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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 25, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, family, thanks for joining us. yep, brace yourself for early taste of winter. this is what we could be seeing tomorrow. ready or not, the snow is on the way. so, get those shovels ready to ice, the salt, penndot is preparing as well. katie has your forecast, in just a few minute. >> first though we have breaking news to talk about here. violence erupts in ferguson, missouri overnight after demonstrators learn there would be no criminal indictment against city police offers here shot an unarmed teen. >> and that unrest continues this morning as more fires burn all across ferguson. >> now, weaver auto repair shop that we've been watching this morning. there is video of t more than dozen businessesly say were vandalized and looted by angry
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protesters. danielle nottingham joins just ferguson with the latest information, danielle? >> reporter: it has been hours since the chaos errupted and the fire department is still putting out flames. in a matter of minute, peaceful protests gave way to violence, and police say they arrested at least 29 people so far. protesters marched into the early hours. demonstrations spiraled out of control and turned violent. at least dozen buildings are set on fire. businesses looted, windows broken, and hundreds of gunshots were heard. >> what i have seen tonight is probably much worse than the worse night we ever had in august. >> police hurled tear gas into crowds. some demonstrated taunted authority and set fires to police cars. >> the police brought it on themselves. they have aggressive stance. >> the rioting quickly spread here, where protesters set businesses on fire.
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>> following the decision, prosecutors released documents reviewed by the 12 jurors, including images, and testimony, by officer wilson. >> wilson says he shot series every rounds, during the august 9th confrontation, which began while still? squad care. wilson said his hands were on me, end his vehicle with arms, head, assaulting me. police continued to urge protestors to demonstrate peacefully. judge brown's mother broke down among protesters, following the decision, and even in her anger, she urged protesters not to combat violence with violence. , in philadelphia, exclusive
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video, shows police arrest two protesters who took to the streets last night. >> poor protests today planned in the city of philadelphia, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo has that part of the coverage coming up in just a few minutes >> mild outside, even still, never know there was big storm system come that would be bringing us the kind of snow we're calling for, there you have it. mother nature does what she wants, right? storm scan3, already some moisture showing up here, just
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off shore. >> p birth -- frontal boundery stalling, that's where the storm system will be moving. it is almost like it is the train tracks for the storm to move along, why we're expecting all day event out of this. by tomorrow morning should be too warm for anything but rain at the onset. sure enough, cold air will wrap in feeling with precipitation, a lot more on how much we're talking about, how is the timing going to look here with this storm. meantime today is quiet, we hit 56 degrees. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. do have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the weather for all of your travel plans that will be affected because of that. definitely want to keep it here to cbs-3, but also, check the flu knits your car, make sure ooh ' taking extra precautions as well. talk about what we're dealing on the schuylkill. rush hour still pretty light. starred to go -- starting to build volume.
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if you are traveling 76 westbound, at university, the onramp to the schuylkill westbound, dealing with a accident, compromising partially a bit of the ramp. and then also, 76, as well. now, traffic moving by, but regardless, it is out there. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport look just fine. erika? >> thank you, developing right now, thousands of protesters fill city street across the country frustrated by the grand jury decision in ferguson, miss your. >> i we have live team coverage of the action right here in philadelphia, let's start with jan carabeo at city hall right now. jan? >> ukee, erika, philadelphia police say they anticipate more protests today. they say they're ready for. that will but overall, overnight, they say, the protests here in philadelphia remain peaceful. only two people were taken into custody. and "eyewitness news" has that exclusive video. the voices as many as 300 protesters, filled philadelphia streets overnight. after learning a missouri
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grand jury decided not to indict ferguson police officer for the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. >> file charges against officer wilson. >> no soon her this group listened to the decision, did they denounce it, hundreds walked miles up and down market street, broad street, south street, eventually, ending at columbus boulevard. >> protest and assemble anywhere we want. >> while intense, philadelphia police are calling the overnight protest respectful. >> it is a night the city of philadelphia can be proud of. police department can be proud of, and protesters can be proud. >> there, were however, two people taken into custody, someone walk onto busy i-95, forcing a bike cop to step in. >> enter onto 95, kneel down into the running lane of 95, and created extremely hazardous situation. >> police expect similar protests today. they are prepared. so are those demanding
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justice. >> the circumstances that exist in ferguson also here in philadelphia. and before we have a mike brown situation here, we need to address it and try to find better ways to solve our issues here. >> again, philadelphia police, calling last night's protest, respectful, again, prepared for more protests today, only two people taken in to custody. we do expect those charges coming this morning. >> live team coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter david spun it. >> live on the ben franklin parkway with reaction from mayor nutter thankful for non-violent protests in our city. >> reporter: good morning, mayor michael nutter not holding back with comment after he came out after the grand jury decision came down last night. very frank. entire investigation in ferguson was botched from start to finish. now, we want to show you some video from what happened in ferguson, last night, and really into this morning. talking about 25 structures
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gone or still burning, national guard, helping with local authorities, to put out the flames. the brown family has asked repeatedly for no violence, but did not stop people. mayor nutter said several times, last night, that he wants people to exercise their right to protest, but he wants them to keep it peaceful. >> any of those who want to respond it, respect the memory of that young man respect the wishes of his family. exercise your constitutional right to protest. so very, very important right here in america. but do not harm another person. >> mayor nutter said he's hopeful protests in philadelphia will go much like they did last night with no problems, no major problems, i should say. he did point out several times, though, he's upset with the prosecutor's offers, namely the fact they held news conference last night at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. he said that probably invited some of that violence. live on the parkway, david
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spunt, "eyewitness news". >> we continue to monitor the situation in ferguson and we'll bring you any new developments throughout the morning. >> also ahead, the search continues for missing mother fromom northampton. police say she went on her break from work, and just vanished in broad daylight. >> and, in this morning's health watch, the long lasting effects that extreme weather, such as hurricanes, can have on children's health. be right back. a secure retirement. a new home. earning your diploma. providing for your family. real associates, using walmart's benefits to build better lives for their families. opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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updating breaking news right now, chaos fills the streets of ferguson, missouri overnight. police say at least dozen buildings have burn, and several others looted and vandalize overnight. this follows a grand jury's decision not to criminally
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indict a ferguson police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed teen. damage a celts are expected later on this morning, when it is light out. at the st. louis police chief says, they made 29 arrests overnight, and that he heard at least 150 gunshots. none, though, from police. >> coming up on 13:00, katie, watching the storm tomorrow. oh? >> yes, absolutely, tomorrow, the whole day, and even most of the night, will be affected by this storm system, moving in, so, try to plan your travel around that, if you can. now would be a great time to leave. it is completely quiet. whole day really. you can see, few little blips of moisture rolling through sussex county here. don't expect anything more than that. this front will generally just stay off shore. but it is providing almost the railroad track of sorts for the storm to move up along, as we go into tomorrow. here's the exclusive snowfall map. not just the snow producer. looking at heavy rain first in philly, eventually turning to snow, and producing two-4 inches for philly and the immediate vicinity, little
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sliver of light blue. from the jersey turnpike southeast more like coating to two. get gipped at the shore, that's where the strongest winds will be, bull's eye for the heaviest rain or i should say snow, snow, heaviest snow, goes even, anywhere from western chester montgomery and upper berks on northwest, so go up to the i80 interchange, you could be talking eight, more inches out of this, that will be probably the roughest in terms of the travel, as you go further inland, across pennsylvania, so, just try to plan around this, if you can. we know it is tough. rain, snow, tomorrow, as we've been talking becomes but then smooth sailing thursday, friday, saturday, even sunday, so the whole holiday weekend itself is looking pretty good. just get to go your destination, that's going to be major hassle, will like, vittoria? >> thank you, katie. good morning, everyone, traveling on the schuylkill expressway, still dealing with a bit after incident, westbound 76 right at the onramp westbound 76, at the area of university. it is compromising as you will notice here partially bit that far ramp. folks making their way around t but still, it is out there. traveling on the schuylkill
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expressway, however, not awful. ninety-five, however, is starting to get a little bit bad. ninety-five southbound, making your way out of the northeast, down through to the vine street expressway, heaviest pocket will be moving through girard, down through to the vine, then also the volume building around cottman avenue. if you are traveling in delaware county, on 95, still moving pretty well. and i would say in bucks county, go along with, that but speed censors dropping down to 32, making your way in toward the city. fifty-five your average on the schuylkill expressway, same on 476. traveling the pa turnpike westbound at bensalem getting word after accident. as you will notice, slow moving traffic will lie behind that, so, give yourself some more time. mass transit, however, and things at the airport look just fine. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. the flyers take on the red wings in detroit tomorrow night look to go get the offense going a little bit more. last night the flyers and islanders on long island and the flyers turned a great defensive effort in, goalie steve mason, 46 saves. but the flyers could not score either. the game went to shoot-out. tied at zero, and the
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more on our breaking news, in ferguson, missouri there is fire at auto repair shop is just one of many businesses police say were torched during violent protests overnight. sparked by grand jury's decision not to indict, ferguson officer in the death of michael brown, demonstrators looted area businesses, and even set two patrol carson fire. now peaceful protests mark here in philadelphia. hundreds of demonstrators marched from city hall, across center city, into the overnight hours. police say they made two arrests. >> now, the search continues this morning, for missing mother of three. thirty-three year old jessica pageant disappeared on friday. she told co-workers at the
6:19 am
duck duck goose childcare in northampton that she was going to runner around on her lunch break but never came back. police found her suv in the parking lot after dollar general store half mile away and her cell phone still inside. >> i just want my sister found. that's all we ask at this time. pennsylvania state police urge anyone with information on her whereabouts to give them a call. secretary of defense chuck hagel stepping down. president obama praised hagel for his service and called it a mutual decision. sources say there was tension between the white house and hagel particularly over the rise of isis. hagel will stay on until his successor is confirm by the senate. >> well, philadelphia makes it to the final rounds of cities being considered to host the 2016 democratic national convention, down to three, city of brotherly love and sisterly affection up against columbus, ohio and brooklyn new york. dnc expected to announce the official convention location, and dates, early next year.
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right now, it is 6:19. and extreme weather could have a long lasting impact on your child's health. details coming up in the health watch. >> also, why the smithsonian is now getting caught in the fall-out surrounding the growing allegations of sexual abuse against bill cosby. that's coming up. ♪ [instrumental music] ♪
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>> 6:23, storm on the way. what you'll fine here, generally some clouds, perhaps quick shower, sipping past you here out toward the area shore points, but generally that's just frontal boundery essentially going to set up the path for our storm system to move in tomorrow.
6:23 am
general synopsis is this. the further northwest you go, predominantly looking at snow out of. >> this lehigh valley pocono valley region, as far south as upper berks, western montgomery county four-8 inches, expectation here, two-four, in philly, and the immediate vicinity, and it is primarily rainstorm, as you go further and further south and east. but likely at least little mixing on the back side of the storm. by turkey day, it is all long gone, thank goodness, perhaps still few icy spots. but at least we can say the storm is out of here for the holiday weekends, vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. good morning, everyone, traveling on our majors, now starting to see the rush come about. it is almost 6:30, with that, 422 slope, making your commute out of the area of oaks, down toward 202, yep, it will look like that. definitely seeing the pile up of some of the brake lights just ahead of you, give yourself more time. same things goes on the a, southbound, seeing delays out of the northeast down through to the vine. some even touching around the area of academy, down through to cottman, then again
6:24 am
approaching the betsy done through the vine st. expressway, also watch out for drop on the schuylkill expressway, though delays for mass transit. >> smithsonian will stay with plans to display bill cosby art collections despite recent allegations, calls the works purchased by cosby as one of the most delivered collections of african-american art. smithsonian released a statement sake exhibiting the artwork does not imply position on allegations made, but critics disagree. >> they wanted the prestige of cosby's name, they wanted a celebrity, and so they really built it around him as a public figure, and now, they're seeing the pun figure collapse around them. >> smithsonian plans to display the art collection until february of 2016. >> on the hell watch this morning, researchers say extreme weather may have long lasting effect on children's health. >> a study in peru shows children born during and after el nino storms had stunted
6:25 am
growth for malnutrition and increase infections, hits peru very hard with heavy rainfall and flood that typically kills crops and livestock. >> researchers at harvard say people who eat yogurt daily may be less likely to develop type two diabetes. they track diet and lifestyles of thousands and found that yogurt can cut diabetes risk by almost 20%. previous stud advice shown, that calcium and fatty as its in dairy products may lower diabetes risk. and, the fda will announced to the long delayed rules to put calorie counts on menus. chain restaurants, super markets, convenience stores, amusement parks, even movie theatres and venders g machines, they'll all be required to post the calorie content of food clearly on the menus. the regulations will apply to businesses, with 20 or more locations, and they'll be given until november 2015 to comply. we are getting close to the bottom of the hour. fires have been burning all night in ferguson, missouri, officers fired tear gas and
6:26 am
protesters, stores looted, all in re opinions to the grand jury decision not to charge a police officer for killing an un arm teenager. up. >> and those protests broke out across the nation including here in philly, too. jan? >> reporter: erika, how those protests went here last night, what's planned for later on today. i'm jan carabeo, outside city hall. we take a look after the break. >> major storm coming up the coast where you have a forecast of significant potential snow. >> transportation companies all around the tri-state area are preparing for tomorrow's storm. snow is set to arrive on one of the busiest travel days of the year. and we will get you red. >> i also, katie has your forecast, for that snow, and vittoria has a check on the roads when we do traffic and weather together on the 3's. looking live right now, as katie said, today is the calm before the storm. we'll be right back.
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good morning, many businesses are still smoldering in ferguson, miss your think morning, in the aftermath of a grand jury decision. now, this is a live look for you over the st. louis suburb, when a grand jury decided not to indict ferguson police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. that announcement triggered new confrontations between protesters, and police.
6:30 am
some protesters gathered around a patrol car and began forcefully shaking it right there. officers responded by tear gas at the crowd. at least one store was looted and dozens of fires were set. angry crowds descended on a mcdonald's where a woman used a bat to break a window. someone else set a car lot on fire. st. louis county police chief says what's happened overnight much worse than the august protests. >> i don't think we were under prepared. but i'll be honest with you, unless we bring 10,000 policemen in here, i don't think we can prevent folks that really are intent on just destroying a community. >> ferguson also has some peaceful demonstrations. president obama appealing for calm and understanding, pleading with both residents and police officers to show restraint. meanwhile, michael brown's mother broke down among protesters following the decision. even in her disappoint. she did urge protesters not to combat violence with violence. >> brown's family released this statement, it reads in
6:31 am
part, quote: we are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequences of his actions, while we under stands many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration, in ways that will make a positive change. we need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen. and, developing right now, peaceful demonstrations also took place overnight right here in philadelphia, despite two arrests. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us outside of city hall where police say protesters rallied without any major incidents. jan, good morning. >> reporter: and erika, good morning. police tell us they anticipate more protests today, they say, they're prepared, and as you mentioned overnight, overall police say, the protests here in philadelphia were respectful. they were fairly calm, minus couple of hiccups. take a look at the video, see the action unfolding last night and overnight. police tell us, out of about 300 protesters, only two people had to be taken into custody, protesters spilled
6:32 am
into the center city streets overnight, after learning about that grand jury verdict. now, those protesters started here at city hall, and then walk several miles, up and down market street, up and down broad, in south street, all making their way to columbus boulevard, eventually, now, along that route somewhere, police tell us couple of people tried to hop onto busy i-95. and that's when bike police were forced to intervene. and that's when two people were taken into custody. take a listen. >> i would anticipate one being arrested, created extremely hazardous situation where a female bike office her to herself enter the running lanes of 95 and pull that person to safety. >> police tell us two people had to be taken into custody, and charges expected later today. but overall they say as far as protesters and police go, this is a response, protest, that
6:33 am
everyone can be proud of here in the city of philadelphia, because there were no injuries, there were no damage to personal property, just those two in custody this morning. reporting live outside of city hall, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, january, thank you. 6:33, other big story, snowstorm approaching, katy? >> it is approaching, we have entire day, entire night, however, to sort of get ready for it, maybe if you want to sneak the holiday travel plans in now, not the worse idea. once the storm is here, it is with us all day tomorrow. what we're finding here actually frontal boundary stalling off shore. it is actually brought in quick little shower, across sussex county, delaware, but generally we do stay dry here today. and as the storm moves up along that stalled front, we start to seat biggest impact from it by tomorrow. so, really, the prime time, for the storm to be underway, will be through the midday hours of tomorrow, and leading up toward the evening, that's about the time that not only the heaviest moisture is coming in, but also when we start to see the rain-snow line drop south.
6:34 am
so, it starts as rain in philadelphia, but it will eventually turn over to snow, and that whole batch of the leading edge of the snow, just continues to shift south as we go forward in time. fifty-six is our current temperature, meanwhile at the airport at 62 degrees in atlantic city, so tough to believe, by looking at these values, that we've got big snowstorm on the way. but, it is, and it is all the way for tomorrow, and certainly at least for now, we've got that quiet calm before the storm. some sunshine in the forecast today, few clouds as well, still smidge breezy, also cooler than it was yesterday. mid upper 50's cents at best, poconos, hit 49 degrees. big changes coming our way. the timing unfortunately really couldn't be worse for one of the busiest holiday -- holiday travel days. >> good morning, speaking of busy, as we take a look at our roadways this morning, we're definitely looking like rush hour. it is a full swing rush hour at this time. this is 95, if you are headed out of the area of the northeast making your way down toward center city, it is
6:35 am
filled. from academy down through to cottman, you know through the construction zone there, already busy. then again approaching the betsy ross bridge, making your way down through to the vine street expressway. traveling northbound 95 also slow going around the area of cottman avenue, at this shot here. traveling on the schuylkill expressway, we are seeing delays, definitely, westbound, as you make your way throughout your western suburbs, approaching city avenue, all the way out through to about gladwynn, the lent that far volume. you know the schuylkill expressway, it only continues to build. we take a look at the speed censors, 14 your average speed censor on 95, again out of the northeast, 24 on the schuylkill expressway, 55 looking great on 476. no major problems if you are traveling on the pa turnpike or northeast extension, however, we do have accident situation, it has been moved to the shoulder, westbound on the pa turnpike at bensalem. notice, behind that censor there, we are seeing delays, stem back toward that bristol area. so, traveling throughout bucks county using the pa turnpike, you will definitely want to give yourself more time.
6:36 am
also we have an accident situation not too far away from pottstown, route 724 at kline avenue. something to be mindful of there. traveling in new jersey, although it is indicating green here, on the 42, as well as 55, both the the northbound direction, seeing the usual slow downs this morning. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. as you know, there is fall out from grand jury decision not to indict ferguson police officer, darren wilson, in the fatal shooting of michael brown. the decision set off violence in the st. louis suburb and peaceful protest in philadelphia. now to talk about the decision, and of course the aftermath, we've invited doctor mark timer pastor of mother bethel l african-american episcopal church and bishop duane, executive director of power, win of course stands for philadelphians organized to witness and empower and rebuild. gentlemen, reverend, thank you so much for being here. your initial reaction when you heard he the decision come down last night? >> well, i was not surprised, heart broken but not surprised. >> and yourself?
6:37 am
>> you know, as i was growing up, my mother used to have a statement, she says you hope for the worse but you hope for the best but expect the worse. and i think that that's exactly the position that we were in, we were hoping that for once this was not going to be the case, that we would actually see an indictment. but we expect that we were not going to see that. >> we ends stand according to the prosecute nerve st. louis the grand jury, they said pour their heart and souls into this decision. when you hear that, same type of reaction? >> well, i mean, you know, they had to work with the they had a was presented to them. and i don't have a loft confidence that the prosecutor did his best to give them the kind of they had a would lead to indictment. so i don't doubt that they did what they thought was best given the set of circumstances that they were presented w i think that speaks to what the real problem is in this case and why we really need some federal intervention. >> i see you nodding your head. >> yes, absolutely. first of all the prosecuting attorney, mccullough, his father was a police officer has that was killed by an african-american man, in the 24 years he's been the
6:38 am
prosecuting attorney in st. louis county he's never prosecuted aggregious police sheeting, in his 24 year career. so we do not have high expectations gooing that. but i think, and i agree with doctor tyler, as he said, we believe federal intervention is required at the moment. the department of justice can continue to press for civil rights violations on the part of darren wilson in the death of young man michael brown. and we are going to be encouraging that to happen, and will be reaching out to the white house, as well as the company of justice to make sure that they'll follow through on them. >> talk about the reaction among the community. i wrote down a quote that michael brown senior said, and he said hurting other and destroying property not the answer. i want to lead to incredible change, positive change, let us not make noise, let us make a difference. now, your reaction to that statement, and what we have seen all around the country? >> that's really what our group is about power. as you well know, that we are philadelphians, and we're really organized to look at things in the long-term way.
6:39 am
last night, little bit out of character for us, again shall usually looking at long-term systemic problems and how to solve them. but we recognize in moments like this, you really have to be present, and so we're looking at the systemic issues, racism, not only police shootings but also our are evident in the way in which school cuts gets funding, are contribute, especially in pennsylvania, we talk about living wages, airport workers, the lining, work below minimum wage, mostly people of color. we have a loft work to do. not just the police shooting, as terrible that as this; but other issues, as well. >> talk about the racial divide. when it comes to that. >> sure. i think that there are a variety of issues, philadelphia is minority majority city. we are one of the -- the poorest big city in america. they're discontinuing racial divide that exist here, new york times not too long ago said we're the most third segregated area in the country. you know, poverty has been sort of encapsulate in the
6:40 am
certain areas in our community, and we have to begin to move beyond that. part of our continuing work, as a racial and economic just tis organization; both to address the impact of economic inch justice, but also, look at racial -- race impact deeply what we do. that for philadelphia to be the sit that needs to be, we all have to work together, black, white, latino, asian, native american, we all have to work together to be able to build a better philadelphia. >> just one race, the human rales. gentlemen, thank you for being here this morning. we appreciate you. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments on our website. you can fine more information by heading over to erika, back over to you. >> thanksgiving of course just two days away. day known for glut any. but all of that food can leave with you some holiday heartburn. coming up doctor rob tells us what foods to avoid, and what to put on your plate so you can enjoy the thrilled action. >> tree in one pennsylvania
6:41 am
town, sparks demonstrations, why some say this tree is ruining their holiday spirit. that story is coming up next. we'l
6:42 am
6:43 am
>> i'm sure you've heard by now, we are tracking snow arriving on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> penndot officials are gearing up, cameras inside their traffic monitoring sent letter help send out crews where they're needed. right now, penndot is checking it salt supply, making sure trucks are in good working condition. they're also trying out new
6:44 am
truck with a winged plow that's equipped with two salt spreaders. >> allowing one truck to do as much as two trucks could do. >> american will allow travelers to change their fight to today or even thursday without any additional fee. so, if you are headed out of town, may want to see if you can alter your plans, just because that snow is coming. >> here we go. traffic and weather together right now. here's kate. >> i it will be that casino of snow really great for making snowballs, and snow men, but such a mess when you are trying to travel through t currently with the eyewitness weather watcher network, everybody checking in with real mild conditions. >> 55 degrees, more clouds than anything, but very mild in dilberts ville. down toward the shore we go, tim mitchell, i like to call golds star eyewitness weather watchers, in at 59 degrees, and he said it is a nice warm
6:45 am
morning to kick start the day. as it certainly is. tough to believe, as we go next, to our snowfall map, this is what we're looking ahead to by tomorrow. yep, snowfall amounts, on the order of a half foot or more, through reading, allentown, lehigh valley just in general. and the mount pocono area here, as you go up toward the i80 interchange, that's where you're likely going to seat bulls ian sweet spot set up for heaviest snow, more marginal with freezing levels here, though, around philly. we start with rain. it will turn to snow. through the second half of the day. and that's when we pick up two-4 inches out that far from the jersey turnpike basically on southeast, looking at coating to inch or two, probably get gipped of any snow down the shore, but that's where you will find the strongest winds. so, i guess there is your trade off if you are looking at it that way. meanwhile through your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, once past tomorrow, smooth sailing for a good long weekend here right through sunday, we expect dry weather generally speaking, in shot,
6:46 am
monday. >> vittoria. >> thank you, katie. right now traveling on the schuylkill expressway, it is just rush hour, but i know, definitely not going to be good. this is how it starts. 6:46, on the schuylkill expressway, and this is just the early comings of rush hour as you will notice, seeing eastbound delays, only continues to build. traveling on the westbound side of the schuylkill expressway, not seeing major, but approaching city avenue to gladwynn another slow lot. thirty bypass, the heads light coming toward you. no major delays westbound. but, eastbound, you will have problems around the area of route 113. even around business route 30. thirty-one your average on the schuylkill, 1395. seeing delays headed in toward center sit, no major problems traveling mass transit. erika? >> thanksgiving just two days
6:47 am
awayment maybe you have already parted preparing for dinner with all of the trimmings. while a big feast may be on the menu, you don't want to be left over with holiday heartburn. family physician doctor rob dan off is here now with some advice on how to avoid acid reflux, seems to go hand-in-hand with that bedder every year. thanks for joining us. >> your welcome, tis the season. holiday cheer, and really eating a lot and then heartburn. >> so what causes acid reflux exactly or heartburn. >> so, our stomach has a loft adds i had to digest the food. >> when we they have our stomach as suit kates, if we fill it up too much, it got to go somewhere. sometimes it comes back up with all of the acid, reflux, the feeling we have is that heartburning, burning feeling, the tightness and also sometimes you get this soar taste in your stomach. not good taste. >> now, people more prone to getting this than other people? >> yes. i mean, that's good point. first of all people who are, you know, overweight, that's one.
6:48 am
but if you also like wear tight clothing, tight belts, you know, sometimes, you know, you can to with run in your families, but certain things that people do that bring it on. for example, did you ever lie down after you eat a male? >> sometimes. >> me too. you know what, so the food, we need to not eat before two, three hours before lying down. also loosen the belt, loosen the clothes. after we eat, take a walk, give ourselves the food to gravity to work. bring it down. you know, but sometimes, also, if we eat too much or too fatty foods, that can come back up, and that's heartburn sit. >> i speaking of foods, our table is split in half here. we have foods that will give you heartburn, and we have a heartburn friendly. >> we know if we eat salad, eat smaller meals, look at this, there is turkey, and there is sweet potatoes and there that creamy mac and cheese. but, there is all of that gravy. basically anything rich, or butter i, or creamy.
6:49 am
>> that's grave. >> i that's gravy, that can really help bring on heartburn. this plate, if we have this plate, we need a lot of this stuff, the antacids, look, there is creamy, there is rice pudding, there is pumpkin sweet potatoes. look at this, the bread pudding. but it has the sweetness on the gravy and the mayonnaise. that stuff bridges on heartburn. >> okay, so take small small portions of those? >> we can have it but small portions, not this gigantic stuff, and also, chocolate believe it or not, you're in my favorite, chocolate, but too much of it, that can end our and heartburn. >> trying to go down the buffet line, stay healthy, we want to not get heartburn. these are the things we should reach snore. >> my gosh, yes. look, turkey there, if we want little gravy, little. not that much. marbled potatoes, not a loft butter and fresh sage tables, kale, cranberry, stuffing without all of the extras. >> as long as we don't put a lot of the gravy on it and the butter on it, then it is okay. because it is the breadment then of course healthy salad, and then if we want to use spice that is actually are
6:50 am
good for our stomachs, ginger is always real good and also if we use some barrelsly flakes, good for our stomach it, decreases our feeling of heartburn or reflux. >> real yearly before we go to break, is this a sign of something worse, if you get heartburn, should you be wore mid any case? >> a good point. we get heartburn, but if it happens several times a week, regular basis, see the doctor, could be more serious stuff like ulcers or even worse stuff going on. please see a doctor. >> all right, doctor rob, thank up. thanks for bringing in the delicious food. >> you did great cooking. >> happy holidays. >> thank you both. time 6:50, coverage in ferguson continues in about ten minutes on cbs this morning, nora o'donnell joins you now from new york with your preview, nor, a good morning. >> ahead, we have reporters in ferguson with the fires, looting and violent protests that errupted after the grand jury decision, but for now, we will bring in how the decision
6:51 am
was reached, how the legal battle may not be over. major garrett at the white house where the president spoke late last night. then delta's ceo will join us here in studio 57 with what to expect from holiday travel, what do the lower fuel price also trickle down to savings for passengers. the news is back in the morning, so we'll see you guys in just about ten minutes. >> nor, a have a great show, thank you. police in new jersey arrest a grin. stealing lawn decoration. >> someone notice add woman stuffing somebody else's holiday deng ration cents into the back of her mini-vanment luckily that person was able it get some of the numbers from the license plate. when they caught 147 year old janet, washington township, she had already hidden those stolen deng ration cents in the woods. >> everybody wants to make their homes festive for the holidays. but unfortunately, there are people that pray upon innocent citizens out there, all i can say just if you see something,
6:52 am
say something, call police. >> reportedly dark it dollars four homes in gloucester county. she was released until her court date. we're told that those stolen items have since been returned. smart to catch that license plate number. >> this christmas tree will stay in its current location in downtown reading. against the wishes of some residents. some people say this 50-foot pretzel topped pine tree is ugly and they claim it is ruining their holiday spirit. the city council decided to replace the tree but changed their minds and decided to keep it. some people are comparing the events to the plot of a charlie brown christmas. >> on a grab err scale, charlie brown tree was about 2 feet tall. >> and it is about the spirit of the holidays, and that's a beautiful tree. >> and you throw some decorations on it, all do, fill the empty space was big ornaments. >> exactly. >> right back with your chance to win $100. >> first, during evening prime time viewing right here on cbs-3.
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>> i want to give you the timing, let's talk about tomorrow. we take you through the time
6:56 am
being on storm time line map. everything goes down through the day, and the nighttime hours of tomorrow, starting with rain in philly, turning over to snow, two-4 inches, heaviest snow four-8 inches though, just county or two to the north and west. vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. well, definitely seeing rush hour as we move now to the vine st. expressway. if you are traveling wean, approaching the area of the schuylkill expressway, definitely seeing delays. then find delays once you get to the schuylkill expressway. twenty-six your average, 14 on 95, big time volume headed into the city, no delays for mass transit. ukee? >> thank you, vet tore y as thanksgiving approaches, we want to know what you're thankful for. tweet it or post it on face ball wall using hashtag cbs-3, my see the pictures here on "eyewitness news", a we give thanks, many getting ready to prepare some of our favorite thanksgiving dishes. >> to help put food on the table or just to add to the test fifth tis, we want to give $100 to one lucky viewer. text the secret worth of the day recipe to 84186. or enter at text
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, november 25th 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." fires, looting and tear gas. chaos in ferguson, after the grand jury decides not to indict officer darren wilson. and inside the evidence, for the first time we see the shows of officer wilson's injuries and what his testimony reveals. and a nor'easter packing up to 10 inches of snow. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> stop over


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