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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 18, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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away. >> have you been outside this morning, maybe to walk out, grab the paper? if so, you know it feels like january. not the week before thanksgiving. >> it is coming. >> i think -- >> did you just hear that? i heard that. >> oh, i see why the wind just start today blow. >> i heard that. >> my microphone hot on that one. i was going to say, guys, when i walked out here, the wind is bad enough, but it was like i had these visions of winter's past, and it is so cold out here, and the wind was actually light when i first stepped out. of course, it always is right on cue, as soon as i come up on camera to mess with my hair that it is a sign to get all crazy. >> chilly day unfolding for our area, we are going to expect just, i think, this chill settle in i think for pretty much the long hall here, at least through the rest of the week. take a look at storm scan3, clearing little bit, wind just very noticeable, so looking at couple of choice locations, these temperatures are bad enough.
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but look at the wind, when you factor that in, very persistent predominantly westerly breeze that we're con adult withing here today, and it really is going to easily shave solid ten, maybe 15 degrees off, for how it actually makes it feel throughout the course of the day. so here's where we stand, well, we've turned the corner, struggling in here out at mount pocono. 18 degrees what it feels like in philly, i can a test to that, 13 how it feels in reading, feels like even single digits out in lancaster, the list goes on, little bit milder by comparison, in atlantic city, and the wildwood area, yes, these are values that you have to be bundling up for. it is going to definitely again, i would say, sort of harken back to last went nerve fact this is the colds he is it's been since this past winter, who could forget it. tonight, though, when we really bottom out. records needed to beat would be into the teens in most spots, in philadelphia, 20 degrees, where we would have to hit, and i think we have a good shot to do it later tonight. in the meantime, only expecting daytime highs to get into the low or mid 30's at best today.
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but that aside, the winds that will get you, you have to factor that in, the bottom line is bundle up walking out the door, we are however expecting full sunshine today, no rain gear required, at least this time around. jess, we send it into you. >> need to look at the glass half full. thank you, katie. good morning, everybody, 5:02, going outside, start off things early, i'm competing with katie for bad news on the platt bridge, where you can see an accident, multi-vehicle accident here, earlier today, i counted about three cars involved in that. you can see police activity on the scene, so all of the lights, hard to decifer waist going on, but we know headed eastbound off the platt bridge, headed toward southwest philly. pushing them over to rights zero right hand shoulder, expect good delays. mid-county everything moving along great in both directions, southbound lanes moving great, where the taillights are, northbound lanes moving great there, as well. over in montgomery county an accident at fir field road, at soap erode, involving a damaged pole with police
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activity on the scene trying to direct traffic around the incident out in new jersey maple avenue, an accident there. ukee, back over to you. >> we have breaking neutral, at least four people killed in a terrorist attack at jerusalem synogogue. new video just into us from the scene. israeli police say two palestinian men armed with guns, knives, and axes, attacked the worshippers during the rampage. six other people were hurt. officers killed both suspect during a shoot-out. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to respond harshly. new this morning, a delaware county hotel is all clear after a carbon monoxide leak overnight. firefighters arrived at the best western plus in concordville around midnight. that's where carbon monal zero monoxide detector found high level of the gas coming from the hotel laundry area. firefighters evacuated more than 100 guests while crews worked to contain that leak and event the hotel.
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>> evaculated with no incidents, no injuries, so it is a mechanical issue, been mitigate dollars. so no longer an issue. we put out service, they go about their business. crews gave the all-clear for guests to return to their rooms around 2:30 this morning. and, now, we want to show you new video row home fire in strawberry mansion. you can see plenty of smoke from the fire on ridge avenue, near stanley street. firefighters had to battle the flames and the cold. they tell "eyewitness news", the three-story house was empty and that fire is now under control. >> as casinos close in atlantic city, will another open in philadelphia? pennsylvania gaming officials announce their decision this afternoon. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at the pennsylvania convention center right now where the board will be holding it meeting. jan, good morning.
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>> good morning today's second casino license, some say the city doesn't neither node kin casino, but if approved, this casino would be allowed to operate up up to 5,000 slot machines, 250 table games. >> judgement day for gaming in philadelphia. the pennsylvania gaming control board holding a special meeting to decide philadelphia will get its seconds of two casinos licenses and, if so, where the casino would be located. and recent days, the proposed site at packer and darian in south philly has seen growing opposition. >> south philly has enough, enough is enough. >> this was crowd, just last week, many are concerned, about quality of life, and for the increased traffic and possibly more crime should a casino move in. >> over 100 parents in our schools opposed to the casino. >> politician haves joined the fight n delaware county, council there is asking that
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the gaming control board not award philadelphia a second lines. officials say they're not just trying to protect the counties own casino, harrah's in chester, but the teen region. they fear an over saturation. sim floor what is happening in atlantic sit. >> i use their common sense. see the worlds has changed in g since last december, and the day should not award a license at this time. >> four sites under consideration today. still other believe that an approval of anyone every them would simply mean more jobs encourage them to cross state lines. >> with the job force, i think it would be a great thing. >> special meeting happens here at the convention center right around 1:00 this afternoon, it is open to the public. reporting live in center city, jan carabeo, center city, "eyewitness news". >> 5:06. now that pope francis is set to visit philadelphia, the planning kicks into high gear. it will be his first papal
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visit to the u.s. >> he becomes the seconds range pontiff to visit the city since pope john paul visited 1979. it will also include a mass on the parkway. >> for him to come here, we considering you know, ride septa down, you know, just once in a lifetime experience >> hotel rooms filling up fast, tells us there are ' already booked up for that week. again, september of next year. with more than million people expected to pass the parkway for pope francis' big visit, security of course top priority for city officials. while preparing for huge crowds, really new for police planners, this event could become the largest in the city's modern history. commissioner charles ramsey
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told "eyewitness news", they've been planning for it since the possibility of a papal visit was announced last year. >> there are a loft logistical issues that have to be ironed out in terms of moving people, traffic patterns, all of those kinds of things, then the obvious security concerns that you would have with anyone as high profiles go. >> there is no official estimate on just how much the security effort will cost at this time; however, organizers with the world meeting of families, they're expected to pick up the tab for it. >> be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of pope francis' fall visit to philadelphia. we will keep you with the very latest on tv and on line at you can also tell us what you think of the pope's visit on taste book and twitter. use the hashtag cbs-3 pope. happening today, pennsylvania supreme court is weighing in on historic church abuse case. prosecutors trying to reinstate a child endangerment conviction against monsignor william lynn, first catholic church official for the way he
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handled sex abuse claims. but that conviction was thrown out last year. for now lynn is on house arrest, it could take months for the supreme court to rule on the case. >> former philadelphia traffic court judge, tomorrow seen tynes set to plead guilt think morning, in a state corruption investigation. prosecutors say tynes accepted a $2,000 bracelet from an undercover informant in exchange for promising special access to a businessman. the plea deal calls for no prison time, townsconvicted in a ticket fixing case. >> controversial keystone exile pipeline comes up for vote in the u.s. senate today. the supporters think they have the votes to have it passed. the house cleared the bill last week. louisianna senator, marry landreaux, trying to hold her seat in next month's runoff election, she is the bill's chief democratic sponsor. she is in a close race with republican congressman bill cassidy in a oil rich state.
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jon bon jovi will be honored not for his music but for his humanitarian work. will receive the prestigious marion anderson awards. jon bon jovi soul mound days has helped people in philadelphia and camden, new jersey, ceremony tonight at the kimmel center. he does fantastic work, congratulations. >> right now 5:10. keeping the peace in ferguson, missouri. the drastic steps being taken to prevent violence as we wait to see if police officer will be charged with the killing of an unarmed teenager. >> also, decades old allegations of sexual abuse, come back to haunt bill cosby. now the first time we're hearing from the latest woman to accuse the comedian of abusing her. >> also, coffee of course can gave you a jolt to start your day. but, can it kick start your weight loss too? the ingredient, that's good for your waistline. >> and the temperatures plunging this morning. it feels like it is in the teens right now. it feels like it, anyway. katie has the updated forecast when we do traffic and weather together. we of course do it on the 3's. good morning, family, back in
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just a couple of minutes. see you then.
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>> second casino in the city of philadelphia. there are four application zero applicants for the final philadelphia license. the the pennsylvania state gaming control board meets today at 1:00 and they could awards the license or not. >> breaking news this morning, there are at least four worshippers dead after attack at jerusalem synogogue. two attackers were also shot and killed. >> best western and concordville delaware county, leak, came from heater in the base. more than 100 guests were forced from their rooms early this morning, but they are back inside now. here it is right now. hey, katy? >> ukee, good morning, everybody, well, of course,
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the damage has essentially been done here in the way of some very cold air that has now settled into our area, the temperatures have take answer hit, and they're going to have a real hard time recovering to anything even close to seasonable, for quite a while. but thankfully our pat certain very quiet. always trade off. you know, let's store things off by taking you on out to atlantic city, "skycam 3" shot over the casinos, totally clearview. if you were with us yesterday there is same time, you couldn't even see the casinos because the low clouds have completely taken over. look at this right on cue. shaky camera indicate that there is definitely wind flowing out there, and it is very, very noticeable. i can a test to that, storm scan three we take it to nice wide zoom. still lingering left over snowflakes falling here, none that far will survive rolling our way, so maybe flurry in the pork knows, but here in philadelphia, it is strictly sunshine at this point. here's where we stand right now, though, temperatures as we said, have taken the hit,
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down to the 20, a teens, low 30's at the airport, feels colder with winds blowing, it is colder, though, you want the core of the cold, go to bumming -- birmingham, 25 there. so, it always could be worse, right? we will take you through what will happen today. brighter day but man frigid. we haven't seen these kind of temperatures since last winter, we all remember how that was, i know, feeling more like the teens, tonight the records will be challenged. if we hit 20 tonight in philly, that ties the records here in the city. it is clear, it is bitterly cold, you need to bundle up walking out the door today and tomorrow. thankfully, the winds isn't quite as harsh, but we are staying very cold obviously, modest rebounds by thursday, but it gets knocked right back to the upper 30's, already, by friday. >> go out and check out the situation on the platt bridge where there was multi-vehicle accident, just a moment ago, pretty much cleared out of the way, right now, eastbound lanes off platt bridge, and you can see, some police activity still on the scene,
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probably doing paperwork in there. so headed eastbound toward southwest philly moving along great now schuylkill expressway south street pretty much doing the same here, so westbound toward king every prussia where headlights are moving on, in eastbound lanes moving along great, there as well. now on the northeast extention, disable truck, southbound just past lansdale pushed to the right-hand side, cedar street, traffic lights malfunction withing police activity on the scene trying to clean up that and get it out of the way. currently no problems on any of the majors, 95 southbound, 422, headed eastbound, looking great. ukee, over to you. >> jess, thank you. move overall ex rodriguez, new baseball star about to sign the richest contract in sport history. wait until you hear how much money he will make per bat. >> oh, make you want to pull the covers over yourr head. >> per bathe. >> insane. >> case of missing beauty queen, vanishes days before a big pageant. details coming up.
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the sixers without a win so far this season, tough texas swing did not help. last night sixers and the world champion spurs, in san antonio. michael carter williams led the sixers with 16. in the second half, sixers shot 32%, and the spurs pulled away. san antonio wins, 100 to 75 for the sixers tenth straight lost to start the season. the boston celtics are in town tomorrow night. >> well, eagles take on the tennessee titans this sunday at lincoln financial feel look to go get back on the winning track. birds had no answers for the packers of course, aaron rogers yesterday, in grown bay, sunday in greenbay, mr. rogers through for 341 yards, and three touchdowns. coach kelly says, though, the team will learn from the game and improve. our guys know what to do. we lost games before here. and it is about coming back
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and not letting the same game beat you twice. you can't feel sorry for yourself in this league. you know, you can have big wins on one week, not on the other week. have something to play each week. folks next opponent, what we're in the process of doing right now. >> coach also says time to put on the big boy pant. let's play some football. eagles-titans game at the linc will be broadcast right here on cbs-3, and game time, 1:00. now the titans played pit burying in nashville last night, and blue a 11-point lead to lose to the steelers, 27 to 24. laugh on bell rang for 204 yards and a touchdown, and ben roethlisberger 12th quarter touchdown pass to antonio brown put the steels he ers ahead to stay. titans two and eight and losers of four straight. let's go get them eagles on sunday. the miami marlins say they've resigned 25 year old two-time all-star carlos stanton to 13 year, $325 million contract. did the quick math,
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per watt stanton hit by pitch, you may remember, missed about a month. at the end of last season, making big change now. >> following breaking news right now in chicago, where small plane has crashed into a home. this is some brand new video we just got in of the aftermath, just an unbelievable scene there. police say no one in that house was hurt. but it is not clear how many people were on board that plane, or their condition. the single engine aircraft went down shortly after taking off from mid-way international airport. that's about 8 miles southwest of downtown chicago. we will stay on top of this and bring you new information as soon as we get it. right now 5:21, and do you need a little extra spending money for the holidays? we want to give you $100 this morning. just keep watching for the word of the day for your chance to win.
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>> and, speaking of spending, three's on your side helping you save money. the items you should avoid buying on "black friday", and the big deals you can find right now. we'll be right back.
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oh, katie, these temperatures. >> i know, these temperatures really harken back to winter's past. don't they? last winter is the last time it got this oh, but there you have t mother nature can do what she l when you have a very potent system like we did yesterday, rolling across the eastern seaboard, you will see temperatures get out back. that storm long gone at this point. skies are clearing. it also means you'll have a chance to clear out and bottom out more readiliment factor in persistent wind out of the west, throughout the day, and at least this morning, your
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temperature values feel more like the teens or maybe low 20's, at absolute best, the code he is spot definitely go to the north and west most suburbs, lehigh valley, pocono region, meanwhile we only hit 33 degrees today. twenty plus degrees here, so thermometer is one thing, factor in the wind, you can talking it feet more like 4 degrees below average out there at any time. jess? >> shaking my head, can't deal with t we go outside to chester county where it is smooth sailing on the 30 bypass route 113. over on the left-hand side, the westbound lanes, right-hand side, eastbound lanes everything moving great so far. pretty much the same thing on the schuylkill expressway at spring garden. you can see everything moving along great, there little bit of volume starting to jam up tiny bit. see brake lights up ahead on the eastbound lanes which is that the taillights, now, we do have some delays on septa, due to downed tree. from yesterday, actually, that suspended the line on the
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paoli thorndale regional rail line. dealing with small delays so far this morning. but, you know, we'll keep you updated on that as the morning progresses, erika, back over to you. >> thank, jessica. convicted mass murderer, 80 year old man son will marry 26 year old aston mill ann burton next month. burton spent the past nine years trying to exonerate manson who is serving life without parole in california. a wedding coordinator has been assigned by the prison it handle the nuptials. >> well, authority in south america continue to look for a missing beauty queen. nineteen year old maura went missing just days before she was set to compete in the miss world pageant. miss honduras and her sister reported missing over the weekend two, haven't been seen since last week. the don test last april, won the contest last april. >> right now, 5:26. coming up in our next half
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hour of "eyewitness news", more trouble for bill cosby. who would believe me? they would probably think i was out to get something. >> another woman comes forward accusing cans bye of sexually assaulting her decades ago. why she is just telling her story now. >> also, do you count calories on your smart phone? we'll let you know if those apps real dow help you shed pounds. >> jessica and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we of course do it on the 3's, yes, katie talking near record cold. we're back at the bottom of the hour. here we go, good morning.
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>> ugly accusations continue to follow bill cosby, now for the first time hearing from a new woman, who says the philadelphia legend abused her decades ago. we're also talking to local prosecutor about why he refused to charge cost bee in
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similar crime. >> good morning, everyone, hey, we haven't even hit thanksgiving yet t feels like the middle of winter. now, we're threatening some record lows. wow, let's check in with katie and jess, here's katie, good morning. >> mainly by later on tonight. if you perhaps stepped out the door, taken the dogs for walk or something lining, that you already know that it is a lot colder than yesterday was or than many days before it were, but it gets even colder before all said and done. >> man, jest, it is getting coat olds site. >> just freezing in the studio. i can't even imagine being out on the skydeck, thanks, 5:30 this morning, we go check out the ben franklin bridge from the philly side so the heads lights are headed in toward the city all lanes open, no there. and we currently do have some delays on septa. and i'll cover all of those details in the next couple of


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