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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  November 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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today, it is wednesday november 5th good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von heel. here are stories we are following today developing right now a break in the case in the abduct woman from philadelphia, some newly released rid yes right here sheds light on where investigators are looking for a person of interest. a historic rick try on election night, pennsylvania elects some would be who has never held office ousting the incumbent for the first time in modern history. we will go overall of the election results and check on your news mountain the day in a bit. right new lets start with your weather forecast. >> i could not believe how warm it was heading out in the afternoon. >> we have over achieved big time got in the lower 70's. >> i know. >> it started to align for us. we a had nice bright sunshine for better part of the day
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that was a big part of it for one thing but that mild flow that came in out of the west and south. it was a great day. still mild today but it won't be as bright. we will talk about why there is some rain on the way here guys ande will have details in the next few. new surveillance video as search for woman snatched off streets in philadelphia stretch necessary to two states. >> jan carabao joins us from outside northwest detectives with new information, jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee and erika, good morning. we have new surveillance video and new surveillance images hose a person of interest in the kidnapping of this 22-year old woman that happened in germantown on sunday night and with each developing clue, this family is holding on to hope that entry she will be found and she will be return home. take a look, this is latest rid ohio and latest look in the best look at this man police are searching for this morning. this is a huge manhunt now spanning two states and including the fbi.
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police traced carlesha freeland gaither's at m card to aberdeen, maryland this video comes from the the gas station convenient store there that was released late last night. earlier in the day police released still images that show this person of interest at a stand alone bank atm at aberdeen using the victim's card. finally we have a second angle of that surveillance video from colter treat in germantown that shows the suspect stalking gaither owncy night. he grabbed her one it i block before throwing her in the back of the car, eag all this gaither's family is still trying to remain positive. >> i'm happy, i'm happy that he shows his face because now he will put his tough out there. that is good. i'm happy but'm devastated. >> reporter: we're told gaither a nurse ago cysttent was coming home from her god son's birthday party sunday night when she was kidnap. police are working around the clock and it had has become one of the bigger manhunts in recent history in philadelphia still no developments as far
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as a location for her, the reward now stand at $47,000. reporting live outside northwest detectives, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 4:33. i'm hoping we can hang on to that heat from yesterday, katie. >> we will hang on for sure, but sunlight will get skewed here today. it is not a bad day but not as bright and sunny as yterday was. storm scan three is not showing any storms at the moment here locally but we have a frontal boundary that will be crossing through where the clouds are coming from. even over the last few hours you see how this fizzles out over mountains across north central pennsylvania. this is a fizzling, whimpy frontal boundary in essence, very lackluster, we will not see a drop of rain. but we'll more clouds. 52 degrees current temperature at airport, currency of the blanket and cloud cover. temperatures stayed nice and mild. even in your coldest locations look the at mount pocono, 55 degrees. look at you, not bad.
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forty-three in allentown. the odd ball there. moving forward in the forecast here today, because we are off to a we will start, despite limited unshine we will have a chance to get you another ten, 12, 15 degrees before it is all said a done here. down the shore, up in philadelphia, we're talking upper 60's here with clouds some peaks of sunshine and again, bit more of a people just here today. up in the poconos cooler by comparison we will get you in the upper 50's this afternoon. vittoria, good morning. good morning, everyone. so all of our majors are moving well for the most part, great way to start your morning commute, however, traveling on the schuylkill expressway you will run into a slow moving maintenance vehicle. the westbound side of 76 approaching the area of belmon i'll step out of the way to see that activity that you may run into. westbound on the schuylkill expressway right around city avenue out through to belmont, you will run if to that block in the right-hand lane. traffic moving by but not too much, traffic to be of that concern. taking a look at i-95 no delays in either direction.
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ninety-five not only in and out of the northeast and south philadelphia delaware county, speed sensors indicate ago this you are in great shape. fifty-five on i-95. same on the schuylkill. same on 476. just a lot of green all over the the place. we have a lot to be thankful for this morning. traveling on 309 southbound right around route 113 you will run into an accident there, just be mindful of that. if you are traveling elsewhere on the northeast extension, like northbound between lansdale and quakertown be mindful of construction and guys and girls in the hard hats, ukee and erika. well, he is a businessman who has never been elect to office until right now. >> tom wolf is getting ready to be pennsylvania's next governor. wolf defeated incumbent republican tom corbett, first incumbent ever in a modern era to lose a bid for reelection in pennsylvania. our campaign 2004 coverage begins with todd quinones in york, pennsylvania. >> reporter: in politics beating an incumbent is always difficult but what tom wolf was able to do here, in one
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has ever been able to do before. >> i'm so grateful and so grateful to the voters of pennsylvania forgiving me this chance to serve as governor of pesylvania. >> reporter: tom wolf arrived here in his signature jeep. during his victory speech here last night he talk about fully funding pennsylvania schools, and the conversation he had last night, with governor tom corbett. >> fund our education system fairly. we've got to make sure that we raise money that we used to fun our education that we use it fairly that we are not burdening property taxpayers. i just received a phone call from governor tom corbett and he gave us a very gracious, gracious concession speech and he was so gracious and we owe him a debt of gratitude and would i like to express my gratitude to governor corbett for his years have of public
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service. >> reporter: governor elect making history as he becomes first person in modern history to beat a pennsylvania governor who was seeking reelection. reporting in york, pennsylvania, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". governor corbett was flanged by his wife and other family members and friend as he concedes to tom wolf. the this has been an uphill battle for the governor. he consistently trailed his democratic opponent by double digits, and the end result was no different, although he is conceding defeat he says he is very proud of all he has accomplish as pennsylvania governor. >> i'm particularly proud of everything and every oz we have done because we did it for the right reason. we did it for the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. i'm overwhelmed by all of the support of friends from my childhood, through my college days, through my days in the district attorney's office and u.s. attorney's office to private practice in the
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military. it has been a wonderful trip but it is just the end of one journey and beginning of another journey. >> reporter: governor corbett making unwant history becoming first pennsylvania governor in modern day history to not win reelection. he says he will continue though to be very proud of his record as pennsylvania's governor and he will also continue to work for the commonwealth of pennsylvania. at the omni william penn pen in pittsburgh, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". there has been a major shift of power in washington, republicans now control the u.s. senate picking up eats in seven states. >> new jersey and delaware for the that trend, corry booker won a full term. he defeated republican will challenger jeff bell whose signature issue was backing the dollar through the the gold standard. booker who won a special election last year after the death of frank lautenberg says it is time to put aside partisan politics. >> we have too much partisan
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grid lock in washington. we are a nation at war with itself when it comes to our politics and that has got to end. >> another democrat delaware chris coons returns to washington for his first full term. he beat republican businessman kevin wade. four years ago coons won a special election to fill vice-president joe biden's old seat. republicans appear on tad to pad their majority in the house to historic levels. >> g.o.p. won 190 seats, one in new jersey, eastern district. republican tom mcarthur who spent five million-dollar on his campaign, defeated democrat amy belgard as he succeeds john run beyond. new jersey's first district remains democratic, donald norcross won both regular and special election. defeated republican garry cobb hoist best men as a former linebacker for the philadelphia eagles, talk show host and former cbs-3 sportscaster. new jersey's second district stays republican, long time congressman frank lobiondo is winner over bill
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hughes junior, son of the former congressman that lobiondo succeeded. moving to the congressional race necessary pennsylvania, eighth district republican mike fitzpatrick hold on to seat. he fought off a challenge by democratic opponent kevin strauss. in the sixth district republican ryan costello defeated dr. mannon trivedi. he will replague jim gerlack pennsylvania's 13th district that stays democratic, brandon boyle is winner over republican carson adcock, replaces allison schwartz who gave up her seat for unsuccessful bid for governor. in delaware's house seat john carney wins his third term defeating republican rose i zz o. we will have all of the reresults at the bottom of the screen and our coverage continues on line at cbs we will take a short break and we will be right back, good
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some places are banning hoodies and that is sparking a debate. signs say do not enter with mask or hoodie. some say it is an effort to deter crimes. others say the signs amount to racial profiling. they point to trayvon martin unarmed teen hot to death in florida. >> some people shouldn't come in here. >> with hoodies and masks on it. that is why we don't want them in the store. >> many store owners say it is not about race. customers "eyewitness news" spoke with say they are not offended by the signs and they are happy to take off their hood ies before going inside. 4:43. i cannot believe we get a little bit of that warmth today. >> just a smidge. >> milder than average temperatures but more clouds, then we saw yesterday. >> it is still an okay day, we can handle it. >> it is the key here just not
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as bright and sunny but it is dry. no umbrellas required. reason i say hey, it is dry because we have a cold front crossing through and so often when we have a cold front passing we have some wet weather on the way. um-hmm, not this time around. storm scan three showing us that this front is fizzling and it is just lackluster and it doesn't have have a lot of juice with it. we've got some moisture but that continues to fist with the time here and we will end up with clouds out of it, but when we take it to the much wider zoom we will see another piece of energy starting to get its act together. very heavy rain across big bend of texas from mexico to the lone start state. we will start to see some showers, a early as later tonight. essentially what we have here is a weak front today, crossing through in the upper 60's and duo of front crossing through the next 24 hours, throughout thursday, so, it is essentially an all day event here, warm front early
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thursday morning. then we will get cold front by night fall. there may be some rain almost anytime tomorrow. guidance wants to bring in a break during midday but would i expect to need your umbrella almost at anytime. so, with that said thursday, essentially a wash out of the day. come friday we are clearing out but chill, breeze settle back in for us. 67 degrees, with clouds in the meantime here, still mild, we will drop down to 50 tonight with the light wind, but keep in mind that the evening is fine, the overnight low we will start to hear rain drops on the rooftops. meanwhile again, thursday is wetest day of the forecast, temperatures taking a hit and we are down to the lower 50's on saturday. back in the chill here despite sunshine. sunday reenforcement come in with another cool front and that means a shower for us for second half of the weekend, ukee, back to you. in sports sixers host orlando magic tonight in south philly. somebody's o has got to go. both teams's zero and four on the young season.
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nick vukovitch leads in scoring and rebound and one time sixers willie green is with the magic as well. flyers in action and jay voracek continues his hot start. he scored two goals to get flyers started against edmond ton oilers. voracek had six goals so far. outside sidney crosby for league lead. flyers beat oilers four-one. steve mason stoned 35 shots to get his first win of the season. flyers host florida panthers tomorrow night. eagles host carolina panthers this monday in prime time but they will be without yet another starter. lineman todd herremans will have season ending surgery on a torn biceps this friday. he was injured during the game, in the cardinals but tried to play through it sunday with the texans. he hurt his angle also. herremans goes on injured reserve just as evan mathis rejoins the squad. good to have evan back, and sad to see todd go. the the guys will step up.
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>> yes. >> still ahead this morning a business that helped american veterans start their own business. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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a developing story tops your head lines this morning, investigators confirmed atm card of missing 22-year old carlesha freeland gaither was used yesterday morning in aberdeen maryland. they want to find so-called person of interest in the case caught on surveillance video. police released frightening new video on have free land gaither's abduction from germantown sunday night. pennsylvania has a new governor elect, tom wolf defeated incumbent republican tom corbett, it ways wolf's first ever political campaign. republicans have taken control of both the house and the senate, there will be an even stronger g.o.p. majority in the house of representatives this january,
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and republican man majority in the senate for the first time in eight years. coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together on the
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that time of the morning when we take care of business. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange and jill, investors are watching the results of the last night's elections, what do you think a republican controlled senate could mean for wall street. >> repter: analyst say the market could get a boost now that republicans have won control of the senate, it is possible a republican controlled congress could pass some new legislation like tax reform that would benefit big companies. voters last night also weighed in on important economic issues five states voted to increase minimum wage, san francisco voters overwhelmingly passed the highest minimum wage hike in the nation, pay there will gradually increase to $15 an hour by 2018, in colorado voters reject a proposal to
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label any genetically modified foods. a lot of issues there that voters took up yesterday. >> veterans day is just a few days away and i understand a popularize cream stories doing its part to help vets start businesses, tell us bit. >> reporter: that is right bass kins robbins is waving the $25,000 franchise fee for any vets who want to open a store and on a lighter note it created its first class camouflage ice cream which is a combination of chocolate, will salty, carmel and case flavors, and one camouflage theme dessert and they will donate 10 cents from each scoop sold to the u.s. o which will support troops, military families and vets. you know what ukee and erika, i will do my part, i will go try it and make shore those proceeds get donated. >> just to help the u.s. o. >> yes, i hear you, thank you, jill. right now 4:53.
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lets get traffic and weather together. good morning, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. overall our majors are great in the only in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware just a lot of good news. i-95 around broad street, no delays, in either direction, heading to the philadelphia international airport. no delays in delaware county, northeast still hanging in there, things start to change around 65:00 but we're still in the clear even in the clear on the schuylkill expressway. this shot here eastbound traffic making their way down center city, westbound moving in the western suburbs. no delays. we had an earlier slow moving international man's vehicle approaching city avenue out through to belmont that has since cleared out of the way. speed sensors are backup in the 50's. they were in the 50's. slight slow down for few vehicles we are watching off toward the right. fifty's all over. 476, northeast extension, pennsylvania turnpike, again just great news, this morning. unfortunately traveling on 309 heading in to montgomery county southbound around route 113 we have an accident situation there so give
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yourself more time. watch out for construction on the northeast extension north bound. it seems to be weather-wise we have a little bit of the milk bag coming up. >> absolutely, well put. we have a cold front crossing through but does not bring us wet weather. you can probably see the green just beyond me here. lets go full screen. we will show you this first front. it is fizzling. even in the last three hours it has lost moisture. by the time it reaches us there will be limited moisture. we will just see some clouds today. limited sunshine as a result but we will keep it mild which i'll show new a second. tomorrow we will see duo of front, warm front, cold front all in the span of 24 hours. period of rain expect, throughout the day and that does mean we will be dealing with some wet, minimum damp commutes out there. there may be a midday break along the way here between those front. with that said it is still mild. 67 degrees with more clouds then anything.
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tomorrow lower 60's and temperatures keep dropping here. by friday even though we are going to see rain completely clear out of here chilly breeze stepped back in and saturday while bright and sunny is coolest day of the forecast. we will see another reenforcing cool shot on sunday with nothing more than a shower, erika, back to you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we have a check of the two top stories. police are looking for this man in connection with the abduction of the woman snatched off the streets of philadelphia. we will have the latest on their search in a live report. tom wolf wins pennsylvania's race for governor but it was a rough night for democrats around the country are rest of the country. we will have a full wrap up, when we start again at the top of the hour. good morning family we will see new a bit.
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let's make this the time, lets get started, thank you very much. >> we have a new governor elect this morning, democrat tom wolf beats tom corbett in a race that was called almost the moment the polls closed. >> pennsylvania may have a democratic win but it was the republicans taking the u.s. senate last night setting up a very difficult next two years for president obama. it is wednesday, november 5th, hi good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. we will have much more on election 2014 in a moment but we are following a developing story this morning, the search continues for a woman abduct off the streets of philadelphia. police released images of a
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person of interest here. we have a live report coming up, katie in. erika, we can expect another mild day, despite passage of the cold front out there today. we are also staying dry with you that changes by tomorrow, we have details on what looks like a very rainy thursday coming up, vittoria. good morning, everybody. the as far as your traffic is concern, it is pretty wide open but you know how it goes when sun comes up, rush comes in. we will wait on it. we will talk about ben franklin bridge and few other majors in a little bit, ukee. >> in the news, developing right now new surveillance video shows a person of interest police want to talk to earning abduction of carlesha gaither. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from outside northwest detectives with video police want everybody to see, jan, good morning. >> reporter:ood morning. this has become a huge manhunt spanning two states and moving the fbi, we have new surveillance video and surveillance images and


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