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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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today, in this town home community. we're told that an apartment caught fire that town home caught fire after somebody was driving a car, by themselves, and they drove into the gas meter which stands outside of the home. now once, according to witnesses, the car hit that gas meter we told gas meter started sparking on to the car, the car quickly caught fire, that fire then went and eventually caught buildings on fire. out of the six homes affect, two are completely destroyed, yes, sir contact and chris, i had a chance on speak to couple people inside the home they were not there. they were gone. they came back to see their homes in flames. they are devastated in shock but good news nobody was hurt, they said their family dog was inside treated for smoke inhalation but cute is going to be okay. that is latest we are live from newark, david spun t for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks very much. well, unseasonably warm weather on the this first day of december but it is not
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going to last. much cooler temperatures are on the way, as is on rain, even a bit of the wintry mix in spots. meteorologist kathy orr has traveled to moorestown burlington county tonight, with more on what to expect, kathy? >> reporter: we're feeling the sprinkles already in burlington county, chris but nothing like what we're seeing to the north and west of philadelphia, some moderate rain has knock down some of the temperatures. lets take a look you can see pockets of heavier rain to the north and west of philadelphia in the lehigh valley and allentown temperatures fallen in the 40's amid these heavier showersment interior south jersey not much yet but new castle county delaware rain moves in. it is still just liquid, because of the mild temperatures, the high today in philadelphia, 65 degrees. that is 15 degrees above normallal and it will stay quite mild. we are sitting at 58 degrees, you can see in allentown, and 45 degrees, and trenton 53 and atlantic city, 54. here is the evening planner. we will see showers moving in
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this evening even in philadelphia at 7:00 o'clock 52. forty-seven turning cooler a at 9:00 p.m. quite breezy by the late night at 11:00 o'clock with temperatures in the 40'sment coming up we will talk about snow for some in the forecast but more rain coming our way but staying on the mild side. live from moorestown with the group performing behind me we will light that tree later in the broadcast. for now back to you in the studio. thanks, kathy. you can stay one step ahead of the forecast by down loading the cbs-3 weather app. and, down load the app today, on google play and itunes. and new developments in the case of the west chester university student who disappeared on thanksgiving. there is now $25,000 reward for information on shane montgomery. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live near the pub where montgomery was last seen, steve. >> reporter: jessica, i just spoke with the philadelphia police lieutenant, police, of course, working with the fbi
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and fbi i'm told spent the day interviewing people that knew shane, shane's family and friends and people that may have bumped in to shane that night trying to figure out what happened and piece together the events that led to his disappearance. meanwhile, the place where he days appeared from the manager's broke their silence and also broke some news in the case. as police took to the skies, to search manayunk words of clarification came from the place 21 year-old shane montgomery was last seen. >> shane's family and friend stated shane was not intoxicated when he left the restaurant. that information we have found in our investigation the in the past four daises consistent with those statements. >> reporter: after posting an additional $10,000 reward money to aid with the search, management at kildares irish pub broke their silence now saying montgomery likely was not drunk thursday morning and was gently asked to leave at closing time by an employee who was also his relative. >> he was respectful, and polite young man. >> reporter: we know montgomery was bar hopping with friend into the early
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hours of thanksgiving went south on main and vanished. >> three people got with this man. >> reporter: monday, once again, community members, leading the charge. >> i'm here just to help find shane. >> reporter: in under an hour a hundred volunteers assembling people giving up work and school, establishing this defacto command center in roxborough to help distribute fresh flyers, where needed. >> we have to let fbi and authorities do what they need to do and thinks our way of staying out of the way and just keep showing face. >> reporter: all in the hopes someone had a clue what happened when shane walked out of that bar. also the fbi is looking at shane's phone records and bank records. to see if there was any activity after he disappeared and i'm told so far nothing. we are live from manayunk, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thank you very much. lets go to chopper three that was over scene of the two alarm fire in lower moreland montgomery county this morning. fire began just after
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9:00 o'clock inside a home in the 400 block of welsh road. it didn't take long for fire fighters to get things under control there and no one was injury. we are told red cross ace cyst continuing two people affect by the fire as the investigation continues. well, family of eightes after a firebomb is thrown on the doorstep of their germantown home this happened around 3:30 this morning on east colter street. authorities tell "eyewitness news" that they do not think that this was a random act. in fact, they believe this may stem from an ongoing dispute between a few teenage girls over a boy. and authorities are investigating a two alarm fire that heavily damaged a nissan dealer hip in vineland, new jersey. fire broke out saturday at a dealer hip in the 1700 block of delsea drive-in cumberland county. fire investigators say that several cars and the showroom there were damaged but no one was injured. one person is injured when a tractor trailer flipped over and landed off the road in morrisville bucks county. chopper three over the the
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scene at routes one and 32, that person was taken to the hospital, no word on their condition tonight, and we do know that tractor trailer sustained some serious damage. cause of the crash remains under investigation. chopper three over an accident involving a car and tractor trailer this happened on the schuylkill expressway westbound near mile marker 341. one person was taken to the hospital of the university of a pennsylvania, and no word object their condition and it is unclear at this time what caused the crash. well, president obama says he wants more police officers outfitted with cameras, but he will not ban the use of military equipment by police. those decisions follow a review a park by the police shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. the president spent this day meeting with his cabinet, with civil rights leaders and members of the law enforcement over a -- going over that report. meantime developing tonight protests are ongoing in cities across america. this one in new york city, many of these demonstrators still angry over a grand
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jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson, who killed brown and resigned from the ferguson police department over the weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live in university city with details on protests this this city, walt. >> reporter: chris, protesters went door to door here in the penn cam puts this afternoon classrooms and dormitories trying to recruit other students to join their pro test thes. more than 200 chanting demonstrators made their way through the heart of the university of pennsylvania cam puts, blocking the intersection of 34th and walnut for a time, expressing their feelings about events in ferguson. >> we need to finally mobilize and come together and represent the voices that are not heard. one of them being mike brown. >> reporter: gathering at 101, the time of the ferguson shooting, the protesters, urged those still in class, that in dormitories to come
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out, and join them, as they moved forward with their protests. protest marched which was loud but peaceful made its way through the streets of the university of pennsylvania, and drexel campuses, snarling traffic, for more than an hour before finally returning to 34th and walnut where it wound down. >> something needs to change. this is a big deal, this is just like a big eye open inner terms of race relations in the u.s. >> and, social networking played a major role in organizing the demonstration on this day, before dispersing, students say that social networking in the future will also be a major means of rallying people to their cause as more protests are expect to becoming. live from the penn campus i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thanks very much, walt. much more ahead on "eyewitness news" 59:00 including a couple of motorist escaping just in the nick of time. their close call was caught on camera. we will show what you happens
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will give nasa valuable data a for moving towards man mission toss asteroids and eventually mars. well, it is, cyber monday, the on line follow-up to black friday shopping and estimated 127 million shoppers were expected to score deals on line today. amazon just one of the many on line retailers offering up big discounts. starting to day they were offering new deals every ten minutes on the web site. and amazon also has, extra helpful filling orders this holiday season. they are rolling out robots, that can lift up to 750 pounds. so, did you do any on line shopping today? >> yes. >> i will save mine for later and saving up for tonight. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice so you can shop safely. >> reporter: cyber monies easier on shopper than black friday but does not mean there is a breeze. >> there is so much noise around cyber monday and, of course, we're sitting at home
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but we have access to millions of web sites. my advice would be to find a couple of trusted resources and go from there. >> reporter: research sales first, look for coupon codes for deeper discounts. best areas to expand cyber monday deals. >> lots of apparel providers and also, consumer electronics and health and beauty. those are the three categories i think will see the deepest discounts on sign are monday. >> reporter: big day for retailers and consumers and for scammers too. >> they know it is cyber monday. they know that people are out there shopping. they are going to do what they can to try to lure you in. >> reporter: confirm a web site and secure before entering any information. look for an s after the http in the url or the word secure. paying with a credit card will offer more protections then if you are pennsylvania paying with the debit card. check statements regularly to make sure that the only charges are the ones you have made and keep a record of order confirmations and receipts. finally shoppers on mobile devices should consider using
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cell data instead of public wifi for more secure internet connections. meanwhile changing bases here are you in the market for health insurance, enrollment is underway right now when are enrolling for first time or need to make changes tour coverage, three on your side wants to help. join us for our annual health insurance phone bank between 5:00 and 6:30 we will have experts in our studios to answer your questions and good thing is site seems to be working better than last year. >> you are all done with your holiday shopping. >> finish. >> i'm not a amateur. i'm all done with mize holiday shopping. >> you don't need black friday, cyber monday. >> thanks, jim. good evening, everyone. we are dealing with some major delays out there, it is rush hour and a little extra something. as you'll notice traveling on i-95 we are commuting in the northbound direction. lots of volume out of center city all the waste through to the northeast section of philadelphia if you are traveling southbound here this point approaching betsy ross
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bridgette doesn't look awful but still through construction zones around cottman avenue as well as girard, you're still feeling a setback. lets talk setbacks with the schuylkill expressway, usually we have one, today is in different. look at water drops on the screen here causing even slower commutes. traveling on the schuylkill expressway out of king of prussia a eastbound jammed from king of prussia and down through curve it lingering down through gladwynn and area on roosevelt boulevard and then approaching the vine street expressway. so in short it is basically the entire length. looking at speed sensors 14 on the schuykill. in the 30's on i-95. nine on 476 and commuting on the pennsylvania turnpike, you do have some slow go, in either direction around the area of mid county, even willow grove, 309 and heading around valley forge interchange. if you are traveling delaware county we have an accident at route 452 at ridge road and minor delays at philadelphia international airport due to the weather, chris and jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. we are keeping up with that holiday shopping theme and as do you search for that
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perfect gift we have a ward of warning. >> safety experts are sounding the a alarm about toys that can be dangerous, coming up which toys you may want to avoid and why. stay with us.
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well, all across the region right now communities are gathering together, celebrating the holidays with tree lightings. >> love this time of the year. meteorologist kathy orr is
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live in moorestown, burlington county, a great night for a holiday celebration. >> it was a great night, jessica, but now it is raining and everyone is hiding underneath the tarp. are you guys hiding under here? what are you doing. >> yes, yes. >> hiding for now but not for long because this is the second annual christmas tree light nothing moorestown, new jersey at the beautiful community house in town. these guys right over here are enjoying their hot chocolate and their cookies. are you having fun. >> yeah good are you ready for the tree. >> yes. >> well at 6:00 we will be lighting the beautiful blue spruce, that is over in the corner, cannot see it just yet but you will. the lets talk about weather. i will tough it out, guys and ditch the umbrella for now. we will show you rain on storm can three because we have a big dose of it sitting over us in burlington county. it is coming up from new castle county delaware and we're hoping it will continue on its track in the south east. it has cooled down. philadelphia is 57. forty-nine in reading and in
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allentown. it is 45 degrees. poconos only 36. it has gotten breezy as well wind northwest at 20 miles an hour to see poconos 13 miles an hour and they will be strong throughout the evening. watch this frontal boundary move toward us during the day tomorrow, start off with the wintry mix north and west, philadelphia mainly rain and wednesday we will warm it up in the 50's, by thursday, we will dry it out but temperatures stay on the chilly side in the 40's, and then mild weather, will persist into the the weekend. look at what we're in for for tomorrow, snow and sleet in the poconos. snow and rain in the lehigh valley. for philadelphia adjacent suburbs, to the south and east just expecting rain. as far as the the accumulation, well, we are looking at grassy coating through the lehigh valley and poconos before that change over. and so the forecast for tonight calls for cloudy and cooler conditions with showers across the region. low temperature around 35 degrees. wind gusting to 25 miles an hour, and then during the day tomorrow a chilly rain, snow
5:21 pm
to rain in the north, lehigh valley northward, temperatures around 40 degrees. on the three daze forecast, it is tuesday, 40, warming up wednesday to 52 and by thursday 47 degrees and it will be drying out. we will remind you that it is that time of the year for our holiday lights. if would you like to show your holiday lights, of course, go to cbs or show us your beautiful pictures on social media. you can go to hash tag cbs-3, holiday lights. back here live, we will see if these guys are ready. are you ready for that tree lighting a at 6:00 o'clock? >> yes, can't wait. >> rain, nor wind nor snow will keep us away. >> just like the mailman good that is right. are you ready with your candy cain. >> yes good what do you want for christmas. >> um... >> you think on. that i will be back at 6:00. we will tell santa that is very latest from moorestown new jersey, unfortunately the rain we will send it to break and being back with mor
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there is another story out there tying eagles coach chip kill toy a college job, this time it is the university of florida with an opening, the unnamed source says that kelly may be contacted as early as tomorrow, to judge his interests in going back to college football. it would make sense if chip was failing in the pros or in over his head, he is the talk of the nfl. chip says he is in the nfl to stay and i believe him. why would a coach with his talent and nine and three football team entertain going back to the minor leagues. meantime chip is straight away, with the talented seahawks defense. that is the next opponent and job at hand for eagles coach. >> it will be best secondary we play, top corner in the
5:25 pm
league in richard sherman and he had has 23 picks since 2011, eight american any other player in the league. there is a a reason for that. he is a smart player, intelligent player. big, physical, great ball skills. they've got players at every single position on the defense i have side of the ball. there is a reason they won the super bowl last year and is there a reason they held last two teams they have played to three points. >> back to the college thing if the castle was burning, if all was break breaking down maybe wow think about going back to college. why go back to the burning leagues. >> you are a big college fan but it is minor league. >> any college would want to have chip kelly but he has a great situation here good beautiful. >> no need to make a change good beasley, thanks. >> reporter gets a little bit too close to the action during an interview, take a look. >> someone fired shots sending everyone running for cover during that interview, we will tell what you happened next. and then new at 6:00 they are calling it a miracle on
5:26 pm
cooper street, we will tell you how an old building is expect to change lives, and transform a neighborhood. we will be right backment
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i'm chris may and here are some of the day's top stories for you a reward is now at $25,000 in the case of the missing west chester student, shane montgomery, shane was last seen early thanksgiving
5:29 pm
morning, leaving kildares irish pub on main street in manayunk. we're following breaking news right now philadelphia native bill cosby has resigned from the board of trustees from temple university. allegations of sexual assault continue to swirl around cosby, although entertainer has never been criminally charged. and a car slams into a house in newark, delaware causing several homes to go up in flames, the crash and fire happened just after 1:00 o'clock on lower valley lane. kathy in. well, we are live in moorestown burlington county getting in the holiday spirit, lighting the annual christmas tree but trying to dodge the rain. here's what to expect as this storm moves our way. in the lehigh valley we're expecting to see some snow but poconos snow and sleet and lehigh valley to sleet, in mix to rain from philadelphia and suburbs, we are expecting mainly rain, right through south jersey, and, of course, light rain for delaware as well. we will continue to time this
5:30 pm
out, and help you dodge these rain drops coming up with that seven day forecast. kate will be along as well. we'll you later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thanks. supreme court has a decision to make is the threatening language people post on social media protect as free speech, or can they be held accountable for those posts. this case pits aspiring rapper an tone aloanes against the federal government and says his comments sparked fear. he fridays bethlehem. he was quick of threatening his ex-wife and several others when he posted violent rap lyrics on line. court's decision is expect to be announced around june. well, facebook comments about the first daughters at this white house turkey pardoning ceremony have cost a republican staffer her job tonight. elizabeth law on has retine for communications director for a congressman after she criticized the first daughters on facebook saying their clothing was inappropriate and
5:31 pm
they looked disinterested. she criticized the president and first lady as not being good role models. she has apologized. new at 5:30 mayor nutter's task force on paid sick leave make its recommendations. report are steve towa of kyw news radio has more on their. >> reporter: report saying paid sick levies a a complicated poly question that effects employees and employers, mayor nutter adds his previous position was one of timing. >> we were still recovering from the grips of an incredible great recession. >> reporter: mayor says they want to do right by everyone. but task force recommends that employers with 15 or more people provide paid sick leave to qualifying employees. two bills passed by city council twice veto mandate that had small businesses with as few as five people provide sick leave. the prime sponsor of the bill, councilman bill greenly, say they will play with the thresholds. >> fifteen personally i think is a little high.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: you want it in the single digits. >> within, something like that. >> reporter: joe grace of the greater philadelphia chamber of commerce says many business members would like to see a higher employer threshold number. >> family and medical leave act a small business is defined as 25 or more employees. it actually under the affordable care act a small business is defined as 50 employees or more. >> reporter: mayor nutter and councilman greenly expect city council to fashion new compromised litigation in the new year potentially reaching mayor's desk by february. currently 16 cities and three states have paid sick leave ordinances. steve towa for kyw news raid grow for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have learn philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will co chair a new task force in washington on 21st century police methods. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter wases in washington with other mayors and civil rights leaders meeting about the president with the shooting in ferguson and its
5:33 pm
national implications. nutter spoke about ramsey's appointment. >> his call for this task force on 21st century policing as police morel, co chaired by laurie robinson, formally assistant attorney general, but also a professor not only at george mason but the university of pennsylvania. we have work with her of philadelphia charles ramsey, the police commissioner of the city of philadelphia, in his 40 plus years of leadership in policing. >> cbs news correspondent mark albert tells thaws this task force is one of president obama's plans to the georgia the unrest in ferguson. >> president obama brought together young civil rights leaders, elected officials, community, faith leaders and law enforcement to talk about building trust between police and the communities that they served. >> underlying issues are broader than just race. this goes to sort of the foundational relationship, again, between law enforcement agencies and the communities that they are sworn to serve and to protect. >> reporter: the president is
5:34 pm
proposing a three-year, 263 million-dollar package to expand training for law enforcement agencies and provide more resources for police department reform. the plan including $75 million to buy 50,000 body cameras for officers nationwide. the president is also using an executive order to create a task force on 21st century policing. to look at how to reduce crime while building public trust. >> some of these initiatives are meant to try to address those underlying concerns that are evident not just in ferguson but in communities all across the country. >> reporter: in a meeting with cabinet members monday, the president focused on federal programs this gives medical care gear to police, three month white house review found a lack of consistency in how those programs are run, at the white house, mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well to day is world aids day, and this years theme is focus partner achieve, and aids free generation. to draw attention to the cause a giant red ribbon has been
5:35 pm
hung above, has been above the steps of the white house. reminder for everyone to learn the basics, know the facts and to take care have of yourself. 35 million people around the world are currently living with hiv aids. a close call for a reporter in west virginia. while covering a shooting, he almost became a victim. >> we will start off hottest question of all. >> the cameras obviously rolling as shots narrowly missed the reporter and woman he was interviewing. this reporter was working on than a follow-up story to a previous shooting but no one was injured in that event. good evening, everyone, quite a wet, wild, day all of our majors we're seeing delays as we usually would at 5:35, monday back to work off a holiday or back home from work after a holiday weekend. so everyone is on the road and rain is not helping us. this is i the five making your
5:36 pm
way out of the delaware count a approaching the stretch of the commodore barry bridge, just jammed solid every single lane here and notice light reflecting those slick roadways. lets look at 202, 202 looks like christmastime, if you are traveling southbound on 202 not in the happy way. making your waste approaching 29 and all the way through to 401, it is your usual delays but slower than usual because of the weather. seven is what we are dealing with as far as speed on the cue kill expressway. major traffic around the a area of king of prussia. twenty-two on 476. eighteen on i-95. your highest delays around the area construction zones as both cottman avenue and girard we will deal with that every single day. we have a disable train at jefferson station so a few regional rail lines are experiencing up to ten minute delays and watch out for minor delays at philadelphia international airport, chris and jessica. >> vittoria, thanks very much. exciting news for fans of frozen, still to come that word a sequel is in the works.
5:37 pm
dangerous toys, before you complete that shopping list find out which toys are blamed for causing the most injuries. we have just had one close call, talk about another, two men in this car escape just moments before it flipped in a sink hole. we are back with more.
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trending now a sink hole causes major problems in china take a look at the hole that just swallows this car, and another vehicle, petered on the edge for a while, and the occupants were able to get out, before the car fell in. and santa makes a splash at oklahoma aquarium. it is in the carol reeve exhibit hung out near windows so parents can get an action shot there. kids probably interested to see santa under water a as well, that is quite a card there as well. could it be tree a sequel to frozen. idina mansell told the telegraph a second film and frozen stage musical are happening, so from her mouse, there it is, difficulties any flick is big hees animated film in history and number five on the list of highest grossing films of all time. >> you know about frozen, in your house. >> i think any father of a young daughter certainly does. >> even one without kids.
5:42 pm
>> absolutely. i loved it. >> we will be r
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so-called ugly tree is getting a happy evening. officialness reading, pennsylvania are planning a charlie brown day festival, december 20th in which they will celebrate the tree that they once throughout to have removed. they plan to decorate the tree with the single red bulb just as charlie brown did in the famous peanuts special. well, holiday is tree
5:45 pm
season and is officially underway and that means joy of sharing campaign is unless full swing. >> meteorologist kate bilo joins with us more on how you can help, live at philadelphia's rittenhouse square with the tonight's tree lighting there, hi kate. >> hi jessica and chris. no ugly trees in attendance tonight. and, lit this up ten minutes ago. santa came. now we have got philly pops and we are talking about a exciting new partnership we have with them for joy of sharing but rain has not kept people away. lets check with folks hanging out after the tree lighting, hi, girls. >> yes. >> what do you think about the weather tonight. >> cold and wet. >> it is better if we were snowing. >> yes. >> feeling more like christmastime. >> it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. the square all lit up with these beautiful lights, trees, every single tree glowing. it is that time have the of the year. december 1st we are kick starting the holiday season. we have done it on a very mild
5:46 pm
note. lets get in the weather and look at temperatures all across the region. we will start off with our weather watchers and our weather watchers are reporting some mild conditions. look at these temperatures right now. reporting 59 degrees in tuckerton, new jersey. gilbertsville starting to drop at 46. willow grove at 55. media at 57 degrees, right now. now, november in review, first day of december. november was a crazy month. we ended up about 2.4 degrees below average despite those cold days, we had a few warm days skewing the average a bit. precipitation was above normal by an inch. highest temperature you will remember that 72 degrees, lowest temperature is very cold, 20's. on storm scan three you can see rain that has been falling here in rittenhouse square. we have ventured into a hole as you can see over philadelphia but steady showers, back in our western suburbs. future weather keeps showers around, through about # o'clock tonight and then they helped down the shore. by tomorrow morning it is out of here and we will see everything start to clear out, as we go through the next couple of hours but then tomorrow, the in the
5:47 pm
afternoon, here comes another round of it and notice some purple on the picture there. this could start out as snow or mix in the northern and western suburbs. mainly rain in philadelphia generally light all across the board and out of here by wednesday morning. look at on you future snow amounts and it is only north and western suburbs that will see any at all accumulations and we're not even talking about an inch maybe a slushy grassy coating with a few snow showers. overnight cloudy, colder, a few showers around, 35 degrees. for your tuesday a chilly rain and then snow turns over to rain, north, 40 degrees, will be the high for our tuesday. so after today's mid 50's, tomorrow will be a slap in the face, a return to reality, and then back to the 50's than wednesday, mostly cloudy, thursday, cooler with some sunshine and we will see temperatures in the 40's. friday and saturday that is when more showers will move in, and then we're back to the 50's through the upcoming weekend. now back here live we are seeing the philly pops, they are playing and you know what it is always holiday season when you hear philly pops play. we're listening right now and
5:48 pm
we want to announce a special, and, and, and, philly pops. >> philly pops we are thrilled to be partnering with you, and also the salvation army, we're collecting toys, and each of our concerts, and starting on the sixth of december, running through the 20th. check philly for tea tails and we could not be happier to be here to kick off the holiday season. >> thank you so much. you heard that. bring a toy to any philly pops show, there are so many ways you can give back this holiday season. here is all of them. go to cbs call 215977 joys, j-o-y-s or just text a $10 donation, text word j-o-y to 41444. so many ways to give back. live from rittenhouse square. it was a beautiful day. not the nicest evening. we are making best of it with the beautiful rights and rain coming down that could change to snow.
5:49 pm
we will have more at 6:00. now back to you in the studio. >> kate, thank you. >> if that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit i don't know what will. it is in full swing. it doesn't feel like it at this moment. >> that might be one obstacle for people right now. in fact it is so warm that this year may go down in history when it comes to warm temperatures. meteorologist justin drabick takes a look at that. >> reporter: all across the a year communities are lighting holiday trees, folks starting to put up holiday decorations. it is december 1st with you feels more like late october outside and nags ocean atmospheric administration says 2014 is shaping up to be the warmest year on record. in fact, the first ten months of the year have been the hottest since record keeping began, more than 130 years ago, and in october it was hottest october ever recorded. >> when you combine both ocean and land temperatures together we are breaking a record, throughout the entire world. so far this year between january and october we're talking about the warmest
5:50 pm
temperatures since records began in 1880 and when we combine ocean and land temperatures we will get over 58 degrees. that is 1.22 degrees above the 20th century average. here's something interesting parts of every continent and ocean had recorded record warmth so far in 014. there are a couple area across the world that were warm and this map indicates that in the brighter reds and areas a across western europe and not far earn russia saw well above average temperatures. we're going from warm to storm, we're tracking chance for wintry weather that is on the way tomorrow, keep it here on cbs-3 and cbs for latest weather updates. i'm meteorologist justin drabick for "eyewitness news". on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight many parents started shopping for toys for their children. well, tonight is there new research on the growing number of injuries related to certain toys. our health reporter stephanie stahl explains what inning
5:51 pm
dangerous and why. >> reporter: foot powered scooters are popular and fun for kids but also, very dangerous. >> i can go fast. >> reporter: new research from nationwide children's hospital shows injuries related to toys have have increased nearly 40 percent in the past two decades. for small children the hazard is smoking on small toys but toys on wheels caused the most injuries. >> injuries typically resulted from a fall, cuts to the face or to the head, sometimes fractures, and more rarely, a traumatic brain injury. >> reporter: right on choice include scooters, wagons, tricycles and motorized cars for kids. bikes were not included in the study. >> when parents purchased toys they need to read the warning labels and the information on the packages to make sure that toy is appropriate for their child based on their child's age. >> reporter: doctor gary smith says when it comes to ride on toys children should be supervised and always wear a helmet but this mom says she's not too worried about
5:52 pm
toy-related injuries. >> i kind of lean more towards the idea of just let kids be kids and accidents happen. of course, i want them to wear a helmet more often than not. >> reporter: researchers say every three minutes a child is treated in an emergency room for toy related injury and those numbers are growing. the toy injury association says while injuries may happen while a toy is being used that doesn't mean the toy itself caused the injury. parents, of course, have to be diligent and watch out. >> exercise discretion. >> exactly. >> stephanie, thanks. still ahead jingle bells in the hands of two renowned jazz artists. >> ♪ >> sounds of jazz kicking off holiday concert season our pat ciarrocchi learns some of the secrets in eye on the arts.
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well, kimmel center is all jazzed up for the holiday season accounts on wednesday night jazz orchestra of philadelphia, celebrated trumpet player and three philly jazz legend will take the stage in the pearl hand theater in in eye on the arts pat ciarrocchi got a lesson in the art of jazz with the help from the holiday classic. >> ♪ >> reporter: jingle bells doesn't usually sound like this. with jazz artists terrell stafford on the trumpet and larry mckenna on the saxophone, even they didn't know what would happen next. >> he plays a little and then i answer it. we are weaving in and out and we can create something right on the spot. >> reporter: that is magic of jazz. the jazz orchestra of philadelphia performed outside city hall last summer but on wednesday night at
5:57 pm
8:00 they will perform billy strayhorn harlem nut cracker led by stafford, who found his musical home in philadelphia, more than 20 years ago. >> here in philadelphia, there is a soulfull ness to all of the music you don't find other places and that comes from the spirit of the people. >> reporter: at 77, larry mckenna feels that too living in olney his entire life a lot of people feliz specially jazz musicians, the the older they get and, you know, more that they have lived it comes through in their music. >> reporter: hear that when mckenna teams with two sachs files icons wednesday night. >> playing with terrell's band but also with boothcy barnes and jimmy heath and their two legendary sachs even if players. it will be a big kick doing that. >> ♪ >> i do love the idea. i love to teach. i love to play. i love it all. >> reporter: some of that love came from his moth her played the trumpet as a
5:58 pm
teenager. so terrell, when his mom says to you i don't think that net was quite right what do you say. >> i'll work and get it better is my answer for 48 years. >> reporter: for more on all of the holiday concerts in kimmel go to the arts in pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> well, all right. >> wednesday night, great show. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. breaking news at 6:00, bill cosby cutting ties with temple university, one of the schools biggest cheerleaders issues a statement in the wake of sexual assault allegations, hear what he has to say, next. also tonight the latest as car slams in the home and causes a gas explosion. we are hearing from two resident their home destroyed right before the holidays. kathy? i'm live from moorestown, new jersey getting ready to start the holidays lighting the the annual christmas tree but what about the rain? the snow and the the the sleet on the way?
5:59 pm
we will track it all with the seven day forecast coming up. and if you are a among the millions doing on line shopping this cyber monday, we will tell you thousand a roid getting hacked and losing big money. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. amid growing allegations of second you'll assault bill cosby has resigned from the board of trustees a at temple university. important to note here bill cosby has never been criminally charged, "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at temple university tonight with reaction there, todd. jessica, as you know bill cosby a's ties to temple university run deep, he is an iconic figure here often speaking at graduations but amid growing controversy, as you mentioned to day, bill cosby has announced that he is resigning from temple university's board of trustees n a statement to temple university late this evening, bill cosby said the following, quote, he says i'm always been
6:00 pm
very proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result, i have tendered my resignation, from temple university board of trustees. temple university has this following response, the board of trustees accepts doctor cosby's resignation, from the board and thanks him for his service to the university. all of this breaking late this evening. of course, bill cosby has been on the board of trustees for temple university for more than 30 years. he has been under growing pressure since allegations resurfaced from numerous women claiming to have been drugged and or sexually assaulted by cosby over the past several decades. as i mentioned before, cosby has never been criminally charged with any crime and repeatedly denied these allegations. but it is clear that the scandal is not going away anytime soon. folks we spoke to here at temple university say cosby's


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