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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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her daughter back home. >> i told her, i was going to get her daughter back. i promised i would get her daughter back. he didn't look me in the eye. so i said it again and she said okay. >> reporter: detective sloan, following carlesha's rescue traveling with her family to see her in the maryland hospital, where she was released in the early morning hours after being examined. >> i entered the room. she was upset. i just told her i have been looking for you. she started to cry. her mom hugged her and her father embraced her and, it was a touching moment. >> reporter: delven barnes seen on rid ohio allegedly dragging carlesha for a it i block before throwing her in the car sunday night was arrested wednesday afternoon, still inside a vehicle with carlesha who suffered only minor physical injuries, during her 72 hour ordeal. >> this is a bad guy, there is in question about it. >> reporter: adding to the
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horror of the alleged violence sources tell cbs-3 barnes in an alleged confession admits he didn't even know carlesha a, and tarringed her at random. the suspect also allegedly telling a teenage girl he is accused of a attempting to murder in virginia that he had killed others. >> he made mention to the victim there, that he had done this before. >> reporter: as a result of that the police commissioner says he has ordered a review of all files here of missing persons. we will have more of our one on one interview coming up at 6:00 and at the time he is accused of committing this crime, barnes was supposed to be supervised on probation. and he is also accused of another crime, an attempted murder. what went wrong? we will have more when we join you at 6:00 live from police headquarters i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thanks very much. "eyewitness news" continues to lead the way on this story. we have breaking information about how authorities found the dangerous suspect.
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it was a dramatic capture "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live in baltimore maryland and diane awe talk to the federal a agent arrested the suspect. >> reporter: jessica, we have learned that federal agents conducting a separate investigation, in virginia, received a gps hit on a car that delven barnes was driving. they immediately called over to the field office, here in maryland and dispatched to agents and within minutes barnes was caught, and carlesha was found. dal convenient barnes goes before a federal judge in the maryland courtroom on thursday on video conference, from the baltimore detention center. the 37 year-old is being held on a slew of charges in two states, he allegedly kidnaped car leaning a a freeland gaither from a philadelphia street and an deduction and rape of the 16 year-old in virginia last movement wednesday federal agents tracked his car, to jessup maryland. >> as we approached the car. he looked, he was totally
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shock, surprised to see these atf agents coming at him. >> reporter: special agent jeffery matthews got the call from the baltimore atf office, car gps located a suspect with six felony counts, possibly the same man wanted in philadelphia. the the ford taurus was parked in the shopping plaza a they saw a man and woman in the back seat. >> we noticed he was moving in the car that indicated he would be pulling out. there was a plastic bag that had been placed over rear passenger side window which we knew fit the description of the vehicle from the philadelphia abduction. >> reporter: agents blocked in the car and ordered barnes to the car. carlesha was in the back seat distraught. >> at that time we said announced you are safe, you are safe, you're the police, who are you. >> is what your name. >> we could not understand necessarily what she said. so then when we asked, where are you from? she said philadelphia. >> reporter: is that the moment you knew. >> incredible moment for all of us. so, we knew that we had her and we had the right guy.
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>> reporter: those five atf agents say that was the best moment of their professional careers. now barnes a has waved extradition to virginia, he will go back there in the next five days to face charges there, and then he will be brought to pennsylvania. we're live from baltimore maryland tonight i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much. our coverage continues now with cleve bryan, he is live in north philadelphia outside of the home of carlesha's mother and cleve, we're told that carlesha is at an undisclosed location right now. >> reporter: carlesha was with her mother leaving the hospital, so we came here but we understand from police that she is somewhere else get something rest, avoiding any kind of attention right now. family taking a break from speaking to the media with you we were able to get some insights on how everyone is recovering. >> we're excite that had she's safe and she's back home. >> reporter: leap less nights are over as carlesha gaither's family welcome her back to philadelphia young woman was too tired to talk but wanted
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her cuss continue tryonenow she. >> she said thank y'all so much, without y'all we could not have had her back and that was the the most important thing. >> reporter: she says that the last 24 hours has been chaotic but in a good way. longer abduction lasted the grimmer the situation was looking. >> it was very relieved to know that she's safe, and she's in good health, and you know that god was on our side. everybody was praying for us. >> reporter: thursday afternoon philadelphia police, stopped by carlesha's mother's house to see how everyone is recovering. >> how are you doing? >> they are doing well. they are upset. a lot to take in. so, lot of healing that has to happen. >> reporter: if there is one thing, carlesha and her family know how to fight true the most are dire situations. >> carlesha is a resilient tough, young woman. >> reporter: carlesha's family says they are praying for her allege abductor, he needs help but they are glad he is lock
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up. he cannot do anyone harm. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets look the the a the time line of events in carlesha's abduction this began on sunday night in german town just after 9:00 o'clock that night. she was abduct off of the street. the next day philadelphia police identified the victim to us as a 22-year old carlesha free land gaither. then, on tuesday morning, the first of several pieces of surveillance video that would help crack this case appeared. this one of course showing a man in aberdeen, maryland, using carlesha's bank card at an atm. the next day we saw another piece of surveillance video of what police describe as a person of interest walking through a grocery store in philadelphia we know it was this particular image that led to a tip that helped crack open this case. the suspect was identified, by someone police identified his car, and they spotted it in aberdeen, maryland and inside
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that car, they found carlesha safe and sound. last night, of course, a very emotional news conference was held by philadelphia police along with carlesha's family, they announced that she was safe and that the suspect devlin barnes was in custody. we have learned a lot more about barnes today, we know he is 37 years old and that he a has a extensive criminal past. in november of 2005 he was a arrested on assault charges and other charges as well, and then in june of the next year he was jailed, he was released, just last november. last month's ledgely kidnaped, and viciously assaulted a 16 year-old girl in richmond, virginia and a of course now he has been accused of abducting car leash a. well, stay with "eyewitness news" we will keep you up to date on the rescue of carlesha freeland gaither. you can sign up for text alerts on cbs and you can look for breaking news by searching hash tag cbs-3 breaking on both twitter and
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facebook. taking a look at weather now a rainy, foggy day and now we are tracking a severe thunderstorm warning for south jersey. meteorologist kathy orr is in the weather center with the very latest on this kathy. >> we have been watching this line of heavy rain and thunderstorms from maryland crossing over delaware and heading through south jersey. elsewhere pockets of we have rain especially in philadelphia and interior south jersey. this is crossing the the bay. in cumberland county where we have severe thunderstorm. this is moving east are quickly into cape may and southern parts of the atlantic county. at 50 miles an hour. a at that speed it is in minutes away from many locations. it will be in the villas by 5:15 and ocean city by 5:26. this is a severe then are storm, severe thunderstorm warning in effect for atlantic county, southern cumberland and cape may county until 5:30 this afternoon. this storm capable of producing 60 miles an hour winds. that is the main threat. we are talking about wind and very little rain but fog
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conditions, 53 in philadelphia. forty-nine in allentown. only 45 degrees right now in the poconos. visibility reduced in the poconos to 2 miles, reading only a mile and a half and it was worst last hour in philadelphia, we have improved to 2.5 miles. this is what we're in for for the rest of the evening, occasional rain scattered thunderstorms, reduced visibility and popping on area roads. plea be aware of. that we will talk more about what comes after the rain, for now chris, back to you. all right, kathy, thank you very much. flames could be seen shooting from the ground after construction worker hit a gas line that forced evacuations and road closures throughout olde city philadelphia two dozen residents had to leave their homes after a circular saw came in contact with the line at fourth and race. pgw rushed to the scene to cap the 1 inch line just before 9:00 this morning. people who were walking by stopped in the street they were stunned by what they saw. >> it looked like the flame was maybe 3 feet wide, and
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flames probably i don't know how deep trench was but sticking up 2 feet above the trench level. >> it was certainly a headache today but there was in one hurt. authorities in chester county charged a mother and her boyfriend in the horrific beating death of her three-year old son. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry was there today as the district attorney explained the gut wrenching a allegations. >> though the heavens may fall justice will be done to these defendants. >> reporter: with tears in his eyes and fewer any his voice chester county d.a. describes the horrifying ordeal, three-year old scottie mcmilan allegedly endured by his mother and her boyfriend. police arrested 31 year-old jillian tait and 23 year-old gary kill even baum, and both children are from a previous relationship. all four moved in the trail men west caln with his wife
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and their 11 month-old daughter. police say fellenbaum annotate abused the boys for weeks but the violence escalated on sunday. >> while they were doing that, they were laughing. they whipped scottie, they whipped him with a curtain rod. >> reporter: police a say scottie was beaten so badly tuesday he became unresponsive but instead of getting help, tait and fellenbaum left him alone on this air mattress. >> they went shopping and went out for pizza, and came back and fooled around. >> reporter: fellenbaum's wife found scottie dead and called 911. d.a. says she knew about the beatings and never called police. she's facing child endangerment charges. >> never in this park ever happened like this. it hurts everybody. >> reporter: d.a. says he plans to seek justice for scottie. >> we will seek the death penalty in this case. >> tait and fellenbaum are facing first degree murder charges. their hearing will be held next week n west caln township syma chowdhry for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". well, there is more news ahead on "eyewitness news" today, including potential driving danger on a new jersey roadway, and in the form of a mysterious late night roadblock, what one driver's dash cam captured, we will have that story. major grocery store chain in our area is shutting its doors for good, three on your side's jim donovan takes a look what is in store for thousands of soon to be unemployed workers. the cat calling video from new york that went viral has been recreated on the other side of the world but very different results. wait until you see what this model in new zealand encountered, "eyewitness news" con
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back on "eyewitness news" we are tracking developments in the abduction of carlesha freeland gaither. we know she is at an undisclose location right now after she was found, safe, last night in jessup, maryland. sources tell "eyewitness news" that the suspect in her abduction delven barnes has confessed to the crime and he select her at random. he has been denied bail tonight and waved his extradition, from virginia on an attempted murder charge. our team coverage of the story will continue today at 5:30. well, some bad news today for families looking to save on their grocery bills, bottom dollar food announced it is shutting down. >> discount grocer aldi is buying chain locations for 15 million-dollar . three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has shopper reaction. >> reporter: today's announcement that bottom dollar food will be shutting down its 66 locations, including 46 stores in the philadelphia region, had
5:16 pm
shoppers surprised. >> their prices are great, their produce is great, and i do save money when i come here. >> just going in and out of the stores certain products you get cheap here. >> reporter: first bottom dollar food store in our area opened up in 2010 in king of prussia depending on location chain offered up to 8500 items, less than the average 38,000 items carried by most supermarket but while selection was smaller the chain attracted shoppers by offering low prices. in three on your side supermarket pricing surveys, bottom dollar food routinely had lowest prices in the region. the company says it anticipates the stores will remained opened until the end of the year when aldi takes over the lease. >> at least i have until the even of the year to get use to it because i wish it stays opened. >> reporter: bottom dollar employs 2200 people. they said they will receive severance pay and career transition assistance. >> that is tough. >> bad news all the waste
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around. >> right around the holidays. >> thanks for that update. is there much more ahead on "eyewitness news" is your child's booster seat safe? we will shoal you which seats are the most safe for kids and ones you should avoid, beasley. flyers, making adjustments to the first line as they get ready to host panters in south philadelphia and it is all with about mark sanchez at the novacare complex. one of the eagles top offensive weapons talks about chemistry with his new starting quarterback all ahead
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a damp day out there, and some storms, really are a possibility. >> absolutely. >> we have them moving across eastern shore of maryland, across delaware and south jersey. we will get to it. we have rain, foggy conditions, thunderstorms focused in south jersey right now. take a look outside where we have foggy conditions. visibility reduced in philadelphia to about 2 miles, it was worse earlier but expect that right through the evening commute. on storm scan three we are looking at some rain off shore and some showers, with a little bit of wind inland south jersey but nothing like this line, you can see a very heavy rain, torrential rain, embedded thunderstorms. is there a severe then are storm moving across cape may county. this is it moving out of cumberland county and moving east at 50 miles an hour and has a history of damaging
5:21 pm
wind, wind as high as 60 miles an hour. at this speed it will be in cape may by 5:23, and of course, even very close to sea isle. as we zoom in i want to show you this flashing red, and when you see that dark red and also this purple color we are talking about extreme rain rates, if this storm were to stay in this area, around mid hour or so it would be about five and a half inches an hour. thankfully moving very quickly but we are talking about very heavy rain. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for cumberland, cape may county and southern part of the atlantic county until 5:30 this afternoon so that is about to expire. take a look at these rainfall totals though. our eyewitness weather watchers have reported in a half inch in glennmoore. paul report ago this. georgia said middletown half inch. jeff in marlton is saying a third of an inch and ron in riverside saying .3 of an inch of rain. if you are not in the thunderstorm or heavy rain area you have not had much
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today but more this evening. right now in philadelphia 53. fifty-five millville. forty-five in the poconos. 49 degrees in allentown. to the west we will see this cool pool highlighted in blue of temperatures in the 40's, and then those are coming our way. our storm system pulling away tomorrow into new england. seems to be the trend over past couple weeks. thinks our storm track. we will dry it out early friday morning but the wrap around amidst tour will bring a shower in especially tomorrow afternoon otherwise skies will be partly sunny but we will see these lines these are isobars lines of equal pressure and that means windy conditions. we will see winds gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour for your friday, calming down saturday but still on the cool side. but for friday we are looking at windy conditions, gusts to 35. anything loose out there, trash pick up day make sure you secure those loose objects. overnight scattered showers, skies will clear, low of 44. tomorrow high of 54 with windy conditions, there will be a
5:23 pm
bit of the chill of the air. exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast saturday 52. sunday 53. plenty of sunshine but chilly conditions. that is you're witness weather
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the sanchez era, however long it may be, starts on monday, it is eagles hosting carolina panthers down at the link monday night football. a lot of talk, about number three, at the novacare complex today. more reps he takes, more comfortable he seems to be with the system. jeremy maclin is confident they will not miss a step. >> i think, you know, in mark's situation with him, being as established as he is, it is meant to transition a
5:26 pm
lot easier. change happens and when it does we have to step up to the plate. >> flyers back on the ice tonight hosting the florida panthers, in south philadelphia, changes on the first line, chris will replace, the injured michael r. fl at left wing. he is out with six weeks after blocking a shot tuesday night, against the oilers. steve mason is expect to be in the net, puck drops at 7:00 o'clock. sixers remain winless after a tough buzzer beater loss to the magic last night but good news from practice today michael carter williams returns to the court for the first time this season. word is he is hoping to play his first game on november 13th against mavericks, rest of the team gets back on the court tomorrow night, to host the chicago bulls at the wells fargo center. >> it sound like fun. >> it does good they are fun to watch, even more fun to watch with mcw back in here. >> all right, beasley thanks very much. still to come in the next half an hour we will continue
5:27 pm
to follow story of carlesha freeland gaither woman found alive after being snatched off of a philadelphia street, and we're learning much more about this suspect, and we will bring you the latest coming up. plus dash cam video uncovers a mysterious roadblocks that pops out of no where, terrifying drivers in new jersey, one man shares his creepy womaand the way it made me chronic feel,ipation, the discomfort, the bloating, the straining. i'd just felt this way for too long. so i finally talked to my doctor about my symptoms.
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i'm chris may, there is breaking news at 5:30, "eyewitness news" has learned that delven barnes suspect in the abduction of carlesha freeland gaither has confessed to the crime. we will have more on that breaking story in just one moment. police in chester county, say three-year old scott mcmilan was beaten to death by his mother a and her boyfriend. the boyfriend's wife reportedly found that little boy dead in a trailer that they all shared in west caln township and called police. investigators say contractor working with the circular saw, accidentally hit a gas line that sparked a fire at fourth and race in olde city that led to evacuations this morning but there were no injuries. kate? hi chris good evening everyone we are still tracking heavy rain across the area right now, heaviest about to hit shore points if it hasn't already. most of this is east of the city at the moment but we are
5:31 pm
seeing steady rain in the city proper but look at orange and red here lightening reported with this, this storm was previously severe warned and in the shore points you are going to get this rain quickly. ocean city strathmere, margate down towards avalon stone harbor. heavy rain strong wind and threat for some lightening. rain right now 2 inches per hour in that cell. definitely le downs there. we will have latest on when rain clears out and cool down coming up with the seven day. >> thanks very much. >> new to the latest on the safe return of carlesha free land gaither following her abduction off a philadelphia street. as we just mentioned delven barnes has confessed to that crime, he has been denied bail and waved his tradition to virginia where he is wanted for attempted murder. free land gaither is at an undisclosed location after reuniting with her family. she was fun last night with barn necessary a parking lot in jessup, maryland. we're beginning to learn more about the days long ordeal freeland gaither
5:32 pm
survived. investigative reporter walt hunter who first broke the the news of her rescued last night is live at police headquarters with the latest, walt. >> reporter: we're learning inspiring, frightening new details, family members and police have praised the courage of this victim and you saw it in this video that was first released, video that shows her being abduct on sunday night fighting back doing everything that she could to escape. well, police have released new information to cbs-3 showing just how fierce that fight was. the information indicates that up side the car she found a hammer. she for the back with the hammer against the suspect. hitting him and shattering the windows. also, in return for that police say she was tied with plastic z ip ties to keep her from leaving the car. finally, police now say that the suspect has confessed, and admitting he didn't even necessity carlesha, he simply kidnaped her at random.
5:33 pm
we will have have much more on these developing details at 6:00 as well as the suspect being under supervised probation. so how could he allegedly commit crime while he was speaksed to be looked at? much more at 6:00. live from police headquarters, i'm walt hunter, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will go to my collogue diana rocco in in baltimore with the atf agents who made at rest on barnes, diana? >> reporter: and walt, delven barnes was here in court, in maryland today. we just spoke with that atf agent who says that their office got a call yesterday afternoon after federal agents in virginia working on a completely different case got a gps hit on the car that delven barnes was driving, here in maryland, they were able to dispatch agents to that location in jessup, not too far from baltimore five agents surrounding the the car, they have served a man and woman in the back seat and they saw that the man was getting ready to drive away. that is when they block him in and ordered delven barnes
5:34 pm
out of the car at gunpoint. they forced him to the ground and in the back seat of car was carlesha. >> police, who are you and is what your name and could not understand what she said, and when we asked where are you from. >> she said philadelphia. >> is that a moment you knew. >> incredible moment for all of us. we knew that we had her, the right guy. >> those agents say that is the best moment, of their professional career, as for delven barnes he is wanted for the rape and abduction of the 16 year-old in virginia, we will have much more on what is to become of him coming up at 6:00. we are live in baltimore chris, lets go back to you. >> diana rocco for us and details of his background are shocking and we will delve into that at 6:00. carlesha is resting at an undisclosed location beginning
5:35 pm
process of recovering from this trauma she reunited with members of the family at a maryland hospital overnight. our cleve bryan is live outside her mother's home where there has been activity all day to day, cleve. >> reporter: chris, spokesperson says carlesha's family may speak to us this evening but understandably they have decided to hold off for now, needing much deserved rest. this is a a very stressful few days, emotional high of driving down and seeing her safe and sound. but earlier we were able to speak to the philadelphia members of the police department, carlesha's mother has. and he said everybody is doing okay but this is an ordeal they won't get over easily. >> there is a lot to take in a lot of healing that has to happen, and they are very up set. >> reporter: carlesha's cousin said that she wanted to relay
5:36 pm
the message to everyone that she's very grateful to the police that helped find her and everyone that expressed concern while search was going on. thorough resting and praying for her allege abductor. i'm live from the north philadelphia, we will have more information at 6:00, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, thank you very much. our coverage of the breaking story does continue at 6:00 including a closer look at delven barnes, the alleged abductor. our investigative reporter charlotte huffman dugging in at this hour and we will tell what you one of barnes relatives has told her coming up at 6:00. developing right now in north philadelphia, a man is hit with a lead pipe during a home invasion, police were called to the 3,000 block of masher street just afternoon time, the seven two-year old home owner told them three males burst in with the pipe and a gun, weapon was recovered at the scene. it is unclear what was taken before the trio fled but we
5:37 pm
are told victim is recovering. newly released video uncovers a potential danger for drivers on a major new jersey highway, driver encounters a mysterious late night roadblock and tracie crossco of w cbs has details. >> reporter: dash cam video shows what starts as a typical drive home for ivan after midnight early monday morning, she was on the turnpike extension near interstate 78 through jersey city when he came across these two cones blocking traffic and a suspicious man not let i go him pass by. >> what is going on can i help with you something. >> reporter: you can hear him talk the two man briefly and go through cones and take off. >> he walks over to the car, as a good samaritan you give him the benefit of the doubt, at which point i felt him reach in the pocket and i knew something was going down so i left. >> reporter: he knew something wasn't right, he called police as he sped away. >> there is a car the on the side of the road with two cones in the middle of the
5:38 pm
street. >> reporter: he questioned the man's motive, worried it could have been part of the dangerous scheme. >> i could have been mugged. i don't think of the worst case scenario but that is what came to my mind after i left and called authorities. >> reporter: automotive expert lauren fix said he did the right thing. you should call police if you think someone needs help but keep driving and do not stop. >> if you see someone in distress whether it is on the side of the road and they are asking you for help, keep windows up and doors locked. >> reporter: he considers himself very lucky. >> it is scar toy think that is world we live in today. >> reporter: new jersey state police say two men were arrested for setting up this fake roadblock and this case is still under investigation. reporting from jersey side, tracie carasco, cb is. two news. we're dealing with quite a lot this afternoon, messy roadways, nice and wet as we go out on i-95 where is there an accident that was actually just cleared out of the way here heading southbound, this
5:39 pm
is off ramp towards allegheny so we can expect residual delay here and combination of the added volume we are used to seeing at this time. northbound lanes in the doing too much better. they are jammed from vine up into cottman. heading over in new jersey we cane same story in both lanes here we are seeing most of the volume, exiting, maybe the city, you can see break lights there in the north bun lanes heading toward possibly city and 295 interchange. everything is moving slowly there in all directions. travel times for our majors are slow all over the place, which we do want you to go slow because of the weather. 422 west from 202 into oaks a 20 minute trip there and schuylkill expressway in the doing too much better from the blue route into the vine street expressway. that will take you 46 minutes. trenton regional rail having some delays due to a disable train so set yourself back there ten or 15 minutes there. an accident also in delaware, actually pulled over in the
5:40 pm
ditch, 95 northbound at 202, give yourself extra time there but just use some caution. >> thanks very much. still to come new safety ratings are out they will help parents keep young children safe in the car. three on your side has best bets in booster seats. model recreates that cat calling video that went viral but her results were much different, kate. we're tracking heavy rain right now down the shore you can see where it is, shore points getting slammed at the moment but this clears out tonight and then we are talking about a chill for the weekend and stronger chill by next week i'll have have details with the seven day next week i'll have have details with the seven day forecast when we come caring for you ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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well, veterans meet with perspective employers at lincoln financial field, "eyewitness news" at the job fare there today, hundreds of veterans able to connect with veteran friendly employers, and their spouses. they were also eligible to take part. well, now it is time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> "eyewitness news" jobs expert steven greenburg is here with more. >> reporter: highs hiring now? the job board, counts all of the jobs posted by employers throughout the philadelphia area the most
5:44 pm
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trending new we showed thaw video that went viral of the woman walking through streets of new york city for a take and receiving cat call after cat call. well, a model conduct very same experiment with the hidden camera in new seal land and the reaction could not have been more different. only two men spoke to her in the area and one was asking
5:48 pm
for directions. >> girl, how are you doing? >> that is the original video produced by anti street harassment organization called holler back that spark a heat debate about cat calling. woman in that video was hit with cat calls 108 times as she went down the street. >> wow. >> you start to wonder what is difference between new york video and one coming from new seal land. >> welshing shrivelry is alive and well town under, a apparently. >> that is good and directions you cannot fault somebody for that. >> not at all. welshing switching to weather now it has been a wet day across the area. we will start out this morning with the wet commute and now, evening commute getting hit with heavy rain as well. lets check with weather watchers. they have populated the map here tonight with lots of reports. we will start off in the north where we are looking at a report of 49 degrees right now. doug says stuck in the muck in limerick. no wind. it has been a mucky glummy day outside. 51 degrees is report from dave
5:49 pm
jackson, he is in plymouth meeting. he is reporting just over tenth of an inch of rainfall there, chilly, rainy evening, be careful driving with the wet leaves on the streets, good advice there, definitely take your time on the roads tonight, everything wet and these leaves get slippery. fifer marshall joey of somerdale, new jersey with 54 degrees there with rain at the moment. a as we move further inner to new jersey we are looking at rain in chats for the thanks to mark who sent that report in, 54 there. and back west into pennsylvania, breeze egans report, he is reporting rain in aston at 53 degreesment his comment heavy rain moving through right now. certainly is. i will she you storm scan three in a second. but if you'd like to join our weather watchers program if you are interested in being a weather watcher and having your face on our touch screen sign up at cbs the shore is one spot that is getting hit right now with heavy rain heading to the shore cam on sky cam three. you can tell. even though it is dark you can tell that the rain is falling
5:50 pm
and really kind of gusting through the region at the moment. camera shaking at the the moment and heavy squall moves through the the shore points. there is atlantic city. lets go out to storm scan three, broad upper level le pressure system over the entire north east and you can see rotation as these showers formed, heavier again now over shore points as we zoom in on that, on storm scan three we are going to see again some heavy rain in the shore point. i will take you back and show what you we are dealing with at the the moment. moving in the radar mode and into our sweep here you can see heavier rain atlantic city on the cam why right down through cape may, it is starting to push out heavy rain over burlington county at the moment as well, western suburbs getting into a break here. fifty in reading, 53 at the the airport . fifty-seven in atlantic city and look at this big bubble of cold temperatures in the 40's through great lakes and that chill will be moving in through the day tomorrow. heavier rain pushes out to sea overnight and tomorrow we are dealing with the cold wind, lake effect stuff to the north and west, stray shower getting
5:51 pm
in here in the afternoon but otherwise dryer day, at day looks dry and comfortable and then that front will fist ale bit and we will see sunshine on sunday as well but it is late next week starting thursday that a blast of cold will be unleash across the entire eastern half of the nation and temperatures will be well below average, you'll see that on thursday in the seven day forecast. first overnight the scattered showers clearing late 44 degrees our overnight low. for your friday windy and cooler with the isolated shower, 54 will be the day time high and weekend is cool but dry, normal highs in the upper 50's in the lower 50's throughout the the weekend, next week we will warm backup for a couple days and then strong front moves through wednesday and look at thursday, high no better than 46. we may be stuck in the 40's right through next week even. we will keep you posted on. that i'll send it back to you in the desk. >> kate, thank you. three on your side with information you need to know before you buy a child's booster seats. cbs correspondent marley hall
5:52 pm
tells us which ones experts say are the safees. >> reporter: this is what can happen to a child with no restraintness a 35 miles per hour car crash. booster seats elevate children riding in the back seat providing a good seat belt fit essential for kids ages four to eight. >> booster seats for kids too small for a adult belts to fit them presently. >> reporter: institute for highway safety say railroaded number of new booster seat models earned institute's 2014 best bet rating with 27 out of 41, providing solid fit on kids in the range >> the shoulder belt in the middle of the shoulder. improperly fitted seat belts, can hurt kids, causing necklace racials, and, other
5:53 pm
problems. institute says consumers should avoid the olympia and pacifica models and the kids embrace batman,nin back booster, because of poor seat belt fit. research shows a good booster seat cuts risk of crash injuries by 45 percent, for kids, four to eight years old. marley had hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so important. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" how city of brotherly love plans to commemorate the 50th anniversary of landmark lgbt civil rights protest. >> that is coming up next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
31 million students started college, but didn't complete a degree for lots of reasons at devry university we believe there are also lots of reasons to finish so we help you maximize qualifying credits you've already earned so you can graduate sooner and get on to a great career because whatever kept you from finishing before...
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all that matters is your reason to do it now. see more reasons to finish and get started at leaders of philadelphia's lgbt community are planning a big celebration. >> the 50th anniversary of the lgbt civil rights movement. >> reporter cherry greg of our sister station kyw news radio has the details. >> reporter: before the pride parades and stone wall riot, 40 gay and lesbians rallied outside independent hall on july 4th, 1965, and the country's first, public protest goes, for lgbt civil
5:57 pm
rights. >> these were remarkable and courageous gay pioneers. >> reporter: they stood up, opening themselves up to ridicule and probably criminal prosecution. fifty years ago when the pioneers stood here in protest, gay intimacies were illegal in most states and homosexuality was considered a mental illness. federal law prohibited hiring of anyone who was openly gay or lesbian. fifty years later,. >> most states in the country have same sex marriage that is really remarkable progress. >> it time to philly style. >> thousands are expect to attend the fifth celebration. >> our people are more spending and more activity. >> cherry greg, kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:58 pm
>> july 4th. >> the cradle of democracy in so many ways. >> it would be gray though. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 breaking developments in the abductions of car let a freeland gaither we will learn about how police caught up with her alleged kidnapper and, rescued her alive. >> who is delven barnes, i team digs in the past and has, details about the second kidnapping victims, police say terrorized. >> horrifying chester county tonight, this mother, after her boyfriend, are accused in the murder of a three-year old boy. we will have the horrifying details, kathy. >> we are tracking rain on storm scan three and also some heavy thunderstorms, in the wake of this, we have to deal with win, and a weekend chill, it is all next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> i told her we would going
5:59 pm
go to get her daughter back he made a promise to the family of carlesha free land gaither and she kept it. breaking news we are hearing from the detective who helped bring carlesha home. there are breaking developments surrounding the investigation, good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim chris may. tonight sources tell "eyewitness news" that the man police have arrested have confessed to the crime. we have live team three coverage from philadelphia to maryland. we will begin with our investigative reporter walt hunter who broke the news carlesha had been found alive just about 24 hours ago, walt. >> reporter: sources tell cbs-3 that in that alleged confession a chilling admission by the suspect, that he didn't even know car leash, he simply grabbed her off the street, at random. there are, other additional new details, being released by police, about the 772 hour kidnapping ordeal, about how she fled back, grabbing a hammer in the car, smashing at
6:00 pm
the suspect and smashing out the windows. as these details are released we are still moving forward. >> we got it. >> we got her. we got the guy in custody. she ace live. >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey recalled in a one on one interview the moment that he learned that kidnaped victim carlesha gaither was safe, and her accused attacker delven barn hose dragged her for a city block throwing her in the car unday evening, arrested wednesday afternoon inside a vehicle where he was holding carlesha in jessup, maryland. >> we know one thing had we not rescued her the outcome may have been quite different. >> been on the force for 22 years. this is one of the most -- one of the more memorable cases. it just feels good to help out and have a good ending. >> reporter: carlesha was first seen on video fighting


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