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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 5, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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person of interest here. we have a live report coming up, katie in. erika, we can expect another mild day, despite passage of the cold front out there today. we are also staying dry with you that changes by tomorrow, we have details on what looks like a very rainy thursday coming up, vittoria. good morning, everybody. the as far as your traffic is concern, it is pretty wide open but you know how it goes when sun comes up, rush comes in. we will wait on it. we will talk about ben franklin bridge and few other majors in a little bit, ukee. >> in the news, developing right now new surveillance video shows a person of interest police want to talk to earning abduction of carlesha gaither. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from outside northwest detectives with video police want everybody to see, jan, good morning. >> reporter:ood morning. this has become a huge manhunt spanning two states and moving the fbi, we have new surveillance video and surveillance images and family
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of this 22-year old victim is hoping that someone recognizes this person of interest. it is latest look at a person of interest wanted in connection to the kidnapping of carlesha free land gaither, this video released late tuesday night comes from the gas station convenienttore in aberdeen maryland, investigators traced 22-year old atm card to that area police released these still images capturing that person of interest in the stand alone bank atm using gaither's card. her family is holding out hope mean these developments mean they are closing in on gaither's kidnapper. >> i'm happy he showed his face because he will put himself out there i'm happy but devastated. >> reporter: second camera after angle from colt are street is providing n details about how gaither was kidnaped sunday night. suspect follows her on her way home from her god son's birthday party and attacks. help drags her one city block before he throws would the man in the back of the car and speeds away. >> you took something so important to me, you took my
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pride and my joy and you abused it. >> reporter: now police are working this case around the clock. it has become one of the bigger manhunts in recent history if philadelphia. still no word on capture or arrest of gaither this morning we will keep you up to date. reward in this case new stands at $47,000. reporting live outside northwest detectives, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up 59:03. we will head to the sky deck with katie, good morning. >> good morning. we have more clouds out there this morning. we he a little breeze that does make it feel chillier anytime it blows. keep that in mind. despite the tack that we will keep the the mild air in place today, this will go to warrant some layers. we have gotten used to breaking out a sweat shirt or a fleece when walking out the door. lets go outside first and foremost to storm scan three which is not necessarily showing signs of storminess but rat's lot of clouds and that cloud cover will be
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responsible for keeping our temperatures pretty mild. at least for standards this morning. 48 degrees is the temperature in bethlehem. we have seen a break in the cloud cover across our area, so temperatures, we are in a range here depending on where the the clouds were stuck or where we had a chance to clear out. mid 50's down in the upper 40's, a general range for our area this morning. as the day progresses, you will see so sun but it should be more limited then yesterday. we had beautiful blue skies for better apart of the day yesterday but despite the passage of the cold front coming through we will just keep some clouds in the forecast. i don't anticipate any wet weather throughout daylight hours or this evening but later tonight first showers begin to creep in on the next system that is heading our way and that is going to be just transition us very easily here in to our area. one more mild day watching for that rain to return, however by tomorrow and then later in the show we will time out and give you a sense when the worst will roll through.
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vittoria, back inside to you. >> we will do our best to soak it in while we can. just like right now traveling on our majors, you better do the best you can to enjoy it now because it will change. we will look at ben franklin bridge and notice in either direction we are not seeing any problems. as we approach rush hour though this will in fact change making your commute into philadelphia it is a great commute on any bridge. traveling on 476, we will talk about the majors, traveling on the blue route this shot around ridge pike no delays north or southbound around mid county tolls, schuylkill, i-95 is a straight shot and speed sensors are reflect ago this good news. fifty-five is your average on 95, same on the schuylkill, blue route, no major delays on the pennsylvania turnpike, 422, 202, for anyone traveling the burlington bristol bridge in 20 minutes we are expecting an opening. keep that in mind. if you are watching us right now and planning to head to the burlington bristol bridge by the time you get there depending on how far you live it will be up, so just plan
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accordingly. traveling in montgomery county we have an accident 309 southbound right around route 113, no delays for mass transit and things looking great at the airport, ukee. returning now to our coverage of the campaign 2014 we will begin with pennsylvania's gubernatorial election, there will be no second term for governor tom corbett. >> the republican was defeat by a man who has never befor held office, businessman tom wolf. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown reports. >> reporter: this has been a energetic campaign and hard for the fight, governor corbett did call tom wolf earlier in the night on election night saying that he he wishes him the best. he says he did prevail in this election and he wants to wish him the best over the next four years. governor corbett had really a long way to go here in an uphill battle for him. he consistently trailed in the poles by double digits but he is still very proud of all he was able to accomplice as governor. >> i'm particularly proud of
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everything and in every office we have done because we did it for the right reason. we did it for the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. i called tom wolf, and i thanked him for a well for the fight. i congratulated him on his victory and i wished him well in the next four years. >> i'm so grateful and so grateful to the voters of pennsylvania forgiving me this chance to serve as governor of pennsylvania. >> reporter: the newly elect governor tom have wolf is exited to get the next four years going. at the omni william penn pen in pittsburgh, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the results are in republican tom mcarthur wins the race to republican, new jersey's third district in the house of representatives. >> mcarthur beat out democratic candidate amy bel guard with 55 percent the of the vote. he served as mayor of randolph, new jersey and mcarthur is looking forward to his new role in congress.
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>> i'm excited. i'm humled. i'm probably a little overwhelmed. i'm just very grateful to the voters in to district for putting their faith in me. >> democratic senator corry booker wins a full term beating out, republican challenge are jeff bell. booker won a special election last year after death of frank lautenberg. we will hear from senator booker later in the broadcast. in pennsylvania's eighth district representative mike fitzpatrick declared victory over kevin strauss just off 7:00 o'clock last night. experts predict that the race would be closer then it was. fitzpatrick took 62 percent of the vote. >> it is a pretty strong message being delivered back to the united states congress and to washington and they hear bucks county and eighth district loud and clear on what needs to happen here. yohave returned me for another two years for my final two years. >> unaudible.
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>> thank you so much for all of your support. i'm so proud to be here with you. i don't care what the results say. you guys work your tails off and i appreciate it. >> in the pennsylvania house, district one, incumbent democrat bob brady won reelection over republican challenger megan rath, 38 percent to 17 percent of the vote. brady has served in congress since 1998. in district 13 covering northeast philadelphia, bucks, montgomery county democratic state representative brendon boyle beat out republican businessman deadcock 67 percent to 33 percent. that seat was held for last decade by democrat allison schwartz. we will have more local results in the newscast and of course get very latest at cbs well, good news for republicans, g.o.p. secured control of the senate with wins in key battle ground states and kept control of the house of representatives. senator mitch mcconnell from kentucky could be the next majority leader. coming up we will take a
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closer look at how this effects the natn's government and president obama's last two years in office. when we come this morning an "eyewitness news" exclusive, pennsylvania high school student credited with stopping a possible shooting. he speaks out. find out what senior zachary taylor says he did when he realized a classmate was plotting to kill fellow students, and a a teacher. plus some philadelphia shops are banning a certain type of clothing why the businesses are banning hoodies and why it has spark debate, coming up.
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a student who tipped off officials to threat is talking only to "eyewitness news". >> senior zachary taylor says when a classmate shared her class notes with him he
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suddenly found himself looking at page after page of allege threats to kill fellow student and a teacher. the 17 year-old was arrested on monday and is now undergoing a mental evaluation. taylor says when saw those nets he immediately took pictures of them and then took these to school administrators who called police. >> one of my friend actually said don't worry, dude, this is nothing. >> i said no, this is definitely something. if i had not done something or if had gone unseen, then a week down the line we could have a completely different storthat is much more terrible. >> the 17 year-old female student is charged with making terroristic threats. we now know how murder suspect eric frein was able to allude capture for so long. court documents states frein admitted using a lap top during the 48 day manhunt to track search efforts. he reportedly accessed the internet through open wifi accounts. they took a lap top and two storage drivers into evidence. at the abandoned airport
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hanger where he was captured. coming up at 5:13. here's traffic and weather together. hey everybody we can expect to see a dry day unfold, mild day as well but we are tracking a cold front and as that crossed through the delaware valley, it will fizzle at time. we are in the looking at not much more than a couple clouds today. you can see activity on storm scan three mostly over keystone state has been fizzling with time. it is losing its moisture as it moves our way and that as a result means we will just stay dry out of this but, that said the entire week cannot be, we cannot say same for rest of the week here. you can see moisture built up across lone star state as part of the bigger system that does move in for us as early as late night and into tomorrow. let me walk you here through this pattern. today we have i lackluster cold front that crosses through no harm, in foul, no problems with that. tonight a few showers will move in from the next warm
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front. cold front crosses later tomorrow night. we are dealing with a 1/2 punch over span of 24 hours and that means we will deal with periods of rain at anytime, although some guidance wants to bring in a break during midday tomorrow. maybe not worst timing in terms of that. by friday we are expect to go see skies begin to clear out but chill sets back in and breeze sets back in and it will be colder. mainly cloudy, we will take it. 67 degrees and dry through the the daylight hours. late tonight though wet weather starts to creep in and we will deal with the round of rain throughout the day, off and on anytime tomorrow, temperatures taking a hit in the wake of the system on friday and a tranquil weekend we will see shower around on sunday but you can expect some sunshine out there, vittoria, over to you. with that sunshine make sure you pack your sunglasses right now if you are heading out the door right now. we will take a look outside where it is dark, dim. good news is at least light
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part of the commute is there is in delays, in delays on 202, this shot from 29, north and south bun commuting well, headlights coming toward us in the northbound direction, southbound otto posing side with the taillights. in matter how you cut it, majors moving well. schuylkill expressway around 476, in delays in either treks. doesn't matter when are traveling in the western suburbs or downtown philadelphia, speed sensors are still high up in the 50's. fifty-five on the schuylkill. fifty-five on i-95. even still through construction zones of cottman and girard and moving your way to delaware county in to delaware. fifty-five on 476. it is in the only pennsylvania but new jersey and delaware where majors are still looking good. we have about five minutes until scheduled opening for burlington bristol bridge. so keep that in mind and in delays for mass transit. >> all right, vittoria, thank you. we have new developments in the case of the abducted philadelphia woman. police say atm card of carlesha freeland gaither was used yesterday in maryland.
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she has been missing since sunday night. person of interest was caught on surveillance video. pennsylvania's governor elect is democrat tom wolf, incumbent republican tom corbett is the first governor to lose a reelection bid in pennsylvania's modern history. after yesterday's elections republicans control both u.s. house of representatives and u.s. senate. they will try to highlight differences between g.o.p. and obama administration. still to come this morning more trouble for injury injured. >> we will tell you who is finished now and what it might mean forbidder offense come monday night against those carolina panthers. details coming u
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are like a passionate dance.ion it's color. it's a way of life. a harmony that brings people together.
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the more we give in to the magic of this place, the more we'd like to stay. oaxaca. live it to believe it. signs that ban hoodies are popping up in some south philadelphia store windows and that is sparking a debate. signs say do no not enter with
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sk or hoodie. store owners say it is an effort to deter crimes, others say it mounts to racial profiling. they point to trayvon martin the unarmed teen shot to death in florida. >> what you are essentially saying is people who have certain characteristics should not come in here. >> hoodies and masks, we do not want them in the store. >> many store owners say this is not about race and customers we have spoke with said they are not offended by the signs and they are happy to take their hoods down before going inside. all right. 5:19. time to check on your philadelphia a jobs market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg is here with more. >> reporter: unemployment rate is falling, down to 5.9 percent nationally and 6.7 percent in the philadelphia area. however employers standards still remain high. most employers will automatically reject can kate for for typos but 58 percent of companies say it is most
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common mistake candidates make. relying on the computer spell check to spot resume mistakes can leave to comical errors. these are hypos hr managers have seen on resumes. fluent in english, french and spinach. seeking a party time position. consistently tanked as the top sales producer. basic mistakes like these are unforgivable. employers view them as not only careless but unfairly or not but displaying a lack of competency. there are 100 new jobs added in pennsylvania and august. employers are still receiving dozens of resumes for every opened position which means they can be very selective. flawless resume that matches the opened job can give you the winning edge with employers. i'm steven greenburg for
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all right, four, three, two, one. okay. >> it is 5:23. >> good morning, katie. >> good morning, erika yes, we can expect to see more clouds then anything else out there to take, ending up with a mild forecast yet again but you will not have as much blue skies and beautiful bright sky, but storm scan three is showing clouds and the cloud act almost to help us out throughout the overnight in that they limit the amount of cooling that can take place. heat won't get lost up in the atmosphere if there ace black it over it. temperatures are generally in the mid 50's. couple choice spots where we have blue speckles there in the color contour map where it is cooler, but with that said we will have a chance to warm backup easily in the mid 60's. philadelphia is shooting for 67 today but expect just clouds, more so than sunshine. tommy suggest a umbrella, as a early as late tonight, overnight hours a few showers
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begin to creep in here. by friday we will cool things down more but that system will have retreated, we are left with the breeze in the wake and more sunshine kicking off the weekend but that likely will end up being the coldest day of the next seven, although, it will look the nicest, vittoria, over to you. thanks, ry much, good morning everyone. traveling on any majors in pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey, still lots of good news but lets see how you are doing on 422, headlights there. that is eastbound side of 422, we will build up some traffic, not so much around this time but in this area closer to 6:00 p.m. we are waiting on the rush. same thing for traveling on 202 around the schuylkill expressway it is a wide opened roadway in either direction. that is the case on our majors. fifty-five is our average on all of them, 95, schuylkill, blue route, pennsylvania turnpike, northeast extension, lots of good news. we are on stan by for opening of the burlington bristol bridge. they were talking about
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opening up at 5:20 so we are waiting on that. keep that in mine. travel mass transit in delays. in delays at the airport. we have this accident in montgomery county on 309 southbound right at route 113, but again, all and all not a bad morning. lets check sports with ukee. and the eagles face carolina panters in prime time machine night and likely play shorthanded already down, quarterback nick foles and linebacker demeco ryans the birds are without lineman todd herremans. i understand he will undergo season ending surgery on a torn biceps this friday. he played with that injury last sunday and wound up injuring his ankle in the game. evan mathis could be back time for sunday's game. >> one part of the game plan for carolina game cut down on turnovers. eagles had three more last sunday and lead the league with 20 give away. carolina is in the top ten in take away so panthers could take advantage of it.
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>> we till cannot turn the turning it over.y we are we have been very fortunate from that standpoint it has not come back to haunt us that much but you cannot live on the edge like that and expect to continue to survive. >> in chip we trust. they will get it done. vote for friday football frenzy game of the week, nominees are hammington at timber creek, haddonfield at had haddon township or sun valley at hairton. down load audio road show app and vote. we will bring you the week's winning game of the week tomorrow night for your town, your kids, your kids on cbs-3. sixers/orlando coming up later tonight, in south florida. police have a person of interest searching for a woman snatched off the streets of philadelphia we will have the latest coming up in a live report coming up for you. also a huge win for democrat tom wolf, what pennsylvanians can expect from our next governor and how outing governor tom corbett reacted to his election night defeat. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's.
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we are back in two minutes. [ female announcer ] aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion has active naturals® oat with five vital nutrients. [ aniston ] because beautiful skin goes with everything. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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pennsylvanians a are waking up this morning with a new governor elect. businessman and political new comer tom wolf beat governor corbett in last night's election, we are live with a full report. thanks for joining us i'm erika von tiehl. aim ukee washington. we are following a developing story this morning, search for woman abduct off the streets of philadelphia, tips, and police say they have a person of interest, in the case. that is coming up. but first lets check on traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. good morning. >> good morning, ukee. this is a very quiet weather day for us yet again, temperatures still on the mild sigh for the normal but we are tracking a passage of the cold front. quiet weather. we will talk about why that is
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andittoria, wet weather issues we will have here by tomorrow. lots to talk b. >> absolutely but right now, traffic and weather really go together because it is just as quiet on the roads, nothing to talk about, i have my feet up in the traffic center. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, that is what we're looking at here. when sun comes up traffic will change. keep it here. we will have a full report in a few minutes, ukee. in the news, developing right now search continues for carlesha gaither taken right off the streets of philadelphia and now investigators released a a new surveillance video hoping for leads. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us with the very latest information, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. we have new surveillance video and images showing a person of interest in the kidnapping of this 22-year old woman and with each emerging clue, this family is holding out hope that she will eveua


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