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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 2, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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reading and lancaster where temperatures are below freezing. we expect some freezing rain, a little bit later on this evening, in the poconos which could be seeing some snow in these colder areas. you can see line right there that is why national weather service put out winter weather advisory in icy spots and did include area of chester county, northern and western parts of our suburbs as well. for the rest of this evening and advisory area light freezing rain to the north and west, some have of those untreated roads may be icy, so please, use extra caution, and take extra time. that is are latest from the weather center, for now back to the news desk. and stay a step ahead of the weather, you can down load cbs philly weather app to the phone or tablet available on itunes or google play. developing right now, health officials in hamilton town hip, new jersey are trying to prevent a out break of hepatitis a after a restaurant worker became severely sick from the virus. if you have eaten at rosen's
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restaurant in the last month, you need to quilt a doctor. let's turn to "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan on has details. >> they should be very concerned. >> reporter: hundreds of people may be at risk to hepatitis a after a food handler at rosa's restaurant and catering in hamilton township tested positive for the disease. >> started feeling sick on the 24th, the 25th through 29th he was severely ill and went to the hospital and on the 29th. >> reporter: hepp tight a is a liver disease caused by hepatitis a virus, least serious type of hepatitis and rarely fatal but it is highly contagious. >> anyone who ate at these establishment or received take out, received caterer that establishment certainly has a possibility of being at risk. >> reporter: there is more, rosa a's provides run to much students at nearby saint rayfield's catholic school. while official healths believe most killed ren covered by standard vaccinations a public health nurse was at the school tuesday and parents were alerted.
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rosa's shut down monday night to clean and throw away all food products that weren't frozen. >> all garbage area have been cleaned, bathrooms have been cleaned and most of the area is approved by the department of health. that is why they allowed to us open up again. >> reporter: rosa's has been opened for 37 years and it hopes loyal customers won't be scared off but for now anyone who has eaten there since november 10th needs to take precautions. >> he came back here two weeks ago and he did buy pizza for four of us a at home, then i was just a little bit concerned. >> reporter: cdc says that a vaccination may benefit people within two weeks of exposure but people with hepatitis a usually also recover without treatment. if you have questions you should contact your doctor or the local health department. in hamilton township i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". official there is in hamilton township set up a vaccination chin thick thursday. we will share more details on that just as soon as they're a railable. new at 5:00 a close call
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in south jersey after a car plowed through a flower shop. that crash happened on the 1,000 block of sunset road in burlington and that is where "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live with the latest, syma. >> reporter: well, jessica, the driver is recovering, at the hospital tonight, after driving into this store. now the store owner has been cleaning up all day, they just finished up boarding the spot where the car went through. >> all of a you had is even i hear a loudest crash i have ever heard, glass shattering. >> reporter: jennifer kelly first heard the commotion and hen saw this, a car crashed into the sign at sunset florist shop in burlington, around 11:30 tuesday morning. >> i smelled smoke and burnt rubber and i dashed over to the side to see what had happened, and then i see a car in our stores. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver lost control at this intersection, hopped the curb and then drove in the side of the building. employee was about 15 feet
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away from the crash. >> the glass kind of went in her direction but luckily nothing hit her and there was a customer there as well but they were both okay, definitely shaken up. >> reporter: driver was a hurt after the crash, he was taken to cooper hospital. >> we just kept telling him help is on the way. >> reporter: patrick kelly is store owner and not inside at the time. >> ahead to be moving quickly, he took out the whole corner of the store. >> reporter: he has never seen anyone lose control of their car in this area. >> it is not dangerous, people go speeding through here. >> reporter: employees of the family owned florist are trying to clean up quickly with the holidays right around the corner, kelly says it is important to get back to business. >> unfortunately three weeks before christmas and that was our gift shop showroom, so we will see. >> reporter: and the driver has been identified a as 54 year-old robert para junior, he received injuries on his head and his legs. he is at cooper hospital recovering tonight. police continue to investigate what caused this crash, and
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they are looking to see if speed and or weather were factors in this accident. we're live from burlington, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". same, thanks very much. to northeast philadelphia where a dump trum overturned behind several homes. this crash happened in a driveway, on robbins street near the -- near forsworth street and it took down several wires and fences in the process. the truck driver had ton taken to the hospital with head and chest pain, and there is no word why that truck flipped. events in ferguson have led to a push by some, including the white house, promoting police officers to use body cameras. some of hissers are already using them here in philadelphia as "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter tells us one community leaders say cameras will benefit both police and people that they served. >> reporter: mural on the 22nd police district station house shows police and community members working together, of a goal of long time community leader billal says will be
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helped by idea is to equip 31 officers there with body cameras in a six month pilot program. >> i think it is a win/win for the community and police. >> reporter: he points out if officer darren wilson had been wearing body cam many questions of the shooting of michael brown might have been answered almost immediately. >> all this debate about he grabbed the gun, he didn't grab a gun, but, might have been solved. >> reporter: still unknown will evidence secured by the cameras create legal issues when it is brought to court to be used against suspects. >> is there a way to do this in a way that protects the public and the police officer. >> reporter: veteran criminal defense attorney brian mcmonigal say suspects recorded must have their rights protect. >> i think what you're going to see is some type of retrickses that are placed on the camera, the way they are used, and the way footage is going to be protect for privacy concerns. >> reporter: finally the president's choice of police
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commissioner charles ramsey to co chair a task force on 21st century policing, will be, a huge step advancing police community relations, in philadelphia, according to him. >> it is a a good move for the city of philadelphia because new we got to be the model for the rest of the nation. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 how do suspects react when they learn that they're on camera. you'll see that video as we hear from septa on how its decision to equip some officers with body cameras last summer is working out. we will join you at 6:00. live from the sat center i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you then, thank you. sources tell cbs news that a montgomery county native is leading candidate to be president owe bam's nominee for defense secretary. ashton carter is a former pentagon official who grew up in abington f nominated and confirmed carter would replace chug hage fell resigned last week. we will have more on carter's local ties coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00.
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new jersey governor chris christie announced a multi million-dollar plan to rehab camden high school. more than a decade ago the state supreme court ordered new jersey go bring school buildings in poor cities up to date. well to day governor christie visited camden high school to layout his plan for a 50 million-dollar rehabilitation and renovation project. >> we will turn this into a 21st century building, we are increase the technology capabilities in this school so that all of the students have access to the extraordinary educational opportunities that are available on line. >> critics of the governor says he a has not done enough to replace aging school buildings since taking office nearly five years ago. welshing still to come tonight former professional athletes head to capitol hill to raise awareness about domestic violence in sports. all this on a day when former mvp adrian peterson a appears in court trying to get his suspension overturn? he we will have more on this
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in the next half an hour. pretty unusual site, carries wedge in the pedestrian walkway on the golden gate bridge, find out how this happened next. jim in. it is time for our annual three on your side health insurance phone bank. if you've got questions about the recent expansion of medicaid in pennsylvania, medicare part d, we have the folks to take your calls, 844977 cbs-3. the lines will be opened until 6:30. we will be back as "eyewitness news" continues.
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an a unusual scene in san francisco, a man drove his vehicle on to the the sidewalk of the golden gate bridge and, got stuck.
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you can see it there police say driver ran through a metal fence and traveled on the sidewalk, until his car became wedged between two fences there. they need aid crane to get that car out. police say the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and did suffer minor injuries. one man is in custody following a standoff at a sporting goods store, near seattle. swat officers stormed the store to get that man out. that suspect, rammed a minivan through the front of the store and what might have been a smash and grab robbery attempt. the man was pulled out by authorities after about five hours, and no one was injured. it is the time of the year when many of us make changes to our health insurance plans and with some purchasing health insurance for the first time the auctioning can seem overwhelming. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has gathered experts for you. he is in our great hall with more on how they can help, jim. >> that is right, here behind me are volunteers for centers
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for medicare and medicaid services, the pennsylvania health access network and enroll america. the they are taking your phone call until 6:00 306789 number is one-844977 cbs-3. joining us is nancy o'connor with the centers for medicare and medicaid services. biggest news here tonight is we've got more people in pennsylvania that are eligible for coverage, and credit? >> that is right, pennsylvania expanded their medicaid program. helping about 600,000 pennsylvania pennsylvanians get the health coverage that they need. so that is adults between the age of 21 and 64 years of age. >> reporter: we will talk about that later on but a lot of people going back to last year to web site there are people that enrolled last year, maybe do it for the first time this year, what are the dates they have to keep in mind. >> well, we're in the marketplace open enrollment period. open enrollment runs from november 15th, to february the 15th, and so people who want to pick up a health insurance
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plan or those people who have have to reenroll in the health insurance marketplace, should do that by december 15th if they want coverage effective january 1st.t. >> reporter: is what the whole purpose of going to that web site you get financial aid. >> yes, you do. you can find out by answering a few i am is many questions. you will get a financial determination on what assistance you can receive, to pay, help pay for your premiums orny cost sharing that you may have as you dove that coverage. very confusing. their eyes glazed over with this. we will be here until 6:30. number is 184-4977 cbs-3. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, and our experts will see you later on. phillies pitcher jonathan pap he will been looks to be appearing to be a new place to call home. it embattled closer has put his condo on the market. take a look, asking price, at 1706 rittenhouse is
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$6.9 million. that is more than two million-dollar then he paid back in 2012. condo has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and takes up an entire floor of that building. well, baby on the way, we've got a list of the top names new for boys and girls. that is coming up plus how many malls are fighting back against cyber shopping. from new app toss a texting concierge, we will show you new technology used to get people back in the stores. and next time you are at the mall, help spread the joy of sharing, all a you have to do is buy a new unwrapped toy, and then bring to it one of our drop off locations, for a list of locations go to cbs, or call 215-977-joys. you can also text donation and text the word joy to 41444.
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welcome back to "eyewitness news". our weather watch's cross the delaware valley are saying some ice, some rain, and also, looking at areas of fog. take a look across the region at a variety of temperatures. we will tart on the new jersey side where the temperature is 32 degrees, kathy is reporting, some rain, you can see in when known a. you can feel the moisture in the air with very slight rain.
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a very yucky day. i agree. it is 35 degrees right now in philadelphia. here is a picture that phil took just about an hour ago, you cane the area roads, a little bit on the wet side but good news is temperatures will be warming overnight in philadelphia, and just talking about some rain. well to the north and west in the advisory a area eileen is saying temperature three is 2 degrees in gilbertsville. pressure is steady. it is drizzling. fog is rolling in. i will check in reading berks county where it is pretty icy. allen is reporting 30 in bern villain saying you may need ice skates tonight because that what is going on. we have freezing drizzle accumulating the back deck here. please ab wear that it could be slick north and west of philadelphia during the evening. if you love the weather, you like to keep us informed, join our team here in cbs-3 you can become an eyewitness weather watcher. go to cbs tours sign up. you can see in the delaware valley areas of fog
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especially in philadelphia, hearing our beautiful sky line tonight. on storm scan three it is dry in the city but we are expecting more rain to move in from the the west. you can see already patches of some sleet and freezing rain in harrisburg, some freezing drizzle until reading and all this is lifting toward the north and east. all this precipitation will be moving through overnight. the good news is that the the temperatures will be on the rise. right now in philadelphia, trenton and upper 30's. a same in wilmington. in problem here. no problem to the south and east. to the north and west these are trouble spots and in the lehigh valley, reading berks county and lancaster. even in chester county and northern berks and montgomery, we're talking about some icy spots before those temperatures warm. look at this difference, look at this right now in philadelphia 21 degrees warmer today then yesterday. i should say colder today then yesterday. yesterday being in the 60's, and temperatures now only in the 30's n dover it is 25 degrees colder right now, to then it was yesterday. we will be seeing warmer days ahead tomorrow, in the 50's, and back in the 40's, on
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thursday but at least it will be dry and then friday, clouding up, as another quick moving system moves our way. we are looking at precipitation, returning between 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock tonight and then overnight we will begin to dry it out and then wednesday looks like a fairly dry day with just a chance of the morning spotty shower, possibly an afternoon spotty showers but most of the day will be dry. temperatures will be rising overnight, from lows in the 40's by the time we make to it midnight during the day tomorrow mostly cloudy and mild, wind kicking up, and a high of 56. looking at the eyewitness weather three day forecast, 56 degrees, on wednesday, in philadelphia, and then sunshine, thursday, but only 45, and then friday that other system moving towards us very quickly, temperatures will rise in the upper 40's but we will see the clouds returning and rain by friday night. so what is it like out there? my collogue justin drabick is with the mobile weather lab in lower merion township montgomery county. hi justin what is it looking like out there. >> all right, kathy like you
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said glummy and miserable right now. just enough rain to make it uncomfortable if you are walking outside right now. do you need wipers if you are driving, certainly in this area. again on the slow side but still, it is a light rain, not really causing issues but typical rush hour traffic. but again you need that heavier coat and an umbrella if you are outside right now. temperatures are up a a little bit. we are at 36 degrees about 15 minutes ago. fifteen minutes ago or so. but now we're approaching the upper 30's. so we will see that slow arise in temperature. here's what to expect as far as road conditions if you are heading out this evening. again light rain and drizzle in most spots across the delaware valley. watch out for areas of reduced visibility. head farther north, northern -- looking at the the northern counties, some the of the icy spots are possible, and covering right around that freezing part. so certainly use caution, if you are traveling in upper bucks, montgomery and chester
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county. but here in the city we are looking at light rain currently. temperatures holding in the upper 30's. that is very latest here from the cbs-3 mobile weather lab, we will have that seven day forecast when we return in a few minutes.
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another statement game for the eagles sunday when the champs visit lincoln financial field. seattle's defense is the best in the nfl led by defensive star richard sherman. mark sanchez talked about facing the legion of doom. >> they have april, bennet, i mean guys all over the field. both corners are playing really well.
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obviously their safeties are two of the best in the league. one of the best secondaries we will play. those guys are good because their deline is good and k line is good because secondary is good and backers fly around and make their own plays. we will have our handful. >> all right. flyers start a three game california road trip tonight against san jose, orange and black, lost eight of the the last nine and so the coach is shaking up the the line up. vinny lacavalier and michael dellzotto healthy scratches. flyers at green tree school and services teaching teamwork and having fun. bob the hound kelly leading the way, telling store business his championship seasons with the flyers and the time that he scored the cup winning goal in 1975. these kids can relate through his word picture making. good time was had by all. >> sound like a great time. >> one of our favorites. >> yes good thanks, beasley. still to come hearings on
5:27 pm
capitol hill today on domestic violence involving professional athletes. >> that is new 59:30 plus. >> reporter: it is day six in the search for shane montgomery, tonight we have spoke to a fbi agent with hands on the case find out what leads they have ape why they are involved, stay with us. also the captain of the ill-fated costa concordia is in court telling his side of the story about what happened when that cruise ship ran a ground nearly three years ago. jim? confused about your health insurance options you are not alone so we have established a panel of experts to take your call, until 6:30 give them a call the number is 188977 cbs-3, "eyewitness news" is continuing after this. and, new at 6:00 tonight caught on camera a brazen thief unbolts a pole to steel a bike, and it might not be the first time this happen. we have a live report coming up
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i'm chris may with the day's top stories for you. health officialness hamilton township new jersey are trying to prevent an out break of hepatitis a after a restaurant worker became severely sick from the virus. if you have recently eaten at rosa's restaurant in mercer county, you should consult your doctor. well, car slammed in the flower shop on sunset road in burlington, new jersey today. and eyewitnesses said that the
5:31 pm
driver lost control, and at an intersection, hopped a curve and drove in the side of the building. and 31 police officers in the 22nd police district in philadelphia are now wearing body cameras, as part of the six month pilot program, and, president obama is pushing for cameras to follow the the event in ferguson, missouri. kate? and chris, all week we have been talking about who will take lights. well, this is the place to be if you want to see some amazing holiday lights. amazing holiday plant displays. i'm at longwood gardens in kenneth square in the conservatory right now over 16,000 species of plants and take a look at the the breathtaking lights. it is magical here. we will bring you much more information on what you can find here at long wood gardens to holiday ease on as well as that cold, rainy weather forecast coming up in just a bit, back to you guys. >> kate, thank you. today is day six of the search for missing west chester university student shane montgomery. we're now learning why the fbi
5:32 pm
has gotten involved with this investigation, "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live in manayunk where montgomery was last seen, steve. >> reporter: jessica, tonight we have sat down with a special agent with the fbi, with hands on, on this case and we have asked him specific questions, about the investigation, and he answered them. for everyone else, it is day six in the search for missing college student shane montgomery. for kevin and karen it is close to a 140 agonizing hours without the boy they raised for 21 years. >> shane is my son. i'm his father. as a father, it is my duty to protect him. keep him safe. but i cannot do it, because we cannot find him. >> reporter: shane went missing thanksgiving morning, home for the holidays, bar hopping with friend ending at kildares escorted out at closing time without incident. shane exited the bar, walked south towards home and vanish.
5:33 pm
>> people just don't vanish. >> our goal, it is to get to the bottom of this to find shane to find out what happened. >> reporter: tuesday cbs-3 sat down with fbi special agent jj clayburn, the department was brought into assist, saying bureau is conducting interviews by pulling phone and bank records and trying to track down relevant surveillance video. >> is shane in any of the surveillance video that you have gathered at this point. >> not to our knowledge. we have reviewed a lot of video. it is nighttime. some of the video is no the that great or from a distance so it is not readily apparent. >> reporter: is there any element in this that would lead to you believe that there is anything criminal happening or that happened that night. >> we don't have any definitive indication or evidence that there is but we also don't have anything that says there isn't. automatically moves it in the category of a mysterious disappearance, mysterious circumstances, and that is how we're treating it. >> reporter: is there a candle light vigil scheduled tomorrow
5:34 pm
night at 6:00 p.m. at west chester university. meanwhile there are a few police here on main street. we have asked them what they are investigating. they say they cannot comment on everything but primarily they are investigating. day six, live from manayunk, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, thanks for the update. nfl star adrian peterson is in new york appealing his season long suspension for child boost. that hearing got underway today. the minnesota vikings running back is seeking reinstatement after nfl commissioner roger goodell suspended him for violating the league's personnel conduct policy. he hit his son with a thin tree branch known as a switch. cbs news correspondent mark albert tells thaws congress weighed in on the issue of violence in sports today. >> reporter: top executives from the nfl, nba, nfl and major league baseball faced questions about what they are doing to stop domestic violence. >> professional sports with
5:35 pm
very few exceptions have done little to hold those who commit this crime accountable. >> reporter: yes. >> two daughters, i found graphic security camera footage of running back ray rice and his then fiance to be sickening. >> reporter: troy vincent is a former player and now works for the nfl. he said league was initially too lenient on rice, for him the issue is personal. >> domestic violence was a way of my life in my home growing up. i relate to the 20 million victims, survivors, domestic violence, sexual abuse and every community across our great nation. >> reporter: kim is president of the national network to end domestic violence, which is pressing congress to quadruple family in the family violence prevention and services act. >> without additional resources people are right now being turned away and more will be turned away and that is tragedy. >> reporter: the legislation comes up for a vote, next year, on capitol hill mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". for the first time the former captain of the costa concord a cruise ship is testifying about the deadly ship wreck in itfully 2012. five two-year old francisco skatino said he steered it close to the tuscan companies to 2012 to treat passengers to a nice view but that got too close. hit rock and sank. thirty-two people were killed including two americans. that trial is expect to continue into the new year and if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. good evening, everyone. still dealing with a very busy day out there, in regards to the weather. you can imagine that it is sort of the same issues we were seeing yesterday with the weather. as we look at i-95 southbound it is crawling out of the north east down through the vine street expressway a lot of this volume however has to do with an earlier accident that just cleared on the southbound side of i-95 at vine street. if you think you are catching a break on the northbound side you are not. even out of south
5:37 pm
philadelphia, crawling your way out through the north east it is the same situation. schuylkill expressway, you know how schuylkill looks, it looks busy, therefore speed sensors in the teens throughout your western suburbs and even 20's in other areas. volume on the schuylkill is also affecting the roosevelt boulevard traveling north bound in the north east is a bit of the problem. thirteen on i-95, 12 on 476. no delays at the airport, owe far and no delays for mass transit, jessica. >> all right, vittoria, thanks very much. a new study find many americans compare buying health insurance to getting a tooth drilled at the dentist. >> ouch. >> yeah. >> but while it is confusing sometimes it doesn't have to be painful. >> no, it doesn't. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us from our great hall now with some experts who want to make sure it is not painful. >> that is right. >> reporter: we have assembled a pan oval people to take your insurance questioning from the center of the medicare and medicare services, the pennsylvania health access network, and enroll america. they will take your calls,
5:38 pm
until 6:30. the number is 844977 cbs 36789 joining me is antoinette krause. we have mentioned earlier that medicare has been expanded in pennsylvania and this will offer health insurance to many more people in the state. >> we will see hundreds of thousands of folks that will get coverage this year that could not get coverage last year. if you make less than $16,000 a year as an individual you are eligible for coverage. >> reporter: there was a gap, if you will between follow thanks got medicaid last year and those that got tax credits in order to enroll in health care. >> 300,000 pennsylvanians that could not get any health care coverage last year because they could not get medicaid and they could not get tax credits. >> reporter: do people go on site or better way tone role in this. >> you come to but west way is to come to gas dot pa dot u.s. and you can enroll right on line. >> reporter: even google pennsylvania health. >> if you guying i healthy pa you will be direct to the
5:39 pm
healthy pa web site. >> reporter: again, lines are opened until 6:30. phones ringing off the hook. the number is 844-977-cw. three. back to you in the studio. well, fury friend make great study partners for college students, still to come we will have that story. and malls are fighting back against the popularity of on line shopping we will show you how they are using mobile technology to get customers in the stores this holiday season. a new device that could help you finally get that good night sleep, it stops sleep apnea and it is now available right here in philadelphia a our health reporter stephanie stahl will show us how it works. kate? it has been a cold wet, sloppy day across the region, lot of people taking refuge from the storm inside the conservatory here at beautiful long wood gardens all lit up for the holidays, they are opened right through the holidays coming up we will tell but the amazing things you can see here at long wood gardens this holiday season, we will have your eyewitness
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weather forecast when we attention pennsylvania residents. if recent changes to your medicare advantage plan have affected your benefits or network... maybe now's the time to make a change of your own. if you're thinking about returning to original medicare, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. right now, base rates on the currently available aarp medicare supplement plan f will not increase in 2015.
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and, the basic structures of medicare supplement plans won't change from year to year. so call today for your free decision guide, and find the plan that works for you. medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay - expenses that can really add up. and, you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. so pennsylvania residents, if you're considering an aarp medicare supplement plan, don't wait. call now! ♪
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well, black friday may have been a bust for retailers
5:43 pm
this year but early indications suggest that cyber monday was not. >> wal-mart says yesterday was biggest on line day in its history, of orders. the retailer has been floating hundreds of items as part of the week long cyber sale, some of wal-mart's most popular sign are monday items include the apple i pad mini, lg49-inch, led, h.d.t.v, and the lego giant creative tower. and while it is always nice to shop on line from the comfort of your own home traditional malls are using local and on line technology to lure customers back in the stores this holiday weekend. malls are offering app toss let shoppers get dinner reservations, and have their purchases delivered right to their door. >> it would be really nice to carry my packages home. >> i will say hey there. >> tyson's corner and other malls hope this technology and convenient will get shoppers spending in stores instead of on line. now it is time to take a look at your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst
5:44 pm
jill schlesinger is here with more, jill. >> reporter: great recession wiped out millions of jobs but in the recovery, those who finished college are doing better then those who didn't. the national unemployment rate stand at 5.8 percent, but here in pennsylvania, those with the batch already degree or higher are in much better shape with an unemployment rate of 3.4 percent. those who didn't finish high cool have a 13.2 percent unemployment rate. pew research found value of the college degrees has increased from one generation to the next. between 1965 and 2013, median annual earnings among college educated, full-time workers rose to $45,500. meanwhile, earnings for their high school educated peers fell more than 3,000 to 28,000 for the same per. and it adds up overtime, the federal reserve bank found that average college graduates can expect to earn as least
5:45 pm
$800,000 more then the average high school graduate over a life time. that seems like a pretty good pay off for higher education, i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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holiday season is here
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will you put lights on your house? a lot of cbs-3 viewers are and they are sharing their pictures using hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights. we're talking about people like dave marriage who sent in this picture for us. he has frosty the snow man on the front lawn and lights on the front porch as well, good job, david. rock creal writing in saying his house is just about finish. nice job here. he has candicans up and down the sidewalk and then twinkle lights up there, well done, rock. and then finally sally simpson, wins at ward today, 32,000 lights, set to music, the at sally's house. she has frozen, she has santa here and she has got the rainbow of lights, sally simpson, well done. welshing if you have have put on a light show for the holidays we want to see your pictures as well. again, just use that social media hash tag cbs-3, holiday lights, or you can send them right to us at cbs well, now to a place that always has a brilliant holiday
5:49 pm
light display, long wood gardens where we will find our meteorologist kate bilo, hi kate. >> reporter: hi, chris. people haven't put up their holiday lights yet they should come here to long wood garden and get a couple ideas. if you take one or two and bring them tour own home that with make it spectacular. this place is incredible. so many people i have met walking around today saying they have been coming here for over 30 years as part of their holiday tradition. they come in the summertime, as well but you can see how spectacular this conservatory ises specially on a day like we have had. lets get to the weather first and we will talk more about what you can find here this holiday season. lets look at our rain amounts. we will check with our weather watchers and you can see some spots picked up over a half inch. lisa kerrigan in wilmington reports a half inch. mays landing alex at .68. less in chalfont and havertown. temperatures are hovering near that freezing mark in the north and western suburbs. we are at 31 in reading and allentown. twenty-eight mount pocono.
5:50 pm
these spots could deal with icy and slippery spots on the roads through remainder of tonight. you can see future weather tries to bring another band of steady rain across the area right around 10:00 o'clock tonight when we expect it to be heavier and with temperatures right around freezing mark off to the north and west watch for slippery spots just wet in the city and suburbs. stray shower tomorrow morning and then we will see sun trying to peak through by tomorrow afternoon. what to expect for the rest of this evening between now and 8:00p m fog, mist, light rain, watch for those icy spots to the north. temperatures do start to rise with that second round of rain coming back later tonight. things will get better as far as icy conditions are concerned, to the north and west. for overnight hours, showers, it is chilly but temperatures rising, 42 degrees, we will sigh mild day thomas we climb to the mid 50's, not prettiest day we have ever seen of spotty showers early but mostly cloud which that warm southeasterly flow ten to 20 miles an hour wind for tomorrow. you're witness weather seven day forecast cools us back
5:51 pm
down on thursday but sun returns we are at 45 for thursday's high. friday mostly cloudy at 47 and over the weekend, again not that cold but not that pretty either, cloudy both saturday and sunday with showers possible both days. now coming back here live we are in the four and a half ache conservatory at long wood garden and joining me is trish evans, communication manager. you have an amazing theme this year for holiday display. can you tell us bit. >> sure, kate. one of the great things about long woodies every year we change our theme this year we took inspiration from our meadow gardens which opened up in june. wonderful habitat for birds. we decided to do a bird inspired christmas. >> it is a nation. just stunning in here. bird theme is woven through everything you have and you start planning christmas decorations a full year in advance. >> we do we start planning our display a year ahead of time. it takes our core team of 07 people to pull it together in addition to the facilities people who help with the behind the scenes look and the results are spectacular.
5:52 pm
>> they are spectacular. can you tell people what your hours are, what they can find when they come here through the holiday season. >> we're opened every day of the year including the holiday. great place to bring a family when you get tired of everybody in the house. we are opened daily 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. we encourage people to get their tickets ahead of time so you are not disappoint because we often do sellout. when you come you will see everything from peacocks to penguins from cardinals to blue birds. it is a a great experience. >> fantastic. a way to make will holiday season more speaker tack lar. find more information on cbs about how you too can enjoy the holidays at long word gardens. now back to you in the studio. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new option for 18 million americans who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea that can cause a variety of health problems including an increased risk on have heart disease and weight gain. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a new device. >> reporter: chemistry teacher jody has more enjoy grade papers after getting her sleep
5:53 pm
apnea under control. the disorder mark by snoring causes people to temporarily stop breathing interfering with restful sleep. they are typically left exhausted. >> i didn't feel g i didn't feel good a lot. >> reporter: jody has a surgically implanted device made by inspire which provided this video. it shows pacemaker like generator that has one sensor to detect breathing patterns and another one that stimulates the upper airways. you can see the size of the airway is much larger. >> reporter: doctor karl with jefferson's sleep center will be first in the philadelphia area to offer the implant that was recently approved by the f.d.a. >> is there a stimulator which stimulates the throat muscles to expand, opening up their throat for sleep apnea patients. >> reporter: he says implant ace i new option for people who cannot use a standard treatment c pap machine. >> we really never had an alternative with this level of effectiveness that comes close to c pap before. >> reporter: implant is turn off and on with the remet
5:54 pm
control. jody says stimulation doesn't usually wake her up. >> it just feels like you have to swallow. >> reporter: she says surgery was easy and it has been a life changer. >> i can function in the afternoon which was not happening and i can sleep with my house bob again. >> well, is there a plus again. now doctors say the implant doesn't work for everyone and mace cause some throat irritation. also, forgiving tuesday, what did you do? i donated blood at the red cross, it is a day dedicated to giving back and bloodies always needed. officials say supplies run low because of the holiday and bad weather. it is easy, and really does help lots of people forgiving tuesday. >> great thing to give. >> yes. >> wonderful idea good well done stephanie and it is easy, people should know about it. >> we will be right back.
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students at drexel
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studying for final take a cuddle break. >> studies shown playing with a therapy dog cannery leave stress and lower anxiety and depression in college students. hundreds of students welcome the interruption to play with their pups. well, now to the most popular baby names, for 2014. this is according to baby, there you can see the liz, number one is liam followed by noah, ethan, mason, and logan. those are the boys. now lets go to the girls, emma is tops for this year followed bio live use, sophia, ava, and isabella, all beautiful names. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a health care for patrons of the popular local restaurant and caterer, if you ate at this establishment you will want to hear this report, a worker came down with hepatitis a and health officials are worried that the disease could spread. noel in. >> reporter: a bike just like this one was taken from a street sign, and under a
5:59 pm
minute, i'm noel mcclaren and i'll show you how coming up. freezing rain and light drizzle moving back in our northern and western suburbs, we will track that and show what you to expect tonight, also some milder days ahead, jim. >> reporter: it is time for our three on your side health insurance phone bank if you have a question about medicare expansion in pennsylvania, medicare part d, or even enrolling in give our experts a call at 1.844.977.cbs3. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. umbrella, hoods and hats, it is a nasty day that turned in a ugly night. there is a chance if you are out and about those roads could be dangerously slippery, good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim's chris may. depending where you live or
6:00 pm
work you have rain, sleet, maybe a little snow up north. wintry mix leaving behind what could be an icy night. >> we will go now to meteorologist kathy orr tracking it all with more, kathy. >> we have everything going on right now. even when we're in the seeing it show up on storm scan three we are hearing reports of freezing drizzle in our northern and western suburbs. you can see right now we're in a lull in philadelphia, drizzle and areas of fog but coming back from the when is the pinkies the freezing rain. so a lot of that moving through harrisburg right now heading toward lancaster and one piece through reading berks county in places like bernville where one of our weather watchers lives. he has a icy back deck. this is moving east. so, muhlenburg, even robessona seeing this and moving wedding and eastward and more is expect through the early evening hours. visibility down to a half mile in the poconos, lower in the north and western suburbs. we are up to freezing in allentown and also reading but you can see this is the area


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