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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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earlier this afternoon shortly after this happened, police say around 3:00 o'clock today. bus was coming from rockbrook school in skill man, new jersey on board was a 16 year-old student, 71 year-old bus aid and 44 year-old bus driver when it collided with a bmw, heading in the opposite direction on 206. here's what police say happened next. >> bus was traveling south, on state highway 206, just behind us, and the bmw, on state highway 206. they don't have an exact location of impact, and still being determined, and one of the vehicles crossed over the center line, to create the impact, but that is still undernvestigation. >> reporter: everybody on board that school bus was wearing a seat belt and a 26 year-old driver of that bmw was able to walk away from this crash with only bps and bruises. police are still investigating
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whether speed played a role in what happens here this have afternoon but they say by the looks of both of these vehicles, this accident could have bee much, much worse. that is latest from princeton tonight i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. new at 6:00 tonight we have heard from the wife a now, we hear from the husband, the man accused of driving his wife's sports car in the delaware river, during a divorce dispute. that car was pull from the waters near tacony palmyra bridge last night. the wife tells us that she's now living in fear. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at northeast detectives with more. >> reporter: chris, that is right this woman is very scared. police just issued a warrant for john crammer, that is her husband. i just spoke to him on the phone. he is several states away but tells me that the entire situation is a big misunderstanding. >> keep the doors lock and do what we have to to do to keep safe. >> reporter: she asked us not to show her face fearing her
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estrange husband may attack. she has a protection order begins him but police say he violated that order when he contacted her to tell her that he was going to dump her 1990 red corvette in the delaware. we spoke to john crammer on the phone. he is out of state. he said the entire situation is a major misunderstanding. >> i didn't know, i didn't do anything wrong. i thought it was my car. i wanted to get rid of the dam thing. i could not take this arguing over it. i was just trying to get my minivan. >> reporter: woman tells cbs-3 this is not first run in her esange run in and says the wood nailed into her front door proves it. her daughters were home last summer when he tried to come through the door. >> he smashed through the front door while they were here and they put a couch behind the door. >> reporter: she said police are her own help. >> i'm very frightened for my two daughters as well.
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>> reporter: crammer is charged with harassment and endangering two police officers who were part of the dive team, over the phone he told me he does not plan to come back. he says he will on his terms even after i told him there was a warrant for his arrest. we are live from northeast detectives, david spun t for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". suspect in the abduction of carlesha free land gaither is now back in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" cameras were there as vehicles carrying delven barnes arrived at the federal detention center in center city to day. he will have a hearing in federal court tomorrow. barnes was being held on other charges, in virginia but was brought here to face charges that he kidnaped freeland gaither and held her for three days. authorities found him in maryland last wednesday. still ahead it is a necklace that could save your life, it is a way for woman to call for help if they are attack. we will show you how it works later on. a fire forced the evacuation of the wannamaker building in center city,hop three over 13th and market just before 10:00.
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you can see people there standing on the sidewalk. fire started on the ninth floor but the cause was not in immediately clear. no one was hurt and everyone was eventually allowed back inside. >> last night's fire at six flags great adventure may have been a case of arson. this animal enclosure was destroyed last night, two antelopes were able to escape the flames. a number of brush fires were reported from a quarter mile from the park last night. eyewitnesses described for us seeing a man on his bike near those fire scenes. well, a big surprise for a fifth grader, as he reads an essay about his uncle, serving in afghan stan. >> i'm so proud of him and miss him so much and i cannot wait for him to come back home. >> right on cue, dave, emerge from the curtain and hugged his nephew, william. this was at butler elementary school in bucks county. they helpedamily makes this veterans day one not to
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forget. well, two philadelphia civil war era veterans were honored during a veterans day observance atwoodland cemetery today this was a wreath laying at doctor john britain and emily souther. britain was surgeon who work under general grant, souther a nurse at gettysburg. her great, great, great grandson was there today. >> it wasn't just in many ways just another battle, it was utter devastation and to put herself in the middle of that speaks volumes to her patriotism and love of country. >> military reenactors from various conflicts were a part of today's observance. well, solute started today's veterans day ceremony at tomb of the unknown solder in philadelphia's washington square. mayor michael nutter told those who gathered that veterans should be honored every day of the year. veterans became emotional as
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wreath was placed in front of the eternal flame. millions of dollars have been spent to accommodate growing demand for veteran burial plots in new jersey, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us that the improvement played a big part in the veterans day service. >> ♪ >> reporter: new jersey's top military and government officials paid tribute to veterans at bringing dear general william do ile memorial cemetery. >> i thank you all for your love of our country and for your commitment to bringing the american ideals of freedom and democracy, the citizens around the the globe. >> reporter: dozens of proud service members attended including 89 year-old robert yancy a veteran of world war two, korea and vet man. >> i was in korea in 1950, buffalo soldiers, all black regimen. i survivor 30 or 40 below zero. >> reporter: each veterans day involves few of his friend and new jersey has 17,000 fewer
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veterans this year then last. to accommodate rising demand for burial space the state veterans cemetery received federal grants for 17 and a half million-dollar worth of upgrades, headstones reset, burial facilities are under construction and extra space is being prepared for future deceased veterans. as part of the expansion at the cemetery there are about 11,000 double depth concrete vaults that are buried in these field but space fills up quickly at state veterans cemetery. they average 13 burials a day. >> we are always looking at what our future need might be. we're updating the the master plan so that we can proceed with the additional burial spaces as necessary in the future. >> reporter: officials say there are few duties more sacred then honoring our vets. >> good to see you. >> reporter: in north hanover township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" at rededication of the feltonville war memorial this was a community effort, wreath was donated by green mount
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cemetery. rainbow landscaping cleaned the area in preparation for today's services. on this veterans day, justice served, an arrest is made in the disturbing crime, american flags burned at an area cemetery. now investigators say they have their suspect. can a piece of jewelry be a life safer i'm syma chowdhry with that story coming up. the cold is coming, mild for new but in the for long here's the arctic front that will be moving in our region by tomorrow afternoon as temperatures tumble, we will look at how low those temperatures get coming up. hi, leslie. eagles with a complete effort against the panthers, every unit with a touchdown but chip kelly isn't satisfied with one unit of the team, i' tell you that coming up later in sports.
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you think your facebook account is private but watch out your profile could be stolen. that happened to this guy. >> it is creepy. >> everything down to your pictures, ripped off, intruder posing as you, harassing and scaming your friends. >> immediately i thought to myself, this is not joe. >> reporter: facebook copycats tonight at 11:00.
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>> ♪ america >> well, students from saint basil the great in kimberton chester county marked this veteran day with a special service. inside the school a tribute to hometown heroes, mostly relatives of students, and parish members. if there was something you would like to honor on this veterans day post a picture of it and use hash tag, cbs-3, facebook, twitter, whatever you use. you might see your loved one right here on "eyewitness news" later tonight. police arrested a suspect who desecrated graves of veterans. thinks the suspect 29 year-old anthony davis carter of feasterville. police say he vandalized graves of vets of two cemeteries in bensalem in august. and in all of these incidents, flags, flag holders and grave side decorations were removed
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and then burned. a warning for women tonight, in chester county, the manager of this pizza hut in caln township left the the store with the bank deposit bag in her hand saturday night. she was ambushed by a man who stole the bag. twenty-four hours later a couple hundred feet away an employee leaving amelia's grocery was attacked and pepper sprayed in the face. police are trying to figure out if one suspect is responsible for both incidents. pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf is requiring members of his transition team to sign a pledge they will obey a code of ethical conduct. signers must disclose any potential or actual conflict of interest. they must also promise not to leave their position for personal gain and not to disclose information about the transition team to a third party, without permission. dozens of parents rallied thanking philadelphia school officials and lawmakers today. many of those parents were joined by their children outside the school district headquarters in spring garden. they were there to thank the
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legislator for passing the cigarette tax designed to help fund public schools. they also applauded the src's decision to reopen applications, for new public charter schools. new at 6:00 tonight a potentially life saving piece of jewelry for women. our syma chowdhry has details on a simple charm on a bracelet or necklace that could be your key to quick help and peace of mine. >> reporter: we have you'll seen this video of carlesha gaither's abduction. she told police intentionally she dropped her phone in hopes that someone would find it and know she was taken. >> she was struggling until he was force from the vehicle. >> reporter: two brothers created the product the moment she was abduct. it is walled stiletto and this is their sales video. you wear it on a necklace or a bracelet. >> that is great. >> reporter: in an event of an emergency could charm annual contact 911 for you. once you receive the charm,
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down load an app on your cell phoneand it will can for a photo and your information. if you are in a situation and need assistance immediately, click the charm and emergency responders will know how are and your location. the charm also makes it possible for 911 operators to hear what is going on that records evidence both on our servicer and directly to 911. >> reporter: carlesha had security charm on it could have tracked her down faster. 911 would have received her profile including her name, emergency contacts and more importantly her exact location. and with the microphone on carlesha could have screamed she was being kidnaped. >> canvas the neighborhood, start the the investigation rather than relying on a witness or a bystander, some minutes later. >> reporter: charms come in a variety of styles starting at $180. right now the company is taking presale orders and they expect them to be shipped out by march. for more information just log on our web site at cbs
6:16 pm i'm syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we want to tell but breaking news right now, thinks chopper three, live over howland street in the juniata park section of philadelphia we understand a barricade situation is underway in that area. a suspect, holding police at bay right now after a shooting that happened on east luzerne street. again, this is in juniata park. we will bring you more information as soon as it comes in. clouds are rolling in as cross delaware valley and our eyewitness weather watchers are reporting in mainly mild temperatures. we will start off with kathy, she's in when known a the the temperature is 60 degrees. the clouds are rolling in fairly quickly. on the pennsylvania side 61 degrees and willow grove, barbara is reporting a light wind and some clouds as well. as we widen out to the north and west of philadelphia, in places like trappe, pennsylvania, and collegeville area buddies reporting in
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66 degrees. beautiful day. clouding up. it feels like rain. he is right because some showers may be moving our way. as we go towards the north of philadelphia, 62 degrees right now in perkasie. chuck pressler says still mild bye awe file clouds. if would you like to be a weather watcher we were like to feature you. sign up at cbs we are looking at a pleasant night. this is view from campbell's field cam through sky cam three. clouds are rolling in but that will keep temperatures fairly mild tonight. right now on storm scan three we are watching an area of low pressure off the mid-atlantic coast just hanging out, bringing some moisture toward the north. then possibly kicking back a little bit toward philadelphia area so overnight there could be a little bit of drizzle and this will be fog. ab wear of. that it will be during early morning hours. by 7:00 a.m. we are dealing with fog and then everything sweeps east as that cold front gets closer from the west and
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heads towards the east. with that front coming in it means much cooler temperatures but good news is it will be a slow progression. right now in philadelphia 64. 53 degrees in allentown. fifty-six in reading. fifty-eight in lancaster. look at core of the cold air out through the plains, five in rapid city and five in wyoming. these temperatures will be getting even colder overnight, below zero come tomorrow morning and during tomorrow afternoon in the teens and the 20's, even heading towards milwaukee afternoon high only at freezing. good news this air will moderate moving eastward along the coastal plane. for us we will start off with highs in the 60's. that is early in the day tomorrow. once this front moves through arctic air slowly marches in with a northwesterly win. temperatures will fall in the afternoon. thursday temperatures only in the 40's and then by friday we will see a cold but sunny day and watch this area have of low pressure because early friday morning fit is cold enough we could have a rain or wet snow shower if we see moisture from that low.
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during the overnight we are talking about md temperatures, low of 54 degrees. average high this time of the year is 58. this is mile. notice fog and little spotty drizzle. during day wednesday temperatures falling, in the afternoon, after that morning fog and then exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast, look at thursday, friday, saturday, sunday into next week we are talking about six days of temperatures well below average. some ten to 15 degrees below average. that remind us of winter. it is that time of the year for my winter weather forecast, airing tomorrow night at 11:00 o'clock. we will talk about snow, cold, talk about the polar vortex. you name it. we will talk bit. if you have any other questions tweet me at kathy orr at cbs-3. >> everybody is talking about. >> what is kathy saying, is what weather being. >> i'm nervous quite frankly. >> you should be. >> there we go good afternoon
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everybody. you know, traveling out and about you should also be worried about traffic on i-95 because it will set you back something serious. if you are commute nothing the northbound direction of 95 out of center city out toward northeast philadelphia is no picnic. northbound i-95 at academy we are dealing with an accident here moved to the shoulder but delay is stemming back towards vine street expressway. this shot here is right around cottman. we are seeing a break. do not let this shot fool you. it is only opening up here. you are still slow in center city out toward western suburbs. if you are traveling on the schuylkill expressway we are still delayed eastbound from king of prussia 27 is your average on 476. and watch out for this accident on the 42 freeway as you make your way beyond 130, stay with us, we
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welcome back to our veterans day phone bank, if you have already donated thanks so much for doing that. and if you have not, you know what to do pick up that phone right now. we're joined by nicole, and nicole, you have another way that viewers can help out. >> that is right we have the thrift store which is located at 7126 frankford avenue, in the mayfair neighborhood. the thrift store has a three purpose mission. first ate allows to us collect donations and then offer them to veterans and hear families, if they are transitioning into housing. we do this through voucher system. ate allows veterans to personally select their own items as they make their house their home. secondly, we employ veterans of the thrift store and the in the last year alone we have employed 22 local veterans and half of them have already gone on to secure other employment. and third, it is self sustain business model so all proceeds go directly back to supporting
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our programs. >> viewers would like to take that avenue to help out what do they to. >> obviously they can donate anything to the thrift store, we take different donations, furniture, appliances, clothing for interviews and they can shop there. i hope to see our viewers out there,. >> give that address again. >> it is 7126 frank for avenue good there is another opportunity, we will have more coming up. >> this veterans day even if bank is response ordinary by veterans multi service cente
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short turnaround forbidder, coaching staff and players went over from the tape from monday night's demolition from the carolina panthers and started to get ready for packer. eagles defense all over panthers quarterback cam newton nine sacks and forced five turnovers. mark sanchez starting in place of nick foles who threw for 332 yards and two touchdowns in the eagles 45 points. chip kelly says the oen could have played better. >> i don't think we were very consistent. we could have sustain some drives. we missed key conversions on short yardage situation that is we didn't convert. i think you ask the guy on the offensive side of the ball they felt like they didn't play well. i didn't believe we played up to our potential. >> is there plen of things to clean up. i don't care how many yard we threw for their is a couple out there that i can't miss. a couple reads that need to be much better than. that by no means is is it
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perfect. >> rookie wide out jordan matthews seven catches for 138 yards,ty touchdowns. jordan and jeremy maclin only two rookies in history with 130 yards and two touchdowns in the same game. >> just coach kelly calling the the play annes get me in position to go out there and make plays. mark trusting me. we have those situations when your coach and your quarterback both trust you, and i know i had to make plays. that is what i tried my best to do. >> after last night's win mark sanchez went out for a cheese stake check out this picture from david bentley. he is at geno's and believe it or not he is eating his first cheese stake ever, something tells me it was on the house. >> i will say probably yes. >> he was once caught on the side line eating a hot dog. maybe bigger hot dog fan. >> chicken wings. >> chicken wings. >> impressive though after a game. >> yes. >> man has an appetite. >> that is right. >> we will be right back.
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lion cubs at philadelphia zoo are bonding with their dad for all public to see. these are photos provided by the zoo. the male african lion has join his four cubs on exhibit, and the first niagara big cat falls. until now they have been in public view but jus with their mom. that is is what different. they were born in june. >> very proud poppa. >> yeah. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on cw philly and back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. we will look at the deep freeze across the country tonight plus the inspiring story of a former iraq war lieutenant, in honor have the nation's veterans. here now from new york the with the "cbs evening news" is scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight, the deep freeze kicks in. temperatures plunge as the snow piles up. jamie yuccas on the polar vortex consuming america. the doctor who had ebola leaves a new york hospital. >> today, i am healthy and no longer infectious. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook on the stigma facing those who fight the disease. major garrett is in beijing where president obama met face to face with two rivals. anna werner on a big change for many students applying to college. and on veterans day, mark strassman with a slaenl new mission-- to stop the emdemmic of military suicides. >> it's not a sign of weak tons get help. it's a sign of strength.


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