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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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delaware here. you cane is there still water, draining from the car. they are getting ready to toe ate way. just before 4:00 o'clock police say a a 50 year-old man, in a dispute with a wife, who he may be getting a divorce from, took the car, it is his wife's car and drove it off the shore into the delaware river. he then left the scene here and then took off. witnesses saw him. they were able to give police a description. divers were in immediately dispatched to this location. it took them sometime but they were able to location the car. in about 30 feet of water. they say there was a a lot of debris down there and it was a very dark area, very difficult situation, for divers where they did put their lives in jeopardy making hure that no one was in fact inside that vehicle. they were able to pull it from the water a a few minutes ago. the corvette was empty. they are looking for that man. live from to cone a long the
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delaware river, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> once they got me out they tried to stand me up and i fell to the ground. they had to drag me away. >> reporter: he was second away from dying, a philadelphia police officer talks about the heroes who saved him from his burning squad car. a grateful philadelphia police officer is talking tonight about his brush with death. over the weekend he was pulled from this burning squad car by two good smart tans. that officer spoke with our walt hunter live from south philadelphia tonight, walt. >> reporter: well, officer mark kensie talked inside the the 17th district here on crutches, still had a mark on his head where he suffered a concussion and girl friend at his side but as other officers listened he told again and again a remarkable story of survival at two good smart tans, total strangers who came together in the moment to save his life. less than 48 hours after he was trapped inside of his burning patrol car following a crash with another vehicle,
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officer mark kensie returned to the 17th district accompanied by his girlfriend to share his remarkable story of survival. >> i was trying to get out but my legs weren't doing anything. >> reporter: unable to move kensie said he suddenly felt four hands pulling him out as flames raced towards him. they were hand of the 17 year-old joe chambers, seen here visiting the officer in his hospital bed and daunte johnson, a neighbor. >> absolutely, they were the heroes. i'm just thankful that they were there and they decided to act instead of watch. >> reporter: once kensie who suffered a leg injury and concussion was receively out of the car flames quickly consumed it. the officers charred clipboard a sign of just how close a call it was. >> i wouldn't be here if they wouldn't have pulled me out. >> grateful that somebody helped him. >> reporter: often in the police district officers discussed reward offered for
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capture of suspects but this day the grateful officer was talking about a fitting reward, for the teenager, and the neighbor who saved his life. >> i told him i owe him a stake dinner. i will take him out when i get better, i will take him out. >> reporter: police commoners point out we often do stories as police officers as heroes this this case civilians were the heroes who saved the police officer, a good example commoners say of the fact that police and neighbors need each other. live from the 17th police district walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. camden county man collapses after being overcome by carbon monoxide who had just called for help for his family. tonight he is talking and only talking to "eyewitness news". that you will happened on hid even hallow lane in sicklerville, new jersey. new jersey reporter cleve bryan has that exclusive interview now, cleve.
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>> reporter: chris, pastor joseph langford says his family didn't hear any alarm go off but his wife wasn't feeling well. as soon as she said he didn't hesitate to call 911 and it turns out to be just in the neck of time a arriving home still wearing a hospital gown pastor joseph langford gave "eyewitness news" terrifying details after carbon monoxide exposure almost killed his family monday morning. >> it is scary. all i did was pray, pray to god that he would be with us and as we waited for paramedics to come. >> reporter: langford called 911 after his wife complained of stomach pain. when emergency responders arrived she and her six year old daughter were unconscious. joseph collapsed in convulsions opening up the front door. >> all i remember is opening up the main door and then i passed out and then i came to again and able to open up the screen door. >> reporter: fire officials believe a faulty heater caused carbon monoxide to fill the house. they found levels five times normal exposure limits and no
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co detectors. >> if they did not have the medical emergency and were not able to call 911 when they dit could have been fatal. >> reporter: fire officials say it is an extremely important lesson to learn. >> make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors, fuel burning appliance necessary your homes and attached garage or live in multiple homes adjoining homes, you never know what is happening in your neighbor's house. >> all of the doctors and nurses were saying we were so lucky to be alive. >> reporter: langfords can return home once they have a licensed technician take a look at their possibly faulty heater. the the fire department before they left installed a carbon monoxide detector and they say that is common in most houses. if you have any questions about getting yours check or you need one call your local fire department. we are live from winslow township cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in the meantime we have breaking news right now. another case of carbon monoxide poisoning this one happening right now in south philadelphia. chopper three over 1200 block
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of south eighth street where we're told two people have fallen ill. first responders are still on the scene right now, in word yet on their conditions but we will keep you up to date. coatsville area school district has now completed an investigation sparked by news that the kindergartener survived abuse that killed his young are brother. investigators say three-year old scottie mcmilan was murdered by his mother and her boyfriend in the trailer in west caln township. scottie's brother ryan had been absent from school for two weeks but district maintains that no staffers were aware of any abuse there. they released this statement tonight. coatsville area school district superintendent doctor kathy, saying whenever a child is absent or staff tries to make contact with the parent to determine the reason for the absence through phone calls, written communication and home visit to the residents. we have on record all of those procedures that were followed.
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take a look at eyewitness cam video of the overturn car on the schuylkill expressway in lower merion. dave harris was trying by the conshohocken state roid underpass and captured first responders on the scene. chopper three overhead before noon as crews finished but their condition is unknown. several homes were involved in the in mid afternoon fire in north philadelphia. chopper three over the 24 hundred block of lehigh avenue. one roof caved in, another took heavy damage. one person was taken to the hospital and in stable condition. montgomery county police arrested a man they say stole firearms and then sold those weapons to others. andrew rocco is now behind bars. authorities say he stole 12 guns from two stores this summer. they have tracked several of those guns to alleged straw purchasers. they have recovered two but ten are still miss willing. rocco returns to court november 24th. well, "eyewitness news" in
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atlantic city for dedication of a new soccer feel. governor chris christie and marry path christie were there joined bayou nighted arab emirates ambassador to the united states. part of the five million-dollar donation from the uae to hurricane sandy, new jersey relief fund helped pay for this soccer field. it is located at texas avenue playground. history discover in the south jersey backyard. >> it turns out human remains unearthed by contractors last month may be much older than originally thought, that is coming up. plus. >> reporter: an this anniversary of the marine core a miraculous meeting here in philadelphia, two guys in one of the most bloody bat unless american history meet for the first time. it was so rare it brought tears to everybody's eyes, i'll have their story coming up. and it is a a great night for football here in south philadelphia, i'm meteorologist justin drabick live in the wells fargo fargo parking lot.
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we have the eagles kick off. all right justin. here on the field a few you players out there warming up. we will find out what the eagles can do tonight with mark sanchez at quarterback and we will talk to merrill reese, voice of the birds, coming up in sports
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coming up a at 11:00 why are so many women affect by devastating hair looks this woman is only 25. doctors say it is being caused by something many of us face. health reporter stephanie stahl has reasons and best treatment at 11:00. human remains found in the backyard of the south jersey home appear to be much older then originally thought. the contractors found those remains in late october while installing a new pool, at a home on bank avenue in riverton. the remains were about 6 feet underground, they were taken to the state police forensic lab and experts now believe they could be more than a century old. >> remains are fragile. we have roots growing through bones and dirt surrounding the body. >> well, experts will try to piece bones together as best they can to determine the age, sex, and ancestry plus obtained dna. well, happy birthday to the united states marine core
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celebrating number # 239 today in south philadelphia. >> this was a chance meeting at this celebration that was almost 70 years in the making. steve paterson has that story. >> reporter: birthday party unlike any other. south philadelphia celebration of sem per fi. >> i knew the marine core hyme which i was in the womb. >> reporter: this tribute and military tailgate has been held here outside cookies tavern. but on this monday the core's 239th birthday, something even more special happened. >> d dave. >> it was one of the worst battles marine core ever had. >> reporter: world war two vet ray maylen fink a battle of the one of the most bloody bat unless american history featuring 7,000 you american deaths came to shake hand with fellow vets here for the first time. he is one of the last surviving members of the
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invasion's fifth division, and then special turned miraculous >> i was the only survivor. >> reporter: out of no where lewis, a member of the fifth division's 28th regimen the one raising the flag in one of the most iconic war images ever captured, also showed up. and for the first time in 70 years, two of the wars oldest veterans in one of of the most heroic bat were also together again shaking hand, for the first time. did you think you would see another marine. >> never, i thought they were all dead but me. >> reporter: louie's daughter angela put tonight perspective. >> by some miracle this gentlemen was out there. there is somebody from my division here. i thought wow cry. >> reporter: here these men are rock stars. they took pictures, they traded stories and for a moment as iconic as many they stood shoulder and shoulder together for an anthem in their honor. in south philadelphia, steve paterson, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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well, she ran against him for governor of pennsylvania, and now katie mcginty will join the ad perfection of governor elect tom wolf. mcginty will be governor's chief of staff. heave previously served the clinton administration and was part of the pennsylvania's, or rather was pennsylvania's department of environmental protection secretary. mcginty has spent time in the private sector. well, the eyes of the nation will be on south philadelphia tonight, as the eagles get set to host monday night football. >> meteorologist justin drabick is live at stadium complex with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab and he has your football forecast, justin. >> good evening, that is right. perfect weather for a monday night game, you don't need winter coat even though it is november. temperatures still mild, tonight in the 50's a lot of people in long sleeves, with their football jerseys on tonight ready to enjoy a good game. still a lot of tailgaters out
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here this evening. but earlier today it was perfect conditions for tailgating. the the sunshine was out. temperatures reaching the 60's. everybody was hanging outside their cars, cook ago lot of grills, you can still smell the steaks in the air. just a perfect evening to get ready for this big game tonight here in south philadelphia. let's talk about that forecast for kick off. again 8:30 is the kick off. generally clear skies. temperatures should be in the lower 50's, that is not that bad for this time of the year. even better news, wind are pretty light out of the south. south east at five to 10 miles an hour. by the even of the game we will talk about temperatures in the upper 40's. it is chilly. it is football. it is supposed to feel like. that lets go back to the cbs-3 mobile weather lab and a lot of people still hanging outside. why not. 56.5 degrees, right now, wind speeds very light. so very comfortable to be outside at the link later on tonight. that is late heater from south philadelphia from the wells fargo parking lot. now back over to kathy for a check on that forecast, good
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evening. >> good evening, justin. what a beautiful night to be outdoors. our weather watchers are saying the same thing. 57 degrees in levittown. brian says what a beautiful night for some football. lets go eagles. everyone has same feeling for. that 58 degrees in philadelphia carolyn says just a great night to be outdoors. little bit of the moon lit sky. lets go to the north and west of the city in schwanksville where temperature are 47, clear skies, light wind, look the at this spectacular sunset. a tranquil sunset. toss than the get much better than. that if would you like to be an eyewitness weather watcher we would love to you join our team. you can be featured in one of our newscasts to be an eyewitness weather watcher, all you have to do is go to cbs,/watchers. right now we have a clear sky, clouds coming up from the south and invading from the west. and all clear, and outdoors, beautiful, and are sunny, and
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for tomorrow. and clear skies, and, clear skies over us. >> and we have some clouds and we have some things to know. great lakes and northern plains, even through the dakotas, this air is so cold this is a light powdery snow. we are in the 50's in some 40's sprinkles here and there but nothing like what they are seeing here out west. we have talk about a piece of the polar vortex coming down. look at these numbers. eighteen in bismarck. sixteen in rapid city. minneapolis snow and 29. and as we go through the night time hours, tomorrow morning, four in bismarck 36789 in rapid city. thinks coldest air we would see in january in these areas. tomorrow afternoon, but not much better but cold spread eastward and temperatures in the 30's for highs. and, good news is, and, for your tuesday, temperatures soaring, ahead of the front from the west. and, some spots making to it 70. cool front won't move through
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until late wednesday night. one more nice day on wednesday and then cold invades thursday and it will be sticking around, not just for thursday, but into the weekend. that core of the cold air will be moving eastward but it lose's lot of its punch. we will range friend ten and 15 degrees below or norms this time of the year. mainly clear, 68 degrees tomorrow in some spots making it to 7o on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, veterans day looks beautiful. wednesday, pleasant. thursday, 48 degrees. lows in the 30's, thursday night there could be a rain or wet snow shower. we will keep an eye on the availability of moisture that night. friday, saturday, and sunday same cold, and even into next monday, good thing game wasn't next monday. >> um-hmm. >> those eagles fans wouldn't complain one bit regardless. >> no. >> and jessica is right, there is nothing to stop the eagles
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fan to head to south philadelphia to catch birds to play at 8:30. with that said eagles fans, if you are heading out you have big time volume out of the north east and delaware county. let talk i-95. we are dealing with the closure of the i-95 off ramp to broad. so we have two options here. one take platt or you can hop off at packer avenue. if you take platt bridge here's what you are dealing with here. a lot of volume down towards 76. give yourself more time. broad street line is running on time. go birds. we will be right back.
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from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. welcome about a to lincoln financial feel. leslie van arsdal and beasley reese. voice of the eagles merrill
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reese. merrill, lot to get through. let's start with the quarterback mark sanchez. everybody talking about him what are you thinking. >> i am thinking he will be fine. he is poised ready and excited. he did well without any real preparation for first unit. i think he will be better tonight. >> we have not heard a lot about is c a.m. newton should eagles be worried about him. >> you can always worry about him. he has a big arm. tremendous athlete. i have watched a lot of game tape and he just has in the been accurate, and he doesn't have deep threat wide receivers. he has some steady guys, guys who can catch the ball including big rookie calvin benjamin but nobody who can beat you deep. >> what about the loss of ryans. >> cannot overestimate that. take leader away from the defense. there is a big void. they have young guys who have been playing better on the field, matthews and ocho and hopefully they will be already but that is a major loss no way you can look at that and not admit a great loss.
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>> big shoes to fill. >> talk about the importance of the eagles running game here. >> it is important that they block number 59, luke kookily the best linebacker in the nfl. if you block him and you get the running game going, that opens up things for sanchez and he can go down field against the rather weak secondary. >> all right. your overall thought, a lot of people worried about this game. i'm in the worried about it but your thoughts. >> if you are an nfl fan you where bye every game for your favorite team. that is the the nfl. one and eight jets team can beat steelers hot as a fire cracker. you never know. but, but, the eagles should be all right, and if form holds. >> all right. lets hope that form holds on this night at lincoln financial feel. for arsdal and merrill reese i'm beasley reese. is there more news after this time
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nice night for football? >> great night to be outdoor. so who has the advantage. >> the bird. >> lets he's just say the bird because it is cool in, carolina 8:30 kick off, 52 degrees, wind south east at five to ten. wind will not impact the play of the ball. so no excuses. here's the seven dare veterans day looks beautiful, wednesday nice, thursday cold comes in from the west, friday stays cold, same for saturday, sunday into next monday this ten to 20 degrees below average will in the go anywhere. >> yikes. >> anytime soon. >> enjoy next couple days, for sure. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. >> stay right there, "cbs evening news" is next tonight. big chill from the midwest, find out where the polar vortex is headed on the "cbs
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evening news". >> pelley: tonight winter jumps the gun. a snowstorm in the up midwest with car wrecks and flight delays. most of the country will feel it as the polar vortex heads south and southeast. jamie yuccas reports. the new v.a. secretary tells us how he intends to fix veterans affairs after thousands of vets were forced to wait for care. >> we don't want any harm to our veterans. >> pelley: fire in every direction. carter evans takes us inside the yarnell tragedy with newly released video of the day 19 firefighters were killed. and vladimir duthiers with the photographs of hugh mangum. he saw no difference between block and white. >> she has a simple dress on but she looks so regal. i would love to sit down and talk with her andea


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