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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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completely lex day coverage. developing right now search for the person snatched off the streets of philadelphia stretches into another state as new video emerges and reward continues to grow. investigators hope someone will come forward with information that leads them to carlesha gaither. >> a total reward of $47,000 is now being offered in that case. "eyewitness news" reporter j a an carabao joins us from northwest detectives with the closer look at new surveillance images, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. this has become a huge manhunt involving two states, involving state police and fbi. we have new images and surveillance video and this victim's family is just hoping someone recognize these person of interest. it is late lease at a person of interest wanted in connection to the kidnapping of carlesha free land gaither. this video released, late tuesday night comes from the gas station convenient store in aberdeen, maryland, investigators tracedded the
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22-year old atm to that area. police released these still images capturing that person of interest at a stand loan bank atm using gaither's car. perfect family is holding out hope meaning that these investigators are closing in on the kidnapper. >> i'm hoping they caught his face because he will put himself out there. that is good. i'm happy but i'm devastated. >> we just want carlesha return to us safely. we love her. >> reporter: gaither lived with her grand mother in california, maryland until she was 19, that is two hours south of aberdeen. during her time there her grandmother said that gaither had questionable boyfriend. >> he did come to our house. he wanted to take carlesha out on his own. i disapproved of that. >> reporter: a second camera angle from colter street is providing new details about how gaither was kidnaped sunday night in germantown. suspect followed the nursing aid on the way home from the god son's birth daze party and attack. he gas her one city block
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before throwing would the man in the back of the car and skate ago way. >> you took something so important to me, you took my pride and joy and you abused it. >> reporter: now this has become one of the bigger manhunts in recent history in philadelphia investigators are taking a close look at the traffic cameras on i-95 on the the i-95 corridor for maryland hoping that provides some clues. if you have any information you are asked to call police, the reward now sets at $47,000. reporting live outside northwest detectives, jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up at 60:00 36789 let's head to the die deck with katie for traffic and weather together. >> good morning, everybody. today will be a quiet day, all things considered but not as bright and sunny as yesterday was. we will see some sunshine but it will be at a more of a premium. you can tell that by looking at storm scan three even though sun has yet to rise over the horizon. clouds will be skewing that sunrise in many locations. we will take this regional zoom and you can also see a
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little bit of green popping up here but notice how it has been fist welling time. so this is a frontal boundary that doesn't bring us much more than just clouds as the day goes on. currently taking you out to the live neighborhood network cameras here or locations, we are in the lower 50's, or 40's. lehighton, 42. one of the more northern locationness our viewing area as the day progresses here you can expect to see sunshine, but we are expecting those clouds. 67 degrees is our high in philadelphia lets show you the weekend here if you have outdoor plans you can keep them but i think you'll need couple extra accessories, heavier coat on saturday but that is a a nice, bright, sunny day, 51 degrees however and looking ahead to sunday you can expect a shower around 55 degrees for the second half of the weekend. that is another cold front relatively weak in nature starts to move into reenforce the chill.
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vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. >> good morning, everyone. a as we talk traffic we will notice going through camera shots that it is light out there we are not seeing that huge pile up, really anywhere but we are dealing with an incident. this is 476 traveling northbound around conshohocken we are dealing with the accident. majority on the shoulder. notice we have these two vehicles here with traffic moving by but generally speaking everyone will slow down to take a look off to their right. it might cause a touch of a problem because we are in the dealing with any major delays i with say you are still okay. a as we continue we will take you elsewhere at route one around trenton morrisville bridge. northbound and southbound commute nothing problems. anyone making their way down trenton transit center to catch a train, you look great out there. the not only mass transit look great but majors are still moving very well. we are noticing a touch of a slow down southbound i-95 maneuvering through girard avenue construction zone. fifty-one on the schuylkill expressway.
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touch of traffic westbound. schuylkill at city avenue. fifty-five and 476, at the a airport moving extremely well, ukee and erika. and it was a historic defeat in the race for pennsylvania governor. >> republican tom corbett falls to democratic challenger tom wolf. this is first time ever an incumbent pennsylvania governor lost a bit for reelection. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us from south philadelphia on more on the hard for the race, nicole. >> reporter: ukee and erika, both candidates gree it was a hard for the campaign, very spirited race but this morning you can expect voter reaction will be split out here in south philadelphia. seeing how people are react to go tom wolf defeating governor tom corbett as the the forty-seventh governor of pennsylvania. >> lets be the people that create this bright future we deserve. let's make this the time. lets get started. thank you very much.
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>> reporter: inside york's arena governor elect tom wolf shared his vision for pennsylvania tuesday following a historic, decisive win over republican incumbent tom corbett. the first pennsylvania governor to go down in defeat while seeking a second term. >> i called tom wolf and i thanked him for a well for the fight. i congratulated him on his victory, and i wish him well in the next four years report report reflecting on the pass corbett thanks his staff for energetic campaign, constituents for the opportunity. >> i'm tookly proud of everything and every office we have done because we did it for the right reason. we did it for the people of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> reporter: an office in which wolf, a businessman and first time candidate says he hopes to create jobs, invest in the economy, take advantage of the state's natural resources and establish education as a priority in pennsylvania. without burden taxpayers. >> finally we have got to make sure we have a level playing field. this campaign has to be about
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resurrecting and restoring penn's promise of an inclusive, opened, and level playing field for everybody. >> reporter: wolf will have the opportunity to make good on those promises come january, when he officially takes office as the forty-seventh governor of pennsylvania. out here in south philadelphia, folks, in the the shy about their opinions, i'm sure there will be plenty of them at geno's steaks as we move into this morning especially considering our sister station 98.1 wogl is broadcasting live at this location all morning long. in the meantime before folks wake up we are also tracking reaction on line, sue bowman on my facebook page says i feel like what he did with his business was g i just hope he can get thi state back on its feet and get people back to work with getting our schools back on track. another one from renee gray she says i'm sure hoping he is able to create jobs, fix educational system and not tax those of us working or chase
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large employers out of the state. we definitely want to know how you are reacting to the governor race. just let us know on facebook and twitter. we're live from south philadelphia, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will get back to you, thanks very much. voters in new jersey reelect tom mcarthur to represent the state's third district. he beat out amy bell guard with 55 percent of the vote. mcarthur is looking forward to his new role within the house of representatives. >> i'm excited. i'm humled. i'm probably a little overwhelmed. i'm just very graful to the voters in this district for putting their faith in me good democratic senator corry booker wins a full term over republican challenger jeff bell. last year booker won a special election after the death of frank lautenberg. we will hear from senator booker late inert broadcast. in pennsylvania's eighth district representative mike fitzpatrick declaring victory over democrat kevin strauss just after 10:00 last night. experts predicted the race
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would be closer then it was. fitzpatrick took 62 percent of the vote. >> i think it is a pretty strong message being delivered back to the united states congress and washington and i think they hear bucks county and eighth district loud and clear on what needs to happen here. so you have returned me for another two years, for my final two years in the united states congress. >> get ready, because there is races next year and we need to start preparing for them. so fanning you so much for all of your support. i'm so proud to be here with you. i don't care what the results say. you guys work your tails off and i appreciate it. >> in the race for pennsylvania's 13th congressional district, former state representative brendon boyle beat out businessman carson adcock. boyle a democrat, finish with 67 percent of the vote. that is allison schwartz old seat. republicans are happen think morning, the g.o.p. secured control of the senate with wins in key battle ground states and kept control of the
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house of representatives. senator mitch mcconnell from kentucky could be the next majority leader. we will have a live report from the nation's capitol about the ramifications of a republican house and senate, later in our broadcast. we have the election results at bottom of the screen. our coverage continues on line on our web site at cbs right now 6:10. midterm elections are a hot topic and we are learning an academy award winning actress could be running for office in the future election. find out who coming up. also ahead new information on the capture of accused killer eric frein and how he was able to hide in the poconos for weeks without being found by police. no shirt, no shoes, no service, that is nothing new but what about no hoodies. businessness one south philadelphia neighborhood are taking a stand but not everyone is happy bit. controversy is coming up next. when mom and dad said family vacation,
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green admitted using a lap top during a 48 day manhunt to track search efforts. he reportedly accessed the internet through open wifi account. and, into evident at the abandoned air force hanger where he was captured. it is 6:13. here's traffic ape a weather together on the three's, katie. >> good morning, everybody. storm scan three does show a lot of cloud cover and signs of life when it comes to the green firing autopsy cross northeastern, pennsylvania but our region is generally going to just stay in the clear from this front. it is a fizzling front, you can see it brand part by the mountains here through central pennsylvania. we are really just dealing with clos and a little bit
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of sunshine here today from that system. there is a bigger story to this, is there a second system in its development stages right now. we will see moisture, backup over the big bend of texas over border in to mexico and that moisture will start moving our way. we will see first a warm front and then coal front lift through by tomorrow and bet of those front that produce what looks to be a dreary thursday. we will get to that. lets start off with the better weather news. 67 degrees. till mild for normal here with more included then anything. we will drop down to 50 tonight under clouds, initially for the evening but overnight those showers will likely start to creep in for us from the southwest. so, with that said i keep your umbrella on stand by tomorrow. low 60's at best for at high. there may be a midday break but bottom line here is you will have wet weather to dodge tomorrow and lingering shower by friday, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. so we are starting to see a few rush hour delays sprinkled about, schuylkill westbound at
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city avenue. ninety-five at girard avenue. usual stuff, but traveling 476 we have a north bound accident around conshohocken. majority is on the shoulder. bad news is folks will slow down ever so slightly just to take a look at what is over toward right-hand side. in major delays. looking at the schuylkill expressway right around south street that is your westbound traffic right there. headlights, taillights which you can see are heading eastbound. traveling in the west wound direction we are seeing heavier pockets start to form right around city avenue. no shocker there lets talk speed sensors for a second. still overall does not look that awful but westbound on the schuykill a bit of traffic around city avenue and we are seeing southbound delay out of the northeast and vine. these delays will grow. that is you why want to keep it here n delays for mass transit, erika. maybe you have heard of this a movement in south philadelphia to ban hoodies from some businesses and it is sparking some controversy. there are signs posted in several storefront that say do not enter with mask or hoodie.
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store owners say it is an effort to deter crime. others say those signs amount to racial profiling. they point to trayvon martin, the unarmed teen who was shot to death in florida. >> what you are essentially saying is people who have certain characteristics shouldn't come in here. >> hoodies and masks, we don't want them in the stores. >> many store owners say this isn't about race. cuss mers we spoke with say they are not offended by the signs, and they are happy to take down their hoods before going inside. your time 6:16. new developments in the case of missing germantown woman tops this morning's headlines. carlesha freeland gaither has been missing since sunday night and now police have have identified a person of interest. they say freeland gaither a's a atm card was used in maryland monday morning. also democrat tom wolf has won his first ever political campaign. incumbent pennsylvania governor tom corbett is first to lose a reelection bid in
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the state in modern history. >> republicans are in control of the house and senate, kentucky senator mitch mcconnell could be new senate majority leader. much more coming
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nhl. myan, is on fire. two goal night tied him with the penguins sidney crosby for league lead in scoring. flyers beat edmonton four-one. goalie steve mason's first win of the season. flyers and florida panthers tomorrow night in south philadelphia. speaking of the panthers, eagles play carolina a panthers monday in prime time and they will do it without lineman todd herremans. he will have season ending surgery friday on a torn biceps. quarterback nick foles and deme co ryans were injured last week with the texans. herremans tried to play through his biceps injury and wound up injuring an ankle as well. get well. soccer game in israel got out offhanded monday in tell a a vee. a fan rush and tried to kick one of the players and that player kickback. he was yin by teammates and got a red card for his trouble. ten people were arrested. there are reports that fans of the two teams brawled at a court appearance yesterday.
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unreal. not every day youe them go for kicking as opposed to throwing a punch. >> i heard that. >> wow. >> our time is 6:21. campaign 2014 isn't the nation's only tight race that produce aid big winner last night. >> one lucky ticket hold inner new york state matched autopsy six winning numbers in the 321 mega millions jackpot . here are those numbers in case you played and you get a smaller prize. nine, 15, 24, 39, 41 and mega ball is one. so again check thoseickets because just because you are not that person in new york doesn't mean you may not have walk a which with a couple dollars. >> one ticket. >> just takes one. >> well, from hollywood to capitol hill oscar winner that is thinking about a run for office, we will have that next. also why critics are calling nintendo's new technology a real snooze, why nintendo is happy with those reviews, coming up.
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time for traffic and weather together. katie, do we need the umbrella today. >> nope, you can getaway without it. tomorrow, dust it off but today we are looking good. we are going to still see some sunshine, limited sun by comparison to yesterday. storm scan three looks like we have wet weather on the way but this is fizzling out with time. so if you saw a rain drop up towards the poconos that is the worst of it. quick drizzle and that is it. fifty-five is your current temperature at the airport. we are in the 50's across most of the board right now but a couple of choice locations where it might be clearer, overhead, you have cooled down a bit more readily. we will expect upper 60's today, tomorw, that will be the the day that you will want to have rain gear ready to go, vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning everyone. we are starting this report with the live chopper three over the scene of the very serious crash involving an overturn vehicle in the northeast section of philadelphia at bustleton
6:25 am
avenue around wind chester not far from rhawnhurst, even the welsh area and what we're looking at here is a two vehicle crash, tow truck now on the scene, that didn't happen too long ago. so again, traveling bustleton it is now closed between greg street, and winchester. so your best alternate toys take the roosevelt boulevard and watch out for the usual rush hour delays on i-95 and schuylkill, ukee. three is on your side with an update on general motors faulty ignition recall. >> auto maker is offering 25-dollar gift cards to drivers who fix the faulty ignition switches by december 1st. g m says half of them have not been fix since it recalled millions of cars nine months ago. faulty ignition has been tied to at least 29 deaths. two major retailers are late toes announce shopping giving shopping hours. k-mart will open up at 6:00 a.m. and stay opened for 42 straight hours, one hour longer than last year.
6:26 am
sears announced its stores will open up at 6:00 p.m. others includes costco, barnes and mobile and tj max will stay closed on thanksgiving so employees can celebrate with their families. nintendo is unveiling some brand new technology, and this is not video game but a bedside sensor. it tracks your sleep and gives you suggestions on how to improve it. the device is late's digs on the game maker's quality of life platform, nintendo says they consulted with sleep experts, and incorporated sleep sensor technology for an australian medical firm. >> sign me up, hook me up. >> yes. >> angelina a jolie may be ready for a new role. >> actress says she's opened to the idea of pursuing a career in politics. oscar winner told vanity fair magazine that her work as a humanitarian has made her, cognitive of the fact that politics has to be considered as an option. on you the side of her film career she's a u.n. goodwill ambassador and was recently
6:27 am
named an honorary dane by queen elizabeth. he does so much outside of her movies. >> that she does good we are close to the bottom of the hour. coming up next on "eyewitness news" police want the public to take a close look at this new video of the person of interest in the abduction of the woman in philadelphia. story is developing right now and we are live with the very latest, and also this... >> reporter: vote are nationwide send a strong message to washington. i'm susan mcginnes with the latest on sweeping gains for republicans in tuesday's midterm elections. and vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together on the three's, you can see pile ups beginning. they have got you covered. we are back in two
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good morning, police want to you take a closer look at this, surveillance video right here, it shows the person of interest, wanted in connection to the abduction of carlesha gaither. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us at northwest detective where investigators hope this new image will help them with this case. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. that is right, we have new surveillance video and new surveillance images shows a person of interest in the kidnapping of this 22 year old woman and with each emerging
6:31 am
development, this victim's family is hoping someone recognize these man and can call police and that will bring this woman home safe and sound. taking a look at this surveillance, and we will look at a man police are searching for this morning. this is a huge manhunt, spanning two states and including the fbi. police traced carlesha gaither's atm card to aberdeen, maryland this comes from the gas convenient station there. earlier in the day police have released still images that she same person of interest at a stand alone bank atm, also in aberdeen, using the victim's car. new we have a second angle of that surveillance video from colter treat in germantown that shows a suspect stalking gaither on sunday night. he grabs her. he drags her one city block before throwing r in the back of a car. seeing all of this gaither's family is still trying to remain positive. >> i'm happy, i'm happy that he shows his face because now he will put himself out there.
6:32 am
that is good. i'm happy but i'm devastated. >> reporter: we're told gaither, a nursing assistant was coming home from her god son's birthday party sunday night when she was kidnaped. police are working around the clock. they will take a look at traffic cameras on i-95 corridor from philadelphia to maryland in hopes that provides more clues. in the meantime the reward in this case stands at $47,000. anyone with any information is asked to call police. we're reporting live, from northwest detectives, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". let get our traffic and weather together now with katie. >> good morning, ukee. more clouds this morning. it is still generally speaking a mild start to the day. it is not shirts and t-shirt weather by any means but it is a milder start to the november morning that we would typically find. storm scan three does have a sign of life out here. would i say carbon monroe county could see a quick sprinkle over next 90 minutes but region as a whole is expecting clouds, sunshine and that is it.
6:33 am
now at the the moment, we have got a hint of the breeze out there. we showed you just a second ago that little line of precipitation heading towards the carbon monroe county area. that is generally the reason thaw are seeing a stronger wind up that way. westerly flow at 14 miles an hour. so there is a breeze and when it does blow i can tell you this from having been on the sky deck a couple times so far this morning it does make it feel cooler out there, despite the the direction it is coming from which is a milder flow. meanwhile as today progresses down the shore and in philadelphia more clouds then sun, upper 60's, and that is a little milder then average. we're once again going to over achieve on the thermometer. up in the poconos we will have a hard time hitting 60 degrees but we are off to a milder than average start. we will take what we can get. you don't need the umbrella at all today. that will change tomorrow, however, vittoria. >> we will be prepared for sure. >> good morning, everyone. you need to brace yourself right now and be prepared that you will have a lot of volume ahead of you on your usual spots, but first lets take a look at live chopper three as we are over the scene of a
6:34 am
crash in northeast philadelphia. this is if you are traveling on bustleton avenue right at winchester. it was a two vehicle crash, one vehicle overturn. they have uprighted that vehicle but you will notice they are cleaning up that scene. because of this bustleton is still closed between greg and winchester avenues. your best alternate toys take the roosevelt boulevard. that is right around the rhawnhurst section right around penny pack park. give yourself some more time this morning. as we continue we will takto you 476, traveling in the north bound direction, we still have a crash on the shoulder here, the good news it is on the shoulder. bad news it has happen. and two you may slow down ever so slightly but folks are having trouble getting by, that is for sure. police are on the scene with the penndot vehicle. we should see that cleared out soon. here is your rush hour traffic that would be southbound out of the northeast down through the vine, nothing but brake lights ahead of you. we are seeing drops not only on i-95, to 14 miles an hour but on the schuylkill westbound approaching city a avenue out past belmont, ukee.
6:35 am
well, change is coming to pennsylvania after democrat tom wolf defeated republican tom corbett at the first incumbent in the modern era to lose reelection in pennsylvania. >> "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones tells us it was a hard for the campaign. >> i am so grateful and so grateful to the voters of pennsylvania forgiving me this chance to serve as governor of pennsylvania. >> reporter: governor elect tom will wolf arrived in his signature jeep, during his victory speech here last night, he talk about fully funding pennsylvania schools and the conversation he had last night with governor tom corbett. >> fund our educational system fairly. we have got to make sure that we raise money that we use to fund our education system that we raise it, and that we are not burden property taxpayers. i just received a even if call from governor corbett and he gave me a very gracious, very
6:36 am
gracious, gracious concession speech and he was so gracious and i think we owe him a debt of gratitude and would i like to just express my gratitude for governor corbett for his years of public services. >> i called tom wolf. i thank him for a well for the fight. i congratulated him on his victory and i wished him well in the next four years. >> reporter: so governor elect last night making history as he becomes the first person in modern history to beat a pennsylvania governor who was seeking reelection. reporting from york, pennsylvania, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also, signs of change in the new york sky line, hours after the election, that put republicans in control of the senate, empire state building flashed red. go p maintain a majority in the house. republicans say that it is a clear signs that americans are unhappy with president obama's policies.
6:37 am
shift in period, will have ramifications. >> cbs news correspondent susan mcginnes joins us live from washington to explain the impact of these midterm elections, susan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, this was not nail biter midterms many were expecting late night long counts, the message was very, very clear, red was the color of the day. voters sending a message they are not happy with the relationship between the white house and congress and they want change. voters sent a strong message to washington tuesday, a republican sweep, hands over control of the national to the g.o.p. kentucky's mitch mcconnell easily defeated his democratic opponent and now ready to achieve his long time goal of senate majority leaders. >> i have heard your concerns. i have made them my own. you will be heard in washing ton. >> reporter: republicans pick up eats in key battle ground states, including north carolina. >> this victory is our
6:38 am
victory. >> reporter: colorado. >> tonight, we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. >> reporter: and iowa where joan i became first women every electric from congress from the state. republicans here on capitol hill called tuesday's result a rejection of president obama's policies and the direction of the democratic party. democrats now promise they will cooperate with republicans. >> i will work with anyone in the senate, democrat, republican, independent, to get thgs done. >> reporter: senator harry reid, current majority leader said message from voters is clear they want to us work together. republicans also expanded their majority in the house and held on to important governorships and in a win that will redraw political map thatident's final twotical map years in office. and the president reportedly said privately last night he does not consider the midterm a repudiation of his presidency, he does in the believe he should be judged.
6:39 am
he has invited leadership of congress to the white house for a meeting on friday. ukee and erika. >> folks are talking with republicans controlling from both houses what can we expecting forward. >> reporter: that is the big question. voters voted the way they did because they want congress and white house to work together because what was happening before was not working. question is can they work together and overcome challenges and compromise or will there continue to be more years of grid lock. >> thanks very much. well, democrats weren't without victories, in new jersey, corry booker, beat republican challenger jeff bell in double digits. he won a special election following the death of frank lautenberg. booker says the nation is tired of partisan bickering. >> we would get so much farther when we reach across the the aisle, when we work together, when we focus on not petty, political victories but on the progress of the people who elect us, that is what i'm committed to do.
6:40 am
>> and we have the election results at the bottom of your screen. our coverage continues on line as well on our web site at cbs and we are continuing our conversation about the midterm elections, coming up, political analyst bill rosenberg joins us i our studios to talk about what this all means for the nation as we move forward. also an amazing discovery down the shore workers rebuilding in the wake of hurricane sandy find a surprise in the sand. we will tell you about it next. katie says we are losing the sunshine we had yesterday but don't worry, temperatures don't take a nose dive just yet, it will be a nice day out there. >> yes good she has full forecast after the break.
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6:43. traffic and weather together on the three's, here's katie. >> hey, good morning everybody. we will get out to the live neighborhood network to give you a sense what the skies will look like today. this is a good example. granted sun won't be as low on the horizon as we e dealing with sunrise obviously but we have more clouds then sun. that is generally the spectations throughout the day. here's why. we have a whimpy cold front crossing through touching arch sprinkles in the poconos but nothing for the rest of us because it fizzles with time.
6:44 am
off to the south and west we are dealing with a new system starting to get its act together and that will bring in our next duo of front, tomorrow, so that will bring in the next run of more widespread rain. meanwhile just cloudy today, still mild, high is 67 degrees. we will take what we can get, right. later tonight showers do start to creep back from the southwest with that next system but the evening is dry for the commute, looks good here. meanwhile tommy keep umbrella at the the ready. is there a suggestion in the guidance there may be a break during the midday so morning commute might end up being worse than the evening drive but regardless, you are still going to have to deal were two separate front crossing through, so anytime, there is rain, and then by friday we will clear out, chillier with the breeze kicking back in. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. if you are traveling tacony palmyra bridge, well, in the traveling the tacony palmyra bridge because it is in the process of being put down down. seventy-three is still closed. we will let you know when it does get put back into business.
6:45 am
follow me at vittoria at cbs-3 and we will let you know when it does open up on that roadway. lets talk about the platt bridge. totally different story. we have a disable vehicle blocking the right lane. eastbound into philadelphia, major delays, using the platt, definitely want to a maneuver around. that heading in the city, just stay on 95, might be a good idea trying to get to the schuylkill expressway. traveling on the schuylkill at 18 miles an hour. when the bound approaching the boulevard out through western suburbs. eastbound we are feeling that creeping traffic throughout our western suburbs so note that. fifteen is dropping down to 95. ninety-five if you are commuting southbound delayed out of the northeast back towards academy and down through the vine street expressway. because of this accident live chopper three was on the scene not too long ago but bustleton avenue still closed, overturn vehicle accident at winchester avenue roosevelt boulevard
6:46 am
your best alternate in delays for mass transit. investigators say the atm card of carlesha gaither was used monday in maryland. th have identified a person of interest, in her disappearance, the reward, was also increased to $47,000. pennsylvania has a new governor elect. tom wolf beat out tom corbett who is first inn kent bent of pennsylvania to lose a ree elects bid in the modern day history. democratic win in pennsylvania was one of few democratic election victories across the country. republicans are in control of the house and the senate. >> so what do these midterm results tell us and what will it mean going forward? bill rosenberg is a political analyst and professor with drexel university. >> he joins to us break down some of the results. thanks for being here, sir. >> analyze the national report card when it comes to the white house, congress, where it reflects, one or thors. >> i think what we have to look at here is republicans had a big victory daze yesterday and i think largely though it is a symbolic one because what they did was they did not really develop a new agenda, they didn't put anything forward. what they rode a wave of
6:47 am
difficulties does content about obama. the republicans were trying to nationalized the elections and to the extent that the democrats culled they were trying to localize it. the republicans one that battle. >> you mentioned republicans now have control both the senate and the the house. some are hoping this will end grid will be on capitol hill. >> absolutely not. in fact, it will be worse. because what happens is you can recollect nice the fact that mute pieces of legislation forwarded in the united states senate you need 60 votes.a just like republicans were frustrated by democrats, now democrats will frustrate the the republicans are. they will pass a lot of legislation, the house and senate that will match and go before obama but obama will veto or threaten veto before it ever gets to his desk. it will beame thing that we faced in bill clinton's second term when everyone was talking about clinton being irrelevant. he said watch this and started toing legislation. that draws both sides back to
6:48 am
the table. that is when we will start to see something but it will take a while and a lot of thrust continuing of pieces of paper before the the president, before this changes. >> lets talk about the commonwealth of pennsylvania right now. what was it do you think, was it governor's performance, mr. wolf's message? >> i think what happens is you have a governor that really didn't connect well with the state of pennsylvania. he did some things, for example in education that offended a lot of people. he did not seem particularly pro active with the penn state scandal which i don't hear much discussion about but he was attorney general at the time. he was on the penn state board. i think that wolf came along, a successful business person, he is very warm, embracing, most people feel about him and he was just a change of direction. i think what we found here is that wolf, while he is much more liberal than obviously corbett, he is not talking about stopping fraking in
6:49 am
taxing talking so wolf runs begins the whole current of the united states in the sense that he will be talking about raising taxes but raising tax necessary a strategic way to make pennsylvania pennsylvania better. >> people have been talking about 2016 presidential race, going back years now, what implications do you think this has on 2016 and where folks are leaning. >> i think it helps hillary clinton. reality is that hillary clinton is already a candidate. she is pretty much effectively squash anyone coming in on the democratic side if she wants to run. she will be able to say that she distanced herself from barack obama and she's probably distanced herself from bill clinton and some of his policies as well but the idea here is that congress will be i think a do nothing congress for two years and she will come in and say look, this has in the been working. we need to go in the new direction and she will be able to turnout people that barack
6:50 am
obama did not in this electionshe will get woman, she will get young people, she will get minorities turning out which i don't think really happened yesterday. so, it is not just who people vote for but who are the people vote ago this make the difference. >> very interesting next 24 months. no doubt about that. >> we appreciate you coming up. right now 6:50. lets see what is coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king has your preview, good morning. >> that is right ukeelee and erika, another 735 days. we will be in presidential election for 2016. lets get started. we are talking about election last night. will shift in senate control lead to big changes or more grid lock that is a question this morning. john dickerson, nancy cordis and bill plant on whether they think white house can compromise with the republican control congress. plus new jersey governor chris christie is in studio 57 doing a victory lap of sorts, we will get his reaction to the g.o.p.'s big gains last night and what that could mean
6:51 am
for 2016. frank lunch joins with us new insight in the big issues for americans in this election and looking forward, the news is back in the morning, we will see you in about ten minutes at 7:00 straight up. back to you good you got it. have a great show. talk to you soon. this morning domestic violence can steel a victim's confident and trust. >> and make them feel like they won't ever succeed but they can n this weeks story of brotherly love a non-profit is coaching wom to be event pren newers. natalie phillips is on the job and living her dream. >> great to see you again. >> reporter: she said her god given gift is cleaning. >> i love to clean. i love it. >> reporter: natalie who studied finance at temple university started paradise cleaning ten years ago but she says she nearly gave up suffering from not only the recession but the pain of an abusive relationship. >> it made me lose myself. i was literally lost like
6:52 am
lost, the one thing that domestic violence does is it kind of leaves a scar, makes you feel thaw can. >> reporter: malika gave natalie the lift she needed. malika oversees pathways to independent, business coaching for domestic violence victims a free eight week program. >> part of what the program does in addition to helping them learn how to develop a business plan and to help them kind of create a platform for their business is to help them to regain their wholeness. >> reporter: natalie hook up with mentors and improved her business outreach and is landing bigger commercial contracts, melynn a angle one of her long time client say she's thrill. >> such a smart hard working woman and, you know, someone like her she definitely has opportunity to build her business and grow. >> it has given me a really form of encourage. that is unbelievable. >> right now program teaches about five women three times a
6:53 am
year and pathways to indies funded by verizon but can always use donations and volunteer mentors to reach more women. find out how to reach them at cbs hopefully you can help out. >> the 6:53 we will have another check of traffic and
6:54 am
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ho ho ho green giant! (yawn) (ding!) toaster strudel! more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel! now, with more fruit! traffic and weather with k-fell. >> we are looking ahead to a wet day tomorrow. so lets give you a synopsis
6:56 am
what you are lking at here for tomorrow. period of rain, potentially a break through midday but we could be dealing with up to an inch of total precipitation before it is all said and done and generally would i say two commutes, morning drive may end up being worse than p.m. but you want umbrella tomorrow. today it is more clouds than sunshine and still mild at 67 degrees. vittoria. >> thanks, katie. good morning. we are dealing with rush hour traffic and taking a look first at 95 traveling i-95 southbound where we will see brake lights ahead of you out of the northeast down to the vine. schuylkill also around conshohocken and city avenue speed sensors dipping down in the teens and 20's. expect that volume to delay back on the southbound side of the boulevard and 14 is your average on 95, ukee. and an anxious fine from the 19th century is unearthed down the shore. >> construction workers building a protective sea wall in brick township made this discovery. while drilling they struck a steel beam 25 feet underground and uncovered all these pieces. experts say these remnants
6:57 am
could belong to the ship that wrecked during a storm in 1850. >> wow, that is great. >> interesting. >> it is. >> you don't know what is buried beneath that sand. >> fascinating. >> isn't it though. >> next up on cbs this morning, new jersey governor chris christie is talking about the big republican wins in the midterm elections, complete campaign coverage of 2014 starts next. >> to continue following your local news weather traffic and sports we are keeping it live and local on your cw philly stations good morning, family
6:58 am
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it is november 5th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." voters send a message to the white house, putting republicans back in charge of the congress. governor chris christie joins us. the american prison in iraq now being called the birthplace of isis. plus, how phone companies are using super cookies to track your every move. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 9 0 seconds. >> we have swept this nation. >> it is time for a new way forward. it's time to turn this country around. >> a huge night for the gop. >> thank


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