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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 20, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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although there is a nice, spring-like warm up and we will have details coming up. and nothing too much to work about, taking a lot at ben franklin bridge at 5:00 o'clock we don't see too much of the rush but things can change. we will see if they do in a bit, erika. >> thanks, vittoria. >> that suspect is dead and three others wounded if a shooting at florida state university. it happened earlier this morning at the school's library. police say they shot and killed the suspect gunman have after he fired at them. three people were rushed to the hospital, one of whom is in chris will california condition. a cam puts alert urged students to shelter in place. >> there has been a shooting at the library. stay where you are, we will be coming to give you more clearance. if anybody has a victim or if anybody has a call 911 on your cell phone. >> also this picture was
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tweeted by fsu student kelce hanson. you can see a police officers walking with his weapon drawn as they secure the the area all classes are canceled today at florida state. now new this morning, philadelphia police are investigating an accident that injured one of their officers and two others. police say an suv hit a car and then the car hit a police cruiser. it hans at haines street and chew avenue in germantown. all three people are in table condition. police say in of the injuries are life threatening. developing right now, some workers at philadelphia international airport are getting ready to walk off their jobs, and travelers, could feel that impact. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at the airport to tell us more. if you have a flight today i'm's sure people are quite curious as to what is happening, good morning. >> reporter: absolutely, good morning,er contact more than a hundred baggage handlers here at philadelphia international airport could walk off the job today. that strike is planned for
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7:00 o'clock this morning. now a strike organizer just told me it is unclear how you long this strike will last and that has passengers concerned so close to the who will days. >> bags will be arriving shortly. >> reporter: they are 125 men and with men who make sure your check bags get scanned and hand todd tsa. you also see them loading bags on and off carousals and conveyor belt. they are bag hand letters employed by prime flight which contracts with a airlines but come thursday morning, many of them say they will walk off the john and on to the picket line. >> we want better wages. everybody just want to be treated equally. >> reporter: employees tell "eyewitness news" that they earn $9 an hour instead of the $10.88 we promised. >> we bust doing what we do we are lifting bags. i'm a female. i'm lifting 70, 80, 90 bags. for them to treat us the way we get treated, we don't even have a break room. >> reporter: they voted to
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unionize seven whose ago and they say they will strike today. not all say they will walk off the job, passengers are left hoping that this does not mean delays for them. >> new that will be a problem. what will we do. >> i'm not operating the airport so i cannot comment what they should be paid but it would be nice to be compassionate over the who will days. >> reporter: now local, 32bjseiu is organizing this strike abe picket line this morning. not all workers say they will stop working here at philadelphia international airport. meantime an airport spokesperson says that the airport has been in contact with up to ten airlines, who all say they have contingency plans, in place, if deed there is a big stream and strike for on time. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 50:00 36789 traffic and weather together in a bit but first 6 feet of snow on the ground and more on the way. people in western new york are digging out and bracing for another round of lake effect
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snow. a at least seven deaths are being blamed on this epic snow storm. captured on cam eighth is called thunder snow there in buffalo. second round of lake effect snow brought the the boom with the fluffy white stuff right there we will have a live report from western new york in less than ten minutes to take a firsthand look but first here's kate which our forecast. wow, that is something. did you had hear that. >> unbelievable stuff across the great lakes region in the lake effect belt area but as far as we're concerned, we're just getting indirect impacts from the very same wind flow that is causing some of that lake effect. we have had win obviously. we have been stuck in the chill for a couple days. today we will get a a chance to rebound but not so fast. even though we are rebound to go day we are stuck in the 30's tomorrow. storm scan three is empty yet again. when i put things into motion here you can see what looks like snow that fell over the the last hour or two over the lehigh valley, especially but that was all just, you know,
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upper level atmosphere moisture that we really didn't see fall to the ground at all. it was an overcast sky in those area but you didn't miss anything if you are just waking upright now. meanwhile 24 hour temperatures difference we are seeing a nice surplus here, anything from six to ten to 15 or more degrees, added, to the temperature. that is what we are finding right now. we don't have as much wind to contend with. any breeze out there is coming from the southwest, so it is not as harsh of a breeze. later today we're expecting low to mid 40's at best. so technically we are ten below average even still, it is better then it was yesterday, vittoria, over to you. >> thanks very much, katie, absolutely is. one thing to keep in mind when we have weather like this is to make sure we are getting outside earlier to warm your car up, very, very important. i have to remine myself of that this morning even though it is early. anyhow, traveling on the ben franklin bridge no delays in either direction. once you warm up and get outside, there are no major
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delays on our majors and not only in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware but we have a lot of good news. ben franklin bridge looking great. rest of the bridges moving extremely well. roosevelt boulevard no problems here, heading out of the southbound or northbound not too far from the schuylkill. that is around broad street but you not too far from that point either. traveling from the northeast section, northbound at ryan avenue we have an accident in the outer drive-in mayfair so be mindful of that. no delays for mass transit, erika. a man charge in the fatal crash involving a tractor trailer in berks county is waking up in custody this morning. why set bail for steven bernier at half million-dollar. the reading eagle shot this photo outside of last night's arraignment. prosecutors say that bernier fell asleep at the wheel and hit several stopped cars on route 222 in maiden creek township. the collision killed two people, nine others are in the hospital. those who saw surveillance video of that crash say it was painful to watch.
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that video was telling, it was graphic and the video really depicted this horrific accident. >> the company bernier works for issued this statement, and it reads, we are praying for all of those involved in today's terrible accident. we cannot sufficiently express our deepest condolences to all who have been impact by this tragic event. president obama will unveil plans tonight that will spare millions of immigrants from leaving the country are. he made an announcement on a facebook announcement. executive order is expect to include protection for parent and spouses for u.s. citizens and permanent residents who have been in the country for five years. you can watch the president's address tonight at 8:00 live on the new cbs news on line channel, cbsn. to find it head to cbs 5:07. buffalo just cannot seem to
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catch a break from mother nature. we will go their life next as city gets buried by more snow, plus. i would appreciate it if it was stopped. >> newly released video of bill cosby, responding to sexual abuse allegations. what he told a reporter and latest fall out as the controversy grows. also new this morning minivans may not be as safe as you think, we have brand new crash test results and only one, minivan, earned top marks, we will tell you what it is ahead. not quite as cold as yesterday but we are still barely above freezing. katie is tracking the big warm up in the seven day forecast. we will tell you more about that, rest of the days news when we come back. good morning
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developing right now a monster snowstorm continues to bury parts of the western new york under several feet of snow. so far the system is blamed for seven deaths. allison harmelen joins us from
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new york where it is expect to get worse before better, allison, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee. you know philadelphia has seen some rough storms over the year but this is cruel willly unusual. this area has seen 65 inches in a short three days and they are now being told by the end of today another 3 feet. in western new york, it is day a a view all over again, as heavy snow, continued to pound the region overnight. paralyzing lake effect system dumped 6 feet of snow, trapped many people inside their homes and cars. >> these laid writes incredible. >> reporter: bethenny went in to labor and was stranded while will trying to get to the hospital. despite for help her husband jared ran to a buffalo fire lieutenant who stranded labor nurse denise per toy help deliver the baby right there in the firehouse. >> they helped me get in the right position and two pushes
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and out she came. >> reporter: about 140 miles of the north state throughway leading to buffalo remains closed in both directions. governor cuomo declared a state of emergency as crews helped mote business stranded in the storm. national guard were deployed to help but some drivers remain angry. >> troopers did their job. dot, they need to improve on their plan of attack for snowstorms. >> reporter: during a brief break in the storm wednesday many residents in lancaster east of buffalo stocked up on supplies. >> essentials, milk, juice and beer. >> reporter: dug out, from tall drifts. this phase is expect to drop three more feet of snow, in some places. if you can believe this, the buffalo bills are still scheduled to play begins the new york jets on sunday, they had 220,000 tons of snow in
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their field and they are asking fans to come out and volunteer to help dig them out. ukee? >> allison, just out of curiosity will those fans get anything in return for their hard work. that is a a lot of work. >> reporter: you bet, they are offering, i don't know if this is enough for me, $10 an hour plus free tickets, ukee. >> okay, something to think about it. okay. be safe up there, talk to you soon. thanks allison. 5:13. let get traffic and weather together, in our neck of the woods. >> i would say for diehard fans that is just enough but my gosh, can you imagine if we were dealing with anything close to that here. it would be crippling. it has crippled the buffalo a area and a the rest of the great lakes region with those heavy band of snow coming in. so localized too. lets start off with taking you out to a very quiet view here, skies cam three shot, we will throw current temperatures
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overtop, 37 at the airport. still southwest breeze for you here at 13 miles an hour but it is starting to feel less harsh too. for one thing we have got temperatures that are a, closer to average and b, a little bit warmer then yesterday. still wintry out there when it comes to the chill but it is not as harsh as yesterday or the day before had been. still some lake effect banding going on as allison had mentioned in her report but thankfully the frontal boundary that it is responsible for this will sweep through our area clear out of here and then we will be done at least for a little bit of time here with that lake effect snow machine. we have a chance to at least clear out. we've got a cold front as i mentioned that will sweep through but we still will hit the 40's today. not as frigid. but once that cold front comes through it is a sneak attack because it basically knocks is right back in the 30's with the reenforcing burst of cold. we're back to sunshine and wind, and, saturday, quiet, sunday, and rebound in the 40's. this is a good stuff, because if we are looking forward to
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some milder air we have it coming in fully affect here by sunday mid 50's, there will be rain at night and additional showers on monday. that is going to at least flirt with the daily record of 71 setback in the 70's, vittoria, over to you. good morning, everyone w traveling on our majors as i said time and time again we are moving fairly well. we have an accident that popped up, traveling southbound on 309, at the butler pike, not too far away from the pennsylvania turnpike if you are heading around that fort washington area. southbound 309 at butler pike a majority of the incident seems to be on the shoulder which is good news. it seems to be police and penndot on the scene of this two vehicle crash. not causing too much of a problem here but it is out there or we wanted to point it out. northbound 42 freeway we are not seeing that heavy build up of rush hour traffic just yet, speed sensors every where are looking great. fifty-three on the schuylkill. fifty-five on 95. fifty-five on 476, new jersey delaware all looking good but
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no delays for mass transit. >> we are getting latest information on the breaking news coming out of florida state university. a man with the gun was shot and killed by university police officers near fsu's library after three people were wounded by gunfire. all classes have been canceled for the day. a philadelphia police officer and two civilians are being treated for injuries after this crash at haines and crew in germantown. investigators say it hit one car and that car hit the police vehicle. baggage handlers at philadelphia international airport say they will walk off the job at 7:00 this morning, that is less than two hours away. airport and several airlines say they are prepared, in the event of a walk out. before you go shopping for the holidays, three is on your side, we will show you some of the most dangerous toys you should avoid, buying. also a crowded car plunge necessaryry to a pond and now we're hearing from the hero who jumped into that frigid water to save everyone inside, we will be right back. ♪
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millions of parents across the country choose minivans as a safe, efficient way to transport the family but new safety ratings revealed a hidden danger in certain types have of minivan crashes with potentially devastating results. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now outside our studios with those findings and hey, you are in the minivan. >> reporter: i am, good morning. not only are they surprise bug they may impact your purchase if you are in the market for a minivan. when judy chose her dodge caravan, the well-being of her nine month-old niece came into play. >> safety was a consideration, when we book everything up, it had a safe rating. >> reporter: she was surprised when several types of minivans including grand caravan and the twin chrysler town and country performed poorly in crash test by insurance
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institute for highway safety. it said they are built on a narrow platform causing them to under perform on small overlap front crashes when front corner of the vehicle collides with another car or object. the chrysler actually caved in, pinning the test dummy. the worst performer, the nissan quest. >> we didn't expect to find vehicle also that collapsedded quite so completely as the quest. >> reporter: the quest sustain much more damage then overall topic for safety the honda odyssey. 2015 toyota siena also earned high marks, results that could a affect the next purchase. >> would i want to buy something that is on the safer side. as safe as you can get. >> reporter: while minivans perform poorly in this particular crash test the institute says that in general they do offer good protection in other types of crashes. >> reporter: now, the institute says that when shopping for a minivan you want to choose one with the
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best overall crash test results. you also want to get one with the front end crash protection system. we are live outside the cbs-3 studios, nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, nicole. we have a hundred reasons to keep watching this morning, we are giving away $100 twice today and your first chance to win is coming up. are you trying to kick the habit? it is great american smoke out. doctor jen is here with the big benefits you'll see minutes after quitting smoking. wewe will be right back.
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5:23. let's get traffic and weather together on the three's and some improvement today. >> you can say that, not quite as harsh as yesterday. we will see the breeze kicking in with the afternoon hours, but, we are still tracking a cold front and could produce such worse conditions, as what we are going to find for the rest of the week here. there is a reenforcing burst of cold that comes with this front and producing to the
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great lakes another round of lake effect snow. anything close to us has in the been hitting the ground. it is 37 here at the airport. that is close tore seasonal for a change. you'll notice it doesn't feel as bad outside. still cold but not as cold as twin cities is right new but there is a sign of things to come. by tomorrow we are back in the mid 30's. bottoming out in the 20's for next few days but there is a nice rebound that will take place in time for the weekend, vittoria. >> good morning, everyone. our majors look great. ninety-five, schuylkill expressway, vine street expressway. lets take a look. looking at the rine in delays in either direction heading to or from the schuylkill or i-95, it is beautiful. things are wide opened. ninety-five looking great. this shot around cottman avenue southbound would be your taillights. we are in the seeing that huge rush just yet. we are waiting on it. a as we continue, and take a look at our speed sensors, they are in the 50's. it is not just in pennsylvania but in delaware, new jersey
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and basically it ace lieutenant of good news. traveling 422 we have a close auras a result of the accident at pineland road. your best alternate to take lincoln road no delays for mass transit. lets check sports now with ukee. well, flyers will induct eric lindros and beyond leclair in the hall of fame before their game with the minnesota wild. claude giroux took to the ice last night at mathieson square garden despite that injured foot. rangers scored first, five minutes in, and kevin kline lights the lamp. it is all rangers would need, they shut out flyers final score was two to nothing new york. sixers and celtics last night at the well in south philadelphia and tony wroten with the move and bucket. he led the team with 21 points off the bench with but celtics went ahead in the second half and beat sixers, 101-90. mcw and nerlens both started, didn't help much, sixers have lost 11 in a row to start the season. they will host phoenix suns
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tomorrow night. don't forget eagles host continue see titans sunday afternoon at 1:00 on cbs-3. i haven't heard this music in so long, i love it. start your eagles experience with our own beasley reese and leslie van arsdal at 11:30 for sunday kick off. then nfl today at noon, all right here on cbs-3. erika. >> are you getting pump ukee, i can tell. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are following breaking news, hear from students inside library where a gunman went on a shooting rampage, jan? >> reporter: wellll, it looks like a strike that was plan for 7:00 o'clock at philadelphia international airport for more than a 100 baggage handlers has already started. i'm jan carabao and how this could impact your trip. also another blow to atlantic city and this one came out of no where, why the deal to sell the old revel casino fell apart. vittoria and katie return
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with traffic and weather together on the three's. we have improvement today and then changes coming our way with the forecast, katie details it all coming up on the three's. we will be right back. are you a driver in danger from a bad tire repair? >> this is a dirty little secret. >> i'm jim donovan, three on your side has a important warning about a problem that could go off putting you or your loved won at risk. warning about faulty tire repairs tonight at
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there had has been a shooting, stay where you, we take care of anybody. >> breaking news right now tense moments on the campus of florida state university after a gunman opens fire in the library. wewill have the latest on what we know about that shooter and also we're hearing from students who huddled for safety in that library.
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>> good morning everyone. also developing right new take a live look at an airport where the baggage hand letters walk off the job earlier then expect. we're their life as well with the reason they are upset and impact the strike could have on travelers. but first let get our traffic and weather together with katie and vittoria. katie, good morning. >> good morning. the story is, it is not just as bad as a day in terms of the harsh winter chill and cold wind that made it feel worse. it is still below average talking thermometer readings but little less harsh and we have a nice spring -like warm up in the card down the the road. we will tell you when coming up, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. we were just talking about the airport or ukee was just talking about the airport. lets get to i-95 around philadelphia international airport where we don't have any delays so far, owe far so good but only 5:30. when that sun comes up the rush will come in as we wait on it, now back to the desk. we will be back with a whole lot more, ukee. e


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