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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 4, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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steve paterson is live with the late breaking development, steve. >> reporter: jessica and chris, there are now suspect images from both philadelphia and suspect images from maryland, connected to this case n some ways family says it has renewed a sense of hope in them, and in other ways they are worried that the abductor may be someone from gaither's past. >> you out there you see this, please baby just fight. >> reporter: powerful word, mother pleading to her daughter, just don't give up. >> calm down and fight. get out. >> reporter: it is day two in the search for 22-year old carlesha gaither, tuesday police announcing fresh lead renewing some hope. >> carlesha's atm car was used at a stand alone bank in aberdeen maryland. >> reporter: police confirm gaither's atm card used in the bank in maryland. surveillance images just released by police showing a man in dark colored clothing at 6:00 this morning. >> it shows a male using an
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atm card, her atm card. >> reporter: aberdeen business two hours away from california, maryland. today carlesha's grandmother anna mallero said the 23 year-old lived with her in california from the time she was a little girl until about three years ago when she moved to philadelphia mallero is worried that the abductor is annex boyfriend from gaither's past in maryland. she remembers meeting him. >> he was also a little aggressive. i called his attention to that on a couple occasions because i didn't like the way he would address my granddaughter report rot gaither was abduct from the 100 block of colter street in germantown, caught on camera she fights to get away from her attacker before she's taken. >> whoever has her send her back home. >> reporter: tuesday a show of solidarity from the family fight to go get her back but with so much to worry about, the mothers words turned to tears. >> just give her back, please, give her back.
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>> reporter: before those images were released to the public tonight they were first shown by detectives to the family, we asked in members of the family if they recognize the person from those atm images in maryland and they said at the time, no. is there a separate investigation in maryland with state police and fbi there we will have more coming up at 11:00. live from northwest detectives, steve paterson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you. also developing, right now, a 30 year-old man is shot and killed in juniata park. crews responding to the 3900 block of i street late this afternoon. we're told that victim was shot multiple times in the torso and pronounced dead at the scene. right now no word on a suspect or a motive. student tipped off officials to radnor high school is talking only tonight to "eyewitness news". seventeen year old student arrested for ledgely keeping a journal about harming people at school is under going a mentale rally with ways. "eyewitness news" reporter
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walt hunter has our exclusive interview. >> low and behold i start tumbling upon very disturbing spinning and i turn to my partner and i say, man like you have to look at this. >> reporter: senior zachary taylor when a classmate shared her class notes with him, he suddenly found himself looking at page after page of allege threats, to kill, fellow students, and the teachers. >> it was really alarming. >> reporter: snapping pictures with his phone taylor in immediately a says he took them to school administrators who called police. >> one of my friend said like don't worry about this, dude, this is nothing. i said no, this is definitely something. >> reporter: within 30 minutes officers had the student in custody charging her with terroristic threats and getting her mental health treatment. >> if i had in the done something or if this had gone unseen a week down the line we could have a completely different story that is much more terrible. >> reporter: zachary and his dad says more than anything they hope that his quick, and decisive actions here will serve as a message and a
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inspiration to others who some day could find themselves in a similar position. >> instead of hearing about or reading about the aftermath and the tragedy afterwards, by seeing something and saying something we possibly averted a terrible disaster. that is why we're so proud. >> reporter: taylor's actions described by radnor police chief with a single word, courageous, in radnor, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we now know who was kill in the in murder suicide outside a chester county ymca. according to police dennis castle shot and killed his estrange girlfriend, miller, before taking his own life. this happened last night at the brandywine ymca on hurley road where miller work. both were pronounced dead at brandywine hospital. miller leaves behind two children. two people were taken to the hospital after this accident, in kensington. chopper three over frankford avenue and clear field street where a car crashed into a small grocery store. no word what caused the crash
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and we do know one victim was taken to temple hospital and other was taken to temple'se business pal branch. a ten year-old boy is in serious condition at children's hospital. he was hit by a car in king of prussia. this was the scene on route 202 and su len boulevard just afternoon time. police say that boy was with the group of other children who were trying to credits the street. witnesses say that driver had a, green light and he and a passenger were not hurt. it is here, election day, 2014 and voters are at the poles, tonight, we check in a little bit earlier with the non-partisan government watch dog the committee of 07 and they say there has been a decent turnout for this midterm election. the the committee expects more than 40 percent of registered voters to cast their ballots, today. well, locally the big contest is for governor of pennsylvania, and a democrat, tom wolf, has led substantially in the polls so far but the latest show governor tom corbett closking
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that gap. so we will begin with his campaign tonight and our natasha brownies with the team corbett and they are in pittsburgh tonight, natasha. >> reporter: good evening, chris. we can tell you governor corbett has continued to ignore polls where he is obviously behind his democratic opponent tom wolf. he has been vigorously courting voters up until the final hours of his campaign. up couple bent republican governor tom corbett enthusiastically cast his balance out outside pittsburgh tuesday morning hoping for another four years in office. after crisscrossing the state in the final hours of the election, the governor has continued to rally supporters hoping to boost voter turnout. >> what we see is the tides really moving. we have been seeing it new for six weeks. we see it in our internal polls. this is a turnout election. we necessity who our voters are. we have been doing it from a social media metrics and i think we will get them out. we will win by a margin tonight. >> reporter: governor corbett
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continues to extinguish himself as experienced candidate won't raise taxes while driving home image that tom wolf tax plan would hurt the middle class. voters in pittsburgh seem energized and ready to cast votes. >> everyone has been talking about election day and voting. big deal. bigger than they predict that it would be. >> reporter: governor did visit a couple polling places out in the suburbs of pittsburgh this afternoon. remains confident as the polls remain opened for less than two hours. we are here with the corbett campaign in pittsburgh tonight, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, natasha, thanks very much. lets use magic of technology and go to york, todd quinones is standing by with team wolf, todd. >> reporter: chris, win or lose tonight, wolf will be part of history, we caught up with him a short while ago as he voted in his hometown here, in york county. if he wins, tom wolf will be the first candidate in modern times to beat an incumbent pennsylvania governor seeking
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reelection. on the flip side though considering he had a double digit lead in polls just days before the election, if he loses, he will be part of the monumental collapse. >> i tried to present a positive message about what pennsylvania could be. i'm proud to be a pennsylvanian. i'm thinking there is a lot of people that think we can do wetter. >> reporter: but is there an hair of confidence among wolf supporters in center city philadelphia this morning, the democratic candidate for governor was all smiles and handshakes as he greeted voters heading to work. wolf has run on a campaign on the prom toys fully and fairly fund pennsylvania schools while also creating jobs. but what he has to do today is convince his voters to get to the polls which is why he met with union leaders at a rally in south philadelphia today. >> i have studied hard, i work hard and now it is up to the voters. >> reporter: wolf license heading home tonight to watch the election results coming in and then after that win or lose he will address his supporters here tonight. reporting live tonight from
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york, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". big night for both candidates for governor, todd, thanks very much. lets look at a few other races we are following tonight, big showdown shaping up in new jersey's first congressional district, republican date garry cobb cast his vote this morning. former philadelphia eagles and former cbs-3 sportscaster, voted in cherry hill, new jersey today. his democratic opponent state senator donald norcross cast his vote at rutgers camden student center. these two men are running for the site vacate by rob andrews who resigned earlier this year. lets check in on pennsylvania's sixth district, thinks where for more than a decade there has been -- seat has been occupied by republican jim gerlack and he decided not to seek a seventh term this time around. voters are deciding between republican ryan costello and mani on that went i. costello is a lawyer and chester county commissioner while manon is a doctor who
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was a combat surgeon in iraq. another fascinating race is shaping up in pennsylvania's eighth congressional district. we have been watching this one very closely. incumbent republican mike fitzpatrick is facing the challenge from a democratic new comer kevin strauss. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is live at fitzpatrick headquarters in doylestown, bucks county, matt. >> reporter: at a time when most congressional districts across the country are either safely republican or safely democratic, pennsylvania's eighth district remains one of the few that is competitive for both parties. it is a district that has license represented by mike fitzpatrick for two straight terms. former bucks county commissioner wants to return to congress to push for what he calls common sense legislation, and feels confident heading in to tonight. >> our polling is very good. i have been fortunate in bucks county to have wonderful support. >> reporter: first elect in 2004, fitzpatrick lost his seat in 2006 to iraq war
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veteran patrick murphy only to win again in 2010 this year another veteran hopes to knock fit patrick out of his seat once more. former army ranger and cia analyst kevin strauss is first time democratic candidate like fitzpatrick pride himself on his willingness to reach across the aisle. >> the experience i got is really learning how to work together with people even those with whom you have profound disagreements. it that is experience i intend to bring to congress. >> as for who is going to win tonight? most experts predict fitzpatrick will be able to keep his seat but this will be a close one. we will be here as the results come n live from doylestown, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the polls are opened until 8:00 o'clock tonight so stay with us, we will have hourly updates for you, cbs news will have a special election hour starting at 10:00 o'clock and then we will have all local and national races for you on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. definitely the place to be on election night stay with us on cbs-3. that is latest from election
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central jessica back to you. chris, thanks. ship wreck down the shore workers make it an amazing discovery in the sand when they uncovered remains of what could be a ship of the 1800's, that story is coming up. plus. >> i'm charlotte huffman with an unusual election day story meet a local family upset after fining their stolen family photo on a campaign ad they called misleading, coming up. temperatures sore in the 07's today ahead of the cold front and then rain will move in and cool back down feeling a little bit more like fall around here in the seven day i'll have that coming up. leslie. flyers dropped the puck in less than an hour and orange and black continuing to shuffle deck at blue line we will talk about changes coming up later in sports.
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or shortness of breath. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. back on "eyewitness news", with campaign 2014, in delaware incumbent senator chris coons faces republican challenger kevin wade. coons won a special election in 2010 for seat formally held by vice-president joe biden. wade runs a new castle engineering business and has bipartisan politics. imagine seeing a photo of
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your family on a political ad you never agreed to? that is what one chester county woman says happened to her. so she contacted "eyewitness news" and investigative reporter charlotte huffman. >> reporter: kristin thomas was stun when she saw this campaign flier. >> we had photos on line and never thought that anything like this would happen. >> reporter: that is thomas family in the ad for david kessler, who is running for state represent any of berks county in pennsylvania's 130th district but thomas's don't know kessler and never approved of their picture being used. >> the picture is just below a letter written from the couple named angie and john thanking kessler for saving their home from foreclosure. >> we are not angie and tom: our home is not in foreclosure. >> reporter: as it turns out thomas posted photo to her blog in 2009 but it ended up on a stock photo web site, without her permission. and, that is where kessler's campaign got their photo.
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>> the fact that our picture was used, right next to the handwritten note and implying that we are those people, seems very wrong to me. >> reporter: looking for an explanation thomas called kessler, who left her this voice mail. >> sorry about this, again, the people that wrote the thank you note, they actually got divorced, a little while back and i was than the able to get a picture with them so printer went on a web site that you can take pictures from. >> reporter: kessler return our calls this afternoon, he admits before sending the flyers he knew the photo was not angie and john's family, but what he didn't know the photo was a family living just one county away. >> it makes me wonder, is there any angie and john, is angie and john real. >> reporter: kessler told me tonight angie and john are a real couple from boyer town. i canned kessler if he thought flier was misleading in he said quote the letter is from a family and the photo is of a
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family. for iteam i'm charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, thank you. "eyewitness news" has you covered on this election night, we will send out alerts on facebook and twitter, throughout the evening, also let us necessity if you voted, use hash tag cbs-3 elections, you can get results very quickly through our mobile app, head to cbs, for the link. in the wake of super storm sandy work crews uncovered a 19th century ship wreck. >> workers are building a protective sea wall in brick township. while they were drilling there they struck a steel beam 25 feet underground and they wound up unearthing these pieces. experts believe that the remnants could belong to the ship that wreck during a storm back in 1850. key piece of evidence here is the sailing vessels on some 300 years. >> an object, a device, located on the bow of the boat and it is used to raise the anchor or to pull in heavy
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lines. >> reporter: the department of environmental protection will visit the site and they will determine whether or not, to excavate. in weather tonight we're talking about increasing clouds, and cool temperatures, our eyewitness weather watch's cross the delaware valley are showing us all different kind of conditions. it is 59 degrees in chats worth. mark is saying relative humidity is dry and barometer high. 63 degrees right now. robin is reporting a temperature of 63 with a very light wind in mount laurel. wind 4 miles an hour. relative humidity still quite low. in hatfield, a different story, 64 degrees, the win, calm at this point, a few clouds but not totally cloudy just yet a very nice fall day, jeff says. look at this beautiful picture he sent in because the fall foliage is in full peak bloom, across the delaware valley so get out and ebb joy it while we have it. if you want to be an eyewitness weather watcher we would love to you join our team, sign up now at cbs
6:20 pm down the shore, perfect evening, to get out the vote. we are looking at a calm condition with plenty of partly cloudy skies and moon almost obscured throughout the delaware val which these clouds. high temperatures today from the city toward the shore, were quite mild. philadelphia, reading, wilmington trenton and will allentown 07's were wild. these numbers run ten to 15 degrees a above normal. now at 62 degrees in philadelphia heading to the poles at 7:00 o'clock. 60 degrees. by 8:00 p.m. we will fall back in the 50's. we are looking at clouds, moving in ahead of the cool front, leading edge of cooler air will bring in the rain first and then wind. cold front will be heading toward delaware valley for your wednesday, temperatures still making it in the 60's ahead of the front but behind it the showers will be moving in along the front with this area of low pressure. that means rain for thursday, even some wind, temperatures in the 60's, falling in the 50's. by friday a cool northwesterly
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wind will move in with temperatures that are significantly cooler, and going about 10 degrees below normal. so both sides swinging over the course of the next couple days. here's what to expect thursday periods of rain, about a half inch to an inch of rain expect, winds gusting to 30 miles an hour especially thursday afternoon. morning commute and the evening commute will be slow with wet conditions. overnight skies will be mostly cloudy, low temperature of 50 degrees. during the the day tomorrow high of 67. clouds, some breaks in the clouds but not quite as sunny as today still a pleasant day. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast thursday the rainy day, friday is cool day. saturday look for a high of 51. sunday 55. monday chilly and by veterans day some sun but still on the cool side the high temperature is 52. that is a look at seven day forecast we will be right back with leslie and sports after this
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we have some breaking eagles news todd herremans season appears to be over. on sunday he played with the torn biceps and later on in the game injured his ankle. reports are now saying that he will have season ending surgery, on that torn biceps. well, flyers hope to end a two game losing streak when they take on oilers at the center. steve mason will be in the goal looking for that first win of the season. new defenseman, carlo will make his debut tonight. he was sign last week to help out depleted defense. carlo tenth defenseman to suit up for the flyers in the first 12 games and he will be pared with luke schenn. >> i have some familiarity with lukey from our days in toronto, and i played with some have of these guys in the past. we have a great level of communication. on the ice, always talking and
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helping each out out. >> beasley needs a place to be for game of the week. use it to vote and here are you his choices. haddonfield and haddon township. sun valley ate hairtan. your town, your team, your kids on tv, original friday football frenzy. we will be righ
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten for a one hour's lex special on the the cw philly ape back here at 11:00. catch updates on the hour starting at 7:00 o'clock on cbs three stay tuned for "cbs evening news", they will have the latest on the battle for control over the congress and cbs team campaign correspondents are covering racees from around the country direct from cbs news election headquarters tonight. here's scott pelley.
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>> election night 2014. the battle for congress. will the republicans take control of both houses for the first time in eight years. we have a team of campaign 2014 correspondents covering all the key races. ices seemed to come out of no where but it started somewhere. clarissa ward chases the terrorist through to the workplace in an american prison. did auto makers fail to report debts linked to defective air bags. jeff glow reports the u.s. government opened an investigation. and do you believe in angels? chip reid met one. as she was earning her wings. >> the happiest i can make somebody else happy.


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