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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 11, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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an unusual job for philadelphia police. they have to fish out this red corvette from the delaware river, but there is was no accident. we are live with the search for the scorned husband accused of dumping his wife's car into the river. >> good morning, everyone,
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taking live look at the african-american war memorial in center city philadelphia. it is shaping up to be abut full veterans day in philadelphia and the surrounding area. but some changes are on the way. let's check in with traffic and weather together with katie and jessica. good morning. >> good morning, hey, everybody, we have a little bit of a fog issue for some locations this morning. but, otherwise, we real i do have beautiful day, once again, unfolding out there. we can have high pressure to thank for. that will it will allow us to warm up nicely. but his is pretty much the warmest day of the next seven, so, you'll want to enjoy it while you can. talking temperatures, you better believe it, in the next few. >> being look forward to the rest of the day. but i like the coal, we all know this, i say it every day, everybody rolls their eyes at me. and the roadways everything looking great. actually the vine st. expressway headed eastbound, just approaching 95, looking great so far. we will check in with mass transit. couple of patches of the over night work to talk about in the next couple of minutes, erika, good morning. >> thank you, we are continuing to follow breaking news right now in abington, firefighters now have early
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morning fire at the ymca under control. the fire started around 4:00 this morning, at building on old york road. we do have a crew headed to the scene, updates as soon as they come into our news room. meanwhile, philadelphia police, they are looking for the man who allegedly drove a red corvette right into the delaware river. >> they say the car belonged to his estranged wife and the two are going through a divorce. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at northeast detective right now to tell you more about it, jan, good morning. >> reporter: ukee, err cape, good morning, police say this turned out to be a costly stunt by a man, a husband, trying to get back at his estranged wife. now, there is a warrant out for his arrest, and while no one was injured, police say there is actually put police officers and investigators lives in danger. if you take a look at the video, see where this all happened, this unfolded yesterday afternoon, just below the talcony palmyra bridge, the pennsylvania side of the delaware river. police say, a 50 year old man drove his wife's 1990 red corvette into the water there. as it turns out, investigators say, he got out of the car and
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let it roll into the water without anyone inside. but police had to make sure no one was trapped. the police marine unit, and first responders, were called in. and after about 30 minutes, divers found the car submerged in about 30 feet of frig i water. police say the man's wife has a restraining order against him, and the wife tells "eyewitness news", that he had threatened to dump her car into the river if she didn't meet his demands. apparently, he was upset she wouldn't let him drive the van, the two own, it was a stunt that turned into a difficult search and police say it put their people in danger. >> there was no disability whatsoever. the divers just had to go by feel. they found the vehicle. they went inside the vehicle which is extremely dangerous because you can get trapped with all of the debris, able to feel that there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> again, no one was injured. now, a warrant is out for this man's arrest. he's been ordered to turn himself into police. facing number of charges including wreckless endangerment. coming to you live from outside northeast detectives,
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jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, jan, thank you. right now 5:33, we want traffic and weather together. good morning. >> good morning, hey shall everybody, today's a nice day. we start off perhaps with little fog, little haze depending on location, however, so want to get you started here with that news specifically. but we do have pretty nice day coming our way here. storm scan3, does have few little speckles of green showing up here, we make the tri-state sweep with the different radar around the area. when we put things into motion, throw the satelite on top of it, obviously no wet weather, but just enough moisture and light enough wind we see areas of air develop. i feel like the camera shows it pretty well, considering the stunt isn't up yet, street lights more than anything outside palmyra, cove nature park along the delaware, 45 degrees currently there. this is just to give you locate or very close talcony palmyra bridge, 45, as we mentioned, very light wind, so yes, near body of water. that fog can form very easily with this casino of an atmosphere. forty-six is the current temperature at the airport, meanwhile into the 30's,
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couple of choice locations basically the clearer your sky, the more likely it is that you will be dropping to the 30's this morning, but, the coldest air certainly pent up across the central and northern high planes at this hour, where you are talking 20's, in the wake of the same system that is eventually headed our way. so you want to enjoy this while you can. sixty-five, down the shore, 55, up in the mountains, but everybody gets in on some sunshine, warmest spot at least of these three definitely the urban corridor here, so in philadelphia, shooting for 67 today. that's about 10 degrees above the seasonable norm. not too abby if you got outdoor plans, jess, we send it over to you. >> not at all. take my dog for nice little walk today, thanks, katie. good morning, everybody, at 5:35, relatively easy commute so far. we go outside, check out how things are looking on the vine st. expressway. and they are looking great, so this is actually the eastbound lanes approaching 95, everything moving along great there, so far, and we can pretty much same the same story for westbound lanes as well. over on the boulevard at fox street, everything picking up
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just little bit here. still moving along great. northbound lanes moving great. southbound lanes toward the schuylkill expressway moving along nicely, as women. over montgomery county spilled building fire at old york road. closing it at adams avenue. alternate to get around therefore the meantime just take highland avenue. now, out in new jersey, some overnight work, that should be out there until about six armor so, on 295 northbound, just past route 42, only throughout for about another half hour. otherwise the rest every things in jersey looking great. no problems on 42, 55, or the new jersey turnpike, mass transit great alternate, new jersey transit and dart running on time. no delays at the philadelphia international airport. back to you. >> thank you time 5:36. philadelphia ranks four vets. >> wagner joins us now, at the stock exchange, in new york, hey, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, erika. here on wall street, another day, another record. we will take it, right?
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s&p closed at new record high. so did the dow, climbed 40-point. the nasdaq also gained about 19-point. ford starts production today of its new amylum numb f1506789 automakers thinks consume letters pay little bit more money for lighter and more fuel efficient vehicle. this will be ford's biggest launch in he can decades, but risky move. s series trucks are ford's best sellers, and how many money maker. >> well, this veterans day, wallet hub ranks the best and worse sit whens it comes to vets. and the cry tear crashes like job opportunities, and the number of va health facilities, philadelphia is near the bottom of the list. it is number 83, out everyone hundred. newark, new jersey, ranked as the worse city for vet. but on the other ends of the scale, lincoln nebraska is ranked at the top. >> and pizza hut looking to turn around slumping sales. so, it is expanding its menu, giving customaries lot more
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options. that includes new toppings, sauces, and ten new crust flavors, including curry. pizza hut also rolling out skinny pizza, and those thinner crusts, excuse me, thinner crusts and 250 calories per slice. regular pizza skinny pizza, i'll take all of it. >> i'm telling you. >> as long as it is pizak just melt cheese on something. >> i'm at the table with both of you ladies, that's good. jill, talk to you. >> happening today new york city doctor infected with ebola is now declared virus-free and getting out of the hospital. doctor craig spencer was diagnosed last month after returning from treating patients in guinea. he's expected to return home in manhattan, where his fiancee remains under quarantine. doctor spencer is the last person to be treated for ebola in the united state. three's on your side this morning with a recall from mcdonald's the company recalling 2.5 million hello kitty toys that came with some of their happy meals, because they pose a choking risk. the company received two reports of children who sucked
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the red whistle, coughed out pieces. custom kearse return the toy to any mcdonald for re replacement toy. >> so many veterans have sacrificed for us, today we give back to them, many of them still serving, and current military vets can still pick up on this veterans day. >> new job for bon jovi. what the rock is her doing to help some people in new jersey. >> and this is not your average duck in the crosswalk. find out why some drivers complain they were duped by donald. first, here's one of the stories we're working on tonight at 11:00. >> you think your facebook account is private. but watch out. your profile could be stolen. that's what happened to this guy. >> it is casino of creep. >> i everything down to your pictures, ripped off. and an intruder posing as you, harassing and scamming your friends. >> immediately i thought to myself, this is not joe -- >> i'm chris may, cbs-3 warning, facebook copycats
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>> is a man rolled his wife's red corvette to the bottom of the river. co-face charges. >> delvin barnes will be in a courtroom tomorrow to face charges in the abduction after philadelphia woman.
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barnes already faces murder charges. cause of fire on the gown of six flags great adventure, jackson township, fortunately, no animals, humans were harmed. >> if you saw giant duck crossing the road, would you stop? police in fort lee, new jersey, bet some drivers would not. and they handed out dozens of tickets were they were proven right. check it out. that's actually a police officer wearing a donald duck suit in the crosswalk. they set up this trap on halloween. fort lee's police chief says it was all in the name of safety, but some drivers are crying foul. >> i bet they are. >> it was a huge duck, if it was a normal person, or even a cop dressed as a normal person, i would have stopped. >> now, karen hey said she was pull over right after passing that undercover officer, and she was give answer $230 ticket. she said she plans to fight the citation in court. >> all right, coming up on 5:43, wider look at the country with kate.
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>> i indeed, starting off here with the nice wide zoom. as you allude dollars to here, what's now turning into little bit more of a well defined storm system of the yesterday, if you remember, if you were with us, this whole batch of snow was actually sort of strung out in more after horizontal fashion. now starting to tilt a little bit more. and that is what is going to allow more of the classic sort of comma shape to actually take shape out of. >> this but when we throw the colors of the contour map in terms of temperature on this, you real can i tell the separation of the air masses. you have got warmer air to the south and east the system, and far colder air, pent up now, across the northern high planes, and even as far south as say the panhandle region of texas and oklahoma so how does it actually translate to the thermometer? oh, this is rough stuff. you're only in single digits, rapid city, seven, seven in cheyenne, 6 degrees in billings, these are actual air temperatures, into rest not windchill values, guys. so it is brutally cold across s areas.
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and a little early, even for them, to see those kind of values. meanwhile, want to walk you through future weather. we will show you thousand will all pan out for our area, same cold front crosses through, so today, 1:00 p.m., sunny, bright, beautiful, maybe little fog at least initially to get it started here, then later tonight the clouds start to thicken, so i highly advise you to enjoy today. later tonight, this isn't necessarily going to be wash out per say, but will be sort of a drizzle, fog, mist kind of a scenario for the overnight and early tomorrow morning, and that's all as we anticipate the arrival and then swift passage of that cold front. but once it rolls on through, i mean, we're really going to see the breeze kick n look at this. virtually no precipitation with the cold front. then we clear things out for sunshine tomorrow. but the damage will have been done on the thermometer by thursday. trust me. so, un seasonable warmth today, hit 67, enjoy it, gorgeous, enjoy t tonight clouds thickening, fog, mist, fine drizzle, is going to fire up for you out there. and then that will be the same story tomorrow morning.
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even despite hitting 63 degrees, this is our transition day, and temperatures very obviously take a wintery hit then from that point forward. speaking of winter, we have to dig out from another snowy winter, you don't want to miss this one. kathy has winter weather forecast for the season tomorrow night "eyewitness news" at 11:00. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. crossing my fingers for some snow. i'm the only one that wishes for it. 5:45, we go outside and head out the door, if you are on the schuylkill expressway, value no problems really doing so. most that far volume starting to accumulate just around montgomery headed westbound toward the king of prussia area, eastbound lanes seem possible moving along nicely. over on 95, everything starting to pick up here, but everything still moving, so 59 at broad headed in other words bound headlights moving on through, southbound lanes moving great as well. checking the rest of the majors, 422 oh, observation ex, still clear shot, 12 minutes on 202, if you are headed northbound route 30
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into the schuylkill expressway. still out montgomery county the building fire olds york road completely closed an ad arms avenue. bet about -- best bet, take island avenue. highland avenue, excuse me. but don't forget, on the road, you can get updated about traffic backups with the new your drive app. download for iphone and android devices by going to drive. >> on this veterans day, the company of veterans affairs announces major overhaul. vets gathered at the va regional office in northeast philadelphia last night to voice their concerns. they talked about their experiences, with long wait times, and confusing processes during a open forum with va officials. >> it takes forever. it is just ridiculous. and the typical claimant for attendance, senior citizen. a loft them very ill. so by the time the claim settles, they're either in the hospital, or they pass away. >> now the va says it is undergoing the largest restructuring in the department's history to better
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serve our veterans. you know our veterans have sacrificed so much for our country. today many restaurants, stores, giving back to the vets, with some very special deals. veterans and active duty members can eat for free today at apple bee's, olive garden, chilly's, and you can start your day off with a free cup of coffee at wawa. that offer good for vets, active military, and their families. we put more veterans day freebies on the home page at erika? >> ukee, also giving you a chance to thank a vet today. we ask for your pictures of veterans in your life using the hashtag cbs-3 on twitter, facebook, instagram, we've gotten so many. want to show you a few we got sent n kristin sent this one in. my handsome father robert minor in his uniform, 19 60s, miss you, daddy, and then the year of his life. moving onto our next one, we have from billy haze, thank a vet. my brother dan, three tours in afghanistan and iraq all after the age of 40. how about that? dora sent this one in, my dad
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world war ii philippines thank you, dad, and all veterans. handsome guy there. all right, jamie sent this, proud of my pal's johnny loco, and mad mark. cbs-3 mornings veterans day god bless america. and then this one, we want to make sure we get to this one. do you know who this guy is? >> hey. >> i sure do. >> that's my pop. >> ukee sent this one in. thank you dad. we love you. wormed war two. thank you veterans. cbs-3 mornings. just a lovely gentleman, and thank you to all of those who have served. and please keep those pictures coming. sends them to us on twitter, facebook, stain gram, using hashtag cbs-3 mornings, might see them right here on "eyewitness news" this morning. ukee? >> please keep them coming indeed. >> well, before you walk out the door, we will get another check of your veterans day forecast, and donon't go anywhere. we are giving away $100, your chance to win the words of the day coming up next, but first, here's a look at what's coming up tonight during family time in the evening on this veterans day. on cbs-3. back in a bit.
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40's, at least in these three locations, mount pocono, philly, atlantic city, got pretty calm winds. where you have the calm wind, could you could still see the fog issues, especially around bodies of water, schuylkill schl expressway, valleys, where you end with that potential. but today, beautiful day, regardless. as we see the sun come up it, will help scour out any low-lying cloud cover. ends one more sun than clouds. but, you'll see few more than yesterday. shooting for 67 degrees, good stuff. jess? >> 67 degrees is still a fun thing. i like. that will good morning, guys, coming up on 6:00 a.m. we go outside and check out the schuylkill expressway at south street. everything little dark, though, everything moving along great, though, headed westbound toward the king of prussia area. no problems, and not as much traffic headaches eastbound toward center city. so mid-day work, out in delaware county, route 320, closed at west chester pike, that's later on in the morning, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. your alternate to get around therefore the time being, just take church lane. is that stay there, "eyewitness news" will be
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>> rock he bonn john jovi now combining, bon jovi throwing his support behind the group, new start new jersey. potential new jersey gubernatorial candidate created? group to help the middle class. surveys show, three quarters of jersey residents, identify themselves, as middle class, and say they're just getting by economically. coming up: following breaking news fire at local ymca. also, a husband's revenge. police are looking for the man who drove a corvette into the delaware river, just to get back at his wife. >> and, it is not only thananksgiving, but some cities already dealing with more than a foot of snow. look at all of that. that system headed our way. katie tells you what it means for our area, coming up. we'll be right back.
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good morning, in the news, the story after man scorned. >> police say he sent his zero his estranged wife's red corvette not delaware river as part of divorce spat. now, they're looking for him. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at northeast detective, to bring us to up date. jan, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning it, looks like this is the latest chapter in a bad divorce, but, police say, this stunt, carried out by a husband to get back at his estranged wife actually put the lives of investigators at danger. >> investigators pulled this a red corvette driven by a husband angry with his estranged wife into, took
6:00 am
place under the tac-pal bridge, in front every witnesses, place say 50 year old man drove toward the water. >> then got out of the car, let the car drive, with no one in it. into the river. still to be sure, police marine unit and first responders were called in monday afternoon, and after about 30 minutes, divers found the car, which is registered to the woman, submerged in about 30 feet of frigid water. >> no visibility what so far. divers just had to go by feel. they found the vehicle, it is dangerous because you could get trapped from the debris, able to feel there was no one inside of the vehicle. >> police say the man's wife has a restraining, and she said he threat toned dumb the the car into the river. apparently she was up -- he was upset she wouldn't let him drive the van the two owned. police say this spat put people in danger. >>me


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