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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  November 22, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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-- eugene brazley. hugh freeze going to his fifth back. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> gary: he's the guy they designed more -- he's got the glove off. that might be a good move. >> verne: flips it out. eugene brazley, the recipient of it. coley. >> gary: have you ever done an egg bowl, verne?
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>> verne: i never have. >> gary: that means i haven't. >> verne: it has not been on network television since 1964. >> gary: why i asked. you were dog network television. >> verne: i was dog television. >> gary: there you go. >> verne: i was young -- >> gary: -- >> verne: i was doing television. >> gary: there you go. mike tirico. a great scene in oxford. stay tuned for "the dodge post game show" on cbs sports. >> gary: our friends at espn will broadcast the iron bowl. i am going to go out on a limb and say they will not top our game lafrom last year. >> verne: that's very safe. 1:07. brazley going right. and we've got a minute to go in this one. bo wallace injured his ankle.
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went to the locker room and had a really, really tough game. second down and nine. >> verne: brazley. across the 50. >> gary: i would never have guessed that arkansas would pitch back-to-back shutoutsment an amazing 58. bret bielema kept his football team together. they've improved all year. what a finish. they will run into 2015. >> verne: they're going bowling. they've still got a regular-season game left. >> gary: a big one.
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>> verne: look at this. preemptive strike. get those goalposts down. they rushed the field here last week when they defeated l.s.u. let's go down to allie, who is with the arkansas head coach. >> allie: coach, it's been two long years of rebuilding this program. you get your first win last week. you follow it up with a blowout at home. does it feel like the hard work is paying off? >> we've gotten better every game. i think we can play with anybody out there. to have our seniors go out this way is cool. >> allie: your defense forced six turnovers. you shut out two s.e.c. teams in a row. how proud are you? >> our coaches and players believe, first and foremost, the kids have been through a lot, you go through something like that and you persevere, it shows you anything can happen. >> gary: i think back to when arkansas lost those close games
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and bielema said, "we're improving. it eventually will happen." and it did. >> verne: now it's time for the play of the game presented by napa auto parts. remember this one? this was the game clincher. bo wallace went into the end zone. rohan gaines picked it off. picked up blocking help. weaves his way. officially ruled a 100-yard interception return, and the touchdown. for a second look, let's call on chuck barrett of the arkansas razorback radio network. >> wallace is in the gun. left side. wallace pumps left. throws it to the end zone. the pass is tipped off at the goal line. back to the 10. to the 15. to the 20.
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to the 30. to 40. midfield. that ball is going to go. to the 20. rohan gaines. touchdown, arkansas. 100 yards. >> verne: celebration here in fayetteville. back-to-back shutouts. they're bound for a bowl after they play missouri. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i am verne lundquist saying so long from fayetteville. our final score, arkansas throws the shutout. 30-0. "the dodge post game show" is up next after these messages and a word from your local station. we'll see you at the egg bowl. ♪ hey, jake! come on over here for a sec. why you wanna touch my dart so bad? ♪ [ high-pitched ] why's he wanna touch it? ♪ who said i wanted to touch it? ♪ jake, you know they've got affordable leasing programs ♪ yeah, i know. i was just...
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>> cbs sports presents "the dodge post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the dodge post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis" and "ncis: los angeles." followed by a new edition of "48
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hours." coming up tonight. only cbs. in the game you just saw, arkansas defeated ole miss 30-0. their second straight shutout over a ranked s.e.c. team. the s.e.c. west standings, ole miss is officially eliminated from the division race and every team in this strong west division is now bowl eligible for the season. look at the tiebreak scenarios. down to two. alabama, win next week against auburn and they're in. mississippi state could lose tonight against vandy or in the egg bowl against ole miss and alabama would take the field knowing they're already west champs. mississippi state needs to win out and have alabama lose to auburn. joined by spencer tillman and brian jones and arkansas is on a roll now. >> spencer: eight straight quarters, b.j. and adam that they've held an s.e.c. west opponent. we largely agreed that the s.e.c. west is the strongest conference in all of college football. this arkansas team riding off
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their first s.e.c. win after a 17-game losing streak, rod smith, the defensive coordinator gives all the credit for this one, the defensive stepped up big. >> brian: the defense for ole miss, this was unbelievable. has to be very discouraging to the ole miss faithful. you lose to auburn. you beat the brains out of presbyterian which you should do, guon a bye week and you know you have looming a physical contest, they want to run power football at you and yet you don't come ready to play. this is a big step back for hugh freeze and that staff. how do you not have your team ready for this ballgame? you've got a lot to play for. anything can happen next week in the egg bowl, the iron bowl, you come out and put up this type of effort, very discouraging. >> spencer: hugh freeze is a great coach. >> brian: wasn't great today. >> spencer: the context, that's not something you get momentum
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from beating a team you're supposed to beat, presbyterian and you lose the following week, coach has to know the motivation. >> adam: first time since 1965 that arkansas gets consecutive shutouts over conference opponents. jeff long is the conference committee chair. might have to rank his own schools. alabama number one as we look at the other action frommed it. the good news is apparently that amari cooper didn't come back for precautionary reasons. they didn't need him in this game. >> spencer: derrick henry was getting it done other showing versatility, alabama rolling, dominant at home making a strong case for themselves today, 48-14 in the fourth with 6:40 left. >> adam: western carolina scores on their first possession against alabama -- the first team to do that this year. in the meantime, b.j., smooth flying for the oregon ducks. >> brian: the ducks punched
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their ticket to santa clara for the pac-12 championship game, charles nelson gets his name in the paper and in the highlights. the touchdown. >> adam: royce freeman. spencer, florida state, nobody seems to be able to do it. >> spencer: i told you about b.c., here is one kick that gets it done with seven seconds left nails a 26-yard field goal to go ahead with three seconds left in the game. 20-17 florida state gets it done again. no team does it better than they do. coming from behind. >> adam: 27 upon straight wins. it was their flaw. now it's their identity, these close wins. georgia rolling past charleston southern 55-9. florida is bowl eligible. will muschamp was in a very good mood after this one. 52-3.
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good mood for someone who just lost his job. ohio state got into some trouble, b.j. >> brian: they did, early, a little tight with indiana playing well, tevin coleman shows it, jaylen marshall, four total t.d.'s for marshall, three receiving, one on the punt return, ohio on state gets it done. >> adam: the buckeyes get it done clinching the east division. they've also won 19 straight now over indiana. some tight games in the west, spencer. melvin gordon. >> spencer: he continues to do it at a record-setting pace. b.j. and i were talking about it. >> brian: he must have heard us. >> adam: 2,109 yards. >> adam: badgers get it done. 26-24. coleman becomes the quickest in terms of carries to reach 2,000 yards in a season. he's tied atop the big ten
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single season rushing record. a big game awaits them next woke, b.j. >> spencer: the minnesota gophers are no joke, folks, jerry kill's team, demorno pearson-el, minnesota takes over, they get a big win in lincoln, nebraska back-to-back losses by the cornhuskers. >> spencer: better than benjarvus green-ellis. >> brian: hyphenated names in that one. >> adam: a winner take all for the big ten division. >> brian: slobber areknocker. >> adam: ohio state as mentioned has clinched the east division. coming up we will tell you about a record setting day. ha-ha john! john and horace dodge launched their first car in 1914. but they were not only business partners,
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>> adam: welcome back to "the dodge post game show." what a day for samaje >> spencer: balling, billy sims, marcus depree -- dupree, all those guys couldn't do. 427 yards for the day breaking melvin gordon's record set a week ago. this would have worked against texas tech. cameow flinging the ball around, got it right, put one on -- >> adam: melvin gordon should
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have played that fourth quarter last week. might still have the record. you are watching "the dodge post game show" on cbs. >> adam: as we continue. the record quite something. melvin's only lasted a week, b.j. >> brian: that's not fair that perine is playing for o.u. right outside austin, texas, decided to take his game up north. >> adam: incredible, and one of the best performances we've seep. back-to-back weeks. >> spencer: we're in the spread area, everybody so spread out you don't have guys contained in a box eight and nine deep so the guys find real estate. another example ofa i big back about 227 pounds, not a skinny guy, you've got speed, he's a true freshman, he's got energy, he's not supposed to know he can't go for 427. >> brian: you have to play some space.
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i grew up in an age with some cover skills. >> spencer: you've got glorified safeties, 216 pounds who can run. >> adam: i wish perine had done it in the snow like melvin gordon had. b.j., arizona state needing a win and some help. >> brian: feeling low after going up to corvallis and losing, d.j. fost are takes the handoff here 18 yards to the house. arizona state gets the victory. >> adam: playing this game without jaylen strong who had a head injury last week, 52-31, big one against arizona, income week they're going to be busy watching ucla against u.s.c. tonight which will help determine who ends up winning this division. arizona not leaving anything to doubt between them and utah. >> spencer: both teams were alive to win the pac-12 south. nick wilson a 75-yard run. his second of the day. had them up 28-10. rich rod's team trying to make something happen but 42 points,
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10 over utah, a team that had a pretty good defense, you thought they would show up better than that. >> adam: at utah. they get it done. pac-12 south. the bruins 5-2 in conference play who are in control. if they win out they can get it done. u.s.c., if they win tonight they need arizona state to drop one next week. it gets complicated in the pac-12 south. nowadays. it's not complicated in the ivy league, hfbd going for the undefeated season. >> brian: 131st meeting, they're getting fired up. harvard quarterback hits andrew fisher. i don't know how he got behind the defender. and the safety. they give up the lead to harvard and harvard goes on for the victory. >> adam: perfect season. 17th undefeated season in their 131st meeting.
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lehigh and lafayette played 150 today. >> brian: going for the eighth straight 100-yard game. i think he's going to get it. maybe on this play. rutgers. no chance whatsoever. michigan state, sparty. big time. >> adam: all over rutgers 45-3 as langford gets 126 on the ground. they'll go to penn state next week. the game we brought you. ole miss shut out by arkansas thirst-0. the defense doing it. allie laforce catching up with one of their stars, trey flowers. >> allie: you decided to come back for your senior season. you were honored for senior day. can you imagine it going anywhere this? >> no, i couldn't imagine. i thank god my teammates for putting it out on the line for me and for all seniors, it was a big day. >> allie: two shutouts in a row
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against s.e.c. opponents. is this defense finally playing the way you you knew it could? >> we knew all along what kind of defense we are and we knew the type of things we could do in this league. for us to put up two big shutouts, that's big time. that's letting everybody else know we're real. >> allie: in four years you have had three head coaches but coach bielema trying to install this system of hard work and running the football. how does it feel? >> coach bielema being a successful coach where he was previously, he know how to win and for him to come here and teach us a way to win and for us to get it is rewarding. >> allie: thanks. >> adam: bret bielema kept them believing through all the losses in the locker room, after this one this is how they enjoyed back-to-back conference wins. >> it was all for you, brothers, thank you for everything you have given us. take care of yourself.
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we've got one more. missouri tigers. we need a great day tomorrow. one, two, three. >> adam: bret bielema has the hogs hungry and winning. >> spencer: i spoke to bret earlier this week and he said the thing he was most proud of was their resiliency. there was a time when they were mired in this losing streak he wasn't sure if they could hold up but they have. that's something you can leverage for years. >> brian: amazing how much they've grown from a season ago when he took over the program now to enjoy the back-to-back shutouts, testament to the coaching staff and the resiliency, great time in fayetteville. >> adam: tonight's slate, the games getting set to kick off shortly. mississippi state in the number four spot. pressure to keep it going. baylor against oklahoma state. >> spencer: mississippi state has to play without a top
7:25 pm
player. a big key how well they hold up. we know it's vanderbilt but they've got to put up style points like ohio state coming from behind but take note of what took place today with ohio state having to coming back from behind, florida state in a battle. this is a sneaky weekend. >> brian: missouri going for tep straight on the road. >> brian: missouri going for 10 straight on the road. a fun one to watch. >> adam: georgia is going to be rooting for tennessee in that one. let's look at the top 10 as it stood coming into this day and, of course, the number eight spot is going to be vacated. georgia. they statistical have a shot to be champs. your takeaway so far? >> spencer: i think ohio state is going to make their way back up because i cannot see a scenario where you have a big ten champion outside looking in and two s.e.c. teams, one didn't win his division. >> brian: i love what gary
7:26 pm
danielson said during the broadcast. florida state may play themselves out of this. they keep winning. they keep posting w's, they're going to be fine. >> adam: they're the only team that doesn't have to explain a loss. >> brian: explain how you win. that makes no sense. >> adam: a.c.c. conference lead. >> spencer: 27 straight games undefeated. impressive. >> adam: everyone outside the s.e.c. rooting against mississippi state. thank you for watching "the dodge post game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. over on cbs sports network. cincinnati visits uconn at 8:00 eastern. followed by "inside college football" presented by dodge. the home depot s.e.c. on cbs continues on thanksgiving friday when arkansas going after number 20 missouri. be sure to town in tomorrow for an nfl double header on cbs. >> adam: tomorrow's coverage starts at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us, have a good
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evening and a happy thanksgiving.
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>> i'm natasha brown. next on "eyewitness news" breaking right now, a philadelphia police officer trying to chase down a suspect is struck by a car and injured: plus, developing at this hour, a northeast philadelphia man who was arrested two years ago for slashing tires is arrested again. what david toledo is accused of doing this time. justin. >> and i am tracking near record warm temperatures coming up in the forecast. i'll have details next
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