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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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sun comes up so we are making a run for records across the delaware valley this morning but a nice clear sky. i expect an absolutely gorgeous sunrise but looks are so deceiving. make sure you are wonderfulled up, even though thankfully worse of the wind is tapering a little will bit here today. it is still feeling brutal. lets explain it, with storm scan three, doesn't have anything to show say for our sweep. if we didn't have that you would never necessity this was in motion right now but it is quiet here, although, again we have a little hint of the breeze out here. anytime it blows, ah h, it makes it feel colder. this is how we dropped on the thermometer in the last 24 hours, we have dropped off a deficit hearsay four to five as many as 10 degrees. it is definitely colder on the actual thermometer then it was this same time yesterday. we will go out to the eyewitness weather watcher network for a couple of temperature reports coming in over the last hour or so and it is all teens from saylorsburg to chalfont,
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kenneth square to chats worth. there are 20's reported as well but those are the coldest spots we have found in the weather watcher network this morning. meanwhile moving forward in the forecast we are expecting full sunshine, couple of puffy clouds, nothing more but look at that high of 33 by 3:00 p.m. that is it. we are barely above freezing at that point. much like yesterday we have to have your heavier coat ready to go. as i mentioned about the wind it is still present. you will still notice it. couple things that come with that. it is not quite as persistent as it was yesterday and it will be turning a little bit more out of the south, as the day goes on. so that should help things along. but it is still only going to feel like the 20's at best here today. you know what, bottom line, it is cold, be ready for witt all of the extra layers and winter weather accessories. >> good advice there katie, thanks very much. good morning everyone. we're still moving well on our majors. we are feeling rush hour creeping up but we want to take you outside to live chopper three where we are
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over the the scene of the earlier fire situation that we had on the north bun side of the new jersey turnpike just beyond hightstown. one lane closed as a result of this and your best alternate to take route 130. we have a active scene, we will notice a lot of this what doesn't look like debris, it is still somewhat recovering out here from an earlier situation, a fire situation on the new jersey turnpike north bound at hightstown. so one lane still closed traffic still gets by but one lane closed and your best alternate to take route 130 as we move through this morning. we will let you know when it does open up all lanes. as we look at the vine street expressway still moving well, heading westbound toward schuylkill, eastbound toward i-95, no major problems. as we move to the 42 freeway we are seeing a few more headlights northbound on the 42 making your way around creek road. that is an indication that rush hour is not too far away. if you are traveling manayunk norristown regional rail line they are experiencing 15
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minute delays due to wire problems and on some platforms you have to board on the outbound side. ukee and's use. so much i guess you can say it is winter without the wonderland. >> record cold is blasting its way in the philadelphia region. just a reminder, it is not winter, it is still autumn. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from the 69th street terminal to see how commuters are dealing with the deep freeze. i bet a lot of folks running very fast to catch their train or their bus. >> reporter: that is right. i have seen quite a few people running from one place to the next. i don't know if you can see it on camera but you can see may breath. it is frigid out here this morning. because it is so cold city of philadelphia issued a code blue alert. so in montgomery county and burlington county in new jersey. we are coming to you live from the 69th street terminal, in upper darby, where the scene is the same all across the dell will wear valley, person after person is bundled up, with the big puffy coats, fury
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hoods gloves and the scarves, trying to keep every piece of skin covered. here in upper darby according to my cbs philly weather app we are right around 20 degrees but it feels colder. about 10 degrees colder then that. numbers not many people want to hear this early in the season. it is not even thanksgiving just yet but we are feeling like middle of winter and especially cold like many of these folks catching several buses and trains to work and school. it is a brutal morning to be standing and waiting for a ride. >> just doing my best, and apparently he dropped me off early so i'm waiting. i don't have that long, maybe five more minutes left so it is not that bad. >> reporter: long five minutes. >> it is kind of cold out here. >> reporter: but some people are taking this in stride. they have many layers on. they say hey at least we're not in buffalo dealing with all of that snow. on people love the cold, love those winter weather sports
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going snowing and skiing and snow boarding i should say. if you bundle up, you should be able to do very good out here but you have to remember to take a few more precautions. reporting live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if they are outside bring your pets in. >> yes. >> we will tell you more here it could be worse, right? we could be western insuring where several feet of lake effect snow stranded hundreds of motorist in the cold and it is still snowing this morning. that storm has been blamed for at least four deaths. the governor has call in the national guard and declared a state of emergency in ten counties and in buffalo as jan mentioned officials there it could be getting up to two more feet of snow. >> we're talking on thursday and friday a potential for another 18 to 24 inches in that same area. we were calculating earlier there are some parts of our community that are going to receive the the equivalent of a whole years worth of
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snowfall in three days. >> my goodness. >> there is actually a visible wall of precipitation you can see here in the time lapse come off the lake. parts of the buffalo are buried other areas just minutes away were effectively untouch. make "eyewitness news" your winter weather station, we have compiled a survival guide on cbs, useful health advice and links to resources, to deal with the cold. new this morning warrington police need public's help finding a missing autistic teen. let's show you the boy. thirteen year-old steven seder. he was seen greens worth south monday afternoon wearing black jacket and jeans at the time. if you have seen steven give warrington police a call. we are learning more about the investigation in the death of coupe are health's ceo and his wife, the courier post report john sheridan junior and his wife, joyce, were attack in their own home before a fire september 28th.
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tom wilson released this statement. from the beginning we have said that no one wanted answer about our parents deaths more than us. real answers will only come after a full, thorough investigation. we do not conn down releasing information in a piecemeal fashion because of frustration with the process. it is not helpful to getting to the truth about what happened to our parents. we are committed to getting to the truth and that means we will not comment while the investigation is ongoing. just a week after from thanksgiving and tragedy strikes several local business owners. >> you can see right there black smoke and flames pouring from the historic columbus farmer market. chopper three hovered above yesterday. that market is located on route 206 in springfield township. many shop owners and building four in that site lost everything. fortunately though no one was hurt. undamage section of the market is scheduled to open up on schedule today.
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our nicole brewer will have a live report at 6:30 to tell you more about it. time is 6:08. race for mayor in philadelphia heat up to day with two more candidates joining the crowded field. former philadelphia district attorney lynn abraham will officially launch her campaign today at noon. abraham was city's first female district attorney and longest serving one. she has been in private practice since she didn't run for reelection in 2009. a few hours after abraham's announcement state senator anthony williams will they his hat in the ring. three other candidates have started campaigning to replace mayor michael nutter next year. primary is may 2015. a casino controversy in philadelphia, why some people say a new hotel and casino will be bad for their neighborhood, that is coming up. also fall out mounting for bill cosby in the wake of the growing sex assault controversy, now a former super model is adding her name the two list of woman who claims that the comedian raped
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her. you have seen grocery stores and menus and restaurants, thousands of people jumped on the gluten free band wagon but is this the answer to some health problems or just a new diet the craze. we have details coming up in the healthwatch. ♪ >> we like to break dean-o out but we usually break him out in december. >> but it is cold outside. >> bundle up. >> got that right. good morning familiar willly beautiful sky, take precautions we will be right back.
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four rabbis were killed during a terrorist attack on a synagogue in jerusalem yesterday have already been buried. jewish worshipers return to that synagogue today to pray for the victims. authorities say that two palestinian men armed with the gun and a butcher knife, they targeted dozens of worshipers yesterday as they gathered for morning prayers. police killed those two suspects in the shoot-out. five people were killed among them musha twersky who has family in lakewood township, new jersey. >> the world has lost a gentle scholar who never hurt a person in his life, and wished well to everyone. he was taken from frustrates whe he was talking to god. >> israel has vowed harsh retaliation. prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ordered the attackers homes be demolish.
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we have just learn netflix scrapped plans to premiere bill cosby a's comedy special as the comedian faces more accusations of rape. latest comes from super model janice dickinson. she told entertainment tonight cosby drug her at a home in lake tahoe in 1982. when she woke up she was in pain and didn't have have her clothes. dickinson becomes third mess high profile woman to publishly accuse cosby in the last week. cosby's lawyers have previously said they would not comment on the claims. 6:13. here's traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> a at least we can bank on the beautiful sunrise. we have beautiful colors popping over the horizon. sun does come up a at 6:50 or so. later every morning. but we are certainly in the chill right new here in atlantic city despite beautiful view. regardless it is a cold day and it will be one of those days you have to be ready for. bunneling up adequately. well off to the north west here lake effect snow continues to come here and it
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looks somewhat innocent looking at the the radar. it is not a huge system but all we need is one band to set up in these lake effect belts and you get clobbered here. feet worth of snow. this photo came in courtesy of erika from one of her friend up in buffalo. this was after they already shovel the door. this is their front door. opened it up. this is what is there. they already shoveled once. that is rough stuff. so, it could be worse, we will just say that. we have four additional days coming up here, sunshine, roller coaster ride with another front coming through but it comes through dry. it is spotsible for keeping us in that chill. looking ahead to the weekend what is this, 50's and 60's? my goodness we will take it. it does come with a trade off. is there a storm that comes witt but strictly a rain making system this time, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. we will want to update you on the accident on the new jersey turnpike if you are traveling north bound at hightstown. we are looking live at chopper three here. what we are dealing with is
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the clean up. it was a fiery three tractor trailer crash on the north bound side of new jersey turnpike that occurred in the truck lanes. the truck lanes are still closed as of this time because of an investigation, new all of the fires have been extinguish which is good news but with that close another of the truck lanes they are allowing some trucks to use the car lanes. just to put some text to this incident north bound new jersey turnpike, what we were just looking a at, beyond hightstown, truck lanes are still closed. your best alternate is to take route 130. that is where you are going. we have a note for you here, 15 minute delays foreman i young norristown lines. they are experiencing wire problems. for new jersey transit we have shuttle buses between 30th street and cherry hill because of amtrak's signal problems as well. rush hour still light, erika. >> thanks, vittoria. >> pennsylvania gaming regulators award philadelphia's second casino license and depending who you talk with south philly is the big winner or big loser. live hotel casino will be
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built near stadium complex at packer and darren. holiday inn that sits on that property license refurbish and expanded. developers and many residents are thrilled, others say that project will hurt neighboring economies. no ward when construction will begin on the 425 million-dollar project. last night's deadly accident on the new jersey turnpike vittoria was talking about is impacting travel earlier this morning. one lane of the northbound turnpike remains closed north of exit eight in middlesex county. one person was killed when three tractor trailers were involve in this fiery accident. the columbus farmers market produce row is opened today, day after a huge fire tore through the market's building four. in injuries were reported. there are already almost 6 feet of snow on the ground in upstate, new york and more snow is on the way. snow is blamed for four deaths near buffalo. we will be right baback. caring for you ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and
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most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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central bucks west high school will soon hire a new head football coach. will school officials fired brian hensel after a hazing scandal involving the football program. hazing investigation first came to light last month. hensel will stay on as a teacher at the the high school. suspension of his assistant coaches has been lifted but their future with the football program will be decided once a new head coach is hired. flyers captain claude giroux could miss more than tonight's game against rangers in manhattan.
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otherses a say giroux could miss two games after taking a puck off the foot in practice on monday. giroux remained at practice but injury forced him to skip a meet and greet with season ticket holders monday night. rangers are two points ahead of the fly guys in the n hl's metropolitan division. to the hardwood sixers welcomed boston celtics to the well tonight. sixers are still looking for their first win of the season. that would be sweet to win over boston, historic rivalry. celtics have lost three straight. we need your help to pick final night football frenzy game of the week, vote on the audio road show app, your choices are downingtown east at coatsville, upper dublin at pennsbury or great valley at springfield. we will have the winner on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night. good luck to all who are playing. 6:20. we know it is cold, flu season but now there is a way to fight germs in style. coming up, we will tell but this scarves that promises to keep you healthy. also this.
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>> gluten free just a fad diet or answer to serious health concerns i'm ministerially had hall in new york with the answer coming
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let's get traffic and weather together on the three's, katie. >> it is obviously cold outside, my friend, you have to bundle will up adequately here. whipped is not as harsh as yesterday. look at this view though, what a beautiful start to the day, as we look live here from skies cam three our wind is out of the west only 9 miles per hour and it is 21 degrees, however and humidity continues to drop off. staticy hair my friends be ready for that. storm scan three is clear and will stay that way all day to day. you're witness weather three day forecast goes on a roller coaster ride and sandwiched between two, 30 plus degree day we are in the mid 40's
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but, next cold front comes through dry but will knock us right back into well below average territory. vittoria. >> thanks very much, katie. good morning. traveling on the schuylkill expressway unfortunately we have a little something going on. traveling 76 eastbound not too far within your western suburbs not too far from conshohocken, as awe approach area of 476, blue route, we are dealing with the accident, majority on the shoulder, police are on the scene but it is causing a gaper delay. we will see westbound volume here as we a approac city avenue and then rush hour delays 95 southbound from the betsy ross bridge down through the vine. also on the new jersey turnpike north bound beyond hightstown we have had an earlier three tractor trailer fire crash, so truck lanes are still closed, best alternate is route 130. let's head over to erika, erika. >> on the cbs-3 healthwatch this morning a decade ago most americans never even heard the word gluten. but now, millions are trying to cut it from their diets complaining of stomach pain to fatigue.
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the question is, why food we have been eating for centuries suddenly causing such discomfort. marley hall went looking for answers. >> reporter: misty nelson is making breaded chicken gluten free. she gave up wheat products seven months ago hoping to cure crippling stomach pains. >> once you cut out gluten how did you you feel. >> fabulous, immediately. >> reporter: gluten is a a protein in wheat which humans have been eating for thousands of years. now a third of american adults are trying to cut from it their diets. 1 percent have of celiac disease and gluten can damage their intestines but rest run the gamut. gwenn owns a gluten free store in new york and hears a whole range of complaints. >> everything from being tired all the time, acne, infertility, ib s. >> reporter: sales of gluten free food are expect to stop
6:26 am
$15 billion by 2016. doctors are scrambling to figure out why. >> is it a diet fad or legitimate health concerns associated with it. >> i believe there is a lit built of both. >> reporter: doctor steven lamb says people may be more sensitive to gluten because they are simply more of it. >> it a appears that the wheat products from thousands of years ago probably had less gluten then they do now. >> reporter: doctor lamm says more research is badly neededded but misty says she has all of the proof that she needs. >> no doubt at all and i'll never go back. >> reporter: she has learn to cook a gluten free version of just about everything, marley hall, cbs news, landing, new jersey. also on the healthwatch this morning a fashionable way to help prevent the flu. >> let's show you what is call the scoff, a scarves that protect your mouth and nose from inhaling someone else's cough sneeze or overall germs. it keeps your germs from spreading. pair of insuring business partner created the scoff by putting a carbon filter mask
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inside a scarves. >> it is a filter for your face. >> this product can offer some protection against an aerosol but it certainly is not 100 percent. >> it costs between 49 and $69, yeah, katie said what. >> wow. >> mask inside is good for three months. we have more information at cbs they are stylish. >> pricey for a piece of flannel. >> they are stylish. >> scarf. >> the scoff. >> whatever works for you. >> coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" we will have more on new jersey's largest and oldest farmers marketing up in flames, nick coal. >> reporter: yeah, erika less than 24 hours after that fire merchants prior to open up their doors we will tell you which portions of the market are opened and which will likely remain closed, coming up at 6:30. >> thanks, nicole. we will see new a bit.
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call this guy the grinch. search is on foreman caught on camera stealing a box of toys off of a front porch. it is definitely cold enough to make snow in the poconos. katie has your frigid forecast, vittoria checks roads with traffic and weather together on the three's. we are back at the bottom of the hour, good morning
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good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us and warm thoughts out to you right now because it is no easy job to stay warm. >> this birth blast means you are setting your cars heater at full blast it takes licensing tore warm up, you have to layer. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao joins us from 69th street terminal with a few chilly commuters. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika and ukee, good morning. we have not felt this type of cold in a long time. it will take time for everyone out here to get acclimated to it once again, it is so cold out here that the city of philadelphia has issued a code blue alert because of the severe cold weather. so has montgomery county and burlington county in new jersey. coming to the live from the 69th street terminal in upper darby where people are shuffling faster this morning to get on the bus and to find relief and find some warmth. all across delaware valley we are seeing same thing person after person bundled up with
6:32 am
the billing puffy coat, fury hoods, trying to keep every piece of skin covered. here in upper dash a according to our weather app we are right around 20 degrees but it feels a whole lot colder and feels about 10 degrees colder then that. numbers that not many people want to hear about this season especially like many of these folks catching several buses and trains to work and school. it is a brutal morning to be standing out waiting for a ride, take a listen. >> i still got another ride along here and it is cold up there. so,. >> reporter: unaudible. >> i know. >> we have three or 4 feet of snow in buffalo. so, don't complain. >> reporter: that is looking at things on the bright side, we cannot complain. there is no snow on the ground just yet but just a whole lot of cold weather. people are husseling to and from to grab those buses and get out of this cold weather. you can handle it but you have
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to take extra precaution and cover everything up heading out the door. reporting live at 69th street terminal in upper darby, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we will get back to you shortly. we will get over to meteorologist kate i fehlinger to talk about when this cold will get out of here and how cold it will get. >> pretty much today is worse day in terms of the actual thermometer readings, erika. good morning everybody. this is kind of weather that puts a spring in your step when you walk out the door as jan mentioned extra layers required. make like it is january, that is what you want to think about here. despite nice empty storm scan three and bright blue skies that we'll all day, full sunshine all day this is a really really cold day. we have to go back to not just yesterday but last winter to come up with temperatures quite this cold. sixteen is your current temperature under that beautiful blue sky outside kutztown area middle school but clear skies if you don't have a blanket or cloud cover
6:34 am
to keep you from the heat you will not stay nice and mild throughout the overnight. this is obviously more brutal then we are used to. excuse me. 21 degrees here at philly international. we are just 1 degree shy at this point off the record low, and although, i heard a report that we may have already hit 25 degrees or so. looking like we may need numbers to refresh themselves here. 12 degrees in mount pocono. you are 2 degrees shy off the record there. we are flirting with a lot off the record lows across the board here this morning. meanwhile as we move forward in the forecast low to mid 40's expect at best. despite sunshine, brutal cold continues for us here, about 20 to 25 degrees below average on the thermometer, maintains you you need to be ready for it. vittoria. >> i love the picture you an ukee put on facebook, by the the way. >> yes. >> traffic giving you a cold shield order schuylkill expressway.
6:35 am
seventy-six in the eastbound direction approaching 476. we are dealing with an accident. majority of this incident is on the shoulder but causing a gaper delay. eastbound schuylkill expressway approaching 476, you want to be mine full of that. traveling on the westbound side of the schuylkill we have delays from city avenue new out through to about gladwynn. we are definitely starting to see rush hour just like we are on i-95. i-95 south bun we have delays from the betsy ross bridge down through vine street expressway this is continuing to grow. a as you make your way around construction zones at cottman avenue speed sensors will drop there as well. 14 miles an hour is your average. twenty-nine on the schuylkill expressway. still in the 50's on 476, nothing major on the turnpike or extension but watch out for minor delays on 422. this accident still closing the truck lanes on the northbound side of the turnpike at hightstown 130 is your best option. erika. >> vittoria, thank you. fast moving four alarm blaze destroys building at historic columbus farmer market in burlington county.
6:36 am
tragedy struck just as shop keepers prepared for their busiest time of the year, but not all is lost. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us live from springfield township, nicole, good morning. >> reporter: that is right, good morning, erika. not all is lost and that is good news here. despite the the extensive damage to building four much of the rest of the market was spared and pre dues row we're told will open up as scheduled come 7:00 o'clock this morning. as smoke billowed out of windows and flames shot from the roof the fate of the columbus farmers market in burlington county hung in the balance. >> walked off from the wawa, just waiting to see what is going on. >> reporter: business owners watched and waited a as one of the delaware valley's oldest, largest free markets came under fire, all hoped that their shop would be spared but those in building four got bad news. >> what he don't know what will transpire from the fire or anything, they have outside
6:37 am
whether we will be able to open up out there or not because we have a location outside also. >> reporter: four alarm fire which required 150 fire fighters to keep containment left heavy damage in that one section of the market. fire officials say firewalls helped as the weather hampered. >> cold weather and wind were really a big issue on this and give the fire a good head start once we tarted in there. >> reporter: while many merchants lost everything including business at their busiest time of the year fire officials are giving thanks ahead of the holiday that the market was closed and in one was injured. >> had it been a busy thursday or a thursday of thanksgiving it would have been a tremendous amount of people there and sheer chaos. >> nicole brewer reporting, we will check with her on the cw
6:38 am
philly. >> look at that live picture. we will continue to follow this and bring you more updates throughout the morning on our broadcast and coming up after 7:00 o'clock on the cw philly. meanwhile a brazen thief is caught in the act stealing a box of toys off an upper darby porch. "eyewitness news" spoke exclusively with lewis simons, the home owner. the ups delivery man was only following instruction toss leave package at the front door but moments later a man in a red shirt whom you'll see from the right side of your screen carrying a child appeared on that important much and then walk off with that delivery. >> as it is right now is exactly how it was when i came home. this was opened and other one down below was opened. if i don't stop him, and other people like him, he will continue to do this to people. >> police are now trying to identify that man right there, lewis simon now has a note asking delivery drivers not to
6:39 am
leave packages if no one is home. atlantic city casino workers will protest plans to close trump taj mahal this edge. the casino says it will shut down december 12th if hotel and restaurant union members don't drop an appeal of the court order saving money package. close another will put 3,000 taj a man hall employees out of work. welshing people magazine's sexiest man alive is revealed. i will give you a hint but it is not me, that is just the hint, i will tell you more. >> very helpful hint. >> do you know? >> yes. >> still ahead the department of transportation is concerned that your life is at risk. it wants millions more air bags recalled. what is being behind the demand and which auto makers air affect coming up. a giant snow wall swallowed buffalo new york. people are trapped under several feet of snow and it is going to get even worse. we will back, see new a bit.
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to cat a.
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this incredible time lapse video shows the wall of lake effect snow that blanketed parts of the western new york. now people in buffalo are used to seeing lot of snow but this storm, that is burying the the area right now is being called one of the worst in recent history. don champion gives us a closer look. >> reporter: overnight only the heaviest of machinery could easily get around
6:43 am
buffalo, new york. plows can in longer plow the snow, is there so much snow it is basically like plowing a brick wall. >> reporter: paralyzing storm has already dumped more than 4 feet of snow in the area time lapse individual yes from tuesday shows the massive lake effect snow storm moving off shore, four people have been killed in storm related incident. >> we're stressing to people do not drive unless you absolutely have to. >> reporter: too often people who ventured out of gotten stuck and 140 vehicles are stranded on the new york state throughway, 132-mile stretch of the highway is now shut down. overnight niagara university women's basketball team was rescued after being stuck on their bus for more than a day. >> i was just filling our water bottles up that we used during games up with snow, so that could melt and we could have water in the morning. >> reporter: even emergency crews are having trouble getting around, overnight fire fighters were forced to carry a patient through several feet of snow to a hospital, blocks
6:44 am
away. >> if someone calls 911 and there is 6 feet of snow on that street that ambulance will have problems getting there. >> reporter: snow is expect to ease up today buzz another lake effect snowstorm is expect on thursday. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i feel for those folks in buffalo. makes our cold not seem so bad, katie. >> absolutely, we are just dealing with the wind helping to kick that snow in across the great lakes region. we will talk about that in a second. lets go out to our eyewitness weather watcher network starting off here in central new jersey. we have a lot of teens and 20's here. mark checked in at 19 degrees. we will take you further south here, where alex brownsky checked in at 18 but full, clear skies he said in mace landing. he said it is coldest november morning he has ever seen, he looks pretty young, but he is said the record low is 18 in mays landing and they just hit it. thanks for that report. we will head off to the west here out towards northern delaware, where lisa kerrigan
6:45 am
check in with 21 degrees. still clear skies. she says it feels more like 11. office why usually a very cold morning. one more here, further north, doug faith, one of the new ones for morning here, 16 and nice clear skies. he sent that in over the the course of the last hour in schwanksville and he said load up that wood stove. yes, it is freezing outside. time to grab hot chocolate and blanket and all that good stuff that makes you think of winter. lets look the at how this feels. we have a couple feels like values from the weather watcher network too here's where we slew. basically up and down, the i-95 corridor it feels like 11, singles or worse than that as we go in the remote suburbs and higher terrain. a at best the thermometer will reach 33 degrees. still despite sunshine. still very cold. we are going to see the same system that may bring lake effect snow to the great lakes region. that actually moves in for us, as a dry cold front lead nothing to friday.
6:46 am
if you guys love watching weather we want to you join our team of weather watchers. sign upright now at cbs vittoria, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everyone. as you will notice eastbound side of the schuylkill does not look great out of the area have of king of prussia, also not looking great would be an incident that we are dealing with on the shoulder. good thing it is on the shoulder, bad news it is adding gaper traffic, on to rush hour volume anyway. if you are heading into the eastbound direction of the schuylkill expressway give yourself some more time. also if you are traveling in the eastbound direction of 76, once you move beyond the area of gulph mills head down towards 476, notice this accident on the shoulder. it is traffic again, squeezing on by. good news it is on the shoulder. the the bad news it is it out there. as we look at manayunk norristown line we have 15 minute delays due to wire problems. also for new jersey transit there is some shuttle busing between 30th street and cherry hill on the atlantic city line. just keep that in mine. i-95 southbound we are seeing rush hour delays out of the
6:47 am
northeast through to the vine, ukee. vittoria, thank you. we are hoping you can help authorities fine a missing boy with autism. let's show you 13 year-old steven seder last seen monday afternoon in the greens worth south in warrington. if you see steven, please contact the authorities. also, the outer truck lanes remain closed on the northbound new jersey turnpike, north of exit number eight. one person was killed there last night in a crash involving three tractor trailers. a live look at the columbus farmers market building hit by fire yesterday afternoon there were no injuries in the market's produce row will open up at 7:00 o'clock this morning in just over ten minutes. as usual, but merchants are worried about business at one of the busiest times of the year. federal safety regulators want the auto industry to expand a recall on cars made with air bags by takata. it will cover vehicles by ford, honda, chrysler, mazda and bmw. it will bring the number of recalled vehicle tolls more than 20 million in. so far defective air bags are
6:48 am
tied to five death and more than 100 injuries. in those cases air bags unexpectly exploded, sending shrapnel through to the vehicle will. takata says the investigation is conducted with the u.s. safety regulators is sufficient. for now recall is limited to parts of the country with high humidity. 6:48. it is a story of brotherly love a philadelphia non-profit is in the running for a big gift that could help hundreds of families dealing with the in medical crisis this charity has distributed more than $6 million for thousands of families and we met two of them at st. christopher's hospital for children. kerry cologne had just turned five when she was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney. her mother, rena suarez took time off have of work but bills dent take a break. >> my car, how willie pay my car insurance, without my car insurance i wouldn't be able to get back and forth to work. >> that means they have no income coming in and they fall behind financially.
6:49 am
>> reporter: real estate developer chris mcelwe founded michael's way in philadelphia charity pays $3,000 in non-medical bills for needy families. >> michael's way has probably helped at least 80 percent of our families. >> reporter: including the family of four year-old sandher who has leukemia. >> my mortgage, helped me with my car payments, they have helped me with some utility bills. fat it -- fit wasn't for them. >> reporter: chris was inspired by michael, a carpenter, who died of cancer in 1983. >> enduring that time he was always helping others. it was just his way. that is michael's way. >> i don't know where we would be at right now. >> reporter: michael's way raises money through t-shirt sales, donations and fundraisers and a finalist for nascar charity contest, the most votes, wins. >> if we win, we win $100,000 for our charity, $100,000 goes
6:50 am
a long way to help some families. >> it sure does. >> chris takes no salary and neither does anyone else at the the charity. they can help as many families as they can. the voting end december 4th f you want to vote for michael's way or donate to the cause find out how at cbs >> grab your phone, ho p on line. >> easy as that. >> there you go. >> 6:50. lets see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> here's gayle king up in new york. >> i am in new york, ukeelee ape natasha. good to see you two. hear from the woman's basketball team talk on their bus in several feet of snow, and they are all okay today but what a ordeal. the peter greenburg finds out how grandchildren are new tool in the fight begins travel scams. from moon shine to mixology, how one man is learning about america's alcohol roots, 1/5 at a time. news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. think about that guys he gets to travel around the country tasting different alcohol does
6:51 am
that sound like a fun assignment. >> is that a job. >> good gig if you can get it. >> it sound like a vacation. >> that is a job. >> thanks, gayle. >> ♪ >> i guess if i had a hammer instead of the pin you would have gotten that hint. >> yes. >> we had versions of what you were doing here. >> a super hero is named peoples sexiest man alive. >> chris hemsworth claims the years title. he capture many hearts in the movie thor. ladies, he is not single. thirty-one year-old australian actress is spoken for. they have three children together. quite a right though liam from the hunger games is still a railable. i asked on twit error facebook are you thorr against this pick. >> she's here all week. taylor swift will take the stage this year at victoria secret fashion show. others included ariana grande
6:52 am
and the show films in london. it airs right here on cbs-3 at 10:00p m on the ninth of december. >> we will be right back with your chance to win a hundred dollars. >> but first here's is what coming up during evening prime time viewing right here on cbs-3. back in a bit.
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you get two more chances tomorrow. right now lets check with katie for traffic and weather together. >> of course, it is all about the cold this morning for us here in the delaware valley. temperatures have dropped to the lowest we have seen since last wintertime. twenty-one at the airport. teens. these are actual air temperatures we are finding right now. there are a lot of you in the northern suburbs outside of the city. so, bundle will up. yes, you really just can't have enough layers for a daze like this. vittoria. >> thanks, katie, good morning. traveling on the westbound side of the vine street expressway you'll notice a bump over shoulder in the disable vehicle situation causing a slight delay. 422 eastbound out of the area of oaks and definitely on 95 southbound heading toward the vine street expressway n delays for philadelphia international airport. ukee. it is not just catch of the day but the the catch of the life time. >> fisherman in adventure forest, galante i, stumbled off something big off the the coast of santa barbara. spine i lobster weighed
6:57 am
12-pound. galante i named him albert girther and took him home. next morning albert was still alive and well and then he had a change of heart. >> there was just no way i could kill it for one time meal. i rush him down to the sea center where they looked at the size of him and accepted him and put him in one of their tanks. >> al burt flourish at the santa barbara natural history sea center and now at marine sanctuary where he could live to be a hundred
6:58 am
6:59 am
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. good morning. it is wednesday, november 19th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a deadly snowstorm strands travelers on the highways for hours. all 50 states face bitter cold. israel takes action after a deadly synagogue killed three americans. >> plus con artists are stealing billions from the elderly. how prosecutors are now using the grandchildren to stop those scams. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> we are having difficulty in obtaining enough tow trucks to clean the roads of cars that are abandoned. >> a ddl


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