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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 11, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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much colder air waits in the wings. talking temperatures coming up. jess? >> thanks, katie. we start off in the 95 at the airport, everything seems to be flowing along great. so headed southbound toward the airport area, any flights to catch, no problem doing so, we will check in with some road work that we will cover in the next few minutes, erika, good morning. >> thank you, following some breaking news right now, in abington, where firefighters battle early morning fire at the ymc a on old york roadment the fire started around 4:00 this morning, and it is under control now. firefighters are checking to see how much damage that fire caused. we do have a crew heading to that scene, we will bring you updates as soon as they come into the news room. >> also in the news, marriage hits rock bottom, so does the wife's corvette. this morning, philadelphia police looking for the husband who allegedly drove the car into the delaware river. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is at northeast detective, right now, to tell you more about it. jan? >> reporter: ukee, file this one under the case of a bad divorce. police say there were no injuries, but still this stunt
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pulled by a husband on his estranged wife, they say it put their police officers in danger. from the merky water of the delaware river, investigators pulled this, a red corvette. police say driven by husband angry with his estranged wife. it was a stunt that unfolded below the talcony palmyra bridge on the pennsylvania side of the river, in front of witnesses, police say, 50 year old man drove toward the water. >> got out of the car, then let the car drive with no one in it into the river. >> still, to be sure, the police marine unit and first responders were called in monday afternoon, and after about 30 minutes, divers found the car, which is registered to the woman, submerged in about 30 feet of frigid water. >> there was no visibility whatsoever. the diver just had to go by feel. they found the vehicle, they went inside the vehicle, which is extremely dangerous, because you can get trapped with all of the debris, were able to feel that there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> police say the man's wife has a restraining order
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against him, and the wife tells "eyewitness news", that he had threatened to dump a car into the river if she didn't meet his demands. apparently he was upset she wouldn't let him drive the van that the two owned. but when this turned into case of revenge, police say it, put their people in danger. >> some of the charges he's facing is wreckless endangerment for putting police officers and divers in harm's way. >> again, no one was injured. meanwhile, police have issued a warrant for this man's arrest. he has been ordered to turn himself in. reporting live outside northeast detective, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, jan, we'll get back tonight germantown kidnapping suspect delvin barnes coming back to philadelphia. the fbi is bringing barnes here from a virginia jail, to face charges, that he abducted carlesha freeman gator, off a philadelphia street. barnes will make his first appearance in federal court tomorrow. prosecutors decided to try barnes here, before he faces similar charges in virginia. four inmates are recovering from injuries they suffered in a prison disturbance.
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chopper three over the philadelphia industrial correctional center, that's where the scuffle happened late last night. there is no word on what sparked that fight. spokesperson says it involved homemade weapons. none of the injuries are serious. also, no injuries reported after a fire breaks out at six flags great adventure in jackson township, new jersey, chopper three was over that scene around 10:30 lags night. firefighters were able to get the control of the flames burning inside a bar at a safari. no animals were hurt. the cause of the fire remains under investigation this morning. all right, 53:03, want to head out to the skydeck with kate. how are we looking today? >> definitely looking nice. this will be real nice day unfolding here, erika, but off to cool start. you know, november, after all. and you will want to have the extra layer ready to go walking out the door. but this ends up being a very, very pleasant day, once we hit the afternoon. let's take a look, storm scan3, other than few little blotches of ground clutter, for lack of a better phrase, we've got very quiet start, there is a hint of moisture in
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the atmosphere, so we do have few clouds, and that's real at this this morning. but, very light winds, once again, today, so much like yesterday, bye was -- which was awesome, end up with sunshine, few more clouds granted but chance to warm up nicely as we watch high pressure makes its retreat. sort of the final day before the transition starts, and we turn over to some cooler air. currently, here we stands into the 30's, 40's, but if you want that cold air, you will have to go into central planes, and specially the front rage of the rockies where those temperatures are beginning to take the hit in the wake of the cold front that is eventually going to slice through any warmth, so that we might be able to pen up here in our local area. so, i expect the high to easily hit the upper 60s today. that's pretty awesome for the standards every mid-november. and my advice to you is this: enjoy it while you can. we are only get being one more day, i think, like this, before the transition starts. and this could real be just a last day like this for the entire year. so again, make the most of t jet, we send it into you.
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>> thanks, something to look forward, to at least good day today this afternoon. 5:04, good morning, everybody, we go outside, check out how things are looking on 95 just around the airport, where everything is moving along great so far. headlights are moving southbound, so that's actually headed toward the airport. we have flight to catch, anywhere to go so far this morning, in that direction. you will do so just fine. over on the schuylkill expressway at the boulevard, these are the westbound lanes, where the headlights are, headed toward the king of prussia area moving along great. same story for the eastbound lanes, as well. now, out in montgomery county old york road closed due to building fire, at adams avenue. your alternate to get around the area for now just take highlands avenue. out in new jersey, some overnight construction that's going to be about until about 6:00 a.m. 295 northbound just past route 42, otherwise everything out in new jersey look being great on four it, 55, both directions, no problems currently on the new jersey turnpike. that's new jersey transit and dart are great this morning, no delays there. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thanks so much.
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this new starting quarterback, but the same result for the eagles, another big win. the birds didn't miss a beat with mark sanchez making his first start in philadelphia. sports director beasley reese with the hy lit from the blow out against the carolina panthers. >> it was a complete team effort by the eagles against carolina on monday night football. all three units scored, eagles dominating the panthers, here we go. first quarter, at the linc, eagles with ten-seven leadment punt return to darren sproles, kicked it straight to him. what were they anything? he's gone six a yards for the touchdown, his second touchdown of the game. made it 17 to seven. mark sanchez with his first start as quarterback in almost two years and kept the offense moving in the second quarter. he rolls left and found the rookie, jordan matthews, for the 13-yard score, the birds went up 24 to seven. later cam newton who the eagles defense punished all night long, through interception to bradley fletcher. he's gone. 34 yards to the house. the eagles remain in first place in the division with the
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45-21 victory. >> he made some good decision, he missed few down there, too. there is a couple there early we thought we had, especially the one we settled for field goal on. obviously for the first game out, he is did good. >> i've been through tough times i've been through great times. i try to keep a level head, stay calm, rely on the guys around me, and they came up big time. >> next up, trip to legendary lambeau field to face aaron rogers and the pack elsement i'm beasley reese for eyewitness sports. >> and, you know eagles nation flying high after the win. we caught one fans celebrating late into the night including many who were impressed with mr. sanchez. >> i think sanchez stepped up tonight. nick foles was playing all right. but sanchez got his shot. he made the best of t i think it was good stuff. it looks like they got a whole new attitude at home this year. you know? and it carried over from last year little bit, too, but they were fired up, they didn't stop playing really. >> by the way, you will hear more from rookie receiver
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jordan matthews about the best game of his career, and more from the birds coming up in sports. happening today, honoring our country's veterans. it is veterans day, and the group philly veterans. com will launch new job program today to get 2,015 local vet hired in 2,015. they are holding virtual job fair this afternoon to kick start that effort. we're putting more information about how you can get involved on now, you can also pay tribute to our troops today at a veterans day parade in media, delaware county. eighty-five world war ii vets will march in the parade that starts at state and edgemont streets at 11:11 this morning. pennsylvania senator bob kacie will speak after the parade. >> well, new this morning, prison time for the crew of south korean ferry that sang and killed more than 300 people. a three judge panel has sentenced the captain to 36 years in prison blaming him for negligence and abandoning ship while passengers were trapped inside. the chief engineer got 30 years and 13 other crew
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members got up to 20 years in prison. well, president obama says the us and china have reached an under standing in talks to eliminate terrorists on high tech goods. the president made the announcement tuesday in beijing, where essay tending an asia-pacific economic summit. us officials say the progress with the china includes an agreement to eliminate the taxes on medical devices, and other high-tech instruments. >> right now it is 5:09. and we're giving away monday think morning. and it is so easy to win. >> keep watching for this morning's word of the day. >> also, saved from his burning car, now hearing from the philadelphia police officer, saved by some good samaritans. we'll tell you how he plans to thank his heroes. >> and it is early taste of winter. across the midwest, we'll tell how is getting slammed by snow today, and katie has a look at our plunging temperatures on the other side. >> and we're also honoring veterans today. we want to gave you a chance to thank a vet in your life. sends us a picture of veterans using the hashtag cbs-3 morning, so you can do it on
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facebook, on twitter, and you might see right here on dv this morning. thank to you those who have already sent them in. we'll be right back.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> philadelphia police officer opens up about the two good samaritans who helped him from this burning patrol car over the weekends. officer shared the remarkable store which his colleagues at the 17th district yesterday. he was in his cruiser saturday night, heading to a call, when he collided with a pick-up truck on tasker avenue, in south philly. now the crew, you see right, there burst into flames, trapping officer inside. seventeen year old joe chambers, and dante johnson, sprang into action, pulling the officer from the wreckage. >> i'm just really thankful that they were there, and they
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decided to act, instead of watch, that was, you know, it means a lot to me and my family. like i said, i wouldn't be here if they wouldn't have pulled me out. >> officer suffered a leg injury and concussion, he tells "eyewitness news" he plans to take his heroes out for steak dinner when he get better. >> pennsylvania state police barracks, that became the scene after ambush that killed one trooper and injured another, is set to reopen tomorrow. the blooming grove barracks has been closed since september 12th, there was attack there, sparked seven week long manhunt for eric frein in the poconos. frein charged with murder, attempted murder and other felonies. 5:13, traffic and weather together on the 3's in just a bit. first though much of the country is getting a early taste of winter. the rockies in the upper midwest are getting the first icy touch of arctic air flying south, caused hundreds of accidents in minnesota, two of them fatal. you are looking at saint cloud, expecting, i understand, at least a foot of snow.
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boy, let's bring back to our section of the country, and our temperatures will just be what, dipping, katy? >> real the big story of the system for us. even though there is snow with this system across the midwest, to the northern high planes, even though it is the same storm that's eventually going to be sweeping through our area, we don't get any snow out of it, rather, just going to see those temperatures take a significant hit. now, there is a little bit more to it than just that. not that black and white. but let's walk you through all of this, okay? so, storm scan3, nice wide zoom. here is the tilt starting to take place, if you were with us yesterday, sort of bands every snow just strung out, horizontally, now, it is starting to show little bit more organization, and we throw the temperature contours over top of this, very warm, in advance of it, way colder, on the back edge, of now that polar plunge of air settling in. single digit territory here, across some of the northern planes. now, we're not dealing with single digit necessarily, the blow little bit more after glancing blow for our area, by the time this moves through, and in the meantime, though, it is unseasonably mild out there, upper 60s by tomorrow, even as early as tonight,
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there will be some fog or drizzle forming, mainly overnight, early morning issue for tonight, into tomorrow, and then we see that front just sweep through, the breeze kicks in, sun comes back, still technically in the 60s, but you really see that delayed sort of reaction take effect here with the temperature readings, by thursday. that's when we will have hard time even getting you out of the 40's here, but at least we stay dry. now, upper level disturbance that by thursday night into friday could be messing with us just a little bit here, at absolute worse, looks like would bring us shower of rain or snow, but i don't think we would have to worry phone it were to happen about any kind of accumulation, so, that's that. and it is still little bit after question mark, even at this point. so, today's the day to enjoy. tomorrow the transition takes place, then just drop it off from there. forty's expected, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and probably even beyond that point. prolonged blast of cold, tan will stick around for awhile. jess, over to you. >> thank you, katie. and relatively quiet morning so far. all the majors seem to be
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pretty quiet so far. we go outside, check out the ben franklin bridge, nice shot here from the jersey side, so, just beyond the toll plaza. so taillights are heading on into the city all lanes open, and they seem to be having no problem doing so. over on 202, at 29, if i can get my map to advance, still headed northbound here. everything looking great. heading southbound, looking great, there as well. now, still, we will use some caution right here, montgomery county for the building fire. old york road closed at adams avenue. your alternate to get around that area right now, just take highland avenue. rest of the majors looking great. so far 95 headed southbound, woodhaven into the vine st. expressway about 13 minute trip, 14 minutes on the schuylkill expressway, if you are headed eastbound from the blue route into the vine st. expressway. erika, back to you. >> thank you, what police say is part of ugly divorce leads our headlines this morning. investigators say a man drove his wife 1990 red corvette to the edge of the delaware river and then threat drive right
5:17 am
in. now he did not wait around for crews to pull it out. police are looking for him. four inmates at northeast philadelphia's industrial corrections center are recovering from stab wounds. police say the injuries happened during a scuffle as part of the curram fromhold complex. >> mark sanchez through for two touchdowns, the eagles beat the carolina panthers 45 to 21. next week, the eagles play the packers at lambeau field, keep in mind, jets beat the bears 55 to 14. >> those packers are worried about us, i know they are. hey, three's on your side with huge recall from mcdonald's, why the fast-food change is recalling millions of happy meal toys. >> slow motion lava disaster in hawaii, claims its first house. see what happens when lava ignites a home. >> we'll be right back.
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>> lava threatened village for months now, family who lived hear, moved their belongings, and horses, from the lot several weeks ago. closest neighbor we're toll about half mile away. >> and, this new video shows a kay the inning moments before 19 firefighters were overtaken by flames, in a deadly arizona wild fire. nineteen granite mountain hot shots died while battling the fire last june. you can just see the intensity of the fast moving flames right there. communication problems made it harder for the hot shots to escape after shifting winds pushed the fire in their direction. the videos that came out show a very kai at -- chaotic situation, difficult the every communication, the fact no one newer where granite mountain was. you see people on the grounds asking for cell phone numbers, because they can't communicate. >> now, this new video came as a surprise to the families of the 19 fallen firefighters. twelve families are now suing the arizona department of
5:21 am
forestry, claiming overall mismanagement led to their deaths. >> six families in florida are displaced after large sinkhole opens up in front after home. here it is, take a lactic you can see it swallowed a car sitting in the driveway. thankfully, no one was hurt, but the owner and several neighbors were forced out of their home after the sinkhole grew from 4 feet to about 10 feet deep. engineers will remain on the site investigating how it all happened. right now, 5:21, and a major menu make over for pizza hut. we'll tell you how the complain is kind of spicing up its office. >> plus: >> it said me, a huge duck. >> yep, duck decoy. that will why that costume upset a lot of drivers in new jersey. we ' be back.
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>> 5:23. >> this will be a pretty nice day, few more clouds late in the afternoon, and fog out there this morning. visibility lasso layer thrown over storm scan3, see the white he is shade, where you likely have the worse in terms of visibility. any fog we would see this morning would be very patchy in nature. we just put the radar and satellite loop on three hour loop here. and more than anything, it is just couple of clouds this morning, so again, some spots, some of your typical suspect areas, like river beds, valley region, in the pinelands, for example, you might see the fog, but otherwise we end one sunshine and beautiful day, temperatures into the four's from the poconos, to the city, to philadelphia, international specifically, 39 right now in atlantic city with very calm winds. and that calm win allowing the fog to form. but as the day progresses good one, 67 degrees, under sunshine, more sun than anything. but there will be few more clouds than what yesterday brought. by tomorrow, we are transitioning, and the temperatures plummet thursday. jess? >> thanks, katie. good morning shall everybody, we start thing off heading out in new jersey.
5:25 am
we will see how things are going on the route 42 freeway. everything seems to be moving along great. so where you can see the headlights coming in actually northbound, so headed to possible 295 interchange or maybe headed on into philly and surrounding bridges, have no problem doing so so far the southbound lanes moving along great, there as well towards the a.c. expressway. over on 309 around the pa turnpike,. >> out in montgomery county olds york road still closed due to building fire atoms arms avenue. alternate to get around, there take island avenue. ukee? >> thank you, jess, eagles nation waking up very happy today. after the birds put on a clinic against the carolina panthers in a nationally televised game, the birds were ready for prime time big time. and what a game. darren sproles scored couple of touchdowns, including electrifying six a yard -- oh, broke his ankle. went right by him. six a yard punt return, the eagles scored early and often,
5:26 am
bradley fletch her a pick six mark sanchez through for couple of touchdowns, and our leslie van arsdale in the lockerroom after this convincing total team win. forty-five to 216789. >> reporter: eagles demolished the panthers monday night, so far so good for mark sanchez. how about rookie jordan matthews? >> hey, i felt like jeremy maclin so, i mean, that was good. but at the same time, you know, you got to put it behind youment like i said, avenue bun of of great guys, behind me, show me how to be professional. take i try to put hine me and move forward. >> taking a time, being a leader on offense, directing the ball on offense in the right direction, so, you know, play big. >> a loft good play action there. so mark played real well. commanded the huddle with high energy. and played real good game. >> able to catch the ball and just wanted to get it down the
5:27 am
side line as fast as i can. and the team is therefore that. defense, talking about great turnovers, able to do that today. >> great for the eagles to get a win, toughest test of the season, coming on sunday, in greenbay. reporting from lincoln financial field, leslie van arsdale, eyewitness sports. >> i'm not scared. bring them on. i'm not scared. >> how do you celebrate your first win as an e-a-g-l-e-s snell crush a cheese steak. >> check out a pick from david bently. he just happened to pop into geno's after the game there he was, number three, mark sanchez, and would you believe, we're told there is was sanchez's first cheese steak ever. >> really? >> i'm sure he dug it. >> first one. >> first one? >> i can see a tradition here, win the game, crush a cheese steak. >> entire team, mark and the entire time. >> officially a philadelphian now, he had a cheese steak. >> he's there. >> coming up until the next half hour, honoring veterans, where you can get free food today.
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jan? >> an argument between man and wife, leaves a husband wanted by police and his wife corvette at the bottom of the delaware river. i'm jan carabeo, coming up (police are calling this stunt dane are you for theirs officers. thank you, jan, see you in a bit. also, jessica and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we do it on the 3's. veterans day, 2014, and keep watching for your chance to win $100, as well. back in a kim every minutes. morning, family, see you in a
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an unusual job for philadelphia police. they have to fish out this red corvette from the delaware river, but there is was no accident. we are live with the search for the scorned husband accused of dumping his wife's car into the river.


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