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tv   Eyewitness News at 8am  CBS  November 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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2014 philadelphia marathon. we will have a report up next. barricades are going up around the st. louis area as region braces for a grand jury decision on whether to charge a police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. i'm omar villafranca with that story coming up. also ahead a northeast philadelphia man who was arrested two years ago for slashing tires is arrested once again. what david toledo is accused of doing this time. good morning to you, it is sunday november 23rd, i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00 o'clock right now on the dot. lets check that forecast. lots of runners out there hoping for a good day. are they go to go get it, carol. >> they got it now, they are running around. i know your sister is running in it. we have a lot of people in the station running in that marathon. weather is fine for that. we have a very interesting week of weather coming up. it is something for everyone if you like warm weather, we have got it. if you like the chance for snow we have got that in there. center city this morning, some clouds and we can thank those
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clouds for keeping these temperatures a lot warmer this morning. it is 43 degrees right now through center city philadelphia 41 in reading. even to the north we're looking at warmer temperatures and also that thin layer of clouds which we can also see on storm scan three this morning. now, we are expecting a day that pretty mild. yesterday we stopped at 46 degrees. we're just 3 degrees from that right now in philadelphia at 43. thirty-nine in trenton. 37 degrees in wilmington. it is almost shocking how much warmer it is this morning then it was yesterday morning. in fact, it is 15 degrees warmer this morning then yesterday in philadelphia. the 24 hour temperature change in allentown 18 degrees difference. 20 degrees warmer in millville then it was yesterday. now temperatures this after a noon will be getting in middle 50's. we will find sun, clouds and start to see rain moving in and that is primarily overnight. so computer models say that we are going to keeping clouds around here hitting
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overnight time period. we will hit these rain showers. this is 5:00 o'clock in the morning. just know your morning commute will be wet and if it is not raining where you are at that moment whatever time you start doing your morning commute tomorrow there will be puddles on the road. we will talk about wednesday huge get a waste day and also a day we could be seeing wet weather and we will talk about that coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. happening right now thousands of runners participating in the 21st annual philadelphia a marathon. marathon draws experienced runners and some who are trying to finish the 26-mile race for the first time ever. syma chowdhry has their story. >> reporter: philadelphia marathon has begun, 30,000 runners are participating in this race this morning. they are coming there different walks of life, different areas, locally, nationally, even international runners, 30,000 people running 26.2 miles. a major fe at and definitely a great thing to do here in
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philadelphia they will be passing by definitely grade landmarks here in philadelphia like city hall, independence mall and with 30,000 runners you can imagine what the cheering sexist like. countless number of people have been here cheering on these runners and they will be here throughout this entire city. runners will be going through center city, fairmount park and all the way back. this is the first time experience for a few runners we spoke with earlier this week. this is what they had to say. >> this is going to be awesome and i signed up for it and six months later, here we are. so i never ran more than 10 miles. >> i'm actually not nervous a the all which is very strange for me because i tend to be nervous about things and over think things and i had such a high on the half marathon and then during the practice, long runs, i just kind of train to to what i need to do, take note of the different things as you are training, when to hydrate, when to take things to ease up and it says day of
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the marathon you just should enjoy the ride. >> reporter: we wish julia and krista best of luck, they are first time marathon runners and celebrate inspiration for those watching thinking you know what, maybe i should do this next year. on the ben franklin parkway, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, exciting day for the city, for sure. new this morning police are investigating a shoot helping in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. it happened around 1:00 o'clock this morning in the 4600 block of penn street. a three two-year old man was shot in the leg and taken in the hospital where he is listed in stable condition. there is in word on the suspect at this time. controversial former washington d.c. mayor and civil rights activist marion barry has died. a spokesperson says that he passed away early this morning at a hospital in washington. barry served four terms as mayor and was reelect to city council in 2012 but he may be mess remembered for his scandals including a 1990 drug arrest for which he served six months in jail.
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a cause of death has not been released, marion barry was 78 years old. well, developing right now sources tell cbs news that a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri is not expected before monday. panel is deciding whether to duty police officer for shooting death of the unarmed teenager. as cws news correspondent omar villa franca, remains high as anxious residents await that decision. >> barricades going up in the courthouse in clayton, missouri. it is inside this building that a grand jury has met for more than three months charged with deciding whether to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson for shoot to go death 18 year old michael brown last august. protests are expected and police say they have concerns but they are red are i. >> biggest concern would be, you know, regardless of the decision that we see violence that we saw in august. if somebody wantedded a
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policeman, or whether that is somebody protesting or exercising their rights, or seriously injured or killed. >> there have been fewer than a dozen a rests after three straight nights of protests outside ferguson police department as a tense community waits for the grand jury decision. mess of the arrest came after protesters block traffic. authorities activist and even family of michael brown are calling for calm as the grand jury's decision draws closer. >> but hurt ing others or destroying property is not the answer. >> reporter: 1,000 you local police officers have received extra training in how to handle protesters. another 400 members of the national guard and 100 fbi agents are also on the ground here. in ferguson, missouri, omar villafranca for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now the philadelphia police department is ready to handle any protest that may happen when the grand jury decision is announced. they do not expect any violence. well, authorities say that i gunman on the run struck a philadelphia police officer
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with his getaway car in west kensington. this all happened on the 2300 block of north fair hill street. that is where the officer was responding to a call of a person with the gun. officials say that the officer suffered scrapes and abrasions and is in fair condition. the suspect was arrested. search is on for cause of the town house fire that killed a young man in horsham, montgomery county. flames broke out in the 300 block of green meadow lane just before 4:30 saturday morning. one unit was heavily damage, seven others have water and smoke damage. it took fire fighters an hour to contain the flames. police are investigating an accidental shooting during a hunting trip in west windsor, new jersey. investigators say a 45 year-old man was shot while hunting with his father. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it happened on old trenton road around 4:00 yesterday. victim and his father were the only two people in that hunting park i. they were both licensed to hunt birds. although investigation is still ongoing, details point
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to this being a hunting accident. this is a story you saw first on cbs-3, david toledo made headlines two years ago when he was arrested for multiple tire slashings in mayfair. this time he was caught trying to vandal ice a septa vehicle. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers was first to break the story. >> reporter: the alleged crime happened right here near toledo's oxford circle will home this time the tool of choice a glue mouse trap with nails stuck on top. >> we think he is nuts. that is in the normal. the guy needs help. why would you want to destroy peoples property. i mean it is ridiculous. >> reporter: on wednesday police say toledo walked up to a septa vehicle and placed the trap behind the tire. they say a septa employee was in the front seat and watched toledo walk back inside his home just up the block. >> anything at all you would like to say? >> reporter: woman in the house shut the door on us when we canned for comment. neighbors say blocks surrounding the home have been targeted by vandalism for
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months with screws, nails, even glass, left in streets and driveways. >> when i heard bit, i went and check it out and i found a few behind my house. >> reporter: so far police have not link street owe to those crimes. it was back in may he was sentenced to two years probation for slashing tires in mayfair in 2012. after prosecutors pushed for five to ten years in prison. >> i'm just very happy with the outcome. >> reporter: neighbors were not as pleased. when you heard he only got probation back in may were you fearful this could happen. >> oh, i knew it would happen. i knew it would happen, absolutely. >> there is always that fear that it will pick up again and apparently it has. >> reporter: it was just after 7:00 o'clock saturday evening that toledo was formally a rain on criminal mischief charge and several other related offenses. we are outside northeast detectives, matt rivers, cb is. three "eyewitness news". coming up next on "eyewitness news", surviving fire. >> one breath is all it will take and it will kill you. >> there is one thing you can do, before you go to bed
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tonight, and that could save your life. then, they're back, turkey vultures invade south jersey yet again. how do you get rid of them. we will find out, coming up
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are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast. bringing media and technology together for you. when you are asleep you are most vulnerable to fire inside your home. most deadly fires start in the middle of the night. even if you have smoke alarms, escape plan, some fire fighters say do one more thing before you turn those lights off. jessica dean, reports. >> reporter: in a house fire it is not the flames, but the smoke that kills. >> one breath is all it will take and it will kill you. >> reporter: how long would you say people have to get out
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of their homes in this situation. >> within seconds. >> you guys attacked the living room, that is where fire is starting. >> reporter: there is a way to buy time. >> let's get it. >> reporter: this house is being set on fire on purpose to prove a point, to survive an overnight fire. >> sleep with your door closed. >> reporter: fire starts in the living room. nearby on the same floor are two bedroom. down the hall is kids bedroom their door will stay open. on the other side is master bedroom that door will be closed. we watch a along with deputy chief eric fleming of the philadelphia fire. one minute in the fire smoke is gathering on the living room ceiling, and it starts to trick until to the kids bedroom. two minutes, thick black smoke is choking out the a air in the living room, and the kids bedroom with that opened door. now take a look at the master bedroom. you can see orange glow of the fire at bottom of the door but so far no smoke. >> the smoke is it goes up to the ceiling ape it wants to back down. if you have a door closed it
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cannot get easily through that door. >> reporter: at three minutes the entire living room is in flames. air is black and fire is lurking down the hall way. debris falls from the ceiling and smoke consumes the the kids room. but in that master bedroom, even with that fire raging outside the door there is barely a sign of smoke here. >> when you you close the door how much extra time would you say that gives you. >> you will have at least five or six minutes to actually initiate your escape plan. >> reporter: at this point fire fighters put out the blaze. walking through the aftermath you can see the difference. in the kid room, the ceiling is black, from smoke. >> the temperatures that the ceiling in this room would have been over a thousand degrees. >> reporter: but master bedroom, it the looks almost untouched. >> the core door which most residential houses he have will have to hold fire and expect out so between six and 20 minutes. >> reporter: fire officials know not everyone will sleep
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with the closed door. >> i'm's sure there is a lot of kids who would rather the door be opened and maybe some parents too. >> reporter: that is when it is even more important to have smoke detectors right by your bedroom, even inside. whatever you you do don't count on the smell of smoke to wake you up. >> a lot of times since most fires occur at night a lot of people never wake up. >> reporter: few more things to keep in mind, experts say every bedroom should have a second exit in addition to the door maybe a window. also practice your exit plan with your families, so you are ready for the worst. yes, sir contact dean, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good tips, for sure. 8:15. lets check that forecast, carol. >> well, we have a day easy to get out, do whatever. people are getting ready for thanksgiving and we have a terrific day to do that. weather is very cooperative. blue skies, couple clouds, something for everyone. now our temperatures are so much more mild they are morning. that is also going to make it very nice to get out there.
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forty-three in philadelphia. thirty-eight in allentown. remember yesterday morning at this point. we had temperatures that had been in the teen and barely climbing through the 20's. so big warm up is coming. storm scan three is showing the warm up comes from the south along with this rain and we will find this rain moving in during the overnight time period and we could be picking up in some spots maybe even as much as an inch of rain, but just know that we could be finding heavy rain during the overtime toward tonight. lets time this out and it says, by the time we get to 2:00a m we are seeing this rain coming in here closer to midnight it will be starting. where youe yellow and orange that is heavier rain that moves through overnight. by 7:00 tomorrow morning the rain is down but not done and we will still continue with a few showers first thing tomorrow. and then by afternoon we will clear out in spots. the breeze picks up. the temperatures will be in the 70's, the 70's, i know, just great, even with some rain in the morning. and then tuesday it is back in
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the 50's and then wednesday, it is probably right about 40 degrees. we will start with another system. that is a system that forms off the carolina coast, a coastal system. does it go way off a the shore? come closer? many scenarios with the many computer models. no consensus on this. i think the biggest issue with this is the timing of it. it is coming, with this heavy travel day on wednesday, and so that is why any rain and or any wet snow mixed in or any change over to light snow, that is probably what we will be getting on that timetable but again, way too early to call on that thanksgiving and prethanksgiving, travel problem with the wet weather that is coming in. if you get a chance to make your travel plans earlier, not that we're talking about amounts or significant a accumulating snow or anything else you just know that traveling around, when you have wet weather with all of the people out traveling it is just easier to get it done when roads are dry
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567895 degrees, partly sunny, mild tore day. not a problem today. tonight 48 degrees. rain overnight, and you know, again you'll be hearing it pounding on your win owe and make sure you are carrying your umbrella out overnight and that your pets are dry as well. tomorrow, look at that 72 degrees, the record is 71. we are right up there. tuesday, it is dry, it is 55 degrees, great day to do anything. weld we will have clouds do we see rain in the afternoon and do we see a little bit of snow mixing in after that as we move into the evening and temperatures drop? it is possible. now, it should be gone, most of the daylight hours, on thursday, but again, we're still continuing to watch this and see how it evolves. does it go way up the coast and we're just brush by it? this needs to be monitored. we will continue to do that. and then black friday, 40 degrees for the shopping. you know, there is a bird, out there and it has hey gigantic wing span but that does not
8:19 am
equal big love and thinks a federally protect bird but this bird ambassador might try to change your mind. turkey vultures over mount holly, big guys love the neighborhood but not all of the ground bound residents love them back. >> we asked them to leave. >> reporter: joe and others made that request in the way birds could not refuse. notice in the trees a second year the department of agriculture has hundredg a dead turkey vulture upside down to deter others from losing in the branch street neighborhood. mary ray burn can think like a turkey volterra species she and her cat appreciate on site. >> the big birdie are here. that is all he needed to hear. >> reporter: that is all joe needs to hear to get him do biological math big bird equal big messes. >> these guys, they drop bombs. >> reporter: well joe here's a bigger bomb shell apollo has landed, a young turkey vulture from cedar run wild life refuge about to change
8:20 am
neighborhood mind maybe. >> they are in the mean at all. they are very curious, they are very smart and are playful. >> reporter: despite the their messes they pick up even more than they leave. >> their nature's garbage men. >> reporter: while apollo is a pet parrot he and denise go to the same neighborhood where welcome mat mathis hung upside down. now nearly 90 year-old mary has no fear. >> his name ace polo. >> reporter: his name is mud a street away with joe. >> aim not interested in meeting a bird to tell you the truth. >> it is right there. >> i see it. this is a joke, right. >> reporter: not really. joe never goat any close shore finally left in a car with his friend over gentlemen's car. >> those birds do a good service and they just losing together for warmth. neighbors don't like it. they can make a mess. but still it is a federally protect bird. they do a great service. >> joe wasn't having any part of it. >> no, but they are all part of the cycle of life.
8:21 am
>> yes. >> all right carol, thank you. 8:00 206789 lets check on the roads with ann, good morning. >> good morning, nicole and carol. ben franklin parkway site of the philadelphia marathon the parkway is shut down between 16th street and art museum circle with kelly drive and martin luther king drive around the parkway area 18th street is shut down between callowhill street and arch street. arch street shut down between fourth street and ben franklin parkway. and, we will go down another closure here, and thinks i-95, southbound, to the right of your screen, shut down at columbus boulevard, the a off ramp is closed due to the marathon. you can see the traffic squeezing around it. we will move the traffic cam one more time, this is 202 at 422. we had construction on 202 north bound and southbound today at 422, road construction left lane is closed this construction affecting 422 eastbound between route 23 and 202, also a affecting the ram tops route 202 and cue kill eastbound. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, we will be right back, "eyewitness
8:22 am
news" after this.
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it may not be on your holiday table this week, but chances are you may have seen it at some point, spam, the supermarket meat in a can has sold more than 8 billion cans, in fact, it is considered a delicacy in some places. a as cbs sunday morning lee cohen shows news a story you will see later on cbs-3. is there hardly a more maligned meat than spam. >> spam, spam, spam, meat in a can. >> but if you think it is just a culinary punch line, you have not spent enough time here. the hawaii islands, known for
8:25 am
their trade wind and rainbows are also spam a holiks paradise. in fact, in state eats more. >> it is a stapel that everybody eats here. >> on the island, at food land grocery store, spam is as plentiful as sun block. >> i cannot believe how many different brand you have. this is amazing. rainbow of spam. >> i know, 14 flavors. >> fourteen varieties. >> yeah. >> reporter: is there spam with cheese, spam with garlic, with turkey, jalapeno and nothing says hello quite like flam favored nuts. in fact, the taste of spam is so preponderance already in had hawaii, you can even order it, at mcdonald'ss. >> we call hate hawaiian prime rib or hawaiian roast beef. >> reporter: hawaii's love of all things spam started during
8:26 am
world war two, in millions of pound of the stuff were shipped to gi's in the south pacific because it didn't spoil in the tropical sun. but when servicemen left, the spam stayed, and it just became part of the island diet. >> um, i know a lot of people love it. i just can't do it. a meat for the ages. art of the fruit flakes and in the kitchen with singer patty labelle apparently she's a cook. special addition of sunday morning. eat drink and be merry right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 o'clock. 2014 philadelphia marathon is officially underway right now, runners pounding the pavement on the 26.2-mile course. coming up next a full report on all of the race day excitement. plus this... >> got a flat tire, better fix it right, aim jim donovan coming up three on your side shows you why drivers are at risk if they are fixing it wrong. and warmer weather for start of the workweek but some rain mixed in too carol has details plus what could be
8:27 am
some messy weather for your thanksgiving day travel plans. we will be right back.
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find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! it is sunday november 23rd good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:30 right now. lets get a check of the forecast already in for a warm up this morning. feels better than yesterday, that is for sure. >> it does, we have he got temperatures in the 40's, yesterday we were talking about temperatures in the teens and 20's at this hour. big warm up. a bigger one to follow. it looks nice out there right now a a lot of runners through philadelphia, and they are probably going faster then the traffic usually does on the ben franklin bridge. with blue skies, overhead, just a couple of clouds but
8:30 am
still a beautiful start to the day and mild enough, ocean city looks great and quiet out there this morning. and out in kutztown 39 degrees, the skies are brightening up there, very light wind, it is a nice day today, storm scan three showing just a few clouds and we can thank those clouds for keeping us warmer overnight, 43 degrees at the the air port right now, 39 in trenton. thirty-seven in wilmington. thirty-eight in dover, wildwood 46 degrees, ocean has dropped to 46 degrees. even to the north these temperatures are not that bad, close to 40 in pottstown, quakertown, doylestown, 41 in mount holly at this point. our temperatures show a nice right to 55 degrees, later this afternoon, we should be 9 degrees warmer then yesterday, sun, clouds will be out there and then, i'll just get through this part quickly 3:00 o'clock it looks nice and then rain starts to move in. this starts around midnight the or so and thinks a a look at 3:00 a.m. and that heavier rain comes through
8:31 am
philadelphia, 4:00 a.m. we are still looking at rain, 5:00 a.m. we are still looking at some rain, it starts to spin out as we go through the morning hours. might not be totally gone by the time you start your morning rush or waiting for a bus, but we do see some improving weather as we go through the rest of the day on monday and a huge warm up. it is in the lower 70's, tomorrow, then we have another wet day coming up and wouldn't you know it times out to be the day before thanksgiving so we will talk about what that wet weather means coming up, nicole. >> carol, thank you. happening right now, the 21st annual philadelphia marathon. thousands are running through the city of brotherly love. our syma chowdhry spoke with some runners who are taking on their very first marathon. >> reporter: philadelphia marathon has begun, 30,000 runners are participating this morning, all of them coming from different walks of life, different areas, we will talk about locally, nationally, even international runners,
8:32 am
30,000 people running 26 miles. a major feat and great thing to do here in philadelphia. they will be passing by, definitely grade landmarks here in philadelphia like city hall, independent mall and with 30,000 runners you can imagine what the cheering sexist like. countless number of people have been here cheering on these runners and they will be here throughout the entire city, runners will be going through center city all the way to fairmount park and all the way back. now, this is the first time, experience for a few runners we spoke with earlier this weekend. this is what they had to say. >> this is going to be awesome. i signed up for it and six months later here we are. so, never ran american 10 miles. >> i'm actually not nervous a at all which is very strange for me because i tend to be nerve bus thing. i over think things. i had such a high on the half marathon, and during the practice, long runs, you just kind of, train, do what you need to do, take note of the
8:33 am
different things, when to hydrate, when to take and ease up. the day of the marathon you should just enjoy the ride. >> reporter: of course, we wish julia and chris tat best of luck, they are first time marathon runners and great inspiration for those watching and thinking maybe i should do this next year. on the ben franklin parkway syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, exciting day, for sure. for a complete race coverage including a list of events and road closure, very important on a day like today, head over to our web site at cbs philly to the come. well, strong show of support in center city for president obama's plan to fix the immigration system. philadelphia community leaders praised the president's decision to use an executive order to implement his plan. it will allow up to five in million undocumented parents of u.s. citizens or legal, permanent residents to stay in the country and work. republican leaders say that the president is over stepping
8:34 am
his authority bye-bye passing congress. owners of the taj mahal are making a last ditch effort to keep the struggling atlantic city casino open. trump entertainment is offering to restore health insurance to its workers for two years. in return the company wants the workers union to drop its appeal of the court order that canceled health and pension benefits. taj mahal plans to close its doors december 12th. new york times is reporting that president obama has signed a secret order involving our troops in afghanistan and it reportedly authorize a more expansive mission next year. the report is moved towards to ensure american troops will have a trek role in carrying out mission as begins in militant groups. earlier president said u.s. troops will have no combat role in afghanistan in 2015. is there word that a strong earthquake in japan caused more damage than previously thought. at least 37 homes have been destroyed, nearly 40 people were hurt, seven of those injuries severe.
8:35 am
quake was centered near nagano the site of the 98 winter olympics. japanese officials say it wases a magnitude 6.7. so far no deaths have been reported. so that is some good news. we have some progress to report in buffalo, new york. drivers are free to exit the new york state through way in areas plumeted bias much as 7 feet of snow, can you you imagine, just a nation amounts of snow there. as cbs news correspondent jericka duncan explains there is a new round of concerns. >> snow is still stopping people from getting around western new york days after two storms dumped more than 7 feet of snow in some places, plows are out clearing streets and cars and even trucks remain buried under several feet have of snow, officials say they have recovered more than 500 abandoned vehicles. >> our motto is prepare for the worst, and hope for the best, and we are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: this weekend's spring like temperatures milk with rain will melt the the
8:36 am
heavy snow and cause potential flooding, especially in low lying neighborhoods like west seneca surrounded by creeks. michelle has been a resident for more than 20 years. >> for the last time there was a major flooding event here what did this street look like. >> it looked like niagara river. it was just flooded, cars, icebergs were floating down the street. >> reporter: she and her son are removing items from the basement even though the town has provided sandbags. why not use sandbags? >> well, i feel that the sandbags for us in this area will not help. >> flooding is also a concern for restaurant owner ron spinelli. >> i see you spray painted word opened on the mound of snow out front. >> yes, we did. just trying to let people know that we're opened. >> reporter: he was closed nearly a week and says he lost nearly thousands of have dollars and isn't looking forward to losing more because of flooding. >> but again there is nothing
8:37 am
we can do bit. we will just to have go with the flow and see what happens. >> reporter: jericka duncan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a lot of snow. 8:37. is there much more still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next, we will check with face the nation's bob schieffer for a look ahead at today's broadc
8:38 am
8:39 am
cbs face the nation will be coming your way later this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. joining with us a preview live from washington is maryland rate or and cbs news chief washington correspondent bob schieffer. good morning to you, what are you covering today. >> well, we have a full plate this morning, nicole, we have an eye especially on two big stories and that is, what is going on down there in ferguson, missouri, people were outside on the streets again last night as they await the decision by this grand jury, on whether or not to indict the police officer in the shooting death of that
8:40 am
young african-american, michael brown. we're now told it may not be today that they will hand down that indictment, if there is to be one. it may go as late as monday of next week but the people are outside on the street, the national guard has been called out. everybody is very tense. we will get reports from the scene on that and then we will talk to the president of the naacp, cornell william brooks about how he thinks all this is being handled and then, of course, we will turn to the big story the aftermath of the president's decision to go it alone on immigration reform. the chairman of the home land security committee in the house republican congressman mike mccall, and the illinois democratic senator dick durbin who is number two in the democratic leader ship in the senate. so, two big stories that will go on for a while and we will try to put both of them in context this morning.
8:41 am
>> all right, always great perspective there on face the nation bob, thank you, we appreciate it. >> thanks, nicole good 8:40. still to come a warm up today and an even bigger warm up on the way, but will you need your umbrellas for the start of the week? carol is breaking down details and also tracking some weather that could impact your thanksgiving travel plans this week. also ahead the last time you had a flat tire, how was it repaired? was with a plug or patch? what if we told thaw isn't enough? three on your side finds faulty tire repairs that may put you at risk, we will show you what you need to do to pr
8:42 am
8:43 am
millions of people are hitting the road to celebrate thanksgiving but could tires you are driving on put you at risk? as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan finds a faulty repair could change a life forever.
8:44 am
>> i used to take care of him and now he takes care of me and children. >> gwenn says a shoddy tire repair rob her of being a wife or mother. her neck was broken when one of the tires on her suv blew on a highway flipping the vehicle five times. >> right rear tire we had repaired. >> reporter: investigation concluded accident was a result of the faulty flat tire repair months earlier. >> i trusted the people. >> reporter: whom find a nail or screw in our tire opt for quick repair so we can get back on the road but bad tire repairs are common, putting drivers at risk. >> this is, the dirty little secret. >> reporter: triple a's robert sin claire says there is no law requiring that specific standard in tire repair. >> we have her about tires repaired with sort of spit and paint, in these shops using, safety glue and sawdust and plugging tires up with whatever it might be laying around. >> i can usually tell just by
8:45 am
looking at the tire when they come in the side of the tire if there has been a problem for a while. >> reporter: tony decease air has been repairing cars and fixing flats for 30 years. he says if a flat isn't fixed properly. >> it will blow out, it can just explode. >> reporter: is there more than one way to fix a flat and that is part of the problem. cheaper way toys use a plug like this one, and showing from the outside in, the tire may not have have to come off the car but it is a quick fix that tony warns against. >> the tire has got to come off the rim. you have to look inside. >> reporter: if the plug does not maintain a strong enough seal air can escape, driving on low pressure can cause a tire to heat up, disintegrating the rubber inside, like in this tire, installing patches like these can fix a flat too. covering over the puncture from the inside. but it is still not ideal. in fact the national highway traffic safety administration, the rubber manufacturers a
8:46 am
association, and major tire makers say there is only one way to savely repair a tire. remove it from the rim, inspect it for damage and fix the puncture using a combination repair with both a plug and a patch. the as tony demonstrated for us. it is more time consuming, and more expensive, but. >> it is best thing to use. it is the proper way to do it. >> reporter: tony says most drivers don't ask how a flat is being repaired. >> most of the time they don't even want to know when, how or what you did. just get me back on the road. >> reporter: to properly repair a flat tire using a combination of plug and patch it takes about 45 in minutes and depending on the type of tire it can cost between 30 or $40. if the puncture is in the side wall you should in the the repair it, you need a new tire. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. and in wet, snowy weather you know how important tires
8:47 am
are. now we are looking at temperatures this morning, so much warmer then yesterday morning. our weather watchers are up early, we are so glad and they are weighing in with their advice and what dough we find? we have 35 degrees. this is john saying that the barometer may be falling but it is a a great day for the birds. i think he means one that fly and also the ones that play. we are looking at 44-degree temperature. this is what we are finding out with robin. it was a nice morning for taking her dog for a walk. i'm sure dog enjoyed it as much as she d lets take a look and see snow. this is snow for the the most part they have made up in jack frost big boulder. they have able to make a lot of it because it was so much colder they could turn snow guns on and they have a ski slope going but we are looking at temperatures above the freezing mark in every single lex this morning. it is 41 degrees in the poconos right now. we have 43 degrees through philadelphia even along the shore we're mild at 46 degrees down in wildwood. thirty-nine in millville.
8:48 am
so much warmer then yesterday and some cases some 20 degrees warmer then yesterday. why is that? well, we saw some clouds overnight and also we're starting to see winds coming from the south where it is mild. that is not the only thing coming up from the south. rain as well. we will find that rain around midnight tonight, overnight, first part of tomorrow morning so the morning rush could get wet and some puddles on the ground as well. so that rain and we will time out the rain amounts and exactly when and where coming up in just a second. otherwise just know today we are looking at quiet weather, sun and clouds and temperatures in the middle will 50's. warmer then yesterday but not as warm as it gets tomorrow at 70 degrees. maybe even, record tying or 71 is the old record it back in 1979. warm, wet day. oats specially a wet start to the day. that leaves the breeze kick nothing, cold front comes through, tuesday dries out, we will end up back down into the middle 50's and we await another system for wednesday.
8:49 am
lets get through this first one first and today looks great, looks great for the eagles game and we are watching the rain starting to come in here overnight, the yellow, orange, those are heavier amounts of rain. could somebody see a inch of rain out of this? it is possible. not everybody would see that much but it is possible. even some thunder cannot be ruled out. so if you are a along the shore area especially you could be listening to some thunder overnight and first part of tomorrow, it is that kind of a spring-like system with these temperatures coming up. 7:00 in the morning this computer model says heavy rain is gone but not all of the rain has gone. we will look for continuation of a couple of rain showers. by 2:00 in the afternoon we will start to brighten up up around here breeze is blowing, temperatures mild, you'll love it. last within day. enjoy what you can tomorrow. then tuesday it is fine, it is where we should be in the middle 50's and then wednesday we will cloud up and the second part of the day it looks as if we will be watching for a coastal system. it doesn't mean it is right at
8:50 am
the the coast. maybe it goes away. maybe it comes closer. closer it is less we like it. travel day on wednesday. many scenarios. every computer model has a different solution for this. just know it is wet weather on wednesday and maybe snow gets mixed in as well, again, i have been saying it, this morning and that is that we are not anticipating a significant accumulating snow. we are not anticipating that. new depending on the track of this, sets, et cetera, plans change but i think at this point we are looking at on rain, primarily with some wet snow mix nothing but we will continue to follow this, so you know how storms change and evolve iron maybe this thing will just leave, wouldn't that be nice and not bother anybody because everybody is traveling that daze. eagles game today, 52 degrees, perfect day to be out in a stadium and i'm sure people are getting ready to catch a tailgate right now 567895 degrees. partly sunny and mild. high temperature. nice day today. but tonight we will bring in the rain, particularly closer to midnight overnight, some pockets of heavier rain,
8:51 am
48 degrees overnight. these temperatures rising overnight and they will be rising, look at these temperatures on monday, 72 degrees. by tuesday, we are back down to where we should this be time of the the year in the middle 50's. by wednesday, clouds roll in we will watch to see what that low pressure system along the coast does, does it bring rain, snow get mixed in, or does it bypass us for the most part. we will continue to follow that, thursday, thanksgiving day at this point looks as if most of the daylight hours should be dry, we will continue to follow that too and friday, saturday look to be dry but chilly, you know, do you love watching the weather? well, you can be featured in our newscast by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher just like robin was. sign up at cbs, nicole. >> carol, thank you. 8:51. lets check on the roads with ann evans and a lot of activity in philadelphia. >> a lot of activity, nicole, this is schuylkill at spring
8:52 am
garden. martin luther king drive, look at those folks from the philadelphia marathon. runners are now on martin luther king drive, martin luther king drive hut down between parkway and the falls bridge. kelly drive, art museum circle and lincoln drive. parkway of course, the hub of the activity later on, that is closed between 16th street and art museum circle. portions of arch street and chestnut street. we will get to the traffic cam here, there you go, and quieter picture in upper merion of some construction on 422 eastbound between 23 and 202. left lane is closed as you can see due to this road construction. it is affecting the ram tops route 202 and schuylkill eastbound. on to a gorgeous picture of the walt whitman bridge, in delays or problems on the walt whitman and it is in good shape today, so is ben franklin. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans back to you. thank you. competitor either joey chestnut gets an early start on his thanksgiving. ten contestant compete to go see who could eat the most of
8:53 am
20-pound turkies yesterday. at fox woods casino in connecticut. chestnut set a new record gobbling a whole turkey weighing over 9 pounds in ten minutes. he won a $5,000 prize and other contestant split remaining funds of $10,000. wow. i get stuffed on thanksgiving but not like that. that is crazy. still to come, this morning eagles look to extend their home winning streak to ten games with the the titans. our leslie van arsdal will have a
8:54 am
8:55 am
please visit your nearest jay roberts jewelers location. the bird won nine straight games at home and looking to rebound from last sunday's beat down at lambeau. shady mccoy needs a break out game to take pressure off of mark sanchez. last season's rushing champ is averaging 3.7 yards per car think year and has just two, hundred yard plus game. tennessee has within of the worst rushing defenses in the
8:56 am
league. >> always has been something small here, something small here, ahh, almost, almost. so i feel like it is coming together. i always felt that. only way we get stopped is when we make mistakes. >> you can see the game this afternoon at 1:00 right here on cbs-3. that is sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day, go birds. >> go birds. >> it will be nice for that game and the marathon. >> yes, perfect. to take is really nice. this is kind of weather we are supposed to be having this time of the year with temperatures in the 50's. >> i know. >> lets get used to one day of great warmth. >> yes. >> how welcomed will that 72 degrees be? it does come with some rain, that is particularly overnight, first part of the day tomorrow, breeze will pick up, one or two spots may even hear a thunderstorm but very spring-like. tuesday we are back to find weather and if you can make your travel plans for tuesday great. wednesday we could be dealing with wet weather, is it some
8:57 am
rain, this is it wet snow milk in. what exactly is it. coastal system yet to form and we have to continue to monitor that situation but just know it is wet and big problem is the number of people that will be out, yes. >> that is a milk bag for sure, not great timing on that one. >> not at all. >> carol, thank you. that is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on television but we are always on line cbs unday morning with charles osgood is next, make it a great day. >> bye-bye. by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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