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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 28, 2014 2:07am-2:38am EST

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♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs three "eyewitness news". >> right now at 11:00 let the holiday shopping rush begin. the thanksgiving leftovers haven't even cooled off but shoppers are already packing stores before the traditional black friday sales begin. and for people who have to wait in long lines outside malls or stores bundle up.
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it's going to be a cold night and cold morning. good evening to you, happy thanksgiving. i'm jessica dean. chris may has the night off. we're going to get to that chilly black friday forecast in just a moment but first with a full stomach shoppers have all the energy they need to get through the night. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt a life at cherry hill mall and david, doors opened there at sick clock. and people were ready to spend. >> reporter: jessica, they were very ready to go. ready to shop, ready to find those deals. $718 that is the average consulting firm center says that people will spend for this holiday season. i have to tell you the people i spoke with tonight they told me that they spent that amount of money in just minutes. it's game on for deal seekers. thousands of holiday shoppers hit the stores as soon as the doors opened. >> i got my birthday present. my michael course bag. my daughter bought it for me. >> cherry hill mall will stay open for 28 hours straight and shoppers inside tell us they love the idea. >> you get to walk off your
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turkey dinner and see what's out there and on sale and if you can get a good deal you get it. >> reporter: few miles away we found tech hounds inside this best buy looking for the perfect tv, phone, whatever caught shoppers eyes. >> they have such great sales and i think my daughter is looking forward to an i-pad air so i'm -- they have real really good deal tonight i'm trying to get one for her. >> some economic analysts say the lower gas prices translate to more spending this season. but the big question is opening thanksgiving day too early? it depends who you ask. >> i think the earlier the better. you don't get all the frantic people at the doors tearing down doors. >> reporter: state senator richard codey a democrat from north jersey wants to make it legal for stores in the garden state to open before 9:00 p.m. thanksgiving day. he says early open times only hurt employees. >> in a statement codey said "thanksgiving is the one day they get to spend with their families. companies should put their workers needs over their own profits at least for day "but
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while it's still legal, shoppers say they'll continue to come out and if it's earlier next year, they'll be there. >> i think it's a great idea. eat your food and come and shop, man, you know. >> reporter: for a list of mall hours we have posted at live in cherry hill, david spunt cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jessica. >> a lot of shoppers there, david. thanks so much. shoppers at the target in wynnefield heights were ready when the doors opened at 6:00 p.m. customers we talked to were all smiles as they left with purchases and by the looks of the it the hot items was a television. >> not too many people got them. >> yeah, i had to get my ticket. i was out here since 3:00 o'clock. i don't get into the black friday i just need add tv. that's all. everybody else they in there tearing down the store. >> come out here. we want add 55. really we wanted a 60-inch but we'll settle for the 55. just as good. i'm glad we got help. >> what's the problem now. >> getting it to the car. you know that's the problem.
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i should have brought a bigger car. >> logistic. some shoppers at the king of prussia mall were less enthused. they thought more of the stores would be open tonight. but others tolds if you knew what you were looking for you could get in and out and be back home to family. we have post add list of our holiday shopping hours at area malls not just for tomorrow but all season long at cb cbsphill >> for the shoppers who head out tonight or early in the morning bundle up. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a at a cold holiday shopping foreca forecast. kate. jessica, i can tell you it is very chilly out here on the sky deck in the wake of yesterday's storm now the cold air has come in. it's dry across the region looks like it's going stay that way but you definitely want to bundle up if you'll be out and about especially any of the open air outlet shopping centers it is going to be cold night to be out black friday shopping. we hit our low temperature right around day break if you're getting up early that's when it's going to be the defendant. storm scan3 shows some snow
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showers and flurries moving across really the entire northeast but a lot of this really fizzling before it reaches us. can't rule out a stray flurry in western suburbs. flurries trying to move into berks county most of us stay dry tonight. temperatures early on friday morning will be in the low 20s look at allentown the morning low 23 degrees. you'll wake up to 25 in reading and in lancaster and 29 will be the morning low here in philadelphia. so for shoppers 5:00 a.m. 29 degrees. that's what you'll be heading out in. best of luck to you online shopping sounding pretty good to me. 10am34 degrees. 2:00 p.m. 38 and it just doesn't get better than the upper 30s all day long. however i do have better news for the upcoming weekend as temperatures will finally start to rise and we may actually get back to normal for at least a day or two. i'll have that coming up with the seven day forecast when i join you inside. jessica. >> kate, thank you. cold is one thing our neighbors to the north are dealing with piles of snow and no power this thanksgiving. the same storm that brought us a
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wintry mix wednesday slammed new england. more than 200,000 customers were without power in new hampshire. more than 100,000 in maine. and get this. there's no estimate on when electricity might be restored in either state. >> well, eagles fans have a lot be thankful for after a thumping every the cowboys in dallas. >> i'll tell you what, the eagles, they got great shot at this whole thing home field advantage tonight is the night. they're proving they are the bev hands down team in the nfc. probably the nfl. >> talk about diehard fans. the retort family drove from charlotte just to be in philly to watch the game. today's victory puts the eagles in the top spot in the nfc east. "eyewitness sports" anchor lesley van arsdall has more on the big win in big d. lesley. >> much better than this the eagles easily handling the cowboys taking first place in the nfc east and this win could really play well for the birds heading down the home stretch of the season in terms of playoff
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positioning. i'm getting a little ahead of myself. the eagles running game looking better than it has all year. lesean mccoy put up 159 yards. averaged more 6 yards per carry. he had a 38-yard touchdown run in the third quarter. eagles take this win 33-10 and here's shady after the game talking about recent criticism about his numbers this season. >> the time where we're at in the season all the talk and stuff that you guys saying about me and about the line and all of that, mixed up in the season we need to get a big win. as team, as a unit, we work hard. and the running game today kept pushing, kept pushing big ones broke out for. >> after today mccoy moved to 47 yards from wilbert montgomery for the eagles all-time rushing lead. pretty impressive. i'll have highlights and hear from more of the players coming up later in sports. >> back to you jess. >> see in you a bit lesley, thanks.
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>> thanksgiving is all about tradition, football or parade. ♪ >> philadelphia thanksgiving parade is the oldest in the country. marching bands, cartoon balloons and colorful floats made their way through the streets today and just a few blocks away, christmas village. today was the first day of business there. the traditional german christmas market will be through the last sunday of december. stopping at cacia's bakery in south philadelphia is how many families start their thanksgiving every year. besides the desserts and all the other baked goods, they'll also cook you a turkey. it turns out the brick oven can hold a lot of birds. some say nothing beats it. customers of the fourth generation bakery love being able to pick up this turkeys already cook. >> not even a four alarm fire could keep the columbus farmers mark in burlington county from keeping their thanksgiving tradition alive. the fire destroyed one of the main buildings but the other buildings survived. shoppers strolled along just as
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they've always done in search of good deals. >> families get up early. they put that are turkeys in the oven. they come out here to shop and they've been doing it for decades, and we're very, very pleased that today is a good market day out there. we have no snow. we have lots of vendors. we have lots of shoppers. and we have the inside stores back open. >> while the outdoor market was open today it will be closed tomorrow and reopen saturday and sunday. the indoor market will be open through sunday. the murder suicide that left a tabernacle, inform, mother and her three children dead shocked that community. it also left behind the family dog. a woman from the burlington county animal alliance put bumbles the dog in foster home until she could find a suitable family. a number of people expressed interest in the dog that serve as the companion for 14-year-old nicholas le page eight-year-old nadiaing and 11-year-old alex. one person's name stuck out patrick heinz. that was nicholas' best friend.
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>> bumbles was always great dog and he's a very loveable. just wants to be loved. so naturally come to our house. >> come bumble social security getting just as much comfort as he's giving. >> with pope francis set to visit philadelphia next september for the world meeting of families, thousands of people will need a place to stay in the city, and some people are already volunteering space. hotel rooms are going fast, and meeting organizers are now asking 10,000 philadelphia residents to open their homes. irish company home stay will match potential visitors with hosts who will be paid for the accommodation. home stay ceo says more than 100 families have already register registered. of course there are many preparations underway for that 2015 papal visit. you can count on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage both on tv and online at >> every year thousands of people push back from the thanksgiving table and jump right into another holiday tradition. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers spent the evening with
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them in kennett square. >> reporter: so you've eaten all the turkey. now what? you could go to the movies if you're brave go shopping or you could do something a bit different. >> by different we mean leap forward to celebrating the next round of holidays a mid the shimmering lights and the water fountains at longwood gardens in kennett square. arborist start putting up the lights on the trees and the arch ways and the floating platforms back in august. half a million twinkling bulbs on 28-miles of cord for many a yearly event. >> you having a good time? ye yeah. >> she's having a good time. she like it. i love it. >> and event way to jump start the holiday season. >> this is how we welcome christmas. >> christmas is all the way here, all the way home. >> reporter: for others it was way to get out of the house after a heavy meal. >> i stuffed myself with turkey
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and then come here and work out. >> reporter: a bit ease your to do once a certain football game was well in hasn't. >> this is so beautiful. i have my smart phone eagles are kicking butt. why not? >> reporter: to recap eagles win and beautiful lights on a beautiful night. i'd say that makes for a -- >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> just beautiful out there. this holiday season longwood gardens along with toyota are partnering with cbs-3 for holiday lights. so if you love putting on light show for the holidays we want to see it. you can send your photos of your display by using hashtag cbs-3 holiday lights. you can also go to and we may even be live at your home next month. new tonight, an amazing rescue is caught on camera. two kids buried in the snow for hours are pulled to safety. next, how they became trapped and what made authorities start digging in the right place. kate? >> it's a cold night for black friday bargain hunters and it's
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going to stay cold right through the day tomorrow. i'll let you know about a warmup as we head through the weekend and also some chances of rain in the forecast into next week coming up. >> plus, let's talk turkey. but it's not the kind you're thinking about. that's that sagging skin off referred to as turkey neck that can come with aging. the quick new procedure that can make you look years younger. >> and a holiday makeover of sorts. so-called ugly christmas tree is getting the charlie brown treatment. >> and before we go to break on this thanksgiving, we asked you what your thankful for and so many of you zen us tweets, facebook messages and thanksgiving isn't over yet. you can still send your comments use the hashtag cbs-3. we love seeing these pictures. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> dramatic cell phone video shows police and neighbors frantically digging out two boys buried overnight under a massive pile of snow in a parking lot.
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this happened in newberg new york about 60 miles north of new york city. these boys disappeared around sick wednesday night. police and neighbors found them around 2:00 this morning. >> all i seen was the feet when i got over there the little boy feet was hanging out of the thing and he was shaking and his mother it's all right. mommy, mommy. >> one mother posted photos of one of the boys recovering in the hospital. neighbors say a truck was plowing the parking lot around the time those boys disappeared. after three nights of protests that turned destructive ferguson, missouri enjoyed a calm thanksgiving. some artists painted scenes on board up storefronts. churches and volunteers prepared holiday meals and distributed food to those in need. >> need to start inter grating and being together and interacting. i think that's our biggest issue, and we have to have more of these uncomfortable conversations. >> at new york city's macy macy s thanksgiving protesters
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chanted justice for mike brown. people arrested seven of the protesters. wherever they were millions of americans found ways to celebrate thanksgiving today. soldiers in kabul afghanistan chowed down on mountains of turkey and stuffing. it has been a tense time in kabul with almost daily insurgent attacks. u.s. and nato troops officially conclude their combat role in the country at the end of next month. >> on the camden waterfront hundreds of volunteers lined up to welcome veterans and active duty soldiers to the battleship new jersey. inside, military men and women some just days from deployment were served a thanksgiving meal. on the cbs-3 health watch tonight there's a lot of talk about turkey on thanksgiving. but for some, there are complaints about something called turkey neck. that's sagging skin that on the neck that often comes with agi aging. tonight health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a quick way to tighten the area that requires no surgery. >> reporter: julia felt good about her looks until she turned
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42, and saw the dreaded turkey neck starting. >> this little kind of extra skin that you get. >> she was self conscious enough she even had tricks were she took pictures. >> put your tongue to the top of your palate and that kind of lifts this little area. >> reporter: julia decided to dry all therapy it use ultra sound energy to tighten the skin. >> it's going to lift the neck and improve the jows. it's going to sharpen the jaw line. >> reporter: janice miller also wants to get rid of her turkey neck. >> i saw kind of sag go. >> we focus energy on the inner part of the skin. we heat up the skin which then causes new collagen to come in and reform the skin. you can see when the image is good it actually see the layer of the skin we're treating. so we can avoid things like nerves and -- >> reporter: results can vary and won't be as drum as surgery. patients feel heating and stinging during the procedure. >> that wasn't too bad, was it?
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no, it wasn't. >> reporter: this is julia and before and six months later. and she still improving. >> no more turkey neck. >> reporter: here's some other before and after comparisons including a few men. julia can now joke about her old turkey neck. >> ah that's what i used to look like. >> it takes a couple of months to see the full results that last for about two years. the treatment costs between two and $4,000 for the neck and it can also be used to tighten skin on the face. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> some say it's ugly, others say it just needs a little love. officials in reading now say they will decorate the city's little pine tree with a single red bulb just like in a charlie brown christmas. reading residents complained that the tree was ugly when it was unveiled. so workers took off the decorations they plan to replace but logistical issues forced that tomorrow keep that tree. the rededication ceremony is now set for december 6th. >> well in weather tonight it's
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been a cold thanksgiving day but at least it was dry. hopefully the snow and rain yesterday didn't throw off any of your plans out there. let's check in with some of our weather watchers all across the region. temperatures coming in the 20s start off here with barbara lane she's in willow grove reporting 27 degrees at the mommy. it's going to be cold shopping tonight barbara will head out and hit the stores better you than me barbara. i hope you get good deals. chuck he's in perkasie. 24 degrees there right now. that is cold with a clear sky. anyplace that skies are clearing, that's where temperatures are really dropping. coatesville down to 27 degrees says lee. cold, clear and stuffed in coatesville. happy thanksgiving. if you loved to be one of our weather watchers you can be featured in our newscast sign up at we'd love to have you as part of our team. >> let's take look outside right now, and see what's happening up in the poconos. carbon county one of the hardest hit areas from last night's storm jack frost big boulder they've got the manmade snow machine going.
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we had the the nature snow machine going last night. many spots up here got over seven or 8-inches of snow. lots of fresh powder on the slopes i'm sure they'll have a big day tomorrow if you'll be skiing or snowboarding have a great day. the snow machines are going late tonight. and take a look at broad head headsville a lot area that got snow yesterday. the white blanketing the ground here. it's only 20 degrees there so a very cold thursday night and a cold start to our friday morning as welch these little snow showers really aren't making it in. maybe into the poconos as we go through the rest to have night but most of us should stay dry. don't be shocked if you see a few flakes or rain drop or two it's not going to amount to really anything at all. you can see future weather really brings this in and then out maybe a stray flurry over new castle county. a stray flurry in the poconos then tomorrow looks completely clear and generally dry right through the day. a full day of sunshine for your shopping plans or whatever you plan to do on your black friday. if you have the day off get outside enjoy it. bundle up. 31 right now at the airport. we're down to 28 in he had aring. 27 in allentown.
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21 in mount pocono. and below freezing now in atlantic city. wildwood hanging on to the warm spot with a temperature right now of 37 degrees. so as we move through the night the winds are going to stay. generally brisk it's not windy by any means but five to 10 miles per hour winds from the north and west just making it feel that much cooler. so after we were in the 40s today, tomorrow we drop even more high pressure starts to build in. so it's sunny for our friday but highs no better than the 30s on saturday again under the influence of high pressure the air mass starts to warm a bit within itself temperatures actually climb back to the 40s on saturday. and then as that high starts to sneak out to sea, by sunday we tap into more of a southwest wind and that's going to help us jump right up into the 50's. let's start with our overnight outlook and again this is the night a lot of people are outside. 4am, 5am doing these crazy black friday shopping trips and it's only 29 degrees in the city. now we already saw ought you outlying suburbs below that number so don't be shocked if it's 25, 26 degrees on your car
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thermometer when you head out shopping the high tomorrow no better than 39 degrees it's brisk as well so it will feel even colder but it's a full day of sunshine. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast we jump up to 43 on saturday with sunshine. partly sunny and milder sunday. sunday your nicest day to get outside. 53 degrees on sunday. monday, mild, 57 with a chance for a shower in the afternoon. then colder again on tuesday. no snow in the forecast and hey by the end of the weekend we're getting closer to normal.
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>> today is the day a lot of birds fans circled on their calendar eagles/cowboys thanksgiving day first place in the nfc on the line. it doesn't get better than this. eagles strike first in the opening drive. mark sanchez leading the offense down the field and taking it himself to put the birds on the board. first quarter sanchez finds an open jordan matthews on the route and just like that the eagles are already 14-zero.
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cowboys not lying down romo connects with did he see bryant right here on the side line. that is a 38-yard pass. set up a dallas touchdown. a few plays later to the second half we go eagles up 23-10 they get the ball this time to lesean mccoy proving he's still the same player breaking off for 38 run for a touchdown that would extend the lead by 20 and from there the defense locking things down. birds come away with a huge victory on the road. they take first place in the division. the final score, 33-10. >> our guys came ready to play. played with great energy. we were excited about playing. we knew that it was non traditional week, um, we have nothing to do with the schedule. if you tell us when to play we'll go play. our guys had great approach starting sunday. >> really proud of the way we started the game for the offen offense, but across the board just an mazing team win. >> once we kind of got in the rhythm we kept going and going and that's what we do. we're built for it. >> we have a quick update on
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nick foles sources say he is expected to get ct scan tomorrow that will check out how that collarbone is healing for now it look more like mark sanchez will stay behind center for the rest of the regular season. elsewhere in the league the defending super bowl champion seahawks in san francisco tonight both teams tied for second. seattle up 19-three in the fourth quarter. early game right here on cbs-3 the bears hosted the lions this afternoon. chicago with the early lead up 14-three after the first quarter. but the lions able to rally in the second scoring three unanswered touchdowns. stafford through for 390 yards two touchdowns. detroit gets the win, 34-17. we'll be right back with more news.
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♪ >> a well known group of philadelphians took center stage at the annual thanksgiving day parade in new york city. the taney dragons kicking off the macy's thanksgiving day parade. that team may have lost the little league world series but
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it certainly won the hearts of the nation. sports illustrated cover girl mo'ne davis and the team were all smiles as they waived to the crowd. what a cool experience for them. we'll be right back. ♪
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