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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 19, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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trailer driver is at fault in this crash. dunkin' donuts cameras meant to record drive through today captured evident in the deadly chain collision. >> the video really de picked this horrific accident and it showed that clearly there was nothing other than the tractor trail their was responsible. >> reporter: the wreck spread across 222 in maiden creek township involves nine other vehicles and this recycling tractor trailer. the truck driver, 50 year-old steven bernier now faces a list of charges including homicide, manslaughter, and reckless driving. police say he caused a wreck that ended up at this dunkin' donuts at least two cars leaving the the store why hit. two people died. nine others hurt. their injuries said to be non-life threatening. responding officer happened to be a witness overhearing the crash from the dunkin' drive through. >> when i came around the
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building i saw two vehicles with the tractor trailer. i called it into the dispatch center and coordinated response of the emergency unit to the scene. >> reporter: authorities alleged that the truck driver was asleep along route 222, and later woke and over compensated. >> i would call it a normal traffic pattern and all of the vehicles stopped and tractor trailer just didn't. >> reporter: and as you mentioned we do have names of those two victims. they are identified as jer any augusteen age 23 and jane, 32. there is no time line for the release of that surveillance video at this time but as for bernier, the driver of that tractor trailer, he is due for an arraignment tonight. we also learn he is a registered sex offender out on parole at the time of this crash and, again, he is set to be the soul responsible party for this crash in berks county. we are live from berks county i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you you. six people escaped from
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the car that ran off a road and plunge in the pond in delaware this crash happened on route one at the southbound exit to the christiana mall. chopper three over the scene as the car was pulled from that pond, police say that the five adults and one child were hurt but their injuries are not life threatening. the cause of crash is under investigation. breaking news now secret surface rested a man near the white house that man 41 year-old r.j. reynolds in a caffeine walk up to the checkpoint and told security somebody had told him to come to the white house from iowa. they walk him to his car when they found a rifle and ammunition. he was arrested for possession of a firearm. it has been another bitterly cold day around the region, despite plenty of sunshine. "eyewitness news" in haddonfield camden county where folks out shopping were certainly dress warm this morning we hit a record low but how far will those temperatures drop in meteorologist kathy orr is outside on the skies deck, kathy. >> the good news is no record
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cold tonight. the the bad news is wind chills will still be in the 20's overnight but that harsh cold, biting cold is slowly going to he's a cross the delaware valley. that is the the best news of the day. take a look at storm scan three. we are talking about cold, dry air moving across the region. we will see lake effect snow machine going on to the south of buffalo, new york with much more snow expected there. they could end up with a hundred inches of snow by week's end in some spots. for spots, it is dry and frigid. wind south right now at five to 10 miles an hour keeping it chilly. here's what it feels like. twenty-one in wilmington. eighteen in trenton. thirteen in the poconos. this evening temperatures will stay in the 30's, we will have those winds sustained between about five to ten. sometimes up to 15 miles an hour. wind chills will be in the 20's. coming up we are going to be seeing that cold air ease up a bit. it will be a better day, tomorrow and then a brief cold blast and then as we look
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ahead in the seven day, warm, windy but wet. ill will's take the wet if we can get the warm. i'll be back late inert broadcast with your seven day forecast good it is a trade off, kathy, thank you. there is new information tonight in the stabbing of a new jersey caseworker in camden. tonight questions are being asked about security for those workers. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren has more. >> reporter: as least a coleman recovers from more than 20 stab wound the union that represents her and her collogue insist child protective services desperate thely needs their own protection. >> just horrified for all of our members who work in such dangerous condition. >> reporter: new jersey director for communication workers of american, rosen stein, tells "eyewitness news" it is unthinkable that in one stood between coleman on the fourth floor of the building and her allege attacker edwards. the union leader says social workers like coleman are threaten constantly in the field raising dangers
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associated with substance abuse and mental illness but their headquarters should be the sanctuary. >> it had happen in the office where you would hope you would be safe. >> reporter: another hole in security, union says two days before coleman was stab, they reorganize the police force pulling all of the officers out of the building but a spokesperson for d.c. s says budget cuts should not be link to the crime. she told us quote human services police does not provide security for these buildings. officers are in and out of the dcf offices regularly, cog casework tours various visits and fieldwork. the building that houses the the department of youth and family services here in camden has added extra security to its entrance but the the union says it shouldn't have taken this long and that all buildings that house these departments should have, extra security. >> there needs to be a mental detector and scanners at the
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entrance. >> reporter: they are signing petitioning and filing grievances to get the protection that they say they need n camden noel mcclaren for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". upper darby township business gets quite a surprise, city blue, on 69th street received a special delivery, of 90 pounds of high grade marijuana from california. 60 pounds was delivered on wednesday, and a then the store received another 30 pounds the next day. the marijuana was pack in special packaging so no dogs could not detect it. police are trying to track down down the sender. new at 6:00 tonight delaware has its first flu death of the season. the state's division of public health says the victim was an eight three-year old woman from sussex count hoy died on monday. health officials urge anyone six months and old tore get a flu vaccine. one person has died in a house fire in north wildwood, when fire fighters arrived at the home on 17th avenue last night it was full i engulfed.
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investigators say 36 year-old linda martin was killed and when and was filling or igniting a kerosene heater. well, race for mayor of philadelphia is heating up. latest candidates to join the crowded field is making it official at this hour. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live on independent mall with more, david. >> reporter: chris, i just spoke to state senator anthony williams, democratic state senator anthony williams within the last 20 minutes before he made that official announcement. he is one of three heavy hitter that made that announcement to day all three candidates say they'll going to win. >> i've traveled a lot, talk to a lot of people and many of them will be with me tonight as we talk about how we put the the city together, sort of how we change the do the city's business. >> reporter: state senator anthony williams says it is simple, vote for him and philadelphia will be in good hands. >> hopefully i will offer something that is different, for everybody, then other folks and that is one who is
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doing across party lines, gender lines, ethnic lines. >> reporter: earlier in the afternoon former d.a. lynn abraham said she wants the city's top job. >> i have got lots of dreams, lots of energy, nobody will out run me, out campaign me, out think me, i have got more energy then all of the candidates put together. >> reporter: other candidates include 10trujillo a city solicitor who met with ed rendell and other potential donors during a private lunch. he said education is his big campaign issue. >> it is so tight and so fundamental to everything that we're doing f we don't get that right everything else fall will by the way side. >> reporter: former nutter staffer terry gillon announce that had a couple months ago in september. she did not have any public events listed today. but we are live at the independent visitor center, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> race to watch, thanks very much. votes are now tallied and best public rest room in the united states has been named.
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>> we told but the local landmark that was in the running, still a ahead at 6:00 how does long wood gardens stack autopsy against the competition. also ahead more on the bitter blast that has gripped the region, meteorologist justin drabick will join us live from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, justin. that is right we are still in the middle of this arctic blast, cold night here we are live at frankford transportation center, everybody is dressed up for a cold night we will talk about it in a few minutes, beasley. flyers head north to new york with the their team captain, claude giroux sidelined for a big game in madison square garden. the frustration over eagles offense see what made running back lesean mccoy storm off the podium coming up in
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i shouldn't be here. i want my life back. >> reporter: this woman says she's being held against her will and she blames this woman. she's admitted to stealing millions from others so the iteam track her down. how do you sleep at night in is this woman another rick tim and how many more, are out there. i'm investigative reporter charlotte hoffman with a exclusive i team investigation tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. police arrested a man they say was caught on surveillance video stealing a box of toys off front porch in upper darby.
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twenty year-old evan brownies the the suspect. police say he was caught on video november 10th stealing a box, minutes after it was delivered by ups. you can see the person in this video, holding a child in his arms at the time. police say they have recovered 11 of the 20 toys. baggage handlers will walk picket lines at philadelphia international airport tomorrow. they will protest what they call unfair labor practices. baggage hand letters plan to strike tomorrow morning at 7:00 outside the terminal b and c departure area handlers subcontract with all of the airlines through the company prime flight aviation services. america voted and the the best rest rooms in the country are found right here in our region. >> that is right, long wood gardens warded top tight toll day, by cenas which provides rest room cleaning and supplies, really easy to see why. long wood gardens bathrooms are beautiful, they are private, they have red sings
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and plants. long wood gardens beat out nine other finalist in the competition. okay. there is no way to sugar coat the weather, it is just cold out there. >> it is just cold, all of the sunshine didn't have that effect on the temperature either. meteorologist justin drabick is live at frankford transportation center where people are doing their best to stay warm, justin. >> reporter: that is right, jessica, certainly is a cold night as we are continuing this arctic blast we're in temperatures just struggling to get to near freezing today. here we are at frankford transportation center. it is philadelphia a it is a tough city. everybody is dealing witt. they are dressed warm tonight. obviously it does make wait for the us about a little bit longer as septa buses roll into take people home or where ever they are going tonight. now imagine having to work in this arctic air. we caught up with d ot crews on frankford avenue in philadelphia a earlier today. obviously keeping busy is the key. now postal workers also have to dress very warmly.
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so you know it is important that they have to catch the weather forecast before heading out to work. >> me actually, i like the cold but it is bitter. if you are dressed and standing still like a crossing guard that would be cold. we're moving. so you know temperatures isn't so bad. if you are dressed properly that is all you need to know. >> i have three or four layers on and i'm lucky, i'm moving. >> reporter: yes. >> as long as i keep moving i'm good to go. i don't stop stand around. >> reporter: well, we tied a record this morning at 20 degrees for philadelphia but check this record we broke this afternoon's high temperature only 33 degrees. that is the coldest high temperature we have seen on this date, november 19th for november. here we are with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab. we are in freezing right now three, 2 degrees. temperature going in where. wind is lighter. there is a warm up in the forecast, how warm did we get,
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i'll share it with you back in the studios. good evening to you as well, justin. we are looking at cold temperatures. our eyewitness weather watchers are saying it is cold but we necessity is there light at the owned of the seven day and some warmth. lets start off in new jersey chatsworth new jersey where mark says it is 26 degrees. it is 27 degrees right now in kenneth square. donna is reporting in a relative humidity 594 percent. she's a poet this evening. how low can it go? thankful we are dry with no snow. thank you, done a i'm thankful author that as well. lets take it to the north and west of philadelphia, barbara says 26 degrees. no wind. barometric pressure is falling and she says at least we're not in buffalo, yes, barbara we can be thankful for. that our thoughts go out to our friends in buffalo with nearly 70 inches of snow in some area. if you love weather and you want to be a cbs-3 weather watcher we would love for to you join our team. sign up now go to cbs
6:17 pm outside we have a clear sky in philadelphia, where we're standing right from the view of the campbell's field in camden looking across the delaware and you can see lots of deep, dark sky but it is star lit and clear night with cold temperatures but we have a southedderly wind and that will warm us up, overnight but during the the day tomorrow. storm scan three you can see clear skies, some snow through northeastern, pennsylvania other than that, we are going to stay dry pretty much every where tonight. temperatures pretty cold 31 in philadelphia. twenty-seven allah even town. 20 degrees in the poconos. nothing like what we're seeing through northern great lakes. temperatures in the 20's. chicago 25. minneapolis 23. this is an improvement from that pol air air. watch what happens over next couple of days, blue that is arctic air. it retreats northward for thursday afternoon. then a piece comes down for friday but just for one day and then by saturday it lifts
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well to the north and we are talking about milder conditions throughout new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, all the way up through new england. saturday really begins a consistent warm up. overnight mainly clear, cold. low around 20. temperatures slowly rising or steady overnight with the southerly win. you can see wind chills come tomorrow morning in the teens in the poconos and lehigh valley and upper teens, less than 20. through philadelphia area in the suburbs we are looking at wind chills that will be in the lower 20's. that is not a terrible place to be but it is still quite cold for this time of the year abe beast low 30 as far as shore is concerned with those wind chills. so between 26 and 29 for the most part. for your thursday mostly sunny not quite as cold, westerly wind for a little bit of the chill in the air, high temperature 43. on the exclusive seven day forecast, that dip of cold is friday, then saturday 41, sunday 56, great day to be outside, monday, we will be seeing conditions, warming up
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but it will get wet and windy and then tuesday and wednesday temperatures around seasonal levels in the 50's as we get very close to thanksgiving, can you believe it, all right. >> coming right around the corner. >> we will not be totally frozen for thanksgiving. >> we will that have forecast for tomorrow. >> kathy, thanks. >> little bit of the mess outside on the schuylkill expressway, today, on the schuylkill, right at 28th street eastbound, you can see an accident here taking off that ramp, part of the right-hand shoulder and left lane gets by. backup toward that point toward the boulevard so creating a delay for several miles on the schuylkill expressway heading eastbound. you can see delays shot here on the vine street expressway. eastbound lanes toward 95 stack up from that accident that i just shed you a second ago at 28th street on the schuylkill. this is access ago this schuylkill expressway eastbound. you can see hardly even moving. only maybe left lane gets by there with still all brake lights heading toward the schuylkill heading westbound
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or east bound. an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at delaware valley push over in the right-hand lane there. over in delaware 95 outbound another crash at martin luther king boulevard, push over to the right-hand side as well. butler pike still closed at skippack pike your alternate to get around that take, the boulevard, chris and jessica back to you. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi chris and jessica great to be with you here in philadelphia. well, president decided to go ate loan and defy both houses of congress as he rolls rolls out his plans for immigration reform. he plans to address the nation tomorrow night but we will have details this evening. plus two media companies pulled plug on bill cosby after another woman accused him of second you'll assault, we will have those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news".
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breaking news a protest by casino workers, chopper three live over atlantic city where workers are protesting plans to close the trump taj mahal. they say they will shut down december 12th if hotel and restaurant union members don't drop an appeal of the court ordered cost saving package. well, sunday's game in the rear-view mirror eagles looking forward to the titans at the link this week. offense working to improve in a few areas including the running game. today a seemingly frustrated lesean mccoy was asked about his performance so far this year. >> are you the same player. >> man, listen, i don't care what is out there.
6:25 pm
i'm not going to address that i'm in the the same player. i don't address that. for what? what are we talking about i'm not the same player. that is for y'all to figure out. i am the same >> all right. well, check him out see if he can prove it on the field this sunday eagles and titans at the the link all of the action right here on cbs-3, kick off at 1:00 o'clock. after a few taste off flyers head north to madison square garden to take on the rangers tonight, team is expect to be without the captain, claude giroux after he injured his foot, in the meantime brayden schenn, rj um burger and jake voracek will fill out first line. scott law on called up from the phantoms. zero and ten, sixers looking for their first mark in the win column this season. they will get another chance tonight against three and six celtics down at the well. team coming off a 25-point
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loss to the spurs, monday night, tip off time is at 7:00 o'clock. all right. this is it. final chance to pick final friday football frenzy game of the week down load audio road show app, here are the choices, downingtown east at coatsville, upper dublin at pennsbury and great valley at springfield. winner will be announced tomorrow night. we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $50500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. president readies an executive order on immigration, a lot of reaction from white house hot capitol hill, plus two letter carriers delivered safety to a child in need, scott pull i reports from new york, the "cbs evening news".
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>> pelley: tonight, shut the front door. an historic snowfall has people stuck in their homes, stranded on the roads. >> keep going. we pulled over under this bridge and we've been sitting here ever since. >> pelley: jericka duncan tells us there's more on the way. nbc pulls the plug on bill cosby after another woman accuses him of sexual assault. don dahler reports. the president is about to roll out his go-it-alone plan for immigration reform. reports from major garrett and nancy cordes. jeff pegues on jetblue's plan to squeeze more passengers on to its planes. and vinita nair with some unlikely crime fighters, not "csi miami," usps east peoria. >> the boy is telling me


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