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tv   Eyewitness News at 430am  CBS  December 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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. >> and today is monday, the first day of december, good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm diana rocco in for erika von tiehl. the search for missing college student sends teens to the manayunk canal. gets the attention of the fbi. >> police look for group of teenagers they say attack this south philadelphia man. now the victim speaks exclusively to "eyewitness news". >> and shopping for the holidays, shifts from your neighborhood malls to your home computer. today is cyber monday, the biggest on-line shopping day of the year. might want to take that computer out on a park bench today. it is mild outside. do some shopping. >> nice day for on line shopping in rittenhouse square maybe? >> that's a great idea. dow think we've got shot for
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shower in supports. not terrible day. overall, casino of an ugh casino of week. >> eh? >> not perfect, not terrible. >> okay. >> that's about right, eh. >> one of those, uh, pro's, cons here, a loft ups and downs, because what we are basically looking at here is a series every frontal boundaries that will be crossing through the delaware valley over the course of the next five days really. i can't guarantee necessarily looking at a lot of sunshine this week, but we aren't tracking any major storms. that's at least good news, that said, i've got some snow and perhaps some sleet in this forecast for you. so we'll tell when you to expect that in the next few. back to you. >> federal investigators join philadelphia police in the search for missing west chester university student last seen early thanksgiving morning. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin joins us from manayunk where the search for shane mopt gum are you is entering its fifth day. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, diana.
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that's right, the fbi has joined the search to find shane montgomery last seen here in manayunk late the night before thanksgiving. it is actually not uncommon for the fbi to join in cases like this. yesterday that search brought crews here to this canal. now, the philadelphia police marine unit began yesterday, slowly going step-by-step, through the canal, trying to find any signs for shane. they had to feel for signs of him in the water there. were no signs of shane found there. and now, the fbi has joined the investigation, bringing their additional resources to this case as well. the initial search though was launched by family and friends, as well as volunteers. shane montgomery was last seen at killdare's irish pub off main street. he was there with friends just celebrating turning 21. he was asked to leave after reportedly knocking over a bar stool. friends say he did not appear drunk when he left. now, shane's mother was here yesterday for that canal search. she says it was very hard to
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watch. >> it is upset to go know that this is what they have to do. but it is also -- i can't express my gratitude to the police department and anybody that's been helped in the search. >> she says she was relieved to know that shane was not found in those waters yesterday. there is a $15,000 reward for any credible information regarding this case. shane is five-11, 135 pounds, green eyes, and distinctive kel particular cross tatoo on his back. we're live in manayunk, justin finch. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the time now 4:33, time for traffic and weather together. morning, kate. >> i good morning, diane a good morning, everybody, happy cyber mondayment expect to go seymour clouds than anything out there today. if you look just off to the west little sliver of showers starting to roll on into
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allegheny's, appalachians, as well, some will survive as it rolls our way. very well defined frontal boundery, but knott necessarily the strongest front we've ever seen. it is, however, going to knock our temperatures back significantly. does pacca punch of moisture around this time around. i expect nothing more than quick shower, if you don't want to take your umbrella with you today, go ahead, i don't you need it out there on a day like there is just not that active. meanwhile look at the temperatures, do you have mild start here. fifty-three out at the airport, 50 in wilmington, 54 in wildwood. little chillier as you head in toward maybe clearer spot where you have less cloud cover, drop down to 36 degrees thus far this morning. and even through some of the outlying suburbs like quakertown, pottstown, also into the 30's, but way milder here for philly, for mt. holly. so it really depends where you are, how heavily you'll need to layer on the winter weather gear walking out the door. but everybody eeks out milder than average morning. if we're starting off in the 50's in the city with at least little sunshine, that bodes well, right? we can only go up from there. still looking for shower here and there as the day goes on,
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as i mention, not necessarily going to be the headline for the day. i would say it is that temperature that really makes the news for the weather department today. 60 degrees, our expected hi, not bad at all, for the first day of december. jess, good morning. >> good morning, katie, not bad at all as we head outside on 95. things moving along great around broad. so southbound looking great. if you are in or out of the city you have no problem doing so so far. we head on over to our center city cameras on the vine street expressway, everything moving along the same way here. westbound lanes, only one car crawling by here. eastbound lanes moving along great, as well, toward 956789 now, out in montgomery county ridge pike closed due to accident with police activity on the scene trying to get it cleaned up out of the way at church. your alternate for the time being to take germantown pike. cult err street closed due to house fire at germantown avenue. alternate to get around therefore right now is to take church lane. now, out in west philly, dearborn street closed also with road closures brown street. your alternate just take
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52nd street. but the rest of the majors still looking nice and smooth. so 422 eastbound from oaks into 202, about seven minute trip, 14 minutes on the schuylkill, if you are headed eastbound from the blue route to the vine. currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport. diana, back over to you. >> thank you, jess. new this morning, someone takes a shot at police in chester township. this was the scene just after midnight around west 12th and angle street. police say at least one round was shot in their direction. no officers were hit. despite an extensive search, there was no sign of that shooter. >> steens attack a man outside a grocery store. man said he parked his van near 20th and oregon street saturday night. he got out, but forgot his wallet, had to turn back. that's when he says the group charged at him pink his counselor on the sidewalk, and then beating him. now, police hope surveillance video captures that attack and the suspect. the unidentified man described his frightening experience.
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>> just bumm rush me, hit me, stomped me, kicked me in my head. i was trying to protect my s i was trying to stay alive. i was doing the best to protect myself. >> a passing bystander scared crowd off the man. he does suffer from some minor injuries. >> well, happening today, president obama will hold meetings on the ferguson missouri situation. he will meet with his cabinet to review federal programs that provide military style equipment to law enforcement agencies. the president will also meet with young civil rights leaders to discuss the relationship between law enforcement and communities of color. the supreme court is taking it first look at the limit of free speech and social media. the justices will hear arguments in a case involving pennsylvania resident, convicted and sentence today three and a half years in prison for making threats against his now ex-wife on facebook. he maintains he was not serious. >> the biggest on line
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shopping day of the year is underway. today is cyber monday, when consumers are expected to find the deepest discounts on apparel, electronics, health, beauty products. the research firm, come score, expect on line shoppers to spends two and a half billion dollars today alone. cyber monday has been the biggest on line shopping day of the year since 2010. that computer going to get a work out today? >> i've already dipped into that cyber shopping, oh, ya. >> much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", after thanksgiving victory over the cowboys, eagles get to watch their nfc east rivals at work. >> well de severed and long overdue salute to american hero. back in two minutes. good morning.
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>> welcome back, 4:40, heroes welcome for a man who serviced his country sun matched. warriors watch riders joined philadelphia police to escort george bikehill to the german
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society on spring garden street. he received tokens of appreciation before a concert in his honor. prisoner of war during world war ii. but that's just part of his story. >> he was declared killed in action, and eight months later he showed up at his parents home and said i'm still alive. and he got the purple heart, and he was not finished with serving. he went back and worked on the manhattan project, helped develop the ad a.m. bomb. >> after the war, doctor bikehill taught chemistry at st. joe's for ooh years, not until he reached his 90s that his daughter contacted veterans groups to ensure they new her father's story. >> time now 44:00; let's check our forecast as we start on this cyber monday. >> yes, and it will be a very mild start to the month of december, too. and by the way, hurricane
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season is over. >> is it really? >> yes, all right! >> yes, that's gone, long gone, nice below average season as we expected which is good, too. this week we will just be tracking bunch of different frontal boundaries. so we'll have some showers, have some clouds, and little wintery mix by tomorrow because of one every these fronts. so i want to walk you through basically the timing here t looks like it is essentially an all day event. this is not a major storm. but dow think it will mess with us. so we take you out, there storm scan3, first and for most, we have again one cold front to get through here today. that's going to be dropping south, as the day progresses, so later on tonight, temperatures take another hit. but, meantime, we still have real good shot to hit six off degrees here today. but that takes place. granted it is not the brightest day we've ever seen, but hey we'll take t probably see shower along the way. >> this drops south. then it actually lifts back north by tomorrow morning as a warmfront. now, a loft times it, warmfront may not live up to its name. specially when you have got a wintery scenario unfolding where you have got some colder
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air to work with. so, by tomorrow morning, we will probably already see some signs of life here on storm stom scan3, in the form after mix. we'll have some rain, have some snow, have some sleet, but none of it is particularly heavy. while it is going to be with us for a good part of the day, as we see that rain-snow line lift north, even if you picked up a quick coating, through even the poconos, probably starts to get washed away, as the rain takes over. so, while i highly suggest an umbrella, you wouldn't necessarily need to be breaking out the shovel here. it is just not that kind after event. so it is more after big old nuisance than anything else. 53 degrees the current temperature at the airport right now, modest wind, but noticeable, in at 52 degrees in ac at this hour. and we are expecting a nice warm 60 degrees high here in the city of philadelphia. as the clouds build back in for us, in advance of that cold front that we just showed you on radar. the chill returns tonight behind the front. look at the ups and downs. we go on here, 60 to 40's, to 50's, to 40's, back to the 50's by the weekend. temperatures aside, bottom
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line looking at swing here as we see couple of different fronts mover n i would keep your umbrella ready to go tomorrow specially and probably wednesday, too. ukee, back to you. katie, thank you. 76ers return to the wells fargo center tonight to host the san antonio spurs. now, the sixers still looking for their first win of the season. they're now zero and 16, after saturday's lost to the mavericks. that's the worse record to start a season in franchise history. the league record is 18 consecutive losses, now the last time the sixers met the spurs lot by 25, they have been playing better as of late, still no win to show for it, though, tip-off is at 7:00. well the eagles have another good test ahead of them this sunday against the defending superbowl champion seahawks. seattle defense has only allowed total of six points in their last two games. looking further ahead on the schedule, big division game against washington on saturday, december 20th, might want to make a note. you can catch that game right here on cbs-3 beginning at 4:30 in the afternoon.
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>> meanwhile, washington continues its free-fall at the bottom of the division. yesterday they were dominated by the indianapolis colts, and the red hot andrew lutz. lutz through for 370 yards, career high five touchdowns, leading colts to 49 to 27 victory. he also broke peyton manning's record for the most 300-yard games in a single season. and not a good day for the giant either. eli manning loses the football here with the team up by 18-point. it would eventually end up in the hands of jp thomas for jaguar touchdown. it was all downhill from therefore the g-men. they would end up blowing the lead and losing to the jags 25-24. the giants dropped three wins and nine losses. keep one all philly sport. here's your text alerts. text cbs philly 84816 to have news sent to your cell phone. message and data rates apply. more sport coming up in our next hour. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, why is
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"black friday" losing its appeal? >> but first here's a look at what's on tonight on cbs-3.
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>> fbi has joined in the search for missing west chester university student. police combed through the manayunk canal in search for shane montgomery. he vanished early thursday, after leaving a bar. >> police in chester township delaware county looking for the person who fired shots at officers. the police reported gunfire near engel and west 12th street, no one was hurt. >> and president obama will discuss the situation in ferguson, missouri, with his cabinet, civil rights leader, law enforcement officials and other. white house says the cabinet meeting will focus on the
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administration review of federal programs that provide military style equipment to law enforcement agencies. your time now 4:49. let's get check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> as we record earlier, millions will go on line today for cyber monday, look to go scoop up all every those deals that follows what a weekends of shopping. thousand this "black friday" shopping weekends shape up for retailers? >> reporter: well, good morning, ukee, diane a "black friday" shopping weekend may actually be losing its appeal. according to estimates by the national retail federation, there were 5.2% fewer shoppers, spending was down, 11%, and it is the second year in a row that spending fell off. part of the reason, retailers, as we know, are offering deals, days, even weeks, before the holiday weekend. ukee, dianna? >> jill, we hear sony got hacked and looking like maybe north korea may be responsible. can you explain that?
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>> yes. sony's investigating a massive cyber attack. at least five movies, including annie, fury, well, they illegally made their way on line. now the studio reportedly is looking into whether the hackers were working for north korea. it could be possible that they were seeking retribution for sony's new film, the interview comedians, set rowing and, james frank and, play two journalists hired by the cia to kill north korean leader kim june aoun. can you not make this stuff up. >> i letter they were making that, major problems with. that will but we'll see, thanks, jill. appreciate it. coming up after a short break, traffic and weather together. we do it on the 3's, stay with us, we'll be right
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>> following break being news just coming in. within the past hour, fire fight verse gotten control of house fire in the germantown section of philadelphia.
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but now authorities tell "eyewitness news", they're investigating, it is a possible firebombing, stemming from a dispute between teenage girls. everyone was able to get out of the home safely. stay with us, as we continue to gather more information on this. well, it is now 4:53, time for traffic. hi, jessica! >> good morning, diana. 4:53, we go outside, and we're going to check out the schuylkill expressway, where things are moving along great around spring garden, so the eastbound lanes there toward center city moving along great. same story for the week lanes. over on 309 just near the pa turnpike, pa turnpike just beyond this camera here. northbound lanes moving along great. southbound, looking good there, as well. because accident on montgomery county closing ridge pike at church road. your alternate to get thanked with police activity on the scene meantime to take germantown pike. to update that house fire, in germantown, commenter street complete lid closed at germantown avenue. for the time being take church lane to get around. dearborn street closed due to another house fire at brown
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street, your alternate there is to take 52nd street. some of the majors, everything moving real smoothly so far this morning. 422 eastbound, from oaks into 202, good trip there, about seven minutes, and real clear on 95 southbound, if you are headed from woodhaven into the vine st. expressway about 13 minute trip there. currently no problems for mass transit. and no delays at the philadelphia international airport. now, katie, it was warm out. i feel like when i walked out the door this morning? >> it absolutely is, nice, mild, for at least early december standards. little un heard of for us to be starting off in the 50's as we r because we're starting offer so mild, can really go up from here, and we are going to be tracking new cold front crossing through before the day's all said and done. but not bad forecast, guys. we start things off with a look at "skycam 3", beautiful view of the city skyline here, we face south on our very own rooftop here. that's where that camera view is coming to you from. 53 degrees the current temperature at the airport, we do have noticeable breeze, but pretty modest, and as we go forward in the forecast here today, do think you'll find couple of showers here and, there but this isn't
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necessarily going to be wash out after day. not bad. really just looking at more clouds than anything. current temperatures, as jess mentioned, nice and mild, low 50's, anywhere from girard college out to new castle, cinnaminson, bensalem, i mean, you're all over the delaware valley here, temperatures popping up everywherement storm scan3 does show the approach however of the next cold front. it is weak in moisture, but will be potent when it comes to colder air. so you'll see that very much reflected, in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, look at this, we drop solid 20 degrees from one day to the next, so potent front with the cold air. as the front begins to lift back in, as a warmfront, tomorrow, it will eventually send our temperatures on uphill climb. but it does bring in a wintery mix. so, tomorrow, features rain, some light snow, some sleet, i don't expect much, if any, accumulation for almost all of the region here. the further north and west you go, the better your chance to maybe pick up coating. so, that's where you got to go if you want to find the white stuff. otherwise, though, tomorrow just going to be more after big nuisance for travelers.
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ukee, back to you. >> here is a look at some of the stories sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 will be following for you today. at philadelphia police begin pilot program with officers wearing body cameras, police in south jersey, south jersey community, won't have all 70 officers wearing them. new medicare pilot program will affect dialysis patients in pennsylvania and new jersey, and on world aids day, a west philadelphia hiv activist is sharing the story of keeping his h iv-positive status secret for 25 years. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. diana. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness "eyewitnes, five days, still no news every missing college student. live with the search happening today. >> also a young boy hid never house for years. how he finally reached out for help, and was rescued. and get t the big bargains while you can. we're taking you live inside
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>> and breaking right now, suspected firebombing forces several people out of their home overnight. we'll tell you about the simple dispute that investigators say led to the dangerous attack. also, searching for shane. crews get ready to return to manayunk this morning. looking for a missing college student, as the fbi now joins the search, and the reward for information gross. thanks for joining us, everyone, it is monday, december 1st, good morning, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm diana rocco. erika is off this morning. the hunt for bargains isn't over yet. it is cyber monday. and we're taking you live inside amazon's huge delaware warehouse, to see how they can handle their biggest day of the year. katie? >> i'm very excited for that report. well, we can expect to see very mild day, here in the weather department, you probably will be looking forward to that nice surge on
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the thermometer, the problem; it doesn't last very long. and even by tomorrow, we could have few snowflakes in the forecast, we'll have all of the details coming up. jess? >> thanks, katie, i'm not real a on line shopper. maybe i should get into that. i know. 5:00 a.m., we go check out the ben franklin bridge, moving along great from the jersey side from that toll plaza headed westbound into the city. looking like a good drive so far. we check out the rest of the majors and see how mass transit is doing? just a minute. ukee, good morning. thank up, jess. once again breaking right now, suspected firebomb forces several people out of their germantown area home. investigators say this is all because after fight over a boy between some teenage girls. the fire broke out on east coulter street around 3:30 this morning, and we're told someone through an explosive device at the home. it burned part of the front door, but did not do much other damage. no one, we're told, was hurt. >> well, philadelphia police spent hours searching the manayunk canal for any clues about the disappearance of shane montgomery. the west chester s w


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