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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 6, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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ordeal and there is a joyous reunion underway. family left philadelphia last night have after learning she was fun avenue in maryland and met her at the hospital where she was being treated for minor injuries. take a a look at the video. thinks our first look at carlesha gaither since she was fun safe and released from the hospital. you can see gaither is released with her family now. she was found with the suspect in jessup, maryland late last night, they were found inside of a car, his name is delven barnes, he is 37 years old. they say they were in a park car and police moved in on them once he looked like he was about to leave the the scene. carlesha immediately identified herself as woman kidnaped in philadelphia a. this suspect, barnes, has already been facing a number of charges and he is being held in virginia right now on an arrest warrant there for attempted a alleged attempted murder there. carlesha's family had this to say on her behalf this morning. >> she wanted to tell
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everybody, carlesha says thank everybody that was out there, the news, the media, the one that reported it, that called the cops twice, the atf, the fbi, the for the west detectives, everybody, she said thank y'all so much. without y'all we could not have had her back and that was the most important >> reporter: now back out here live on the scene, the suspect barnes will be facing those arraignment on charges in a previous case in virginia later on today and then come back to philadelphia where he will face federal charges here in this city. now there is still a lot unknown about this case why he took carlesha and what his final intent was, however, that is in the back of the family's mind right now and just happy to have her home. we are live from philadelphia, jane carabao for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. family, friend and supporters gathered in germantown where carlesha was abduct late sunday evening. during the vigil they lit candles and prayed to be return safely to her family. when news spread she had had been found alive, through go, friend and family rejoyced. >> they found her, you know, so it is a blessing. it really is. >> when i heard that she was released my heart was pump, i was glad, happy, and overwhelmed, overwhelmed. just blessed that nothing happened to her, that is the whole thing that she is good. >> to see more video and get latest developments on carlesha's rescue head to cbs our coverage continues there. right now, 5:03. we are waking up to wet roads and soggy lawns this morning as that rain continues to fall overnight we're looking live at center sit friday our sky campaign this rain, it has got legs. it is sticking around, right
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katie. >> it is just because we are tracking a duo of frontal bound dry. warm front this morning. cold front later tonight into this evening. we will see an all day event unfell out of this. lets take a tore what is going on right now. i have got to tell you worst is up front, front loaded system basically in terms of the heavier rain and you can tell by that by looking at storm scan three here. bulk of precipitation in terms of the most intense rain amounts falling through northern, chester county, lancaster county, and locations like west chester pike, for example, out towards 322. it is a slow drive because of that. we will look at some of the doppler indications on have how fast this rain is falling and you are picking up one or 3 inches per hour. you will in the see that rain for an entire hour but it is a nuisance and will slow you down. not just ponding on roadways but reduced visibility. we have been through this so
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many time but it bears repeating we have to slow it down. vittoria will be talking about that as well. here's a quick location at live neighborhood network. we 40's and 50's depending on how much rain is in place. whether you have any rain at all but bottom line is we will not see too much movement on the thermometer.e3 expect upper 50's at best this afternoon. clouds, rain, limit the warming but you certainly want to walk out the door with rain gear especially if you are leaving the house say in the next couple of hours, writ tore, yeah back over to you. thanks, katie. you know you said it absolutely correct. we will see this all the time. it is in the like it is anything we are not used to but it gives us another reason to give you a reminder that you have to take it easy out there because we see incidents happen all the time because of slick spots like we are seeing on the schuylkill expressway. take a look at 76 around 202, notice that the vehicles are moving by just fine, if you are heading westbound toward king of prussia or eastbound making your way from the king of prussia area down towards
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center city philadelphia a you are moving okay out there it is are damp slick and that than contact be scary. just practice extra caution this morning. definitely make these windshield wipers are working and your head lights don't want anyone eye jacks out there. as we look at i-95, again a stormy shot out there at least stormy on the roads with those vehicles picking up that water there and causing those, all of that mess. i-95 is doing okay volume wise but speed sensors are in the 50's. we are not experiencing volume, that is not a problem. just taking it easy out there like traveling on the northbound side of the turnpike at 73. still two lanes block because of an overturn tractor trailer. also traveling not too far from the princeton area, route one south at college drive. no mass transit at the airport but you'll see delays at the airport, ukee. long time football coach of haverford high school will not be on his sidelines tomorrow night. prosecutors charged joe gallagher with dui, reckless driving and leaving the scene of the accident. he has been head football
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coach at haverford for 23 years. police say gallagher was involve in the ate hit and run crash at lincoln and fourth avenue in prospect park on saturday. school officials release aid statement saying joe gallagher has taken a leave of absence for personal reasons. two cherry hill citizens are charge with luring under age girls to a lavish home to pre dues child porn gray. fbi arrested burton gersh and, less s id webber. prosecutors say, the prosecutors say girls 16 and 17 why lured to his home with the promise of modeling jobs. the girls were photographed engaged in elicit sexual activities. both men face mandatory minimum sentences of 15 years in prison if convicted. police have a warning for homeowners in burlington county. despite increased patrols, burglars are targeting homes in moorestown. latest break in happened on paul drive yesterday. two other homes about a mile apart were broken in to within the last week.
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but first on the 600 block of south saratoga drive, the second in the 200 block of country club drive. the the thieves got away we're told with jewelry and watches. >> large up scale residences, entry is being made by different means of force. >> think that something like that is going on but it is american you know about. it is nerve racking. >> moorestown police is offering information to homeowners on how they can make their homes less a attractive to thieves. we are continuing to follow our breaking news this morning, carlesha freeland gaither found alive and new we are learning more about her accucused abductor's criminal past including allegations of another abduction, that is next. also ahead this morning the slow moving river of lava in had hawaii is on the move, it is crossing a major row way smothering part of the cemetery and burning down a shed and now homes are just a few hundred feet away. how your smart phone can help you and your family,
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fight the flu, this season. we will be right back. road are wet out there, rain is coming down around certain areas, we have traffic and weather, we will do it together and we will do it on the other side, good morning, family, we will see you in a bit.
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good morning, more on our breaking news including brand new video of carlesha freeland gaither leaving the hospital in maryland. >> "eyewitness news" captured video of carlesha and her family getting into a van in columbia, maryland before returning home to philadelphia atf agents spotted carlesha with suspect delven barnes in the back seat of his car in jessup, maryland yesterday afternoon. barnes was taken into custody without incident. authorities say this attack
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appears to be random and there was no indication that carlesha and barnes knew each other. we are learning more about the suspect kidnapper delven barnes who was arrested back in 2005 in philadelphia on charges of aggravate add assault, false imprisonment, burglary and reckless endangerment. he is currently being held in a bench warrant in a separate case for capitol murder in virginia. we spoke to the fbi about what happens next. >> he is being currently held on a warrant based out of the charles city county virginia sheriff's office for attempted capitol murder, assault, million establish us injury with acid explosives or fire. this was from a previous case that he was being investigated for. so, he will then be charged federally, with the crimes here in philadelphia a. >> police in virginia say they have linked barnes dna to a case involving a 16 year-old girl who went missing october 1st that was later
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found bleeding with burns and smelling of bleach and gasoline. stay with "eyewitness news" as we keep you up to date on the arrest of car leash a sign up for "eyewitness news" text alerts at cbs and by searching the hash tag cbs-3 breaking on twitter and on facebook. 5:13. lets get traffic and weather together. here's katie. >> good morning, everybody. this is a day that really requires some wet weather gear. you have to walk out the door with your umbrella or a little bit on have have extra time talk in your back pocket here because you will get slowed down. it is just the way it is, with the way this pattern is setting up for us. timing could be more ideal here, thanks, mother nature but let me show you what we've got to tiehl with here. storm scan three, well, it shows it all or says it all when you have bright colors of green and brighter yellows showing up, we have got steady rain pockets over lancaster county. programs your traveling is taking you west but in western chester county a as well, some of the most steady rain is falling. it is not the most offering
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system we have ever seen. let me zoom it out here if i can for you. what we've got is a warm front lifting through, cold front will cross through. again, not the most organized thing we have ever seen but you can tell there is a rotation with this system and it will sweep, a cold front through as well. that is why it is a an all day event. let me walk you through future weather. heaviest rain or most widespread coverage happens from now until the the typical end of your morning rush hour. so again, the timing is, way less than ideal, but right up until 9:00 a.m. most of us are stuck with at least some light rain or showers. now you there should be a in midday break so if you have got some errands that you have to run, lunchtime wouldn't be the worst time if you are trying to dodge rain drops and then we will be dealing with additional showers here. we're scattered in coverage by the evening commute. it clears out by tomorrow morning and of course with the sun coming up earlier and earlier we will have a nice sunrise but just a lingering shower as well. let's check on the visability those are less than ideal with
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the heavier rain falling but let's give so bet you news here. weak get pass today and we are cooling down and quieting down, whimpy cold front on sunday. nothing more than a sprinkle. that means a cool pretty pleasant weekend overall, vittoria. >> thanks very much, we have something to look forward to because right now you are not going to be looking forward to traveling. let's take you outside and go right to the 42 freeway where you'll notice traveling in either direction, again, volleys not a problem just yet so pretty early at 5:15 you will notice north and southbound sides are moving find out there. but it is wet, damp, rainy and with that let me step out of this shot. if you look to the top right-hand side of your screen you can see how heavy that rain is coming down. this is i-95 at philadelphia international airport so definitely a good idea to call ahead before you leave the house but let's talk about the the airport because septa, the airport regional rails have been suspended due to amtrak, signal problems, so definitely
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want to plan your alternate this morning. a as we take a look at our wide speed sensors are till good in the 50's, 76, 476, as well as i-95, we are at 55 miles an hour. pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension all moving really well out there with very minor problems. however, in new jersey on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike right at 73, exit number four, two larynx blocked because of an overturn tractor trailer so something to watch out for this morning. the let's head back to the desk, erika. >> thank you. environmentalist are voicing concerns about hawaii's slow moving lava flow. red hot river is less than 500 feet from a main road. the lava is from the kilauea a volcano on a hawaii's big island and it has damaged homes and island's vegetation. officials are considering building an emergency access route in that area and they say the situation could possibly harm endangered birds and encourage spread of invasive species. deadly crash of a virgin galactic experimentallal
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rocket powered spaceship is in the stopping company from planning more flights. pilot was killed and another seriously injured in the crash during a test flight last friday. the company says that another ship is undercover trucks and it could be flying again in six months. the cause of the accident is under investigation by the national transportation safety board. our time 5:16. every year some 8 million women skip a very important test that could save their life, next in the healthwatch. also new this morning a list has just been released of the best booster seats to keep your child safe in the car. we will tell you what they are coming up.
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on the healthwatch, cdc is urging more with hand to get screened for cervical cancer. >> new government report shows 8 million women not screened for cervical cancer in the past five years. more than half of new cervical cancer cases are with women who have never had or have rarely been screened. women without health insurance
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or regular doctor were less likely to be screened. f.d.a. a approves a new, acne stars. most patients see results after about three sessions and can feel red and tender for a day. treatments take 15 to 20 minutes and run from 300 to a thousand dollars a session, depending on the severity of the scarring. doctors say patients may need to return, once a year for touch ups. >> 5:19. stay ahead of flu season this year and machine for symptoms from the safe distance of your pennsylvania smart phone or computer screen. >> c net's kara a suboy reports on mobile apps and web sites to protect yourself begins seasonal virus. >> reporter: free i phone act is a great way to arm you and your family with necessary information, relating to the flu. one the of the most useful features is the flu tracking map where you cane severity of out breaks state by state.
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in addition fine flu vaccine providers near you and stay updated via cdc, twitter feed. flu near is an interactive web site where users report flu data for their community. map is constantly updated so you can be prepared for the sickness when it hits. also read articles and blog posts about the flu and search for a place to get vaccinated by your zip code. finally if you just could not avoid it and find yourself sick with the from you book a doctor's appointment through free app, and search for by specialist, insurance and you will be seen in 24 hours. in san francisco i'm kara suboy for for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:21. in sports sixers look for their first win of the season with the magic here in town. we will have that in the other day. training qualification as to cuddle president obama. find out why, they will be snuggling up with those guys coming up.
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let's do traffic ape weather together 5:23. >> have wet wet are gear ready to go waiting for a school bus or train and you have ton out for a couple minutes. it is enough that it warrants it. look at storm scan three, almost everybody is at least dealing with light rain, obviously, one bulk of very heavy rain that is falling generally to the western suburbs. we will put things in in motion and that is an area that has been getting hit now over the last couple of hours. so one spot could pick up way more than even a neighboring town. meanwhile, what do you need to know here? heavier rain is in widespread fashion comes this morning, but there will be additional pockets that rolled through. as we go through the day. another round that comes in this evening. mess wet commute is happening right now and we are expecting as a result a general suave of half inch, upward of an inch at most out of that system.
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we can see a couple pockets picking up more than that. basically if you over achieve on the radar today. today is a chilly one, raw, despite it being warmest day with the highs on the forecast it may end up feeling as within of the chilliest because of the clouds and rain. tomorrow showers, nothing more but chilly breeze is starting to become more noticeable, vittoria. katie is right, it is slick, it is not good for traveling, at all, as we take you outside we will take a look at the roosevelt boulevard. southbound commute would be headlight towards the schuylkill northbound. little flickering red lights there. making your way from 76 down through broad street. no major role problems but roadways are slick and damp. another glummy dark shot of 76 heading in the eastbound direction towards center city moving just fine, westbound moving from the city towards western suburbs. again, in delays. speed sensors looking good. we will get to that in a moment. lets talk about airport
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regional rail. they have been suspended due to amtrak's signal problems. consider an alternate there. again speed sensors looking good so far but things will change and with the weather out there you will want to be extra careful on the roads, ukee. vittoria, thank you n sports flyers taking on the florida panthers tonight at the well in south philadelphia. they are without michael raffle out six weeks with the lower body injury. check out tremendous throw down by sixers kj mcdaniel, tony wroten with the alley hoop and resounding two for home team. nicely done. replay that was sweet but despite playing close all night sixers lost this one on a last second shot by magic toby harris. orlando wins 91-89. sixers still looking for their first win. lets get it tomorrow night begins the bulls in south philadelphia. number three is with the first team this week, mark sanchez will be the bird
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quarterback when eagles play the carolina a panters in south philadelphia. it will be his first start since he was under center for jets back in 2012. eagles are in first place in the nfc east, panthers have lost three straight. let's go get them, fellows. eagles and all sports team get better with practice. >> that improvement that is in the just for sports team, you know, these koala bears in australia are practicing hugging. >> get your hug on. >> they are learning how to meet, greet and cuddle world leaders including president obama. they are heading to australia for next week g20 summit. we are told they spent ten minutes a day on practice, learning how to hug. >> you know what that is a lesson for us all, hug somebody for the morning team today. give everybody a hug. >> a little snuggle. >> get your hug on, we love it. >> that ace adorable. >> beautiful thing. coming up on "eyewitness news" we have team coverage of the breaking news kidnapping victim carlesha free land gaither is back home, jan?
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>> reporter: i have spoken to family this morning who say they feel an overwhelming sense of relief, new that 72 hour ordeal is over, hear more from them straight ahead. plus president obama says he got the message loud and clear from voters in the midterm elections and now he has a message for america. vittoria and katie return with traffic and weather together we will do it on the three's, we're back at the bottom of the hour. so glad you are with us, w how can you explain nature is so hand in hand.nd ♪ a place where by doing nothing you can get so much.
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buying used cars is all we do... all makes and models... no dealership pressure. we'll even settle your loan or lease. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now at #. good morning everyone breaking right now, now out of the hospital carlesha gaither returns to philadelphia a overnight. >> meanwhile her accused kidnapper is facing a laundry list of charges. we will begin with jan car bear owe in north philadelphia where carlesha is resting at home with her family.
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good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. i was just able to speak to the family of carlesha gaither. they say they are relieved that she's back home safe and sound. they a say in one has been able to sleep yet but car leash ace looking forward to the good night's sleep. we were there in maryland as her and her family were leaving the hospital after she was treated for minor injuries. she was in good condition last night and she's in good condition right now. this is carlesha leaving the hospital, in the meantime, the man police say is responsible for her kidnapping this 22-year old woman is lock um this morning. thinks 37 year-old delven barnes. police say he and gater were stopped in jessup maryland in that ford taurus they have been searching for since sunday. when it looks like he was about to take off is when police moved in. they said gaither identified herself as the missing philadelphia a woman. barnes has an extensive criminal history including an arrest in philadelphia for aggravate addas


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