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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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arctic advance. an early blast of wintry weather moves across the country, threatening to bring frigid temperatures and snow to millions more by the end of the week. a new york city doctor is declared ebola-free and goes home from the hospital following weeks of treatment. the slow creep of lava through a hawaii neighborhood destroyed its first home and could claim more in the coming days. >> our wait is kind of over. it's like we can close the book on that. and on this veterans day, a program who helps those who serve get back in the saddle. >> i knew it was going to be hard and days like this. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 11th, 2014. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the deadly mid-winter like storm that hit the rockies and upper midwest is headed south and east this morning. the weather system brought harsh conditions including temperatures from the dakotas to the upper peninsula. in denver, the temperature dropped 46 degrees in six hours. the heavy snow caused widespread travel delays. more than 150 flights in and out of minneapolis were cancelled yesterday, but things appear to be getting back on track today. dom champion reports. >> reporter: from south dakota to michigan, the sights and sounds of winter are taking over. >> we're learning thousand drive on snow. >> reporter: monday, the rockies and upper midwest were hit with cold temperatures and snow. today northern wisconsin and you were peninsula of michigan will feel and see the chill.
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the taste of winter is being pushed into a powerful storm that hit "all-access." by the end of the week it will send temperatures diving by the east. wintry weather hit right as rush hour got under way. a state trooper was even hurt whennen a18-wheeler collided with his patrol car. this shows how it started with clear skies and then ended looking like winter. in minnesota, slick road caused a 20-car pileup in duluth. in minneapolis, some people left work early because of the snow, many took public transportation. >> i get to read my book and not drive through any of his mess. >> reporter: don champion, cbs, new york. >> the eric fish of wbz tv said the snow isn't going away anytime soon. >> it continues through the
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michigan and into the afternoon. lake-effect will enhance the snowfall as we head this afternoon and tonight. that's where the biggest totals are going to be. with some spots close to a foot as we get close to the upper peninsula. in terms of cold, windchill advisories, montana, wyoming, windchills as low as 35 below zero over the next couple of days. in terms of high temperatures, just the air looking at single digits, billings and cheyenne. denver a little warm. the temperatures, take four degrees, five degrees off. probably going to be the actual high. on wednesday, continue to watch the air move its way eastward. 40s in memphis, into the 50s in jackson, mississippi when it comes to low temperatures this is the map on thursday morning. but by friday morning, look at that cold, 20s in charlotte and attend that, coast to coast, winter is here. i'm meteorologist eric ferb are
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for cbs news. the doctor being treated for ebola here in new york city is set to be released today. dr. fisher tested positive last month after returning from guinea. he went through the subway and went bowling just before he tested positive. and there was outcry from relatives of victims of the south korean ferry disaster over the sentencing of the captain this morning. he was given 36 years in prison for negligence and abandoning his passengers. more than 4300 people, most of them school children were killed. at the asia pacific summit in china this morning the u.s. and china reached an understanding on eliminates drifting on high-tech. president obama took part in several apec events before
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meeting china's president xi jinping. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> reporter: the world's largest economies gather in asia every year for the economic summit. a lot of times it's just talks. very few deals but this year, it's different with united states and china to extend business and student visas, that would mean billions in business for most countries. and most recently, agreed to put together a final agreement to lower tariffs across the globe on information technology and high-tech equipment that could be exported by numerous american businesses, everything from semi conductors to mri machines. the obama administration said both of these agreements signal the united states and china can work together, but there are still differences, none of which are likely to be resolved here in beijing. president obama sits down with chinese president xi jinping to talk about cybertaxi on american
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companies and institutions, human rights and the expansion throughout asia. those issues are longtime for both countries unlikely to be resolved here. one other quick note, protests russia encouraging into ukraine separativities fueled and armed by russia with russian president vladimir putin, the topic did not come up. the united states has registered its complaint. major garrett, cbs news, beijing. in hawaii, lava from the kilauea volcano consumed its first house on wednesday. the advance has been advancing on pahoa for a month. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: the flames set a fire on time. the people who lived there had already left. >> our wait's kind of over. it's kind of like, okay, we can close the book on that because
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the house burned finally. it's like, okay, so we're on to our new story. but this is going to affect a lot of people for a long, long time. >> reporter: others have also evacuated and more are ready to go. local officials are allowing owners to watch their homes burn for closure and to document for insurance reasons. kilauea's lava starts seeping through since june. on the big island since october 26th. for now it had been confined to part of a cemetery, a shed and vegetation. weeks ago, neighbors worried about their neighborhood. >> it's like a train wreck. there's a feeling something's happening, as far as to know when -- >> reporter: the leading edge of the lava flow has stalled but some molten rock is breaking away upstream. bigad shaban, cbs news. coming up on the "morning news," the president for net
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neighbors in several nearby trailers are out of their homes this morning as a precaution. and a new york city clinic where joan rivers suffered a fatal complication is being cited for errors. state health investigators say the medical staff failed to identify rivers' deteriorating vital signs and provide timely intervention during a throat procedure. but they don't allege negligence. the comedian died in september at the age of 81. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, president obama makes the case for an open internet. and it's a big day for chinese retailer alibaba. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning, anne-marie. consumers report with president obama's met neutrality while congressional republicen cans. net knewality means internet service providers didn't block data. mr. obama wants the ftc to regulate the internet the way it
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would a public utility. he also wants them banned from deals. >> internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access for websites. cable companies can't decide which online stores you can shop at or which streaming service you can use. and they can't let any company pay for priorities over its competitors. >> at&t is threatening legal action if the u.s. adopts the president's plan. the house speaker calls misguided and will come at the cost of jobs. the president's comments sent cable companies plummeting. another record day the dow and s&p up higher the nasdaq as well. today is singles day. it's manufacturing online shopping day in china that is many times many times more lucrative than black friday.
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the retailer alibaba invented this day back in 2009. investors are anxious to see how alibaba performs this year. first as a publicly created marketplace, alibaba will top about $10 billion for the day. mcdonald's is recalling a whistle in its package. it's the hello kitty whistle. the consumer product safety commission said part of the whistle would be impelled. and to mark this veterans day, restaurants and retailers around the country are offering vets free food and discounts. applebee applebee's, cracker barrel and starbucks are just a few. you can see more at >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. straight ahead.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. communities around the country will honor military veterans day. roanoke, virginia, got an early start with a parade this weekend. people lined the streets to to show their appreciation. several military bands took part in the celebration. veterans back from war sometimes have trouble adapting to life on the home front. special programs pairing them with wild horses is taking to light. omar villafranca is showing us how it's getting vets back on their feet. >> reporter: it's hard to tell who's more scared at this oklahoma ranch, the wild
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mustangs being rounded up and loaded into a trailer, or the would-be cowboys now in charge of domesticating the horses. >> it's all new. >> reporter: the goal mustang mentors for veterans to teach veterans new skills to make the horses gentle enough for dopgs. veterans only had 100 days to rain the horses. laura parunac admits it's not easy. >> i knew it was going to be hard and days like this. >> reporter: laura spent ten years flying apache helicopters and deployed twice to iraq. her new mission, gaining the mustang's trust. just being around helps laura rebuild her life. >> i don't know if i can continue my life without is it exposure to horses. >> reporter: larry was in the area and now teaching the mustangs basic commands and
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learning things himself. >> it teaches you patience. >> reporter: at the end, the horses are put up for adoption. laura tried to buy hers but was quickly outbid. then a longtime supporter of the program stepped up. >> to get it back to her. >> reporter: he did the same for larry. now two veterans of the program are blazing a trail with their new companion. omar villafranca, granger, texas. nine americans have been tapped to receive the congressional medal of freedom. actress meryl streep, thomas broke cow. andrew goodman, stevie wonder. the group will be honored at the white house later this month. when we return, costly
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a billionaire oil man will pay one of the largest divorce settlements in history. a judge ordered continental resources founder harold hamm to fork over nearly $1 billion. forbes estimates his wealth at $14 billion. and a man going through divorce in pennsylvania apparently wanted to send a message. he's accused of driving his wife's red corvette into the delaware river monday. police pulled to shore from 30
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feet of water. the man is being sought and to face charges for violating a protection order and eye illegal something. it looks like the philadelphia eagles are ready to turn the keys of the franchise over the sanchez. quarterback mark sanchez takes off in the place of the first start of the eagles in place of nick foles. sanchez throws for more than 300 yards and three touchdowns and sacked cam newton nine times in a 41-16 victory. and the cavs look like they're getting on after a slow start. the cavs topped new orleans 118-111. the boston bruins rookie seth griffith could play for years and never score a goal like this one while skating backwards. while skating backwards, he puts the puck between his legs and
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a group of new jersey high school football players accused of hazing and sexual abuse won't face trial as adults. the seven athletes ages 15 to 17 will be tried in a family court. punishment are typically less harsh. they allegedly attacked four freshmen in the locker room. sayreville memorial high school to cancel the entire season. and newly released video offers an inside look at one of the deadliest wildfires in u.s. history. last year, 19 hot spot firefighters were killed in yarnell, arizona. carter evans looks at video shot by other firefighters. >> reporter: the video shows
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what they faced in their final moments. as shifting wind pushed the fire and billowing smoke back on the command post forcing the managers to evacuate themselves, they were plagued by communication problems. john mcclain has written five books about wildland firefighting, and is independently investigating this fire. >> videos that came out show a very chaotic investigation. the difficulties the fact that nobody knew where granite mountain was. you see people on the ground asking for cell phone numbers. >> will you text it to me, i need it bad about now. >> reporter: during the chaos, the hot spots were trapped by 2,000-degree heat surrounded by a 100-foot wall of fire that was aclosing in fast. >> we have 16. in the flaming front. >> reporter: the final radio
4:27 am
transmissions were recorded on another firefighter's helmet. >> we preparing a deployment site and we are burning out around ourselves. >> reporter: shortly after, they try to contact the hot shots. >> division alpha bravo 3-3. air to ground. >> reporter: firefighters on all-terrain vehicles raced through to search for their friends. when they found the hot shots, it was immediately clear, there were no survivors. >> 18 confirmed. >> reporter: in all, 19 hot shots were kid and the public release of these videos came as a complete surprise to their families. 12 of them are now suing the state department of forestry, they claim the complete mismanagement of this fire led to the deaths of their loved ones. carter evans, cbs news, los
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angeles. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we look to minnesota where an early winter storm has dumped more than a foot snow. plus, chip reid takes us inside the military technology lab for look at inventions of the future that you'll only see here. and mark phillips first pinch floyd album in 30 years. that's it for "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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test test . >> it is tuesday, november 11, veteran day, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm i'm von tiehl. >> philadelphia police are looking for the man they say plunged this red corvette into the delaware river on purpose. why police say he did it. that's coming up in a live report. >> flames erupt as a six flags amusement park in new jersey, where the park this fire happened, how long it took the fire crews to put it out. it is matthews for the second time tonight. >> oh, how about it? mark sanchez was very successful in his starting quarterback for the eagles, the eagles dismantled the carolina panthers, w


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