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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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heartland, damaging homes in kansas and leaving some residents rattled. >> i was a little scared because this was the most intense that i ever felt one. newly released 911 calls reveal the heroic actions of a washington teach never the moments after a deadly school shooting. >> i tried to stop him before he shot himself! and leaders in a massachusetts town trying to ban tobacco may have gotten more than they bargained for. >> we have to close down. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, november 13th, 2014. good morning. i'm lauren lyster in for
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anne-marie green. the latest earthquake to hit kansas turned out to be the largest in a series that has rattled the state over the past year. the 4.8 magnitude quake hit yesterday afternoon. it was centered about 25 miles southwest of wichita. it was the second day in a row that an earthquake was recorded in kansas. no significant damage or injury was reported, but the rumbling got folks' attention. >> after probably i want to say like ten seconds, we heard like this big boom and then we came in here and everything was toppled over and we looked up here and the ceiling had actually fallen through. >> so far this year kansas has experienced more than 90 earthquakes. the arctic chill that brought bitter cold temperatures to the center of the country hits the east coast today. ground rules at denver international airport had their hands full yesterday. 45 flights were canceled.
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overnight temperatures there dropped a record 45 degrees below zero. workers shoveled through the day to clean out the university of minnesota's football stadium. and now says meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz, a new storm is brugge, this one in the northwest. >> we've been watching the snow fall in the last couple of days but now the northwest is getting in on the system. it's going to bring a wintry mix especially into oregon, southern washington and spreading across idaho as we head through our thursday. so watch out for some very dangerous travel. it's not purely snow but rain and sleet mixed in all the way through the portland area. it continues to work its way eastward where it's been brutally pulled to more snow. we see the purple showing up around the cascades and wyoming range. we could see a foot over the highest peeks.
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another place to watch snow, the peeks. those are lake effect belts and we'll be seeing 3 to 6 inches of snowfall. a plateau around erie, p.a. picking up snow. in terms of temperatures it is cold all over, if you want warmth, go to phoenix or central and south florida, and that will be it for your thursday. the weekend outlook, only slightly warmer than average part of the country looks to be the southwest. i'm eric fisher for cbs newss. >> this morning the european space agency hopes to get a better idea on the condition of the spacecraft. it landed on a far away comet. scientists know the lander made it to the comet's surface, but not without some problems. bigad shaban reports. >> cheers went up in the european space agency's mission control, celebrating the most
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targeted landing in history. it landed on a comet more than 300 million miles away, but after ten years and almost 2 billion dollars, it wasn't a perfect landing. the lander might have bounced. >> maybe today we didn't just land once, we may have even landed twice. >> because the comet has very weak gravity, the fill let was supposed to use harpoons to anchor its to the system but neither system worked. >> we looked into the data. it's interesting and we still do not fully understand what has happened. >> the mission is to study the makeup of comet which scientists may have brought water and organic matter to earth millions of years ago. they're still calling the mission a success. >> nobody's ever flown in formation with a commit like this before. of course, obviously they want the lander to work but even
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without it it's a mission.igad president obama is in myanmar. he's attending an economic session. he meets today with myanmar's president. before he arrived mr. obama said myanmar isn't moving fast enough on political and also economic reforms. four years ago the country replaced military rule with a civilian government. and a controversial energy project is getting a kick start on capitol hill. congress is set to take up the keystone xl pipeline after an about-face by democrats. the pipeline runs from canada to the gulf of mexico. the new push comes as a democratic senator fights to keep her seat in a runoff. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, lauren.
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this is about a project that has pitted democrats against republicans for years. the gop wants this pipeline completed. they're eager to show they can get something done on capitol hill. dechl carats seem to be getting out of the way and it's all because in louisiana there's a senate seat in play. after years of inaction, both houses are set to vote on the tenet of it. the pipeline will move oil from canada to the gulf coast. supporters promise more oil independence in the u.s. democrats have long fought the pipeline because of concerns over its impact on the environment. any action on the controversial measure is unlikely to get past president obama. >> i think it's fair to say that our dim view of these kinds of proposals has not changed. >> the white house comments on an issue come as senate democrats have planned to block it. that's in part to sway voters in louisiana. democratic incumbent senator
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mary landrieu faces bill cassidy in a runoff contest next month. senator landrieu took to the floor yesterday to take a vote on the senate bill. >> we do our part. allky say is i hope the president will do his and sign this bill. >> the gop will vote again with congressman cassidy's name on it. congress knows it's an uphill batter. >> the problem is the president continues to send signals that he has no intention to move toward the middle. he hopes he helps on a host of other bills that have been blocked. now, the white house has not threatened a veto, but if the senate passes legislation which could come as soon as tuesday, that would force the president to either veto it or sign it into law. chinese hackers targeted computer systems at noaa.
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the government agency says four of its websites were compromised but hasn't released any other details of the breach. noaa provides weather information to airlines and other transportation companies. the news comes just days after the u.s. postal service reported a data breach. a washington state high school teacher, meanwhile, is being praised again for her courage during last month's school shooting that left five students including the gunman dead. >> 911, we have a shooting. marysville-pilchuck high school. we have many injured at marysville-pilchuck high school. we need help right away. >> that is megan silberberger. she was on the phone with 911 moments after 15-year-old jaylen fryberg opened fire on october 24th. authorities released the emergency calls wednesday.
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they back up with witnesses already said about silberberger's actions that day. >> she grabbed his arm, got a hand on him. it happens in a second. >> i tried to stop him before he shot himself. i do not know his name. i'm looking at him. he is wearing all black. i'm standing right next to him. i need help now. shooter right here. black pants, black shoot, black jacket. >> a cafeteria worker also called 911 telling operators she assisted some students out a side door but was looking for her daughter. police say fryberg lured his victims to the lunch table with a text message and shot them before killing themselves. four of his victims died. a fifth student wounded in the attack was released from the hospital last week. and coming up on the
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"morning news," an alarming attack on u.s. sailors in an allied country. plus, high anxiety. drama at america's tallest building after two window washers get stranded. and in "moneywatch," low gas prizes rise into the future. this is the "cbs morning news." are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist. with the expert advice tool at nature valley crunchy granola bars give you energy from 1/3 of your daily whole grains, so 1/3 of this commercial is dedicated to what you could do with all that energy. energy to take the road less traveled.
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national lists. the sailors in civilian clothes were on shore leave in istanbul. the group threw paint packs and threw hoods over the sailor is' heads. turkey is a u.s. ally. the penalty gob called it ugly and disturbing. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong hundreds of feet above new york city on wednesday. a scaffolding collapse led to a terrifying ordeal for some window washers. alison harmelin reports. >> reporter: tense moments. it stranded the workers more than halfway up the building. >> the cables did not break. they're slack-developed on the west side of the scaffolding, causing it to go to that position. >> reporter: crews made a number of attempts to rescue them. firefighters worked to remove a window pain from the 68th floor. >> the wind was blowing as well,
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so it must have been terrifying for them. >> reporter: after about 90 milktss firefighters were able to pull them to safety through the window one at a time. visitors were moved back a safe distance from the billing in case glass or debris began to fall. >> reporter: one world trade just opened for business last week. it's 1,776 feet high. it's made with steel reinforced concrete and dense fireproofing. the window washers are said to be in good position. investigators are said to examine the scaffolding to find out what went wrochlkt alison harmelin, cbs news, new york. straight ahead, twitter gets a makeover. we'll show you some of the changes in store for your twitter feets.
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on the "cbs moneywatch" gas price bargains and hash tag twitter changes? jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. the average price of gas will stay below $3 an hour. drivers will pay $2.94 on average for 2015. if that holds true, drivers will is see $61 billion on savings in gas over the year. here on wall street, record breaking gains. the dow lost 3 points, the s&p 500 flips a point, but the nasdaq rose 14.5 points. twitter is evolving to spur growth and hold onto users. the service will make it easier
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to record, share, and edit videos. a new feature will allow people to take public conversations kwie ate and they can have tweets so they don't miss anything offline. the new service called music key will cost $8 a month. it's part of google's efforts to make more money from youtube. they say it will make it easier to find songs that can still be played for free. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. thank you. when we return, a fiery hearing on tobacco. residents fume over a proposed tobacco ban. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs morning news" sponsored by just for men autostop, the foolproof way to get rid of grey. the best beard ever. after all, you're not just a champion of saturday afternoons.... you're a champion of facial hair.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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the country. protesters forced a small massachusetts town to shut down a public meeting on wednesday. the community of westminster is considering a first in the nation ban on all tobacco sales. julie lon chick of our boston station wbz reports. >> reporter: it was over before it started. >> all right. this hearing is closed. >> reporter: westminster elementary was filled to capacity for wednesday night's board of health hearing but only a handful of dozens of those wanted to speak. >> you people make me sick. >> i find smoking to be one of the most disgusting habits anybody could possibly do. on top of that, i find this proposal to be more of a disgusting thing.
4:22 am
>> we have to close up. >> reporter: police escorted the board chair to her car while others inside remained mystified. >> this is inexplicable. >> to me it's a little town playing big government. >> reporter: the three-member board will decide in december whether or not to ban all tobacco sales. small businesses say it would have devastating consequences and expect to lose tens of billions of dollars annually. >> it's not going to ban smokers. again, they're just going to go elsewhere. >> reporter: if it passes, it would be the first in a country in a central massachusetts town with less than 8,000 residents. >> nationally we feel like a laughingstock in america right now, and we're not. >> reporter: and as you might expect.
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we often think of generic drugs as lower cost but now we find that's changing. dr. jon lapook tells us why. >> reporter: barbara heller has an autoimmune disease called ubc. she takes a ursadial. >> the last prescription cost $3.50. >> reporter: she expected her cost would still be under $100. >> your price if this drug is $1,212.30. >> i was upset. i didn't know what to do. i need your sa die y'all every day for the rest of my life.
4:26 am
cost can't be a factor in not getting it. >> reporter: a recent analysis found that nearly 10% of gene c generics more than doubled in price in the past year. they argue less competition in the drug industry. for example, the number of companies making the heart drug digoxin went down and the cost went up 103%. >> without competition, the generic companies can say what's the price, how much you got. >> yes. everybody just assumes that generic prices are low. but generic prices are low because there's competition. and so once that competition goes away for whatever reason, then you have very expensive generic drugs, and these can be very expensive for patients. >> reporter: after heller and her husband did extensive research they were able to find it at a discounted rate but it was still more than three times
4:27 am
what she had paid before. >> reporter: the generic council found out generics saved them. the price hikes that threatened those kinds of savings are why the senate summit committee will hold a hearing next week. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," dr. holly phillips has more on the recent soaring cost of generic prescription drugs. plus, we'll go to long beach, california, where there's an alleged slowdown by dockworkers that could snarl holiday deliveries. and legendary rocker bob seger joins us in studio 57. and an auction night brought in neil $853 million, the highest total ever for any action. warhol's triple elvis was the night's biggest seller. it went for nearly $82 million.
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that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm lauren lyster. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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and today is thursday, november 13th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. i'm erika von tiehl. here are stories we are following this morning. big chill that is blown through rockies and midwest inches closer to us. while we don't need shovels some could see snow. katie has forecast. a man visiting his mother in south philadelphia is gunned down. another man is dead, the the latest on the search, for the the gun man. for a casino in south philadelphia a, neighbors a they don't want it in their backyard. those stories and more coming up, lets check our forecast and some folks might e


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