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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  November 15, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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it went right under his hand. he actually went past the ball. he went past the football. amazing. >> verne: there is a player down. appears to be an alabama player at the 30 yard line. dillon lee. >> verne: a reminder, we'll go back to the studio for "the dodge post game show" on cbs sports. adam zucker, brian jones, spencer tillman back in the studio. dillon georgia. got shaken up last saturday night in baton rouge. here comes mississippi state. they have two time outs left. they trail by 12, 3:18 on the
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clock. >> verne: kirby smart calls the defensive signals. dan mullen, the head coach, calls the plays, and prescott, robinson are in the backfield. near side. jameon lewis. about eight yards. tackle made by geno smith. >> gary: you've got to score one before you have the opportunity to score two. take your time. make first downs. know what you are doing. >> verne: robert johnson in motion. now lewis. they give it to robinson. he looks for the first down. he pushes and does not get it.
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>> gary: big stop. short of the first down means times goes off for mississippi state -- or mississippi state has to use another time out. another half a yard here and the clock stops. >> verne: modest numbers for robinson today. 12 carries, 37 yards. third and one. >> verne: out of the backfield. robinson. he's got the first. he's got plenty, and he moves across midfield. the clock now stops while they reset the chain. >> gary: that's been about the biggest play for josh robinson all night. he's had the one run but otherwise it's been the dropoff play that has been his most effective weapon from out of the backfield. >> verne: clock starts. two minutes to go. right side. he needed to get out of bounds.
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trey depriest makes the tackle. 1:45 to go. second and nine. prescott. pressured. across, incomplete, intended for robinson. landon collins was defending. >> gary: alabama dropping into the zone making sure that dak prescott is not going to scramble for first downs, keeping things in front of him and as you saw the throw from prescott, it was not accurate. >> verne: third and nine. >> gary: dropping in zone again. >> verne: prescott gets loose. down the sidelines. did he get close?
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>> gary: i think he made a first down. >> verne: yes, indeed. >> gary: a 10-yard scramble out of the pocket. the one thing alabama said in the four-man rush "we don't have to sack him all night. we can't let him get outside of our ends." >> verne: on first down. prescott across the middle. caught. jameon lewis. to the 21. clock will stop as they move the chain. >> gary: this time dak said "i don't care how tall you are. you better jump for this one because i'm not throwing this one low." great catch. >> verne: 1:13 to go. across the middle. it's caught again. jameon lewis again. 62 seconds to go. >> gary: you have to wonder when dan mullen is going to start using his time outs now.
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>> verne: here is prescott. 16 yard line. >> gary: you've got to take a time out here. they don't have time, do they, to line up? it's almost -- kick the onside kick or you have no chance. >> verne: yes, he's got two time outs remaining. 37 seconds remaining. prescott into the end zone. incomplete. robert johnson. right at the goal line. >> gary: could have completed that ball. would have taken a perfect throw. threw it a little high. it wobbled on him. he did not throw a good spiral and the ball got away from him. >> verne: second and goal. prescott will run. >> gary: got to take the time out now. you have no choice.
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can't save them now. >> verne: and he does. 25 seconds remaining. it's 25-13. >> verne: 25-13, mississippi state. undefeated season on the line. they trail alabama. they have one time out left.
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third and goal. >> gary: see, mississippi state changed their players so the officials correctly allowed alabama to substitute. >> verne: option. prescott pitches. 20 seconds to go. they've got one time out left. they use it. >> gary: i don't know what to sayment i would be throwing the ball in the end zone. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: dan knows his offense better than i do but i don't understand those last couple plays and i don't quite get why he saved his time outs because now they're in a horrible position even if they score. they'll be forced to throw a hail mary if they get the onside
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kick. >> verne: the top ranked mississippi state bulldogs are just seconds away from dropping their first of the year. oregon opened this weekend. t.c.u. defeated kansas 34-30. they're number four. alabama with a victory would -- >> gary: yeah, they're in -- they control their own destiny. if they win out. >> verne: if they win out. >> gary: i don't think mississippi state is dead but they now need help. >> verne: they will become the biggest auburn fans in the s.e.c. fourth and goal. >> verne: into the end zone. touchdown. jameon lewis.
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>> gary: they double-layered alabama that time. they bring a player, hook him here and bring one behind him. a standard pass from trips. you get alabama to set on the goal line, they do it all the time and you complete the pass behind him. usually you do it with a taller guy. good play by dak and lewis. >> verne: the extra point from sobiesk. so with 15 seconds remaining. lewis from prescott.
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>> verne: 25-20 after the mississippi state score. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> gary: alabama would like it photogo to the bottom. they put their best ball handler to the bottom of the field. amari cooper is right there. >> verne: yeah.
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>> gary: they're going to go away from him. >> verne: up in the air. deandrew white. exposes himself to a heck of a hit. there is a flag down. >> verne: this is taking a long time. >> gary: you almost wonder, was alabama offsides? did they break the plane early?
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>> referee: kicking team blocked before the ball had gone 10 yards. five-yard penalty will be tacked on before alabama recovered. first down. >> gary: doesn't mean anything. take a knee time. mississippi state hung tight enough, i think, to still be alive in the playoffs, but you can't block until the ball goes 10 yards and we showed cooper was on the bottom, white was on the top. the two best ball handlers are the guys trying to make the play. everybody else out there is blocking. two heavyweights. >> verne: the last time mississippi state lost, it was to this alabama team. it was a year ago this weekend. take a knee, crimson tide. blake sims leads the crimson tide to the win. nick saban cannot repress a
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smile. >> verne: tough night for dak prescott. he winds up throwing for 290 but he had three interceptions and he rushed for 75. let's go down to allie laforce with nick saban. >> allie: coach, what a two weeks this team has had. you win in overtime against l.s.u. then you come home and beat the number one team in the country. how is this team always able to rise to the occasion and get the win? >> i'm proud of the way our guys competed in this game today. we made plays when we had to. it's a great victory for our team, it's a great victory for our fans and great for the state of alabama. we're pleased and happy. mississippi state has a great team and you know when you play the number one team in the country you know they know how to win. i expected them to come back in the second half but our guys made the plays when they needed to. >> allie: we talk so much about blake sims and what a better quarterback he is at home but it was the defense that came up
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with three big interceptions. how proud are you of the defense? >> the turnovers were huge in the game. blake made two-third-down conversions in what amounted to be the winning drive in the game that were huge. he makes plays when he has to, too. >> allie: blake, come on in. congratulations on an exciting win. you make the big plays when you need to and you play awesome at home. is that what is it like and what does it feel like to beat the number one team in the country on your home field? >> i'm happy for this team and being at home, i wouldn't rather do it anywhere else but here, the fans stuck in it with us for 60 minutes and the defense stops the number one team in the nation, we have three-and-outs four times. i'm happy for the team. happy for the o line and the special teamers. they played their hearts out and we're happy for the win. >> allie: you're playing the game for your daughter kaila. you wanted to tell her your
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daddy went on the biggest stage and beat the best team in the country. >> i'll ask her how i looked. try to grade me and see what she says to me. i'm going to celebrate with her and stay with her tonight. >> allie: i hope she gives you that a-plus. >> thanks. >> allie: thanks, blake. >> verne: how nice. >> gary: he bailed them out. nick saban was exactly right. remember the third-down play and that drive, three of them. he dropped it off to yeldon, then two on scrambles. more in that drive than they had the full game prior. nick nailed it. >> verne: amazingly enough that leads us to the napa plays of the game. you do that well. presented by napa auto parts. blake sims. third down and 10. back, nobody open, he tucks it,
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he does this so well. and you see the yellow line. that's a first down. and then he did it one more time. third and eight. he goes to the right. watch the yellow line. just does get the first down. then t.j. yeldon seven yards away. a little step to the right, into the end zone. that turned out to be the winning touchdown. that was a 76-yard drive in 15 plays. >> gary: what did we say? everything goes through alabama in this conference. that's still the main story of the they either win it or the team that wins it beats them. tonight, they didn't beat them. >> verne: 25-20. keep in mind, the resilience of mississippi state. they were down 19-0 in the first half. but they came back, and they will be a factor before it's all over. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist saying so long from tuscaloosa.
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>> adam: welcome to "the dodge post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight cbs is filled with mystery and drama beginning with a new edition of "48 hours" followed by "criminal minds" and a new "48 hours" tonight only cbs. in the game you just saw, alabama beats mississippi state 25-20 and with that we look at the s.e.c. west standings. alabama on top at 6-1. four teams still in the hunt for a spot in atlanta. i am joined by spencer tillman and brian jones. let's discuss the fallout from this one. first of all, alabama. we assume they're going to go into the top four. how high do they go? >> spencer: they made a heisman trophy candidate and his team look bad. it's worthy of moving up to the number two spot, b.j., in my opinion, you can't put them ahead of florida state, they're undefeated but i think they're worthy of jumping over. >> brian: i'm putting alabama at number one. alabama is playing at a
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different level than ever other team, you have five or six one-loss teams, mississippi state just joined that club, florida state has not been the dominant florida state we have seen in the past and usually i am not going to put a one-loss team ahead of a undefeated team. this is the alabama of old. this is a dominant football team. mississippi state still in there close but i like alabama as the number one team in the nation. >> spencer: you are willing to extrapolate that if they played -- again, that was the reasoning i was using earlier today. >> brian: i don't remember that. >> spencer: you don't remember that? >> brian: [laughing] >> adam: the committee had no trouble bouncing, but where does mississippi state fit in in the one-loss universe? >> spencer: i think mississippi state will fall out of the top four, they may be in the four spot but ohio state is making a significant push to belong there. this was a loss. that last score to me was inconsequential. >> brian: 25-20 is going to look good in the stat book but i i think mississippi state falls to
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number three, i think they're still in this, i think those one-loss teams are comparable, ohio state, arizona state, we'll see what they do later tonight, t.c.u. didn't play great but they put a w on the board, baylor comparable, i think of those one-loss teams i would take mississippi state. >> spencer: i think t.c.u. gets kicked out and that moves ohio state and everybody up a spot. >> adam: baylor. >> spencer: baylor as well. >> brian: in this era where you have to have style points, everyone is kicking t.c.u. out because they go on the road and don't play with the same fervora played last week, but i don't subscribe to it. >> adam: how does the committee judge this with ohio state's early loss against virginia tech. >> spencer: virginia tech, that loss to maple leafs a bad loss, virginia tech was not a very good team. ohio state has since rectified what their problems were and they're playing strong, the one loss that alabama had to ole miss, for example, that was a quality loss in my opinion. that's the reason why i think
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alabama deserves to be in the number two spot. >> brian: where do you rank mississippi state's loss? i thought this was a quality loss if there is such a thing, you still lost but you weren't blown out of the arena >> gary: >> spencer: they affected the quarterback in a significant way. >> brian: that's why alabama is number one if they can make the number one team in the nation look like that. >> adam: we'll be back with much more here. tell you about the big day elsewhere. when "the dodge post game show" continues. {sfx: alaralabama week!ng} ♪ five! table five. {sfx: hands clapping} usc coach: four! pick it up! ♪ four! ♪
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the east and helping the gamecocks end a four-game s.e.c. losing streak. we mentioned it was close for t.c.u. they went to kansas. they got the win, b.j. >> brian: they did. >> adam: scored 17 straight to hold on. we'll see what the committee thinks of it all. j.t. barrett rolling over minnesota in the snow, breaking braxton miller's single-game rushing record with 189 on the ground as well as his single-season total record. but the guy with the yardage was melvin gordon as wisconsin takes the edge in the big ten west, new f.b.s. record breaking the mark of ladainian tomlinson, 408 yards and four touchdowns, bo pelini has ranked straight games ranked versus ranked match-ups. georgia tech beats clemson which gives florida state the atlantic, they have miami coming up tonight, cole stoudt with two pick sixes in the game, duke falls to virginia tech 17-16 so
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georgia tech with the temporary lead in the a.c.c. coastal. final thoughts on the day, spencer. >> spencer: alabama can make this very easy. if they win out, they'll make the selection committee's johannesburg very seas -- job very easy. if they don't, it's mayhem. >> brian: you still have to run through there if you're going to do anything in football you have to do it in tuscaloosa first. >> adam: that will just about do it for this week. thank you for watching "the dodge post game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. over on cbs sports network, it's u.s.f. taking on s.m.u. at 8:00 eastern followed by "inside college football" presented by dodge. next saturday "the home depot s.e.c. on cbs" continues with the best game from the best conference, ole miss visits arkansas. starts at 3:00 eastern with " college football today." the next edition of thursday night football on nfl network.
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>> adam: it starts at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us, have a great evening. >> i'm natasha brown, bundle up the the cold weather is hanging around for the weekend. when will it warm up? justin. >> that's right, i'm tracking temperatures below average over the next few days and the chance for rain. >> teens caught on camera vandalizeing a new park leaving behind tens of thousands of dollars in da
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