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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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news". goods morning, thanks for joining us, boy and his mother survive quadruple shooting at south jersey home. women's two other children did not make t family tragedy unfolded yesterday inside home on holly park drive in tabernacle, burlington county. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at cooper hospital in camden, with more, january, good morning. >> erika, ukee, good morning, four people were shot yesterday, and two people, two children, were killed, now, a mother, and their brother, remain here at cooper university hospital, in critical condition, and police continue into how this happened and y if you take a look at this video, see exclusive "eyewitness news" video from the scene last night, as police were collecting evidence at the home on holly park drive where this deadly shooting unfolded. police were first called to the home by a family member, around 9:00 in the morning, on thursday, inside they found a boy and a girl dead. they also found 44 year old janine la page shot in the
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head and a boy seriously injured, again, they were taken to cooper in critical condition. police say all shot with the same gun found at the scene, all four victims fawn in the same room. the news has shocked this tight-knit community, and dozens showed up last night to a vigil. police believe la page is the mother of the three children who were shot, and investigators have not yet released their identities. and while police are not discussing a motive for the shooting, they do say, they're not looking for a suspect. >> at this point, far from making a determination if this is murder suicide, that will be little something we will wait to see where the evidence takes us. >> i'm just devastated and shocked. >> hear more from the grieving community coming up in the next half hour, police say nine members of this same family all lived in the in this tabernacle home together, they say, the members of the family who called police did
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not hear gunshots. reporting live outside of cooper university hospital, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a would-be robber, mt. airy, happened at the stenton avenue. police say 33 year old man armed with a knife was shot multiple times as he tried to rob that store. that man is in critical condition at einstein, authorities say they recovered a knife at the scene. welshing developing right now, more arrests in ferguson, missouri as the community awaits a grand jury decision in the fatal police shooting of 18 year old michael brown. police took two protesters into custody last night after they reportedly tried to block traffic. brown was shot and killed by officer darren wilson back in august, sparking moths of unrest. >> with the grand jury decision expected any day now, officer wilson is in the final stages of negotiations, to resign, that's according to people close to the discussions, now, wilson has told associates i would resign
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to ease pressure on the departments, but did he not want to step down while the grand jury was still considering his case. wilson's worried it might appear he was admitting fault. he maintains did he nothing wrong, and claims he fired on brown in self-defense. 6:03, traffic and weather together on the 3's on your friday. >> good morning, hey, everybody, we expect to see nice clear sky out here today. all day today. nice, bright, sunny for you, but it will be awfully coal. even though we had a chance to moderate nicely yesterday, it still wasn't quite seasonable, and we had seen reinforcing shot of cold air, come in, right on cue, and you can actually see that there is still some lake enhanced snow falling at this point down wind of lake erie and ontario, none of which will survive as it rolls our way, it all sort every fizzles. you can tell it just looking at the three hour loop. it is kicking in northwest wind. as you follow the trails of snow, you can tell the wind flow is coming from the northwest, currently though temperatures are cold, but throw in the win, it is not
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necessarily a really blustery day, but it is enough that you will absolutely notice it, and it is certainly enough that it makes you have to knock if i where from five to ten plus degrees, off of these current values. that's how it feels outside. so around the region we go, at best, talking mid 20's up in the poconos, so another very cold day for you worse of the winds looks like confined toward the shore points here. 38 degrees, again, probably not feeling any better than the mid 20's, at any point. and in philly it is pretty much the exact same story. so bottom line it is colder than yesterday, going to stay dry. how long does the dry weather last? through the weekend, then next storm comes along, comes little later in the show. >> thank you, katie, good morning, trying to time out this rush for you, usually rush hour doesn't occur until around about now, maybe give or take ten, 15 minutes, but getting outside, give update on the construction project traveling northbound route one at the trenton morrisville bridge. notice camera moving around, sort of zoom in, on that crew
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there. still blocking the left hand lane, barrier work, route one at the trenton morrisville bridge, supposed to ends at 6:00. you know how that goes, give or take, they got to do what they got to do. still watch out for lane closures in this area, we'll continue to keep you updated on that of course. looking at the schuylkill expressway, traffic is practically non-existent. no problems on the schuylkill. still moving real well. speed censors still at 55 miles per hour. we're starting to see just touch after drop on 995 where you see the 47-mile per hour. ninety-five is going to be just little bit slow through the construction zones, but it will continue to grow. again, still early during your rush hour, but as we continue throughout the morning, it is definitely going to get heavier and heavier. big event on sunday, this weekend, for anyone traveling around the art museum area, the philadelphia marathon, going on, there would be multiple street closures between 645 and 4:00 p.m., this is sunday, so definitely want to be mindful of that for any weekends plans in the sit.
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>> i new this morning, forces 30 people from their home in northampton county, sinkhole open up, utility crews were working on water main break along hampton road bethlehem township last night. work truck fell into the sinkhole where some gas lines also happened to run underneath. lines not compromised but as a precaution residents were evacuated. no gas leak. the red cross is assisting those evacuated residents. >> some of south jersey's business leaders are sleeping on the streets this morning. it is part of nationwide sleep out that raises money and focuses attention on homeless youth. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer in atlantic city right now on the very cold morning with the story. nicole? >> homeless youth across the country including here in new jersey, let me show you what they had overnight, just cardboard box, and a sleeping bag, that's it, and i imagine,
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lots of layers. so, it was a rough night. lots of folks are actually wrapping it up here this morning, one of them is helen. helen you're getting your stuff all closed up, ready to head home. how difficult was last night. >> not as bad as i expected. it was pretty reasonable until about 3:00 this morning. >> then what? >> the wind really kicked up. and then it got uncomfortable. >> for a good cause, though. >> good cause. >> hey you did it? >> very happy did i it. >> helen, get warm, good luck to you, again, one of about 60 people here, in atlantic city, camping out in all $114,000 raised, just in the last hour. that's the total. so, very good cause out here in atlantic city. we send it back to you in the studio. >> indeed, nicole, thank you. see you soon. >> happening today, back to work for baggage handlers at philadelphia international airport. local lawmakers and clergy escorted prime flight employees as they returned to their jobs this morning. it is a show of solidarity for workers who want to push for higher wages, better working
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conditions, and improved health benefits. >> showing up right now, we have people, we've got people of faith, unions, et cetera, we'll around, as we continue to walk for this cause, so we got your backs the whole way through. >> now, yesterday workers held a one-day walk out. the airport said this was no disruption in service. >> still to come, president obama announces big changes to the way the nation will enforce its immigration laws. that's next. >> also, ahead, list of women accusing bill cosby of sexual abuse just got longer. we'll tell you about two more women who claim the comedian forced himself on them. >> and the snow is finally starting to taper off in buffalo. but as people start to dig out from several feet of snow, they're facing a new concern. we're live with a look at the conditions and the looming threat when we come back.
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>> people in western new york trying to dig out this morning after days long lake effect storm left them burried under several feet of snow. >> allison harmilan joins us, where warmer temperatures forecast for this weekend, could spell more trouble. right, allison? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, so, there is a warm upcoming t could be 60 degrees here in buffalo this weekend, and of course, that sounds like the good news. the problem is, if it is 06 degrees, and you look at all of the snow behind me, those mounds are everywhere. and if they start to melt rapidly, where is all of the water going to go? >> with this snow beginning to back off, plows are hitting the road to clear over 7 feet of snow, on the ground in
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western new york. >> it is a difficult path, even in the daylight, with heavy machinery. >> while cars are completely burried, weaver crews poke wag stick trying to find out where the vehicles have. >> many resident digging go against time, blasted by lake effect snow. >> this van scooped the snow to reach his ailing father. >> he's in a wheelchair. he has broken back, and he's got -- does chemo right now, so supposed to be going to cheap e can't do that because he is stuck at home. >> gary was trapped indoors by snowfall for over 09 hours. the national guard finally helped free him. >> oh, you're the best, great. >> road closures and travel bans still in effect in some of the hard hit areas. but sudden thawing in temperature and possible rain could cause even more challenges in the coming days. >> with the melting snow and block drains, we could have some widespread flooding issues, especially late sunday into monday. >> people in the area are now
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working quickly, to clear snow packs, from rooftops, which have gun to give way, across the region. >> and with snowfall, coating ralph wilson stadium, the buffalo bills will now head to detroit to take on the new york jets monday instead of sunday. >> and, ukee, there is another ongoing problem with the clean up here in buffalo. if you can imagine the schuylkill expressway, shutdown, and just strewn with abandoned cars, that is still happening here. that is called i90, still shut down, and, frankly, as all of this snow starts to melt, just a big slushy mess, emergency crews are going to have an even harder time clearing that road of all of those vehicles. live in batavia, allison harmilan. >> we wish them the very best. thank you, allison shall appreciate t let's get our traffic and weather together. here's kate. >> i still dealing with the chill here. once again reinforced. you can tell where the wind flow is many coming from just by watching these additional rounds of lake enhanced snow, that continue to fall down wind of lake ear owe, ontario,
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all the rest of them for that mother. as we heard from the story that's going to be changing pattern not just for the buffalo area, and the rest of the great lakes, but for us, too. now, we aren't having to deal with any kind of precipitation here, until we look ahead to sunday night at the earliest. meantime we start warming things up. bottoming out for now, 29 your current temperature, 25 in allentown, and as we go into our next friday football frenzy game of the week, we have clear skies, but man it is coal. this is kick off. >> great valley taking on spring feel here, so you definitely need to, regardless whatever your plans are, if you are going outdoors at all tonight, bundle up adequately. thankfully looks like the worse of the breeze is going to be tapering, however. as we head into tonight, that's good news, but there will be frost that probably forms because of that. heading into the weekend, here we go. nice little warming trends underway, my friends. and man, we're flirting with 70 by monday, a one-day hit of warmth. then we drop back down, but it does come with a trade off. dealing with some rain of course, sunday night into
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monday, tory? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, we start your traffic report off with the schuylkill expressway, notice -- yikes, that's how it feels. getting little busy. traveling on 76, in your western suburbs, definitely starting to see that westbound and eastbound side pick up with some rush hour heat around the area of conshohocken. if you are traveling on 95, this is 95 making your way beyond girard avenue. southbound also starting to get heavy, with little rush hour traffic. so, we will see our speed censors drop. not so much reflected by that censor on the schuylkill. it is slow within your western suburbs, but 31 reflected on 95, traveling mass transit, however, and philadelphia international airport, no delays. ukee? >> thank you, vigil remembers two children shot to death inside a burlington county home. another child and their mother are in critical condition. police are investigating the circumstances. >> also, ferguson, missouri officer darren wilson could resign as early as today. grand jury could indict wilson in the august shooting death of 18 year old michael brown,
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wilson has been in seclusion since the shooting. >> back at worork at philadelphia international airport, more than 100 walked offer the job yesterday. we'll be right back.
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>> sport radio, mr. merrill reese, morning, merrill. >> morning, ukee. >> first and for most, short-term memory for the birds, that game at greenbay is history, listening to you on the broadcast, i think i heard you say it was an absolute mess. >> it was, it was. but it is still only lost, one lost, it only counted as one lost, and you have learned from it, you have to work through it, do you have look at the tapes, and see where you went wrong, but then you put it aside, you don't let it linger, and i don't think this team has thought about it for too long. they're on to the importance of winning on tomorrow's game or sunday game. >> right. it is the nfl, and on any given sunday no matter your record, good teams can be beaten what will the titans bring both side of the ball? they have the steelers on the ropes the other night but didn't finish. >> first every all, ukee, it is not only every given sunday, we found out last night it, can be any given thursday when you look at a team like kansas city, that was riding high and see them beaten, by the previously o and ten, oakland raiders, you
6:20 am
know to take nobody, absolutely nobody, lightly. the player who is very interesting to watch, this week, for tennessee; zach mittenb burgers, injured at the ends every last season, couldn't play in the bowl game, couldn't compete in the combine. but he's got a huge arm. he remind me a little bit of really of pit burying quarterback. he's got that casino of ability. and, he's got some average receivers. but he can be confused. he can be confused. eagles will have to put a lot of looks against him, and i think you can beat him. as far as their defense is concerned, they're relentless, energetic. mark sanchez has to get the ball out of his hands quickly. >> now, merrill, pittsburgh, laugh on bell, 200 plus yards on their defense, providing eagles o line is on point, hopefully productive day from shady? >> i think so. i think shady is just due, one
6:21 am
step away from taking one deep and into the house. i think shady mccoy is fine. i think it is more a matter of his offensive line being back together, and i think it is good news tobin seems to have recovered from his concussion, and i think a little out of sing. i think they'll get better every week. i think shady mccoy will have 100-yard plus game, maybe one from 40, 50 yards out. >> nice, nice. game on cbs 3, you can still turn down the tv sounds and let merrill and mike get down, 94 sports radio wip. see you, merrill. >> ukee, have a great weekend. >> you too. once again all of the action right here before the game get your eagle on with sunday kickoff at 11:30, then the nfl today at noon. and the birds and titans kick off at 1:00. let's go birds. all right, right now, it is 6:21, and imagine dining out, then not leaving a tip for your server in no, not because of bad service, but rather because they're not
6:22 am
supposed tonight up next, philly first ever noo tip restaurant. >> oh, come on, von tiehl, what do you got? >> hey, family, this could get ugly. i mean, oh, you ain't got no alibi. >> it is erika and katie in bubble soccer. we're taking bets. team k fell or team von tiehl? >> be right back.
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>> just past 6:23, man, feels colds out there, katie. >> not only does it feel that way it, just s we saw the
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thermometer readings take a significant hit now, only going to rebounds into the mid 30's today, nice clear sky, reinforced wind, coming in from generally the west northwest. beautiful view for you this morning. outside cut town area middle school, that sun just barely ready to pop over the horizon, but 24 agrees, so be ready for those kind of values here today, guys. >> feels like values into the 40's, we do rebounds through the course of the weekends, finally get to go some seasonable temperatures, vittoria? >> thank you, good morning, everyone, unfortunately traveling on 95 southbound, never easy at this time. and it won't be any easier, take a look at this accident, one vehicle, in a horizontal position, approaching the area of the betsy ross bridge. you have more of that on the shoulder, so southbound 95 at the betsy ross, watch out for lanes being compromised and big old back up. and within your western suburbs, no delays from mass transit. >> thank you, two more women are publicly accusing bill cosby of sexual assault.
6:26 am
carla forage know, said the comedian forceably grabbed and kissed her inside his home in 1967. she considered herself a lucky one because she fought back and got away. a florida woman also came forward claiming woulds bye drug her and rape her when she was a teen in 1976. theresa told the washington post, that he attack her in a las vegas hotel green room. cosby has not commented on these allegations. meanwhile, cosby's alma matter temple university says that he remains a trustee. he joined the board back in 1982, and was inch duct intoed the university's athletic hall of fame two years later. >> president obama led for immigration plan. prime time address he unveiled hess executive action which affect estimated 5 million people. the president said immigrants who live in the u.s. for five years go avoid being deport
6:27 am
philadelphia their children are citizens or lawful resident. must pass backgrounds checks and pay fees. immigrants can also get work permits. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", family tragedy shatters a community, jan? >> two children are shot and killed in tabernacle, new jersey, now police say, their mother and brother are here at cooper university hospital. i'm jan carabeo, their condition this morning, and update on the shooting investigation. plus, a purse snatching spree, put to a stop. how two brothers were busted for praying on unsuspecting women. >> and vittoria and katie return with your traffic and weather together. we of course do it on the 3's, we're back at the bottom of the hour. good morning, be right back.
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>> good morning, chopper three flying over breaking news northampton county. looking liver at workers trying to fix a huge sinkhole, in bethlehem township, that's fors dollars about 30 people out of their homes. workers were trying to repair a broken water main last night, when the grounds gave way, partially swallowing a truck. they were worried the truck might hit a gas line, and evacuated, but there is no gas leak, now workers just have to fix the hole in the pavement. 6:30 right now, and two children are dead, victims
6:31 am
after shoot that also injured a woman and another child. >> it happened yesterday, inside home in holly park drive in tabernacle, burlington county. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo at cooper hospital right now, with more, on how the survivors are doing, january, good morning. >> two children killed, now their mother and brother are here, at cooper university hospital this morning, in critical condition. this, as police continue the investigation, into what happened, and why. >> it is exclusive video, of investigators hard at work pulling bags of evidence from a burlington county home, where the unthinkable unfolded thursday morning. four people shot, two of them, two children, killed. it is a scene that's shocked this tight-knit community. >> the kids called me their second mother and i'm just -- i'm devastated and shocked. >> reporter: dozens came out to grieve at candlelight vigil last night. >> there are people that are here. >> as they remember those lost, police tried to
6:32 am
determine what happened. >> two stretchers right away at the front door. >> police first called to this home on holly park drive in tab err knack em, new jersey, around 9:00. inside, they found a boy, and a girl dead. they also found 44 year old janine la page shot in the head and another boy seriously injured. they were taken to cooper hospital. now, police believe, la page is the children's mother, and while police say they aren't looking for any suspects, investigators aren't yet talking about a possible motive. >> at this point, i can tell you, we are far from making a determination if this is a murder suicide, who the suspect; that's going to be something that we're going to wait to see where the evidence takes us. >> police do say all four were shot with the same gun found at the scene, and all four victims were found in the same room. the children, have not yet been identified. but, many say, they were friends with the victims. >> she was very, very good friends. >> she is one of my best friends, ya.
6:33 am
>> police say nine members. same family live inside this tabernacle new jersey home, and police did not hear the gunshots. reporting live outside of cooper university hospital this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, jan, thank you. 6:33, we want to get back to katie because you need that coat again today? >> absolutely, n now, you needed it pretty much every morning. the difference yesterday was that maybe you didn't have to hug it tight, as you did, say, in reseat mornings, but right back into that very, very brutal chill this morning with a nice clear sky, temperatures dropping easily, of course, light of day now starting to pop over the horizon, but sun hasn't officially risen yet. still need delay time here before the they thermometer readings begin to even respond to that sunlight. but, we are off to cold start when it comes to feels like values in terms every temperature right now, feels like it is 18 after all at the airport, 18 in trenton, 18 in reading. list goes on, it is even colder than that when you factor in the wind. so, that's what you need to be
6:34 am
thinking about here today. we've been dealing with this kind of chile sedgley for few days now, the wind is back, it is predominantly now flowing out of the west northwest. and that means, it is coming from a colder place, really, any time that winds blows, when dealing with this kinds of air mass, will just feel colderment doesn't matter which way it is coming from. but, expect full soul shine here today. sun glass alert for sure, and sun glare alert, once that sun does pop over the horizon, but bright day, at least, the problem is it won't feel any better than 209's at any point. vittoria? >> thanks, katie. you know what? traffic won't feel any better at any point, i would say, this morning, especially now if you're traveling on 59, unfortunately, an accident sprung upright around the betsy ross bridge, and let's talk about it, if you are traveling 95 southbound, notice, here, right approaching the area of the betsy ross, as i mentioned, you will notice an accident, which is compromising not only the left-hand lane, as a result of this here, also, notice, vehicle in a horizontal position, but also blocking the right shoulder. traffic is squeezing by at this point. it is causing a gaper delay. and with that blocking a lane,
6:35 am
it is definitely causing a little maneuvering. so southbound delay in toward center city out of the northeast will be even slower than usual. give yourself some more time. if you are headed out of the northeast, she ramp right here? that's if you are coming from aramingo, harbison avenue. might be good idea to travel down the boulevard little bit longer, jump on aramingo, harbison avenue, and then jump on 95, at this point, because you'll just bypass that incident scene. it is still slow around girard avenue because of the construction zone, but regardless, it might and way to get around little bit of that. take a look at the schuylkill expressway, building 76 eastbound delays as you will notice behind me and westbound as you make your way around the area of conshohocken, no delays for mass transit. ukee, err dismay. >> thank you two, bucks county brothers charged in a purse snatching spree. >> bensalem township police say robert and connor riley snatched three purses last weekends, we have video hereof one of the purse snatches, at the bensalem giant parking lot here. police did finds the purse. missing, though, that woman's debit cards, $120 in cash.
6:36 am
the victim talked to "eyewitness news", but did not want her face on camera. >> then the next thing i knew, dint feel my strap. and i see the ya going across the parking lot booking it, running real fast, like i couldn't have attempted to catch him or anything. >> the best way to avoid a purse snatching victim, become more aware of your surroundings and try caring your bag in front of you or tucked under your arm. 6:36 right now, imagine waking up in just a sleeping bag and cardboard box. >> some of south jersey business leaders trading their warm bed for the colds outdoors. >> about 60 people here in atlantic city traded in comforts of home for, as you mentioned, a cardboard box, and a sleeping bag. it was all to raise awareness and money for covenant house, also the issue of homeless
6:37 am
youth here in the country. >> covenant house helps 71,000 per year. i'm here with folks who volunteered their time, and raised money for the great cause. you're with a group of realtors here this morning? >> yes, myself, four other realtors are here from fox and roach. we service burlington and camden county, and we're here to bring awareness to the homeless youth down in camden. and we have a wonderful house down there, that needs funds, and we need people, one of the reasons we raised about $10,000. >> good for you, good for you. the group, as whole, raised 114,000 overnight, had to be a rough one, 29 degrees at one point, but it felt like it was in the teens. how bad was it? >> it was horrible. >> yes? >> it was okay until probably about 3:00 in the morning, and then the winds really kick up. >> you said that lent some
6:38 am
perspective, though, because there are children in the u.s., who do this every single night, probably don't have as warm a blanket as you had last night? >> i agree. it felt. >> i had that helpless feeling, and i started wondering why, then i realize, i am an adult, i can leap here, and go home. but the children that are on the street, they have no place to go. we need to help them. >> 71,000 kids are helped across the country, 2,000 in new jersey alone, and they're provided when not just shelter but other services obviously meals, counselling, job, educational training, things like. that will so very, very important cause we do thank you for what you have done, hopefully raise awareness and money for very important cause. it has been long night for these folks, and my buddy, steve here, has something he wants to say. steve? >> with all due respect to ukee, morning, family, turn up
6:39 am
the heat! >> we'll send it back to you. let's get these folks inside. >> indeed, thank you, family. >> coffee at least, nicole. well, happening today, philadelphia first ever no tip restaurant opens its doors. >> fishtown's own girard bootery and brunchery starts orders in 8:00 a.m., in just over an hour, french style eatery sits on the corner of girard and marlboro. servers won't need to rely on tips because they'll pay them a living wage similar to how restaurants operate in europe. so, we want to know what you think about this, with having restaurant pay their employees more soap they don't have to row lion tips. tweet us your opinions, use the hashtag cbs-3 mornings. >> hit us up. like to get a few on air. >> this weekend eagles take on the titans at lidge con financial field. you know what, getting pumped. >> how does little tailgating money sound? we're giving away one lucky viewer, getting $100. all do you have do is text today's secret words: sunday.
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>> sunday. >> to 84816 or enter zero n line at to win. we're giving away $100 gift card twice a day every day through next wednesday, right here, on "eyewitness news". you'll have too more chances to win on monday. >> the new tire t that will never go flat. >> dating hard enough. now people putting bags over their heads, to try to meet a mate. the bizarre new dating trends, when we come back. >> i got skills right here. katie, are you ready? i'm bringing it. >> we're suiting up inside the giant bulbs to play soccer. definitely puts your skills to the test. just getting in one is shader enough. i'll be honest. who won the match, that's coming up. you don't want to miss this. we'll be right back.
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>> tire company announced new product called a twheel, uses no air, never goes flat. right now, it is only on vehicles approved for low speed commercial use. mitch lynn says production of the twheel will create about 100 jobs at their new south carolina facilities. re-invent the wheel. >> traffic and weather together on the 3's.
6:44 am
>> we start things off, smack dab in the center of the map here, where kevin, one of the new bee's to the weather watcher network hasn't up loaded his profile picture just yet, 24 degrees, nice and clear sky it, have comment, as well, just cold and clear. couldn't have summed it up better myself. meanwhile, further inland, we go all the way off to the northwest here, where helen davis another new one to our weather watcher networkment and also still hasn't up loaded her weather profile picture. 20 degrees, beautiful sky, sprinkled with starlight right now. but, we are of course starting to see that sunlight come up, it will sort of skew that for us as the morning progresses, giving you one more, take it further south here. another profile picture, missing, but we'll take it, 28 degrees, clear skies, coming come in from jason, middletown, delaware, said he has relatively low humidity right now, and as we go forward in this forecast, does look as though the good hair days are going to continue for us, at least for another day and a half. let's look at storm scan3 next if we k still looking at nice clear skies here across the delaware valley, that comes
6:45 am
courtesy of high pressure now building in. even still, though, looking at the additional rounds every lake effect snow, still moving in, you can tell the direction the winds is coming in from at this point. and it is predominantly west northwest. so, even though we don't have any precipitation in this forecast, none that far snow will survive as it rolls our way. we are, however, looking at some very cold air. that breeze coming from the northwest, makes it feel that much colder. keeping it dry through sunday, sunday night, though, our next storm comes in, look at the warm up, that the southwesterly component to the wind bridges our way, there will be rain, that lasts us specially into monday morning, but the high of 69 degrees, flirting with records, pretty nice trade off. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. that's definitely a bright spot not noticing too much, 95 southbound, still dealing with very serious accident, approach the area of the betsy ross bridge. compromising the left-hand lane. we had few other vehicles involved on the shoulder, but seems they've moved out of the way. if you are traveling
6:46 am
southbound 95, out of the northeast, in through to the city, stay on the roosevelt boulevard, jump on harbison, turns into aramingo. that will put you on this 95 ramp, which will help you bypass this incident scene, and a lot of that build up. just an idea. if you are traveling in the schuylkill expressway, we have remnants after accident eastbound 76, around belmont, on the shoulder, however, both sides of the schuylkill we are seeing speed censors dip down to the 20's, weaver big westbound delay, approaching city avenue, making your way out toward, mass transit no major problems. ukee? >> we have breaking news right now from northampton county, over bethlehem township where truck repairing water main went down in a sinkhole, and came to rest on gas line. now, that truck's been removed we're told, and has been no gas leak. but dozens of homes had to be evacuated. >> also, ferguson, missouri, could resign as early as today, deciding whether to indictment wilson in the august shooting death of 18 year old michael brown.
6:47 am
>> baggage handlers at prime flights back at work at the philadelphia international airport. walked off the job yesterday over wages and working conditions. 47:00. now to new fad growing in popularity, bubble soccer. downing it right now in our area. >> check this out. katie fehlinger and i climbed into these and tried out the new sport that bubbles over with competitive spirit. oh, ya. >> if you have ever wondered what it is like to live in a bubble there is comes pretty close. this being bubble soccer. >> it is really like a mix of like football, rugby and soccer all in one. so just fun. >> think of it as a regular old soccer game, while wearing a giant transparent beach ball. or a large inflatable suit of plastic wrap. you can only try it out locally at the buxmont indoor sports center in hatfield. >> it is our most popular feature here. everyone keeps asking about it. >> and everyone can do it. >> for those every house are
6:48 am
less athletic it, us just real fun time. you're protected and half the fun is just trying to find the ball and bump into the other people. >> once you make the first contact, that first hit, you're addicted. you go after people. >> okay, i have to try this. >> okay, to get into the ball, you're going to crawl in, and put your arms through the harnesses. >> these are close quarters. >> made t but i have to face the competition. >> erika, von tiehl! >> oh, ya. >> katie, are you ready? because i'm going bring it. >> oh, it is already. >> oh, ya. >> will you had you. >> ya. >> okay, first kick. trust me, folks, no stunt doubles here. von tiehl with significantly better handle on ball. >> not just playing bumper cars, katie, took that. >> right beneath fehlinger feet. our bubble cam gives you
6:49 am
inside view. come on, it is like looking through a rainy windshield. manages contact for run down the field, to score. >> this is very, very exhausting. >> later in the match, head on collision. oh, and it is getting chippy on the pitch. von tiehl kicks her while she's down, and goes onto take it back up field to score. sore loser fehlinger knocks her over, that's the match. >> all right, von tiehl. >> truth? >> yes! >> all right, guys, buck month indoor supports center in hatfield, everything from bubble soccer birthday parties to bubble soccer leagues, even bachelor parties, they say you want to be about 12 years and up to be able to handle. >> this but i'll pass things off to you, my friend, erika, to actually get into one of these. >> kale katie is challenging ukee. can you explain to us how you get in one of these things? >> go in from hine, put your shoulder through the straps, put her head through, and then launch herself in there, try
6:50 am
and stand up. >> little hard to get into it first, then you can stand up. then you're in once you're in, you're in. >> match ready, ball, in get your script. guys, ukee, are you ready? >> i can't find the ball. >> i can't breathe in here. >> all right, countdown, three, two, one. >> where is the ball? >> game on. here we go. he has the ball. he has the advantage of height of course, there he goes, making his way around, katie, though. >> oh! >> oh, no! >> and this is what can happen when you play not on bubble soccer field. >> oh, that's the ends that far okay being i'm done. >> okay, game over. >> we will call that a tie? how about that? >> oh, that's great. >> i can't see! >> oh, the magic of live television. >> oh, no. >> we'll be right back. traffic and weather t together
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
the cost of thank giving is going up. >> american farm bureau says that the average thanksgiving meal, for ten people, will cost just under $50. that is 37 cents higher than last year. and you can blame, an increase on milk and other dairy
6:54 am
products, along with sweet potatoes, the good news, though, turkey and cranberries, hey, less expensive than last year. >> to recap, you're okay? >> i'm okay. before you start cooking check out the thanksgiving guide on you'll find recipes, nontraditional ways to cook your turkey all at just click on celebrate thanksgiving. traffic and weather together, here's kate. >> i good morning, yes, we take you one more time outside here, where things are nice and clear, but it is very cold outside. taking a look at storm scan3, still, some of the lake enhanced snow showers falling, none will survive as they roll our way, gives you sense there is still a breeze out there. enough it makes it feel awfully cold. currently 29 degrees at the airport, 16 mount pocono, factor in the breeze, feels more like single digits. but more like the teens in most other locations, now, the day ahead, features bright sunshine, loverly looking day but be red which it for extra heavy layers temperatures on
6:55 am
nice uphill climb. forty's tomorrow, 50's by sunday, although clouds will be building by this point. coming in advance of next storm system, looks to bring in heavy rain next sunday night, will lead us into very mild but somewhat dreary monday. vittoria? >> update on the accident on nine, a 95 southbound, police on scene, and they're trying to get rid of this vehicle, which is compromising the left-hand lane, approaching the area of the betsy ross bridge. this is adding more volume to already busy rush hour, out of the northeast, so traveling southbound, 95, plan accordingly. if you are headed out the northeast, plan to jump on 95, stay on the boulevard, then get on at aramingo, you'll bypass a good amount of the accident and delay. take a look behind the accident, here is a look at cottman avenue it, doesn't look awful. remember the incident is just up ahead. so, again, take that alternate that i provided probably good idea. 24 miles per hour on the schuylkill expressway, seeing westbound, and eastbound, delays, around the area of
6:56 am
conshohocken, and around the boulevard, 22 on 95, no delays if you are traveling mass transit but watch out for slight volume on the 42 freeway, ukee? >> thank you, guys walks into a speed dating session. >> he sees her but newest way to meet potential love interest in the new york people walk in with a paper bag, two minute speed date. more than just looks then. organizers and daughters say the covered faces help put out focus on the person. >> it is hard to fine and meet people organically any more >> soap more to people than you what just see, but oftentimes we don't allow ourselves to see the other side. >> apparently you can bring your dog. that's nice. >> after the meet and greet,
6:57 am
off come the bags. >> unknown comic started that years ago. >> you guys met on the gong show. >> i remember the gong show. >> right. >> paper bag on his show back in the day. >> that was good. next on cbs this morning, oscar winner and kennedy center honoree, tom hanks. >> to continue follow youour local news weather and sport keeping it local. happy friday, family. see you in a bit. it's about getting to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem.
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xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. and what dinner is complete without the delicious taste of ocean spray cranberries? both: happy thanksgiving! okay, who likes yams?
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[ music playing ] good morning. it is friday, november 21st, 2014. welcome to cbs "there morning." heavy rooves collapses and forces the nfl to change its plans. there morning, a new threat is on the way. the president's protection on immigration setting off a firestorm with republicans. hollywood's nice guy, tom hanks on his new role and kennedy center honor. >> your world in 90 seconds. >> i have been in there for four days. i couldn't get my door opened. i couldn't get through to anybody. >> americans dick out from a


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