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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 27, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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millions of thanksgiving travelers are delayed or unable to complete their trips thanks to a nasty nor'easter that made a mess and forced hundreds of canceled airline flights. >> protests continue against the ferguson, missouri, grand jury decision as demonstrators demonstrate peacefully after two violent nights. and the family of a 12-year-old cleveland boy shot and killed by police say cops started shooting too quickly. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for tlurs, november 27th, 2014. good morning and happy thanksgiving. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, this morning that nasty mix of rain and snow that made for a miserable thanksgiving
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getaway in the northeast has just about wrapped up, but yesterday's monster storm certainly left its mark. hundreds of flights were canceled and driving was treacherous on one of the busiest travel days of the year. don champion reports. >> reporter: by last night new england hit with messy ice forcing some folks to rethink their holiday plans. >> plans changed with the weather. i usually travel but staying home this year. >> reporter: from virginia to pennsylvania and new york, roads were a mess. >> rwhen you encounter snow or ice-covered roads the most logical thing to do is to slow down. roads and highways were a hazard up and down the busy washington and boston corridor as millions made the thanksgiving trek to
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family and friends. according to aaa 89% traveled by car but many flew. flights were canceled, thousands delayed. >> it's tough to sit and wait and not know what's going to happen but we're hopeful. >> usually it takes me four hours door to door to get home to see them. today it's going to taken eight, double wait normally does r many airlines wa airlines waived rebooking fees. yesterday was the most busiest travel day of the year but so is sunday when people return home. the storm left tens of thousands of families in new england in the dark this thanksgiving morning. meteorologist eric fisher of our boston station wbz has our holiday forecast. >> the big eastern storm is pulling away and leaving new england but it's leaving a lot of snow in its wake. power outages, the big lasting
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legacy, especially in new hampshire and maine, heavy wet snow brings down trees and power lines. a lot of folks spending nafg the dark. of course, cruise working hard to get those lights back on. divided across the country. from the rocky is east, very cold air. teens for high temperatures in minneapolis. to the west, mild stuff, mid-60s in san francisco. if you want the warmth, how about phoenix. the rest of the country is look pretty quiet. a big band of rainfall coming through in seattle and reaching down into california. and flood watches actually in effect. snow levels are high with this one. you can see 3 to 5 inches of rain in the mountains. two in the lowlands and watching the rivers for a potential flooding this thanksgiving. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. have a great holiday, everyone. protesters around the country were out for a third night over a grand jury's decision not to indict a
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ferguson city police officer. demonstrators warmed the streets. they lit dumpster on fire and some vandalized businesses. more than 30 were arrested. susan mcginnis is in ferguson. susan, good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning. it could be the weather. it could be the holiday. but the protest here was decidedly smaller but the protesters were out. the protesters are showing great fortitude. it could be the weather, but this big group is showing great fortitude. as members of the national guard secured the police didn't with weapons at their side, crowds of protesters braved the snow around with flags and signs in honor of michael brown. others marched down the streets creating travel disruptions but it was a far cry from the first two nights after the grand jury
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decided not to indict darren wilson for brown's deathing. >> at the same time, rioting and looting is unnecessary. >> reporter: here in ferguson, demonstrations were mostly peaceful with only small protests. police and national guard prevented major flare-ups but it happened in o'cities. people laid in the streets in los angeles and officers arrested protesters who refused to disperse. >> one of us has been harmed and therefore all of us have been harmed. >> reporter: back in ferguson, residents are thankful the demonstrations are peaceful. >> me sacrificing really today is a tribute to them. that's what i see all the young protesters doing down here today. >> reporter: many of the protesters say they'll be here as long as it takes to get justice.
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now, some of the protesters say they could be here for months or longer, as long as it takes, anne-marie, to get the change they want. >> all right, susan mcginnis in ferguson, thank you. a woman defends a papa john's pizza restaurant. the man punches through the window. another man aproev e approaches and she's shoved but the woman holds her ground. the owner says she's not an employee. they do not know who she is. at least a dozen businesses were burned in the violence monday. two cleveland officers are on paid leave this morning. a prosecutor is weighing charges for the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy. police released video of the incident and we want to caution you it may be difficult to catch. dean reynolds reports. >> reporter: what happened at the park saturday night and why remains as cloudy as the surveillance camera captured it. the person waving what looked
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like a weapon was 12-year-old tamir rice. a different bystander seated there in the ga z-bo called 911. >> there was a guy whoo held a pistol. he's like pointing it at everybody. >> reporter: twice more the caller questioned whether it was a real gun. >> i don't know if it's real or not. >> reporter: a patrol car was sent but the doubts about the weapon were never conveyed by the dispatcher. >> in the park by the youth center there's a black male sitting on the swing. he's wearing a cam flange jacket wnld black sleeves. he keeps pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people. >> reporter: less than two seconds after the police cruiser pulled up, the boy was fatally shot. >> shots fired. male down. black male. maybe 20, black resolver. >> that's a legitimate question. >> reporter: when reporters
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questioning why the police pulled up so close to the boy and opened fire almost immediately deputy chief tomba said that's under investigation but said the boy refused to put his hands up. >> the door opened as he pulled up and commands were yelled. he yelled three timeses they pulled up. >> reporter: what the 12-year-old was holding was a toy pellet gun. >> this is a bb gun. >> reporter: community activist reggie says these are a huge problem when a white cop meets a black kid. >> what i have said to the kits in this area is don't do this. the police will kill you. >> reporter: the shooting comes in the middle of a justice department investigation of the cleveland police regarding the use of excessive force including unreasonably deadly force. dean reynolds, cbs news,
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cleveland. supreme court justice ruth gaidar ginsburg is recovering this morning after having a stint implanted wednesday. she was taken to the hospital after feeling discomfort while exercising. a blockage was discovered in her right carotid artery. she's the oldest. she plans to be back on the bench on monday. coming up on the "morning news," opec puts the brakes on oil prices and an airbag company faces new pressure to replace airbags. this is the "cbs morning news."
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progress is reported in tests for an experimental ebola vaccine. the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases says the vaccine appears to be safe in early testing. it has triggered signs of immune protection in the first 20 volunteers. >> in vienna opec leaders meet to talk about falling crude oil prices. on wednesday the benchmark price closed down again, under $74 a barrel. that's another four-year goal. the meeting of the opec producers is not expected to cut in global oil production. and government regulators want a nationwide recall from japanese airbag maker takata. nhtsa is giving takata a deadline of next tuesday to skpabld its recall. takata airbags have been blamed for at least five deaths.
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this morning toyota recalled an additional 40,000 vehicles in japan linked to the faulty airings. whole food markets are recalling pumpkin pies sold in four southern states. the vegan pies contain walnuts that are not listed and could pose a risk for those with nut allergies. they were sold in arkansas, louisiana, oklahoma, and texas. and on wall street the markets are closed for thanksgiving. the dow rose on wednesday to a new record high. the s&p 500 was up 5, also a new high. the nasdaq gained 29 points. >> straight ahead your thursday morning weather. and in sports, tyson chandler gets revenge against his former team.
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and time now for a check of the national forecast. in the northeast, snow tapers off followed by blowing and drifting snow. many roads will be slippery. rain along the southeast and mid-atlantic coast. in the midwest, light snow will extend from parts of minnesota and wisconsin to eastern tennessee. in the west, rain along the northwest coast and parts of northern california. in sports now we begin with the nba, and an overtime win for the mavericks. former knicks tyson chandler had a season-high 17 points and 25 rebounlds to lead dallas to a 109 hch 102 win over new york. chandler was playing in his first game against his old team since he was traded in the offer season. dirk nowitzki had a season-high 30 for the mavs. in cleveland the cavs got back at washington. lebron james scored 29 points, leading the cavaliers to a
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113-87 win over the wizards. six days ago washington embarrassed cleveland, 91-78. in college hoops now, butler knocked off fifth ranked north carolina. alex bar lowe and keelan martin each scored 17 points for the bulldogs. butler shot just 31% but it was enough to beat the tar heels for the second straight time. butler beat north carolina, 74-66. arizona freshman stanley johnson stole the show against san diego last night. johnson scored 18 points and grabbed 13 rebounds as they won 68-59 to win its second maui invitational title. we have some tragic news from australia now. cricket player phillip hughes died this morning following a freak accident. the 25-year-old never woke up after he was hit in the head last tuesday. it caused massive bleeding to
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. here's another look at this morning's top stories. mostly peaceful protests in ferguson, missouri, they faced the cold. other cities continue to demand justice in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. and the storm that snarled holiday travel with rain and snow is moving off the east
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coast. airlines canceled hundreds of flights and driving was difficult from new england. the giant balloons are almost ready. last night thousands turned out for the annual tradition of inflating the big balloons. lauren lyster was there. >> reporter: crowds braved the imclement weather to watch macy's giant parade balloons come to live. the tuoma family comes to tin flags every year and admit they like it better than turkey day itself. >> there's different balloons every year, so it maks, you know, you want to come back next year and see what other balloons they have. >> reporter: six new balloons will take to the sky on thanksgiving including the popular locomotive thomas the tank engine. thomas is 47 feet tall and needs 75 handlers. the macy's inflation team fills the balloons with mostly helium and lots of it. >> thomas, for example, takes
4:22 am
over 20,000 cubic feet. so if you think about a basketball being a little bit less than a cubic foot, you can think it takes maybe 25,000 basketballs to fill thomas. >> this is the order of the parade. >> reporter: linda has been part of the parade for 20 years. she's piloting a balloon, a job that's not as easy as they look. >> you guide them down the parade route so they avoid obstacles. if there's wind, you raise and lower the balloon. >> reporter: organize irs say it's all worth it to see the balloons bring joy to the crowds below. lauren lyster, cbs news, new york. president obama pardoned two turkeys for thanksgiving. in an annual tradition, the president spared the two turkeys. they're named mac and cheese. the birds will be sent to live the rest of their lives at a virginia farm. coming up after your local
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cigarette smoking hit a new low. according to the centers for disease control, about 17.8% of american adults smoked cigarettes last year. that's compared to h 2% in 1965. the report says fewer people are lighting up every day. and it was more common in certain groups like the poor, less educate, and gays and bisexuals. smoking, though, is still the leading cause of premature death in the country. and since the shootsing of michael brown in august, the justice department has been looking into the practices and procedures of the ferguson police department. justice correspondent bob orr has more on that. >> reporter: attorney general holder's visit to missouri in august strongly signaled that he will seek changes at the ferguson police department.
4:26 am
protesters had complained that they had hidden their name tag and were wearing bracelets supporting fellow officer darren wilson nchl response the justice didn't sent two letters to the ferguson chief to make assure they show their bracelet and show their ids. but bigger changes loom. they look at use of force complaints to determine if the overly weming police force has demonstrated racial violence in the majoritity black town. in the past five years they have investigated 20 police department and corrective action has been ordered in at least 15 of them. in portland, oregon, and albuquerque. now all three departments have signed agreements to reduce the use of force and tighten oversight.
4:27 am
in east haven, connecticut, the issue was discrimination in profiling latinos. now officers are subject to enhanced training. policing can be improved as demonstrated by los angeles. in 2013 the lapd completed 12 years of doj mandated changes. they now seek to diffuse confrontation in community outreach in what was a largely white department is now 44% hispanic and 13% african-american. charlie beck is lapd's chief. >> it's an evolution, not a revolution. it takes a long time to change the face of the los angeles police department but that has happened. >> the changes usually do take time. the department of justice is not expected to wrap up its ferguson investigation for several months. bob orr, cbs news, washington. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an update on the travel delays caused by the bad weather. we'll get your bad weather.
4:28 am
plus justice ruth bader ginsburg. we'll talk with dr. narula and giving thanks. "the new york times" columnist stops by the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this morning. i'm anne-marie green. thanking for watching and have a happy thanksgiving. -- captions by vitac --
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it is thursday, november 27th, happy thanksgiving i'm's ukee washington. aim nicole brewer in for erika this morning, it is time to roast that turkey, early morning, south philadelphia bakery carrying on a long time thanksgiving tradition. it is no holiday for many chain stores guess how early one retailer is opening up its doors for preblack friday bargains. >> how about that, black friday has changed. >> opening earlier and earlier. >> remember we used to wait for this day and five or 6:00 a.m. everybody would charge in, those days are gone. >> those door buster days. >> lets see what the weather is, for black friday and check in with katie and weather, happy thanksgiving.


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