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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> several trucks on fire, 1500 block of collideway drive, you can see, firefighters still sprague down the trucks there in bristol. no word on how the fire started. they seem to have control over t see the white smoke just about out t broke out inside a gated lot. also, this is new this morning, one person is returned to the hospital, after fire rips through their north philadelphia home. it broke out in a three-story house on 29200 block of camac street, after 11:00 last night. crews quickly place that fire under control. good morning again everyone. in the news campaign 2014 is now in the home stretch. >> both candidates for pennsylvania governor are trying to get last minute support before they get out the vote. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo, joins us now, in the cbs-3 sat center, down to the last few hours, jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, these candidates will be all over the state today. governor tom corbett, expected to be in west chester, and his challenger, tom wolf, scheduled to be in both lancaster and pittsburgh, this
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is last minute push for both candidates, and their mission is surprisingly similar. get out the vote. >> spending is day stomping in the philadelphia suburbs, incumbent governor tom corbett knows he's got tough fight on election day. he and his republican supporters are railing for every vote that they can get. >> my oponent wants to be ed rendell. tax and spend, tax and spend. he wants to be barack obama. >> corbett's new jersey counterpart, governor chris christie, lent his voice to the cause sunday night in bucks county. >> democrats are not coming out, they're not excited, and, in fact, they're not excited about their own candidates, and they shouldn't be. they're not excited about tom wolf here in pennsylvania, and let me tell you what's going to happen on tuesday night, four more years. >> democratic challenger tom wolf was out in full force sunday, as well, with the stop at temple university. he is hoping for big voters turn out in democrat rich philadelphia and brought in president obama.
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>> unfortunately, because we have had a governor who doesn't always work with us, pennsylvania ranks second to last in the country in job growth. second to last. >> they attack corbett not only on jobs, but education, too. wolf promising to fully and fairly funds pennsylvania schools. >> we're in philadelphia right now. that's not just true in philadelphia. that is true in york county. it is true in elk county. it is true in erie. it is true everywhere in pennsylvania. >> now, governor corbett has been trailing in the polls all year; however, he says his internal polling shows much closer race, and he says it will come down to voter turn outment analysts, however, predict low voter turn out this election day. reporting live in the sat sent, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, lets reminds everyone to stay with election day 2014. of course you can get the latest on the election any time at let's get our traffic and weather together. start with katie, good
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morning. >> good morning, everybody. today's going to endy being one of the days just very calm and collected, high pressure on your side, allowing already for the light of day to pop over the horizon, in for overall pretty view i think. pretty view for you, take you out to "skycam 3", jack frost big boulder, beautiful colors on the skyline right here. and we will continue to feel that chill at not just the pocono mountain area but also here at home today. but it is no where near as harsh as as the day progresses, take a look, storm scan3 empty, nothing more than few clouds here and there. and with high pressure on your side, we are going to see less wind for one thing, and a milder day unfold with more sunshine. so you can see when you look at the winds speeds, winds direction is key here, too. it is no longer coming straight up out of canada. now, it is starting to turn little more westerly, little milder, but we do still have noticeable breeze, it is no where near as strong of a winds as yesterday at least, but it is there. so, i'm not guaranteeing it
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will completely calm down, but, it is a little less harsh. thirty-one what it feels like as a result of that winds factored in at the airport, feels only like the 20's, in some of the most outlying suburbs, so, you do have to bundle up. this feels like it is winter outside walking out the door. but your eyewitness weather day planner is that said still pretty pleasant overall. granted bit breezy, but it is quiet, with sunshine, and we can expect our daytime high to top off right around 58 degrees later on today. ukee, over to you. >> katie, on this monday morning, folks on the move. looking at i95 at cottman avenue. you can see the volume is starting to increase. seventy-six approaching spring garden, that's in our neck of the woods, things looking pretty good right now. we do have an accident on our map to tell burke over in bryn athyn, cathedral road near route 232, we will try to get more details on that accident for you coming up in a bit. also an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound past norristown exit three p 33. we have a shrek that struck a deer, now on the shoulder facing the wrong direction. so, just heads up if you are
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going to be in that area. traffic i495 in delaware, southbound to northbound looking pretty good right now. erika, back over to you. >> ukee, thank you. happening today the trial begins for former chester county music teacher facing child abuse charges. antoine fomin accused of inapropriately touching three students during private piano lessons at the malvern school of music. three other children told investigators that fomin exposed them to inapropriate pictures, but did not touch them. the school fired fomin following his arrest. also, happening today, a civil trial begins for raphael robb, former university of pennsylvania economics professor pleaded guilty to manslaughter, in the killing of his wife. ellen robb was brog orthopedics to death in their upper merion home in december of 2006. now, ellen robb's estate is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. ukee? >> well, the eagles got the win, and the victory puts the birds back on top of the nfc eastern division, but came with a price. sports direct or beasley reese has the injury report.
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>> eagles right on track at six and two, and leading the nfc east because dallas fell hard to the cardinals. cowboys playing without their quarterback tony romo. the eagles will be without quarterback nick foles for a few weeks. all right, the last play of the first quarter, foles under pressure, slammed down onto his left shoulder. left the game with a injured clavicle. mri to follow. >> and in the fourth quarter, demeco ryans, defensive leader, made interception, came down, started his run back, turns out he has achilles heel injury, may be done for the season. >> enter mark sanchez, took over for nick, through couple of touchdowns, leading to the victory, helping, 31-21, in houston. >> injuries tough. i'll wait until that gets announced. and then damico, too, two guys, big time players on our team, stuff you never want to see happen. so that's tough. sought extent of it. but, like i said, we got a guy in mark who can step up and,
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you know, win some games. >> i'm excited about him being up there, and we will continue to move forward. >> next up carolina panthers at lincoln financial fields monday night 8:30, november 10th. aim he beasley reese, let's go back to the studio. >> and we'll learn more today about foles' shoulder. didn't look good when the team got off the plane last night, that's him at the top there. there he is with the sling. cbs sports says foles is expected to miss four to six weeks. now, we could get better time line once again today after he has that mri. >> so between foles and ryans, who is the bigger lost? feel are reacting on twitter and facebook to the injuries. ivy says. the not cough den sanchez can consistently lead the offense. ryans ankle orders the d. they need help. let's move on for just couple of more. injury worries mean more. foles' injury worries me more than ryans. glad tolls will be back. football all about having depth.
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you to have to have good depth. >> hate to say ryans, not much drop off from slick nick to but fumble sanchez. go birds. folks are on the butt fumble. that was with the jets. let's let it go. let's let it g he is on our squad now and playing well. join the conversation using hashtag cbs-3 mornings. you can post on facebook or twitter. we'll try to get more comment on the air. >> still ahead in sports, jeff gordan comes out swing nag huge nascar brawl. wait until you see this video. lava flowed in hawaii, slowed down, but does not mean the danger is over. find out why some residents object to trying to divert the lava. and she became the face of the controversial right-to-die movement. brittany maynard has ended her own life. we're live with her final message to her supporters coming when mom and dad said family vacation,
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i was expecting another trip to. i never thought it would be like this. where strangers become best friends. and life is more colorful. this place was like nothing i've ever seen. i'll never forget it. chiapas. live it to believe it. ryan costello went. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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>> twenty-nine year old brittany maynard, defied the debate the right-to-die on your own terms. correspondent dom champion joins us live with her story, tomorrow, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maynard was diagnosed months after her wedding last week she hinted that she may push back the date she would end her life. but we are told she died as she intended, peacefully in her bedroom, in the arms of her family. diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer, family members say brittany maynard wanted to leave this world on her own terms. in the end, she did so. on saturday, surrounded by family, she took a lethal medication prescribed by a doctor. in her on line obituary,
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family members wrote, while she had longed for children of her own, she left this world with zero regrets on time spent, places been, or people she loved, in her 29 years. >> i hope my family is still proud of me in the choices i made. >> last week in a video posted on line, it seemed maynard struggled with her decision to die, before cancer destroyed her. >> i still laugh and smile with my family and friends enough that it doesn't seem like the right time. >> she went public in october with her plans to end her life on november 1st. after doctors gave her only six months to live, she and her husband moved to oregon, it is win of five states where it is legal for doctors to help terminally ill patients take their lives. >> i don't want to die. >> in a interview with cbs january crawford, three weeks ago, maynard defended her decision. >> cancer is ending my life. i am choosing to end it a little sooner and in a lot less pain and suffering.
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>> before her death, maynard publicly crossed off items on her bucket list, her final one, visiting the grand canyon >> now in the weeks and days before her death, we're toll, maymar started suffering from more frequent and longer seizures, she would have turned 30 years old on november the 19th. ukee, erika, back to you. >> hey, don, before you go, can you tell everyone a little bit more about aid in dying law? >> yes, voters approved it back in 1994. it has since then more than 750 people have used the law. the average age of the people who have used have been around 71 years oldment and we're also told that only six people have been younger than the age of 35. tough decision. >> yes, no doubt. >> don champion for just new york, thank you. >> 6:13, let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i good morning, ukee, hey, everybody, happy monday to up. we get you out to work and school on pretty pleasant note. no where near the wind issues we saw yesterday, will still
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stay breezy do, have nice clear sky overall with nothing more than few clouds. here is the storm that brought in the wet weather over the weekends, still pulling away, still bringing in right now little bit of light snow, across portions of maine, atlantic can't did a, where the brunt of the storm will be at this point. so, we are in just sort of transition mode here today with more sunshine, not quite as cold, not quite as windy, not quite as harsh as a result. seasonable chill for us settling in tonight, the low drops down to 43, over the next seven days we go on little baby roller coaster ride, like the kids right at -- ride at dorney park, 68 degrees by wednesday, and then slow to climb once again behind the next system which looks to bring us some rain by thursday, and lingering shower probably at worse by friday, temperatures also taking a hit for the weekend, yet again, low to mid 50's at best for saturday, and sunday. ukee, over to you. >> katie, let's take you outsidement looking at some of the traffic now, rush begins, roosevelt boulevard southbound, you are looking at approaching the schuylkill, traffic is picking up just a bit right now. no major problems to report.
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676 over at 95 very light volume right there. but not too bad at all. we got an accident over in quakertown, southwest end of the boulevard, at route 309. and edgemont avenue, vehicle struck a deer. so coming in or out of the sit, from that area, just heads up on that situation. and in delaware, i495 so far so good. southbound and northbound, moving nicely. erika? >> thank you, ukee. the lava flow from kill owe way an on hawaii hawaii stalled after slowly creeping toward a small town. say diverting lava flow may be possible but some hawaiians object, some say you can't mess with mother nature. others say deep row lidge us significancement still, 50 households remain on alert to potentially evacuate because of possible fires and smoke. well the final full day of campaign 2014 leads this look at today's headlines. some big names campaign for pennsylvania's gubernatorial
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candidates. president obama stumped for democratic challenger tom wolf. new jersey governor chris christie campaigned foreign cup ben republican tom corbett. >> one person returned to the hospital after this fire on camac street in north philadelphia. so far there is no word on what sparked that fire. >> eagles beat the texans going to six and two. quarterback nicick foles out with a shoulder injury. eagles also lost linebacker demeco ryans, as
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nick foles leaves the game with a injuriment went down with a shoulder injury after being hit by the texans pass rush, in the first quarter. they think it could be the clavicle. back up mark sanchez filled n through two touchdowns passes, pick off twice, but the birds beat the texans, and coach says sanchez was prepared to play. i mean, he is a real professional. i said since day one you better have two quarterbacks in this league. we fortunate when nick went down, we could bring mark n i don't think we missed an beat offensively. >> it is bad, you know, to see somebody go down like. that will and only thing we can do, keep pushing forwards. >> they face cam newton carolina panthers week from tonight at lincoln financial field. let's go birds. >> sunday night prime time game the check out big ben roethlisberger.
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he threw six touchdown passes against the ravens. the steelers beat baltimore 43 to 23. get this, big ben saw six touchdown passes last wyche, as well. he's the first quarterback in nfl history to throw for 12 touchdowns, in two games. >> and hey the houston rockets in town to play the sixers tonight, houston 34 and zero on the young season, still looking for their first win. what's that? smell that? i smell an upset. let's go sixers. absolute chaos, off the track, at a nascar race in texas. driver jeff gordan, brad, get into wild brawl, in the pit, everyone joins in. upset after knock out of first place with just lap to go. gordon ended up with a bloody lip. not sport man ship like at all. not good. things got little tense, but finally did settle down. no one seriously hurt. >> right now 6:20. now that police shooting suspect eric frein has been captured, see how people are getting back to business as usual in the poconos.
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that's next. and, captured on camera, surfer jumps into shark infested waters for the ride after lifetime. but could he face charges for the dangerous stunt? we'll hear from him when we come back. good morning. newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while...
6:22 am who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest.
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for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. >> 6:00, if beautiful sunrise underway, fum hour earlier than it has been. gorgeous colors here in atlantic city. like the skies on fire. so pretty in atlantic city, and really everywhere else, east facing wind, go there now, not before you check the forecast out. jump ahead to tomorrow. sort of space things out here for election day, the forecast looks very quiet. we should get you to mid 60s, by mid-day, but, couple of
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choice times here at the polls opening in new jersey, then with just one hour left by 7:00 p.m. you're generally looking at a slightly above average day with temperatures. still wanting a jacket, but not a bad day at all. today, 58 degrees, sunshine, still little breezy, but hey, we will take t ukee, over to you. >> katie, let's take a look at the roadways, we start with the bin, ben franklin bridge from the new jersey side, approaching the city, no problems as you can see at all. switch it up. route 202 at 422, also, looking pretty good. let's roll out the maps now. and tell you about a tractor-trailer fire, in bristol, at the magnolia industrial park. now, that's on collide way drive near haze boulevard. we're told that fire is under control, and traffic is not affected but please be cautious in that area if you use it, and one more accident to tell but in quakertown, southwest end boulevard at route 309, at edgemont avenue. a vehicle has struck a deer. traffic by the way at last report on 495 delaware southbound northbound so far so good and in good shape. erika. >> investigators in the
6:25 am
poconos, are test ago rifle found in a ban donned airport hangar to see whether it was the weapon used by accused trooper killer erin freak. thursday us marshals followed frein following manhunt. corporal brian dixon died in the september 12th ambush and trooper alex douglas was wounded. prosecute version charged frein with first degree murder and will seek the death penalty. and, it is back to business around several pocono mountain communities, put on essential lockdown during the search for eric frein. residents came out over the weekends in support of local businesses, that were less deserted during the 48 day manhunt. now, that frein is behind bars, business owners hope to recoup their losses, as things get back to normal. >> well, everybody was a little bit more chipper, upbeat, you know, everybody talking about how he was caught, you know, just getting their life back to normal. >> it is a feeling here now that is relaxation, you can tell, that people here don't have to worry. >> prosecutors have yet to set a trial date for frein.
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>> well, the nurse from maine who successfully fought the state's quarantine says she had to challenge how she was being treated. casey hickox, spoke to the main sunday telegram, and said she was fighting for the rights of other us medical workers, who are trying to bring the ebola outbreak in west africa under control. officials in maine want to court in a attempt to bar her from crowded public places. on friday, a judge ruled she can go where ever she pleas z. >> well, santa claus refs to up help every child get a toy. >> "eyewitness news" at the 34th annual for the kids motorcycle toy run. it featured procession of motorcyclists led by the jolly man in red himself santa claus. our first santa spotting for the year. >> there he is. >> all toys go to the united state marine corps toys for tots program. organizer expect to correct hundreds every thousands of toys for the less fortunate. >> just a joy, man, to see a smile on a kid's face, all we do it for. >> oh, it is great.
6:27 am
the toy run start in the 1980 with fewer than three riders there is year, more than 100,000 riders are taking part in this great cause. just look at all of those toys piling up. >> indeed. some friends just did the same thing in wilmington, as well. that's a cool santa claus, man, my man, cool saint nick. >> man, trade in the slay. mama claws, take the ride up. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", could sends voters to the wrong polling place tomorrow? >> reporter: with reelection day one day away, gubernatorial race in pennsylvania heating up. i'm jan carabeo, looking at both parties straight ahead. >> also ahead, halloween horror proves gives passengers real life scare. see why the ship had to be evacuated. >> and we'll take a look at the roads, katie will be back with your forecast, we do traffic and weather together. back at the bottom of the hour. good morning, family, happy monday, look at that. >> beautiful. >> beautiful shot, isn't it? good morning.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. campaign 2014 in its final days. in the race for governor, bolt
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getting help from high profile the latest information, good morning. >> good morning, erika, busy day for both candidates today. governor tom corbett expected to make a stop in west chester, and his opponent, tom wolf, especially, expected to be in pittsburgh, and lancaster, as well, big push for both of the candidates, on this last day before election day, they are really trying to get as many people out to vote as they can. now, they were also -- also had big push yesterday, in the philadelphia area, both candidates got some get out the vote help from a couple every big names. governor tom corbett greeted voters here at this delaware county diner. he is promising not to raise taxes, and then he made his way to montgomery and bucks counties, as well. that's where he was joined by his counterpart from new jersey, governor chris christie. meantime, tom wolf was in philadelphia, at temple university. president barack obama joined him, both took jabs at corbett on jobs and education. wolf wolf is promising to fully and fairly funds
6:32 am
pennsylvania's schools. >> we're in philadelphia right now. that's not just true in philadelphia. that is true in york county, it is true in elk county, it is true in erie, it is true everywhere in pennsylvania. we need to make sure that we follow through on that promise. >> my oponent wants to be ed rendell. tax, and spend. tax and spend. he wants to be barack obama. >> now governor corbett has been trailing in the polls, although, he says, his internal polling shows this race much closer, he says, it will all turn out, all come down to voter turn out. both going to hit the trails again today. hard to get as many people as possible out to vote come tomorrow. reporting live in the sat center, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, we'll check back with you shortly. "eyewitness news" television exclusive. tens of thousands of philadelphia voters could run into trouble on election day all because of some information they got in the mail. the organization working
6:33 am
families for pa's sent around 30,000 of these mailers to voters all across the city. the problem is nearly all of them directed people to the wrong polling place. >> pretty major mistake, very little time to correct it. >> they claim that it is a honest, honest mistake. if something like this were done on purpose, it would be a grand jury investigation. >> organizations still, the organizations still won't give the sit a list of the people they sent mailers to. attempts to reach working families for pa for comment were unsuccessful thus far. for any questions you might have about the voting process, head to there we have a voter resource guide. >> with very important phone numbers and links. here's kate. >> i beautiful start to the morning. if you have got a window that faces east, you definately want to check out the sunrise today. beautiful one for us out there. but looks can a lot of times be very, very deceiving.
6:34 am
specially this time of year, and specially in the wake after storm system, that just rolled through and brought in some very, very cold air. let's look. storm scan3, very quiet. don't wore bit speckles of green, just ground clutter at the radar site, in other words, not picking up any precipitation right now, rather, high pressure on our side. we've got nothing more than couple of clouds as we go through the day here. this is a look at your area temperatures, and it is chilly. you know, into the 30's, almost everywhere. >> more of predominantly westerly flow, to the wind, that it is making it feel that much chillier. feeling like it is lower 30's, even into the 20's in some of the outlying suburbs, you got to bundle up. that's the bottom line here. but won't be as harsh as what we found yesterday with the winds for one thing, but just as bright. expect sunshine across the board here today. temperatures at best, up in the mountains, low 50's, and certainly here in philadelphia, in the shore points, little bit closer at least to the norm into the upper 50's, at best this afternoon. so jacket weather at it finest
6:35 am
as i always like to say, ukee, back over to you. >> thank you, katie. traffic right now, disable vehicle to tell but on 476 southbound, just past the saint david's villanova exit. it is not blocking any lanes. traffic producer tim tells me but be cautious in that area while crews have to work on the situation. i59, cottman avenue, seeing more traffic as the morning rush gets underway. game on. got to get to workment accident in quakertown, southwest end boulevard route 309 at edgemont avenue, vehicle has struck a deer in that area. just a heads up. i495 delaware so far so good. erika? >> all right, thank you, ukeement happening today, workers from trump taj mahal casino want atlantic city mayor to reconsider a decision that could force the casino to close. the workers plan to march to mayor don guardian's office. the taj has threatened to close next month, if it does not get a $175 million aid package from atlantic city and the state. so far guardian has refused the request. one world trade center
6:36 am
opens for business. about 175 employees of magazine publisher will work therefore the first time this morning. more than 3,000 other workers will move in later. one world trade center opens and replaces the original twin towers, destroyed in the september 11 terrorist attacks. construction of america's tallest building took eight years. a halloween theme crews becomes real life horror story for hundreds of passengers, must have been scary for them. cruise ship bahamas celebration leaving grand bahama island friday night halloween. passengers say they heard -- they felt rather large jolt, and then the ship lost power. hey say hole in the boat sent watt near the bottom two floors, cautioned the boat to tilt dangerously, to one side. >> big boom. we are stranded on the islands for two days, no information, no food for 24 hours. >> we weren't stranded -- we were stranded, period. >> close to 1,000 passengers
6:37 am
and crew returned to miami on another ship. a krause line spokesperson said no passengers were ever in any danger. ukee? >> well the eagles are back in first place where they belong. but yesterday's win comes at a high price. the birds wound up with some key injuries, like their quarterback and the captain of their defense. here to discuss it all, paul jolovitz from our sister radio station 94wip. good to see you my man. >> morning. >> six and two, first quarter for nick foles, town remember? >> yes, one to remember for a good reason, and a bad reason. i mean, the olds doctor jeckle mr. hyde. he came out firing, jeremy mack had unbelievable first day game. >> un believable. >> gets behind the defense, we talked about desean, but jeremy started to open it up. you saw this in the run game later. that safety then come in the box. as he beats cornerback for tough down, 59 yards, #-nothing, that's the doctor jeckle nick pulls. then we see the mr. hyde here, just getting pressured, goes off the back foot, throws the pick it, six, not the world's
6:38 am
greatest interception tackle here either. >> that book foot throwing, has gotten him in trouble so many times. >> it has. try to throw over the middle. hard to get juice on that, texans tie the game at seven. hereof course nick foles goes, linebacker, merciless. >> how about it? >> and unfortunately, this mr. hyde part with the interception, now the injury. he comes from the back, nothing nick -- had problems with the shoulder anyway, but the collarbone obviously gave out. and you lose your starting quarterback for probably four weeks. >> mark sanchez came in. nice pre-season, did a nice job. >> summer of 2012, chip says, well, easy in, i'm chip kelly, i don't do. that will throw the fastball. fifty-two more yards to jeremy. you need two quarterbacks in this league, ukee. and sanchez veteran back up, a loft backups, named steve if you know what i mean. steps in, this is unfortunately the bad mark sanchez. >> couple of picks? >> couple. one, and then one tip by josh, two in total.
6:39 am
couple others dropped. the role -- under thrown, and he knows he can't do that. you got to watch out, sanchez also little bit off the back foot. not the world's most accurate passer but i think chip shopped a lot of poise, was mobile back, there i thought he did himself well. >> speaking of mobile do you expect off tones change little bit because you have mobile guide? >> maybe sliding out of the pocket. see nick with the foot work, some problems, maybe little bit sanchez, i didn't ask chip, next man up, and you can see here, the third quarter, here's the running attack, offensive line jason kelce back here, three headed monster. shady got it done. over 100 yards. four plays, 70 yards here, this is the tempo offense wearing a texas defense down. you didn't hear watt mentioned much. >> you were reading my line. i thought i saw side line shot -- >> and chris polk, he is pounding hard. when he is healthy he is good. then that's 70 yards all on the grounds. >> real quick, demeco ryans?
6:40 am
>> bad lost, that lost may be worse than nick. because sanchez for him, casey matthews, the leader, the captain, the defense, that's a tough one to swallow. but in chip's system next man up, see if carolina next monday night. >> you're eight and eight on your picks. >> eight for eight. we will be nine for nine with carolina i gave you a hint it starts with a w. >> we'll be right back. erika? >> oh, love that jolly. 6:40. november, a month when thousands will stop shaving to raise awareness foremen's health issues. doctor rob is here, he is in the studio to talk m more about this must stash movement. plus, daredevil nick wallenda walks a tightrope into history. this morning, he's talking about the biggest obstacle he faced during those back-to-back stunts. >> and perhaps not the smartest move here. surfer jumps into shark infested waters, and then jumps onto a whale caucus. why he did that coming
6:43 am
>> this girl last seen leave in a dark colored car, the driver side window open. we are working to get better description of the car. we will bring you updates as soon as we get any new information. ukee? >> nick wallenda sets not one but two records in yet another
6:44 am
death defying high wire act. >> this latest attempt sent the daredevil inning across tightrope 61 stories, over the chicago river last night. >> without a safety net or harness, it took wallenda six minutes, 52 seconds, to get across. then he raised the steaks even higher by walking between the marina towers blind folds dollars. >> there were some times where i had some strong gusts of winds, you know, times where there is some cross-winds. and it was definitely a lot steeper than in training. but, felt confident, was able to make it across safely. >> everybody in the studio is wide eyed and jaws dropped. set two world records by completing the stunts and says he's already planning the next one. oh, blind folded? >> i'm telling you. >> oh,. >> in his blood. >> good for him. >> all right, just past 6:43, there, bundle up in chicago and bundled up this morning. >> absolutely, all courtesy of the storm system, that really ushered in the cold air and still continues to bring down some snow this morning across atlantic canada. you can see the rotation of
6:45 am
the storm itself. pulling away, high pressure taking its place, that allows us to warm up little bit here. we are currently though still seeing temperatures into the 30's, in a lot of locations, and you are at 40 in dover, the further south you go, the milder it will tend to be this morning, but you know really the coldest suburbs where you will find that worse chill of course as is typical. meanwhile we expect to see nice little rebounds on the thermometer through wednesday. by this point, however, there is a new cold front. fizz link front crossing through, and it does bring in at least some sunshine, but probably going to end up with mainly cloudy day because i think fizz link front, don't have to worry about anything in the way of wet weather. however, by thursday, area of low pressure moves in along the tail end of the front. so by then you may need the umbrella with more rain in the forecast. but guys, if you love watching weather, we want you to join oust team of eyewitness weather watchers. sign up right now for all of the detail on our eyewitness weather watchers program. ukee, over to you. >> katie, thanks so much. on the traffic scene, disable vehicle on i-95 southbound,
6:46 am
over at the walt whitman front street area. it is on the shoulder you but if you are traveling in this area in the next few minutes or so, please be careful. route 42 at creek road, over in the garden state traffic is moving nicely for this time of morning. watch the sun glare there. you can see there the in top right of your screen. ongoing road closures to tell but in effect since last week, de haven street upper merion township still closed between baligamingo road and overlook lane due to road clams. road will be closed until further notice. we understand commuters can travel using front street or gulph road as alternates in the meantime, i95 in the state of delaware looking good. erika. >> see a lot of men pulling an ukee washington and sporting a stash this month it, play be for a great cause. this weekend kicked out movember, when many are growing mustache to raids growing awareness about men's
6:47 am
health issues. >> family physician doctor rob dan off on call this morning with detail, and my blood pressure going up, man, white coat syndrome. >> it is that white coat. >> why do guys need more nudge to go get to the doctors? we don't do it as a group as often as we should? >> other stuff on the minds, flat screen tv we're worried about, the car. guys are guys. they don't typically do stuff unless there is a problem. so we have to change that, ukee. >> how many excuses do you get? i imagine as a doctor, people calling to cancel appointments, what are they saying? >> you're right, oh, i feel good. why should i go? i go look, if you have diabetes, pre diabetes, high blood pressure, don't have symptoms. don't wait until you are feeling bad. don't have a doctor, but ask a friend, which one do they recommend, hospital, don't have insurance, but affordable healthcare now that they can help. also, i only go when i'm really sick. you know what? that's not the best time to go. because we want to get to know you. then if you have other conditions or family history, we can help you bert. and then another time is oh, you know, i want to treat it myself.
6:48 am
go down any aisle, say oh, i got heartburn, let me get this, let me get. that will that can disguise another condition if you're having that pain. you know, other excuses, too, like i don't have the time. well you know what? if you get sick you'll have plenty of time. also you know what? we stick these little things, you know, needles or we use like other type for colonoscopy, digital rectal exam, they just don't want to, feel weird about it, the other thing is a loft times their family urges them to go and out every spite they won't go, because we're guys. >> that's so silly. >> i agree. >> so we got it turn and and say i was thinking about doing that anyway. you didn't to tell me. >> there go. >> here is a stat. one in seven american men will be diagnosissed when prostate cancer in their lifetime. what factors increase this risk and what kind of tests can you take for it i know i get blood test and prostate exam? >> 60% of people over six a and above are the guys who get prostate cancer. i'm sensitive to this because my dad rest in peace died of prostate cancerment so first there is risk factors, if it
6:49 am
runs in your family, one, also, american men of african-american heritage or caribbean men, african-american heritage, have higher risk and often diagnosed, starts at earlier age, and we diagnosis it at a later stage, so real important you get screened. i'm glad you are. >> recommend age four and up? >> yes. specially, yes, foremen of african-american heritage, absolutely. but see the test is called the psa tells, blood tells, it is controversial. because it is not always accurate. it just gives us a idea. so, at least at age 50 or at age 40 if you have a history we talk to you about the test. if you get it, then we try to help you interpret it, and then what do you do after that? but the main thing is gosh it is the second leading killer of men. it is really important to talk to your doctor about prostate cancer and see what you can do about it and get screened. >> good point. >> so ukee you're right on with that. >> thanks, doctor. growing your stash? >> i tried tonight i don't grow it as quickly as i can. give me a month, ukee, i'll be with you. >> we'll get awe liner andre it on, thanks, doctor.
6:50 am
time 6:49. >> charlie roads joins us now up in new york with your preview. >> morning. >> good morning, ukee, erika. ahead, brittany maynard decided to ends her life after fight with terminal cancer. jan crawford more of her interview with brittany. plus this investigators looking into the cause of the virgin galactic spaceship crash. we'll talk to sir rich and branson about the future of space tourism, and nancy takes closer look how candidates are using scare tactics to influence voters, head to up mars midterm elections, all that and more, news back in the morning, we will satisfy see in you about ten minutes. >> thanks, charlie. man in australia sees floating whale carcas and decides it is a good idea to climb on board. he also had some unwelcome companions. >> and whole thing of course caught on camera. correspondent rob scott report. >> not 26 year old harrison.
6:51 am
>> here in the heat of the moment. >> man risk his life to jump into the water and climb on to the whale while two large sharks were gorging themselves on its flesh. >> heads up. there are sharks. come back, heads up, quickly. >> one of the boys said pretty fun toy jump on the whale so did i it. >> said he saw the sharks, including this monster great white, but not even that put him off jumping in. >> too busy jumping on the whale. so wasn't too bad. >> you weren't worried? >> no, no. >> while the 26 year old holds himself on to the carcas, his friends watching from the boat couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> harrison, shark there, heads up. >> harrison said it wasn't until he was on top of the whale that he realized how dangerous what he had just done was. he said looking back on it now, it is something he'll never do again. >> still alive, so -- >> authorities say because the whale was dead, and harrison didn't remove any part of it, he won't be fined.
6:52 am
>> that was rob scott reporting, and looking back, like the reporter said, he was not too proud of the stunt. >> he said his mom called him, quote, an idiot. and added his dad isn't too proud of him either. >> climbing on top of a whale carcas? >> i know, unbelievable. >> we'll be right back. >> first a look at what's coming town on the on "eyewitnesess news" at 11:00. >> i'm investigative reporter charlotte huffman. tonight at 11:00 the i-team first exposed the story and we're still on it. >> the world is a sadder place without my mom. >> police say a driver who was high on drugs killed her. but that's not all. the shattered family south the driver might never go to jail until now. dramatic new developments in a gut wrenching i-team investigation. demanding justice tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness
6:55 am
>> winds is making it feel like the 20's, straight up wintery type of morning for you out there. we are going to at least flirt with 60 today. getting closer to seasonable, much more so by comparison to yesterday's forecast, but, tuesday, really looks like a very pleasant day, as well.
6:56 am
more clouds on wednesday, the mildest day of the forecast, too, as we flirt with 70. so on nice uphill climb. ukee. >> thank you, wasn't very happy halloween for young married cup nel arizona. >> neighborhood trick-or-treater could have a wedding ring, instead every those halloween treat. brooklyn yaz i, of arizona, stayed home on halloween to hands out candy. she did not remember, though, until later, that she had placed her ring in the same bowl that she filled with candy. she said that ring is more sentimental than valuable. and hopes that attributing or treater returns it. >> i'm just really hoping that somebody has it and just doesn't know what to do with it, or whose it is, or how to find out through the hundreds every houses they went to, they don't know which house it went to. >> she has wallpapered her neighborhood with posters, and hoping somebody will see the poster and find that ring and return it. >> boy, i hope so. >> no kidding. >> i could see a youngster going through a bag, kit cat, nice, penny, no, ring, no.
6:57 am
and just start throwing t wow. >> wow, wish her well. coming up on sister station cbs philly cans paths for pennsylvania governor make last push for vote to head of election day. >> also ahead story every chilling murder that many of you may remember, it is hitting the big screen, talking with the director bennett miller about the film's foxcatcher. >> boy, i remember that 96 indeed, yes. >> next on cbs this morning, terminally ill teen chasing basketball dreams finally get her wish. we'll s
6:58 am
newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
7:00 am
it is monday, november 3rd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the young woman who sparked a national debate over the right to die ends her own life. >> nuclears in the deadly explosion of the virgin galactic spaceship. richard branson joins us live. radicals. footage from last night's interview you have not seen. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's been rough, yeah. it's windy. hard to see. >> two nor'easters that were back to back this weekend and maine got nailed. >> an early winterrm