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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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feeling you are running into changing conditions here, even ukee mentioned little sleet on your drive n right now, i don't need the umbrella i don't feel anything coming out of the sky right now, so it does mean that the looks can be deceiving on storm scan, while, some spots are definitely verifying with the precipitation that you're finding out there, some steady, heavier rain falling down across southeastern new jersey, you know, up here in philadelphia, over the last few hours, we haven't seen heck of a lot. let's zoom around the region if we consideration of course, the brighter colors, indicating where you have got some steadier rain pockets moving through, but little too warm, in most spots, for anything but plane rain through that sony showed you. bit more mixing further north you go. see colder air, done keep in mind of course that location by location, the temperature can definitely change drastically it, can be a lot colder in the pinelands, for example, than it is in atlantic city. out toward chester county we go. where we're seeing light snow show up on the radarment meanwhile winter weather advisories take effect at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon, annular cents cents -- lasts us until later tonight, shaded
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in purple if your travels take you to the lehigh valley pocomoke region, i80 interchange, for example, sleet, freezing rain, potential, also even some slushy snow could mix in out that way. but we wouldn't be looking at much accumulation on the roads if any for that matter. area temperatures, again, go the some contrast going on, flirting with 40 in the city. you're well into the 20's in the mount pocono area. as soon as the moisture gets to you definitely going to see snow and sleet, as opposed to rain, like we're finding out near the jersey shore, for now. as the day progresses expect temperatures to climb no higher than 40. so we stay somewhat steady, through the course of the day here, but it will be a day that features that variety pack depending where you go, you might find something different. so, just be ready for things to change on you, on a dime, and i also suggest the i am umbrella because eventually many of you will be needing it. >> little after 6:00 a.m. so far. everything looking great so far. i don't want it really jinx anything. we go outside and check out how 95 is doing around woodhaven road.
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seems to be doing okay. now, with everything that katie seems to be saying today, so far, also we still want you to know that we want you to leave your house little bit early, as well. even though you can see the roadways relatively moving along great, southbound towards the city currently no problems. also, out on 422, at trooper road, everything moving along great there. this is trooper road right here. headed eastbound casino of wrapping around onto 422 eastbound toward the king every prussia, moving great sofas well. trample times against, we can see everything pretty much cleared so far on the schuylkill expressway, headed eastbound into the vine, about 14 minute trip, but it doesn't mean we don't expect things to be little slippery with conditions, with road, driving conditions there, so we do want you to leave earlier anyway. 202 northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway, still 12 minute trip with not much in the way of volume accumulation jess, thank up, new this morning, roll over crash outside temple university
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hospital and the drivers no where to be found. it happened in germantown avenue and tioga street. by the time officers arrived, on the scene, the driver had already gone. >> commissioner charles ramsey has been chosen to lead new task force in response to the violence in ferguson, missouri. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch outside police headquarters right now to tell you more about it, justin, good morning. >> good morning, yes, mure nerve ramsey knows he has not sign up for easy job, much of this time will be spent talking to local police agencies across the country, civil rights groups, even the justice department, but in three month, he hopes to have ready for the white house some casino of framework. >> when asked what sets the white house task force on 21st century policing, apart from similar effort before it, president obama responded like this: >> the president of the us is deeply invested in making sure that this time is different.
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>> by his side the task force co-chair philadelphia police commissioner charles ram i he will help lead a 90 day investigation to help improve how the nation's police force is functioned. >> even though we've done community policing as a profession for the last couple of decades, many communities have been left behind, primarily communities of color, the more challenge communities. >> the white house says the task force is born out of the ferguson protests, and the police response, ramsey says there is no one easy solution, but the task force will work to bring the white house something actionrecall. >> i think there are key areas we have to look at in terms of just policing. one is establishing trust and ledges mass any neighborhoods across the country. that means those challenged neighborhoods, as well, whereas very, very difficult, but we have to be able to do that. we need to take a look at our training, and education, and we need to look at technology, and thousand can be applied, but applied within constitutional limits. >> technology also including
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body cameras here in philadelphia, the city testing that as right now, that could become current at some point. white house also calling for $75 million for cops across the counsel troy have body cameras with local agencies, picking up half the tab. we are live at police headquarters, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. bill cosby cuts ties with his alma matter this morning, stepping down from his role on temple's board of trustees, after recent sexual assaults allegations and increasing pressure. following his resignation, "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones spoke with members of the temple community. >> he was a face of temple university. cosby's ties here run deep, speaking at graduations, motivating future generations. >> a lot of people look to up him. so he does have a great impact on the student. >> cosby's legendary relationship with terrible came to abrupt ends monday. numerous old allegations have resurfaced and new claims, too, now, more than dozen women claim to go have been drugged and/or sexually
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assaulted by cosby over the past several decades. the 77 year old philadelphia native, resigned from the board of trustees of temple university. write nag statement: i've always been proud of my association with temple university. i've always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and it student. as a result, i have tendered my resignation from the temple university board every trustees. cosby has never faced criminal charges, and he has denied all of the allegations, but the move further complicates how student we talk to feel about the scandal, and cosby himself. >> when everything was coming out, i was like that's not true it, can't be, but seeing him resign from temple and everything, now i'm just like oh, is this true? >> understandable he would have to resign from temple. you know, bring out attention, to to the university. >> according to temple website, cosby was member of the board of trustees for academics. he had served on the board for 32 years, for its part temple released a statement saying the board every trustees accepts doctor cosby's resignation from the board, and thanks him for his service
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to the university. a petition through more than a thousand signature, urging tell tonight cut ties with cosby, the petition which created last week by 2005 temple graduate carry potter mccormick. we talk to her monday night after cosby resigned. >> i'm happy that it doesn't seem like he's going have a continuing relationship with temple. >> cosby has served on the board of trustees here since 1982. reporting from temple university, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". your time now 6:07. and the frantic search for missing student end its sixth day after he disappeared while celebrating 21st birthday. last night the fbi rolled out digital billboards with shane montgomery picture. he was last seen leaving kill dare's irish pub in manayunk thanksgiving morning. now, authorities hope surveillance video from that area will bring new clues. this as family members plead for fresh leads. what we really need is someone to give us the tip so that we can start heading in the direction that will lead
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us to shane. >> shane's family and friends have stated shane was not tox kateed when he left the restaurant. we found consistent with the statement. the reward now stands at $25,000 for information on shane's disappearance. police are also looking for a hit-and-run driver who left a man in critical condition. chopper three flying over the scene south 59th and market street in west philadelphia, we're told the gray volvo station wagon hit the man as he was crossing the street last night. police only have the last four digit of the license plate, which are 0528. a close call for several families in newark, delaware, after fire ripped through a line of townhomes. it all started when one of the homeowners was trying to back out of his driveway. he tells "eyewitness news", he thought the car was in rye verse, but instead, it lirched forward. striking a gas meter on the house. he spoke to "eyewitness news" exclusively, after it all happened. just hit the gas, hit the
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gas meter, and it exploded. really we have more than 30 years, and all of our good memories. >> one person was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. but is expected to be okay. the driver there was cited foreign attentive driving. and still ahead this morning, an urgent health warning for people who dined at local restaurant after worker there is diagnosed with a highly contagious disease. >> plus, for the first time, we're hearing in the teenage boy who was found hidden behind a wall in his father's house. finds out how he helps police finds him. >> also, digital stocking stuffers for under $50. we have something for everyone. when we come back. >> ♪ let it go ♪ >> can't seem to let it g letting go of freeze end sequel still ahead.
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>> another woman in georgia speaking out for the first time, gregory jean junior claims he was forced to do hard work around the house for nearly four years, while being denied any contact with his mother. he finally got ahold of a cell phone this past weekend, and using his technical skills led police right to his location, behind the fake wall inside a house. >> i download dollars an app, it called my mom.
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>> i'm ready to go home. thank you all, guys. >> gregory is now home with his mother this morning, as for the georgia couple, they're now being held without bail on charges including false imprisonment. 13:00, here ace your traffic and weather together. >> certainly lots to talk about there today, ukee, not major storm, but it is major nuisance. and a travel headache for folks. right now just primarily seeing some very heavy rain falling, across the southeastern half of the delaware valley. notice what's happened here. little bit of the snow, sort of peter way, simply because this is a system that is up front really continues to sort of meander nearby. >> so you won't see the purple and pink show up. but the general ex peg takes here, is that you're primarily looking at rain from philadelphia on south and east. there will be some sleet that mick in for some of the spots, though, snow to rain, as go little further north and west, and that's also weather advisories go into effect not to mention slow and sleet far to the north and west. weather watcher reports coming
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in here, every rainfall, this is primarily through the southeastern half of our area, as you might imagine, but really no more than a tent after inch or so that we found so far, so keep those reports coming, guys, especially with day like this and changeable conditions. we want to hear from in the network here today. 40 degrees our expected hi, meanwhile with the mix of rain, sleet, snow, whole mixed bag for you there, little warmer tomorrow, thankfully, so if we see any left over showers, strictly rainmakers, and then by thursday, hey, actually pretty pleasant day for change. guys, remember, you can always sign up for eyewitness weather text alerts. text the word cbs philly weather to 84816 to sign up. we'll send you all of the updates via your smart phone. >> thank you, good morning shall everybody, 6:14, picking up one of the first jams here on 95 at cottman avenue. as everything seems to be moving slowly in the southbound lanes, one, shoulder out, there for some ongoing construction, as well. really slow as they head out to the center city area. northbound lanes, northeast philadelphia, moving along, just little better, over on
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the schuylkill at city avenue, not picking up too much. see small break lights here, headed westbound, and eastbound lanes see up top there. moving along great so far. but, a house fire just popped up with police activity on the scene. out in audubon, osprey near red tail drive. no closures yet. we'll keep you updated, 476 southbound from the schuylkill expressway, still clear, 17 minutes, and 202 northbound from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway about 12 minute trip there. although roadways are clear, we you to give yourself little extra time headed out the door so far this morning due to slippery conditions. no problems out in new jersey on any majors, 55, 295, diana, back over to you. >> thanks, jen. happening today new jersey governor chris christie returns to camden, this time, he's making a announcement on school construction project. critics say the governor has not done enough to replace aging school buildings there. christie has made frequent appearances at schools in camden, which is among the
6:16 am
nation's most impoverished cities. >> also today nfl star adrian peterson, minnesota viking hearing back hearing against the nfl is set for today. want to get back on the football field. peterson pled no contest to assault charges for hitting his four year old son with a thin tree branch called a switch. >> well, president obama looking to philadelphia as he unveils new bills aimed at avoiding unrest, like that in ferguson, missouri. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey will co-chair task force on 24th century policing. commissioner ramsey will join us live in the studio in the next half hour. >> bill cosby stepped down from the temple university board of trustees, cosby has been accused of sexual assault in some cases, dating back decades. >> and police are searching for the driver who ran away from this roll-over accident, north philly. investigators say, the accident happened about 1:40 this morning near germantown avenue and tioga streets. sports coming up. be right back.
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪ >> let's hope the flyers trip gets them back in the win column. >> on the hard wood, defending spurs in town last night playing without tony dark err, playing without tim duncan. about noel, he has some hip thing going on of the spurs built double digit lead. sixers battled all night long. simms cut the lead to five in
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the final two minutes. but san antonio hangs onto win, and hand the sixers their 17th straight lost, the final, 109-103. now the sixers could tie the record for losses, to start a season, if they lose tomorrow night, in minnisota. >> well, eagles and seahawks this sunday at lincoln financial field. seahawks are brink withing them one of the best defenses in the entire national football league. the seahawks won the superbowl of course last season there is year, they're a game hine the nfc west leading arizona cardinals. the defense allows an average of only 18 points a game. and one of the leaders is their tough richard sherman. >> could be the best secondary that we play, you know, obviously, top corner in the league, and got 23 picks, since 2011, eight more than any other player in the league, and there is a reason for. that will's smart player, intelligent player. he's big. he's physical. he has great ball skillsment and they've got every position on the defensive side of the ball. there is a reason they won the superbowl last year. and there is a reason they
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held the last three teams. >> going to be the best, you have to beat the best. can't wait for this match up. hey the birds game with washington saturday december 20th will be right here on cbs-3, and it was originally scheduled for the nfl network. kick off for this game is at 4:30. i want to make a little note. well, last night's prime time football action, the miami dolphins, cut back with field goal in the final two minute, against the jet. the dolphins scored ten unanswered points in the fourth quarter, to beat new york in front of his home fans. sixteen to 13. only 13 passes in the game. smith last one was pick off. miami is in playoff position at seven and five. the jets struggling at two and nine. can't wait for that eagles-seahawks game sunday. we'll be back. it will be fun. >> joan rivers was icon on the red carpet, hashly criticizing fashion police. we'll know who will replace her, that's coming up. >> also this. >> on budget, need gift giving
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>> gothem line, you need to slow if down, spec you might get slowed down. not everyone getting hit, certainly, not everyone is seeing even sleet or snow, and, it is more so, steady rain falling right now, across southeastern new jersey, as well as most of delaware. but that will change. that whole system, and in, will lift north with time. looking at the current temperatures, in the 30's everywhere, but because we're marginal with freeing, you may see changing conditions between rain, sleet, or even
6:25 am
snow, as you travel today. so just be careful. jess, over to you. >> thank you, good morning, everybody, we head outside right now, check out how the schuylkill expressway is doing. and seems to be doing just fine so far around south street. westbound lanes, starting to pack in little bit of volume there, not anything that's setting anybody back too much. eastbound toward the center city area moving great, as well. few accident popping up, possibly due to slippery conditions there, valley forge road, at skippack pike, and another one out in montgomery county, actually, not too far away, main street, at egypt road. pushed over to the right hand shoulder. look for police activity on the scene there. ukee, back over you. >> jess, thank you. as holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, we are helping you get everything on your list. than year, high-tech gifts that do not have to be high priced. >> that's right. this year's cnet sumi. daz found unique stocking stuff ers all costing $50 or less. >> this holiday season don't drop bundle for cool gadgets. high-tech gift under $50. arms not long enough for the
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via blue tooth. finally, amazon isn't shipping them until january. but an iou for the $39 fire stick is perfect for streaming attics. device plugs into your hd tv and offers an easy to use interface, and fast streaming. watch your favorite shows, from netflix, hulu plus and prime instant video. remote control is nice touch, too. for more ideas, go to cnet, click on the holiday gift guide. in san francisco, sumi-daz,. >> buoy remember being very happy just getting a can of play dough. that's it. >> it is all about the electronics these d days. >> it sure s coming up this morning, urgent health warning for people who ate at local restaurant, after a work their is diagnosed with a highly contagious disease. justin? >> and phillies police commissioner now working what the white house, more on that partnership, coming you up live after this. >> bill cosby abruptly cut ties with temple a mid growing sex scandal. and now one of his accusers,
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>> messy morning commute. >> let's see how thing are panning out this morning, hi, katie. >> guys, looks like this will essentially be with us pretty much all day here today. i wouldn't call this major system by any stretch. but man this is a big headache for anybody trying to travel in it. at this hour it, looks like the brunt of the system, or, again, just a front, the brunt of this front, is really delivering the worse is down the shore point, up and down the garden state parkway. notice the snow dis ace peers simply because the front is running into miler by comparison miler air, so that's going to keep it mainly as rain. but, looking at the temperatures around the region, talking very marginal with freezing and almost every location, so as soon as the
6:32 am
front lift back north it will run to the 33 degrees in doylestown, 32 degrees in quakertown, so you will 00 ' probably start to seymour mixing take place there. so that said, pinelands, their own territory, like micro claim at in south jersey society might be dealing with mixing out there. bottom line, mainly wet roads fourth north you go, might see mixing of snow, heat. could travel down travel highways through colder spots, like the pinelands, or the more remote suburbs, temperatures, stay only at best into the lower mid 40's, from fill down toward the shore point. and up toward the poconos flirting with freezing. mixed bag out there today. >> slow it down the lesson for today. good morning, little after 6:30, we go outside, check out, see how the schuylkill expressway doing, and it will be doing just fine so far.
6:33 am
south street, if you see the headlights right, there moving on through, that's actually headed westbound toward the king of prussia area, eastbound lanes, headed toward center city, still moving nicely so far. out in new jersey things starting to pack in just little bit which is a typical morning, delay here, but everything still seems to be moving nicely northbound lanes. so they could be headed toward the 295 interchange, or the surrounding area bridges, and having no problem doing so so far. over in montgomery county, an accident at valley forge road at skippack pike. and another one, in montgomery county main street, at egypt road. otherwise everything else in new jersey we just took a look 42, 55, not looking too bad, jersey transit and dart. over to you. >> jess, thank you. president obama proposing sweeping reform for police departments, all across country. in the wake of the violence in ferguson, missouri. he's calling on philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey, to take the lead.
6:34 am
"eyewitness news" reporter jessica finch outside to tell you more, justin? >> reporter: good morning, yes, announcement came down yesterday, but commissioner ramsey says he accepted task force, and has ideas he wants to explore, this of course comes as ferguson protests across the country continued yesterday, here locally at the campuses of penn and drexel, though they were peaceful, they do illustrate the call between police and those they serve across the country. the tax force for 21st century policing, was assembled in the wake of the ferguson protest that have raged nationwide since the shooting death of michael brown who was un arm, at the hands of officer darren wilson back in august of this year. and they continued even more so after a grand jury moved to not indict wilson for that shooting. as co-chair, will work with civil right agencies across the country as well as local police and the justice department. and also, the white house is calling for a $263 million for
6:35 am
training of police, as well as body cameras for the officers, which thus raise the issue of technology and policing and also invites several questions. now back out live, we know that philadelphia >> we're live at police headquarters, justin tip. , cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> it lace talk more about the follow up over the ferguson situation. it is a tough job for our phillies top cop. honored ton joined by the commissioner right now, commissioner ramsey, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> thank you for being here, appreciate t09 days, 09 -- 09 days, a lot has to go on. tell us your mindset. what do you have to do? >> one, put together members of the task force, we submitted some names yet to the white house, then have to start organizing our
6:36 am
structure, already have a framework we work on, as soon as we found out this was the direction the president wanted to go in, and now it is just a question of scheduling meetings, interviewing people, putting together all of the necessary pieces, in order to put together the recommendations that he's looking for, concrete, actionable recommendations. >> what casino every things do you think need to be done at this time? what casino every things will be you recking? >> i think number one is establishing trust, especially, in communities of color, and more challenged neighborhoods. here in philadelphia, and across the us, police have been engaging, community polices last 25 years, but communities have been left behind. >> some has to do with behavior of police, some has to do with the history, and just the fact that people are frustrated, in many of these communities. >> let's talk about behavior of police if we k technology, versus instincts, reaction, talk about the body camera pilot program, what it means,
6:37 am
what it can do? >> well -- >> pros and cons. >> i'm a huge proponent of body cameras. the pros outweigh cons in my opinion. we started a pilot yesterday in the 22nd district, which is in north philly. that's one of our busiest district if not the busiest, if it works there, should work everywhere. we have volunteers officers that are wearing these cameras, different models, for a period of time to evaluate, so when we start buying on larger scale, we'll know what we're doing. the down side is actually cost. not enough cameras, but storage, the infrastructure that you need, the wireless network you need for up loading, download g video, all of those casino of things, but it is all do-able. you just have to plan it out and budget properly. >> commissioner, just a moment ago, we were looking at the re outing happening in ferguson on a split screen there. how do you think something like that could be prevented if it were to happen here in philadelphia? what casino every things we doing in this city, that would make sure that wouldn't happen here? >> we've had demonstrations here, we've had one arrest,
6:38 am
that was an individual trying to get on i-95. and for their own safety they were taken off of i-95. so we start off before we even engage the protesters with a rye g of the first amendment to the officers, reminding them people have a constitutional right to demonstrate. listen, i wouldn't be sitting here as police commissioner if somebody wasn't demonstrating back in the 19 60s. that's just reality. we need to respect that. we need to safeguard that right that they have. but at the same time let other things go on as normal as possible. people need to be able to go from point a to point b without too much disruption. so it is having that balance, not being the story, let their message be the story for the media, not the police. >> now, between this regular police work, preparing for the pope, you must be, you and your department, must be very, very busy right now? >> we will be pretty busy for period of time, but i kind of like that way. >> do you reamy? does it charge you up? >> i hardly slept last night thinking about this.
6:39 am
my mine just cranking on things we need to do and get done still, thinking about the things we need to do to finish it year out strong. we've done well this year, crime-wise. what are we going to do in 2015? so, yes, this is what i do. >> wow. >> seems washington is looking more and more to philadelphia, when they need it? >> as they should. >> that remind me, getting a phonecall from the president, how does that go down? does the president actually calm you? >> someone from his office called, very high ranking off initial his office called tuesday, actually, and asked me if i would be interested in heading up this task force. and of course when the white house calls, you know, there is only one thing to say and that is indeed. >> yes indeed. >> of course i had a chance to sit with the president in the oval office yesterday along with the co-chair laurie robinson, the three of husband a nice discussion around the project for his expectations, are then we went into the larger meeting. so, i'm excited about it. i think it is all do-able. i think the time something absolutely right for
6:40 am
substantial change i in the way we go about doing things. we have to take community police to go a next level. and we can't afford to leave anyone behind. >> on behalf of our city and our country, we wish you well. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. >> commissioner ramsey, thanks for joining thus morning. we'll be right
6:41 am
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6:43 am
>> very changeable today. don't just take the temperatures at a watchment even though many of them are in the mid and upper 30's, getting in from you, the viewers, james sent in just in the last ten to 15 minutes or so, 38 degrees, he's got some rain in ocean city. and he also is wondering what the heck is with the sharply rising barometer, dew points at 35 for him right now, meanwhile, we head little further inland, in toward southeastern pa, 35 degrees, is the temperature, come on, i need a stronger touch on. that will donna sent that in lower the last half hour. right now she just has clouds in kennett square. just depends where you are. dry, cold, definitely brisk. you can feel the snow and the air. we give you one more, from christine, i think i got that right, just in the last half hour, 36 degrees, again, she has also just got some clouds, no precipitation, thus far this morning. let's show you what's going on, though, bulk of the precipitation going to storm scan3, primarily confined off
6:44 am
across southeastern half of the delaware valley. see if we can get storm scan. meanwhile, as we track this frontal boundary, sort of the me and erring throughout the course of the day. so eventually going to see this whole mess, lift to the north, as it runs in colder air, you're going to seymour mixing take place as the day goes on. that's when we see winter weather advisories taking effect for the northwest half of the delaware valley, start at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. as best we expect the high to hit 40 today. expect the conditions to be a little dicey travel, but not major storm, will not be shoveling anything away. just might get little slick. headed into tomorrow, temperatures climb withing time. we will be left with lingering rain showers at worse, thursday nice, but chilly, by friday, saturday, we could already be tracking some more wet weather. but if you love this, you love watching the weather, we want you to join our team of eyewitness weather watchers. sign up now by headed to the website jess, over to you. >> good morning, everybody, starting to pack in little bit of volume. and bunch of different areas here, so this is actually 95,
6:45 am
where you can see the southbound lanes there headed toward center city area starting to pack in just a little bit of volume. on over on 422, trooper road, this is trooper road right in here, it is starting to have a little bit of slow going as they head eastbound toward the king of prussia area there. the westbound lanes moving along great so far. few accidents, as well, one out in montgomery county valley forge road at skippack pike. and another one in montgomery county main street road at egypt road. travel times here, starting to slow up just little bit, on the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway from the blue route into the vine st. expressway. about 21 minute trip. but no problems currently, headed northbound on 202, from route 30 into the schuylkill expressway, only 12 minute, but we still want you to give yourself little extra time due to slippery road conditions, back to you. >> thank you, police after the driver who left a car flipped in the middle of the street. here's the accident. happened at 1:40 this morning, near germantown at tioga north philly. police say the driver ran away. no word if that driver has injuries.
6:46 am
$30,000 for information on missing college student, shane montgomery, montgomery, last seen early thanksgiving morning at a bar in manayunk. >> and entertainer bill cosby has stepped down from the board of trustees. cosby accused of sexual assault, some of the accusations date back decades. >> sexual assault allegations and increases pressure force bill cosby to leave his role at temple university. the comedian submitted his resignation from the boards monday. it is just the latest fall out after decades old allegations of sexual assault resurfaced few weeks ago, since his days at temple, cosby has become quite a campus legend, routinely speaking at graduation ceremonies. these attorneys weren't with me at the time. i have proof from polaroids, and i have proof of what i wrote down. and i can back this up 100%. you know, on the hands of my wish's heads that i'm not lying. >> those are some strong words from janice dickinson after a reporter asked how the world knows she's not lying about
6:47 am
her allegations against bill cosby. she says cosby drugged and assaulted her back in 1982. health alert in mercer county after restaurant worker is diagnosed with help tight a. the infected person works at rosa's restaurant catering in hamilton township, and you can be at risk of getting hepatitis if you ate there between november 10th and yesterday. some of the symptoms of help tight a are mild fever, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue. the virus can be spread to other for two weeks before a person develops symptoms. and then, for a week afterward. now, if you experience any symptoms, please, see a doctor right away. well, just in time for the holidays, you can soon buy your favorite girl scout cookies with a click after mouse. >> a lot of people like. that will starting december 12th, the girl scouts are going digital offering purchases on line for the first time ever. but if you still like to place your order, the old-fashioned way, traditional cookie selling begins in january. ♪
6:48 am
>> two boxes, dosiedo. >> don't forget the thin mints >> bruce fills in for buono. >> stepped in for the injured u2 front man. >> ♪ >> police have no name ♪ >> streets have no name ♪ >> the boss, bruce springsteen, sang a few of u2's biggest hits, as part of a free concert for world aids day. bono couldn't be there because he's recovering from bicycle accident. cold play singer chris martin also joined the bands for few song, carry n wood, kanye west, were also on the list of performers at the big benefit. >> there is a new chief of police. fashion police that is. comedian cathy grief lynn filet seat left vacant for the late joan rivers. she will join kelly osborne, and brad on the show next year. first critic of hollywood a
6:49 am
listers set for the goal end globe. the victoria secret angel's land in london to take their annual fashion show earlier they posed for pictures outside store new bond street. so how do they get runway ready? one of the angels shared how she prepares to wear the wings. >> i try like a month before the show, i try to start working out every day, and the week before the show, i really watch what i eat, so no desserts, even if i in we had thanksgiving like few days ago, i tried to cut the dessert out, and bread, and just keep like the protein and a lot of vegetable, green salads. >> have to keep that in mind. we'll have the fashion show and prime time next tuesday at 10:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. all right, family, could it be true? a sequel to frozen? the actress who voices else eels a, told the britain the telegraph that a second film
6:50 am
and frozen stage musical are in the works. the disney film is the biggest animated film in historiment ranks number five on the list of highest grossing movies of all time. had a feeling that was going to come. that's great. >> looking forward to that one. >> it will be fantastic. short break, but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight during evening prime time viewing right here on cbs-3.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> wept are you mix out there, let's get to katie and and jess. >> right now that's the schuylkill expressway around city avenue. completely crawling, headed westbound, toward the king of prussia area. eastbound lanes of the schuylkill seem to be moving great just on top that far, there. over on the blue route, baltimore pike, pretty much identical roadways here, southbound lanes really crawling, taillights headed ahead northbound moving along real slowly there, as well. few accident to talk about possibly due to slippery road conditions here. one montgomery county, out there for quite some time, valley forge road at skippack pike. another montgomery county police activity on the scene, main street road at egypt road
6:54 am
pushing over into the side. now, everything out in new jersey starting to she up normal spots, 42 northbound, slow as they head into 295, surround hearing bridges, northbound slow currently no problems on 295. mass transit, great alternate, so far this morning, and septa, new jersey transit, dart, running with no problems. now we send it over to kate which lots to talk becomes katy? >> certain do have lot to talk about. looks as though the bulk of the precipitation that we're finding generally rain. whether we take you out to the live neighborhood network shot outside beach patrol headquarters good example. that, very dreary, gray morning, mainly rain out there. at least outside beach patrol headquarters. take a look at the temperatures. okay? so where it is coldest, that's where you'll start to see some mixing taking place, as soon as the moisture gets back into, say, reading, allentown, or mount pocono, very likely dealing with some more sleet and snow out in those locations, but the further southeast you are, yes, temperatures are still marginal, freezing, but high enough on the thermometer, that you're likely to ends up with more than anything chilly
6:55 am
rain. that's definitely well represented. on storm scan3, you can see, the bulk of the purple shaded area starts to disappear as the front meanders to the south, and it runs into a generally milder air mass. but again, this is a front, that is going to lift north with time. and as it does, it runs into colder air, air go, you'll see some of the mixing take place, and eventually we will be dealing with some more slick spots out there. so, it is attributing i travel day, because, you know, one of those forecasts where things could be changing on you on a dime. it could be changing on you as you just are traveling one roadway, we zero in quickly, see what i'm talking about here, so still even some light snow, where it is cold enough, crossing over new castle count my chester, and then if you're purchases traveling i59 out is the it i toward baltimore, but further north it hasn't quite gotten back up in there yet. see it change with time. as the day goes on, really just need to expect that you might be slowed down, that you night need the umbrella, you also have to use extra caution
6:56 am
because it could be little slick out there. ukee, back to you. >> good heads up, thank you. beginning to look a lot like christmas if philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at rittenhouse square for the christmas tree lighting, those who gathered for the lighting also enjoyed some great holiday music. great crowd out there. and, santa claus himself showed up, my man's got to get back up to the north pole, i know, that get some work done. but he was on hand, as well. that's beautiful tree. it is that time of year. by the way if you put on light show for the holidays, send us your pictures, of your display, you can send them on social media using the hashtag cbs-3 holiday light or go to to share them with the entire delaware valley. >> ♪ >> love it. >> and when the holiday light come out, so does the famous elf on the shelf. >> remember the cbs-3 elf? phil? that's what we named him. >> i seem to remember him. >> he's back! there, see? he's back. i saw somebody looking at me, i just look to my right, there
6:57 am
he was, in the weather center. >> he's watching you. >> keeping an eye on storm scan. i don't know where he goes. this elf on the shelf, been out about what, two, three, four years? >> a while. definitely a while. >> i don't like the way he looks out there. i just don't like it. >> where will he pop up next? >> we want to see what your elf is up to. that's for sure. send your i've selfie, send it in. keeping it local on the "cw philly". we hope you can join us, good
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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, december 2nd, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." ferguson protests move from the streets to the floor of congress. president obama promises change. an urgent warning from the fbi to businesses across america that cyberweapons may be ready to attack. a surprise concert makes history in times square. two superstars step in to replace one injured bono. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is not a problem simply for ferguson. this is a problem that's national.


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