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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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woman, directs her nearly a block, fighting back to his car and appears to take off the with the rick tim. >> she knows the person, it wasn't just a random act. >> reporter: members of the gater's family now telling cbs-3 they believe the 22 year old was on her way back home from visiting her god son and seeing a friend they believed is the man in the video. >> we believe that she was followed, after he got off the bus that is when they came, and grabbed her. >> reporter: police say they recovered the phone at gaither dropped it with her glass's long the struggle she broke vehicle a's rear driver side window before the caravannish. >> please, bring her back safely, let her go and bring her back. we just want her back. >> reporter: monday, carlesha's father canvassing the scene putting up posters pleading for a safe return. >> i love you, and whoever it is, please if you care, i'm out here, doing everything i can do to make sure i can find
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you. but, just keep praying. >> reporter: and well, based on the rid ohio police have a preliminary description of the suspect. they are saying it is a a black male about 5 feet ten, medium build, 25 to 30, driving that dray early 2,000 model four door, ford taurus with of course the damaged to the rear window. in our story you heard the family pleading for help. well, police are also pleading as well. they are asking anybody that sees that video with even the most preliminary information, the most minute details, go a ahead and step forward and contact the police. we're reporting live from germantown i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. close call for authorities trying to evict a couple in north philadelphia a they say booby traps involving guns awaited officers in the 1800 block of west sedgley avenue. bomb squad was called in. they had to deactivate those traps. in the end in one was hurt. we will have much more on this
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story in a live report coming up a at 5:30 tonight. well, mysterious odor possibly cause by cyanide may have caused two workers to be sick. emergency responders, including a hazmat crew arrived at ab on the point in port richmond this morning. they were rush to the hospital in critical condition. but, what i can is end them, is under investigation tonight. chopper three over a deadly accident on i-95 near bartram avenue in the northbound lanes today, three vehicles involved, one of those cars, overturn, and we know one person was killed, but the exact cause of the crash is unclear. eagles are awaiting the results of the mri for starters nick foles, demeco ryans, todd herremans who were all injured in yesterday's win against houston. >> that is a list of on big stars on this team. sports director beasley reese joins us with the very latest on some banged up bird. >> chip kelly's next man up principal continues to be
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tested, and this time, three of the teams most important players must be replaced. it happened on the the final play of the first quarter, nick gets sacked and pinned on his shoulder. he had to leave the game. foles flew home with his left arm in a sling and had an mri earlier this afternoon. >> he has a crack in it but i do not know the extent. that is yes went to get an mri report are the last season green bay quarterback aaron rodgers had a similar injury and missed seven games. so mark sanchez will be the man under center and chip has full confidence in him. >> i thought he had has done a great job in our system. i thought he played outstanding in the preseason and showed no rustt or anything when he got in there against houston yesterday. we feel real confident in. i feel very bad for nick but i feel confident in mark if we have to go in that direction. >> reporter: linebacker say demeco ryans does have an achilles injured. he injured i have after he
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made an interception. it is unlikely he will be back this season. ryans is the unquestioned leader of the defense, and is a large void to fill. >> one person cannot replace demeco. it is terrible to see him go down like he did. but we're going to, you know, fill that void as a group and in the by one person. >> reporter: social media, fans, calling into talk radio sound like the fall from foles to sanchez is not that big a deal. i don't know if i agree with. that guard evan mathis will play machine night their next game so that balances out the todd herman issue one man up, one man down but there is no one who can replace as connor barwin said demeco ryans said. >> you never want to lose any starters especially like that. >> beasley, we will see you later in sports. thanks very much. workers from the trump taj mahal marched to the office of the atlantic city mayor begging him to help save their jobs. mayor guardian said city cannot afford on give a multi
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million-dollar tax break. workers want him to consider any and all options to save that casino. >> you close us, nobody has any benefits. you keep us opened, who knows if we can do well maybe some day down the road we will get our benefits back but the taj is struggling and we're willing to make concession toss keep it opened. >> there is not two or three days that go by that there isn't a dozen or more people from city a hall talking to people from the county and talking from the governor across this personally. so don't think we are just listening or hearing this but we are trying to figure out what we can do. >> the petition delivered to the mayor today had over 1200 signatures. after the meeting the mayor headed to trenton for another round of meetings. it was a cold weekend out there, but another fall warm up is on its way. question is how long will the mild temperatures stick around. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on the sky deck with the forecast, kathy. >> hopefully longer than cold temperatures, chris, yesterday was just miserable to be outside, not the case today nor tomorrow. take a look, we're looking at
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mainly clear skies in fill but not every where, toward lancaster and york there are a few spotty showers. for rest of us, it will be mild with temperatures in the 50's through the early evening and then cooling down. average high this time of the year is 61 degrees. wind turning to the southwest, indicating some milder air, will be moving our way. this evening, we will see those temperatures drop into the the mid 50's and lower 50's this evening with clear skies, by 11:00 p.m. getting chilly at 49 degrees. coming up we will talk about that warm surge coming our way, rain will be returning and that will buck the warmth because it will be turning colder once again, eventually you know that cold air has to win out but not so soon. we will take a lot a the forecast for the rest of the week and your weekend coming up later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thanks. investigators looking in the virgin galactic crash say it could take up to a year to figure out what caused it. right now investigators think human error may have caused the experimental spaceship to break apart over california's
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m ohave desert. it killed one pilot and seriously injured another. founder richard branson says he still plans to go into space despite this crash. there is no way i would ask others to travel on virgin galactic unless i would be the first to go myself and therefore i will certainly be the first to travel. >> more than 700 people have have already paid as much as $250,000 for a ride, branson is offering refund to anyone who may have changed their mind about the space travel. we're going to breaking news right now a 17 year-old female student at radnor high school is under investigation. sources say police found a notebook containing serious threats to kill students and teachers. radnor police are holding a news conference right now in wayne, delaware county. let's listen in. >> a at 11:30 this morning, one of my police officers were dispatched to radnor high school. it was brought to the attention of the high school administrators that a female student, a senior at radnor
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high school was writing notes in her two school books which are right here, so in addition to her regular school notes that she was writing, she was also making entries into the journal regarding what she planned to do to a specific teacher and other students. she made references to killing a teacher, killing her fellow students in a certain matter and also by injuring herself. i will will show you some of those entries in just a second but in addition to talking about inflicting serious bodily injury as i stated earlier we hear a lot of reports of columbine type attacks are on columbine type threats this specific student actually went to great lengths oven writing a letter to the parents of the columbine shooters. it is unknown whether she actually sent this letter bye we have a copy of the letter and she wrote it in her notebook. upon receiving this information, from radnor high school would i like to say that doctor mike kelly, the
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school superintendent, and his staff, we have an excellent working relationship with the school district. the level of communication has never been better. it has been an honor working with them and they are conn is tenthly working with us on this incident as they do with any others. what i would like to show you are some of the entries this young lady made in her journal. >> you can see some of the highlight, as you can read it, but imagine the the power the bullets leaving the gun with the loud bang, piercing kids around me, the way they collapse, their blood splattering on the floor. the screams. flood halls with corpses and down the hall you will see another excerpt, i'm homicidal and i'm fine with that.
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>> as you can see when you get threats like that whether they are just idle or just a fantasy that a child wants to express themselves, we would be remiss if we did not take these types of threats seriously based on the history of violence in our school system throughout our country >> we're listening to radnor police, they are investigating a senior girl who they say was writing about specific teacher, also fellow students, and injuring herself, you heard there some of the entries from her allege journal that she had written in at school. they were vivid. she said she was homicide add will will radnor police say they will take this very seriously. we are continuing to follow this story and we will certainly have more as the hour continues.
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well, this is the day before election day and pennsylvania governor tom corbett and his challenger tom wolf both know their bruising campaign will come down to voter turnout tomorrow. it was a busy sunday for both candidate. president obama flying to philadelphia to campaign for tom wolf while governor corbett was with his new jersey counterpart, governor chris christie. lets turn to our noel mcclaren standing by live at the art museum to tell us where candidates were today, noel. >> reporter: chris, we caught up with both candidates and their messages were equally as clear. get the people to the poles, something that could prove to be a real challenge during the midterm election. >> i feel good. >> i feel absolutely positive battle. >> reporter: two confident candidate make their final push before tomorrow's big pull, tom corbett stumped philadelphia suburbs reminding voters in west chester of the success. >> when i go on the ballot with the people coming in they should ask themselves did this
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politician keep his promise? the answer to that is what? yes. did he keep his promise of reducing the size of government? yes. and have we grown the economy of pennsylvania? yes. >> reporter: his supporters today more hopeful as g.o.p. incumbent has managed to close some of the gap that separated him from democratic challenger tom wolf. he had been leading him in the polls for months. >> he is closing fast but question when can take it over the top at the end. >> reporter: but this lancaster wolf supporters, sang a different tune, democratic hopeful is focused on three main things he feels corbett has ignore. it is about education, jobs and fairness. >> reporter: now tom wolf is still ahead in the polls right now but both candidates agree, that the only vote that matters is tomorrow. we're live from the ben
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franklin parkway noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". no doubt a lot at stake in pennsylvania tomorrow, lot of stake around the country, in this midterm election so we want to make sure you get to the poles tomorrow and that you get there on time. lets take a look at the hours, in numbering your polls will be opened at 6:00 in the morning and they will extra opened until 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. in pennsylvania an delaware they opened up at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00. "eyewitness news" will have you covered on election day, we will send out alerts on facebook abe twitter and you can let us know if you voted by using the hash tag cbs-3 election. plus, tomorrow night, get the latest results with our mobile app, you can sign up at cbs of course, we will keep you informed right here on tv, we will have hourly updates on cbs news special at 10:00 o'clock and, complete coverage on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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major milestone for new york city one world trade center is opened for business. find out hoist moving in today. plus, nascar great fights, more on the brawl that is caught on camera. new guideline for people who have had kidney stones, three is on your side with what researchers say you can do to cut your chances of
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a major milestone, for new york city one world trader, opened for business on the site of more than 2700 people were killed on 9/11. cbs news correspondent chris van cleve takes us inside the
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much anticipated sky scraper. >> one world trade center glimmered as first tenants moved in, 13 years and seven weeks after the a attacks, it was a day of closure and fresh starts. >> coming back to this site after all that happen, it is great, yep. the building is beautiful. >> reporter: workers have no reservations about coming here but austin parker admits he had a gut check moment. >> you go what am i doing here but as you get through the the site and understand the security process you can see, there is plenty of security here. you feel safe. at least do i. >> reporter: ceo of the the publishing giant lost company is filling 25 floors of the 120 floor tower calls it most security office building in america at 1776 feet, it is also the tallest. thinks the view from the 63rd floor, the building is about 60 percent rented, when it is full developers estimate ten to 15,000 people will work here. this earth cam time lapse footage shows $4 billion tower
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under construction. it was man made with steel reenforced concrete, bio chemical filters and dense fire proving. stairwells are pressurized surroundedded by enhanced concrete and large enough to accommodate three people at once. there is a separate stairwell for first responders. >> safees office space in the world. >> reporter: it is a symbol of resurgence for an area slowly recovering n new york, chris van cleve, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". things got heated at the race track last night as an argument between a couple nascar drivers erupted in a brawl. this happened at texas met or speed way after triple a texas 500. that is jeff gordon in the red, brad in the white, and another driver, kevin havvick may have ebbs gated the whole thing. crew members from all teams got involved. things got physical as you can see. you can expect nascar to find all of those drivers, although, they like that kind of thing in nascar. they don't discourage. >> there you go. >> there it is. >> still to come on
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"eyewitness news" wearable technology to keep your kids safe. >> three on your side jim donovan has information about parents worried about newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy.
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tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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well to day was an improvement over the weekend. >> yes. >> i'll say. >> no doubt. >> well, it has been a good deal of yesterday, i spent outside. >> chilly, um. >> yes, it was bone chilling. >> yes.
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>> we have have not felt anything like that, wind chills in the 30's, come on, snow in new england for football game. it was crazy. now we are looking at warmer days ahead. take a look outside where it is end of a gorgeous day down the shore. look at this sunset from atlantic city looking through sky cam 73. we are looking across the delaware valley where we show you high temperatures for the day. we are looking at 62. penns grove school in oxford 61. philadelphia international airport we made to it 60. delran at the the middle school in new jersey, temperature of 62 degrees. we are looking at spotty showers through lancaster, harrisburg and we will keep an eye on these. for the rest of the area we are looking at bone dry conditions. i don't expect that to make it in philadelphia. air is so dry you may feel chopping on the skin as a result. we are looking at 55 in philadelphia. 53 degrees in allentown. forty-nine in the poconos. where we have clear skies, temperatures falling fast as the sunnies already set, and to the north and west, some
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50's, not so bad, some 40's, some 30's in northwestern canada or southern end of canada to the west. temperatures will be moderating during the the day on tuesday, in the 60's, high pressure to the south will bring that southeasterly wind that we like. still warming us up on tuesday, keeping it mild for wednesday, with more clouds and then all eyes on this cold front. this will be moving through and then area of low pressure rides along the the front to enhance the moisture so we're talking about a rainy, windy, thursday. so those wind kick nothing during the afternoon and then this slowly moves out. on the back side of that, some cooler air will actually return. so future weather showing the rain moving in, wednesday, late night into thursday morning. into thursday afternoon. so the morning commute will be wet, the evening commute will be wet, just not a great day. overnight tonight though partly cloudy low of 45. tuesday looks pleasant with highs in the 60's. on the exclusive forecast for election day, 48, cold start, and afternoon that is beautiful in the 60's.
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evening temperatures in the 50's. on our three day forecast beautiful day tuesday, pleasant wednesday, rain on thursday, here's what you can expect, one to 2 inches of rain, wet commute and also some gusty wind. that is you're witness weather forecast, we will be right back with more new
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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on the healthwatch tonight, new guidelines to prevent recurrence of kidney stones. american college of physicians say people who have had a kidney stone should drink 2 liters of fluid a day to prevent future stones. drinking more could cut risk of up to more than 50 percent. >> reason that water is supposedly helpful it is a mechanical flushing process so that stone fragments can pass but also so that the urine
5:27 pm
doesn't sediment in the kidney and collect. >> these recommendations also call for diet changes including eating less beef, and diet substances found in chocolate, nuts, beef and leafy greens. research also suggests cutting back on soda. it may come as no surprise but moms talk to babies more than dads but new study revessels just how much. stud any pediatric says that babies here three times the number of words from moms then they do from dads. it seems that the baby's sex also plays a role. researchers found that moms interacted vocally with more with infant daughters than sons. male adults responded more frequently to infant boys, then infant girls. coming up in the next half an hour, an eviction leads to a bizarre discovery that could have turned deadly, why one family's booby trapped their home with shotguns. and then an "eyewitness news" tv exclusive, an incorrect mailer is sent to tens of thousands office voters in philadelphia, it
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could direct you to the wrong polling place on election day. then new at 6:00... >> a almost turn fatal for one year-old girl we will tell you how years of cpr training came in handy
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we are back now, with breaking news, a 17 year-old radnor high school student is facing charges tonight, police say she made written threats against classmates, and her teachers. >> "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter joins us live with
5:31 pm
breaking details, walt, what is the latest. >> reporter: well, very disturbing threats, that police show just a few moments ago at a press conference here, showing a net book that was allegedly in the hand of the 17 year-old radnor high school senior. in that net book, police show writing that indicate that she had written she would want to flood the hallways of radnor high school with corpses. those are her words. plans police say that she had written about, killing fellow students, and killing a teacher. now this all began unfolding around 11:30 this morning, this is where it happened, radnor high school, police say a teacher spotted the notebook, read writings and then called police. seventeen year-old here brought here to the radnor police station, a few moments ago police went into more details about the the writing and she's some of what the chief had to say. >> would i imagine the power of the bullets leaving the gun with the loud bang piercing kids around me, the way they
5:32 pm
collapsed, their blood splattering the floors, the screams, flood the halls with corpses and if you go down further would you see another excerpt, and i'm homicidal and i'm fine with that. now in addition, to those writings police say she also wrote she wanted to be the first female school shooter, and beyond that, she wrote a letter addressed to the parents of dylan klee bold the columbine school killer, it is one of them. it is in the known if that letter was mailed to the klee bold family in colorado. so right now here at radnor police station they say they took writing is very seriously, a search warrant was performed on her parent's home this afternoon giving in evidence of weapons. right new she's in the custody of mental health officials and will face criminal charges. we will have much more when we join you a at 6:00. live from the radnor town hip police station, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". officers serving an eviction notice, found
5:33 pm
something unexpected, a shotgun booby trapped. discovered in the warehouse in the 1800 block of west sedgley a avenue in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at the scene with the very latest on this, syma? >> reporter: jessica, earlier this afternoon, police cleared two booby trapped set for a couple evicted from the building behind me. later in the afternoon when the the owner of the new warehouse arrived he set off a third booby trapped that wasn't found earlier and he was hit in the side by a plastic ball. >> plastic ball is being propelled, by gunpowder, it is coming out at a wrapped pace. >> reporter: new owner of the 4-acre, ten building property was hit with a plastic ball after setting off this booby trap. the sheriff's department spent monday morning's vicking a couple living in the warehouse on the 1800 block of west sedgley avenue. when the the couple, identified as role and and
5:34 pm
shirleen mcvicker did in the cooperate they called police. once police arrived, the the man told him he had traps set up in the buildings, pointing out locations. police initially found two. >> shotgun shell, trip wire, booby traps. they were disarmed. but with the intent was still there. >> reporter: several traps were eventually found, police also found components for two additional devices that were not set up. during the process, animal control was called to remove two adult dogs and three puppies. couple told police they set up booby traps because people were breaking in the warehouse which has a lot of structural damage. >> that being said, you know, you cannot place booby traps of this type. >> reporter: that being said, the couple is men to be friendly and helpful to the community and they would only set up dangerous devices to protect themselves. >> people break in the place and he is in there by himself, you know, with his family, so naturally he wants to try to
5:35 pm
be safe. >> reporter: new owner was in the seriously hurt. the couple was facing reckless endangerment charges but with the new owner being hit those charges will likely be upgraded. in total police found four live booby traps. they will return here to the site tomorrow morning to see if there are anymore dangerous devices. we are live, in north philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cb is s3 "eyewitness news". now to an "eyewitness news" tv exclusive an incorrect mailer has been sent to tens of thousands on have voters in philadelphia and it could be direct to the wrong polling place on election day. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers tells us that the group responsible is refusing to help election officials fix that problem. >> mailers showed up at kathy mccarthey a's northeast philadelphia home on saturday, it didn't say who it was from and only directed her to vote in tuesday's election at j and tioga streets. >> instead of the right around corner since i voted since
5:36 pm
1983, so i knew immediately that something is just in the right here. >> reporter: j and tioga is about 5 miles from where she is supposed to vote. nancy was not alone. we spoke to another woman in northeast philadelphia said she was told to come across the city to roxborough memorial hospital to cast her ballot. in total 30,000 or such mailers were sent out nearly all of which told voters to go to the wrong polling place. >> that would be just a horrible shame. >> reporter: mailers were sent by an organization called working families, pennsylvania, a left leaning political group. they admitted to the problem on the web site citing a technical error. brandon boyle first brought at lex to the election officials. >> pretty major mistake to have made right before the election with very little time to correct it. >> at the last minute, last hour, they are given the wrong information and infuriating. >> reporter: this election will feature 400,000 registered voters. city commissioner al smith smith says in mig informing 30,000 of them can have a
5:37 pm
serious impact on the integrity of the results. >> if i'm a candidate, do i dispute this election. >> i would be pretty furious. >> reporter: the city could call each person that received the mailer and give them correct information but so far pennsylvania working families won't tell the the city where the mailers were sent. >> why would they in the give you the list. >> i don't know, they claim it is an honest mistake. if something like this were done on purpose there would be a grand jury investigation. >> reporter: working pennsylvania families did not return our calls, sunday, asking for a comment. matt rivers, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia district attorney seth williams creates a new election fraud task force, this task force would investigate and prosecute all allegations of criminal activity, during elections. >> we have to do all we can to ensure fair elections here in the city and county of philadelphia and it matters for voters to know that we're going to to all we can to make sure that every vote counts. >> today that task force charged a woman with tampering
5:38 pm
with records and other offenses in connection with an incident that occurred during the may 20th primary election. >> well, these midterm elections may very well change the face of washington d.c., control of the senate is up for grabs this year. democrats are hoping to hold on to their majority but republicans believe they are in a good position to take charge. it is really going to come down to a handfull of states tomorrow night, places like, kentucky, and kansas, and there are republican incumbents that are in tough fights but elsewhere in states like arkansas, louisiana and north carolina the the g.o.p. challengers are in strong positions. but one state in particular, state of iowa, that may tell us everything we need to know tomorrow night. voters are choosing successor to the long time incumbent senator tom harkin a democrat, they are choosing between earnst and bruce brailly. it has been a bruising campaign between these two but political observers believe if the republicans can win in
5:39 pm
iowa and she's polling very well tonight that the g.o.p. could flip the senate. that would mean republican control in both houses of congress for remaining two years of president obama's second term. >> that gives you a sense what is a at stake. we have you covered on election day, get results fast, by signing up for our mobile app, we will also send out alerts on facebook and twitter, and you can also let us know if you voted by using hash tag cbs-3 election, head to cbs for signing up for all of those things. we will also keep you informed here on the air, we will have hourly updates for you tomorrow night, and cbs news special at 10:00 o'clock, then complete locally lex coverage on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. good evening, everyone, not an easy commute today, in matter where you are traveling, lets start first with 95. ninety-five we have live chopper 3hd over 95 northbound anyone planning to head to the
5:40 pm
philadelphia international airport will have a big old problem. as live chopper three is moving, following i-95 northbound in this area, in delaware county, you will notice big delays. we had multiple vehicle crash occur earlier this afternoon around 1:30 and that crash involves a fatal accident involving three vehicles, one being overturn. anyone trying to head to the philadelphia international airport, anyone traveling in this direction in both directions southbound, included you will have a big, big problem. what they are dealing with right now in the northbound side is an investigation, southbound where we see taillights, southbound is traffic trying to make those way approaching airport , continuing further south in the delaware valley because they are jumping into this residual delay of this accident scene, right as you approach the area of 320. northbound i-95 you will have delay associated with that fatal accident. southbound we will have this delay associated with this accident. expect high volume on i-95 in and out of the northeast, same
5:41 pm
on the schuylkill and trouble on the vine street expressway as well, all and all a busy night, chris and jessica. >> thanks very much, appreciate it. still to come here on "eyewitness news", smart watches and fitness bands they are all of the rage these days but they are not just for grown up. three on your side jim donovan will tell us about wearable tech for to the and they are made with safety in mind. nearly 100 people attend a wedding but they weren't necessarily invited to but they didn't have a a choice. we will tell you how a flight turned into a love connection at 32,000 feet, kate. we had a quiet day today as wind died down, nice warm up for your election day tuesday but then we're talking rain and chill moving back in just in time for the weekend. i'll have the seven day when we come
5:44 pm
well, americans are saving i have combined 250 million-dollar a day on gasoline compared to just a few months ago, triple a reports, that prices dropped 33 cents in the month of october, the national average for gallon of regular is $2.99 for the first time, in nearly four years. well, an indiana a couple takes their love to new heights. >> they tied the knot 35,000 feet in the air, for the first time ever, southwest airlines held an in flight wedding on a flight from nashville to dallas.
5:45 pm
the groom and bride danced down aisle in front of the plane, and they exchanged vows. newlyweds say they traveled, five days out of the week for work so getting married in the air just seems natural. >> amazing, so much fun. >> we thought why not get married in an airplane. we are in an airplane most of the time. >> well, certainly unique. >> yes, it is that. >> thanks to their frequent flier miles they were able to purchase 30 tickets for friends and family to be on that flight with them. mr. and mrs. stewart showed southwest the wedding and airline greed to send them on a honeymoon to one of the new destinationness puerto rico. at least they have had some people with them. >> oh, yeah. >> yes. >> what if i kickback, relax, read my book. >> there is never a boring boring time on out west airlines. >> never. >> we this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure
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women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
5:48 pm
ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. well to day turned out a whole lot nicer then yesterday, warmer and the wind which was the big story yesterday with wind gusts reaching 50 miles an hour across the area that diminished today. let check with our weather watcher network ande what people are reporting all across the delaware valley. we will start off here in norristown david mitchell reporting 59 degrees in
5:49 pm
norristown. he has a comment. 59 degrees and fair with a nice fall chill in the air. it is, seasonal, november day. lets head into portions of new jersey where doug tells us it is 55 degrees. high temperature was 60. peak wind gusts was 25, a whole lot better than yesterday. i want to take you to the north at 47 degrees. thanks to, deb who sent this in eight minutes ago. it started way too early, and, wind zero and he had has sent a photo in and it looks like a beautiful afternoon, there in schwanksville. thanks for that. if you would like to join our weather watcher network or interested in being a weather watcher sign up for cbs we would love to have you on our team. and nice day today but we will get rain reports, from our weather watcher by the time week is out. lets look down the shore, it is weird, so dark now, we have set those clocks back yesterday and now things pitch black here at 5:49, sunset an hour ago so atlantic city is
5:50 pm
try but dark. take a look at storm scan three showing a band of clouds and a few showers started to pop up. this is not even reaching the ground but this is a warm front lifting through as we go through tonight, cold front back to the west and the arrival of the warm front is what will help things, maryland rate as we head in the day tomorrow. couple of spotty showers here over lancaster county, and, at the moment. temperatures right new still hovering around 60 at the airport. sixty in allentown. you can see big bubble of warmth here over texas where temperatures are in the 70's. we will get to tap into that warmth as we head in the day tomorrow. thanks to you that southwest wind, out ahead of the cold front. that front will come through, it will bring some clouds in the day on wednesday. most of wednesday is dry but front stalls. we will watch wave have of low pressure track along that boundary throughout the day thursday and bringing rain and rain could be heavy at times thursday afternoon. in fact we will take this out into thursday afternoon and see much of the area seeing an inch, perhaps as much as 2 inches of rain as we get
5:51 pm
through to thursday. for rest of the tonight partly cloudy, seasonal at 45 degrees. for your election day tuesday tomorrow, it is beautiful, mostly sunny and milder a at 67. no excuse not to hit the polls tomorrow. mostly cloudy wednesday, still mild at 66. thursday periods of rain, heavy at times and showers lingering on friday, chilly but dry to start weekend we are at 51 on saturday. few more showers creep in by sunday. chris and jessica, back to you. wearable tech, every time we turnaround it seems like devices are smaller and now many are just designed for kids. >> like grown up gadgets some are designed to turn fitness into fun but three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find others are more focused on safety. >> reporter: six year-old mark cohen entertains himself with his dad's smart watch all the time so when adam saw kiddy zoom a child sized version of the gadget he got one for
5:52 pm
mark. >> it is made for kids with kids apps and games and it is pretty new and fun. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: wearable tech for kids goes beyond entertainment, some options on the market like leap band and scored are designed tone courage activity. >> doing stuff that other activity trackers like the nike fuel ban we're doing for adults but also having them work in larger school settings to try to create some or the of group initiative. >> reporter: others on the market and in development including philip, kison and tiny tell are aim at safety and enjoy gps technology. >> some make calls, some send more s.o.s. messages, some are more about simply g ps tracking. >> reporter: how can focusing on every footstep and following every movement be beneficial a lot of kids have trouble comprehending what a reasonable amount of exercise is. a device like this could help them meet those goals. >> if you have a monitoring device to make sure that they
5:53 pm
are safe. that is a great use for something like this. >> reporter: forget kids i should get one for myself. hard to track popularity of these devices since they are so new. some are just hitting the market. i have posted a few more information on the products mentioned on cbs i will post on my facebook and twitter feeds as well. >> maybe worth trying. >> real growth area. >> yes. >> they want it when they see their parents have it. >> jim, thanks. nick nick wallenda has done it again. >> michael yo takes us behind the scenes of the dare devil's tightrope walk in chicago next.
5:54 pm
5:56 pm
well this weekend's big buzz came from the windy city, after people in american 220 thought, while the king of the high wire nick wallenda a, while blind foaled. we got an interview from the stunt master. >> chris and jessica i'm still trying to recover. it was most nerve racking six and a half minutes of my life. i grin my teeth as nick wallenda walk across this tiny
5:57 pm
wire 50 stories above the chicago river, in the freezing cold. i got to say it was truly a record breaking night i'll never forget. >> congratulations, you made it. >> thank you. >> thank you for making it. >> i'm happy that i made it. >> wow. >> i love chicago and chicago definitely loves me good i saw firsthand that electric energy as thousands of screaming fans line the streets of the windy city. nicky's about to take his first steps out on the rope, i'm looking out at him right now waving to the crowd. the crowd is going nuts. nick's first walk started 64 stories high and ended eight stories higher on top of an adjacent office building. he had no safety rope and from the ground i saw security clearing the way just in case of a difficult aster. >> you cannot be under the wire. >> reporter: with the streets back on steady ground i could in the resist showing his wife less than grateful entrance
5:58 pm
into the press conference. >> i have a respectful fear of god and respectful fear of my wife. >> reporter: they had media all over the world and to hear these news outlets talk about a wallenda death plan just blew me away. they were getting prepared for him to fall, luckily, he didn't, chris and jessica, back to you. >> yeah, no kidding, wow. for more on nick wallenda's high wire stunt in chicago and your other top stories for the day, tune into the the insider tonight at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5c. breaking news at 6:00 a chilling story in delaware county, teenage girl allegedly threatened to kill a teacher and classmates at her school and we are live with late breaking details. also at 6:00 a shocking attack is caught on tape, a woman is drag from the philadelphia street and into a car, tonight we will show you the evidence that police are looking at, right now.
5:59 pm
kathy. >> we will be enjoying a brief warm up before some rain moves in, to bust that warmth and we will be back to colder temperatures all coming up with the seven day. a life saving lesson saves this little will girl at a new jersey day care center after she started having a sees sure, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news at 6:00 a 16 year-old girl ace rested accused of making death threats against classmates and a teacher. police say her plan of attack was detailed inside her school net books. good evening, i'm chris may. i'm jessica dean. teen is a senior at radnor high school, "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in radnor township where police just wrapped up a news conference and what do they have to say, walt. >> reporter: well, jessica it was very disturbing police revealing contents they say of a notebook, held by the 17 year-old senior, in which she said that the hallways of radnor high school would be
6:00 pm
flooded with corpses, and that she plans to kill fellow students and a teacher. radnor police having a press conference after they arrested the 17 year-old, radnor police chief william colorulo detailing some of the threats and parents reacting to some of what they heard. >> killing her fellow student, and where majority of the students would be whether it is cafeteria, library or whatever and how she plans to carry out these attacks. i could be the first female school shooter. again some people may dismiss this as harmless words from a young person who has psychological issues with you again, how do you know. >> what happened is my daughter came running downstairs hysterical because this had all been going through their social chat, they are old cheerleaders. so i said lets get this story straight. i called the superintendent's secretary. she then called me