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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> now at 11:00, our eye is on the first major snowstorm of the season. road crews are getting ready. travelers are taking another look at their plans and grocery stores across the area are busy as people try to stay ahead of the storm. >> and this is what we're all waiting for. if you look to the south, all of that green, it's rain, and it's headed our way. and much of it is going to change to snow. as we join us at 11:00 o'clock there's already a winter storm warning posted for our area. good evening, i'm chris pay. >> i'm jessica dean. team coverage kicks off tonight with meteorologist kathy orr with the latest numbers on the still did he having storm. kathy, what are you seeing right now? right now we're still seeing a lot of moisture moving our way watching the exact track of this low because that will ultimately determine how much rain and how much snow we get out of this. you did mention that winter storm warning in effect for our extreme north and western suburb for the most snow and hazardous travel from late morning on.
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winter weather advisory in effect for philadelphia it's adjacent suburb to the north and west and mercer county new jersey talking about slushy wet snow in that area. not as great of an impact. for the morning commute in the poconos we'll have snow in the lehigh valley and northwest suburbs. rain changing to snow very quickly. city and suburbs mainly rain the change comes by the noon hour. southeast delaware and coastal new jersey heavy rain and very gusty winds. here's a look what to expect mainly slow through the lehigh valley to the north and west. rain changing to snow throughout the day and mainly rain through south jersey and delaware. as far as the timing between 4am and 7am it rises up from the south toward the north. in the poconos by 8:00 o'clock seeing snow and as the cold air filters in that change over begins you can see that line in northwest philadelphia seeing a little bit of pink and that delineates the temperatures between the cold to the north and the snow and the heavy rain to the south. that's 10am then through the noon hour some very heavy snow to the north and west including
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part of philadelphia, you can see this line really just hanging out around the city. heavy know snow through 2:00 p.m. and the snow skirts towards the northeast. we get some snow in the city and exists by the evening pier. i do think the heaviest snow, of course, to the north and west of the city this is the dan jr. zone where we could see heavy wet snow tugging on tree lines and power lines as well. tree limbs i shall say. two to 4-inches to the north and west of philadelphia. in the city also parts of delaware county a coating to two slushy inches on the grassy surfaces and mainly rain through south jersey and delaware. with temperatures around 32 you're talking about a sloppy wet heavy snow sticking mainly to the grass in the city. but not to the north and west clinging to the trees and barges and taking down limbs in the warning area. new information continues to come into the weather center. i'll analyze that and be back with any changes coming up plus travel weather later in the broadcast with the seven day. jess. >> see in you bit, kathy. thank you step one step ahead of
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the storm. download the cbs-3 weather app it will help you track what's headed for your neighborhood and get the latest forecast from our team of meteorologists download the app now on google play and i tunes. >> it is a snow nightmare. we've seen over and over again in the storm in buffalo. drivers stuck on the highway for hours in accumulating snow. coming up a l later what you'll need to know before you head out for the holiday in your car and what you need to know if you get stranded on the road. >> as the storm moves closer to us preparations are revving up across the delaware valley. and if you are hitting the road or stag at home there's lot of information you need to know before morning. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinn nope continues or live team coverage from moorestown where penndot crews are getting ready to roll. todd? >> reporter: jessica, in less than hour the first wave of crews will arrive here to begin to get these trucks ready to hit the road. it will be the first fief cap
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snowstorm of the season but what kind of punch it will delivery mains to be seen. penndot though is urging calling. >> we're asking people to he can haft or delay their travel plans if possible. very good idea, you know, look at the weather. you might want to delay your plans until the storm has pass passed. >> reporter: thanksgiving plans are already being changed at this acme in paoli. people bumped up their shopping day. the store manager says this tuesday before thanksgiving has been busier than normal. >> i work downtown and tomorrow with the snow i figured i better get my shopping done now. >> i expected it to be a little bit more crowded but the check out girl was saying how busy it was earlier today. we made it at a good tim. >> reporter: drivers will crowd area highways on wednesday on what is one of the busiest travel days of the year but the good news is the rain is expected to arrive before the snow and thanks to the warmer weather the past two days, penndot does not expect heavy accumulation on area roads.
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>> the road pavement is still quite warm. we don't expect to see heavy accumulation on the road surfaces. you'll see more on lawns. >> reporter: and penndot wants to remain drivers that last year in pennsylvania alone, there was more than 780 accidents resulting in three fatalities due to snowy conditions. roaring live tonight in norristown, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you very much. tonight philadelphia international airport tells us things are looking good for tomorrow but there could be issues elsewhere around the country. cbs news says to expect as many as 2700 delays at airports tomorrow. perhaps 100 cancellations. tomorrow is expected to be a among the busiest travel days of the year and some airlines are waving fees for anyone who's willing to change their flights. >> down the shore emergency managers in atlantic city are preparing more for the rain than the snow. crews there have been clearing out the city's drains throughout the day.
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the good news is the tides are not expected to be too high but there still could be minor flooding in some low lying are areas. and we reached out to peco tonight to is he what they're doing to prepare for the storm. officials tell us that was going to monitor the situation in neighbors throughout the day. they'll have extra staff in place to handle any kind of major outages. >> we're going on the air 30 minutes early tomorrow morning to help you deal with this stop. join the "eyewitness news" team at 4:00 a.m. they'll have the latest weather and traffic updates plus any school delays or closings. we also love to see any winter weather pictures or videos you may have. post them using the hashtag cbs-3 snow or you can send them to us by up loading through the cbs philly weather app. you're a vital part of how we tell this and every winter weather story. >> breaking tonight, protesters take to the streets again over the grand jury's decision in ferguson not to indict police officer darren wilson in the
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shooting of unarmed teenager michael brown. this is brand new video just in from ferguson things are starting to get heated once again. you see 2200 national guard troops on the ground there tonight. in the meantime the man at the center of the ferguson unrest police officer darren wilson is breaking his silence. he spoke with abc news earlier today reliving the moments when brown was kill. >> about 15 feet away so i start backpedaling because he's get to go close and he's still not stopping. he gets to eight to 10 feet and he leans forward like he's going to tackle me and i look down at the barrel of my gun i fired what i saw was his head and that's where it went. the reason i have a clean conscious i know i did my job right. >> he went on to say quote all i wanted to do was live. >> grand jury spent about 70 hours reviewing evidence in this case. but attorneys for the brown family are calling the process unfair. the brown family spoke out today through their attorney. michael brown's father was there
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wearing a t-shirt that said no justice, no peace. their attorney says st. louis county prosecutor mike mccullough should have never been allowed to be a prosecutor on the case since he is sympathetic to police. >> we object publicly and loudly as we can on behalf of michael brown, jr.,'s family that this process is broken. >> president obama today rebuked protesters in ferguson for burning buildings, torching cars and destroying property. >> protests in philadelphia have been plentiful and peaceful and they do continue at this late hour. "eyewitness news" reporter justin pinch joins us live from broad and arch where protesters gathered a short time ago. justin you've been following them all night long. >> reporter: yes, chris, all day and all night. all began around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon here along broad street. the protesters went from here up north towards temple university. stopping over at cecil b. moore avenue.
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hours ladder they're back in center city chopper three overhead. the protests appears to be rapping up over at written house. rittenhouse square the late night back drop for what had been a day's worth of local ferguson demonstrations. the momentum appeared to slow as midnight neared. some pocks of protests continu continued. a less intense pick which are than this. face to face protesters and police outside central detectives. the station a third stop for several hundred philly ferguson demonstrators. tempers flared police say the goal was to give demonstrators face to raise their voices and concerns. >> no one has been harmed. no private proper has been damaged. so obviously we want to give them that space and we haven't done anything to will he inspect their expression. >> reporter: shortly after 3:00 p.m., marchers moved from city hall up broad to cecil b. moore avenue at that corner all walks of live walking together
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to protest the grand jury's call to not insight ferg, ferg police officer darren wilson in the death of unarmed teen mike brown. >> i want them to know there's not a loan. they're not a loan in knowing this is an injustice. this is not okay and this is a countrywide issue and we're in philly. we're not in ferguson and we're trying stand up for what's right. >> reporter: for many youth a time to turn emotion noose action. >> we want to thing long tell and part of it has to be getting organized and getting involved. >> reporter: protesters say that will be their plan going forward getting involved and remaining in involved. at last check there were no reports from police of any major crimes they say that is by design yesterday there were two men who were arrested for making their way on to 95. they were arraigned a short time ago and we have since learned released. we're live in center city justin pinch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin thank you very much. stay with "eyewitness news" we'll have continuing coverage of the fallout from the ferguson
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grand jury decision much more on our website >> it was an extremely difficult time for a young woman. >> i would wake up in the morning just crying all the time. >> that's because she was dealing with an extremely difficult problem. one she says nearly destroyed her. tonight, this philadelphia eagles cheerleader talks about how she managed to overcome the pain. we have her story next. >> plus -- >> in weather we're talking about the storm moving very quickly across the delaware valley who gets the most snow. who gets the most rain. new information in the weather center on what to expect come tomorrow and who may get a little less snow. i'll have that with the seven day forecast. >> busiest travel day of the year and we're talking accumulating snow. what to do if you find yourself stranded in your car in a winter storm. room meteorologist kate bilo. that story coming up. >> and sweeping new rules to fight obesity.
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the changes that you'll see at restaurants, movie theaters and even grocery stores. that and much more when "eyewitness news" continues in 60 seconds.
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>> breaking news we want tell you about right now. we've gotten word a flight from tampa to atlantic city had to divert to ft. lauderdale after it was hit by lightning. the plane was able to land safely. everyone on board that flight is okay tonight. we're told they've been placed on another plain and they will complete that trip. good news there. we do have our eye on the approaching storm that's going to bring rain and, yes, snow to the area. this is a live look at storm scan3 as we prepare to deal with the challenge on one of the busier travel days of the year. >> with this approaching storm, of course, it's a very smart to be prepare in case you are hitting the road for the holiday. that preparation can make real
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difference if you end up stranded. tonight, our meteorologist indicate bilo has list of things you must have to stay safe. >> reporter: more than 100 vehicles trapped on an interstate in buffalo last week. drivers in atlanta stopped cold for hours last january and a nightmare last december on the pennsylvania turnpike hundreds of motorists stranded. >> this is where i have been for the last two or three hours. stuck on the turnpike. >> reporter: bj ellis used his iphone to capture the scene as he sat in the backup for seven hours. >> i was beginning to get really concerned but i took social media sources and saw that there was quite a a serious situation up front so i was just glad that i was okay and i had a full tank of gas. >> having an emergency kit for those types of instances definitely proves beneficial. >> reporter: janet tidwell with aaa. mack sure you're ready starting with water and food.
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>> keep non perishable food. poe nut butter crackers, granola bars things that won't freeze. >> also on the list a fully charged cell phone with external power source. extra warm clothing, blankets, any search medications, a flashlight with spare batteries. jumper cable, a shovel and ice scraper an whistle you can blow for help. >> so you're pro paired. you've got all your items but what if you get stuck on the roads your mind the wheel and the snow is piling up and you find yourself stranded for hours? what do you do? first, stay in the car. it's the safest place to be of the. >> keep the car running two to three minutes, cut the off and repeat that every 45 minutes to an hour to conserve fuel and get the heat flowing in the car. >> reporter: mack sure you clear snow from the tail pipes so fumes don't seep into the car, and keep a window crack. >> i'm never going to forget i was stuck on the turn pack for that long the snow hit so fast. the kind of reinforces the fact you should always be prepared. good advice for the long
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winter ahead. i'm meteorologist kate bilo cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and we are tracking the latest information coming in right now. that is meteorologist kathy orr she's in the weather sent crunching all the latest data. her updated forecast is just about four minutes away. >> on the health watch tonight, restaurants and stores across the country will now be required to post cal row counts on all of their food products. it's already a law in philadelphia. but the fda is now making the mandate effective everywhere. this also applies to vending machines, amusement parks, markets and convenience stores. >> she has live many would envy. nicolette kell sal beautiful young woman a college student and a cheerleader for the philadelphia eagles. but not long ago she was a victim of vicious bullying that nearly destroyed her. to night she talks with diana rocco about how she was able to overcome her pain. e-a-g-l-e-s! >> reporter: 21-year-old
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nicolette kelly lit up the side lines at the linc but not long ago her life was a much darker place. >> i would wake up in the morning crying all the time. >> her sophomore year at vineland high school group of girls from a neighboring school began bullying her over a boy she dated. >> they were judging my appearance. calling me names. they were writing like disgusting sexual things about me. >> reporter: there was a my space page and video ridiculing her eventually word of it got back to her school. >> the lunch room was really bad. i had everyone i used to sit with kind of started sitting with different people. she began to suffer from severe anxiety which led to xanax addiction. >> to see her go through the pain it was really just heartbreaking. >> reporter: her mother says she went to the school and police. she says the website was taken down and the students responsible were punish. but she couldn't escape the fallout. >> i would go out to eat i would have people come up to me and
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ask me are you that girl that had that website about you? >> after months of torment nicolette dropped out. she would never go to a prom at vineland high or her graduation. >> i don't think they knew the extent of what they -- what they did to me, but i would ask them never to do this to another person ever again because it was real really hard. >> she felt like somehow there was something wrong with her. and that was what was so heartbreaking. because i kept telling her, it's not you. >> after years of therapy, nicole let is getting her life back. she has her ged and is now junior in college. now she performs before thousands of people even posed for the eagles cheerleader calendar. >> i do feel more beautiful every day and i'm learning to love myself of the being on the eagles really helped myself esteem even though all of that
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happened to me i can put that in the past and i'm still going to be successful no matter what. >> show helps her story will encourage other victims of bullying to never give up. >> diana rocco cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> in weather tonight, all eyes on developing storm moving up the eastern see bore. temperatures still fairly mild. right now it is 44 degrees in willow grove. no wind there. little bit colder to the north and west where we do expect heavier snow. right now eileen murray saying in gilbertsville 34 dress. waiting for the snow. it's quiet for now. if you would leak to be an i wet weather watcher we would love to have you join our team be featured in our newscasts especially when there's weather like tomorrow. join us go to outside it is the calm before the storm in the city of philadelphia and on the camden side we do expect just a slushy accumulation on the grass. so no big deal in the city. it's to the north and west where
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we are very concerned. right now we're still looking at mild temperatures. 48 in the city. 40 in the pock notice. winter storm warning in effect in our northern and western suburbs northward toward the mountains for hazardous travel. the change over to snow is going to be very quick. even in through the lehigh valley toward places like pots noun and reading. even in doylestown by the late morning it will be snowing. winter weather advisory in effect for philadelphia and its close by suburbs for a lesser slush eighty three accumulation mainly on the grass. safe travel is, of course are the most important thing for all of our holiday travelers. please try to travel early in the morning before 7am when it's mainly rain or just wait till after 8:00 o'clock when the snow ends through our major trails especially if you're going to be heading toward the poconos or even west on 80. the only place will still be seeing the snow by late tomorrow night would be in new england. let's watch the track of the storm as it moves toward the northeast. right now pulling in a lot of warm air. that is the current forecast.
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and new indications in the weather center suggesting even more warm air towards philadelphia this is 7am with mainly rain. and that we change over to snow through the afternoon as the storm pulls away. everyone ends as snow and aft 8:00 o'clock, we see everything drying out with the exception of eastern new york and also heading through new england. now we are looking at a good dose of snow to the north and west. in the pock notice that's where we expect the heaviest accumulation. a coating to two even into parts of philadelphia, delaware county, where we see two to 4-inches warminster and radnor. a slushy accumulation on the grass at the start. for to six in perkasie, allentown, reading and pottstown much that is our major concern for heavy wet snow the poconos six to it inches expected. overnight the low temperature 38 degrees. early highs around 40. falling as we see the temperatures fall that rain will change over to snow. purview's osama bin laden expected as well in that warning area. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast it will be a cold turkey day. friday still chilly, 39.
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and then slowly warming the up by the end of the weekend and the beginning of next week. please be very careful out there tomorrow. we'll be back with more news and sports right after this.
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>> the eagles leave for dallas tomorrow to renew the rivalry. the birds would be couldn't tens but no one saw the cowboys coming. beth teams at eight and three and the boys can thank a many improved offensive line. the eagles must start by stopping dallas' running game. >> the downhill runner is a guy
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you have to get down to the ground. the man likes to break tackles. he's a good back, and i think going you need to shut the running game down. >> eagles/cowboys rivalry started amongst the players in the 19 askings were dallas linebacker leroy jordan hit eagles great timmy brown in the mouth using a cheap shot. brown's mouth piece hit the turf with eight teeth still in it. one of the incidents that brought the coach noose the feud happened the last time they met on thanksgiving 25 years ago. eagles coach buddy ryan was accused of offering a bounty for hard hit on cowboys kicker. a game forever known as the bounty bowl. merrill reece was there. >> it was angles linebacker by the name of jesse small who drew a bee line for louis, who had been eagles kicker and left here not the best of terms with buddy ryan and apparently or allegedly buddy said go get him.
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and they talked about the bounty. we know all about the bounties that occurred with the saints that became very very serious business at that time. this was more laughed off although jimmy johnson was very, very upset with buddy ryan after the game. >> i would have said something to buddy but he won stan on the field long enough. he put his big rear end into the dressing room. >> i resent that. i've been on diet. i last couple of pounds. i thought i was looking good. goes and calls me fat. i kind of resent that little bit. >> it was a thanksgiving day in dallas and eagles won the game and that's all i thought about. >> and that's how feuds start. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ ♪ >> believe it or not the eagles are undefeated. the not the team you're thinking about when we say eagles. >> that one is eight and three. we're talking about the olney eagles youth if the ball team
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10-zero this tn season they have a chance to play in the national championship game in tampa but first they need to raise a total of about 15 thus san dollars to get there. right now they're just a few thus san dollars short with only a few weeks left until that big game. we wish them luck. we'll be right
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>> "eyewitness news" starts at 4am. they'll have the latest weather and traffic updates for you in the meantime thanks for boeing wise for "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. for bosely, kathy and everyone her i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. you can fine the latest at upping in the late show with david letterman.
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tonight's guest is emily blunt. have a good night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) from the world headquarters of cbs television, throughout the solar system and beyond, it's the late show with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now with his cornucopia of merriment, davi david letterman!


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