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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  November 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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test test . >> it is tuesday, november 11, veteran day, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm i'm von tiehl. >> philadelphia police are looking for the man they say plunged this red corvette into the delaware river on purpose. why police say he did it. that's coming up in a live report. >> flames erupt as a six flags amusement park in new jersey, where the park this fire happened, how long it took the fire crews to put it out. it is matthews for the second time tonight. >> oh, how about it? mark sanchez was very successful in his starting quarterback for the eagles, the eagles dismantled the carolina panthers, what sanchez had to say about his
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first start and win since 201. -- 2012. >> you nap it up? >> not as long as i would have like, and stayed up probably longer than i should have. >> what a snip. >> perfect team win, and perfect weather last night. >> so pleasant, actually caught justin drabick's report down at the linc, it is awesome out here, so nice, i could still smell the steaks in the air from the tail great, so jealous right now. yes, it was such a great day for tailgaters, for anything that you had going on outside. i can one up that. >> can you? >> today is even nicer, yes. >> bring it. >> here is the thing. gout to enjoy it now, because this may actually ends up being one of the final days like this for the entire year. that's how cool our next air mass will be, that's moving on in. so, today's great. you want to make the most of it, eventually, though, the chill is starting to set on n we will be talking about those temperatures, of course, and what that front is going to mean for our area all coming
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up. guys, back to you. >> see now little bit, thank you. corvette may be worth saving, the marriage apparently not. >> philadelphia police say a man drove his estranged wife's car into the delaware river, and in you they're g for him. jan carabeo joins us at northeast detective with the details, very strange, january, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning, police say this turned out to be a costly stunt. by a plan, a husband, against his estranged wife. now a warrant is out for his arrest, and while no one was injured, police say, this puts their lives in danger. if you take a look at the video, you can see this all unfolded yesterday after none just below the talcony palmyra bridge on the pennsylvania side of the delaware river. police say a 50 year old man drove his wife's 1990 red corvette into the water there, as it turns out, investigators say, he got out of the car and let it roll into the water without anyone inside. but police had to make sure no one was trapped. so police marine unit and
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first responders were going in. police say the man's wife has restraining order against him, and the wife tells "eyewitness news" that he had thread ends to dump her car into the river if she didn't meet his demand. she was -- he was upset the she wouldn't let him drive the vein. police say it put their people in danger. >> there was no visibility whatsoever. the diver just had to go to by feel. think found the vehicle, went inside the vehicle, which is extremely dangerous because you can get trapped with all of the debris, were able to feel that there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> again, there were in injuries. either to this manor to police investigators, and there is a warrant again out for this man's arrest, faces number of charges including wreckless endangerment. reporting outside of northeast detective, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". right now 4:33, katie, things could improve from
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yesterday? >> if you like mild air, can be a milder day, see pleasant weather unfold. man is this a roller coaster ride. we go up and down, and then when we crash down, we may not actually pull back out of this again, through the rest of the year. so, you know there is will be one of those days you really just want to make the most of. tomorrow, notice, tomorrow also mild, but that's your transition day. so, it is not a terrible day, but today beats it out by a long shot here. because we expect sunshine, still expect light winds, still expect nice mild air. i mean, it is the whole trifecta we talk b storm scan3, few speckles of green granted but don't worry about any precipitation. nothing more than few clouds here and there at this hour. and we do still have high pressure in place for one final day. the snow is very far removed from our area at this point. but this is the sign of the system that will eventually be rolling through our area here, most specifically, polar front, arctic front, whatever you want to call it, cold front with a serious umfh to
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it. it will be responsible for temperatures getting knock back. we are into the 30's around some of the other regions here, western suburbs, still need to have the heaviest coat. look what the front has done. minneapolis, des moines, still in the 20's, versus 61, man, i mean, talking nearly a 40 agree difference, across two separate state here. this is a potent front my friends. by the time it reaches us, it will really be knocking our temperatures back. so today is what you want to make the most of. you will hear me say that in different ways, all day today, just make the most of t sun and clouds, down the shore, in the poconos, in the city, no matter where you are, will be a nice day. so, again, enjoy it. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, one of the good things opening up so early, you don't have to deal with anything headed out on the majors, check out the schuylkill expressway here at month gum i everything moving great. eastbound lanes, toward center city and the westbound lanes toward the king of purchase
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a -- prussia area. night shot at the ben franklin bridge, from the philly site. awed lanes open. still headed west, headlights coming on through, you can see maybe headlight or two headed on in to this is the city looking great and headed from fill my new jersey, looking great, there as well. now, building fire out in montgomery county closing old york road at adams avenue to get around that for clean you have so far this morning, just take highland avenue. now one lane is closed into p a on the talcony palmyra bridge, so far for construction, should be out there for another half hour. everything out in jersey looking good so far on 42, 55, mass transit everything on time, currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. ukee, back to you. >> police say northeast philadelphia homeowner caught a burglar red handed but ended up hospitalized after a violent struggle. it happened around 6:30 last night along the 2300 block of emerson street in rhawnhurst, police say the burglar hit the homeowner with a crowbar, got away with jewelry. homeowner treated at hospital
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forehead and neck injuries. chopper three was over six flags great adventure in jackson township, new jersey, where fire broke out last night. firefighters arrived on the scene, around 10:30, and quickly put the the flames, burning inside after barn used as part of safari. luckily we're told no animals were injured. fire investigators are now working to find out what spark those flames. >> and, faulty heaters may be the cause behind two separate carbon monoxide poisoning incidents in our area. the latest happening in a home along south eighth street in south philadelphia last night. resident texted a friends, who is a doctor, that he and his two roommates were filling sick. that will doctor rushed over, then quickly called 911, after suspecting they were expose today high levels of co. >> had i not come by, they probably would have been chalking it up to like the flu. i guess this time of the year that's what they would think, achy, breathless, his words to me in the text. >> now, neighbor was also
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treated at the hospital. an update now on camden county family we told you about them yesterday morning, sickened by co, as well. pastor joseph lan forward of sicklerville, his wife, daughter, we're toll they're all out of the hospital now and doing well. >> well, "eyewitness news" talks one-on-one with the philadelphia police officer rescued from this burning squad car by alert teenager and his friend. yesterday, officer mark dempsey returned to the 17th district in south philadelphia. he was heading to a call saturday when he collided with a pick-up truck at 27th and tasker. the cruiser burst into flames. with officer kim-z trapped inside. chambers and johnson saw the entire thing happened and they rushed into help. >> i remember just kind of like waking up and snowing their back had deployed, the vehicle on fire. i was trying to get out, but my legs weren't doing anything. i said i almost ate dinner. when i get better i'll take him out. >> officer dempsey suffered a leg injury and condition
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caution, but expected to make a full recovery. the seven say err ville football players accused of hazing, will not be charged as adults. back at the war memorial high school canceled its football season when the allegations came to light n addition to the charges, the teen's head coach, four assistant, indefinately suspended. >> today on veterans day we honor those who served our country. meanwhile, the department of va affairs announces major overhaul. "eyewitness news" at the regional office in northeast philly last night where vet voiced frustration and concern over the va. they talk about their experiences with long wait times, and confusing processes during the open forum. the department of va affairs says it is undergoing what it call the largest restructuring in the department's history, to make it easier for veterans who navigate the systemment meanwhile local veterans group is launching new initiative with the virtual job fair today. it runs from 1:00 this afternoon until 4:00. vets can meet with employees offering more than 71,000
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jobs. the group behind it, philly veterans. com, trying to help more than 2,000 vets finds jobs in 2015. for more information we have link for you on our website cbs philly got got come. >> honoring our veterans across the area today. tweet us pictures and stories of the vet close to you. the only thing we need to you use hashtag cbs-3 mornings, so we can finds it, we'll show you favorites later in the newscast. >> eagles fans flying high after dominating win on the national stage in the first start of mark sanchez's eagles career. sanchez through for 332 yards and two touchdowns in his first nfl start since 2012. the eagles rolled over the defending nfc south champion carolina panthers 45 to 21. the eagles special teams and defense scored as well. total team win, in all three phases of the game. by the way we will hear from mark sanchez coming up in
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sports. nice night overall last night. >> oh, ya. nice win. >> hey much more to cover on "eyewitness news" this morning, still to come this morning, an early blast of winter for part of the us. >> we'll tell you who got hit with all of this snow. look at. that will and also what that system caused, what it will do to our area later on this week. katie has the details for you. we're back
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>> good morning, everyone, the new york doctor diagnosed with ebola is getting out of the hospital today. last night, doctors declared craig spencer free of the virus. the 33 year old tested positive for ebola on october 23rd, 6 days after his return from west africa. spencer was hospitalized when he notice add high temperature during daily self monitoring. his recovery means there are no known cases of ebola in the united state. parts of the us are feeling the effect after arctic blast, that's making it look and feel like winter, even though it is just
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mid-november. this is some video from minnesota where slippery roads caused hundreds of accidents yesterday. the polar vortex that brought the snow is now head in the our direction, but, katie, you've been telling us this week, and i am really counting on you here, it is not going to be as bad as this, right? >> no way. >> okay. >> no chance that we are going to be dealing with anything like that. >> okay. >> could we see few snowflakes before the week is out? perhaps. >> okay. >> that's still lit bit after question. >> i'm cool with that. >> that would be from separate disturbance, too. this system is going to be losing it steam. in terms of it moisture source, anyway, by the time it reaches us. man it will knock the temperatures back. >> okay. >> so oh, yes. that's where we've got to obviously turn our focus here for our area. all about these temperatures. so, let's walk you through what will happen here. there is at least going to be bit of wet weather issue, looking ahead to overnight, tomorrow, more specifically. here's what's up with the storm. if you recall yesterday, more spread out in a horizontal fashion. now it is starting to tilt a little bit. so the actual center of
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circulation is up here. you have got your warmfront, not really warm, but that's that we call it, cold front beginning to drape down back across the central planes. by the time this reaches us, it is losing most of it moisture, very likely see fog, drizzle developing, but that's it, then it sweeps through, the breeze kicks in, we are clear out for sunshine, where we stand on our temperature map, 40's, 30's, but see the chill beginning to form here, back over the planes. will so let's go, there take a look at current temperatures, this is rough stuff. rapid city in single digit territory, billing, monday tan, a cheyenne, the list goes on. jump you to this afternoon, lovely day, enjoy it, upper 60s, sunshine, but overnight the clouds thicken, keeps temperatures kind of mild, but see some fog or some drizzle developing here, and that will likely linger into tomorrow morning. so even though we are still technically going to get you to the 60s tomorrow, the breeze kicks in, it is our transition day, and no where near as pretty as today will be. again, we say it again, and
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happy veterans day, this is the one you want to enjoy. sixty-three by tomorrow, then come thursday, that chill is really going to become more noticeable. look at this, majority of your seven day does not break out of the 40's, and that looks like it is a persistent theme for our long-term forecast. speaking of, will we have to dig out from another snowy winter? welshing you don't want to miss this one, guys, kathy's winter forecast -- everyone giving me the thumbs down -- don't miss it tomorrow night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. ukee, i know how you feel about this. >> i know that's right, please, not like last year. hey, somewhat of a short week, eagles face tough opponent in the greenbay packers but will have plenty of momentum after prime time man handling of the carolina parties, eagles beat the panthers in every aspect of last night's prime time game. darren sproles had two touchdowns, including this 65-yard punt return. that was so sweet. bradley fletcher scored on an
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interception, as well, bank, right into his arms, going the other way, a pick six, of course mark sanchez had nice night. he threw for couple of touchdowns, both to the rook, mr. jordan matthews, the birds blow out carolina, in every phase of the game, 45 to 21. >> it is a fun time. fletch made great play, sproles made another play. got ten guys out there blocking their butt off therefore him. and it is just an incredible team effort. so it is fun to be a part of. >> sprolesy, i like. that will eagles have their hands full, trip to the famous tundra of lambeau field to play the packers, tell you what, after watching that game last night, i'm sure they're feeling they have a tough match up too. just yesterday morning we showed you the packers dismantling the chicago bears 55 to 14. hey, family, get your popcorn ready for big game. it is 4:35 sunday start. can't wait. erika, back to you. >> thank you, still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", we look at the freebies restaurants retail remembers giving away in honor of
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veterans day today. first t though, here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> messy divorce could push a car into the del river. corvette 30 feet down, man pulled up near the talcony palmyra bridge, let his wife's convertible drive her right to the river. he took off. police now looking for that man. >> the eagles staying atop the nfc eels, and at dominating win over the carolina panthers to their resumes. the birds scored on offense, defense, and special teams, and won 45 to 21, they're seven and two on the season, next week, eagles and packers at lambeau field. >> our time now 4:50. let's get a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, and some pictures here when it comes to millennials and saving money. what have you heard? >> reporter: that's right, good morning, millennials are
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not saving for a rainy day. according to new report, from moody's analytics, adults under the age of 35 have a savings rate of negative 2%. so what that means, basically, they're burning through their money and going into debt. this really comes despite recent growth in the economy, and a lot of new hiring. analysts say the lack of saving can delay financial goals like home ownership. ukee, erika? >> jill, of course, today is veterans day. businesses are looking for waste to say thanks to those who serve our country and they're doing with lots of freebies, i understand? >> yes, restaurants, retailers, around the country, are offering vet free food and discount. starbucks is giving away free tall brewed coffee to all us military member, and their spouses, i hop is serving up free red, white and blue pancakes, krispy kreme is giving out free donuts, and those are just three of many retail that's are giving away free food.
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so once the vets finish all every all those goodies this can he go work out for free at 24 hour fitness. >> sounds like nice day right there. >> indeed. thank you. >> thanks, jill. we salute them. coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together. we do i
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>> just past 4:53, let's get traffic and weather together. good morning, jessica. >> good morning, just coming up on 5:00 a.m. we go outside, check out the blue route at mid-county. we will see hardly anything really going on, northbound lanes, moving along great, southbound toward the schuylkill expressway, pretty much doing the same. >> over on 95, most of the volume, if you can even call it volume, at girard, headed southbound toward the center city area, where you can see the headlights coming on through, northbound lanes moving along great, there as well. now, still out in montgomery county, building fire at old york road, closing at adams avenue to get around that right now, just for the time being, take highland avenue. rest of the majors still moving great. 422 eastbound from oaks into 202, seven minute trip into
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the schuylkill expressway, not doing too bade on the eastbound lanes blue route into the vine street expressway, 14 minute trip, currently no problems out in delaware on the delaware expressway, 495, or no problems on the delaware memorial bridge in both directions. now to ever katie in the weather center. >> hey, jess, good morning, everybody. today will ends up being one of the nicest days we have for the next 7t may ends up likely being one of the mildest day that we have for the rest of the this year. the reason being, we're going to get the ball rolling on some colder air masses, and subsequent air masses that move in, looks like, down the path here, may keep our temperatures little chilly. so, we look at storm scan3, we've got some clouds, i will give that you, but quiet start overall. we are currently into the 40's, or 30, a depending on location, kind of depends on how much cloud cover you have. just a couple of choice locations in the live neighborhood network, all four spots into the 40's, happy veterans day, we are so greatful for all the men and women in service, lots of sunshine, and mother nature's greatful too, serving up beautiful day with 67 degrees,
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for that hi, so almost ten above the normal. the sunshine makes it all the better. ukee, back to you. >> thank you, here are some of the stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. retail remembers counting on "black friday", to kick off holiday shopping season, looking at some of the best deals. also, a dog from chester county getting ready to compete in huge national competition. and, washing cars without water. that's the business model of newspaper start up being run by a st. joseph's student. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", we ' giving away a hundred dollars, so easy to win, really, so simple. just keeping watching for the word of the day. that's ahead. >> police fish a little red corvette out of the delaware river. live for the search for the scorned husband accused of dumping his wife's car in the water. >> and this is not your average duck in the crosswalk. why some jersey drivers were duped
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>> this is is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in the news, an unusual rescue in the delaware river. philadelphia police real in a wet corvette, dumped in the water. now the search is on for the angry husband accused of ditching his wife's car. plus, chaos inside a local prison. we have some new information about the injuries suffered during a jail house fight. it is tuesday, november 11, veterans day, good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. >> monday night massacre, mark sanchez shines in his first start for the eagles, but he wasn't the only star in the birds blow out win. good team victory. katy? >> ukee, today's going to be nice day. if you have got any outdoor plans, you really are trying to get in here this week, today would be perfect excuse to do that.
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much colder air waits in the wings. talking temperatures coming up. jess? >> thanks, katie. we start off in the 95 at the airport, everything seems to be flowing along great. so headed southbound toward the airport area, any flights to catch, no problem doing so, we will check in with some road work that we will cover in the next few minutes, erika, good morning. >> thank you, following some breaking news right now, in abington, where firefighters battle early morning fire at the ymc a on old york roadment the fire started around 4:00 this morning, and it is under control now. firefighters are checking to see how much damage that fire caused. we do have a crew heading to that scene, we will bring you updates as soon as they come into the news room. >> also in the news, marriage hits rock bottom, so does the wife's corvette. this morning, philadelphia police looking for the husband who allegedly drove the car into the delaware river. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is at northeast detective, right now, to tell you more about it. jan? >> reporter: ukee, file this one under the case of a bad divorce. police say there were no injuries, but


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