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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  November 18, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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. and breaking right now, horrific attack on the jerusalem synogogue leaves at least four worshippers dead. who is behind it, what to could mean for an already tense situation in the holy city. >> it is tuesday, november 18th, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. here are stories we're following today. in addition to that one, p pen gaming board could decided to which developer gets to build another casino in philadelphia. four bids are n only one license available. so the big question: who is it going to, where will it be? we have a full report coming up. >> but first, it is not even thanksgiving yet, already feeling like winter, temperatures hovering around freezing but feeling like the teens right now, listen, hear that, ya, that's the wind, that's the winds, coming into
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work today, saw couple of flags, weren't starched but were whipping pretty good. so it is throughout. >> if you're not bundled for the cold, it cut right through you. >> cuts like a knife. for sure. >> because we haven't had a day like this, we had them all the time last winter. >> no kidding. >> but haven't had a day like this in so long, it will be that much worse. in terms of how it feels, you just have to be ready for it, i'm sure you had the heater cranked last night, probably still snuggled up perhaps in your sweatshirts and your cozy slippers, but getting out the door this morning it will be in the bridge colder, certainly that's well red when it comes to the thermometer readings and specially the windchill values. let's take you out here to "skycam 3", where over the ben franklin bridge, things are nice as clear, no problems. you can't tell there is really any winds necessarily with this particular shot. as ukee mentioned, i saw it too, the flags are flying, leaves blowing everywhere, thankfully what the winds has done is help to dry things out. so, icing is not a concern, even though we had a whole day
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worth of rain yesterday, generally, we've dried out nicely, in the wake of the storm. soap, that's sort of like one of the violent hazards a lot of times in the way of systems, breeze too much to handle for anything to be left over at this point from the storm. you can still see zooming out one more time here, little lake enhanced snow, falling across portions of western pennsylvania, none that far will survive as it rolls our way. so expect a nice clear sky, generally just more sun than anything, but let's take a look how it will feel out there. that's the critical factor here, for the forecast. look at this it, may feel like it is below even double digits here, more like singles up toward the pocono region, even in through portions of the lehigh valley, berks county region it, will feel more like as we mentioned the teens around philadelphia, and the immediate vicinity, then go down to the shore, not too much better even despite the moderating influence you get from the open ocean water it, will feel more like oh, say 20 degrees, at lowest. meanwhile, here's where we actually stand, this is bad enough, but throw in the
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northwest winds at 22 miles per hour, that's sustained winds, guys, this is what it does to our actual feels like temperatures right now. there you have it. twenty's, teens, single digit values, up at mount pocono right now, and again, all winter last winter we saw this kind of temperature map, but this is the first time in a really long while that we've seen this. so, it might and bit after shock to the system. be red which lofts extra layers. jess, we send over to you. >> thanks, one such a sad number to see up there. good morning, 4:33, checking ongoing construction work on 95 at cottman. we can expect this to be out here for about the next hour and half or so. should be cleaning up around 6:00 a.m. this is the northbound lanes here so headed toward northeast philadelphia you can see little bit of problems. not real a lot in the way of volume so far this early this morning. you can start taking out the right hand shoulder, right-hand lane, cars pretty much forced to squeeze by to the left-hand side. over on the schuylkill expressway and the before,
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seeing both lanes pretty much moving great if you are going in or out of the city and east or westbound. over in montgomery county an accident, fairfield radiatively soap pea road, police activity on the scene directing traffic around the incident, out in new jersey maple avenue another crash, there pushed over into the shoulder. we check out some of the majors, see how they're doing, 422 eastbound, oaks into 202, no problems on 202 headed northbound, ukee, over to you. >> jess, thank youment breaking news at least four worshippers are dead and six more wounded in a attack on a jerusalem synogogue. israeli police say two palestinian men stormed the building armed with knives, axes and guns, died in a fire fight with responding officers. now, this is the latest in a string of palestinian attacks against israelis, part of a dispute over a holy site. >> new this morning, more than 100 guests evaculated from delaware county hotel are back in their room after a carbon
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monoxide leak overnight. firefighters found high levels of the deadly gas coming from the laundry area in the best western plus in concordville. crews contained that leak, and then to the hotel. luckily, no injuries reported. well, happening today, we should learn where or whether philadelphia gets a second casino. >> yes, pennsylvania gaming control board is supposed to announce its decision. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at the pennsylvania convention center where the board how old a meeting this afternoon, jan, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning, that's right, this special meeting is being held here at the convention center, right around 1:00 this afternoon, and that's when the pennsylvania gaming control board will decide as you mentioned, if and who will receive philadelphia's second gaming license. now, this is all on the table at this point, four proposals or four sites are being considered today, 400 north broad street, eighth and market streets, the 3,000 block of south front street,
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and 900 packer avenue in south philadelphia. that site at pack iran darian, has actually gotten the most attention in recent days, hundreds turned out community meet to go voice their opposition to the proposed casino. many in the community are concerned about quality of life issues such as increased traffic, possibility of more crime, especially with the school located just blocks away. now this casino license would allow an operator to have up to 5,000 slot machines and 250 table games, but many critics of all of the casino proposals questioned whether philadelphia actually needs a second casino, still, other people are in support of another casino, saying it would just mean more jobs. again, this special meet something being held at the convention center at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. it is open to the public. reporting live in center city, jan carabeo. also, happening today, former philadelphia traffic court judge, tynes, expected to plead gym any state corruption case. defense lawyer says tynes will
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admit to taking $2,000 bracelet from undercover informant. her attorney says tynes's plea agreement calls for no punishment beyond an upcoming sentence in a unrelated perjury conviction. >> as we were first to report yesterday morning, pope francis is coming to philadelphia. >> the pontiff will be here in september 2015 for the world meeting of families. as many as 2 million people are expected to flood the ben franklin parkway for his papal mass. pope francis only the fourth range pontiff to visit the us, and only the second, since pope john paul visit in the 17979. with that monumental announcement comes questions about security of course, philadelphia police department says they've been prepping for months, and it is expected to be the largest event in the city's modern had history. commissioner charles ramsey told "eyewitness news", social media will help guide and control crowds. among other measures, they plan to set up special locations for those who need help. >> we're meeting on a regular
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basis, that will intensify as the event gets closer, pretty much the way we handled the presidential inauguration, and, you know, whatever assets we need, we certainly will have at our disposal and will access them. >> right now there is no word on how much it will cost to secure the pope's visit. but the world meeting of families organizers will foot that bill. >> and please stay with us for continuing coverage on tv and on line at you can tell us what you think of the pope's visit on facebook and twitter. use the hashtag cbs-3 pope. >> three easton school board members say they won't resign over their handling after school employee charged with spying on staff computersment grand jury found the members did not commit any crimes but they say that they've created a culture of paranoia and mistrust for administrators. the board's president says the report based on rumor and speculation. >> we are doing great. we want to keep going in the direction we're going in. failure to report, highs end
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between the school district administrators and the school board. >> thomas, the tech employee at the center of this scandal, faced wiretapping charges, but avoided jail time by entering into a first time offenders program. a viewing is scheduled thursday followed by a second viewing and funeral on friday for the cinnaminson fire fight here died suddenly over the weekend. lieutenant christopher hunter found unresponsive at his home early saturday. he worked the previous morning, so his death is considered to be in the line of duty. there is no word on a cause of death. the fire chief says his department has suffered a huge loss. >> chris was one of the best that we have. and he lived, ate, and drank this fire department there is was his life. >> clearly visible outside the station, black bunting and the flag at half staff. lieutenant lunt err leaves behind a wife and two children. a philadelphia police officer is recovering this morning after a three vehicle
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crash on kelly drive. that officer who was off duty at the time suffered a minor leg injury. four more people were hurt. we're toll one is in critical condition. early indications show that one of the vehicles was headed into the city when it crossed the center line, and then hit two other cars. and there is much more to cover on "eyewitness news" this morning, still ahead, another woman now accusing legendary comedian bill cosby of sexual assault. >> the disturb details she provided and when she claims it happened. we're back in two minutes.
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morning, everyone, another woman now claiming she was raped by comedian bill cosby. her name is joan, a journalist and publicist. >> she said she went to cosby's home back in 1969 when he suggested that they write jokes together. she was just 19 at the time. >> she said she passed out after a drink, and woke to up cosby assaulting her. she says for years she was afraid to go public. >> who is going to believe me?
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bill cosby, the all-american dad, the all-american husband, the person mr. jello that everybody loves. who would believe me? they would probably think i was out to get something. >> now her accusations come just days after another woman, barbara bowman, accused cosby of rape. comedian has never been charged with sexual assault. his attorney says cosby will not be commenting on the allegations. louisianna senator marry landreaux says she has the 06 votes she needs to send the bill ought riding keystone pipeline to the president's desk. the senate is expected to vote on the measure today. the house approved it last week. the republican-led bill has been tied up for years over environmental issues. landreaux, democrat, facing runoff for her seat next month. louisianna voters have voiced their approval because of jobs it could bring into their state. >> right now, 4:43, and wow, what a chilly cold just bone
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rattling morning. >> here comes. >> change over the last 24 hours, from soggy, and, well, it was casino of raunchily yesterday, but at least little milder. >> little bit, little bit. >> to just frigid. now dealing with arctic air mass. >> here comes. >> and those temperatures really had a chance to drop off last night, under the clear sky, that's what helps it along. now, along with, that adding insult this tenacious wind that will be persistent all day today, now, it is not as cold of a wind as what we might normally find, this is actually going to be a westerly wind, as opposed to northwesterly wind for most of the day, but winds is winds, when dealing with temperatures of this value. so regardless of where it is coming from, it is going to set you back in terms of how it actually feels outside. and those are the values you need to be dressing for. so we walk you through t still see, there is still lingering lake effect snow showers, flurries more than anything, but skies have cleared out pretty nicely across our area, any of the little sign of purple will not have a prayer of actually moving our way, maybe see quick flurry in the poconos, that would be it.
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but in the wake of this, we are going to clear out, see high pressure regain control, for the next couple of of days, then another weak cold front does come through to knock us right back into colder than average territory, although pretty much the next seven days overall will stay below average. outside we go to the live neighborhood network, peak wind gusts in the last hour from pennsauken, broomall, doesn't matter where you are, still generally in the 30's here. i would say sustained winds speeds probably anywhere from 15 to 20 at max as the day goes on. let's future feels like. already feels like the teens and single digit at worse, but by 8:00 a.m., might feel colder to you, when temperatures probably bottom out. maybe for hour or two it feels like 20 degrees, but you know what, no matter what it reads on the thermometer, you have to i would say shave good solid ten plus degrees off. that's how it feels. looking ahead to tomorrow, not much better, feels more like the 20's, and still little breezy out, there but still 20's are 20's, will still feel awfully cold. but today definitely the worse of the pack here. it is brighter and frigid,
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with windchills no better than the teens, we bottom out to 20 tonight, that would tie the record, meanwhile, by thursday, it is a little less harsh, but still, below the norm. but hey, if you're into there is you love weather, you can be featured in our very own newscast hereby becoming eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now at too cold for you, ukee? >> very cold! but that's all right. it is all good. we'll get through. >> this hey the sixers, they're cold, big time, still cold. sixers headed home after tough texas trip, still looking for their first win of the season. last night, san antonio spurs, michael carter williams led the sixers with 16 points. sixers fought all night long, cult the spurs lead to ten in the fourth quarter but the defending nba champs crews 100 to 75. i'm still wait to go hear why noel, not starting, what's one. that will sixers zero and ten, with boston celtics in south philly tomorrow. >> prime time football last
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night. the steelers got 204 yards and a touchdown from levon bell, beat the tennessee titans 27 to 24. the steelers came back from a 11-point hole to win. steelers moved to seven and four, titans dropped to two and l eight. those titans come to play the eagles, see the game right here on cbs-3. erika? >> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", popular image sharing app snap chat about to get a whole lot more useful. we'll explain how. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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breaking news early this morning, deadly attack in jerusalem. two palestinians stormed a jewish synogogue, attacking worshippers with knives, axes, firearms, killing at least four people. the suspect were then killed in a shoot-out with police. it is the coldest day of
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the season so far. make sure to bundle up for school and work as our high temperature, the warmest part of the day, will be around 33 degrees. katie has your full forecast coming up on 39's. >> hear that wind? just shiver. >> okay, also, this morning, we learn in just a few hours, if philadelphia will get a second casino. pennsylvania's gaming control board says, they'll announce their decision around 1:00 this afternoon, there are four applicants. >> time now 4:50. let's get a check on business. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us from the stock exchange. what's moving the markets? >> reporter: good morning, ukee, erika, all about mergers on wall street. yesterday learned about two more mega mergers, hal abutter on buying another energy company. drug maker activist is buying botox allergen, so far this year, about $1.5 trillion worth of deals targeting american companies. some analysts say it is a pretty good sign, five years after the great recession, that big companies are willing
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to make these types of big investments. ukee, erika. >> jill, we hear snap chat, popular messaging service, making it easier to send money? >> reporter: that's right. snap chat as we know lets users send messages and photos that disappear after seconds. well, now the social networking service has team up with square, which is a payment processor, users can save their mastercard or visa debit card information, and then it is really simple. they type a dollar amount into a text message, then the money is transferred over, i don't know; this too easty? i feel like i would accidentally send money to people. >> oops? >> could be. something to think b. >> thanks, jill. coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together, we do it on the 3's,
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4:53. let's get traffic and weather together. good morning, jest kay. >> good morning, actually starting off on the platt bridge, an accident has just happened in our cameras here,
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eastbound, on the platt, headed toward southwest philly, actually three cars, three vehicles, that you can see so far, involved with this accident. not much in the way of volume really trying get by this area. crews on the scene trying to get it cleaned up and out of the way, as rush hour begins, underway a little later today, currently no problems. over on the schuylkill expressway, eastbound lanes, headlights here, at 202, headed eastbound toward the city moving along great. westbound lanes moving along great, there as well. now, an accident out in montgomery county, fairfield road at volpe road, damaging pole there, with police activity on the scene trying to direct traffic around the incident. out in new jersey, maple avenue, another crash, there pushed over to the side. 422 eastbound from oaks into 202, about seven minute thrip there, 12 minutes on 202 headed northbound from route 30 into the the schuylkill expressway. katie, i know it is a cold one today. what's going snob. >> really just from the system that rolled through yesterday. now left behind the arctic freeze for us basically for couple of days. we will have hard time breaking out of the worse of this chill. it will take few days.
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meanwhile storm scan3 empty, you can see the satelite coverage here, the cloud cover, starting to thin out little bit here. so allowing the temperatures to bottom out easily, 34 at the airport, but colder through your outlying suburbs, and speaking of headed out to the outlying suburbs of the country side, before dawn, this morning, if you are so inclined, to beat the chill, could you head out and perhaps try your hand at finding couple of meteors. we do have the meteor shower going on here before dawn this morning, about the best time that you are going to be able to see anything, we have the clearing conditions, so it is not the worse idea, again, if you can handle the chill. get away from the city light if you can, that will give you your best shot to see anything. meanwhile the next few days, look at this, it is cold, even though we do rebound by thursday nicely, this is still well below average at 44 degrees, but quiet pattern, a lot of sunshine, on those icons down the road, no major storms in site, at least not for the next five days or so. ukee, back over to you. >> a look at the stories sister station "kyw news
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radio" will be following for you today. students will flock to the school district of philadelphia tomorrow for the region's only information fair for historically black colleges and universities. a main line cup says it needs help funding mobile game to teach children kindness. and philadelphia hotels are preparing for the influx of guests when the pope visits philadelphia next september. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", the latest on overnight carbon monoxide scare that fororced more than 100 people out after hotel. >> also, have you already had your first cup of coffee this morning? you may want to grab another one. finds out how coffee can help your waistline. forget "black friday", cyber monday, and even thanksgiving. the big bargains you can now finds for the items you should shop for and, we'll also tell you what you should wait to wu. back at the top of the hour.
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>>temperatures are hovering around the freezing mark, and it is just the start after weather blast, hear that wind? katie takes a look at just how cold it will get. also this morning, more than 100 people forced to evacuate their hotel rooms overnight. see what sparked the carbon monoxide scare there. and, breaking right now, terrorists storm into an israeli synogogue, with knives and axes. we'll tell you about the rising death toll from the attack, and israel response. >> and, it is decision day, will pennsylvania gamble on a second casino in philadelphia? big announcement just days
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away. >> have you been outside this morning, maybe to walk out, grab the paper? if so, you know it feels like january. not the week before thanksgiving. >> it is coming. >> i think -- >> did you just hear that? i heard that. >> oh, i see why the wind just start today blow. >> i heard that. >> my microphone hot on that one. i was going to say, guys, when i walked out here, the wind is bad enough, but it was like i had these visions of winter's past, and it is so cold out here, and the wind was actually light when i first stepped out. of course, it always is right on cue, as soon as i come up on camera to mess with my hair that it is a sign to get all crazy. >> chilly day unfolding for our area, we are going to expect just, i think, this chill settle in i think for pretty much the long hall here, at least through the rest of the week. take a look at storm scan3, clearing little bit, wind just very noticeable, so looking at couple of choice locations, these tra


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