that it is going to turn a little milder out there today. the long and short of it, it is in the as harsh as yesterday was, the winds really made it kind of brutal to be outside for very long yesterday, and granted we're going to also see a little bit of rebound on the they are mom -- thermometer today, too. just quiet day, less winds, storms now pulling away, high pressure actually settling in. storm scan3 as you might imagine has cleared out nicely. we can expect to see sunshine across the board today. may be few clouds roll through, but call it partly to mostly sunny, how is that? temperatures tell the story. you know, do you have very chilly start here in philly at the airport, 38 degrees, mid 30's in the pocono region, 35
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allentown, you get the ideament look at this, it is colder right now in raleigh, than it is even in boston of all places. so that really tells the story. we've got that chill that's really settled in. and it is here for at least one more day before we start to see too much of a rebound on the thermometer. so as time progresses there is will be pretty pleasant day. it does require an extra layer when you walk out the door. frankly, guys, i walked out the door with nice heavy coat today. you might want to think about the same. chilly but not as windy or as harsh. ukee, over to you. >> katie, thanks so much. working over here with my man traffic producer tim, we are looking at i-95 at girard avenue. no major backups or incidents on the roads thus far this morning. route 42 at creek road, let's go across the river over in new jersey, clean and green, for now. traffic starting to pick up though just a little bit on the left hand side of your screen. and ongoing road closures are in effect since last week. de haven street in upper merion township is still closed, between balance a go
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mink owe road and overlook lane due to road collapse. just heads up if you are in that area by the way you can use front street or golf road as alternates, until that road is reopened. whether it will be, no idea right now, but of course we're in touch. we'll let you know. >> talking sports, eagles back on tonight nfc east, it was a costly win. sport director beasley reese with the injury report on couple of stars for our birds. >> eagles right on track at six and two, leading the nfc east, dallas fell hard to the cardinals. cowboys playing without their quarterback tony romo. the eagles will be without quarterback nick foles for a few weeks. >> the last play of the first quarter, foles under pressure, slammed down onto his left shoulder, left the game with a injured clavicle. mri to follow. and in the fourth quarter, damico ryans, the defensive leader, made interception, came down, started his run back, turns out he has achilles heel injury, may be done for the season.
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>> enter mark sanchez, took over for nick, through elf touchdowns, leading to the victory. helping. thirty-one-21, in houston. >> injuries tough. i'll wait until that gets announced. and then damico, too, two guys, big time players on our team, you never want to see happen. so that's tough. >> sought extent of it, like i said, we got a guy who can step up and, you know, win some games. so i'm excited about him being back there, and, you know, we will continue to move forward. >> next up, carolina panthers at lincoln financial field monday night 8:30, november 10th. i'm beasley reese, let's go back to the studio. >> and we will learn more today about foles' shoulder t didn't look good when the team got off the plane last night. that's foles right there with his arm in a sling. cbs sports says foles is expected to miss four to six weeks. we can get better time line today after an mri.
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so there is a good shot of the sling right there. a lot of eagles fans head their breath when they saw him lying on the ground. and damico ryans lives big hole. a lot of people are weighing in on twitter, and facebook, let's take a look at couple right here. my man roberto, he says damico ryan hurts the injury worse than nick foles by far. we do not miss number ten as in desean jackson, jeremy maclin was the man all along. hashtag nfl. here is another: mark sanchez will lead the eagles to the division title to the playoffs maybe even the superbowl. recommendation ryan is going to get that pink slip. i am sure he meant spinning slip, as getting out of there. andrew says absolutely broken hearted for ryans right now, defense will definitely miss you. also got couple more. don't forget to send yours in, as well, chris says look, he's a giants fan, sanchez plus eagles equals no playoffs hashtag but fumble. referring to when mark sanchez with the jet and he fumbled
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when he ran into the back side of his own player. those days are gone. forget. that will those days are gone giants fan. also, on a video game, when you lose your starting quarterback, and middle linebacker, you hit the reset button n re lil -- real life, next man up. fly eagles fly. one of your philadelphia eagles, right, there that's what it is all b we want to hear from you. join the conversation, using the hashtag cbs-3 mornings on nice bick or twitter. we'll red them throughout the morning. >> right now 5:08. the trial starts today for former malvern music teacher accused of inapropriate behavior with children. prosecutors say antoine foman touched three student who took lessons from him from the malvern school of music. several other students say he showed them inapropriate pictures. the school fired foman after he was arrested. >> happening today, civil trial begins for raphael robb. the former university of
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pennsylvania economics professor pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the killing of his wife. ellen robb was bludgeoned to death in their upper merion home in 2006. now, ellen robb's estate seeks compensatory and punitive damages. >> your time now 5:09. major mistake just days before the election, only on "eyewitness news" the problem that could send voters to the wrong polling place. >> also, relief in the poconos, now that eric frein is behind bars. how people are trying to get back to normal now that the seven week long manhunt is finally over. >> and, dying on her terms. brittany maynard's final message before taking her own life. it is a story that is ignited a debate all across the country. we'll be right back.
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>> investigators in the poconos are test ago rifle recovered from the abandoned airport hangar where accuse the trooper killer eric frein was captured last thursday. they are look to go see whether it was the same weapon used in the september 12th ambush, that killed corporal brian dixon, and wounded trooper alex douglas outside the blooming grove barracks. frein faces a first degree murder charge, and related offenses. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. >> and, a quiet poconos area community looks forward to getting back to normal now that eric frein is behind bars. residents filled local businesses near the search zone over the weekend. it was a welcome site for those business owners who say that while police searched for frein, customers were afraid to shop. but, now that he's in custody, business is starting to pick up again. >> well, everybody was a little bit more chipper, upbeat, you know, everybody's talking about how he was caught. you know, just getting their life back to normal. >> it is a feeling here now, relaxation, you can tell, that people here don't have to
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worry. >> prosecutors have yet to set a trial date for frein. >> police in california arrest several suspects in connection with the halloween hit-and-run death of three teenage girls who were trick-or-treating. authority say 13 year old twin sisters, lexi and alex andrew, a than their 13 year old friend, were struck and killed friday night, in a santa ana crosswalk two blocks from home. police say the driver after block honda suv, and male passenger fled the scene without helping the victims. police will release more details about the suspect later today. >> 5:13, let's get our traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, everybody, today's going to be very pleasant day overall for early november standards, and definitely i think coming off of what was a chilly weekend for our area. we can expect to seymour sunshine, just like what we saw yesterday. a lot less winds. just less harsh day unfolding out there. but it will be enough that you do still want to have heavier coat when you walk out the door. let's take a look, storm
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scan3, region wide zoom. storm system that brought in some snow across new england, still spewing out some snow here across atlantic canada. very, very churning wind speeds, as well, across that region, but now we've got high pressure on our side. that's essentially taking the lead, and as it does so, it is allowing for yet another day of sunshine, but also just quieter, calmer day. so, you can rake the leaves without wore that i they're going to blow, that the piles will just blow right away. still little breezy outside, nothing like yesterday. meanwhile we take a look at the leaf foliage, starting to pop nicely, now at high or peak across most of our area at this point. so with the bright sunshine, if you are lucky enough, maybe to have little time to kill, take little road trip, looks like good excuse to do. that will you will see pretty colors out there. and meanwhile, as this afternoon progresses it, will not be as cold as yesterday. high hitting 58 degrees, and the sun will shine all day. actually reaking out almost 10 degrees in addition to what we saw yesterday. so, it is definitely going to be noticeably milder.
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seasonable chill settles in tonight, as we keep high pressure on our side. very light wind. sunset just before 5:00 p.m. i have to till the sun went down yesterday, i thought my gosh it is getting so late. i have to go to bed. oh, wait, now we're getting into that time where the sun goes down earlier and earlier, especially now that he would turn the clocks back. flirting with 70 by wednesday with some sunshine, and we can expect to see another drop on the thermometer with some rain moving in, as well, by thursday. ukee, over to you. >> katie, thanks so much. so far everything is clean and green on the major roadways. looking at i676 vine st. expressway over at 24th street in center city. i59 southbound approaching the girard point bridge, headed toward the philly international airport, so far so good. looking good, and a road hazard to tell but as we look at the maps, lincoln drive northbound near gypsy lane, there is i'm told a car bumper in the roadway, hopefully philly's finest will be able to get that out of the way and keep the morning commute running smoothly. we'll keep you updated. >> now, 5:15, visits to our
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area by topping headlines. president obama gives endorsement to pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate tom wolf. rally the voters. incumbent republican tom corbett campaign with new jersey governor, chris christie, election day is tomorrow. one person was injured, in this late night fire on camac street in north philly. so far investigate verse not figured out what sparked that fire. >> and, eagles quarterback nick foles gets an mri today after injuring his shoulder in the eagles win over the texans. the birds are now atop the division, but could miss foles and injured linebacker demeco ryans. still toy to come, dangerous stunt in the ocean, swimmer's risky move that even calls stupid. >> fists fly off the track watch sparked this wild brawl between nascar drivers. we'll be right back.
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>> diagnosed with a incurable brain cancer, they say brittany maynard wanted to leave this world on her own terms. in the end, she did so. on saturday, surrounded by family, she took a lethal medication prescribed by a doctor. in her on line obituary, family members wrote, while she had longed for children of her own, she left this world with zero regrets on time spent, places been, or people she loved in her 29 years. >> i hope my family is still proud of me in the choices i made. >> last week in a video posted on line, it seemed maynard struggled with her decision to die before cancer destroyed her. >> i still laugh and smile with my family and friends, and it doesn't seem the right time. >> went public in october with her plans to die on november 1st.
5:20 am
she and her husband moved to oregon, one of five state where it is legal for doctors to help terminally ill patients take their lives. >> i don't want to die. >> in a interview with cbs's january crawford, three weeks ago, maynard defended her decision. >> cancer is ending my life. i am choosing to end it a little sooner and in a lot less pain and suffering. >> before her death, maynard publicly crossed off items on her bucket list. her final one, visiting the grand canyon. >> don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a 19 year old basketball player with inch open or recall brain cancer fulfills life-long dream. lauryn hill hit the basketball court to make her college basketball debut in cincinnati. scored the first and last baskets in the ncaa division three game, pink her school, mount st. joseph college against heream college. >> i've never felt so good in my entire life. i've always had a never give up attitude about everything,
5:21 am
i've always liked to challenge myself. >> and to top all of that off, lauren given not one but two awards for courage. >> beautiful. >> well, talk about nerves of steel. nick wallenda sets two new records while pulling off his latest high wire act. >> now the stunt man talks about the one thing that really scared him during this risky walk. plus: thought it was a prank, because it was halloween. >> talk about a nightmare crews. halloween theheme trip tunes into real horror. hearing about the people stranded on the ship. we'll n back -- be
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's
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right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> my fink remembers crossed for a clear day. >> if you spent too much time out yesterday, just too much, because it was so windy. and we all had some, you know, you could tell how windy it
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was just by looking out the window. if you're out in it, you know how cold it was. storm scan3, clear right now, we continue to see in atlantic city clear sky, as well, so on "skycam 3", no worries. you are looking good here with less wind, it will be very quiet day, all things considered, and we can thank high pressure for. that will our temperatures are in the 30's, basically, across the board. wildwood is one and only oddball out. let me give you quick check on the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, nice rebounds on the thermometer in the next few days, then we drop right back off as new system comes our way, that looks like it will bring the wettest day of the forecast to us thursday, nothing more than chilly rain. ukee, over to you. >> thanks so much. let's go outside, look at route one at the roosevelt boulevard, approaching broad street. common in to the city, family. glad to have youment happy monday morning, i95, at cottman avenue, starting to see some light volume here. folks are waking up and on the move. want to tell but ongoing road closure since last week. de haven street, upper merion township, still closed until
5:25 am
further notice between balance a gahm inning owe road, road collapse, commute kearse use front street or gulph road until that road reopens in that area. another traffic update, with my man traffic producer tim, helping me out. love you, man. in just a bit. >> right now talking sport. eagles in first place this monday morning, but the victory comes at a cost. quarterback nick foles went down with a shoulder injury in the first quarter. he will have an mri today on that. back up mark sanchez, came in, through two touchdowns, along with a couple of picks. birds beat the texans 31 to 21, and coach kelly likes sanchez's game. >> i mean, he is a real professional. and i said since day one you better have two quarterbacks in this league. we were fortunate when we had nick go down, we had mark to bring n didn't miss a beat offensive. >> i sad, you know, to see somebody go down like that, and, you know, the only thing we can do just keep pushing forward. >> now the eagles have little extra practice time this
5:26 am
weekment they face quam newtonian the carolina panthers, a week from tonight, in south philly at lincoln financial field. >> in the late game, steelers ben roethlisberger through for six touchdowns for the second straight week. steelers beat baltimore 43 to 23. roethlisberger is the first quarterback in ffl history to throw for 12 touchdowns in a two game span. he was in a zone. >> well the sixers try get in the win column later tonight. the zero and three sixers face the undefeated houston rockets , tip-off tonight in south philly at the well. >> finish last night at the nascar. check out off the track, as jeff and brad get into wild brawl in the pit area. gordon got upset after he knocked him out of first place with just few laps to go. gordon ended up with a bloody lip after all this. oh, definately not what you expect to see at arrays.
5:27 am
tempers did calm back after that, they both did interviews, but that's not good, not good at all. talk about not having sportsmanship. but that's tough. that is tough. erika, back over to you. >> thank you, 5:27 right now. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", it is the final push in campaign 200 -- 2014. big stars trying to sway voters in the race for governor in pennsylvania. >> also, tens of thousands of voters could run into trouble on election day. the major mailing problem that could lead to election confusion. why the group responsible refuses to fix its mistake. and katie returns, she has your work forecast, and she says get ready for another roller coaster ride this week. we'll check traffic and weather together on the 3's. back in two minutes.
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bring in the big guns as the race comes down to the wire. we will check in on both campaigns for their message to voters about 24 hours left until polls open. >> aren't you glad we didn't wake up to this? >> yes! >> chilly here, but certainly not cold enough for snow. we will show you where they're digging out from a record breaking storm. >> oh,. >> let's get off that right now. >> yes, get to katie. >> oh, my gosh it, makes me cold just looking at t yes, you know, we talked about last week, that very same storm, the same one that struck our area. but, we were dealt such a glancing blow by comparison to some of the neighbors in new england, so we are talking about thankfully the retreat of the storm now. but it did have impact on temperatures, so more on that, in the next few minutes for you here. >> ukee, back over to you. >> all right, thanks, kate. campaign 2014 really right now down to the final hou