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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 12, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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happened right outside northeast high school, "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is live at that scene at cottman and algon with more, nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. just a bad scene out here in northeast philadelphia right at cottman avenue and algon avenue. if you take a look behind me you can see is what left of the crash that sent two people to the hospital earlier this morning. we're told by police that a 29 year-old woman was found underneath this white car underneath here, which raises questions about whether she was the driver of that reek will or if she was a pedestrian struck by a hit and run driver. obviously still early in the investigation to say for sure but if you look left, panning left here you can see the second car involved in this crash is actually on the lawn of northeast high school. we know a 48 year-old man suffered a head injury in this crash but is stable. we are not sure if he the driver of the vehicle. as you can imagine same cannot
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be said for that woman. she's in bad shape. she was taken to torresdale hospital and again we're still await to go find out her condition but the the investigation still early on and still a lot of questions to be answered but for now, again, two people were taken to the hospital have after what appears to be a two car crash and again police not ruling out just yet whether or not it may be a hit and run accident. that is latest live from northeast philadelphia, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> nicole, thank you. happening today full circle for a kidnapping case that started in philadelphia and ended up in maryland. delvin barnes is due at the federal court hoist have after abducting a woman in germantown. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is tank by live to tell us more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, that is right. here in court for his initial court appearance later on today. police believe he is the man responsible for kidnapping that 22-year old woman off a germantown street, sparking
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three day manhunt. take a lot the video. you can see barn's arriving in philadelphia yesterday afternoon. here you see him arriving in the two vehicle fbi caravan. he was transferred from a virginia prison to the u.s. courthouse here to face federal charges. police say this is barnes seen on surveillance video grabbing carlesha gate inner germantown for a blog and then throwing her in the back of his car. investigators say he targeted gaither at random. two were found three case later in jessup maryland. barnes was arrested and first taken to virginia where he faces a number of other charges for kidnapping and rape of the 16 year-old girl there, but now he is in federal custody as prosecutors build their case here in philadelphia prison officials weren't immediately available to indicate whether he will be kept on isolation and suicide watch as he was in virginia. if he is indicted and convicted, he could face a life time behind bars. coming up in our next half an hour we will have more on the
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investigation as you may remember, investigators are looking in the possibility that barnes may be connected to other cases. we have some of those answers coming up at the top of the hour. for now we're reporting live in philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 5:33. we will get traffic and weather together. hey, happy wednesday, everybody this is going to be a day of transition for our area as we track the the approach and passage of our latest cold front. this is the cold front very same system that brought in all of the snow through the northern tear of the planes. for now you can tell there is a lot of cloud cover out there, pretty low to the ground but here the at campbell's field camera it doesn't appear as though visability are quite as pronounced or as low i should say here across the span of the bennie or city. the problem is we have really dense fog in spots. we will go next to the storm scan three not just system that will knock our temperatures back moving through but you also have a system that you can see moving
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out to sea, helping to squeeze moisture through almost like a wind tunnel through our area. we don't have have much wind because of that light wind we have a perfect scenario for fog to form. especially down towards the shore points generally southeastern new jersey, central new jersey ape sussex county delaware. we will deal with the most dense fog and as well as fine in mist or drizzle. watch for that. once the sun comes up it will disperse this away. look at these temperatures. incredibly mild for mid-november. fifty-seven at the airport. we are in the mid to upper 50's in the region as a whole here so i expect we will have a shot to get to the mid 60's today and even though we have this potent cold front crossing through, we should still see some sunshine, the difference maker though is that once that cold front crosses the breeze kicks in it will be a chilly breeze. what you see may not be what you get on the thermometer as the day progresses. a lot of moving pieces here but what does this mean for the rest of our winter season
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coming up? will we will have to dig out from another snowy winter. don't miss the the answer. kathy orr's forecast is coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00, talk about must see tv, vittoria, over to you. >> i don't want polar vortex. >> i'm with you, girl. >> you know. good morning, everyone. let's brighten up the mood a bit because traffic wise we're dealing with pretty nice conditions out there. no major problems just yet but we are waiting on it. taking a lot schuylkill express waste in delays in either direction east and westbound moving well around montgomery drive, girard avenue not too far from here. no problems around center city and in delays in the western suburbs. seventy-six is wide opened to give you a big old hug. same thing traveling on the ben franklin bridge, traveling east or westbound into pennsylvania, into new jersey, again looking great, all of our bridges moving well, if you are traveling on any majors you are moving just as well in pennsylvania, new jersey and even delaware. look at these sped speed
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sensors. same on the schuylkill and blue route. northeast extension, pennsylvania turnpike just a lot of green. nicole brewer was live on the scene not too long ago of a very serious crash in northeast philadelphia right out of the doorstep of northeast high school, because of this crash, cottman avenue is closed at algon affect algon and bleigh. take tyson avenue. we will update you on that. watch out for construction on the pennsylvania turnpike in either direction, erika. >> thanks, vittoria. your time 5:36. in business news what americans are having for dinner these days. >> wall street flirts with another record, jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, hey jill. >> reporter: good morning, ukee ander contact dow jones inched up one point yet but it was enough to close at yet another record high for the fifth straight day. nasdaq meanwhile gain nine points, investors today will be watching big retailers if jp penny and macy's reporter
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that earnings. unlike other retailers best buy says that it will not be pulling an out neither this thanksgiving. best buy says it will open most of its stores at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day but it will close at 1:00 a.m. stores will reopen 8:00 a.m. black friday morning. best buy says shopping really slows on thanksgiving night so it doesn't actually pay for them to stay open. more americans are eating meals at home, instead of heading to the restaurant but they are not necessarily cooking. a new study from the research firm npg group found americans are making meals out of ready to eat snacks. they are fast, convenient and good way to save a money in a tough economy. what are most popular snacks, yogurt, serial bars and fruit. we know ebola is serious business but for one connecticut company is also big business. giant microbe has been making
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stuffed animals version of diseases for years. the company's ebola doll looks like a stuffed brown snake and it goes for $9.95. giant micro be says since this out break they have sold so many dolls that it is out of stock. ukee and erika. >> and holidays aren't even here yet. >> thanks, jill. >> we will get back to you this morning. in other news a bucks county man is charged with arson and vandalism following a crime spree at two bensalem cemeteries. police say dna link 29 year-old anthony davis carter of feasterville to the crimes. he is accused of burning american flags, flag holders and other grave side decorations at roosevelt memorial park and rose dale memorial park over the summer. >> why? that is the question. why would somebody doing that to any cemetery. >> i'm glad that this happened on veterans day. we were able to make a closure of an individual burning american flags, and individual disgracing veteran cemeteries.
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>> carter is in a bucks county prison unable to post 10 percent of his $10,000 bail. are you trying to shed a few pound around the holidays? we will let you know how beneficial those popular fad diets are. have you ever thought about feeding your pets raw food? growing popularity of raw food diet and potential dangers, you need to know about. also this... >> ♪ >> a star studded concert for vets see more of the all-star line up soluting our veterans at a free concert, but first here's one of the stories we are working on for "eyewitness news" tonight at 11:00. a trip to the emergency room is scary enough. >> there was a lot of blood so there was concern. >> but something that happens after you leave the er could leave your heart racing. >> i felt like it is bait and switch. >> i'm health reporter
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i'm here all day. new and improved i can't believe it's not butter. it's time to believe. we have a serious accident near cottman and algon in northeast philadelphia two vehicles involved, one car wound up on the lawn of northeast high. you will see it a as we slowly start to pull out. a man and woman has been
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rushed to torresdale hospital. we will keep you up to date. delvin barnes, man accused of kidnapping a woman from a philadelphia street faces his first fill court appearance today. barnes is accused of abducting carlesha freeland gaither earlier this month. rally today calls for increasedded security at bartram high school in southwest philadelphia after the most recent assault on a teacher was captured on tape. now to incredible video, that is caught on cameras rescue out of dallas texas. two city employees saved life of the co-workers after suffering a medical event and crash his truck in the creek yesterday. his co-workers saw the pickup truck sinking, broke a window and pulled that man to safety. >> pretty shocking, and as a co-worker we are like a family, oh, gosh. >> yes, it just makes you want to help him more and do whatever you can to save him. >> victim is hospitalized this morning but doctors say he is going to be okay. well, a small community in
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northern ohio comes together to give this energetic monk a help. wild life officials spotted deer with the bucket stuck on his head but the buck just didn't want to give up. in the end a neighbor tackled the deer and the bucket popped off. deer was okay and ended up ring off in the woods but everybody is okay, wow. our time 5:54. here's katie. >> good morning. we want to check with our weather watcher network. they have been sending in observation this is morning. we will take things out to the shore first because we have most significant can't fog issues out there tim mitchell sent in he has dew point of 57.7 ape temperature of 58. that is your basic atmospheric equation for fog. perfect but we have fog down the shore points here this morning. we have another newby, donna taylor, who is a nurse this chester county. 56 degrees. she has clouds out there right
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now. the deer are out there moving around. we showed you this too. be careful on the roads dealing with fog, animals can come out and don't see them coming. please be careful. and another new one marty, 50 degrees is his temperature. high humidity as well in chalfont pa, 52 the current temperature from barbara lane. send in your profile pick. we want to see your pretty face. we have included cover as well. basically bottom line here is that you have have got heavier fog closer to the shore point but mild morning around the board here in philadelphia, johnny sent this one in. cloudy skies but feels like a spring morning, don't get used to it, because today is transition day. we will she you what is coming up on storm scan three. nice wide zoom, here's your storm system. it continues to fizzle in terms of moisture here but you see this squeeze play taking place here, we will see moisture get streamed in from the south and that is where this fog is coming from this
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morning. once cold front crosses through though later today that breeze kicks in and that day time high of 65 is a are distant memory. for the foreseeable future we won't break out of the 40's. we will track a larger storm system as well, next week, vittoria, send it over to you you. we are update ago this breaking news story, that two vehicle crash in northeast philadelphia, right at the lawn and outside the door of northeast high school. let me step out of the way so you can get a better picture. intersection of cottman and algon in the northeast affecting algon and bleigh. cottman avenue is closed as a result of the two vehicle crash that nicole brewer brewer has been reporting this morning. we will look at one vehicle crush on the sidewalk there another vehicle is on top of the lawn of the high school and as the camera pans over and moves over some of the shreds of tires that we're dealing with here. there is that other vehicle that looked like it hopped the fence. if you are traveling in this section of northeast
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philadelphia, we have an alternate for you and that is to take tyson avenue. if you are good around northeast philadelphia you know you can maneuver around this but it will cause a headache this morning for sure and we will continue to keep you updated but as of right now your best alternate is to take tyson avenue n regards to the rush hour we are not dealing with major problems at all. ninety-five, roosevelt boulevard, route one all moving well. this shot here we're looking at route one not too far from the area have of i-95, still moving well, not feeling too much, fog or we're dealing with here. mass transit moving well. things at the airport look just as nice, erika. >> thanks, vittoria. on the healthwatch this morning we have all tried them but you how beneficial are fad diets? researchers in montreal studied four popular diets, atkins, south beach, weight watchers and zone. they found each did lead to weight loss in the short term but many people often regain that weight overtime. researchers say people may be bet are off using traditional methods of staying healthy.
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more pet owners are choose to go feed their dogs and cats a raw food diet. raw food diet consists of raw meat, bones, fruit and vegetables. some owners and vets believe there are health benefits, however, experts and many others from the f.d.a. have some safety concerns for both pets and owners. those concerns include bacteria like salmonella and war that is raw diets lack key knee tree events. >> you cannot just give pieces of chicken and pieces of meat, you need more california people. raw diet is way nature intend for animals to eat? when changing your pets diet, it is always best to consult your veterinarian. ukee. we are remembering a rap ledgend who had a big influence on mayor michael nutter. it is your chance to win, we are giving away a hundred dollars. just listen for the word of the day. but here's what is coming up during evening primeme time viewing right here on cbs-3.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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>> ♪ >> one of the all time favorite, ab original, henry jackson better known as the sugar hill gang has passed in northern, new jersey. he helped make rap main stream with his hit song wrappers throughout. >> everyone in philadelphia necessary mayor nutter's love of this song which he wrapped at his first inauguration. >> ♪
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>> yes, indeed. >> mayor tweeted last night, so sad the passing of big bank hang, and in his honor, just throw your hands in the air and party hardy like you just don't care. rip. jackson was 57 years old. ♪ >> is what the word ♪ >> the word this morning is tribute because plenty of big names performed in our nation's capitol paying tribute to those who served our country. >> ♪ >> rihanna was just one of many stars shining bright at last night concert for valor on the national mall. she was joined by eminem, metalica who took the stage during the free, three hour concert. ♪ >> the boss, bruce springsteen took the stage last night and
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he was joined by kerry underwood, jack black and george lopez they took part for concert of valor. first of its kind event to bring people together to honor courage and sacrifice of the country's veterans. big news for fans of the hunger games, we're getting behind the scenes look at mockingjay part one, tomorrow morning when willow shield joins us right here in the studio, she plays catness younger sister prim rose in the blockbuster series. she will talk about what it is like to work with jennifer lawrence tomorrow on "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. almost time. >> nine days. >> you are ready. >> not thaw are counting. >> this is what you have been waiting for this morning, many of you, now is your chance to win free money. >> we have a hundred dollars for one lucky viewer and incredibly easy to win. just grab your phone and text today's secret word, within of my favorite things in the world, bacon. >> um, um. >> great word. >> text that word to 84816 or
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hop on line and enter at cbs to win. we are give away hundred dollars give card twice a day every day for two weeks on "eyewitness "eyewitness news". your next chance to win is coming up in an hour. grab your phone and text bacon and message and data rates apply. >> i can hear it sizzling. >> waffles. >> yes. >> here's katie. >> where is our breakfast order. >> yeah, right. >> thanks, guys. all right. this morning guys we have quite a bit of fog developing especially closer to the shore points. squeeze play essentially of moisture and light enough win to allow that to form. watch. that there are dense fog advisories posted through southeastern new jersey and southern most delaware. we will see a little will bit of mist and fog. low clouds the story over philadelphia and many of the inland suburbs areas. but regardless you will want to slow down, use low beams and it will disperse for some
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sun and we will hit 65 but thinks truly a transition kind of a day, vittoria, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning, we will give you an idea of the incident that happened early this morning, we are taking a look at video of this breaking news accident that occurred i would say a hour and a half ago in the northeast section of philadelphia it is right at the lawn of northeast high school. i'll step out of the way, police are still investigating this crash. there have been injuries reported as you will notice vehicle on the lawn of the high school as well. this is at the intersection of cottman and algon. not only is this accident still closing cottman and algo but it is affecting algon at bleigh so tyson avenue is your best alternate. we will have more on the other side.
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we have a serious accident at
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cottman and algon avenue in the northeast. we are hearing it could be a hit and run. our nicole brewer is on the scene and we will have the latest coming up. a life saving list for a new way for woman to call for help if they ever become a victim of violence. that and more when we come back at the top of the hour, good mornin
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more on our breaking news a nasty crash right outside northeast high school sends a man and woman to the hospital with serious injuries. >> nicole brewer joins us from cottman and algon where it remains a active scene, good morning. >> right now it appears to be a two car crash that sent two people to the hospital, what isn't exactly clear is why a
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29 year old and police have not ruled out a possibility that she may have been a pedestrian and struck by a hit and run driver. just to set the scene here, it all happened at cottman and algon avenue in northeast high school. you can see the second car involved in the crash is still on the lawn out in front of the high school. we can tell you that the 48 year-old man suffered a head injury, from the crash but was placed in critical condition. unfortunately the same cannot be said in that woman. she's in bad shape at torresdale hospital. we are awaiting conditions at this time. we do want to tell thaw all lanes of cottman avenue between algon and somerdale avenues are closed as a result of the crash. but again the investigation still early on, so a lot of questions but for now we do see two cars, involved in this crash and again, two people sent to the hospital, early in the morning. that is latest live from northeast philadelphia, nicole brer,


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